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A Notice by Tank

from the
WINGIT Room - April 5, 2016

4/05/2016      07:03:00 AM  WIN


Posted by Tank

Where ever you purchased your currency from IE: Bank, Dealer, Ebay etc, You have already been sent though the system. What that means: background check, being vetted out, they know who you are and what you own.

800 #'s will be sent out via email from either WF or Chase or from wherever you purchased your currency.

In the email there will be a link for you to click on.

You can only use the link 1 time.

After you open the link, PLEASE WRITE THE NUMBER DOWN, DOUBLE CHECK IT AND THEN DOUBLE CHECK IT AGAIN. I suggest writing it down several times for accuracy.

You CAN send the 800 to anyone you choose. You can text it and email it.

The 800 number is good until Friday.

The 800 numbers will not be posted on the internet, twitter blogs, chat rooms etc. They want to keep it in Dinarland.

Other Note: If you have seen this error message at some point today: "This website has been shut down due to suspicious activity" that was probably the test that they were running. They may shut the sites down.

The numbers are to be coming out tonight for the USA and tomorrow for Canada.


The Replay number is: 605-562-3149 Code: 143153#
Tank comes on about an hour into the call.

NOTE: I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND the immediate need to dismiss the above information. I just thought I would pass it along. I know Tank , Yosef, Bruce and others have said different ways about how this is to roll out. Take it as a RUMOR. Keep it in the back of your mind. Even Dismiss it if you like. It's up to you to decide. That's it.

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