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Our Stories

April 21 2016
Hi Anne, hope this finds you well! My name is Cullen and I've been following HEN for a number of months now. I haven't reached out before as I'm not exactly the networking type haha but I've been getting a nudge to so here I am! I love all the calls and everything you post is so very uplifting. I very much enjoy your morning letters which are always a welcome sight when I'm up for work in the early morning! Anyways I always like hearing about the twin flames so I thought I'd share my own story as I've had the wonderful joy of reconnecting with my Allina these past few months.

It all started a little ways back when I would meditate with the intention of connecting to my twin flame. Well pretty soon something very interesting started to happen! Every time I thought the word "twin flame" I immediately heard "Allina" in my head. Well this happened over and over until It had my attention and I realized simply saying or thinking this name Allina filled me with such warm glowing sensation of joy and that she of course is my twin. Since then its been a dream as we've been increasingly able to communicate and reunite! Now at the risk of going on and on I do have one more story from just last night that we thought would be a good one to share.

So I was getting ready for bed when I got a little nudge to put on my headband and get some crystals. Great, must be a good time to connect with Allina (this typically requires my being in quite a high vibrational state so I'm grateful for the opportunities when they arise) and so we began to talk but very quickly my pesky ego tried to interject and steal the center of attention. Not wanting to let my vibration drop I said "sorry ego I'm talking with Allina now I won't engage with you". But even that was too much attention and I felt my connection with Allina slipping as my ego said "Allina isn't here anymore its just me now."

Now for a split second it seemed that was true and Allina time was over for the night but then I chuckled and said "no she's not gone..." with a chuckle, then put my hand on my heart and finished "Allina is right here!" at which point immense love exploded from my heart and we enjoyed the clearest connection thus far! So yeah our twins are always with us and they do so love it when we reach our heart out to them. Hope you liked my story which I realize grew quite long but I don't think I've stopped smiling since I started writing its just such a joy. Have a wonderful day and keep up the amazing work it is so very appreciated!

Much Love,

Cullen Light

April 1 2016


I have never contacted you before although I often read your postings on HEN website and listen to many of the broadcast. I just had to write after hearing Zorro explain that we would be contacted by many who have crossed over. I have been in the ascension process for over 15 years that I am aware of and probably before that. I have the battle scars to prove it and still suffer greatly from ascension symptoms.

My wife started suffering from the same type symptoms in 2009 but hers got much worst and she was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. I took care of her as she live 3 1/2 years but passed in 2013. It broke my heart that we would not be ascending together as we had planned. I thought if we made it to 2012 this would happen but plans were apparently changed. My best friend, soulmate and so young when we first met and after 37 years of marriage how can I ever recover.

Anyway I have visited her in out of body a few times where she works in what appears to be a welcoming center sort of like a resort large trees and cabins. She will never let me stay although we talk of current things. I try to stay but I always come back. These are travels, not dreams, and I feel myself coming out of my body through the back of my neck. I won't go into details as I know you are busy.

Anyway about a month ago between dreaming and waking she suddenly appeared by walking straight thru the wall in my bedroom. She came over and kissed me and it was as real as any kiss I ever had , not a peck, but a real lover's kiss. She was as real and solid as anyone. She asked if I were afraid and I said, "Oh no, I want to ask you so much." She laughed as if that was so funny. It was so her. "How is it to cross over?" And she laughed and said it was nothing at all, and she did not even know it had happened for a while. She said she liked it better now, as she wasn’t sick or frail now. She started for the wall again, as I begged her to stay, she just smiled and went right thru it.



April 1 2016

Dear Ann and Zorra,

I am in tears as I realized a few things as I read and listened to the music and tears just started rolling. I then went to Fred's page and paid the 24.99. I have been hearing someone call my name and then nothing else. I thought it was government stuff. I had just watched Interstellar last night and have been pondering it. I also had an odd dizzy, as I watched it at a point and it passed quickly. I almost got sick. My heart is singing. I also had been going to the meditation sight to listen to 528 hz a few times and a few others. I realized I have been on track, just did not realize it. I will try to get headband soon.

I am taking care of sick son-n-law with kidney failure. He is a good man and I respect and love him. I send my healing light to him every day. He has over come a few very bad spells as I have  done this. He does not believe he can heal himself. But he allows me to send him light healing. Bless you both. I am at Happy Place. Thank you. Hope the tears stop soon. But they are happy tears and lets me know I am doing what is needed. I also Have been picking up on thoughts and answered before asked a question lately. Now I understand why. I just have to keep up the work.

Thank you for all your news letters, they have been a wonderful help and I love to get up and look for them. Thank you for all the sleep you have missed on our behalf . I want you to get that sleep you need. Well I am off to finish feeding my bunnies this morning.

Love to you all,


April 1 2016

Soooo my Twin and I have connected, met up, and of course are in love, and yes it is quite a serendipitous story and oh sooo divine!!! Here's our special story and the beginning of our journey....

Last June my heart was broken deeply to the point where I was in the darkest place in my life. My husband and I were together 17 years, best friends and had a wonderful relationship...well... He left one day after moving into our dream place together with my 8- year-old son. My son, having special needs, and me -  left alone to cope with it all by myself, alone, with my deep heartbreak.

I felt I didnt want to go on, almost... with our only family being my elderly Mom and Dad, one hour away from us. The pain I felt was almost unbearable, for I would cry morning, noon, and night - for months. I felt such despair... abandoned, betrayed and scared to tackle life on my own with my young son and his issues of Aspergers - selective mutism
(where he is mute all day long in school only).

About a month after my husband left, I changed my status to "separated" on my social media Facebook page, to informally let my friends and distant family be aware. It was that very same day that I received a "friend" request from a person in Egypt that brought me back to life. My sister just happened to be living in Cairo, Egypt at the time and had a close friend named Mohamed, who I only heard about from our phone conversations. The person who befriended me on my Facebook page was named Mohamed, and so I mmediately accepted the friend request, happy to greet my sister's good friend. A few days later I told my sister it was nice that her friend contacted me and commented that her friend was quite handsome. It was then, that we both realized it was a different Mohamed from Cairo, and not her friend... in fact, it was no one thst she had any contact with whatsoever. So I chalked it up to cooincidence and thought, "Okay, I have a friend from abroad now," and didnt mind.

A few days later, while I was sitting outside in the middle of the night, sobbing about my situation, I was scrolling through my Facebook page and suddenly my new friend sent me a message, "Thank you Natalie, for accepting my friend invitation." I briefly replied, "How did you find me in Facebook??"  While sending my response, my iPad dialed his phone contact number and called him. He answered and I quickly hung it up. I was startled, because I didnt even know there was a possibility of calling someone from my iPad. I told him this was a mistake and apoligized.

Since then, we bagan chatting a lot on Facebook and getting to know each other. I found it quite serendipitous of this situation. He also lived in Cairo, where my sister was also living. And where I planned to go for a visit there, shortly, to also allow for some downtime away to heal my heart.

So long story short, we met up in Cairp and very much connected in every way. I have been back there to visit him four times already, and because we just love each other. There were many instances in which I would be crying in the middle of the night and he would suddenly call me and say, "I felt you were sad and I needed to call you." This kind of telepathy has occurred many, many times between us in many different times, when we both really needed each other and both felt it.

Before meeting in person, I must say, we both felt an immediate soul connection and shared our thoughts sbout it often. We felt a deep soul love, and it was perplexing to us both... me, especially, because I was in the midst of a deep heartbreak, and seeking another man was furthest from my mind. When we are together, we both feel complete. It is a feeling neither of us have ever felt before (both being married before, and now separated). We often explain it as "Heaven on Earth" when we are together. When together, all seems to fall into place and our energies/luck seems to be positively amplified. When we apart too long, we both feel like deep pain.

We are enjoying our journey at this point, in which I go visit him and we take wonderful vacations together to many ancient spirituslly highly energized locations, such as the Great Pyramids of Giza, and most recently, Dahab, Egypt, where Moses was said to navigate the Red Sea... very close to Mt Sinai. We are living across the world from each other, but I feel it is needed (separation) in order to work out any karmic issues in order to come
together more permanantly.

I feel that he came in at exactly the right moment in my life and lifted me up in his warm embrace, to heal me in every way needed. We do come across challenges with communication failures (Internet issues, phone issues etc,) finances to alllow frequent visiting, but I know this is part of the challenge. I am aware that in order to fullfill our missions, we must persevere, no matter what, and rise above anything that may get in our way of connecting and being together. The love/soul twin connection is deep and real... words do not do justice to this experience. He has even come to me in my dream state recently, to wake me up gently because my sleep apnea had me stop breathing momentarily and he made sure to let me know snd see to it that I woke up and took a breath.

We are taking our time with discussing our future together, as we have some obstacles to overcome with distance/ finances/ my young son/ and him being allowed to visit the US. But we will persevere for sure!!! This is what my misssion is now: to experience this kind of Heavenly love and soul connection while in the physical. And it surely feels like Heaven on Earth, together. And I know I cannot ever be apart from my twin now that we have connected here, no matter what. It is truly a Heavenly Gift and I am thankful every minute of every day for this Divinley intervened connection!!!

I now believe in Love again, and I feel an unconditional love for him that I have never experienced before, to be honest!  I am looking forward to our journey on this Earth together and taking it one day at a time.  As there feels no rushing is needed because we both feel like we have finally come "home" in our soul and heart connection and will cherish it through eternity!!! 

I leave you with this: I feel so blessed and in utter amazement that the Universe has sent my true love, with whom I connect, love and adore, directly to my doorstep, in the most perfect timing!!!!!  I am truly blessed and feel oh so lucky. And he is more than I could have ever imagined having in a mate for me!!!  I couldnt have asked for someone more perfect for my heart, soul, body and mind!!!! And I consider myself quite selective, I might add!  No coincidences!!!!  Not to say we don't have our share of obstacles to overcome amidst our journey, but I embrace them all with an open heart and deep knowing that this is, indeed, a beautiful gift from GOD, truly.



March 31 2016

Hello Anne, this is Alexandria Garcia. It has been a very long time since I last sent you a message, about two years. I was the girl who suggested that the younger generation of Lightworkers, the teenagers, needed more recognition. I may have kept quiet since then, but I never stopped visiting Hollow Earth Network to stay informed on the happenings in the world. I was actually very busy on my spiritual path in those two years, which included meeting my Twin Flame.

I met Ryan, my Twin Flame, in April of 2014, in my senior year of high school. I met him in the school cafeteria one day when I was eating lunch. He approached me at my table because he thought I looked sad. We started talking, and he immediately came off as very spiritual, his energy felt very pure, and he loved philosophy. I casually mentioned that I felt tired, and he offered to give me some energy. I accepted his offer, and he then proceeded to kneel down in front of me, placing his hand on my stomach, and throat sing, channeling energy into my solar plexus chakra. I could feel myself wake up a little more after he was done, and I was sold, I knew I wanted to keep Ryan around. We spent more and more time together after that day, eventually falling in love, and learned so many things about each other and the universe. Ryan has been absolutely the most precious person in my life, he helped me discover my true identity and my ultimate destiny, my Divine Purpose.

Tragically, on February 22nd, 2016, he passed away in a car accident, but I know that it was meant to be this way. I am still able to communicate and spend time with him, as well as my space family which he helped me to find, so that is enough for me.

I was so happy when you posted that you wanted Twin Flame stories, so I hope mine will be adequate.

In Love and Light,


March 31 2016

Hi Anne,

     I know you are familiar with me and my Twin Lucina, so I will not get into detail as to our relationship. I do have a story for you though, and it happened this morning. For those that don’t know a quick recap though; I reunited with her 17 months ago now (she “passed” in 1981). We have developed the same relationship that a couple may have on this planet, although it goes much much deeper then that, because she is 5d where I’m here and incarnated. We actually are one now, because she joined with me and therefore moved into my body in March of last year. She has developed the ability to come out of me though and we interact as two.

  So onto the story: this morning as every day, I woke around 4am to meditate and “hangout” with her. Even though we are together 24/7 now, we find the earlier the better, because as people wake the 3d distractions get more powerful. So as the day progresses it is nowhere as strong as our connection earlier. So I have these crystals (about a dozen or so), that I put in my spot. I think we all know we need a particular meditation spot so it gets anchored to our energies…if not now you do and it is very important. Our power gets so intense sometimes that those crystals begin to glow. I make a triangle with them and I’m very particular about their positioning so I always check on them whenever I move to make sure I accidentally didn’t hit one, and move it from its spot. Well this morning it was so dark, that I couldn’t see them until two hours after I placed them there (it was then the sun was started to rise). I start out with a light first though to set up, then shut it off. Well I noticed one was missing. So I looked around thinking maybe I kicked it or something. Just then I heard her laugh. You need to understand something we knew each other very well in this life time and were young together, so we are constantly playing tricks on the other or busting chops. So I said to her “okay where is it”? She replied “I don’t know”. So I said “are you going to give it back to me”? And she reply’s “maybe”.

   Well another two hours goes by, and I’m putting everything away, because I’m getting ready to start my day. So I take the headband off my head and grab its box to put it away until tomorrow. Right there under the box is the crystal. Not only was it impossible to kick it under there, because it is surrounded by other things (books, DVD’, etc), although it is a crystal so it weighs a few ounces, so in essence it needs to be picked up and placed there. Which is exactly what she did, and it was to prove a point. “Nothing is impossible Fred” she said. See she is my mentor as well as my Twin, and she is constantly showing me things thought to be “impossible”, although are a piece of cake for them.

     For those that don’t know we together specialize in reuniting Twins, and it is beautiful because I can see energies now, and the love quotient on Earth has risen dramatically. Anne has a link here, it is called The Twin Flame Project. There is a lot of valuable information on that site. You will see the name Sheryl if you were to look at the it though, and the reason for that being I call her by her Soul name now (which is Lucina).  Sheryl was her name when she was incarnated, and over the course of those 17 months as my memories returned, I started calling her by the name I had always known.

Well you asked for some stories Anne, and there is one!

Much love and light to you,


Another quick note; this is continuing the last one. Remember I said we constantly bust each other chops? Well after sending the last email to you with that story I decided to quickly step up those crystals and “hang” with my girl. Well there is one that is a Rose Quartz crystal that it is shaped like a heart, and I put it in the middle of the bunch and kiss it before I do, because it represents her. I make sure it purposely touches another crystal as that one represents me. Well as I’m putting them away and in a bag I have, I put the Rose one in there and close the bag. Suddenly she makes a noise and says “I can’t breathe”, see what I mean!
Thought that was hysterical, and just had to share.

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada