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 Should You Bank at Wells Fargo?

Entry Submitted by One Who Believes at 10:02 AM EDT on
 September 16, 2016


RE: Should You Bank at Wells Fargo?

Don't worry about Wells Fargo. While I don’t have an account with them now, I will be getting one at my exchange and these are the reasons why...

RE: The News About Wells Fargo

First don’t pay attention to the CABAL Main Stream Media. Know that whatever is in the News is there because it serves the CABAL, not you. Remember that while they have lost power over the Financial system, they still control the Main Stream Media MSM. So, whenever you see something on the news, just ask yourself "Why do they want me to believe this?" When you answer that question, you will know the truth.

My answer to that question is that the CABAL does not own or control Wells Fargo. However, many of the other banks are still owned by CABAL Families. They would love nothing better than to scare you into moving your money to their banks instead.

RE: The Wells Fargo Bankers Who Got In Trouble

First, the Bankers who made fake accounts to get a bonus, are no threat to you and they were fired anyway. They didn't take any money from anyone's accounts, Rig any Financial Markets, or Launder any Drug Money. They just open fake accounts to get paid a bonus. Besides, you will be so wealthy, that you will have private banking privileges and would never be dealing with Bankers at that level. To me this is just Wells Fargo Cleaning house down to the very lowest level. This is good news because this could never happen again because of the new financial tracking software and system.

RE: The Benefits Of Wells Fargo Over Other Banks

First, Wells Fargo is the Main Bank for this Exchange system. They will have so much money coming into their bank that they will be the strongest and most secure bank on the planet.

Second, I understand that Wells Fargo is the Acting Treasury of the New Republic. Clearly, that means they will be closely supervised and must meet the highest standards of security and safety. I want to bank where the New Republic Banks, after all, they should know what bank is the best one.

Third, Wells Fargo was not only involved in creating the super advanced tracking software for this new Financial System, but they have been training and trained, for years on this new system as well. As I understand it, this software is fully transparent and so powerful that it can track money through 40 steps/transactions.

Forth, Wells Fargo is owned and/or controlled by the Chinese who are giving us this money in the first place. If they trust Wells Fargo to handle all this money, why shouldn't I? They certainly aren't going to go through all this trouble to get this money into your hands, just to let something to happen to it once it is in the bank. They have thought this out in great detail, and I am sure they know what they are doing.

Fifth, THERE IS NO WAY that Wells Fargo is going to let anything go wrong with their bank, once this goes, to risk their position in the World. Besides, they will have so much money under management, and be making so much money themselves, they wouldn't even have any financial problems.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that you should choose your bank based on the most important considerations, not what is in the MSM news. We are moving into a new World Financial System that is much safer that any system there has ever been on this Planet. You must decide for yourself, but I know where I am going to keep my money and why.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams.

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada