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Segment 3

In this segment, we look at things regarding our orientation.
Orientation:  orient/orientate state of being:  a state of being, including the processes and other things thereof, e.g. knowledge, beliefs, preferences, intentions, choices, direction, etc., which orient us.
Orient:  to change or create in accord with an aim/goal/objective/intention.
Orientate:  to aim at something (this requires intent).
Our TREKKING INTO TELOS always involves orientation, including orienteering:  using observation and directional aids (e.g. map and compass) in changing our position as we advance toward a goal/objective. Every now moment involves our orientation. Along our trek, we are creating, including self-creation, and we are causing outcome/effect in and of our experience.
For this and other reasons, it is wise that we consciously and intentionally orientate, orient, orienteer and so progress.
Knowing where we are in relation with where we are going (telos) and what we are creating (telios) helps us not wander around, tossed about by the winds of our circumstances in experience. Indeed, with conscious, oriented intent, we can change our manifest being and circumstances and perfectly effect the outcome that we choose. All knowing of truth helps us better define our goal/objective (telos, e.g. ascension) and complete it (telios, e.g. ascension).
It is wise that we at times be still and get our bearing, making sure that we are on track and that we are staying on track.
It is wise that when we discover some false belief that has been influencing our trek that we take pause and get our bearing, and reorient ourselves with the new and better knowing.
Our map and compass are not physical, and they are found inwardly. Our most reliable map and compass are what may be called etheric. They are ever available within what we may call the oneness field, involving spirit, soul and quantum being. Additionally, we have guidance that is ever available, help in our TREKKING INTO TELOS experience.
The help/guidance involving knowing and knowingness that we need in experience are realized through various means involving cognition, among them being the following:

  • We have dawning cognition, where in an instant a light comes on and we just know
  • We remember
  • We discover
  • We receive the knowing of another, perhaps via a website or a casual interaction with someone during the activities of our day…, our own knowing confirming
Things that we know are among our equipment and provisions that help assure that we complete our trek, arriving at the chosen destination. When we come into a particular state of knowing, we also know that we are thoroughly equipped and provisioned for our trek, our stability, our security and our success. There are things of equipment and provision that we discover as we go, like a natural shelter here, a walking stick there, fruit laden blueberry bushes elsewhere and a clear, clean stream of water and its gurgling song...
Knowing is connected with faith and faithfulness, which are also one with love and light and truth and fearlessness... And, faith coupled with knowing is a key factor regarding intention and perfection of intention, including the completion of our TREKKING INTO TELOS.
All means of knowing truth cooperate in helping our orientation and assuring clear goal/objective (telos), including its completion (telios). Thus, by all means of knowing, we are TREKKING INTO TELOS and we are COMPLETING TELOS.
Along the way and among other things of experience, we have the joys and other feelings of our shared experience. We are never alone. We are all in it together. We are one.
With these things in our apparent awareness, let’s enjoy our taking pause of orientation before kicking up our heals across the terrain (terra in…our processional experience :). In our pause and its stillness/rest, let’s better define our common goal/objective, our telos, so that we may more surely and efficiently progress into the completion of our intention. We know that the trek ahead of us will incur changes in our state of being, changes in our knowing, changes in our perspective…and the wonders of our experience.
This pause is as a rest stop. We can enjoy the stillness, and the up-building reflection and expanding consciousness that come with it. All the wonderful things that heaven and earth present to our senses can serve in helping us be refreshed and more keenly aware and more greatly in joy and confidence, much like a pause on a trek within nature, including the relaxing vibrations of camp fire, gurgling brook, whippoorwill, the stars in the sky looking down on us and being with us at the same time…the sweet and well deserve sleep and its loving experiences that help us be better oriented and prepared for the next leg of the trek…the rising sun that transmits its loving energies into our being, helping us awaken and rise with a sense of knowing and anticipation that the new day brings with it new, heightening experiences. Some of these experiences are uniquely each of ours, and others are the communal experiences of all of us, together.
In fact, this entire webpage is a matter of a well deserved pause and quiet amidst what can be a very busy and noisy experience involving various egos that desire to have their influences on us.
Of course, in and of itself, we know that there is nothing wrong with ego, because ego is the I in I AM. Ego is the Greek word meaning I. Without ego, there is no I AM or I AM presence. Where ego brings difficulties and impurity is where the ego is out of balance. Since such ego is not in alignment/agreement with our highest condition involving balance in and of love and heart centerdness, such ego may be called an aberrant ego. It is not trekking the path of balance in and of the highness of love and heart centeredness; it has wandered out of that straight and narrow way of being. That aberrant ego does not manifest either peace or harmony or the truth of our very innate highness, our royal highness…
I know that many of the things that I present are merely a review for many of us, and that is okay. In fact, it is even much better than okay, because it helps us more consciously remember and better have our bearing at this point in our TREKKING INTO TELOS. And, this is especially true where the memory aids a more complete and reliable perception and discovery of where we are, including how very far we have already come in experience and how close we perceive that we are regarding our completion of our telos:  how close we are regarding fully realizing our telios.
As you already know, there may be many a telos possible. This fact takes part in the matter of our creational possibilities. And, while this webpage brings only a few telos into apparent consideration, it also in principle involves every telos possible, such that in mastering only a few things we may proceed with greater efficiency and effectiveness and certainty and stability and security, and fearlessness. Just as we are without limits regarding possibilities, intentions, creations…in and of love and light…, and just as truth is universal and omniversal, the truth principles of telos and telios are ever reliable and ever functional. And this brings an opportunity of clarification that has bearing concerning our orientation.
In context of TREKKING INTO TELOS, I define truth, love and light in a manner that goes to the essence of each and the coherence and synergism of all three within the context of oneness of all things. In various conceptual constructs, some make a distinction between love, Love and LOVE, or light, Light, LIGHT and LITE. No such distinction is made here, for it may be perceived that the highest purest of each is not separate from our highest purest capacity and possibility. Indeed, it is the highest purest of each that is the common thread of each that extends of our highest purest self (I AM including what some call Source) into our experiential self.
Truth:  that which is reliable and enduring and not of aberrant ego; that which is not fiction, or false belief and not of aberrant ego;...
Love:  that which is active good will and not of aberrant ego;...
Light:  that which illuminates, thus that which reveals, discloses and exposes and is not of aberrant ego;…
Of course, it is apparent that the above three things are one, and are one with yet other things woven together; yet, these three are essential and core things regarding our highest being. We may perceive that these three form what is called a threefold cord, a cord that is extremely strong. In fact, this threefold cord is impossible to break. Thus, in so orienting ourselves in experience, we are indomitable (unbreakable; indestructible). Isn’t that a relief? What a joy is that knowing and its certainty, its truth!
Hallelujah! In our trek, we have the security and indomitability of our very own threefold cord of being. Plus, there is the combination of every threefold cord of all, in union/oneness/joinder! With this knowing and its clarity, what is there to fear? Nothing!
Note:  Regarding Hallelujah, the “jah” part is of the ancient Hebrew hayah, a verb meaning to be, to exist…; the first part of the word is regarding praise; it is a compound word; in ancient Hebrew, when words are combined, common letters may dropped, thus the “ha” of the hayah is dropped and we are left with the “yah”; we may perceive then the essence:  praise to be, praise to exist, praise being…; additionally hayah is a third person (he/she/they) Hebrew verb corresponding to the first person Hebrew verb regarding I AM; there is also a connection with causing to be, to exist, thus there is a creation connection (connect/one/joined/union state of being; the suffix involving “ion” means state of being, including process and doings and other things thereof); we may also perceive, praise creator, and praise creation (create state of being)…
This sharing is done within the flow provided of our very innate being, which equips and furnishes us in our trek, all along the way.
The things of this sharing are not only mine, they are ours. I am merely participating with all in the unifying flow of what is unfolding in this phase of progression involving our TREKKING INTO TELOS.
There are at lest two fundamentals regarding telos that are being made more apparent as we trek along this page:  the telos of ascension, and the telos of transition. They are one. They go hand in hand.
Within awareness of each of the telos of ascension and the telos of transition, and the changes thereof, there are some parts that we shall consider so that we make more sure our knowing, intention, faith, stability, security, effectiveness…and fearlessness regarding our trek and our outcome/destination, what we are co-creating as we go, as we ascend and transcend… Among all that is included in the whole of the truth, love and light regarding these two, there are things of exactly who and what we are, things of historical relevance, things of governance, things of coming manifestation, etc.

In the next segment, we will take a closer look at the telos of ascension, and make sure our orientation as we are intentionally and more consciously TREKKING INTO TELOS.
Endless and indomitable love,

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada