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June 3 2016
6:48:49 AM Pacific

Just received these notes from Dr Kyre Adept, who provides notes from the TNT calls:


However, for your reading pleasure, here are the call notes from the Big Call (Bruce’s call) last night.  Note:  TNT doesn't vouch for any of this information;  this is a personal treat from me, for those who need a little dose of positive whatever on this Fabulous Friday morning.  Please use discernment.

The BIG (Blessed Ideas Group) 6/02/2016

We are very very close, with what we are hearing. No more delays!

Sue has nine points to go over...these are significant points of turning and are a miraculous transformation. (Sue is an author with her book on Neuro-Science available on Amazon...who comes in with info from contacts she has.)

General Dunford and Paul Ryan are “currently” in the Situation Room and are going over the RV.

Wells Fargo Corporate are saying the RV is any time now...they are on Blackout or lock down and doing quite a bit with the New (CIPS) Banking System.

All internal and technical aspects are complete on operations. Actual transactions on the new systems are being done and monetary flow is taking place.

The U.S. Currency became an Internationally accepted Currency Today! We are there with the new TRN's (Treasury Notes) and it is being utilized around the World.

Abadi made a “Public Announcement” last night concerning the Iraq Dinar being an “International Currency” with their Cards being charged and usable Internationally. They have been recharged … that just happened.

China and Japan have reached “historic peace and gold agreements settling all Debts”. It is between the two countries and a lot of that has completed...much is having to do with Japan's debts being forgiven for the past two days now. That has a major impact on what China wants handled before tomorrow.

Global Debt Relief has been obtained for all 209 sovereign Nations including the United States. We have talked about the year of jubilee, and we are in that year of the jubilee...this started when the Pope came here and did his mission. This allows the slate to be clean and allows a fresh start. We are now All “On a Level Playing Field”. In due time some of this info will manifest itself.

Chinese Trading Platform Transactions are being paid out anywhere designated in the World...and are being paid out today...and continue from here on out. These are big big programs. These are in very large amounts...as a result of all of the Gold to back these productions.

Official Historical Bond Redemption's are being paid out everywhere in the World, and are now Gold Backed Bonds. What he is hearing is Historical Bonds have completed to the point where the process of the actual redemption process...these are taking from 22 to 52 seconds.

Bruce – we are looking at very strong Rates and they sort of make sense and he believes we will be very satisfied with all Currencies at face value...including all denominations. 

We are in a position to receive those 800#'s, and if they are allowed to, they will put it out on their website. They will also give those out to the various websites available. 

Dr Kyre Adept :   drkyre.com




June 2 2016
8:34 PM Mtn

From The Big Call, the following are 9 Points of Light Intel.  I did my best to take notes but please feel free to correct me if I missed anything.

1.  General Dunford and Paul Ryan along with the Joints Chiefs are currently in the Situation Room overseeing the RV.

2.  Wells Fargo Corporate and the Regional Wealth Managers are saying the RV can happen at any time.

3.  All of the internal architecture for the GCR is up and operational.

4.  The U. S. currency (USN) became an internationally traded currency at 2:00 p.m. EDT today.

5.  President Abadi made an announcement today stating that the Iraqi Dinar is now fully international and the Master Cards are also fully international as of today.

6.  China and Japan reached a Peace and Gold Agreement today with mutual debt forgiveness.

7.  Global Debt Relief has been achieved today for 209 nations including the U. S.

8.  Chinese and European Prosperity Program transactions are being paid out around the world in any amount of money.

9.  Official Historic Bond redemptions being paid out around the world in any amount of money.

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada