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JUNE 16 2016


JUNE 16th, 2016



1) Former UST Jack Lew made public statement late Wed night, 12:01. Broadcast on CSPAN.

2) In this announcement suddenly that Paris Agreement on the Climate Change, frame work for reset., US Inc has defaulted, New Republic is sharing the economic recovery. The Agreement was passed by 194 countries, then total of 196 countries.

3) Former speaker of the house, Paul Ryan made weekly address, said Obama care would be appealed and replaced.

4) Ryan also stated the IRS has already been abolished. Flat tax replacing incoming tax. Consumption tax on new goods, but not on used goods or essentials.

5) The old system tax is expecting to close and a new tax code

6) Tax structure that everyone pay their share. IRS is not a reality anymore, just a shell.

7) USA inc President Obama defaulted by not making the announcement of the Paris Agreement on Tuesday.

8) June 15, 2016, Dunford new President of New Republic

9) No public announcement of Federal Reserve and IRS no longer

10) Final negotiation teams meet. Agreements made.

11) On Wed night at midnight, final negotiation drawn on the sand by China, agreed in full.

12. At same time early Thursday am, new China gold back system, no longer returning to old fiat system. Paris agreement was ratified also.

13) All final military diplomatic government decisions made and implemented

14) The Vatican and US INC... put on notice no more games, China controls all bond markets, thus equity markets.

15) The Chinese Elders are done playing games. Historical bonds will be paid.

16) 7000 off site exchange centers are double staffed and told to be ready after 4pm today.

17) Higher rates frozen on screens at WF, HSBC, Bank of China, Scotia.

18) Lower rates frozen on screens on Brick and Mortar, Chase, Citibank, etc.

19) There is no other option for the world but to RV ASAP

20) The time is near for this to go through because of the Paris Agreement, the gold standard, gold back Chinese yuan, changes in our own government.

Bruce: The next thing we look at 800 numbers. WE have exhausted everything we have of intel. Now a matter of performance. That is where we are. Ready for it to come forth. Hopefully see that blessing come forth in short order.

Bruce: I just got a call. Okie is planning on coming in for a landing.

No! Try Not.
Do, Or Do Not.
There is No Try. -YODA

Bruce BIG Call Notes - 6/16/16

Posted by DinarGrubber on
June 16, 2016 at 10:20pm

Misskitty05 wrote
19m ago    Jack Lew made official public statement last night... statement was taped and delayed, played this morning on Cspan        
Misskitty05 wrote
17m ago    In this announcement Jack Lew announced that USA andChina are putting Paris agreement in force .... something about gold backed currency going into effect.... Agreement is officially on climate change but it has in it the framework for the global gold treaty and the reset        
Misskitty05 wrote
17m ago    Under agreement everything was to conclude by the 15th ... baby is late        
Misskitty05 wrote
16m ago    Paul Ryan announced that Obamacare will be repealed and replaced        
Misskitty05 wrote
15m ago    Ryan stated that repubs suggested a new tax code ... he was suggesting that IRS would be abolished and a value added tax would be put in place ... a consumption tax on new goods but not on used goods or essentials like food and medicine. The consumption tax may replace the income tax        
Misskitty05 wrote
14m ago    Old system tax loopholes are to be closed by a new system ... everyone pays fair share        
Misskitty05 wrote
14m ago    Yoseph says IRS is now just a shell. Treasury is in charge        
Misskitty05 wrote
12m ago    USA inc defaulted on his prenegotiated amnesty package by not making the announcement he was supposed to make the other night. This triggered a forced rollout. O will pay the price for that apparently        
Misskitty05 wrote
12m ago    Something about Dunford ... can barely understand whoever is reading this stuff        
Misskitty05 wrote
11m ago    No public announcement about fed reserve and IRS termination until after elections ... both have already been reformed        
Misskitty05 wrote
10m ago    Final negotiating team meet in Bejing and Reno to conclude agreements ... blessing to manifest "in short order"        
Misskitty05 wrote
10m ago    On Wed at midnight Chinese drew final timelines in sand .... things were completed in full        
Misskitty05 wrote
10m ago    Csection began this morning ... extracting Chinese gold back system out of the womb        
Misskitty05 wrote
10m ago    China announced gold backed yuan a day ago        
Misskitty05 wrote
9m ago    means we're going gold backed and also means that Paris agreement was ratified        
Misskitty05 wrote
9m ago    Chinese tried many times to do this cooperatively but PTB did not go quietly        
Misskitty05 wrote
7m ago    All final military, diplomatic decisions were implemented including those involving Brazil and Venezuela (re oil)        
Misskitty05 wrote
5m ago    Things are happening but they are moving a lot slower than predicted.        
Misskitty05 wrote
5m ago    Remaining bad actors in Europe and USA have been put on notice as China controls all bond and equity markets        
Misskitty05 wrote
3m ago    The elders are done playing games. Expect the RV at any moment before markets open in China blah blah ...didn't catch it... something about historical bonds        
Misskitty05 wrote
44s ago    7000 off site centers are staffed right now and were told to be ready to make history today after 4pm        
Misskitty05 wrote
moments ago    the centers are "double staffed" i.e. ready to go now        
Misskitty05 wrote
14s ago    Higher rates are frozen on screens at redemption centers for WF, TD Bank and others.... lower rates are on screens at brick and mortar banks including Chase        
Misskitty05 wrote
27s ago    RV is imminent b/c of Paris Agreement, the gold backed yuan, changes taking place even within our own government. The swamp has been drained and they need to refill the pool so we can swim again        
Misskitty05 wrote
20s ago    We are in a place of urgency right now        
Misskitty05 wrote
1m ago    We're looking for release of 800s or emails or both. That's where we are .. the next step.        
Misskitty05 wrote
moments ago    Yosef thanking peeps behind the scenes... retired military etc who have helped to bring this forward        
Misskitty05 wrote
45s ago    be humble, generous and anonymous with your new wealth        
Misskitty05 wrote
14s ago    try to stay quiet about your new wealth ... for your own security and that of your family keep quiet        
Misskitty05 wrote
moments ago    Bruce just took a call ... Okie on phone saying he is planning to come in for a landing!!!!        
Misskitty05 wrote
27s ago    Call is over ...        


