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"Important Clarification for All of Dinarland" - Freeway Bill

April 6 2016

 Fisher on The Real Truth Call

IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION FOR ALL OF DINARLAND I have been asked by the Caretaker of the Names and Information on the List of the Major Group ...

WINGIT Intel Highlights of The Real Truth Call Yesterday 4-6-16


Wed - Fisher on The Real Truth Call

I just listened to the real truth call. Fisher comes on at 102.40 mins. about 26 mins of information.

These notes may not be perfect but I have the major points:

"We are in really, really great shape" - Fisher

• currencies rved wed at 5pm - multple confirmations

• bank tomorrow

• private notification by email to us overnight before banks open

• zim - unbelievable rates!

• exceptionally high zim rates at beginning through wf or wf affiliate bank

• all banks settle later with a lower zim rate

• e-mail sting results in massive arrests of bankers on Wednesday - evidence of double and triple dipping (tank's email intel used) - vast network of cabal influence is neutralized

• a popular intel provider / guru can no longer talk about currencies or rates - nda confirmed

• on monday - massive teleconference to bankers and wealth managers across the country - told of the currency revaluations - fallout - people upset and angry - employees feeling lied to and many quitting jobs

• treasury documents needed signing and overnighted tues night to iraq

• many private individuals and big names exchanged wed.

• public after 15 days - gives bankers a chance to rest

• get a good night's sleep because we may be very busy tomorrow.

The truth call: Monday - Friday 9:00pm - 12:00 midnight (est) 605-562-3140 code: 143153#
The Replay number is: 605-562-3149 code 143153#


4/07/2016 07:35:00 AM

 Freeway Bill, Thoughts 

"Important Clarification for All of Dinarland"

  Freeway Bill

4/07/2016 07:35:00 AM  Freeway Bill, Thoughts 


I have been asked by the Caretaker of the Names and Information on the List of the Major Group which includes the GEN64/STUDLEY/WF list to make the following clarification:

Wiley Morgan and KCMANA stepped down from the daily operation of assisting with the groups for the sole reason of handling their own humanitarian efforts as these efforts take up so much of their time.

There is, nor ever had been any conflict between the GEN64 Group, the Caretaker with Wiley Morgan or KCMANA and the departure request was accepted and the Caretaker wants to extend his appreciation for all of the hard work and all of the countless hours Wiley Morgan and KCMANA have put into the efforts on behalf of their group as well as for the
entire group as a whole.

There are tense times as we wait for this blessing to occur. Do not let little remarks made by people who are not in the know sway the way you perceive the facts.

We all should be grateful for the amount of work Wiley Morgan and KCMANA have done for all of us during this journey.


"Your names and email addresses are as safe today as they have ever been and absolutely NOBODY has access to these names except for the people authorized by you to have
them and they will be delivered personally by the Caretaker when this blessing is processed. You have my word that, in no way, has this list ever been altered or compromised and will be 100% intact when it comes time to serve you as intended."

"Thanks again to Wiley and KCMANA for all of their help and hard work for the many years and to the memory of Studley who was involved until his untimely and sad departure from this earth. We will make sure that none of these people's work will ever be in vain.... we all owe them greatly for their efforts."

Now, as we enter what we consider the final phase of this long awaited blessing, let us all turn our hearts to the good and quit listening to the bad. United, we will shine and be able to continue our own humanitarian efforts once this blessing is bestowed upon us..

God Bless all of You and GOD BLESS THE USA


Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada