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MAY 27 2016

Yosef's Call Last Night

Dear HEN Family,

I am most grateful to our HEN Family Member, Kenneth Goodrich, for doing such a superb job of encapsulating Yosef's closed call last night.

We are at a most critical point - I believe it is our own testing point - to HOLD Earth's Collective Energies at an all-time High.

We all have our areas of effectiveness, and, collectively, OUR area is our own vibrations and how we INFLUENCE others' vibrations - hence, Mother Earth's Vibrational Environment.

All else that is going on is outside of our jurisdiction, and we must learn that we have no authority in those areas. We do not NEED to judge how others are administrating THEIR missions.  It our KNOWINGNESS that is vital. "Ye shall KNOW the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free."

Let us read and observe; understand and Trust.

You and I know that Prime Creator is clearing this planet of all less-than-5D energy through His Wave of Love - with the Third Wave collecting the final Ones able to open their hearts into 5D Love Energy.  Around the Summer Solstice, our planet will receive the Third Wave of Love, inviting all who are ready for 5D Love to join us. Those not so inclined will continue their evolution elsewhere. At that time we will be a fully clean and loving 5D Planet.

Our Future is assured - as we have learned; it is already there for us in the Higher Realms.  The Higher Realms are not going to deliver it into this dense 3D reality - those able to raise and hold their Higher Energies will reach the Higher Realms and join with their Future. It is there, waiting for us. Our work is to rise up and join it.

If this resonates with you, it is already yours.

Now... here is Yosef's call from last night.  Thank you, Ken!

~  Anne

Email received from Ken Goodrich
May 27 2016 - Friday
10:16 AM Pacific

Yosef's call captured by Phillip Tilton. It was by invitation only.


Yosef’s call was apparently captured by Philip Tilton:

I consider this a momentous call, when Yosef shared much more than he is usually willing to share.  Consider whether you should listen.

Thought I would take some time to summarize the new information which I got from Yosef and others last night.  I am not making an exhaustive study of what he said, only the things that stuck in my mind.  Here goes:

Grandfather is in US, observing.  Yosef’s letter to him, inspired by Yosef’s feelings of connection to him yesterday, was read to him in Chinese.

The 800 numbers will be released when Grandfather feels it is safe to do so.  Safe means not only the structures in place to make sure that the funds are not stolen, but that the Cabal forces are physically decimated to the point that they will not, cannot, reorganize.

There are two people controlling the release:  General Dunford controls the military forces and the physical efforts against the Cabal.  Grandfather determines when to release the numbers and codes.


Large battles were conducted this week, with heavy losses on the both sides.  Fallujah and Kirkuk in Iraq and Aleppo in Syria, and the Rothschild forces are major Cabal strongholds which had major battles.

Russians, Chinese and Americans are among the forces working together to clean out tunnels, caves, and escape routes.


The entities that we are fighting are partially human, alien hybrid, toxic cyborg beings who have invaded the human society and are living off of it and controlling humanity.  We have given them plenty of opportunities to leave or surrender, and they have chosen not to do so.  They must be exterminated, and their aberrant gene pool eliminated for the safety of the Earth.  [See David Icke if you do  not understand this part.]

We are taking a little break, watching the response of the Cabal, kind of like taking an extra day of recovery before you go back to work, so that the illness does not return.

We were all born into slavery, but we didn’t know it.
We are 100% responsible for our situation.  We are sovereign souls of the Divine Creator. They tricked us into signing off our rights.  Genetically modifying ourselves, to make us weaker.  Those changes will be taken back.  That is part of the reason that the Light Chambers are being brought back by the Galactics.

Still, most humans do not want to be set free.  We fight against people who try to take away the instruments of our slavery.  TV, GMOs, etc.  It is uncomfortable to learn the history of what really happened, for example, in 9/11, how WWII started, with JFK, what happened to Hitler, the fact that he was born to a Rothschild and his maid.

We have been living in WWIII for the last 15 years.  It is finally drawing to a close.

It makes me mad when I hear these Cabal-fed calls talking about very low rates.  I know that is the Cabal decreasing your vision, your possibilities.  Training you to think small.  Iko knows who is feeding him!

We must Accept that we are going toward the light now, that the Chinese family does care, the Galactics care and will take toxins out of our food, create healing.  At some point, we all have to make the leap.  This is either a transition into a new and better world, or we are all lemmings falling off the cliff.

We are not waiting for the Galactics to save us. It is time for us to do our part.  We can all see change, if we open our eyes.  It is time for us to increase our awareness, and gradually go from FAITH that this change is good, into KNOWINGNESS.

If you want to work with the Star Families, you will need to match their vibration.

N Korea is a Rothschild creation to see what society would be like with 100% brainwashing.  A psyop to see what would happen in a perfectly controlled society.  It is all Rothschild.  As they die out, so will N Korea.  It is a giant cult that they will be coming out of.


Paul Ryan was very upset that he was not allowed to say some things that he wanted to say. He did get to announce some of what he needed to say. His statement was broken into 3 different statements to get it out.

When Paul Ryan said that they reinstituted the role of Congress over the District of Colombia, it also means that the USD is aligned with the gold backed.  In the DC, you did not have to obey the constitution.

Hillary Clinton does not exist.  She will never be president.  The being you see as Hillary is the 33rd generation clone of the human/alien hybrid that was Hillary.  Bill Clinton also died a long time ago.  Their drama is drawing to a close.

Tank says the choice between Clinton and Trump is the choice between Syphilis and herpes.

Trump is another drama which was given to us to channel our anger against the system.  It is all fake, orchestrated to focus our attention away from what we could actually do to free ourselves.  That will soon be gone.


Cabal banks, such as Chase and Bank of America, are being dismantled and absorbed by Chinese-owned banks such as Wells-Fargo and HSBC.  Merrill-Lynch is being absorbed by Abbott-Downing (WF wealth management branch).

Everyone holding currency has gone up a letter—from millions to billions, billions to trillions, etc, as a result of waiting for the release.

Money will continue to be made by PPP trading.  Except now, actual value will back the trades, instead of notes with no value or backing.  1500 tons of gold have been provided by Chinese to back the new US currencies.  There is much more still in vaults to back the whole world, with plenty left over.

I was told by a bank manager at Chase that if a billionaire came to deposit there, they would need to open up a whole floor just to handle that money.


This is a gift that the Elders have arranged for you to receive.  Accept it as a gift.  Do not try to control the conditions of the gift.

A billion zim note is worth about 8 billion USD now.
Dong intl rate about 32.8.  Sov. Rate maybe 3280.

The Zim is treated as an historical bond.  As well as a currency.  It functions as two kinds of assets.  It represents a share in ALL OF AFRICA.  That is why the rates are so high.

Dropping 150Q on north America, will that cause hyperinflation?

A: No.  There is no more war, no more false political agendas.  Almost like we have been living on a fake world in all aspects, and it is all fake.  We are getting put back into a loving frequency, aligning to truth. BEcause we have been living in a non-reality.  It is not that we are going to get hyperinflation, it is that we are IN hyperinflation, and have been since the FED started printing money.


It will be a full time challenge to give your money away.  You need to have a plan to do that.  The team that you create will help you do that.

You will probably only be able to give away 50% of the interest that you get each quarter.  Regulations will make it hard to do that.  Not easy to license a hospital, for example.  Regulations will slowly change, but it will be slow.  Medicine will change.  The hospital you are thinking about may not be appropriate to build, when new healing technology arrives.

With a 25/75% split, you will not have to use your 25% on projects.  But chances are you will only want 1-5% to spend!!!


To remain spiritually grounded... be human, walk in nature. Don’t be in your head so much.  Enjoy your dog.  Take your mother to breakfast, etc.

You have to figure out a way to consistently give, or you will not be happy.  You can do that with a mouse, not behind a desk.  But you have to work at giving.  Most important thing is that you will become an instant philanthropist, and you will become a dynamic one, if you choose.

Never forget your scars.  How you were shunned.  How your body deteriorated.  The suffering you went thru to get here.  Never forget. You will always be able to reach out a little more to help some family.  To reach out to help someone who is not like you.  Never forget when you had nothing.

I don’t believe that reincarnation is a necessary thing.  You can choose to do that.  The concept has been manufactured for some extent to reuse the soul, to keep us here for being used for multiple lifetimes.

Note from  Anne:  This IS our last incarnation!


The Real student of Light faces the Light and sends the Light before him.

America! America! My blessed I AM Country! The Light of God that
never fails. America! Tis Thee. America! America! The Cup that holds the
Christ-Light that will light the planet wide. America, my love for thee, let
her freedom reign without divide.

Kenneth J. Goodrich

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada