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"After 4 PM" - RTC Fisher Intel 9-4-16

 Real Truth Chatter  Fisher: Those of you living near airports, watch the traffic and report what you see around and after 4 PM They did the ...

"After 4 PM" - RTC Fisher Intel 9-4-16

 Real Truth Chatter 


Those of you living near airports, watch the traffic and report what you see around and after 4PM

They did the same when writing and approving USA Constitution. 

Disclosure is the hot topic to be finalized Sept 5. - Once complete the RV will release globally. - There will be no new air traffic take offs starting at 4 pm today. - There's also a news blackout as well. Violators will be taken out immediately never to return to the air or Internet. 

RV Update Sunday - As of Sept 4 in Asia, 187 countries turned in PA commitments to UN with signatures. - Together they constitute 97% of world GDP/carbon emission. 

Galactics are participating with new treaties / agreements to help humanity move forward.

The MOST Valuable Intel #2

In a previous post, I pointed out the MOST Valuable Intel Released into Dinar-Land to-date. (Link Below) There has been another piece of Intel released yesterday, that is equally Valuable and VERY IMPORTANT as well. What distinguishes this Intel as MOST VALUABLE is that not only MUST you know about it BEFORE you schedule your appointment, but, it has an expiration date that has never been revealed before. If you miss this time frame, it could cost you Millions, Billions, and even Trillions.

In my last post (Link Below) we learned that you MUST ASK for the super high Sovereign/Negotiable Rates in order to get them. In fact if you failed to ask, their existence would not be revealed to you, nor would you be offered them.

According to this newest Intel, you also have to call the 800#s within 48 hours to qualify for these extra high rates. This is very important!!!! If you don’t call as soon as you get the 800#s (With-In 48 hours after the 800#s come out) you will not be able to get the extra high rates EVEN IF YOU KNOW ABOUT THEM AND SPECIFICALLY ASK FOR THEM. Let's go over this so that you will know EXACTLY what to do. First, here is the latest Intel:

When setting your redemption appointment, know you'll have the first 48 hours only to qualify for redeeming at the Sovereign or Negotiable Rates, as well as receive an extended three week sovereign redemption period should you have current travel or medical issues.

However, it is highly recommended that everyone make their redemption appointment ASAP as well as complete their exchange without delay--unless circumstances dictate otherwise. Meaning, get in, get out, and keep your trap shut afterwards due to the NDA.
(SOURCE LINK) http://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com/2016/09/rv-alert-180000-edt-friday-september-2.html
What I think this means is that you need to MAKE THE CALL AND SET YOUR APPOINTMENT WITHIN 48 HOURS. This doesn't mean that you must Exchange that quickly, although it would be great if you could. They are also saying that if you call right away, you can make arrangements for a later appointment date due to travel or medical issues. 

Clearly, they want to give the super high Sovereign/Negotiable Rates to the currency holders that are really paying attention to this event. In other words, if you are really keeping up with this, you will have already called the 800 number and scheduled your appointment within the first 48 hours. However, after 48 hours, they know that the others (General Public UN-Informed Types) will begin to find out about this and call in to make an appointment. While that will be O.K., they would rather not give them the Sovereign/Negotiable rates.

So, the bottom line is that if you call immediately (Within 48 hours) to set your appointment (No matter the actual date of the appointment itself) you are probably one of the well informed Internet Group who are really paying attention. You are the ones who will then "Qualify" (Be allowed) if you ask, to get the higher rates.

However, if you wait too long to make that call (Beyond the first 48 hours), you are not paying attention, or are not serious, or may be the regular public, and therefore should not, and will not, get the higher Sovereign/Negotiable Rates even if you ask for them.

What To Do Step By Step

Step #1) Call the 800# as soon as you get it (With-In 48 Hours), and set your appointment. According to this newest Intel, that will "Qualify" you to be ABLE to get the high rates. While they do want you to get in and exchange as soon as possible, it seems that the most important thing is to SET THE APPOINTMENT as quickly as possible.

Also, as pointed out in this latest Intel, is that if you call right away, within the 48 hours time frame, you can also ask for a "Later Appointment Date" due to illness or travel issues. Seemingly, once you call in quickly, you not only "Qualify" for the Higher rates, but you also are "Eligible" to ask for a later Appointment Date, beyond the 9 days, we have been given to exchange.

Of course, the best case is to not only call in quickly (With-In the 48 hours), but also go in quickly as well (As soon as you can).

Step #2) Then, when you are at the Exchange Appointment (no matter what that date and time is), Ask for the Higher Sovereign/Negotiable Rates. Be prepared to talk about what you want to do for Humanity. This is easy to consider because this will be more money than you can spend on anything, anyway. In fact, you will find it hard enough just trying to give away the interest alone.

To Review These 2 Most Important Intel Points

#1) Call in quickly (With-In 48 Hours), to Qualify for the Higher Rates, and also to be allowed/permitted to set later Appointments (Beyond the 9 days) due to your personal circumstances such as travel issues, and/or medical reasons (If Needed).

(Source LINK) http://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com/2016/09/rv-alert-180000-edt-friday-september-2.html

#2) Then at your appointment, specifically ask for the Higher Sovereign/Negotiated Rates and be prepared to talk about some Humanitarian Ideas. Note: The Bank will be willing to help you find places to help Humanity.

(Source LINK) http://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com/2016/08/the-most-valuable-intel-to-date-guest.html

The Bottom Line

These two points of Intel will not be told to you by the Banks. You MUST know about them in advance. Now you know!!!! It would be a good time to review the last few SITREPs, and especially the Calls between Yosef and Tank.

Yosef's Greatest Hits (SITREPs)


(Call Info & LINK)


Sent: Sun, Sep 4, 2016 8:19 am
Subject: !!! From Congressman re. Paris Treaty eTc.

just rec.

Date: Sat, 3 Sep 2016 13:44:35 -0700
read this

Saturday - September 3 2016


From the congressman:

RV couldn't have gone before September 1 as today is the first day the Paris Treaty goes into effect. October 1st the humanitarian goes into effect. 

Expecting announcements to start anytime from tomorrow night through Tuesday the 7th.

And 5 days after that they will announce NESARA!

NESARA will present Full Disclosure! 

Laws did change yesterday and no longer amnesty/ immunity given.
This is why leaders of Haiti, Argentina and others are now being ousted. 

Paul Ryan will be interim president and will remain till elections.

It's in the Paris treaty that our elections will be in January!

Forwarded to me by Billie and Jane

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada