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MAY 15 2016


"800 Numbers Scheduled" 
WSOMN Wolfy Intel 5-15-16

 WSOMN  Wolfy in chat 5-15-15 wolfy wrote 1h ago:

I will share this with you all--

Just before coming in here, I got 2 really trustworthy texts saying the 800 number emails are scheduled to come out today/tonight -- we are very close to the end.

Month of May

Thoughts from Martha

5/15/2016 02:19:00 PM  Martha, Thoughts 

Look beyond all the surface garbage that still abounds in Dinarland. Look at all the great things that you can do.

God, with the help of the Elders is providing you a starting point. The simplicity of this exchange still is there. Do not fear what others are telling you.

The USCORP has been dismantled. three letter agencies have been restructured with no more power. Yes we have a temporary military controlled government for it is necessary for a peaceful transition .

We are all a part of the plan. The so called timeline with its ins and outs has speeded up out of necessity, but also, because we have become more cohesive.

Yes, it has taken longer to get to RV/GCR but today, the 15th of May, is a major transition as we get ready to receive our blessing. The wheels are in motion. There is nothing in its way.

The Elders have always wanted a peaceful transition.with full disclosure;  the Republic and NESARA now to be sooner than later.

The month of May will definitely be a turning point. It is professed that this summer, between the summer solstice and fall, is to be forth coming with all sorts good things

The summer will also see major changes in multiple governments and changes in the overall structure of our markets and the way the world does business.

Remember, the stock market was the creation of the Families, and can be destroyed just as fast... like our government... a corporation, businesses are pyramids that can come tumbling down. Yes, the works have started and the pocketbook was the start.

Also there is a full moon around the 21st and Zap says he will have his funds by the 19th, which is a nine day. The 17th is an eight and seven day.

Like Yosef reminded us that astrology, numerology, horoscopes, calendars play a major part of the makeup of the Chinese way of life; but I would also say All people also follow in some form of the above.

Now you are going to ask if this is my final post?

I've learned not to say that anymore, since my job is now only beginning.

I may actually have a best seller in the making, if only I can find the time. There's that infinite word again!


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