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If you wish to write a brief Goodbye message to the family, please send it to:

I will post it here.
~ With my love, Anne

The Website is closing.
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Dear Anne,

I want you to know that I count the Hen Family and ESPECIALLY YOU, DEAR ANNE as a VERY SPECIAL FRIEND even though we have never met in person.  You have helped to advance me so much in my spiritual awareness.  I am so thankful for all you have done and continue to do for so many people.  I love you and thank YOU and our Hen Family in my daily prayers.  



Dear Anne,

Although I have not been a regular "voice" in your mailbox, I have visited your site almost daily for several years, especially for news about the current currency status.

I appreciate all you have contributed to the Ascension movement, how you have held the line with discernment and admitted your foibles as they occurred.

Your leadership and dedication to your own part of the larger Mission, have inspired and encouraged me greatly and I am sorry to see you go.

However, I honor completely the reasons behind your choice and wish you the very best as you continue on your unique journey.

With much love and great gratitude,



You have changed my life with All The Love & Wisdom, I am So Grateful to You & All The Masters, my Love & Prayers are with you & yours always!!

Sincerely with all my Love,
Monica from Golden


Dear Mother Hen,

Words cannot fully express my joy and thankfulness to you.

Let me try MOTHER HEN:



Jimmy Gboyega
Chicago, USA


Dearest Anne,

Thank you seems so trite - but I sure am grateful to you for bringing
Hollow Earth Network to life, not to mention allowing us access to the
wonderful revelations of Peter Olson. How I will miss Peter and
Scott's brilliant interactions on the Many of One Show! And so thank
you seems inadequate. You were the link to the only spiritual family I
have - there is no one in my family to talk to about ascension,
quantum love and all the lovely goodies you always found to share with
the HEN family.

Rest and enjoy your time before your well deserved ascension and I
know that we will meet one day in another dimensiion.

With light and joy and love
South Africa


Anne, It was difficult typing in the subject line the word "goodbye." My heart is so filled with love for you. Anne, you have been there for me on so many levels, you walked with me through my days of challenges, loneliness, joys and pains. I would listen to your voice and felt the love eminating from you on all occassions. I used to wonder how you managed so much years ago... at present? I wonder no more because I am in the "knowing" of higher love and truth. Our HEN family has expanded across the globe, therfore touching and helping many. I love you and thank you so much for that. What a service you have, and are always giving. What love and light you give. I am chocked up in this moment but am so happy you can allow time for Anne. Truely I am. I will close for now but I feel we are blessed and I'm looking forward to encountering our family on another level very soon. You have shown and taught me so much. Thank you . Please take care and bathe in the radiance of our family's love for you. In love and light for all you do. In grattitude.

Terrence- -Maryland


Dear Anne

I don't see this as goodbye. It's just a shift. I look forward to the love connection calls and will see u some day very soon weather it be here on earth or on the ship😄. Thank you for your service. With much love and gratitude  

Miriam ❤️


Going to miss you and the hollow earth network



Dear hearts of Hollow Earth Family,

My very much loving  gratitude to beloved Mother Hen n all her
Chiks n all who participate in Hen in what ever form n shape,

time n space.lovelight 2 all there is.time 2 move on..

we r the ones that we r waiting for..

we r loved
jas b


Hi Anne,

Thank you dear heart for the last most amazing 6 years.
I hope you can leave the network intact as it is.
it would be wonderful to always have access to it.

Wishing you a great journey.
Namaste    Len  Australia


I see you are as busy as ever. Many many thanks from us all. I look forward to meeting you Elsewhere. Much Love and Gtatiude.   

Gordon from down under ( Australia that is)


Dear beautiful sister of light, thank you so very much for your service all these years. You have been so kind and helpful and wonderful: THANK YOU !

And for the folks who are in Europe and who would want to work together on humanitarian projects after exchange, here is my email:


Love and blessings to all of you,



Dear Anne (Mother Hen),

Thank you for the years that you have been a Blessing.  
You have given so much of your time and shared so much
and asked nothing in return.
The Hen Family would not have existed if it was not for your love.

Be Blessed in all of your endeavors and in your continued journey.   

From one that listened.

Quantum Love,



Thank you dear Anne for choosing to do what you need to do to take care of yourself. I respect you for all your decisions, whether I agreed with them or not, just for simply having the courage to follow what you felt was true.
I loved hearing your voice and your commitment to this service that has come to an end.

The thing I loved about you the most is you never wanted to leave anyone out on the calls and always wanted everyone to have a chance to ask their question.     

I cried when I read what you must do, but I surely understand.

You are forever dearly loved, liked, respected, admired and cherished Anne Dehart.

I carry you in my heart.

Christine Stengelin
Knoxville TN.=


​Dear Anne, It must have been hard for you to make this decision​ since your HEN family was so important to you.  I for one have enjoyed watching and reading every carefully planned Love Letter "It's Just Us".  Your network of speakers have all been inspirational and of course, Yours Truly as well as Zorra, his son and wife who by the way always played her words so well to get Zorra to open up.  We all learned so much and it opened our hearts to who we really are, if only we believe.

Will truly miss you but we know you must move on.

Love,  Ruth Daily


Farewell Hollow Earth Network. You changed my life! Thank you for giving us many, many hours of spiritual knowledge, Anne. So happy we will still hear your sweet, comforting voice on The Love Connection. The show today was out of this world!

Blessings to all,
Nancy Hyder


Dearest Anne. We will miss you. We will miss your encouraging words of wisdom and Sananda .You became part of the family, which you are of course. Wishing  you a beautiful road ahead. Thank you for everything you did.  God bless.  

Namaste  Annie


Precious Anne,

I wish to express my GRATITUDE to you for all you have given to us.

I've learned so much from you and all your guests.

I appreciate you and so look forward to our meeting in the next phase of our lives.

Love and Blessings,

MaryLouise   Mennen
Flagstaff, AZ



I shall always remember how you helped me so graciously when I needed help financially! It was done so immediately and was so welcomed that I'll always be grateful!

This touched my heart as you have for all that you have done for this community.
I will also meet my twin flame soon! What a delightful time to be alive!
Will always be grateful we crossed paths dear one!



My gratitude and tears are overflowing.  Love and appreciation comes to you for all you have contributed to my life over the last 2+ years.  Your dedication to all of us, your HEN family is recognized.  I will see you soon and tell you a story face to face.  In our 5D home we will all see our family connections.  What a homecoming we are going to have.
Love to you
Delta Ricky


Thank you very much I am grateful always... I bid you farewell... like Frodo in Lord of the Rings at the final.. with love

Claus Ackermann


Hi Anne,

Thank you so much for all that you do for all of US ....all of Humanity. Thank you for your heartfelt caring in the mission of bringing awareness to all and your amazing ability to raise up everyone's vibrations with such love and grace.




Dear Anne,
Good bye
Much love
Barbara from Netherland


Beloved sister Anne,
My most heartfelt gratitude to your unconditional love and light sharing with us all along. I have been greatly enlightened by following the HEN family! Let your loving energy allow all beings to live in tremendous abundance.        
Thank you. I love you. We are ONE!  💕
Peace and joy


I am Carlos Altieri from Puerto Rico and I been reading and following your site Hallow Earth for years and want to send thanks with my heart for all your effort in sending us the people and son of God on this beautiful planet your and other beings those beautiful message that help us visualizing what is happening and possible directions to future or destiny. I was very thankfulness every time Zorra and Soraya were of air talking from Inner Earth. Thank you not have word but my heart s always with you my dear Anne DeHart. Blessings to you.



I thank you for your tremendous dedication and support that you have put into preparing the Hollow Earth web site.

I am a member of aol and I watch you on line all hours of night and day working to complete  the presentation of the web site. I thought you were superhuman. I don`t know how you did it all ..... amazing.
There is so much information on the website; it should be left as a reference point for those who need to go back to it for information.

It should be left as your legacy to humanity. That is only my opinion.
Thanks again Anne.

Saying thanks is not enough, but that is all I can do.


Dearest Anne, our beloved Mom, Sister and very best friend,

There is no way I could ever thank you for the wonderful person you are and for all you have and will always mean to me and I also want to thank you for dear little Mei Ling too. You have loved us back and cared about us back throughout these last year's we have known you. You have been and will continue to be an inspiration to not just us but our whole group always and forever more.

We have gone through things together and with your love and just knowing you were there it has made all the difference to us. We hope it has made a difference in your life too and that somehow if it, even in a little way has, we are then truly glad!!!  We have been and always will be a family no matter what. There is no way we can ever forget HEN!! We have gone through good times and bad times, but regardless, I know we all feel like a family and we are. There is nothing than can ever break that strong bond of love we all feel together in our hearts for each other and you. You have been the heart of our group, our mom, sister our mentor. You are such a wonderful, loving person Anne! We will miss you so much, but you know our love will always be there for each other, regardless and no matter what.

You have amazed not just me but everyone I am sure with your seemingless energy for so long. Many times I wanted to say to you, Anne, slow down! We love you and want you to take good care of yourself!!! I have felt that many times about you !!! None of us knows what the future will hold nor what the next day may bring, however, may we always humbly look forward to it with faith that each new day will be a beautiful one filled with hope and let's not forget our dreams. I can remember Mama telling me we always had to have dreams. Why, I asked. She said if we don't have dreams then how can we wish for them to come true so we can have happier, better lives ? That is right.

Anne, I wish you love, hope for a better and brighter future, and I wish for you any dreams you have ever had that have not come true yet that they will happen and all come true for you.
I love you so much more than words could ever say Anne!!!! I will always cherish deeply in my heart that love I feel for you and HEN. Somehow, nothing will ever feel the same again but in our hearts, we will always just KNOW. We will never forget the wonderful things and times we had together. Oh how wonderful these times have been!!! From the bottom of our hearts, Anne, we all have you to thank for that. Please don't forget us because we will never, ever forget you and you will be forever in our hearts with so much love.

May God bless and watch over you Anne always!!!



Dear Anne,

When I started this email experienced tears in my eyes. Thru you we expanded our awareness about creation , Hollow-earth, star brothers, prime creator, ascended masters, Angels

Thru you I also learned what it takes to be at the service of higher beings. It may take many decades to know the impact of your service and contribution for establishing new Golden age on this planet.

I some how feel that maybe this was the most toughest and challenging environment that ever faced by higher beings in clearing existing 3D system.

I also want to express my gratitude to father and mother Gods and his kids, thru him we learned what is really happening on this planet, healing and many many things.

Also express love and gratitude to ST Germain and Arch Angel Michal and all that they do to humanity and planet earth.

Love and gratitude to Sheldan Nidle  for his and ascended masters tireless updates    

Love and gratitude to Mushabha's Porda thru him, learned accurate status of what is happening at energy level .  I also learned about how to use and interact with Mushabha Force forever grateful

Love and gratitude to all those brothers from Hallow earth : Adama, Mikos etc .
Humanity on earth may not know what all troubles you all have taken to pull us out of the mess in which we are in (I cannot Imagine a scenario where human beings pulling or think of pulling out of the control regime we were in). As  I spent more and more time with this site, I felt we only know tip of the problem that planet earth is going thru as complete operation was confidential among higher beings since we may not be ready to digest it and capable to handle it.

Love and gratitude to Sananda for his tireless effort century after centuries.. I experienced him everywhere and to what-ever authentic website I went, his messages where there , it is amazing and beyond  my imagination .

I want to express my gratitude and love to Peter Olson, for his beyond time existence info and meditations. His meditation are timeless and I cannot imagine myself without them

As you are exiting I assume we are near to the planned completion of RV, Dis-closer, establishment of Republic .

Me, my family and humanity are going to miss you and HEN Family. You were our portal to Galactic family, hollow earth family etc  

Love you and HEN family.

Love and blessings

Nandkumar Rayanker




Himnish and entire family



Dear Anne,
Whenever we communicated, I always felt supported, accepted and valued.  You made time to respond by phone and email no matter how many tasks you still had to do.  You extended help to me and said “We are family”.  That left an unforgettable imprint in my mind that someone whom I never met would acknowledge me in such a way.  Your consciousness put love into action which will stay in my heart forever.  Your love touched me deeply and words don’t quite do justice to the feeling I experienced.  Perhaps that is how love spreads in the world.  The example of your love further inspires my love for others.
I feel that we made a lasting connection which is simply evolving, notwithstanding the change in the website.  Your expertise in facilitating the Hollow Earth Network website launched the whole world into a new awareness.  If you foresee a way to have your presence shared again, no matter how small or large the contribution may be, we would all be enriched by your continued involvement.
In the meantime, I bless you on your beautiful journey.  Thank you for your dedication, commitment and guidance.
With great love and respect,
Marion Kolesnikoff


Dear Anne,

When I read about the Hollow Earth Network site closing down and your departure, I felt really sad, to put it mildly. But I know it is for the general good for all concerned. I'm going to miss your guidance.  On the other hand, it would be selfish of me to always cling onto you for it when I know, like you've always reminded us, that the only way home is going within.

Goodbye for now, beloved Sister. Be well. I have attached a song herewith that partly expresses my feelings about your departure:

Thank you for all you've done, and continue to do for us

Isaac Hayes - I Never Can Say Goodbye
A beautiful song by a great voice.


William Ekpa


Dear Anne,

Thank you so much for all you have done for our community and the world.
Your contributions are many and so important.

While we never spoke, your dear voice and demeanor showed only love.

I will definitely miss HEN and now I have to deal with severing this addiction to the site!
Please take care of yourself at this time.

LOVE, Donalyn


Dearest Anne,

I like to thank you for all you did for us, your Website with all the important Informations from which I learned so much.
Your  L O V E  and caring, especially your enormous  S T R E N G H  of the  L I G H T  ~~~~~~~~


I am happy to say, that I have a special Thank you Gift for you

I will enfold  and hold you in our  BELOVED  SAINT GERMAIN'S Violet Healing Flame
and be your silent Ascended Master Friend on your Journey.

looking forward for the day, we all will sit again
in the shade under a Tree and listen to your  B E L O V E D
as it was 2ooo years ago.

Love and Light and Blessings

PS: Anne, I do not know where to get the 8oo Numbers from
      could you give me the link from INTEL  etc
      I also signed up for G 64  but  I am not sure if they will call us
      thank you

         *   Watch for my upcoming newsletter re 800#.  G 64 is no longer - it is part of Internet                 Group.  ~  Anne


WHY  are u so , the Buddha said stop the suffering pull the arrows out. Stop the pain. Now.



Dear Anne,

Hope your new path on focusing on the Love Connection website and radio show goes well for you. I would like to thank you for your assistance in putting my page in the MOHF link,in
which, I have a new You Tube song to contribute to it which is: Andre Rieu and the Marquay Dance Company doing a waltz to "Somewhere My Love". However it is unfortunate that
all of the pages in MOHF and all the other links on your home page will be disappearing on Sunday. The one that I will miss the most is the link of your November 1st session
with Michael Ellegion, of whom, from my listening to it, I was also guided to have session with him too in which the topic of how the Divine Plan of calling for the reunion of
incarnated twin flames, as stated in your Nov.29th message from Sananda, was addressed in my session which I will send to anyone who would like to hear it.

Unconditional love and blessings to you,
Lawrence Frank    


Like so many others I have grown to feel comforted by going on your site to have my vibrations raised so often that there will be a big void in my life. I am hoping we can still access it to hear the Zorra past calls and re-read the wonderful posts.

Many Blessings to you and all the others who have participated in the Network, a unique thing and truly unforgettable.



Thank you and all of HEN for all you have done for us for so many years. Enjoy a well earned rest.

Love and blessings for your journey home



Dear Anne I have been with you from the very beginning and have not missed a show since. The wonderful group that has gathered around your loving presence and learned and grown so large all around the world is a wonderful example of all that is good about us Earthlings' ability to come together in a loving way .Thank you with all my heart  

Emily from Yelm


Dearest Anne,

You have been the strong thread in this tapestry for so long, and I cannot conceive of having made this journey without your presence.  The beauty, heartbreak and lessons learned will be with us forever.  'Thank you' is inadequate; know that you are honored beyond measure.  Rest well, and know your guidance and commitment have been all of our salvation.  I am so sad to see this go, and wish the site could stay up, and hope to hear from you in our next phase of evolution.

Big love and light,


Saying goodbye, with tears

Dear  Anne,

I have so much appreciation for you, lovely morning chats and keeping everything going  You are such a loving soul and it shows in your patience of each caller and all your managing  .
..It is with tears I write this Anne, feel as I have lost my best friend who understands everything..
How I wish you could keep your website going  for reference...there is so much more I have wanted to read over and over or download as reference..
Is there a way we could pay dues ,fees.???.. to keep it going as is at present  for a month or 2 and more ?

Love you with all  my heart...Patricia

     *  Dearest Patricia - you have new teachers coming!  Time to go Within now, get to know your Self - and soon your reunion with your Mentors and Twin!   ~   Anne


I want to thank you for all the years, that I good listen to and read your messages. I did this with great joy.

I’m a little sad, that this is coming to an end. But I understand, that this had to come. I love all of the Hen family very much and especially you Mother Hen for all your service to all of us.

A Big Hug for all of you.

Zoia Shi from the Netherlands






Wow it seems like we have been connected for a hundred years. We will miss you and are grateful for every moment. Thank you for turning on the light in us. We knew we were here to shine we just didn’t know how bright. We won’t be following anyone else as you satisfied our every need. We love you and appreciate every minute you gave us for us.

Cheryl Page Dearborn, CHt.


Dear Anne, and the Heavenly and Hollow Earth Group ,

Sincere gratitude to all our Teachers along the way !    
I know we will all reunite SOON !
Looking forward and can hardly wait for the Waltz...

Love and Hugs ,
Claudette xo


Thank you so much for everything I receive from you, you can't imagine how much I love you ❤️😘 and how much I am going to miss your programs.

I sent you two years ago a box with books from my master Samael Awn Weor and you told me don't have time to read , I hope you have now specially revolutionary psychology
If you ever receive the # 800 can you let me know? Since Billy is out of this I don't know where to go for this information

May God Father bless you with lots of health love light and wisdom at Christmas 🎄 and New Years

Zoraida Arbelaez😘😘😘🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️


Dear Anne,
Thank you for all your strength in doing what was needed, the gentleness of your words, the cheerful, upbeat attitude you displayed, your kindness and love. I shall miss you but I am so glad you have successfully completed your mission.  And now rest... deeply... and be in joy with Sananda.  It is so comforting to know that you will be with us in a new way these coming days.  This exciting journey continues....eternally.
Judith Dean


My eyes were closed but now I see. My heart was closed but now it's open. Eternal thanks.



Dear Anne DeHart;

Thank you for all your inspiration and love you have sent to my way. I will, surely miss you.

You and Hen family gave me a lot when I was in the most difficult situation . Through you and Zorra I found contact with God.
Your daily messages were the first I would read every morning. . Yes, I have tears coming down, knowing you need to go and get your rest you surely deserve. I do hope that in our travels through life, we get an opportunity to meet (maybe on "The New Jerusalem").

With all the love and compassion you deserve,

Goodbye Anne and God bless you

Thank you, from my heart,

Jozef Pintaric



Time to move on as grown-uppers ... with sadness in my heart

followed your site and blog talk radio for years ....


LOVE YOU ALL .... Mother Hen .. love you and THX BIG TIME !!

From Lilian in the Netherlands


Dear Anne,

Thank you for all your love and hard work!  It has been a blessing (and still is).

The Netherlands


Dear Anne,

It may be hard to say goodbye, but the 'GOOD' with it is a promise of something better. The way I see it, GOODBYE just means that HELLO will be coming soon. I hope to meet you again someday.

Thank you for you dedicated five and half years of service to HEN family and humanity.



I'll miss you,


To my friends,

I love y'all so very much and I am so grateful for Hollow Earth Network and the family of light that we have celebrated, cultivated, and honored in this sacred space.

I am fairly new to this network, yet not to this Awakening journey. It came at a perfect time, of course:)

I agree with Anne...this is our time to go within and cultivate discernment as we join with our Galactic Family of Light and align with Ascension and pure Love. This is finally happening for our Beloved Gaia and we are all responsible to maintain this frequency of love, peace, and joy as we help Her Ascend! Use the Violet Flame and Tube of Light, Pillar of Protection daily to amplify all this amazing work we have done. Watch as this vibration reaches our Collective Consciousness and Unconsciousness to transmute all negativity!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Anne and to all of Hollow Earth's family. We stay connected through the Universal Mind.

We are One!

-Julia Hoffman


To Dearest Anne Lady Nada,  

Thank you for all the Love and support you have given to the HEN family.  You have been an extraordinary guiding light.  I am forever grateful to you and will miss you immensely dear sister.  

Jacqueline Bauers


My Dearest Sister of Light,

I am always here for you. :-) It is indeed a journey to Love Oneself... This time has come for you, my Beloved Anne when you start to fall in love with yourself.

It is beautiful, it is doable and interconnected to All of Life, I will know it, Sananda will know it, all the plants and animals will know it.

Peace be with you,


Dearest Anne,
Thank you so much for all you have done , and all the others that made this website UNIQUE and Trust worthy..! It has given me great strenght Insight and overall expanding in many areas.

Question Anne , I would like to print off About the ''EVACUATION''  ''AND THE GALACTIS  and dont now where to find it.

    *  On the sister site:  www.EarthAscends.com   ~  Anne

Kindly Paloma, Mexico.


I have enjoyed your daily chats. Miss hearing from you


Dear Anne,
I am EVER so grateful to have been part of the Hen Family for 4yrs. I am going to miss the Hollow Earth Network, so much. As soon as I wake I look and see what wonderful new things you have posted. I love you so much and will miss you. Thank you for all you have given and shared with us. Goodbye For Now💝💖

Much Love and Blessings,



Hi Anne,

I just wanted to say thank you for all the work you do with your radio shows and websites. Your voice and persona are very motherly, I'm sure you've been told that many times before, but one more doesn't hurt :)

I only recently discovered your shows with Zorra, which I really love, he's so interesting to listen to, and I am busy listening to all the older recordings. Also looking forward to meeting Zorra in person at some stage soon hopefully, and you too!

Wishing you blessings and fingers crossed for all you of us that the RV finally comes through before Christmas.

Happy Holidays

Anthony Southam


Hi Anne - just saying goodbye for both my sister and myself as her computer is in crash mode. Love & Hugz all around....

Gloria Edgar - Alberta, Canada
Jean Ouellette (my sister) - Saskatchewan, Canada


Dear Anne,

Thanks, for your dedication and hard work to the HEN family.  😊    

Blessings, Love and Light

Charles Weimer, Fremont, Nebraska


I will miss our HEN family. I have learned so much over the last 5 years. Thank you Anne for all that you have done to lead us toward ascension and raising our vibrations. It is hard to say goodbye.

With love and light,


Please advise how we will listen to both Peter O and ANC Awakenings after you close up

Godspeed, Love, and Thanks,


     *  Janet, Peter has not scheduled any further calls.  And I will send Ancient Awakenings' links in an upcoming newsletter. ~   Anne


Beloved Anne,

When I read your loving goodbye last night, I could feel the sense of loss come over me initially. It is so hard sometimes, to say goodbye to those we love and have loved.
Almost immediately, I realized this was different. The time we have spent in community together was a jumping off point. Now it truly is time to use everything we have learned thus far to develop the sacredness within, truly living in the light and love of The I Am Presence.

I will carry you in my heart always.

In Love and Light,
Christine Kelly


❤️Thanks Ann for all your hard work ❤️
I'll meet with you one day :)
Love Joe Cardona=


I love You Anne ,
Your daily messages were the first, I would read every morning.
Love light and blessings on your journey.
Love Emica
from Macedonia


Anne, LOVE to YOU!
Helén in Sweden


Dear Anne,


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the precious and invaluable work you have
carried out during these 5 12 years.

See you on the other side.

Love and Light



Thank you Ann for being a conduit of loving and informative exchange from Zorra🌹I would never be where I am today without Hollow Earth. As you go forth so do we , united in unconditional love and oneness to be a blessing to humanity.
Marie Church
The Villages, Fl


Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for All you did and do. Your posts were part of my daily ritual and I will miss that. Thank you so much and I LOVE YOU so much.

From all of us in cape town, south africa

Nur Rasool


Dear beloved Anne,

it is a need for me to tell you thank you for the loving work you have done for us in the last years.

I wish you all the best for the rest of your time.

I was learning so much from you personaly.

Thank you so much for your blessed effort and work.
Prime Creator, Zorra, Soraia, Senanda are with you ..

Gods love to you.

Ekhard Konrath


God Bless You and Thanks for all you have done, you are Loved and appreciated  so much
for all your Given, and all those you have had as guest.
We are going to miss you very much.
Love and Light Richard H




Hi Anne,

It is with tears in my eyes that I say Goodbye.I am so grateful for all the time you have spent helping all of us.I know that we will all be together again at some point and I look forward to that time.I just can’t say how much you have helped me to learn about ascension and I have so enjoyed the radio shows and your daily posts.I am glad that you are taking care of yourself and hope you are feeling better very soon.I will miss you very  much.

I Love You Deeply,



Dear Anne,
Thank you for your diligence, commitment and love for all of us.  You have gone above and beyond and I Honor you, your hard work, your dedication and integrity.
You have worked long and hard for all of us and now is your time to continue in your own direction.
Thank you Anne, I love you and appreciate you and hold you in high esteem.


Dearest Anne,

I will miss you a whole lot,  Thank you very much for all that you have done for Humanity.

Until we meet again,! Bon voyage

Love, Light and Peace




THANK YOU or as the Syrians say: "ZA ZU MA"  (heartfelt thanks!) for your love-filled wondrous website and inspirational road of learning.  

I have experienced so much thanks to you and your grand companions!

Showers of Blessings for the years of dedication and empowering lessons.

Your sharing and drawing the right "people" at the right time has made this time of transition more understandable and easier to navigate.

You are Loved!   You will be missed!

See you on the "other side"!!!

Blessings!    Stevan Andersen. 😊  


Dear Anne: You have helped me grow, filled in my life
after my husbands passing a year ago, been there for
me encouraging me on.  Bless you for all the selfless
work you did for countless number of people worldwide.
We send our love and blessings to you. You truly were
a Mother hen to all of us and will be greatly missed.

Love & Light - Suzanne


Dear beloved Mother Hen. It hurts to say good bye after so many beautiful memories. Please receive my deepest gratitude from the bottom of my Heart for all your Support. Kindness. Wisdom. Light. Joy and Divine Love. Hope to meet you somewhere in the Multiverse. Eternally Grateful.  Felipe from San Antonio.  Namaste.😂😂😂😍


Thank you Anne,  for all your tireless service co-ordination skills, can't wait to give you a big hug !

Yours sincerely, Robert Skappel.


Dear Mother Hen, beautiful example of unconditional Love,❤️💗💐

It's really sad to have to temporarily let go of our precious, precious Lady Nada.
I have doubted many things over time in listening to all the beautiful beings on Hollow Earth and sometimes I really wonder about the real truth and intention of some others on the calls; however, I have NEVER doubted your unconditional Love and patience for all of us(chicks.) 🐣 For this I am forever grateful. ❤️💞

As I have cognized having God particles inside and have seen and felt the need to be my Goddess Self vs putting Creator on a pedestal I now clearly understand my keeping you as my "Mom" puts me in a co-dependent position.

So dearest Anne, as much as I Love you and want to stay under your protective wing forever, even I see how I no longer can.

So with as much love ❤️ as I took on this co-dependency I now return it to you with just as much Love. ❤️

It is time for me to keep my equal position with all Gods and Goddesses and to quit hiding and finally take my responsibility for who I am as Co-Creator of this World. That might sound very egotistical to some reading this but I can only say that I finally feel connected to Source and Terra 24/7. It is such a sense of peace no matter my circumstances I can't even describe it. Also, thanks to my journey of which you and all on Hollow Earth have had a very large part I can say that I am almost 100% in the present moment.(Well, Lol I'm either a walking dead or truly living in the present moment - also impossible to really describe.)

Well dearest Anne and all Ancestors, thank you for all you have taught me and others and all I have been able to absorb and discern.

With much gratitude and Endless Love I am forever grateful and hope to see you again somewhere.

Please know you have an open invitation to visit me anytime on my star as I stay close to Creator.

With much Love,

Nancee from Maryland

PS- Rod, I pray you find the faith and peace you are seeking. You have been such a precious gift to Hollow Earth calls and listening to your growth over time has been very beneficial for me (and perhaps others as well.)

Special shout out to Dennis. I feel the connection to you and I Love the sweet vibration in your voice. Remember this.

It's not the right timing(or perhaps the right lifetime for me) but please know that you were right about the connection, it's there. All Love to you and everyone else on these calls forever.

Billy, Thank you for sharing so honestly(and painfully at times) your life story. I wish you (and Jane) great Joy.


Hi dearest heart,

From the bottom of my heart I am deeply grateful for all you have given and provided so relentlessly. I am so happy you are listening now and will allow your self the time to go within and enjoy the joy, ecstacy and bliss that is always there in the stillness.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!

Self care, Self Love, Source Love     Union!

Blessings as you go Home and Rejoice with your Beloved,


Gale Tolan


Anne (Mother H.E.N.),

The H.E.N. family has been very important to me in terms of allowing me to be!  Simply be!
It has been a personal journey of enlightenment and joy.  

Thank-you for your gentle, persistent and heart-felt guidance pointing and moving us "all" toward full consciousness!

Best and Highest Regards.
Love, Light and Peace to the Entire H.E.N. Family,

Paul S. Severin (Mt Shasta Area)


Hi Anne,

This has been quite a journey for all of us. I don't even remember how I found you but I know I wasn't searching on the Internet. Someone told me about you. I just remember it was when Father God mentioned about buying currency and I only heard Dong and Zimbabwe. So that's is what I bought.

I miss hearing Father God's voice, but I felt shortly after that time that he wasn't really with us through the whole shows. I quit listening and then you quit.

So I just want to say a big Thank You for all that you have done for sooo many. You deserve a break and we will all get thru this and have a big celebration soon.

Thanks again Anne and have a good journey the rest of the way.

Love, Peace, Joy and Believing is Seeing,


Dear Anne,

You are beautiful and it is time to let go !!
I honor your sacred time for transitioning into whatever is next.
Truly truly this is a beautiful time of choice and change.
Thank you for everything, dear Anne !!

Love, Love, Love,


Sad to see you close the website we will miss you

xoxo Blessings Eleanor


Namaste beloved sister,

The news has shocked my household with sorrow, but at the same time joy.
Tonight we honor you for what you were able and blessed to do for the
world. Tonight we send you our love and eagerly await to be able to
be united at the ballroom ... :)

Beloved sister, there is not way to thank you and to express our
gratitude for the gift that you have brought to the world.

Moses and Maria


Dear Anne,

Thank you for all your hard work, devotion, and dedication to Hollow Earth network.  You kept our hearts connected with our wonderful Ascended Brothers and Sisters when we needed their love and encouragement during threatening times.  Thanks also for the colorful pages and messages!



I was on HEN web earlier today and read the messages that you are leaving us and I wanted to say it was and is a pleasure knowing you.

If you are ascending like I think you are, what happens next? I have no conscious recollection of having been anywhere else, but you seem to know a lot more than your telling or permitted to tell me.

Will you go to sleep tonight and wake up in another dimension? Like nothing has changed because you’ll still be in body but at a different frequency? At least that’s how it’s been described to us, so  you are the first and only person I know that is doing it.

Will we see each other again along with other HEN family members at some later date?

We were asked again to select between ascending to 5th dimension and beyond or remain in 3D; I chose ascension timeline back in 2012-13 ascending with the planet. I guess she made it and then so have I, yet while I feel I’ve learned a lot from this experience I have no way of knowing what dimension I achieved. Can you help me understand what I’m missing that you already know and have to get to where you are ascending to? Is it permitted?

With Love and Admiration for you, our Mother Hen, Anne J

Rob Poltz

     *  Dear Rob, each of our paths are unique - one path cannot apply to another. Remember, it was you who designed this life experience and its ultimate growth and wisdom.  Just know that you are in the exact right place for your ultimate experience:  all is in Perfect Divine Order.  ~  Anne



Thank you so much for your service. I agree that we must look within to find the answers. However, many folks are still going through ascension so might I suggest that instead of you completely shutting off the vast library that HEN has built over the years -- that you leave up access to the site for information, blog talk radio links and so forth?

You don't have to update the site but at least we can refer to the health and other healing information and get links to phone sessions, etc.

The alternative would be to have some of these lightworkers you have featured on the calls--transfer the responsibility to them, if they wish.

It just seems unfortunate and so absolute to announce a total shut down when there might be other possible solutions that give you what you need and still give us access to information we need.

There is no need to respond and thank you in advance for not posting my name or email.

     *   Thank you.  As was discusssed on Ancient Awakenings today,  Sunday, December 4th, we are experiencing a paradigm shift - leaving the old behind - letting go of outside dependencies, and learning to go Within. This is the road to Ascaension. And this is the preparation needed to receive the NEW teachings soon coming from our Mentors, Twins, and Beloved Galactics and Agarthans.   ~  Anne


Dearest Anne

It is with a very sad heart but at the same time with the most beloved love of having to say goodbye!!!!!!!!

There are no words to say only deep love appreciation graditude friendship mom at the helm of the ship for the past 5 1/2 years.

With the wonderful awakenening of my higher self and the boundless knowledge of the teachings of our beloved ZORRA/FATHER GOD, MOTHER GOD through Billie and Jane, no words can describe only the everlasting and eternal LOVE of ONENESS that has filled my awareness of my higher self and the knowledge of our inner and hollow earth family reunited which led me to MT Shasta for my rebirth experience.

All of the wonderful channels with everlasting awakeness of self of the highest.
I can go on and on and on these past 5 1/2 years have been such a belonging finally to my life of searching in these present incarnation.

Thank Billie and Jane when I first met them in Chicago I knew I found my family and have followed the path from the beginning,

All of our wonderful Channels and ascended masters that has taught us all to become our true higher selfs and yes, I feel each and every one of them every day in my life going through this ascension process back home, I am not there yet, I need to connect and mediate more for the beautiful trip  waitilng for my connection with my twin flame and meating our galactic family and all of our wonderful ascended masters that are standing by us all the way home.

My deepest love to you!!!!!!!!!! Will miss the everyday readings from hollow earth network,

Yes, and with this weekend last two calls, is going to be bittersweet, since our connections with James and Susan, the information has been mind blowing, but so very true and connecting our beloved ascended masters Sananada, ST Germain, One Who Serves, and others, I have Menatron, and Hillarion and ST Germain Sananda, And our beloved ZORRA/FATHER GOD always with me, I have trouble of connecting with my own individual angels, and still waiting to connect to my twin flame.

I will sign off now sorry for the long goodbye,email
With my Sincere LOVE always, looking forward in always being connected and meeting you as LADY NADA!!!!

LOVE, Loretta   (Chicago))


Hi Honey!

I just wanted to say hello and see how you were doing. I think of you often and want to remind you that you have always been and still remain my favorite.

So much love to you (and I still plan to meet you one day before you head home -- so be ready to hang out for a bit, stay up late talking, and maybe even share a few recipes).

Love you much,  - zoe


I will miss the Hollow Earth Network. I have been here for the last 5 years and have learned so much. I am so grateful and thankful for all that you have done for us Anne. I send you so much love and will miss you.

K Barnhart


Dear Anne,

No Anne "It is "not" Just Us” as you almost write in the Love letter!

It is so much more than Just Us. It is endless of opportunities!  It is probably goodbye to the Hollow Earth Network in the physicality, but it is a message of a New Beginning and of "See You Soon in…….” and it will also still exist in the cosmic library…...

Thank you Anne for your marvelous contribution to this world-reality!

Endless Love and Gratitude to you and all around you,



Thank you Ann for your wonderful HEN-network. I have been looking for your newsletter every day for almost 4 years now. With so many interesting cannellings and Intels. I even bougt some ZIM
But I had the feeling last month that this was the End of our travel together. The energy was fading out?

Love & blessings
Trine, Norway


I have never communicated my appreciation for your selfless service you have performed. Farewell my love .... I wish you love and endless joy...
Thank you from the bottom of my heart...
Emery McCall   A regular since 2012


Thank you so much Anne and everyone. You have helped me achieve the website's mission statement so very, very, very well!   Marvin

"That you may leave our website in a higher state of vibration than that in which you came"


To All,

What a journey, what an honor ! !  To have connected and transformed in the process,
Both of ourselves, and then the outer reflected world.  Thank you for this opportunity,
And Thank you, Anne, for sharing from the bounty of your heart !  For that is how
I will know you instantly . . . By the signature of your heart. 💞😊
May the Blessings Be
Dianna V.=



Thank you for everything you've done.
I  hope I get to meet you someday.



I am not quite sure how much time has gone by since I found Hollow Earth Network, but its got to be almost four years ago. My mind was not sure at first, but my soul was telling me to keep with it. Soon I became entrenched with all that HEN had to offer and my husband and I looked forward to every call, etc. Well, this is the first time Anne has said she is leaving and I have now had a good cry over it, it really must be time to go forward. I want to thank Anne & Co. for everything, you have helped make my journey special. I am so happy for you Anne :-)

Have a Wondrous, Glorious and Loving Day!!

Jamie Mooney - CT


Just wanted to say thank you, Anne. I’ll miss the Hollow Earth Network website but am glad you will get some time to relax before the show starts. Besides, it’s not goodbye, it’s just see you later. I’ll see you on the other side. Happy ascension.

With love, Blake Burback


Dear Anne

So recently I found this site. Everything is so new for me, still discovering everything, I can not wait to come home from work to read new messages, I learned to meditate, before I couldn't, I feel the energy that permeates my entire body. I feel a great desire of laying hands on the sick people (for now no result), so I'm working on vibration raising. I bought last week tachyon, I feel a great desire to heal others. Anne, I just met you, the first time from a long time, I felt safe, and just it's time to say goodbye. I really thank you and  grateful for your quickly intervention when I was in need, your help and for everything.

I love you, Aneta

Ps. I am from Poland, I use google translator, so sorry for how I wrote.
Ps. Anne, can I ask you a personal question? Are you Lady Nada, twin flame Sanada?
     * Yes, of course - many messages from Sananda through Michael Ellegion saying this and confirmed by many Masters.
           ~  Anne


Hi, my name is Sophie. I started hanging out in the HEN this year. First of all Anne, I am very happy for you that you will take time for yourself, as nothing is more important! Thank You for introducing me to some awesome energy devices and awesome teachers too! I suppose that this closure means that things are going to start moving very fast, and that the isolation will be over soon. I hope that we can all finally start our missions, for those like me who have been waiting and preparing. As a gift to everyone, please listen to my composition HOME on YouTube, it has been made with all my Heart and it might appeal to you. The artist's name is Veya. Peace and see you on the ships!


1.  Anne, I shall miss you... your bright always positive sprint... your concern for and help provided to those in need. Thanks.

2.  What will happen to Peter's Many of One show? Is he closing up as well?

     On the last show, Peter did not set a date for a future show...  ~  Anne

Thanks. Love,


Dear  Anne,

How can we as a group of humans thank you for all the knowledge, love and truthfulness you have given us.  My family and I often discuss your generously in helping us grow and prepare
for all the glorious things in store for us.  However, I wish we could continue to keep you on board to help us.  I feel like I am losing a family member but, at the same time I am happy that
you can finally get some much needed rest.

Best of love and luck in the future and know how much you are will be missed.

Sincerely, Gwen Bordenave


Thank you for sharing your journey. I am pleased you have come to this realization, something we all come to. I know in my heart of hearts we know each other on another realm. Sananda will tell you who I am. Savor your time and as was told to all of us, enjoy the journey.
Love and light to you and yours💝🌎💚🌞🌛💥

Cosmic Traveler


Time to let go and let God. Blessings Anne for all of your hard work and blessings to all who participated in any way in your Hollow Earth Project.

Dublin Ireland. We are one.








Dear Anne,

My heart rejoices for you as you continue on your miracle soul journey.  You are One Amazing Divine Goddess!!

The wonder of how Ascension is unfolding for all of us is quite unfathomable and filled with sweet surprises.  I know you have opened a door to meet all your heart's dreams, desires and imaginings, with pure intention and focus on creating our Golden Age and Being Pure Love.  

You have offered a path for such an opportunity for all of us to create now.  Maybe some, like myself, who were feeling badly about releasing remaining attachments, knowing at the same time that such an act is heartfelt, wise guidance from within, can also lift our vibrations by moving upward in this way.

Deep gratitude and much appreciation for your Love and Presence on our world.

Injoy   big hug


My dearest Anne,

My heart missed a beat when I read your note to us all.  
We will very much miss our 'mom'  but deep inside, I fully understand.

THANK YOU from the depths of my heart for ALL that you have blessed us with!!!

With love and light always,

Kalliope  x💚x
Athens, Greece


Dear Anne,
Anne, I am certainly grateful to have found your website many years ago. Your personality shines through your writings and your truly are a real MOM... loving, caring and nurturing and eager to share your truth. I will miss your letters yet know soon we won't need the news for we will have arrived as part of the news. It is really something to anticipate !!!

I am most grateful for all the love and energy you have placed into your letters and I send you very much love, light, joy and inner peace in the months ahead.

Gratefully with love,
Rita Schilling


Greetings Dearest Anne,

We will surely miss the Hollow Earth Network.  Got to really enjoy to go a check things out, especially breaking news.   There is a few things i would like to keep on my computer.  When I go and check all the subjects on the left, I am not sure how to do it.  Even though I can get around quite a bit on this wonderful machine (computer), I am still learning.

Sooo sorry to see you go.  Did you say you were going to have another website???
    Yes, until I go:  www.TheLoveConnection.love

Nemaste with much love, XXXXXXXXX

Judi and Bud, Calgary, AB   Canada


I will miss you, I LOVE you,
Thank you for ALL !
Love Laughin and in Tears,
Pipersville PA


Dearest Anne,

    While I listen to your meditation music “A New Day”, tears stream down my face knowing that you are closing H.E.N. down.  You have given so much of your beloved heart to all of us through this venue.  I want to make sure that I receive any future Ancient Awakenings correspondence.  I think I am on that list, but did not want to subscribe again in case I am doubling your work.  I have, of course, been receiving your daily LOVE Letters.   They have been “Treasures” to me, as have you.    I love you so, dear and will look forward to listening to anything on TLC, etc. going forward.  I am so happy that you are honoring yourself by knowing it’s time to surround yourself with all the R&R time you need.   I will think of you often, my Angel from the other side.   LOVE, HUGS, KISSES and hope you have a wonderful Christmas cradled in Sananda’s arms.  



Thanks for sharing and helping us all in this journey.    I think we will all stay in touch at a higher level, as we are family.  

Peace and love,



Dearest Anne.

You have gone way beyond the call of duty with your love for this beautiful planet and us earthlings.

I have no clue where I would have landed had it not been for my guides leading me to HEN.

I lost everything I owned in 2008. I was living in Hawaii and got hoodwinked and had to move back to Ca to begin anew.

I started searching desperately for answers as to why our world and govt was falling apart and making us pay for their bad behaviour. 2012 came into my awareness and vuala!  There popped up HEN.

I am so grateful for your service to all of us and your endless demanding schedule you endured. You are definitely a GODDESS QUEEN 👸🏼 in my book.

God Bless us all as this RV manifests and we all hit the ground running to SAVE THE PLANET and HUMANITY.


From all of me to all of you.


Hi Anne,  I am so grateful to have known you through the Hollow Earth page every week for nearly 3 yrs, you have taught me so much your pic is an inprint in my mind, love you from my heart
Elizabeth 😇😇😇
From Dublin Ireland


Dear Anne,
Thank you so much for your wonderful guidance and opening my eyes to so many things that are now a part of my life, I will be forever grateful to you. Have a peaceful period before you take on you next mission and we all look forward to hearing from you from time to time.
In Love and Light


Beloved Anne ~
Beloved HENs ~

I had just posted this message to Anne, then found her incoming email inviting US to say "good-bye", each in our own unique way. FYI~ Purplerays  offers LOVEly messages and images on mostly a daily basis. This is the one I felt moved to share with the world today.

I've been in touch with Sri Chinmoy's teachings for over 30 years, primarily through my very dear friends who are stewards of the Oneness Family-Montessori School in Washington, D.C. (located 1/2 block from where I used to live!). Whenever his unique essence joins with mine, I feel deeply humbled. Although he is no longer with us here on this earth-plane, his prEssence evokes powerful memories.... such as, when he folded 1000 cranes, using Oragami, with a special prayer for peace enfolded within each crease.

And this is the image I would like to leave with each of US ~ cranes flying all around the world, above and below, our Beloved Earth Mother, each sharing its unique prayer-blessing of Peace with ALL.



Dear Anne.....For the short period of time that I have been with you, I have never seen anyone give so much time, energy and their heart to such a noble cause. Thankyou!  A quick question in case I missed something here. Where will we receive the 800#'s if your site goes down. Thankyou again. You sure deserve a rest. I love you !


Dearest Anne,   

You remain simply the best!

Many warm hugs from Finn  (in Bergen, Norway)
For our joyous lives,  now,  and forevermore!  ☺


hello anne
you dont know me but i know you and of your kind and your caring ways.
thank you for all you have done.
diane lamarine


Thank you very much for this time! I was quite shocked to read that you are going to shut down the website, but I understand you! I wish you a very happy and interesting jurney in to the future! Thanks again!

Markus/ Sweden


Time to say Goodbye sweet darling Anne💗🌷💗

Thank You so very much for you've done to all of us.
I am also looking forward to meeting my Twin Flame now in December.

I love you and send you infinite blesses and pink roses ...

Luciana Alves


Dear sister Ann

You have been so inspirational and teaching so much love and about discernment.
You have had many guests on your show. I love all of them.

I do send to you from my heart wishes for a beautiful journey.

Also, your rest will be so well deserved and take your time and see the wonder of this earth as it transpires.

Thank you with all my love



Personal and direct contact with God is available in the Silence of the Moment.

Love, Dianne Robbins


Dear Anne,

ThankYou endlessley for All of your input over the years with HollowEarthNetwork!!!!
Your voice is always in my heart and what emitted from it!
I love You Anne and keep nurturing your beauty.
With All of my Love,
Bernadette McMaster<3<3<3<3=


Good bye till we meet again,

Im teary. Gonna miss ya dearly.  Always in thy heart.  Lovie you Milly Merry Millennia 1200


Dear Ann-dehart;

Thank you for all your inspiration and love you have sent my way. I will, surely miss you. Your daily messages were the first, I would read every morning. I have narrowed many of my researches over the past five years to your web, which I will dearly miss. Yes, I have tears coming down, knowing you need to go and get your rest you surely deserve. I do hope that in our travels through life, we get an opportunity to meet.

With all the love and compassion you deserve (heaven Loves you),

Good- Bye Ann-dehart

Thank you, from my heart,

Terrence M Brown

Chilliwack, BC Canada




Dear Anne,
Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the lightworkers community.

Johan Bouwer


Dear Anne, dear mom, dear HEN mom, I am in tears,

I got used to it, to your love letters, your program, your advise - that I am feeling like part of me is departing Thank you soooooo much for all your love, your wisdom, your teaching.  

I am going to misssss you, I know you deserve time to rest, time for you.

Can you tell me from where we going to receive the #800?
[From my email love letters]

Two years ago I send you some books I hope now you have time to read them

Berta Zory

Dear, dear Anne, My heart is brimming over with thank you's.

You have been such a wonderful leader and "Mom" to me. I have looked forward to your messages every day, missing them when they were absent. I totally accept that it is time to say goodbye. I feel it within myself at age 78. It is time. I am sending five big carts full of colorful flowers, wafting fragrance all around, with magical butterflies, fairies and birds singing and the most beautiful sunset glowing all around it. These are being pulled into your station by white unicorns with gold horns. This is coming directly to you from the Holy Spirit within.

I love you and thank you from the bottom of my heart.



Dearest Anne,

I will miss you and the site so much. But I understand and thank you for gifting us as long as you did. ❤️️

I am working this job now with unreal hours. So the weekend is 12 (or 14!) hour night shifts. I could listen Monday night to everything but not before. This is one of those times I wish I had a working computer. It would be great to hear the last calls. If not, well I'll ask Sunnie to take notes!

Much love,
Jan in New Boston, Texas


Giving Thanks for Your Service. I never write R Call In.   
Please keep me posted On your journey to The Spirit World.
Venus Brightstar


I am so choked up with tears.

Your link was the first I went to everYday to find the truth and dwell on Love. You have given so much to the world, and I have grown so much with all the others. Thank you dear Anne. I feel a bit anxious without you, but will just know that God is with me. Glorious times are before us. Heaven is coming to earth. What a privilege to be alive now.

Please keep me on your mailing list. I hope to board "The New Jerusalem" someday and hopefully I'll see you there! Dear one, I'll never forget how much you have given me. The tears are still flowing so I have to stop.

Heart full of love always,

Jacki (Jackson)



Bonne nuit les ami.OUI Je vous Amo. Merci pour tout.
Maria de Lurdes. Suisse


Blessings of Love/LIGHT TO YOU ANNE.




Hi, Anne. I want to say THANK YOU sooo much for THE HOLLOWEARTH NETWORK . All the great inspiration, information and the calls will go a long way. Thank you for bringing humanity awareness of our extended Star Nation Families and all the information provided from various Lightworkers. I send you Anne, Zorra, and the Whole Hollow Earth Network. LOVE, PEACE AND BLESSINGS!

Blessings, and Love and Light

Mary Juanita Mcknight


Dear Anne,

From one heart to another ... many thanks for all you have done in introducing us to our greater family in, on and beyond this beautiful Earth, and in helping and connecting so many people, including myself, to such a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and truth. To rediscovering our great Self, through your great understanding and presence of mind and heart. You have given us much to draw on and be inspired and guided by.

I feel we are all growing and coming into alignment, sharing a great truth and understanding of who and what we are a part of, not apart from.

Your phenomenal and reassuring work has helped me personally, and has added a richness to the work I carry on with through my own Ark Foundation ... my own path to connecting people and planet ... https://www.facebook.com/groups/829538023845239/

Of course, in truth, we never can say goodbye, as we are all connected in the eternal present. isn't this great!

Nice 'being' with you Anne 😉

Love, Paul



It has always been Only a Special Occasion usually - whenever I have made contact with you - knowing how so so busy you have been - I've always kept it a minimum.

I have been following since March of 2013 - and have amassed a HUGE LOAD of Knowledge and well being - and learned so much through this little journey.  Mainly - how to Forgive - Love deeper - Love myself - strive for perfection and purity - and how to bring that special feeling ON - when you need it most. . . . . that is the Big One.

Let us all keep shining our light - now that our lights are THAT MUCH BRIGHTER!   When we do it together . . . . They'll see us from Six Universes Over - and they'll know . . . 'it's those crazy Human's again - truly learning how to be. . . learning of our Being and our Beingness. . . . becoming a true Human Being.    "ABOVE ALL ELSE -   LOVE"
Thank you so so much for these very few years of pointing us in the right direction.

One of My Favorite Lines:   "There's nowhere you can be - that isn't where your meant to be - IT's EASY . . . . . ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE"   john lennon

With LIMITLESS LOVE - I do Love You!

Ken - in Superior

PS . . . . I reserve the right to send one more "HELLO - GOODBYE" message between now and Sunday!  


Dear Anne,

Thank you so very much - or as we say in Hawaii, mahalo nui loa - for all that you have shared over these years. I am so glad to hear that you are heeding your inner wisdom and will focus on yourself now. We will surely connect again in the higher dimensions.

Much love to you always,

Linda Caraway


Dear Anne,  Hoooraaaay!!!!

I am so happy for you.  You have given so much with all the work you have put into the HEN web site and family.  Now, you will have lots of time for you, just you!!!!!  :-)

What a wonderful day it is!

Your Loving Brother, Eric


I would have to say I am a newbie to this site as of a year ago, as opposed to some who have been members since the beginning.  If I had been led to it sooner I would have been loyal for the full time  :)   

I most certainly received much information and connection to those people and tools that I needed to assist me over my hump of "what is behind the veil" and to get my health in order to meet the vibration I need and want to be the mentor and healer I understand I am to be soon.

"Not good-bye, but see all on another level of vibration"...sooner than later.  My gratitude for the honesty, integrity and truths.

Live in Integrity...Joanne Salsbury, San Diego


Love light and blessings on your journey


Dear Anne and all HEN participants, What a journey, and incredible timing for all of us.  Thank you, all of you, collectively you have added to my life and so many!  
Wonderous gratitude. Barbara McLaughlin

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