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Touch... and Agree

A Message from Gwinevere
Tuesday, September 6, 2016


From Gwinevere

My dear fellow Earthlings, Lightworkers, Starseeds, and anyone else reading this post. I have a request that I must follow through with that requires any of you who desire to... to join in with me in getting the delivery of the RV EXPEDIENTLY. The more the merrier.

We could all feel in our hearts that this last G-20 Summit prepared the 'Landing Strip' for the RV and all that follows. As the Collective Consciousness, we need to get in the habit of pooling our power for whatever we collectively want.

My proposal is very simple. Approximately 15 years ago, as I was re-reading the Bible scripture, Matthew 18:19, the King James version says, "Again I say unto you that if two of you shall agree on Earth as touching, anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of My Father which is in Heaven."  For some reason, which I soon found out, that verse stayed with me each day like things do that you keep putting off. I knew that it had to be my Angels/Guides prompting me to try it. It couldn't hurt anything... right?

I called upon a good friend of mine to try it with me; so we did. We touched and agreed on everything from our problems, our kids (MANY) situations that they get themselves into, you name it. Words could not explain the elation that we woke up with each day to see what else we could touch and agree on, because we got each and every request and problem answered!!! Some took longer because it required Angels or were just more intricate.

All of these years, it has only taken the two of us, like the scripture suggested, and we're still going strong, with no intentions of EVER stopping. I have tried to relate some of the world changes that we are privy to to my friend, but she cannot grasp it, so the two of us cannot touch and agree on the RV... BUT... I know a lot of believers who do know about the RV and do believe!!! That would be YOU, READING THIS!!

So here's the request:  simply say out loud, after reading this, that you "Touch and Agree" with me that NOTHING ELSE hold back the RV and that it be RELEASED EXPEDIENTLY TO BLESS ALL OF THOSE WHO STAND TO BE BLESSED WITH IT IN ORDER TO HELP HEAL MOTHER EARTH AND BLESS AS MANY OF HER INHABITANTS AS POSSIBLE. -

That's all there is to it!! Then envision it all DONE and everyone celebrating -  or however you wish to picture it DONE.

"Believing is Seeing".

Namaste, love you all through Eternity


To add your name:  aadehart@aol.com

Anne DeHart, Arizona, USA
Sim Choon Hock, Singapore
Martha Fougerousse, Indiana  USA
Diane B Canfield, Michigan, USA
Sally, East Devon. England
Christopher Clarke, Ire
Ruth Ford, Melbourne, Australia
Ann Scanlon, Dublin, Ireland
Ase Christensen, Sweden
Deborah Pina USA
Marrakesh, USA
Alexandra Durbetaki, Pipersville Pennsylvania
Berghs Gerda, Belgium
Jozef Pintaric from Slovenia
Avery Silva-Tabuniar, Hawaii, with much ALOHA
Flavio Da Rold, Zurich/Switzerland
Claus Ackermann, Germany
Mary from Scotland
Taylor, Gold Coast, Australia
Deb, Helena, Montana, USA
Peter Simpson, Bristol, United Kingdom
Bonnie from Wisconsin, USA
Jose Contreras/A Paul, Portland Connecticut
Linda Martin
Debbi Kelly,Tucson,AZ USA
Jerry, Oswego, Illinois USA
Tony from uk
Mike Jones
Cariell in Sedona
Debra Isoda,Pennsylvania, USA

And more to come!  ~ Bedtime!


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