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I Believe

Saturday - 3.26.2016 (2)

I Believe…

… in Yeshua Ben Yosef as God, man and Savior of mankind and Earth.

… in unprecedented miracles occurring in my lifetime.

… in Sovereign Families who sincere care and act in humanity's best interests daily.

… in the abundant physical holdings of the Global Collateral Accounts.

… in a planet-wide gold backed currency that unifies 209 nations.

… in universal justice taking root and yielding moral fruit.

… in Ascended Masters that are guiding us benevolently through a transition of eras.

… in non-human beings walking the surface of the earth -- right now.

… in the disclosure of multi-terrestrial beings aiding humanity -- and soon

… in forgiving my enemies so that I can free my soul.

… in White Hats military men and women taking back the Pentagon from the cabal.

… in God's grace flooding this dimension without end or limitation.

… in human bodies living longer than 500 years.

… in Grandfather's decision making, as well as Christ's loving spirit in His heart.

… in everyone who reads this will soon be millionaires -- at worst.

… in humanity is being recalibrated back into our original cellular structure.

… in any truth to overcome all illusion.

… in the dreams of my brothers and sisters as much as I do my own.

… in God's plan for my life, planet, and species -- unconditionally and patiently.

… in holding a grand vision until my last breath, so that it can fill the worst skeptic's lungs.

… in community fellowship overcoming individual agendas.

… in building an eternal resume that will one day be presented to God.

… in listening to vastly different opinions without forgoing common sense or personal respect.

… in things I cannot see yet, but feel so true they must eventually manifest.

… in Heaven on Earth, and Earth being created from a Heavenly architect.

… in protecting the souls of men versus leveraging the principal for projects.

… in the Global Currency Reset and Revaluation of Currencies happening at midnight tonight.

… in love -- for everything in existence is made of love and thus everything serves God.

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada