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A Musical Visualization for The Gathering

Dear Friends,

Hello, my name is Lawrence Frank, and I would like to introduce myself as Dianne Robbin's brother from Lemuria. If, after you have read and heard what I am presenting and you have a question or comment about it, I can be reached at: Lawrencemfrank@yahoo.com.


Anyway, as you can see by the title of my page, what I will be writing about will be on how music,The Universal Language, can also assist in raising our vibration for  visualizing The Gathering. This is something that I have done before in the many "CE-5 contact calls" that I have  participated in with Steven Greer and Lyssa Royal in the mid 1990's. The reason I use music is because, in the Thought, Emotion, Intent meditation that Lyssa uses during her calls, I wasn't able to connect with the emotion part of it. For, to me, music has always been the catalyst for the expression of my emotion, and The Gathering would certainly be a most joyous emotion, to say the least.

Anyway,the music that I played in my headset tape recorder during these "CE- 5 contact calls" were certain songs from the Moody Blues such as I Know You're Out There Somewhere, which was the song that Dianne Robbins had mentioned in the About the Author section in her  Messages from the Hollow Earth, and TELOS. For, according to Dianne, that song flooded her with memories of a whole other world that was "out there" just waiting to communicate with Dianne, and which did take place with the telepathic communications she has received from Mikos, Adama, Rosalia, the Cetaceans, the Tree people, the Crystal people and the Elementals.

As for me, I really can't say that it was this song and the other songs of my Contact Concerto that brought forth "their" response, as described in Lyssa's book, Preparing for Contact, and in the "Contact Work" link that is on her website: www.lyssaroyal.net.  For it was a group "call" to "them."

Anyway, in this new concerto for the visualization, I have selected nine songs from three very different sources. These sources are from an European band known as The Kelly Family, The Moody Blues, and a solo artist whose name is Connie Stardancer. Below are these nine songs,  six of which are YouTube videos, including my explanation of why I have selected them as part of my Musical Visualization for The Gathering.


  Fell in Love with an Alien
  The Kelly Family

 If Paddy Kelly had known about the topic of twin flames I am sure he would have re-titled this music video: Fell in Love with my Twin Flame. This amazing video actually depicts a craft on the ground with Paddy encountering his Galactic Twin Flame. Paddy runs to tell his family.

He leads his family to the craft and all are invited onboard. The craft takes off, delivering them to their celestial home and a big Home Coming, celebrating the reunion of Paddy and his twin flame.


Note: I would like to point out that the boarding scene and their journey to "home" was actually experienced by Peter Mt.Shasta in which the "home" that he had traveled to was the Hollow Earth through the North Pole entrance.

To read his most amazing adventure go to:
       Click: Excerpts
       Click: UFO Contact at Lake Louise.

The Kelly Family


The key lyric to the visualization in this song is in the "middle eight" part of it when Angelo Kelly sings: "Danger in the air, try so hard to give us scare, but we're not afraid."

To me, the "danger in the air" is the dark media that owns the communication "air" waves of the world which, as in the 1938 War of the Worlds radio program, will do
anything to bring fear to the topic of our Galactic Family of Light.

As to "We're not afraid," Angelo sang with great emotion, as expressed by two teenage girls from the audience crying, while they were holding on to each other.This is a statement that we are not afraid of them or anything else.

Another interesting lyric in this song is the chorus line:
"Sometimes I wish I was an angel. Sometimes I wish I were you." For wishing to be an angel is, to me, the wish to be a higher dimensional being, which the angels are.

In regards to the wish to be you, well from the angel's perspective, that is what they wish to be- a human "you." For in the Bible it states: Don't you know that you are supposed to judge the angels. For this will be the case when we actually re-become Gods and Goddesses, as Zorra has spoken of many times in the Conference calls.

By the way, speaking of angels, Paddy Kelly was saved by an angel when he was about to commit suicide in 2002. This, in turn, lead him to renounce his fame and become a monk. To hear his amazing story go to YouTube.com and enter:- Paddy Kelly Testimony- in the search box.

  Who'll Come with Me
David's Song - The Kelly Family

The key lyrics in this beautiful song are,

We'll go with you. We search our way to find your star. Who'll come with us? Don't be afraid, we find our way.

Who'll fly with me to reach a star? Don't be afraid, I know the way. We'll change the world and set it free.


To me the "star" would mean the Galactic Federation of Light craft that would take us home, as well as telling others that there is nothing of which to be afraid.

Below are two additional YouTube versions: the first is the 1980 version as sung by 12 year old Johnny Kelly; the second is by 50-year-old Kathy Kelly which was done in 2014.

      Insert Johnny Kelly's version here
      Insert Kathy Kelly's version here  


Meet Me Halfway

The Moody Blues 

The key lyrics to this video song, which has a lot of extraterrestrial spaceships as a background to it, are:

Like a vision, like a voice, coming out of the sky
You were there, not a dream, you were there in my eyes.

There ain't no turning back. I can see it in the distance, got it into my sight. Won't you meet me halfway?

Won't you meet me halfway? Is it a dream? Is it a dream? Is it a dream coming true? Meet me halfway.

To me the "it" would be a sighting of a Galactic Federation of Light craft landing at a "halfway point" with the "you" meaning one's twin flame.

I would also like to point out, that according to the book, The Fellowship, by Brad Steiger, Mike Pinder of the Moody Blues was able to re-create the sound of a landed craft. This is found in the first and last 50 seconds of the album On a Threshold of a Dream. The YouTube video of it by "Hippie Chick" has many amazing celestial      graphics, such as the showing of a portal coming down through the white clouds and a large lenticular cloud over Mt.Shasta. This is at 21.29- 21:40 mark.

In addition to this, another key lyric to the musical visualization for The Gathering is in the song My Song by Mike Pinder which was this:

Where did I find all these words? Something inside of me is burning. If there's life in other worlds, maybe they'll come to Earth helping man to find the way.



     I Know You're Out There Somewhere

 The Moody Blues.

 The key lyrics to this song is this:

And the strength of the emotion is like thunder in the air 'cos the promise that we made each other haunts me to the end.

I know you're out there somewhere, somewhere, I know you're out there somewhere. Somewhere you can hear my voice.

I know I'll find you somehow, somehow. I know I'll find you somehow and somehow I'll return again to you. Yes I know it's going to happen. I can feel you getting near and soon we'll be returning to the fountain of our youth."


To me, this is all about knowing, not believing, that one's twin flame is out there somewhere and their return to each other is a certainty that will occur either before or during The Gathering.


Raised on Love

Justin Hayward, lead singer
Moody Blues 


The key lyrics is this very soft solo song by Justin is this:
       The Star that guides us is still shining bright

For, to me, the star that guides us that will always be shining bright is The New Jerusalem.

Also the chorus line of "being raised on love" is certainly a required vibration for one to have, in order to be a part of the first wave of The Gathering.



The key lyric in this song is the word "ascend." For this is what The Gathering is all about, in that the Ascension is a part of The Gathering experience.


 Connie Stardancer

According to Dianne Robbins and Sonia Novick, this song is from Rosalia, of Dianne's TELOS book, who gave the music and most of the lyrics to it to a New York songwriter.

Although Connie's title to it is Guardian Angel, the lyrics can also be interpreted as coming from one's celestial twin flame, such as the lyric:

"Come take my hand, come take my hand,
I will lead you to the promised land."

I would also like to point out that Pallas Athena told me that this song brought tears of joy to her. By the way, speaking of Pallas Athena. the songs that I
have mentioned could also be a musical visualization to the recent The Most  Beautiful Moment Of All  Moments posting from Ashtar.



Children of Light
 Connie Stardancer

To me, this song should be the anthem for all lightworkers, no matter what work of light they are involved in. To me the key lyric of this song is the very last lyric of it which is:

"This your ... work... must now be......gin."

To me the work that would begin will come AFTER the Gathering has taken place, as conveyed by Anne in the February 26 Good Morning It's Just Us message, which was this, and I quote: "Yes, Zorra has told us many times about The Gathering. We have also learned that we have 90% to 95% of the current 7 billion souls on this planet to groom into Ascension, And we will, each ascend individually, as we reach the "Magic point." And then, although seeming longer on the other side... most of us will be back here - all freshened up- wishing to help those still waiting, to ascend. So no need to fret dear chickadees. Wonders are almost upon us...to get busy, using Galactic technology, and clean up the mess we have allowed to happen to our beloved Mother Earth."

A Note from Anne:

If you want to hear other "twin flame" songs that Larry has selected, you can do so by going to the Community Forum link that is on Fred's website:

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada