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Segment 2


Fundamentals Regarding

Let’s just dive right into the matter, with the intention of a balance of brevity and thoroughness.


Trek:  a journey or leg of a journey, on foot and involving varied terrain and conditions (including difficulties) and experiences incurred along the way; the term may be used literally or figuratively.


Telos:  the name of an inner earth city made and inhabited by a group of ancient Lemurian people, who have lived there for over 12,000 years and enjoy the achievements of having effected the intention of living together in peace, harmony and prosperity (see hollowearthnetwork.com at “Telos” on the left side of webpage).


That Telos is presented as being exemplary regarding an ideal earth society where love and light reign in experience.


telos:  the koinonia* Greek word meaning a well/clearly defined goal/objective.


*           koinonia is the form of Greek reflected of the copies of manuscripts of the so-called New Testament portion of the Bible; unless otherwise noted, all occurrences of “Greek” within TREKKING INTO TELOS are regarding koinonia Greek; I will drop the “koinonia” for ease of reading


telios:  the Greek word meaning the complet/perfect telos; in other words, the well defined goal/objective is fully accomplished.


The word telios is the basis regarding the phrase “when that which is perfect is come” that is found at verse 10 of the “love chapter” (1 Corinthians 13 of the New Testament portion of the Bible); “that which is perfect” has long been misconstrued as being Jesus or the word/Word of God, when in context with all of the book/letter called 1 Corinthians (First Corinthians), it is very apparently involving the completion of a well defined goal/objective involving people who are partakers in Christ.


Christ is regarding a state of being and fitting pre-ascension and, eventually, ascension and the telos involving ascension. Thus, another writing of the Apostle Paul (Philippians 1, verse 21) reflects that Paul said, “For me to live is Christ…”


The words "is"- "am" -  and "are" are present tense (now) being words called predicates and what follows such a predicate is called a predicate adjective, which is a word describing state of being. Christ state of being is a state of being including being awake and love and light…and, even in incarnate experience, being fully aligned with love and light… We do not become a Christ being by doing. Christ being is not performance based. We BE a Christ being, and the doing flows of our BEing and manifests our BEing. Being and doing are one; they are inseparable, even when at rest.


I intend that I subsequently show how and why each and every one of us is fully capable of Christ being, and in so being, that each and every one of us is indomitable (unbeatable :), regardless of the circumstances in experience.


The city called Telos, is a type regarding a telos for society and the higher living and experience that are of love and light and alignment with love and light. Similarly, New Jesrusalem is a type involving the ascension telos and society at a level of those who experience telios.


In the Bible, "telos" is typically translated “the end,” which tends to be a bit misleading. It is not regarding the end of the earth in the sense of destruction. It is regarding a well defined goal/objective being met regarding the earth and those of her inhabitants who choose and take unto themselves the same goal/objective. It involves completion of the goal/objective, including related transition and transformation into a new and higher state and experience of being. Thus we see “New Heavens” and “New Earth” and “New Jerusalem;” and, in connection, we perceive that people ascend with their bodies (ascension:  ascend state of being—the suffix ion indicates state of being, including processes and other things of that state of being). Until the occurrence of the awareness of that well defined goal/objective and the fulfillment of that well defined goal/objective in our experience, we are trekking into telos and unto telios.


Regarding the photo mentioned in Segment 1, you may have already discerned that among the elements of its composition are a trekker, the trekker’s equipment, varied terrain and Mount Shasta. Of course, the famed city of Telos is connected with Mount Shasta, being under Mount Shasta. All of us are trekkers and telos is our clearly defined goal/objective regarding our trek. For at least some of us, the goal/objective is not yet clearly defined in our apparent awareness; and this tends to make us have a sense of instability, uncertainty and insecurity, and perhaps some fear.


The word “to” is a future tense preposition, while “into” is more present and involving the transition that we are experiencing in the now. Going to the store is not quite going into the store. There is wisdom in using accuracy in making and effecting our intentions. Thus we are TREKKING INTO TELOS, all of us attaining a clearer and more sure perception of our telos regarding what we are co-creating of our joint intentions and being.


In the next segment, we will take a look at our orientation involved in our TREKKING INTO TELOS.

Endless and indomitable love,


Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada