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AUGUST 28 2016

From a friend....  Emailed to me...... 
As usual, Personal Discernment is recommended.    Sandranne

Subject: Intel from Yosef & Tank on the Real Truth Cal
 from Fri., August 26th

On Saturday, August 27, 2016 3:32 PM, Kathy’s  Notes from the call:

-  There is NO DELAY

-  There was an organized situation at one of the major banks yesterday where specifics were discussed as to performance times - they were given a hard window, and we move into that hard window after midnight East Coast tonight ... he won't say how long the window is for.

-  They finalized all the rates. 


Now the Geopolitics: 

Israel has finally surrendered their military to Putin in Russia *Big Deal!

Understand that Turkey has surrendered their military, US has surrendered its military (can't be in the new financial system if you're waging a war).

Thinks Ukraine will be the last one in the jar... was one of the "fall-back" countries of cabal in Europe.

Iraq has been liberated and waiting for the Amnesty Law to be published, etc.

-  We're being told Saturday for exchanges... from 5 different sources (it's an "8 Day" ***8 27 2016 = 26 = 8

-  Astrologically, we know they have to start before Mercury goes Direct into retrograde on the 30th so this will be the last weekend before that happens

-  Abbott Downing will be working on Sept. 5th (Labor Day in the US) which is a bank holiday.


  They said they are contracted to work and admitted to clients they were going to intake the ZIM

-  Lagarde replace by a Chinese head, Korean running the World Bank

-  We believe that the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change not only represented the value of the currencies for all of the countries, but that is was GESARA

-  All of this happening to move into Disclosure

-  All of the people involved in this have been instructed to go dark for the integrity of this to go through (RV)

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada