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December 1 2016

Republic/GCR/RV/GESARA Update

Received via email at 5:36 PM EST for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

"God cannot approve of a system of servitude, in which the master is guilty of assuming absolute power - of assuming God's place and relation towards his fellow-men."

-- Gerrit Smith


Aloha CC,

Checkmate was achieved in the global chess game, finally, of Sunday last!

The dark hidden hand that truly controlled Wells Fargo breached international treaty law over the weekend and as a result were removed from the RV process all together.

All Wells Fargo domiciled funds for the RV were shifted to HSBC before cabal planted Wells Fargo executive staff and board members could bring down the entire global financial system this past Saturday.

As a penalty, Wells Fargo will now be acquired by HSBC North America, LTD. with all branches and divisions of Wells Fargo, plus retail clients and accounts, transferring over to HSBC effective immediately.

This includes Wells Fargo Private Bank, Wells Fargo Advisors and Abbot Downing -- all be absorbed by the HSBC North America, LTD parent as of January 1, 2017.

All unresolved minor details geopolitically and militarily are right now being hammered out at light speed globally as the Elders are done fucking around -- they're committed to bringing humanity its RV sometime this weekend no matter what.

Know the final military death blow / physical elimination of all public cabal leadership against humanity has been occurring since last Saturday.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of well known cabal family members are now being removed as they secretly and intentionally violated their amnesty agreements and attempted to destroy all major functional aspects of society -- in a coordinated and treasonous effort in order to permanently halt the RV.

This plot was known to the White Hats well in advance and was obviously stopped, but also reversed via a counter offensive and done so with uncompromising force per the oversight, planning and leadership of General Joseph Dunford.

Meaning, all remaining loyal cabal agents choose death with evil honor versus living in a world where humanity was daily, free and aware of their enslavement -- i.e. absolute cabal control.

Forthcoming government treason:  Republic and GESARA announcements will occur after President Ryan (House of Reps) and Vice President Joseph Dunford (senate) are nominated and elected sometime between January 6, 2016 and January 20, 2016.

Mike Pence is set to be announced as the Speaker of the House replacement for Ryan. He was on Capitol Hill yesterday letting his fellow lawmakers know this future fact.

Sovereign rates for all currencies will be on the screen at the time of your private redemptions. Everyone can take lower rates if they desire. No one obligated to receive these higher sovereign rates.

However, for those who do: come with humanitarian projects and job creation plans -- as many as you can comfortably handle -- in order to "qualify" for higher sovereign rates.

Understand the Wells Fargo brand will soon become part of the larger HSBC brand, which will have increased presence throughout North America as they acquire and convert Bank of America and Wells Fargo branches across North America in 2017.

HSBC Private Banks, HSBC Wealth Management Services and Abbot Downing (UHNW) units and locations will all be under the newly expanded HSBC umbrella brand in North America.

God is with us.

"Answers About Checkmate" - One Who Believes - 12.1.16

Entry Submitted by One Who Believes at 9:22 PM EST on December 1, 2016

Answers About Checkmate

"Checkmate" - Republic/GCR/RV/GESARA Update - Thursday - December 1, 2016

Of course this is not my intel, I am only adding perspective to it based on what I know.


There seems to be some concern about the Size and Ownership of HSBC.

"Regarding Checkmate" - Anonymous Guest Post

Remember, that the Chinese (Elders) main objective is getting huge amounts of cash in our hands so we can heal the World. That turned out to be a bigger challenge than they had ever imagined because of the CABAL never say die attitude. The Cabal not only wanted to take the money for themselves, but they also did not want us to have any of it. They wanted and need to keep us poor and sick, so we could be controlled. So they couldn't just give us the money. The Chinese Elders had to respond and so they did.

#1) The Elders needed to set up financial rules and programs to protect the money "By Law." That of course was all this financial change including Basel 3 etc. But as it turned out, that wasn't good enough because the Cabal do not follow or obey laws.

#2) The Elders now needed to get rid of top Cabal personnel to help protect the depositors money. Again that was not good enough, as the Cabal control was so strong that it over powered the laws and who was in control.

#3) The Elders now had to take over the Banks to make sure, that when they gave us the money, there would be a safe place for us to keep it without it being taken away legally or illegally.

So that is where we are. The Elders Bought Out Bank Of America which was one of the worst Canal owned banks in the World. Then I think they also bought out Goldman Sacks. I 'm not positive on that one. And now they have finally had to take down Wells Fargo.

This is not for power and control. If they wanted Power and control, they could have just kept the money themselves. With no disrespect intended, it is just crazy to say they wanted power over the Banks or us. They want just the opposite. They are giving us the money, way more than the currency is worth. They want it spent. That could never have happened with the banks and their ownership. It would have been gone in no time at all. Then not only would we not have the money, the Cabal would have even more money.

They Had To Give Us A Safe Place For Our Money As Well

If you really want to know, they not only had to give us the money, but as it turned out they were forced to create a safe place for us to put it as well. But they did what they had to do, for us. Thank God they didn't just do this half way, as there would be no way that we could have kept the Cabal from taking it from us in the end.

So to answer that question, they were forced to buy all those Cabal banks because they refused to protect us, the light workers and our upcoming deposits. It was the last thing they wanted to do, but they were willing to go all the way for us. As far as being big, they are already big. They had all the money. That is Bigger than all finances in the World put together. They just want the money spread around the World safely.


As to the safety of our deposits and insurance etc. Don't worry about that.

"RE: WM's & Street Rate Question" - Guest Post by Conscious-One

The Basel 3 requirements I believe is 25% back up cash, then it moves to Basel 4, which is 50% I believe, and then Basel 5, which is 100% cash back up protection. The Bank MUST be liquid enough to protect your money. You can have insurance if you want, but it is not needed. it will be almost impossible for you to lose money in the Bank.

Put it to you this way: The Chinese Elders were willing to Buy the Bank out, and run it themselves to make sure your money and deposits would be safe. They gave you the money and they don't want anyone taking it from you, nor are they going to allow it either.


As far as the different Financial Companies now associated with HSBC, don't worry about that either.

"Clarification Regarding Checkmate" - Guest Post by One Of The Light

When you go to your appointment at the offsite exchange center, you will be told exactly how it all works together. Frankly, Abbot Downing is now even stronger as it is backed up by the 3 largest Bank in the World according to this post:

Top 50 Global Banks, The Big Get Even Bigger

If you think about it, every time we got more news, our investments and deposits become safer and safer.

It Was NOT Safe For Our Money Before

I don’t know how long you all have been following this ride, but we have come a long way. I remember we were going to have a huge Tax bite, but not anymore. Then we had the huge Derivatives problem, but not anymore. Then it was going to be Bank Bail-Ins, but not anymore. I even remember possible "Hair-cuts" on our deposits where the Banks would just take some of our money right off the top, but not anymore.

Now we are working with one of the largest, safest Banks in the World, protected and run directly by the very people who have given us this money in the first place. I have never felt better about the Banking aspect of this RV Transaction as I do now. The Chinese Elders have literally cleared all the land mines from our path to the Bank, in the Bank, and from now on with our Humanitarian projects.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that things just got WAY BETTER & WAY SAFER for us and generations of our families. The Chinese Elders have not only given us this money, they have given us a safe place to keep it, where it will be protected for us, so we can do our Humanitarian work without worry. Remember, we don’t know everything that is happening, but, suffice to say, if someone is giving us that much money in the first place, I think we can trust them to help us keep it safe as well. After all, if they wanted it back, they could have just kept it in the first place.

With that in mind, I want to say this for the record:

"Thank You to all the Elders, Royals, and the others who have been so instrumental in planning and executing this amazing, Earth Saving Humanitarian Program. We don’t always know or understand all that is going on, but we appreciate you, and all your efforts on our behalf, for without your efforts, the Cabal would have had their way for sure."

May We All Get Everything We Want and Live The Life We Have Dreamed Of

Signed: One Who Believes

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada