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Line in the Sand 
RV Intel Update - Yosef 
Sunday - 9.18.2016 (999)
6:57:00 PM

Everybody's life is either a warning or an example. You've got to decide what you're gonna be and you have to draw a line in the sand." - T. Robbins


​There are moments, perhaps one moment within a lifetime, many lifetimes even, when what is right and acceptable overcomes all that is not. Such a moment must be stated openly, clearly, repeatedly sometimes, so that whatever acts in a dastardly fashion knows that such behavior is no longer acceptable and/or tolerated by the majority.

We exist in such moment right now, together sharing this post. The deeper questions, when faced with such a hard "line in the sand" --  "What are we going to do about it?" and furthermore, "What have we already chosen?"

Because, in following the GCR/RV for the last twenty years, I've noticed that the forces of good have patiently acted, waited, negotiated, and now harmoniously united into a bond of steel-like freedom and liberation. They have formed an impenetrable wall of righteousness that speaks truth so loudly, with such a defining boom and insurmountable tone, that even the worst sinners of the world understand that they must now either surrender, or perish before mankind's agreed upon Will of God.

On Monday and Tuesday of this week in New York, such statements of support are being publicly made at the United Nations by all sovereign nation leaders of the free world. I emphasis "free" because humanity is now free, whether you got the memo, or not; as God has interceded to protect His prized creations, as well as empower the meek of the Earth to heal all that has been intentionally broken by the cabal and its rebellion.

As of last night, midnight, such a "line in the sand" was presented for all good and bad actors of the world. A proverbial cosmic hard line in the sand was drawn for all to understand. It was irrefutable to those who had the toughest decision to make -- stick with generations of their families'  deceit, or surrender to become one of the meek of the Earth with the rest of us. This choice was made by all on Planet Earth -- human and otherwise, as this same cosmic line in the sand of energetic demarcation permanently separated good from evil… extinguishing all negative rebellion against God's Will.

In fact, the 209 sovereign nations attending the United Nations meetings will be standing as One Body of Truth in a show of public unity tomorrow morning, as well as acting in concert per agreed upon rules of international law in compliance needed to defeat such a long standing rebellion against truth, life, liberty, health and the pursuit of happiness over a dozen plus millennium of sabotage and treachery.

You see, God no longer accepts being mocked. And God no longer tolerates delays, shenanigans or excuses. God has decreed that now is the moment to restore His earth and His Children, replenishing all of His perfect creations genetically, scientifically, socially, politically, militarily, educationally, spiritually, intellectually, and psychologically

All will now be reset. And all else will be removed from dimensional existence in perpetuity. What a time to be alive, huh!?

Sure diplomacy was attempted, but those times have come and gone. Yes, all sovereign patience for changing of the guard peacefully was tried, but, that good will, too, has been exhausted. Naturally, all non-violent military transitions of power and treaties were presented, and most signed, sealed and delivered willingly, with international legal compliance mandatory -- so there's truly no more wiggle room for national deviations or amended political / financial considerations / options.

This is it. Really it. The end of suffering… so that a new beginning may commence immediately with joy.

At some point, enough had to be enough and we were destined to arrive at our common launch point of deliverance. Well that time is now, as of last night, Saturday, when the Paris Agreement implements formally on Sunday evening at 6pm EDT (which also happens to be 10am in New Zealand, when the international market and banking week begins for Monday September 19, 2016).

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada