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Segment 1


Hello fellow trekkers! Thank you for receiving and lovingly viewing this introduction of myself and this webpage.

In this experience, my so-called full name is Timothy Coy Pledger. My friends simply call me Tim; and, since you are my friends, you may also call me Tim, or whatever else your heart desires to call me.

As with words, there are things significant regarding a name and its meaning. Two prevalent meanings associated with Timothy are: honoring God and dear to God.

I know that when I share with you, I am sharing with royalty. For some, I shall perhaps make your royalty more apparent.

It has been said that love incurs vulnerability. So, here is a verse of a song that I wrote a while back, This should give some intimate insight into my heart regarding us.

I am that I am. We are that we are.
Being one, we are near and never are far.

We lift each other on wings of love,
Our very being every above
Lowness and darkness of impairing night.

Soaring we shine with the purest of light.
Together we rise!
Together we rise!

Now, here is a little more detail regarding the essence of intent involved in the webpage: TREKKING INTO TELOS.

TREKKING INTO TELOS is a means of love sharing some things that aid our awareness, knowingness, perspective, stability, security, fearlessness and best outcome. These and related things are especially valuable amidst much and great change, and the feelings that accompany shifts.

At this point of our trek, we individually and collectively are in a state of much change and we are apparently engulfed within a state of much change of the earth within a state of corresponding change of the cosmos (from the Greek kosmos: orderly arranged system; whether a cell, a planet…or the multiverse).
I intend and joyously anticipate that each and every one of us will have the joy of knowing that we are secure, and, more than that, knowing that as the presented writings of the trekker called the Apostle Paul reflect, “We are more than conquerors.”

With a grin and a twinkle in the eyes, I quote a line of Buzz Lightyear of the movie Toy Story, "To infinity and beyond!"

In the next segment of TREKKING INTO TELOS, we will observe, disclose and explain some fundamental things concerning Telos/telos and our trek, including some things regarding the above photo.

In the meantime and in being love and light, let us be and create joy within our trek. We may even lovingly make some light of it and have some good and levitating laughs.

Endless and indomitable love,


Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada