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"Ratified" - RV/GCR Intel SITREP
 19:00:00 EDT - Monday - 9.19.16

Received via email at 7:55 PM EDT.
 ~ Dinar Chronicles

We're still being told to expect 800# release later tonight… unsure on timing… but tonight is what we are told by WF, AD, IMF and AIIB…

Iraq did everything it needed to, so all was printed yesterday in the gazette in Iraq…

All compliance elements that needed to be turned in by Abadi, including IMF (military and economic sovereignty) and UN (Paris Agreement) was…

There was also a public announcement both from the USA and in Iraq, but there's no trace it happened on line…

Dinar holders represent 20M of the 30M currency holders worldwide, so Iraq was made to go last for security reasons...

All 209 nation leaders are together for the RV, so everyone can look the other in the eye tomorrow during the general assembly

The 71st UN General Assembly is the RV flash bang… natural distraction…

NYC is on RV MILITARY ALPHA-ALPHA alert status, and they're hiding NYC's redemption security as standard UN protection…

The flash bombs were not dangerous, but they were threats of later assignation and disruption attempts at exchange centers; same thing was done with a final aerial attack in Syria at Aleppo by cabal forces… both are idle threats of rebellion as the cabal at this point should be called more like "feeble" now… amazing but true stuff… God is Great!

2015 Paris Agreement was ratified at the G20 in Hangzhou when the US and China turned in their paperwork to the UN Secretary General last month… and the ceremony on Wednesday morning is just that… a ceremony with no administrative relevance other than a public show of global unity…

Obama and Biden have zero political or military power… everything they are doing is ceremonial now, i.e. lame duck in the most absolute sense…

ZIM negotiated exchange rates have been reported as high 750+ for every-day off-the-street currency holders with just a few notes… that is if they know to ask and start negotiations higher than that… so expect to negotiate down a little… so start higher than what you're looking to accomplish and let them work you down as that's part of their training… just know the number you want to exchange for going in and have no problem whatsoever… the ZIM is truly a blank check scenario… yes it's a shockingly odd scenario, but true, nonetheless… sobeit...

Remember you can ask for any net/net total amount you want, and they can adjust the rates to fit your wealthy tolerance level accordingly… maybe that's 100M, 1B or 1T or 1Q or 1QT… but ask for whatever gives you the most joy and comfort… it's ok to leave money on the table here… just make sure you have the courage to ask for what you're worth and the knowledge to acquire it peacefully…

Enjoy your new life..

Aloha Ke Akua
Terra Zetzz at 4:22:00 AM

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