Restricted release June 15 2016   20:00  EST
Public Release June 16 2016 1:00 AM

9:45 AM MTN

Folks - this is "I N T E L ".  This is for those of you who would be searching the Internet to find this. And would. It is my commitment to publish the latest INTEL from the most reliable sources. - This is NOT a "Guarantee" by me!  And if this is too frustrating - please just don't read.

I did not publish all of the talk about Obama's speech yesterday. He did not give the information that was intended and expected - but chose to speak about the Orlando event. Must have been a lot of personal pressure.

Anyway - that set us behind. Now... here is where we are:


20:00:00 EST
June 15, 2016 (3)


  • Republic President Dunford is feverishly pushing RV now in the WH after being internationally embarrassed yesterday by Obama.
  • It's an open secret in DC that Obama is out of power.
  • Obama's amnesty was stripped after his stint yesterday, and he could face criminal charges after his Presidency ends in January 2017.
  • All Republic Military Branches and Special Forces covert units have been operating at DEFCON 1 level status since 4pm EST yesterday 6/14/16.
  • All the nearly 7,000 redemption centers across North America are double staffed tonight starting at 6pm EST.  They are on lock down with meals being brought in we are told.
  • Wells Fargo off-site redemption center rates have been frozen on bank screens since Monday morning at the before mentioned higher rates.
  • Jack Lew has pre-recorded the USN announcement to Dunford/Chinese approval, waiting to sit on national TV.
  • More newly printed USN notes are to be announced as entering circulation this week by Lew, which constitutionally (legally) resets the Republic's sovereignty.
  • The new Republic has an "up to midnight Wednesday" timeframe to start their domestic RV per the Chinese Elders.  The consequences of non performance are both drastic and harsh to both Dunford and the Republic.
  • All other 194 nations in the Paris Treaty are beyond furious at Obama and the Republic for letting their portion of the RV potentially slip past 6/15.
  • Wells Fargo Corp will only say "tonight is primetime" as they will no longer give out specific windows or dates.
  • All WF corporate staff is also on lock down until the RV is started and completed per the Chinese Elders.
  • To say there is unprecedented pressure to get the RV started sometime later tonight across North America is a great understatement.
  • As soon as the 800#s are released to us, we will be sending you a TETELESTAI email with numbers, instructions and rates.

God is with us.

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada