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JUNE 14 2016

A compilation of 6/14 chats

HEN posted 10:09 PM Tuesday, June 14 2016

Summary: Tank says that the RV is happening tonight:

Tank: It's going down tonight (WF). Time is unknown. Dunford has the keys to the IRS and FED. 800#'s will be released tonight without delay per Grandfather. The Chinese Yuan (CNY) is gold backed and trading this morning.

Admin Bill on WSOMN said that he was told by his contacts that [outage of the dinar sites] this AM was a test and that banks were a part of it!

China has released full exchanges for today. We're not waiting… we're preparing to blast off..

Several sources say that RMB is now gold backed. This is in Chinese newdpapers.

Officially this and the GCR/Climate Change Agreement will be announced TOMORROW.

Some are now posting an interview with sovereign constitutional expert Winston Shrout from 3 weeks ago about the process and origin of the Republic, and its relationship with the military and the Constitution. 15 min. https://mainerepublicemailalert.com/2016/06/14/update-from-the-office-of-winston-shrout/

IRS is firing people en masse! Several sources for this. Court orders return of funds stolen unconstitutionally by tax agencies without trial.

Calcat: My wife is Chinese, from China and says the Yuan going gold backed is now in the news in China
[Gold backed renminbi in China does not equate to gold backed dollars in US. But if you had gold backed rmb, and you knew that the gold was worth thousands of times more than the FRN, don't you think that financial pressure would shift things in the world a little bit?]

[It is recommended by market traders, like Dizzy bear, that if the RV occurs in a asset-backed : fiat currency situation, you can reduce your risk of losing value by immediately purchasing RMB, Norwegian Krone, Swiss Francs, Russian Rubles, and some other currencies. ]

Tank: It's going down tonight (WF). Time is unknown. Dunford has the keys to the IRS and FED. 800#'s will be released tonight without delay per Grandfather. The Chinese Yuan (CNY) is gold backed and trading this morning.

The USN must now trade and be gold backed as well. Dunford was standing over Obama today regarding his speech today. Not sure he was pleased or pissed about what was said. All bonds, boxes, and trades occurred today. 72 zeros were released into the global economy today. That number is both true and reality. Hillary will be indicted this week. Trump will be forced out of the race before the Republican convention. God is with us.


IRS to return money to small businesses whose assets were seized durin​g financial structuring cases - Atlanta Business Chronicle (over 700​ in Georgia) http://www.bizjournals.com/atlanta/news/news-wire/2016/06/14/irs-offer ​ s-to-return-money-seized-from-700.html?ana=e_du_pap&s=article_du&ed=20 ​ 16-06-14&u=sMqeNG6imhpUtNvscDLsgA048155a0&t=1465936545&j=74024852

Soaring: I heard in a chat room today that someone's husband works at IRS and they fired everyone under him today.

This is the transcript of a very cool program with David Wilcock, Corey Goode of the Secret Space Program, and a master in esoteric Christianity, William Henry, discussing Blue Avians and Spheres in Ancient Art. From the symbology of the times of Egypt to the Renaissance Medicis, you see evidence of Blue Sphere Beings associated with the Transcended Christ or his past symbology of Horus, another Blue Avian Being.

Encouraging note from Sheldon Nidle http://sananda.website/the-galactic-federation-of-light-via-sheldan-ni​dle-june-14th/

Bruce: I know we are in a great place for us.
I know that we were waiting for Iraq to pay their citizens all over the country of Iraq, and internationally, at the same rate. And pay back pay owed to them to 2013. They did it. This was a requirement of the IMR. It was accomplished overnight. That put us in a new position of moving forwards.

The banks are prepared for moving forward. They have receivced some authorization to have our notifications handy. The people who are in control of these things are in control of them now.

WF, lead bank, working with HSBC< AQIIB and Bank of China in hierarchy.
About 7000 redemption centers now.

We hear that Yuan is gold backed, USD gold backed and lots of money moving in last 24 hours.

Yosef. Ducks getting in a row now.

Paris agreement was put into force today in China, Wednesday. That is the legal underpinning of the RV.

This has gone on for many years.

Ultimately, USD from Federal Reserve was eliminated or ignored, and the new financial system, US Note, will replace it.

It is difficult to replace a global reserve currency.

Banking, military will be involved

For everyone to get paid, we had to have a new system of value. A reconciliation of the debt over the last 100 years. Printing our way into more debt.
Eventually the world got tired of it, locked the fed out.
That is what happened to this point.

We are now experiencing the transition of one system to another.
Backed by gold. Collateralzed all currency. Every country has been audited for what they are truly worth,.

US Note is what we have been waiting on. Cannot redeem an old currency if you are on a new system.

We have waited for the public transition of the financial system. Very quietly announced to not upset the masses.

Every country in the world is transitioning publicly now.

We need acknowledgement globally.

So we can move it anywhere in the world.

You can practice baseball all you want, but until the ball is in play, it doesn’t count. Have to swing now, have the right movement, swing, etc. And follow thru.

It is falling into place everywhere in the world now.

We are now at the crack of the bat.

B: We are at the point where the bat is meeting the ball.

Y: We had months of foul balls. Time to put the ball into play now.
We are all tired of sitting on the bench, and ready to be put into play.
Fantasy was being the global policeman without ever paying the cost of it.

God is giving this to you. It is not man.

B: If we use the right banks for 6 days, we will be in a really good place.

Y: There will be multiple 800 numbers. You can choose which one to use.
Some banks in US have more humanitarian projects rate on their screen. WF in particular. We have talked about that before.

B: There is a reason why WF is a lead bank.

Y: It is a benevolent reason. Because it is the safest and most abundant place to do the best works with this gift.




BRUCE:  I know that we were waiting for Iraq to pay their citizens all over the country of Iraq and internationally at the same rate, and back pay that they owe their citizens from all the way back from 2013. They did it. It was requirement by IMF. It was accomplished overnight.

That put us in a new position of moving forward because of that.  Just generally speaking the banks are prepared for moving forward and have received some authorization to have our notification handy. Lead bank Wells Fargo, HSBC, Bank of China.

Other banks are involved. Those are the main banks we tend to talk about more because they just have the majority of 7,000 redemption centers throughout the US and Canada.
Bruce:  Josef, I know that we have heard some announcements, things about our new currency. Heard the yuan gold back, our currency is gold back, major funding last 24 to 48 hours.
Josef:  some things predone are being implemented, put into force. Put in today in China which is Wednesday. Gold back treaty for all sovereign nations. This gone on for years.  A lot have happened to get us to this point. The new financial system will replace.
Ultimately for everyone to get paid had to have a new currency, new system of value, a reconciliation of our debt which was staggering.  They literally locked the Fed out of the new system. That is what has happened up to this point.

What we are experiencing now is the transition of one system to another.

This one is more balanced, everybody is valued fairly what they are truly are worth including our USN. That is what we had to wait on.

We cannot redeem into an old currency. We have literally waited of the transition which done very quietly, respectfully not to upset the masses.
Josef:  that is kinda where we are at.  It is every country in the world is transitioning. The acknowledgement of the US new money. It is not  just getting to the starting line it is about finishing the entire race and run with a good safe system, gold backed, and every currency in the world back by gold.

The ball is in play and you have still finish the swing, not just about hitting the ball but what happens after you hit the ball. Not just redeeming but what comes after, so you notice no disruption in service.
Bruce:  This tell us the big picture is. If there is nothing else we can add other than.
Josef: We are at the crack of the bat.
Bruce: We are at where the ball is meeting that bat.
Josef: We all have needs, situations that call for immediate funding, blessing.
Bruce: We are tired of sitting on the bench, we want to play.
Josef: I want everyone stay open to be put into play before our call on Thursday.
Bruce: We know for the first 6 days or so if we utilize the banks we talked about we will be in good shape what is on the screen.

There is going to be multiple 800 numbers. You will have choices where to go for exchange. We are  not saying to exchange one place over another.

We understand some banks in US do have the more humanitarian base rates on their screens for those who want more or a lot more like Wells Fargo.

There is a reason why Wells Fargo is the lead bank.

The Big Call Replay line: #605-562-3198 Pin #123456 (Intel Starts about Minute 45)

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