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Also known as
 Zaraya and Quazar

Account: telosgirl@yahoo.com

May 27 2016

Dear beloved Family,

Billie and I wanted to give you a little update on what your love gifts did for us. As you know, the car we were using is in need of extensive and expensive repair. Taking a more practical approach (we thought) with your gifts, we hunted around for a used vehicle just to get us by until the RV.

We finally found one in California that we felt was a good buy for the money and the person, dealer, said it was so. Well, long story short, we purchased the car and as Billie was driving it home about 200 miles, the car started to run a little rough. Of course, we thought, no problem, it is probably an easy fix. The next morning we brought it in to a Hyundai dealership to inspect the car and they said that the total repair was going to be $1500. That was a big surprise and we were certainly not prepared to include that in our budget. We then took it to a local mechanic we knew and he inspected it more thoroughly and for the items that Hyundai mentioned, he could do for about $600 including the inspection. In the  inspection, he uncovered many more problems with the car than we had expected and fixing the car required a few thousand dollars. We took a deep breath with that!

In the meantime, we spoke with the consignment dealer we bought the car from and informed him that we could not drive the car until it was road worthy and that it required so much fixing. We informed him of all the problems and told him of our options, that either we ask for our money back or that he fix the car since it was not road worthy to begin with.

Well, he was not happy with either option, but after some talking, he finally said that being the nice guy he was, he reminded us that we bought the car AS IS but that he would help us by giving us $500 towards the repair of the car. We, after some discussion with him, came to an agreement that we would keep the car and in return, he would help take care of some of the expense to get the car back on the road. We accepted the $500 offer toward the repair, but we are still waiting for the money.

We went ahead and paid $580 to fix a couple of the major items but that is not enough. We had the front rotor and brakes replaced and the crankshaft pulley replaced plus pay the car inspection. The car did not have a spare tire but Billie found one at the wrecker yard. Still need a tune-up since all of the filters and oils were very dirty. This is now where we are. The high pressure power steering hose still needs replacement which will be an additional $600. Much time and effort spent on this car issue so far. We also know that over time, we will be able to get the car fixed, but at least we have a car. Your help has been a huge blessing for us thus far.

So as I contemplate the “Why now? Why us? And "What is our lesson in this situation?” -- these are my thoughts:

Since we know that we manifest our reality, this car situation was our manifestation. We obviously chose to have this 3D challenging experience at this particular time. It was a total surprise, but it did not matter. What mattered was how we saw and dealt with this problem. What mattered was being able to see more clearly through our god/goddess consciousness the best possible scenario to choose for all involved.

We chose to say yes to this challenge, take on the responsibility of first accepting what happened, then taking the time to search and find the best solution or compromise and then to do it.  It is no longer about back tracking into 3D mentality, which was to feel sorry for ourselves, to be angry with the person who sold us the car, or whatever 3D thinking or feeling was lurking to be manifested. We wished for a peaceful and agreeable resolution and we received it.

It was about disconnecting from 3D ego and all the emotions involved. We call this process "detachment."  We also came to a point that we needed to ask for help or assistance. 3D thinking is about independence and control, and not seeking help when needed. It was now about humility. And so we asked guidance from above, Prime Creator, Zorra and the Company of Heaven and then we asked all of you, dear Family of HEN and Mother Terra for some assistance.

Our prayers and intentions were answered. This experience or blessing, that it was, has made us come to the realization that we are truly One;  that we energetically affect and do impact each other so powerfully with our thoughts and actions. With this, "Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts, to yours, for the magnificent beings you are! We are deeply grateful for the blessings and love you have imparted to us. So for all of you, know that miracles do and can happen when you least expect it. Just believe and know that it is within your grasp and power!

We have the infinite energy of Love to help us through anything! Let us continue together on our Ascension in Unity, Love and Joy! Remember that learning and evolving is forever and all experiences are blessings in disguise and to be grateful, especially for those that are very challenging, for they can shift you into higher consciousness and vibrational levels. Indeed!

With endless Love and Gratitude,

Jane and Billie

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada