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OCTOBER 9 2016

We The Herd


Sunday October 9, 2016


“We The Herd”
17:00 EDT
October 9, 2016

“Changing mass consciousness is an individual responsibility.”

– Dennis Weaver


Good Afternoon Chosen Ones:

I’m speaking to ZIM holders exclusively with this post tonight, as the banks consider ZIM holders Chosen Ones (CO).  Sadly, they also consider us a herd of suddenly wealthy sheep that all must be fed all at the same time, so they intend to move us through the golden feeding trough as quickly as possible.

That reality expressed, let’s explore what each of us can do to make this blessed and highly favored event a pleasant one for all involved.

Change of Plans

ZIM holders will now have only 36 hours now to call and set your appointments due to the slow moving hurricane (not 48 hours as previously reported).  So getting one of these early appointments matters, as it qualifies you for higher Privately Negotiable Exchange (PNE) rates (aka Sovereign Rates) if you desire to achieve that.   Most won’t ironically, but for those that do, pay attention on how to handle yourself.

The initial ZIM rush really means when you make your redemption appointment, not when you physically attend said appointment.  Only ZIM currency holders will be able to set initial non-bank hour appointments within the first 1.5 days off-site redemption locations will be process T3 public clients (before Tuesday morning 9am).  You MUST have an early appointment to qualify for PNE rates, otherwise you’re looking at screen rates for the ZIM – which are flan-tastic btw–so worry not either way.

We now understand PNE rates (sovereign rates) for the IQD, IRR, VND, IDR and AFA will all be offered to redeemers who know how to ask through going through the entire month of October.  The banks believe that most to all will simply not know or not care and take whatever either on the screen or a higher rate offered to them within a structured payout program.

Why?  Because so few are following events closely enough to know what’s really going on after such a long wait.  People have either lost interest or faith.  But obviously not you:)

Know that all air space above NYC has been cleared for flight, which means security drones have resumed patrolling the skies.  The rain and high winds are right now moving through Metro Boston and should clear before the 2nd Presidential Debate tonight at 8pm EDT.

Thus, we have told it is very much a “GO” for tonight.  Time TBD.  Know we have been told this before by good sources, but we feel it’s wise to be ready anytime after 6pm EDT just in case.  Pay attention to websites and emails, even texts and tweets from this community.  Any 800# release news will travel like lightning, and the more people we can alert, the money that can be disbursed to those less fortunate.

What this all means is that the NPTB (New Powers That Be) feel have the security and finance issues under control finally after nearly two decades (they started this process in 1996).  And they feel safe alerting the general public (which we are) via an Internet announcement, in order to begin scheduling all ZIM holders inside of the first 36 hours.

This will allow them to process tens of thousands before markets and banks open on Tuesday 8am EDT; and this should take the initial “pressure” off the redemption wave that is expected after Obama announces the new UST currency and corresponding global rate changes to other currencies (which might come as early as this evening pre debate so pay attention for that).

Once Donald and Hillary begin insulting each other for two straight hours, that will serve as the necessary natural distraction in which to start the RV.  The television audience alone is expected to be bigger than a Super Bowl with untold social media traffic to follow.

Now can you see why Donald Trump was cast by the Chinese Elders for this “race to the bottom” of the USA, Inc. political swamp?  Hey, bet you didn’t know the USA AIIB offices are in NYC (Chinese Elder bank) and are located in Trump Tower Manhattan?  Which means “The Donald” was always in on the bigger currency/real estate deal opportunities, and just playing a role versus seriously running for President.  And you were worried?

Also know that most to all ZIM holders first began by buying other currencies like the IQD and VND, and moved into the ZIM as a hedge or long shot bet.  So the banks feel that ZIM holder numbers are very small, less than 1% of 1% of all currency holders (30M) and thus can be processed very quickly.   But just to be safe, they began leaking some T2/T3 ZIM PNE contracts out onto the net, as to “get ZIM holder’s attention” so they their exchange pumps would be primed, and would be ready when the 800#s did get released.

Folks, it’s all about the ZIM, at least financially.  The other currencies are just garnishes for the ZIM, which is the fiscal main course for the RV.  This makes the intake of the ZIM a Wells Fargo’s & Abbot Downing’s high priority due to pure volume of deposit; as well as a potential dangerous scenario for negative future spending per the Republic military.

So together, bank and military, they have created a safe environment of rue to redeem, away from the mass of other currency redeemers via these off-site redemption locations that are much easier to protect, isolated and subtle… in order to handle the initial intake of your highly valuable ZIM notes.

They must guarantee that as much ZIM as humanly possible is taken off the streets when the banks are closed.  The markets are 100% controlled now BTW, so it’s more about people walking into the bank with ZIM that’s their real concern.

Those that were gifted ZIM and are not paying attention are in for the shock of their lives when they are shown the on-screen rate for ZIM whenever they finally do show up.  Can you imagine their surprise?  Their horror?  Pays to discover I suppose.

As for how long you’ll have to attend a ZIM appointment, again you’ll have plenty of time going until the end of October – as long as you make your appointment within the first 36 hours of the 800# release, i.e. before banks open on Tuesday morning.

For those living in South and North Carolina, we understand al redemption locations are back up and running and I-95 has been reopened.  So you won’t have any issues redeeming, and if you do personally because of storm damage or flooding,  you’ll have time to inland an ensure yourself an early appointment.   So no worries in the Carolinas.  Also we hear Florida is 100% up and running as well–even the coastal areas.

Oh, when you do go to exchange, notice the bright lights up in the sky, looking like a cross between helicopters and Northern Stars… as these are drones watching over all the redemption process.  They will be scattered every 5-10 miles depending on population density.  Most will not know to look.

As for PNE rates on the ZIM, four digit exchanges do exist if you’re serious about accomplishing Humanitarian Projects and Job Creation agendas, but you’d better be ready to answer hard questions and be buttoned up in your presentation materials.  Otherwise, they’ll reserve the highest rates for folks who truly serious about helping the world philanthropically, especially for international third world health, food, shelter, micro-economic and infrastructure causes.   Makes sense, right?  Right.

Do not lie to your exchange team, as they are there to help you get wherever you need financially, but they are trained not to over burden people with big eyes and small stomachs if know what I mean. Remember, it only takes one note of ZIM to fund the entire world’s operating costs for well over a decade.  So please keep things in perspective, and try to connect with the spiritual aspects of the RV versus lusting after the most money.

Trust me, it’ll be a much more enriching event for you, short and long, if you can stop and see the love in the room versus the zeros.  Transition versus transaction.  Service versus self.  Lover versus fear.  God versus man.

Also, because of the hurricane’s lingering effects, they are going to now process all ZIM redemption appointments in under 1 hour (at least that’s the plan), and shift the second half of the redemption appointment to a follow up meeting with the wealth management/family office division.

So if you have a list of trusts and charities to open for family members or causes, those will have to wait until your second RV appointment which will come within a week after your first exchange appointment.  As this first appointment is now just to intake currency, settle on a rate, whip up a couple holding trusts and get you the hell out of there.

Don’t try and romance the staff or go into your life story.  Chit chat will just take away from what’s needed in the moment for all involved.  Just show up on time, know what you absolutely need in order to walk out of there so the next redeemer can take  his/her turn at the golden money trough.

Look, I know some of you have been through hell and back with your RV experience… and it matters to you no questions… but they won’t really care and neither will the thousands of ZIM holders waiting right behind you.  So get it, do your business professionally and abundantly, and get out.  Save the war stories for another time and place.

Interest rates have zoomed over 8% for structured payouts, and even NDAs are now negotiable if you do not wish to enter into an advanced investment program/sovereign rate.  So everything is beyond awesome.  Don’t fight the blessing, just take it as it’s given to you, as a divine gift, and go with the flow.  Nobody is there to cheat your or bind  you up legally.  Let all that noise pass right by you–it’s an echo of fear from the still fear filled.

Keep everything simple and you’ll be fine.

Keep everything spiritual and you’ll be protected.

Keep everything drama free and you’ll happily enjoy the process.

Good luck everyone.  Congratulations for making it through the gauntlet of doubt and being in integral part of such a unique, blessed and chosen community of Human Angels.

God is with us.

"The River" - RV Op-Ed - Sunday - October 9, 2016

Received via email at 2:45 PM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

"The RIver" 
RV Op-Ed 
October 9, 2016

Received via email at 2:45 PM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles


A river cuts through a rock not because of its power, but its persistence.


Good Morning Chosen Ones:

Not much further now, you'll come so far by faith already... perhaps you are willing to endure just a little longer to see what's really behind the RV curtain.

Not even a category 5 hurricane can stop your blessing now. It's arriving this weekend and delivered into your accounts. As you are finally in the last mile of this macro economic sovereign marathon with the finish line also in clear sight. 

So finish strong!

Stretch your soul as to allow just a little more faith to fill up those lungs today; and power through the aches and pains of your tired body to cross this proverbial RV finish line and get into that redemption center with your currency. 

It's going to happen for you soon. Trust the process.

In the meantime, make an extra prayer for someone else in need maybe. Surrender your will again in favor of God's with just a bit more sincerity this time. Accept God's path for your life exclusively with even greater appreciation and less anxiety.

For everyone around the world is waiting on this historic event to begin at the street level with utter desperation -- so you are far from alone -- but few are using these last moments of abject poverty to hone their relationship with God before His river of abundance comes flowing out to His weary Children, the true meek of the earth, without limitation or end.

Do take these final lean hours to draw closer to God. I invite you to do so now with me as a humble servant of Thur most high, as doing without hesitation shows both loyalty to God's heavenly path and wisdom in earthly form.

Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight.

And to those who are struggling just to reading this, without anymore hope for your miracle to arrive in short order, know that you are right where you need to be emotionally, physically, spiritually in order to receive the maximum of God's mercy.

Nothing in your life is wrong or out of place. Zip. This is just your soul's divine starting point for precisely where you had to be in order to harvest such an benevolent blessing.

Your agony is temporary, yet where your soul agreed to be while still in Heaven before entering your body.And so here you are:). Sobeit.

Everything is in divine alignment even if you cannot feel this eternal truth right now--you are loved and protected--eternally. Feel Gods love now. Accept it now. Share it now.

And be like a Colorado River today, steady and persistent with your love, always with an overwhelming flow of joy and gratitude as to wear down even the tallest mountains of doubt.

It's ok to be wounded.
It's ok to be resurrected.
It's ok to be healed.
It's ok to be at peace. 
It's ok to be pure love. 
It's ok to be you, as is.

All is well.

Christ is Lord.

God is with us.

RV Weather Report

07:00 EDT
October 9, 2016 (1)

Matthew 6:24

"No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money."


Good Morning Chosen Ones:

Hope you had a good night's sleep -- by choice I had none, babysitting the RV. 

Our combined Intel suggested an any second performance scenario starting at noon on Saturday.

So we watched the clock all day and night because early redeemers get all of 48 hours to make their sovereign rate appointments all the way through October.

Then we are told the initial 800#s will just disappear -- and sovereign rate appointment setting will be closed not to reopen.

Snooze and you loose I guess. Sneaky but legal.

We were told also that we're just waiting for the Atlantic storm to clear out of the metro NYC area. If the hurricane had gone right instead of left, we would have already had our RV.

Fate is sure a funny thing, huh? But that is how close we are to our blessing this morning.

There is a Sunday Noon EDT performance deadline on the Republic from the rest of the world; this after they were given a 24 hour extension from Saturday noon EDT due to the hurricane. But that's it.

Oh, speaking of the Republic, this is a must watch from Judge Napalitano about how f-uped our government was:

We are told them NPTB didn't start the RV Sunday October 2 because they foresaw that hurricane coming and didn't want to start something they would have had to stop once it got close to the the mainland.

They waited an extra week plus a day because there was a federal bank holiday on Monday (Columbus Day). Meaning, we could have seen the RV as early as Thursday night, had the hurricane dissolved or turned out to sea as predicted.

Thankfully, most of the major damage was averted, but the entire Eastern Seaboard sure got a big time soaking.

Hmmm, me wonders why? I mean, didn't a powerful hurricane suddenly change direction and hug an entire 1,000 mile coast line until its most dangerous wind energy had dissipated until it finally came on shore like a wet noodle?

Did that make any sense to even a semi-experienced hurricane watcher? 

Since when do category 5 hurricanes boomerang? Makes one wonder about the whole catastrophic weather event timing and location given all that's about to change with this the RV week and all?

Did anyone notice a rogue cabal mobile HAARP system firing aimed right into the jet stream targeting a 33rd parallel city (McClellanville, South Carolina)?

But instead of sitting around waiting out the weather, the NPTB went ahead and ratified the Paris Agreement on Wednesday noon EDT, which started a 72 hour new financial system performance clock, all in preparation for release this weekend.

Then they released some Guccifer and Wikileaks emails to seed public consciousness about the more damaging upcoming leaked emails which will permanently torch the Clinton family dynasty name for good.

In response, the crack Clinton staff released a filthy Trump 2005 Access Hollywood "hot mike recording" which gave Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, along with every well known top Republican political leader, just cause for backing away from Trump permanently before he voluntarily quits.

Same thing will happen to Hillary pre-election as both her and Bill's brutal history is now revealed somewhere in those 50,000 emails.

But keep in mind, both upcoming candidate implosions are 100% pre-mediated folly. Thus, all of the national election coverage is pure scripted theater to occupy the public's attention while the Republic, GCR and GESARA are implemented.

As both the Clinton and Trump camps are knowingly taking dives in exchange for either amnesty (Clinton) or currency redemption / prime real estate deals in China and Russia (Trump). 

And yet here we are today, Sunday morning, with no release guarantee and 208 sovereign nations pissed off and impatiently waiting on their assured noon RV deadline.

Hey Joe -- wouldn't want to be you right with a desperate enemy knowing my release timelines -- you should've listened to your Russian landlords and not your Pentagon cronies about Syria and Ukraine too. This why you're out of the decision making loop on the RV.

Don't feel bad Joe, so are all the top Wells Fargo executives and double agent board of directors. No one could be trusted, as everyone acted in their own best interests -- granted some did to save their own lives from cabal assassins -- but they all choose to live in fear instead of following the light wherever it leads. 

Old cabal political and banking plants such as Comey, Lynch, Lew, Kerry, Biden, Holder, Carter, Dimon, Stumpf... are just a few of the cabal die hards who will be headed back to the Central Sun for reconfiguration post disclosure.

And isn't it also just way beyond interesting that most hurricanes come out of the same exact geographic location where the lost continent of Atlantis was thought to have sank back in the first flood?

Maybe it's the same battle now as its always been -- the Ancient Aliens of Atlantis versus the Original Hu-man's of Lemuria for control of the earth, species and resources?

Nah, couldn't be that simple. That's just too out there, too crazy and way too easy. Hey, I report, your decide... if your mind implodes.

Let's see what Sunday brings, but do stay alert and ever ready to pounce on those 800#s to set appointments.

Any second really means any second now.

God is with us..

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada