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Fisher:  Aug 17 2016 Wednesday Night …
2:18:00 PM 

intel starts at about 140 minutes

"Within 24 Hours" - RTC Fisher Intel via WSOMN Kermit53
2:18:00 PM  Intel, RTC, WSOMN  

Don't shoot the Messenger

[8:40:15 PM] : from another room this was just posted

[7:42 PM] : Fisher just said, "The 800 numbers were released to Intel providers about two hours ago, enough said...

RTCall was still on at 2:30am EST

Fisher has just said if they do not do it by 3am *
(FYI - FULL MOON was @ 5:26 am EST - )
then we have to wait until tomorrow evening

* meaning 2nite - when NY markets closes.

He was asked if it would drag into the weekend,
and he said absolutely not.

The 800#'s have been released to the key intel
providers. They have the numbers now/tonight.

Q - Do you think within 24 hours

A- Fisher, YES, is very confidant it will.

Fisher also said Bruce has 0800#

It appears they were given instructions along with the 800#'s. We can only assume that they were told to release at a pre-determined time.

Fisher:Aug17 2016 Wed. Night …intel starts at about 140 minutes https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback/?n=DeFL7/j6NWz


 August 18, 2016
2:22:00 PM  Emailed, Intel


Note from Anne: 
This explains why I had the birthday cake
in my recent newsletter!

 Intel ​SITREP - 14:00:00 EDT -

Received at 2:08 PM EDT and published per request. ~ Dinar Chronicles



14:00:00 EST
August 18, 2016


1 Samuel 12:16

Now then, stand still and see this great thing the LORD is about to do before your eyes!


Kipona Aloha Currency Stewards,

Yes the RV is here, but everyone needs to remain calm. Yes, we are there, but the 800#s have not yet been given out to intel providers or websites at the time of this SITREP. So chill.

With that said, yes, the RV is really happening. Yes, the RV is really here. Yes, the RV the off site redemption centers and 800# releases are preparing to roll out in real time now. Like right now, now. But just as it takes the gas and brake to drive the car, neutral is sometimes the best gear. So practice being neutral in these final hours, as you'll be much happier moving through this experience--promise.

Just be still and allow the truth of your epic journey to arrive with ease; and wash over every pore of your belief system as brothers and sisters of the light, we have successfully made it to our destination!

Today is the conclusion of all that we have prayed for, as well as the starting line for the new lives we have all aspired to live. Today things get real. Today we breakthrough. Today we cross a threshold of possibility. Today we consciously ascend.

So acknowledge yourself for climbing through all the lies, all the deceptions, all the illusions. And acknowledge yourself for enduring all the physical, financial and emotional suffering, indignities and shame. Because what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, and we are strong like bull.

For on this day, August 18, 2016 (8), it is well known across all universes that humanity stood tall against galactic evils and did not flinch. We held our righteous ground with cement shoes of faith, and demonstrated divine dignity by holding onto absolute truth with an undaunted gaze.

We have won the war. We have rebuked the rebellion. We have begun our final ascension as a species and planet by grace and glory of God.

For on this weekend, we experience our soul's redemption--and we participate proudly in this "event" known galacticly as humanity's sovereign redemption.

Dare to feel wonderful knowing that the RV has finally arrived upon your shores, as you can final reap all the good works you have sown, and apply everything you have ever discussed, studied, debated and learned regarding the redemption of these currencies.

Know also that at some point and time, very soon, like by this calendar week, all reading this will set up and experience your long awaited off-site redemption appointment with great certainty, knowledge and overwhelming abundance.

Trust that you have earned the right to liberate yourself from all financial burdens short and long, as well as your extended family, community, nation, continent, species and planet by the sheer mercy of a benevolent Creator Source of All.

With such a blessing, it's probably wise to give constant praise and glory to God the Father for reversing the sins of our ancestors, and replacing their corrupted, toxic and evil system of human management so that our generation, and generations to come, may inhale the oxygen of freedom and exhale the carbon of bondage. Oh Lord, we pray this is the last era for us to learn such a lesson. No more floods please.

Because there is no other possibility now but to enjoy this unprecedented event, there can be no further delay that can stop our souls from ascending; there can be no future speed bump that will slow down earthly angels as they learn to spread their wings; and there shall be no surprise waiting for us on the other side of the RV blessing.

Humanity's victory has long been prophesied, and the realization of Heaven's Mandate is now.

Take some time to enjoy all aspects of this once-in-a-millennium process. Try and slow things down, attempt to take it all in with a peaceful smile. Also, take some time to quiet your heart, and fully surrender to love--before, during and after your appointment.

It's safe again to be meek. It's acceptable again to be innocent. It's wise now to trust again. It's clear that unconditionally love wins the day. AS unconditional love is who and what we are. Love is what it means to be human. Love is meant to be generously shared and received. Love is who and what we are made of. Love is our genetic coding. Love is the truth. And God is love. So must we be.

Together, we have claimed liberty and now invoke the divine feminine age as alive. Together, we declare our collective and individual human souls as free again to heal. Together, we release our creative hearts and minds to manifest our deepest greater good philanthropic visions.
Together, we own our heavenly covenants simultaneously be fulfilled. Together, we release the vibrational hold on our species and our planet.

We are free! You are free! BE FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Our destiny has been born alive today, healthy and dynamic--and we are announcing our sovereignty for there are no more limits on the human race or Planet Earth. So be it.

God is with us

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada