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What is a Natal Chart and what is the purpose of Astrology?

Astrology is a discipline of thinking and a way of developing a new quality of consciousness. The task of astrology is to help a man to communicate more easily with life and to be more conscious and open-minded in all the changes and possibilities of realizing their meanings.

A horoscope or a natal chart represents the current “image” of the Cosmos at the time of your birth and place of birth. In this “picture” there is not only the Sun in a certain zodiac sign that is also a sign of your birth. There are dozens of objects of the Solar System, which do not have to be found at all in the sign in which you were born or in the sign of your Sun. All these objects are in mutual relations.

When creating a horoscope or a natal chart, not only the month and the day, but also the geographical coordinates of the place of birth and the time of birth are taken into account. Therefore, a person who was born at the same time, but in another place, will be different.

As a result, we come to the point that each person is unique. Astrology starts from the idea of man as a totally unique atom of the universe.

Natal Chart

Personal horoscope represents the territory that we need to pass through life. The essence of astrology in interpreting the horoscope is a combination of the meanings of the four basic elements of astrology (planets, signs, aspects, and houses).

Interpreting a horoscope or a natal chart represents the collection and interpretation of more detailed information. For example, find a planet that is responsible for a question, then look at how it feels in the zodiac sign in it, and how its relationship with other planets is. Then it is necessary to look at where this is happening in relation to the houses.

What is the purpose and goal of Astrology?

The purpose of astrology is not to transfer responsibility to planets. Astrology is a development technique or tool. It answers questions such as our qualities and potentials, as well as what kind of strength and skill it takes to pass through each and every stage of our complete existence and individuality. It does not matter if an event is “good” or “bad”, but whether we are ready to get to know it with the result in terms of our growth.

The similarity between astrology and psychology is that both skills are based on the idea that each of us looks at the world in its unique way. Astrology is capable of showing the most empathetic emotions and psychological patterns. The real goal of astrology is to show the path of development, to help a person understand universal processes. By analyzing the horoscope, you can get important information about the development and movement characteristics. Astrology is the key to counseling, which makes it easy to search for answers.


What meaning do Sol and Luna have in astrology

The sun (Sol) is known as the “King of the Day.” Sol needs a whole year to go around the zodiac. The Sun signs the Lion, and like the Sun the Lion is also connected with dignity, royal qualities, and nobility. The sun belongs to the male principle and can represent the father, and in the female horoscope is a partner or type of a man who could attract her. When the sun is affliction, the positive features shown will be reversed and it will turn into an overwhelming desire for popularity, arrogance, a lack of self-confidence and insecurity.

Domicile: Leo

Colors: orange, yellow, gold

Day of the week: Sunday

Metal: gold

The sun is a source of light and life and represents your conscious psychological needs and your daily world. Regardless of the position of other planets in the horoscope, the Sun represents a true being, effort, and your right. If you suppress the attributes of your Sun sign, you will live in the shadow of other people and cause a personal eclipse. But if you take the right to your own light, you feel as if you are involved in the whole, you love yourself and you will be the center of all things. The sun is ruling vitality, body and heart. The sun also holds the left eye of women and the right eye of men. The colors of the Sun are orange, golden and yellow, the day of the week is Sunday, and the metal is gold. The sun is light and it always comes back and reborn. The sun is light of the day.

What meaning does Luna carry?

The Moon goes around the zodiac within 28 days. It spends about two and a half days in one character. The Moon is known as the “Queen of the Night.” The moon is a woman and can represent a mother, and in the male’s horoscope represents a partner or a type of woman who might attract him. It is a powerful symbol of energy and a woman’s principle and it governs pregnancy, childhood, newborns, and motherhood. The positive influence of the Moon is expressed in the sign of Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio. The negative impact of the Moon later often indicates gynecological problems. The moon cycle is the same as menstrual, and its decline and growth symbolize the general understanding of pregnancy and childbirth.

Domicile: Cancer

Colors: silver, white

Day of the week: Monday

Metal: silver

The moon is reflected in our nightlife, all areas of the unconscious, dreams, and everything that is dark, shady or obscure. The moon is variable and unstable. It influences the usual life needs, habits and feelings. The month is right-eyed for women and left-eyed in men. It controls the stomach and regulates bowel movement and also controls the chest. The colors of the Moon are silver and white, the day of the Moon is Monday, and the metal is silver. The moon is light of the night.