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Segment 4


Here, we take a look at the telos of ascension, and, in connection, who and what each of us is in our TREKKING INTO TELOS. There are things regarding our origin, our being and our objective in experience that help us be more clear and certain in the matter, with a greater sense of stability, security, fearlessness and joy.
Ascension:  ascend/ascending/ascended state of being, including the process and other things thereof; this is a state of being involving the concept of rising from one level to another, as a diver plunges into the depths and then rises again. Within the cosmos (the Greek kosmos, meaning orderly arranged system), including creation, this is experiential, something involving our experience. We chose and took a dive from on high, and we are making our way back.
Knowing who and what we are greatly helps. The truth of who and what we are participates in our liberation:  for the truth makes us free. In knowing this truth, we perceive and know also that there are things that are unique to each and every one of us; yet there are also things that we all have in common. In essence, we are magnificently equal and the same, while also being gloriously unique.
In having our bearing such that our trek and destination are more consciously sure, we have the need of knowing the truth of who and what we are.
Who and what are we? Who and what is making this trek involving the telos of ascension? What is the essential truth of who and what we are?
Our very innate being, our essential being, certainly knows, and those of us who are sufficiently awakened and aware in experience have apparent knowing of this in our experience. Our higher self completely knows our telos of ascension, including our telos regarding every purpose and intent that we are here in experience.
All of us have the ability of apparently knowing in experience all that we have need of knowing in experience and in succeeding.
There are some historical evidences regarding who and what we are. These may help confirm our inner perceptions, the perceptions of our hearts in accord with our very innate being.
Let’s look at a few things evidenced in writing called the Bible. We will not be getting preachy; we will be making enlightened observations in the context of heaven’s evidences of ongoing love, light…and joint participation. Our very innate being will help us discern and know the truth (that which is reliable and enduring). These evidences have no religious bias. In fact, they have nothing at all to do with religion.
Note:  Religion is from a Latin word involving the concept of binding/bondage. There is no such word, or equivalent, in any ancient text (Hebrew; Aramaic; Greek) of what is called the Bible regarding what Jesus has intended. Jesus did not come to create a religious (bondage) system.
Here is a quick overview. Then, we will take a closer look.
Genesis 1:26 God said, Let us make man in our image
Psalm 82:6:  Ye are gods, and all of you are children of the most High
John 10:34:  Ye are gods…
Matthew 6:33:  But seek ye first the kingdom of God…
Luke 17:21:  Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.
Now, let’s take a closer and more in-depth look and discover and know what we may not otherwise perceive by reading what is presented in the so-called English translation(s). While we are doing this, give heed regarding what your heart senses with the help of your very innate being (including higher self), and you will know whether or not what you perceive is truth.
At Genesis 1:26, the word that is translated “image” is a Hebrew word regarding to shade. It involves something that is not readily visible to our physical eyes in experience. More specifically, it is regarding our very innate being, our essence that is ever the truth of our being. Thus, we may perceive and know the following:  God said, Let us make man in/with our essence. And, we may perceive that God is a kind of being. In fact, the Bible elsewhere reflects that there are many gods (1 Corinthians 8:5), while also indicating that God is one (i.e. kind of being that exists in oneness; Galatians 3:20).
Note:  Regarding the Bible, the most ancient texts do not distinguish between “God” and “god” (or Elohyim and elohiym) in the manner typically reflected of so-called translations.
Regardless of what some have done in altering scripture in order to obscure the truth of our being and nature, our very innate being is God, including the abilities and powers and other qualities of God being, because of our God essence. The body that we have in experience is a sort of temple and vessel that we occupy and use in incarnate earth experience. We, including our bodies, are TREKKING INTO TELOS regarding ascension, including our return into higher state and its greater consciousness.
Again, our very innate being is God, including the abilities and powers and other qualities of God, the God/god kind and family that is altogether one, including being one with, and essentially the same as, all of our kind, regardless of apparent body type (Pleiadian, Mushaban, Arcturian, or whatever else). Among the qualities of God, there are love and light... God is love and light… We, each and every one of us, are God, including love and light…
God is love. 1 John 4:16
The words “is” and “am” and “are” are verbs indicating being. The word that follows describes a quality of the kind of being called God/god.
The word translated “love” regarding God is the Greek agape, essentially involving active good will.
God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. 1 John 1:5
The word “him” seen in the translation and regarding “God” is somewhat misleading. The Greek term is autos, which is where we get auto, as in autobiography:  self-biography. This is regarding the God self, our very innate being, our essential being, the “I am” regarding self. There is no darkness in the God self.
The word translated “light” is the Greek phos, meaning that which shines, emits light. Such is also that which illuminates and thereby discloses, makes known and exposes, as when a flashlight shines on something that was obscured in the dark.
Dark is that which hides/obscures. Darkness indicates dark/obscuring state of being. The suffix “ness” indicates state of being, including the processes and other things thereof. When we come out of darkness, we come out of dark state of being, a state of being that hides/obscures the truth of who and what we are.
Among the teachings of Jesus Christ as reflected of the Bible, at Matthew 5:14 we see, Ye are the light of the world. That ye (you) is regarding all of us who are in incarnate experience and are the audience of the message. The God self is light, and is the light of the world (world, from the Greek kosmos:  orderly arranged system).
With God/god, all things are possible.  Matthew 19:26
With our very innate being, the God self, all things are possible! The knowing then may truly say, I am that I am. I am God. With me, all things are possible! Aint it great? :-D
All things are possible to him that believeth [has faith]. Mark 9:23
While the word “believe” may be used in a diminished sense that excludes knowing and allows doubt, the truest and highest faith/belief has no doubt.
In truth, faith/belief (regarding the Greek pistis:  persuasion; this is regarding the persuaded/convinced state of being occurring of consciousness involving the God self) has no doubt. True faith/belief in this sense knows, and is faithful regarding that knowing. Regarding the intention of the God self, faith and knowing and faithfulness regarding our God self say, without doubt, It is done!
Faith and knowing cooperate. They operate together in oneness of our being, in oneness with our God self, including our innate God powers and abilities. Even in our incarnate experience, we are God/god and our faith and knowing have the power of God that effect our intention in accord with our God self (love, light, powers, abilities…). In and of this state of being, we are ever indomitable and persistent into the fullest realization of the intention of our God self, our very innate being that ever is.
This is the why behind the words of Jesus Christ indicating that his followers would do what he had done, and greater (John 14:12). Many have well made this point, again and again. If we are not so doing, we are missing something of the intention of Jesus Christ, which is also the intention of God.
There have been many occurrences of man (God incarnate) effecting various miracles, things which are unexplainable by typical earth science (involving also its lack of knowledge). These occurrences are manifestations of the God self, the very innate being of man.
Healers operating in alignment with their God self effect healing, whether locally or remotely. We all are healers.
Because of our God self, we may also change weather and other things. The Bible gives example of Jesus calming a storm and the sea. He was God incarnate, and so are we. It is possible that we do the same. Because of who and what we are, we innately have the powers and abilities of being God.
I will share one example of such occurring in this day and age. This sharing is of love and light, and not of any boasting or aberrant ego. It is with the intent of evidencing something that acknowledges the God self, including the powers and abilities, of each and every one of us and celebrates our sameness and magnificence and certain success regarding our telos of ascension. It is also a matter of acknowledging our helped being within incarnate experience.
In June of 2015, the geographical area called Wyoming within the geographical area typically called the United States was experiencing very odd tornado activity. Tornados are unusual in Wyoming.
I was in the house where I have been abiding for a while, in Wyoming.
In a now moment and while I was busy going about my activities, I knew to step out the back door and onto the patio. I so did.
Upon so doing, I knew to look to the west. I so did.
Upon so doing, I knew to watch. I so did.
I watched a funnel form and increase, reaching down to the ground. At the narrowest point, it was hundreds of feet wide. While it was an awesome and wondrous sight, I enjoyed inner peace/tranquility and fearlessness...
At one point of the progression, as the funnel intensified and the bottom of the funnel reached closer to the ground where there were houses, people and livestock, I knew to emit four pulses from my heart chakra and utter the word “Peace” with each pulse. With peacefulness, I so did.
After two pulses, there was no apparent change. There was no doubt, and no attempt to analyze. There were two pulses remaining.
At the third pulse, the particles of the funnel that had been moving mostly horizontally around, in or about the funnel, immediately were moving completely vertically. Visualize horizontal lines and rotation with a funnel shape changing, in the twinkling of an eye, into vertical lines and rotation, not in a funnel shape but in a straight column; and that is what I saw. Again, there was no doubt regarding intention, and no analysis. There was one more pulse remaining.
At the fourth pulse and in the twinkling of an eye, the funnel immediately vanished. There was not at all any trace of it remaining. It was as if it never existed. The particles of the funnel did not retract or dissipate into the clouds above it, or dissipate into the atmosphere around it; they simply and instantaneously vanished. There was atmospheric peace in accord with the intention.
With abiding tranquility, I smiled with joy and expressed my gratitude for the experience, knowing that I was not alone in it.
The experience was very natural and matter of fact, almost as effortless as breathing. Also, my energies were not at all drained. In fact, I felt lighter and refreshed.
There are different levels at which we may operate. Lower levels of operation may drain our energies and make us tired. Higher levels of operation are lighter and more refreshing because of the higher vibration and limitless energy.
Similarly involving intention and the God self, I have experience self healing and assisting others’ healing, etc. I am not saying that I am without room for more complete manifestation of who and what I am in experience. In fact, sometimes I even have a good loving and ascensional laugh at myself. Sometimes, I become acutely aware of my slowness and awkwardness regarding manifesting my potential. Because of this awareness, while some have called me Socrates, I humorously have enjoyed calling myself Slugrates. :-D Hey, this experience and trek is quite a challenge! We may as well have fun and enjoy ourselves. What would prevent light from making light of things otherwise heavy or dark? :-D
It is possible that life be more fun, light and joyous instead of being woeful, dark, heavy and sad/grievous. It is possible that we create high vibration instead of low vibration. It is a matter of choice and intention… We are that we are, and we can so create our life experience. All things are possible with God.
A balanced ego can do light hearted and high vibrational things, because it knows the truth and is not wounded or embarrassed or weighed down by things that wound or embarrass or weight down one having and experiencing an out of balance ego (an out of balance I; “ego” is the Greek equivalent of “I”; “ego is”/”I am”). Among other things, the intention of our God self regarding the telos of ascension is that of reaching manifest maturity in experience, e.g. even if involving the body being altered from being carbon based into being silicone based, or other.
My fellow trekkers, know and have no doubt that each and every one of us innately has the powers and abilities of being God in incarnate experience while we are TREKKING INTO TELOS, including our telos of ascension. Know that as we progress along the upward way of ascension, there is the common and clear goal/objective (telos) of living and moving and having our incarnation (incarnate state of being) in complete agreement with the truth of our God self. Love lives and does love. Light lives and does light. Wisdom lives and does wisdom. Truth lives does truth. Power lives does power. Ability lives does ability. Etc. God lives and does all that God is, even in a God incarnation.
Now, let’s take a closer look at other of the fundamental verses of scripture. This will help some of us have a better knowing of our very innate royalty and sovereignty. In connection with other knowing of our God self, we will have a more sure grasp of the truth of our being in experience while we are TREKKING INTO TELOS. This will help us better and more surely know our security, indomitability and certain success.
Where the Bible regarding the words of Jesus Christ reflect, Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness… (Matthew 6:33), the essential truth has again been obscured.
Where we see “kingdom” reflected, the word in the Greek text is in the matter of basileia, which means royalty.
Where we see “his” righteousness, the word in the Greek text is in the matter of autos:  self, and does not mean his; this autos is regarding the God self and qualities of God.
Where we see “righteousness” reflected, the word in the Greek text is in the matter of dikaiosune:  equity. A trait of God being, the God self, is equity (fairness; justice/justness). Of course, equity is a quality associated with love. Where love is apparent, equity is apparent.
Know and do not doubt that discovering the royalty of God self is an objective of our seeking in our incarnate experience, our TREKKING INTO TELOS. Our greater knowing and consciousness regarding the truth of our Godness (God state of being), including the truth of our royalty and equity of our God self, is a very certain telos (clearly defined objective) within our experience. Each and every one of us is royalty, with the corresponding sovereignty and equity of our Godness. In our upward and forward trek, we are taking others with us.
Some beings have been very busy and crafty in hiding that truth of our God being from us and inducing us to have false beliefs, doing so with the intention of using our powers and abilities for their dark agenda. At the same time, love and light are ever indomitable (unbeatable):  each and every one of us is, and we are, indomitable (unbeatable). There is no true cause for any fear or any feeling of insecurity. The knowing of this fundamental truth effects complete fearlessness in we who know it. At the same time, those “wanna be” overlords who are not operating in knowingness and alignment with the God self are afraid for us to know the truth, because our knowing the truth liberates us from their aberrant control schemes and social (governmental; religious) programming and propaganda, including liberation from the many fictions employed for their dark agenda.
Now, knowing that we have the telos (clearly defined objective) of discovering the truth of our royalty and equity while in incarnate experience, what does the same historical evidence of scripture indicate and disclose/reveal regarding where we find it?
For the kingdom of God is within you. Luke 17:21
Here is a corrected/clarified presentation (with emphasis):  For the royalty (basileia) of God is inside of you!
Do we seek and discover the royalty and equity (fairness/justness; a quality associated with the love, active good will, that God is) of God in a religion? No!
Do we seek and discover the royalty and equity of God in a church? No!
In fact, the word “church” is regarding the Greek word kuriakon, and no such word exists in any of the texts upon which the Bible is based. As typically presented, the “church” scheme is a fiction, a pretense employed for dark control purposes, ulterior motives of adept employers of religion and its illusions and delusions. No Bible scripture truly reflects that Jesus Christ ever said, Upon this rock I will build my church… That unique God incarnate was talking about a “calling out” (ekklesia) from darkness and into the light and love of God being involving all truth of the God self. The word ekklesia that appears often in the Greek texts of the Bible and where we are presented “church” is not kuriakon; and the words do not have the same meaning.
Do we seek and discover the royalty and equity of God in scripture, including the Bible and any other book? No! At the same time, such may serve as an aid, like a road sign, in helping us look inside to find God and all the glorious and desirable and honorable and royal qualities…of God that we are.
Where do we seek such that we complete the telos of discovering the truth of God, the truth of our true being including all of the qualities of God being (love, light, royalty, sovereignty, equity, power, wisdom, abilities…)? We look inside ourselves. There we find God and all the qualities of God being, such that we consciously shift and change into manifestation of that truth in our living and moving and having our being in incarnate experience involving our TREKKING INTO TELOS.
When we discover and know that highest truth of our very innate being, we are more surely and consciously stabilized in our experience of TREKKING INTO TELOS of our ascension.
When we discover and know that highest truth of our very innate being, we experience enduring confidence…tranquility, lightness and fearlessness.
When we discover and know that highest truth of our very innate being, we know that we know that we know that we are indomitable (unbeatable; unstoppable) and endless. What in our experience has been called death, apparently is then perceived a liberation. In that liberation, we keep all that we have gained in the incarnate experience. In experience, we are laying up what has been called “treasures in heaven.”
When we discover and know that highest truth of our very innate being, we know regarding our TREKKING INTO TELOS of our ascension that it is done!
When we discover and know that highest truth of our very innate being, we know regarding our TREKKING INTO TELOS of our transforming our circumstances into those of loving experiences involving full consciousness and the prevalence of love and light and equity…in our experience that it is done!
And so it is regarding other telos (clearly defined objective), including the so-called RV, governance that is of equity (love), etc.
My precious family, we are royalty. Sovereignty is ours. All the powers and abilities of God are ours. The equity of God is ours and inside of us, because in being God we are love… All these things and more we are and possess! And, because we are light, in so being we are disclosure! Why and how?
You are Gods/gods! We are Gods/gods! And, God is love and light…
For the same causes, you are the incarnate word of God, like Christ (Christ—regarding a state of being). Word is from the Greek logos, which involves the word lego. Remember the toy building blocks of which an orderly arranged construct is formed? In essence, the word of God is the orderly arranged conceptual construct of who and what is God. That is the orderly arranged conceptual construct that is the truth of your very innate being, your God self that says, I am that I am and perceives your so-called I am presence in your TREKKING INTO TELOS.
Perceiving the logos as being words is shallow and incomplete. God is the truth of the orderly arranged conceptual construct of who and what is God. The one called Jesus Christ is one example of being and living and doing the truth of that conceptual construct of God being God, even in the flesh. Thus, a concept is presented in connection with the teachings of the Apostle Paul who is credited as saying/writing, For me to live is Christ. Christ apparently describes a state of being in connection with being God. In connection, Christ is from the Greek Christos which has connection with the Greek chrisma (anointing), both of which are based upon the Greek chrio, involving the concept of contact and connection…involving God. Christ is regarding the more ancient Hebrew regarding mashiyach (Messiah).
These notions are not of false pride and out of balance ego. These notions do not justify any dishonor against any other being. Such does not justify our lording over another being as if the other is inferior and subject under our control. These things are matters of much sobriety and love and light…, with the joy of God, because every obligation of being God is ours (individually and collectively), along with every right of being God/god. We have every corresponding responsibility (obligation and right) of being God/god. Every responsibility (obligation and right) of being God is innately part of our being. We cannot waive any of it. We are ever completely responsible; and the responsibility and priority thereof is regarding being and doing in accord with truth and not fiction.
This is a key concept and truth:  none of us can ever waive anything of our Godness, including our royalty and sovereignty! Each and every one of us is ever responsible!
Our sovereignty and powers and abilities…are not because of some document, whether constitution or treaty or papal bul or legislation or judgment of some so-called court, etc. They are of our very being. None of us needs any permission or approval in order that our royalty and sovereignty and powers and abilities…exist and be exercised/lived. If we exist, our royalty and sovereignty and powers and abilities…exist. They are of the innate qualities of our very being, our God self. They are inseparable from our being. As so-called founding fathers have asserted, they are inalienable/unalienable properties of our being, our very existence.
I am aware and knowing that Gods and Goddesses read this. So, with the intention of the more complete realization of God being in experience and a more conscious and unified TREKKING INTO TELOS, I share these things. I am addressing kings and queens, Gods and Goddesses, of the royal family of heaven so to speak.
Know who and what you are, and so be and manifest in your experience. Together we are and we are one and indomitable, creating in accord our intentions of love and light and ascension... Let us more consciously be and live and manifest the truth.
Together, we are TREKKING INTO TELOS involving our ascension, the telos of ascension in which we uplift all.
Being God incarnate, we are completely equipped and provisioned in experience and have the certainty of our perfection of the ascension telos. Our God kind are ever present and one with us, assisting us in our trek. Thus, we are upwardly and forwardly and indomitably advancing and changing, and effecting changes in accord with love and light…and the upward procession and progression thereof.
The notion of becoming God is the notion of manifesting the truth of your very innate being, which you already are.
Being who and what we are, we have come into this incarnate experience with the knowingness of one outcome:  success regarding the ascension procession and progression. As is credited the Apostle Paul, We are more than conquerors!
We know then that there is a clear goal/objective (telos) of ascending/rising state of being. Ascension is regarding a telos and state of being involving every life experience. Such is the experience and trek of the God self.
Each and every one of us chose coming into incarnate experience of God self for the purpose of the telos of ascension, including its processes and completion and the enjoyment of what we are creating/effecting in the procession of God being, including also what has been called Quantum being, or Quantumness. Divine and Quantum are one.
While we came in with varying degrees of awareness, it is because we made the choice based upon greater knowingness of who and what we are, including our indomitability and fitness for the mission, or purpose. Based on knowingness, we chose that we would incur all that we have and shall incur. We are returning in our ascendance and transcendence, bringing creation with us up the ascension ladder, telos unto telos, intention unto intention, transition unto transition, change unto change, manifestation unto manifestation, creation unto creation, glory unto glory…Hallelujah!
In the next segment of TREKKING INTO TELOS, we will take a look at some fundamentals regarding where we are and where we are going involving matters of apparent governance and related changes concerning earth, including our parts in it all. Knowing these things aids our stability, knowingness, confidence/faith, certain security, peace/tranquility, harmony and fearlessness in the midst of many and great changes. I call the segment TELOS OF TRANSITION.

Among transitional things, we shall enjoy more of the light of truth regarding government and law and the function of the God self regarding the changes we are creating and experiencing. In so doing, we shall further observe some things of truth (that which is reliable) and expose some things that are of fiction (pretense; that which is false:  unreliable). Some of our observations shall involve type and model city called Telos. With the help of God (love and light…), we shall, as the saying goes, separate the wheat from the chaff, be less perplexed and more surely discern our position and choose our course.
Endless and indomitable love,

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada