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OCTOBER 3 2016


"Wonder Why?" - SITREP -

17:00 EDT - Monday - October 3, 2016

Received via email at 5:03 PM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

"Wonder Why?"
17:00 EDT
October 3, 2016


Good Afternoon Chosen Ones,

​So when Does the International Business Week Really Start?

​Well, according to international standard ISO 8601, Monday​ ​is the first day of the international business ​week​, followed by Tuesday,​ ​Wednesday, ​and ​Thursday​ when all markets worldwide are open for trade. A​nd while most independent markets function on a five day international ​business schedule, several countries ​begin trading hours on ​Sunday.​

Meaning, the the first day of the ​international business week varies in different cultures, ​as does the​i​r definition of when the week​ actually begins. For instance in the Middle East, Muslim markets begin on Sunday morning because their weekend begins on Friday versus on Saturday in western world markets. And in ​Asia, international trading opens on Monday, but in reality begin on Sunday evening in the western world due to the 12 hour time difference.

So while Monday morning appears to be the start of the international business week, in truth, all markets worldwide aren't open for trading at the same time until at least 6pm on Monday evening (10am in New Zealand on Tuesday)… and thus Monday evening is the true start of the international business week.

We open with this definition of the international business week to offer some clarity as to why you are still waiting for your blessing. Not only do the new powers that be wish to give every market a fair starting point, they also want to ensure individual redeemers can freely move / wire money anywhere in the world at any amount; thus we are all waiting for the start of international business week to begin in earnest shortly on Monday evening. We are told even China is waiting patiently, although their markets and banks are all closed this week.

Hmmm, wonder why?

ATM machines in Mexico and Canada were taken down today, in order to remove fiat USD and replace with gold backed USN.

Hmmm, wonder why?

Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange is scheduled to make a career damning Hillary Clinton data dump during a morning announcement press conference in Berlin early in the morning in the US (3 to 4am EDT). That info should do three things: 1) Provide a flaming flash bang to distract the world from the RV;  2) Nicely eat up the morning and weekly news cycle starting first thing Tuesday morning; 3) Begin the US political election unraveling necessary to bring in the Republic government solution.

Hmmm, wonder why?

Chase bank in the US has been canceling thousands upon thousands of bogus credit lines as of last Thursday.

Hmmm, wonder why?

If you'll recall, 9/11 happened on Tuesday morning, right at the opening of North American markets.

Hmmm, wonder why?

Answer to All Above: It's synced with to the start of the International Business Week. Tada! And you were worried…

Look for our "unrestricted release" anytime this evening and a few key announcements this evening. Know the "restricted release" has been ramping up all night and day, successfully and highly abundant.

"All is well" we are told by reliable sources across a multitude of international control mechanisms. "Tell your people to stay the course and remain calm." Translated, "Save the drama for your momma; the RV is here."

God is with us.

Terra Zetzz at 5:26:00 PM

SITREP 02:00 AM EDT Monday
October 3, 2016



"Salmon Run"
02:00 EDT
October 3, 2016

    Psalm 37:7-8

    7 Be still before the Lord
    and wait patiently for him;
    do not fret when people succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes.

    8 Refrain from anger and turn from wrath; do not fret—it leads only to evil.


Good Evening Chosen Ones,

At this late hour we know private appointments scheduled earlier in the week for late tonight Sunday evening October 2, 2016 are at this hour converting. 

So yes the RV is really happening with accessibility to liquid funds inside the USA -- which is a massive miracle all in of itself.

As expected, ZIM holders only are getting the first appointments.

A first wave of redeemers includes paymasters, sub groups leaders and select clients in Reno.  Not new news, but news nonetheless.

We also know for a fact that pre-selected American citizens have been getting paid as early as Saturday night, just after midnight (October 2, 2016).  Bond holders too. 

Which is great, great news.... but what of the meek?  What about us?

Well, we are not yet sure why some clients are flowing through redemption centers and the masses are still being made to wait, at least not yet.  But the volume of those being processed is drastically increasing.  So that's positive.

Yet we were told all redeemers would be going together across North America multiple times.  Clearly there's a "restricted release" strategy in play that we were not made aware of.  This is disappointing for sure, but far from surprising. 

Redemptions of any kind are exciting, yet to most it's received as frustrating information.  Is their still a caste system in the banking industry?  Of course.  But the masses can't be far behind now as a little extra patience will go a long way tonight and through the week depending on which currency you hold.

The much anticipated RV first basket "Salmon Run " looks like it's being carefully managed and introducing capital into the money supply very slowly versus a fire hose mentality -- which is wise.

We know there's a 6.2 day conversion timeline starting sometime Monday to process all levels of private redeemers through Sunday 10/9, as well as then allowing for a Monday 10/10 public release start date.  So all of that still
lines up.

Plus we know the Chinese love doing major financial things on repeating days such as 8/8, 9/9, 10/10... so maybe all is not lost for later this morning.

Could it be they are just waiting till the shift change at 6am EST before releasing the 800#s?  Or maybe they'll just start us all at 9am EDT like nothing ever happened and its just business as usual -- enjoy your RV week?

Who really knows.  Just perform.

Perhaps they are trying to ramp up the CIPS system in phases of volumes or maybe they're waiting till the absolute dead of night on the west coast which is also complete darkness in Hawaii and Alaska for safety? 

Sounds plausible, but why Monday morning and not Sunday or Saturday morning?  That seems safer to us.  What say you?

Hey all are possible reasons but we are not quite sure yet on when an "unrestricted release" strategy may appear in full.  We're sure there's a benevolent reason why we're not converted yet.

The good news, we know October 3, 2016 is the scheduled transition day from dark to light perpetual management of the global financial system however.  And we know this from top Asian banking and white hat Republic government sources. 

We also know as fact Christine LeGarde signed off on behalf of the cabal today at noon.  We know they've arrested or elongated over 500 cabal actors this week -- the worst of the worst.  Anyone seen Jack Lew lately?

Oh, and we know four digit ZIM sovereign rates are very much real with regards to international humanitarian projects that sincerely service humanity's most difficult 3rd world dilemmas (food, water, shelter, health, micro finance, etc.).

So we know they're offering money for mercy to anyone interested in dedicating their lives to such life sustaining efforts.  Go mankind!!!!!  Kinda makes sense too.  Incredible. 

What we don't know tonight is the sequence of events to this greater good master plan roll out as it relates to minute by minute timing.  That said, we do know, better than most, and seem to finally have our arms fully around the general RV roll out process.

Little victories while we wait, right:)  Not much longer folks.  Hang in there.

Remember, God is with us not them.

Posted by enerchi at 10/03/2016 02:17:00 AM  
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