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Special Christmas Call with St Nicholas
December 19, 2015


Replay:  1 641-715-3589 + 771358#  Ref No: 15#
Total Run Time 2:05:05
Music Ends [02:15] Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Anne:  Wow! That’s a tough act to follow, isn’t it?!!
Good morning. This is Anne, Anne DeHart in southern Arizona welcoming you to a very special event. Not just a call, not just a show I consider this an event. And those that are fortunate enough to be here with us as it unfolds are going to be privileged to learn things that are not known. Very special, magical, mysterious things that are part of our world but we’re oblivious to it. Zorra has some wonderful things to share with us.
Let me go ahead and get the dateline and get the homework done. Today is Saturday, December 19, in the year 2015. We are planning on about a two-hour show and it will be strictly about Christmas and St. Nicholas, and the children. and the grown-up children, you’re all included.
Before I turn this over to Quazar and Zaraya who will then trade places with Zorra and Saryya, we have a special guest channel standing by, our beloved Nancy Tate who you have all known over the years. Nancy will provide the unique telephone linkage to St. Nicholas up there at the North Polar Opening … not at the North Pole but at the North Polar Opening. That's not my job to talk about, Zorra will tell us about that.
So before I turn this over I know they will give it right back to me and say don't forget the invocation, so let's do it.

INVOCATION --------------------------------

I just enjoyed it in my own meditation and this will just reinforce it. We’re going to start with the Violet Flame, a very special dispensation of grace bestowed upon dear Earth humanity that has suffered so much.
This is on our website HollowEarthNetwork.com on a page called St. Germain Quotes. This is one of St. Germains beloved calls to the Violet Flame which has the power to consume and transmute past and present mistakes.
People, sometimes we expect too much of ourselves. We have been told by our Galactics, our Galactic family, don't be so hard on yourself; people are we expected you to make mistakes. You never forget once you make a mistake. But don't linger in that negative energy and let it prevent you from rising in your Ascension. So we’re going to thank that past experience and then we're going to call on the Violet Flame to consume and transmute and free us. Cut loose and let us, like the carp, we're going to cut loose the carp and then we’ll bob right up to the surface again. It's not going to be held down any longer. Here we go:
I Am the mighty Violet Consuming Flame that now and forever consumes and transmutes all past and present mistakes their cause, core, effect, and their Akashic Record.
So be it.
And as I said before when we do it in our personal meditations it's nice to do it four times as we have been counseled by our beloved Peter Olson.
And the second part of our invocation given to us by dear Lord Ashtar who we all love so much. It was given to us through his beloved Lady Master Pallas Athena so every word is absolute. And we’re going to call on our own Higher Self to envelop us in our protective pillar of light.
In calling on protections we don't go outside of our own energy. That is not a good thing to do nor is it good for someone to bestow protection on us or put something over us. Our protection comes from our own Higher Self; it's an inside job. And you'll see a picture of that on the Toolbox for Ascension and also there is a link on our homepage. So this is from beloved Lord Ashtar and we’re going to call on our pillar of light for protection. I like to stand with hands above the head, palms together, fingers pointing to our beloved I Am Presence which is just a little bit above us.
And we’re going to draw this down as we speak. Pull this cocoon of pure protective soothing White Light in a solid pillar; not a tube, not a bell, a solid pillar about nine feet in diameter all around us. Here we go.
Beloved I Am Presence, intensify your protective pillar of pure positive cosmic White Light Presence in through and around me.
Charge it with your invincible protection, powerful and impenetrable, that keeps me insulated from all that is not of the light and keep it sustained. Make and keep me ever sensitive to you and your direction and immune to all imperfect vibratory rates.
So be it.
Here we are all snuggled in, everybody in their nice white light cocoon ready for a beautiful, beautiful connection with our beloved Zorra, with beloved St. Nicholas. I will say no more I will turn this over now to Zaraya, son of Zorra and to Quazar, beloved of Zaraya. And here we go. It's all yours guys, come on.
Quazar:  Thank you. Thank you dear beloved Lady Nada. Here we are getting close to what we call in the Christian world Christmas when St. Nicholas comes to town. And we do have a wonderful event coming up for all of you today and so welcome beloved masters to today's call.
So to start things off we have Zorra and I'm going to let Zorra tell you what today's call is all about; it will be quite enlightening. And we are also so happy to have Nancy Tate and Bob Towers who is also on the line with us. Nancy Tate will help bring forth St. Nicholas. So here is Zorra first.
Zorra:  Indeed beloved masters. Understand that which is termed St. Nicholas -- many know him more [colloquially] as Santa Claus or Saint Klaus as in German -- but understand, the origin of the being known as Santa Claus -- and of course another thing is his suit of red was a recreation. The original was green and white. And that was St Nicholas.
Understand, the being known as Santa Claus has been controversial worldwide. Also understand they deem him as a mythical being. He is a persona of St. Nicholas who is not a mythical being, who was in reality a being walking among you. Now understand, the St. Nicholas is the original Santa Claus so understand that St. Nicholas is not a mythical being. It's not just a belief but it is a reality. So therefore that which is termed as Santa Claus is also reality because it is one and the same. Now for those who were brought up believing that Santa Claus or as Santa Klaus or St. Nicholas was a mythical being. I hate to burst your bubble but it is reality.
There is a location in what is termed the North Polar Opening that goes into Hollow Earth and halfway around that opening is a community and that community is St. Nicholas Land. Not Santa Claus Land but St. Nicholas Land.
And that was where he finally came to have residence because he was forced out of what is termed Norway in the olden times. He was a wonderful being and he was doing what is termed as … originally St. Nicholas was a wood carver and he would carve toys of different images such as animal kingdom, such as dolls and things of this nature out of wood and he would give them to the children of his community.
And time passed and also what is termed the recognition of him grew greatly and as it grew greatly it started to effect the royalty of that nation, of that country and they took notice of it. And they told him to cease and desist, if you will, in making any more images and giving them away but because of his heart was so touched by the children he continued. And then he was forced to leave his own country because he was banned, literally, from doing the giving and so he moved further north. And finally he took up residence in the North Polar Opening and halfway around it.
There his community cannot be seen from the air, it is covered in clouds. You cannot go there because there is water between you and it, between you and the St. Nicholas Land. So there had to be a delivery system to what is termed as to bring the gifts to the children of Norway and that was done by way of reindeer and sleigh.
Now understand St. Nicholas is an immortal being. He was gifted with immortality by Prime Creator and he was given the gift of immortality. He was also given the gift to his transportation the gift of flight. So when you say that Santa Claus is a mythical being and only is in the hearts of little children, I can assure you he is in the hearts of adults as well, not just children. And also children that are listening, understand also when you ask St. Nicholas what you would like for Christmas, think of this also: what are you going to give of your self to your parents? It is not just a one-way giving it is both ways. What are you going to give in return of your love of your time of your chores as you term them around the house? So do not be surprised if St. Nicholas asks you what you are going to give them; your parents, your guardians, or such.
But understand St. Nicholas is a reality. He was in reality a Saint, Nicholas. So let us put away this bickering and disagreements and things of this nature saying even sending e-mails that St. Nicholas or Santa Claus is a mythical being and therefore you are not going to listen to the words from me or my beloved Saryya just because you don't believe in Santa Claus.
So that being said I will tell you as St. Nicholas moves northward he was continually badgered if you will by the Royals of Norway and they were always pursuing him to stop him from doing what he was meant to do, to give.
And so finally he set to sail over way from Norway where they could pursue him no further. And he was guided by Prime Creator to a land halfway around the opening of the North Polar Opening and found pleasant reality, pleasant weather. Very, very what is termed not snow but green valleys, rolling hills; a place where he could raise his family. And this is halfway around the North Polar Opening. That is also a reality.
Many of you are saying oh there is no such thing. There is and I can assure you your governments know of it. Do you ever wonder why satellites do not go directly over the North Pole? They go around it and orbit around it but not over. The reason for that is because there is a vortex there, a vacuum if you will, and anything that attempts to fly directly over the Pole would be sucked in. That goes for aircraft as well. They go around the Pole they do not go directly over the Pole. Ask any airline pilot and those of you out there listening know exactly what I am saying. You have seen the opening at times from your aircraft as you went around the Pole, have you not? I know you are shaking your heads up and down yes. It is so. Because there is a no-fly zone over the North and South Poles because there is no air there. There is a vacuum that draws you in.
So the Hollow Earth entrance is reality. St. Nicholas is reality. So stop thinking the negative. He is not negative. He is a loving being and he cares for all the people of the world, not just children. But he gives to all the people of the world not just children.
Quazar:  Zorra thank you for that history but not all the countries…
Zorra: Not all the countries believe in Santa or have the tradition of Santa Claus and that is reality as well. The countries of India, the country of China, things of this nature they do not have the tradition of Santa Claus. And therefore when the statement is made that Santa goes and visits all the children of the world is not true. He visits most but not all so he can visit the people children in the world but not all the children of the world because they have different beliefs. So that is another truth.
Anne:  Zorra, I am just thinking of the logistics of keeping track of all these children in the countries that do recognize him. [Zorra laughing] How does he keep track of all of these?
Zorra:  Understand that in the past it was simple because that was not so many children, but now there are billions of children. So you have what is termed [an] amino acid computer was given to St. Nicholas from Hollow Earth. And it covers an entire wall of his residence and he can monitor every child who believes in him. And he does monitor them very adamantly. So these are children who believe in St. Nicholas or in Santa Claus, the term, ‘You'd better watch out because he knows what you're doing and he knows how you’re doing.’ He knows if you are being good or if you're being distasteful. So that song is quite accurate.
However it is not ‘you'd better watch out, you better not cry, you'd better not pout I'm telling you why’ St. Nicholas is coming to town. Not Santa Claus.
Anyway, now the red suit was changed by the British/the English and gave him a red because it was more popular color in England. And it was changed from green to red. That is another reality. So in reality Santa Claus or St. Nicholas his attire originally was green with white trim not red with white trim, but green which stood for Gaia Mother Nature.
He was a loving being, is a loving being and he loves all that is good. So children that are listening, think in your mind before you ask your question. Think what you are going to give in return to your parents. Have you been giving them a hard time over the year? Have you been disagreeing with them? Have you been what is termed rebelling against them? Then do not wonder why you do not receive what you ask for because St. Nicholas is watching, and is watching you on your amino acid computer monitors.
We in Hollow Earth can monitor everything that is happening upon the surface of the earth. There is in orbit around the Earth a satellite and it has been discovered by your NASA and it is in orbit that confuses them because it goes not just in one circle but in quadruple circles. It is a Hollow Earth satellite. So we can monitor all that you are doing; all the goings-on on your planet. And we have been observing you, your goings and your comings so we know what you are doing. How do you think we knew that you had exploded an atomic bomb? Because we had a satellite already in orbit around the Earth. So we know what you're doing. Same as St. Nicholas knows what the children are doing.
So if you have been rebelling or being disagreeable in your families, stop it. Bring yourself together in love and in peace and in harmony and you will get what you ask for. But also understand St. Nicholas will not bring you something that has to do with violence such as Transformers, Star Wars, and things of this nature. He will not bring you things of such nature. The toy manufacturers got caught up in what is called in the industry of toymaking and got off on the wrong foot. But St. Nicholas, when you see true St. Nicholas helpers in malls, understand they will try to talk you out of toys of violence. And you have seen this to occur at many malls perplexing what is termed the ones who hired them to push certain toys. And they say they will not push them because they are not of a loving nature; which is what St. Nicholas is, a loving nature. That's what the season is.
And also beloveds understand that Christmas is not the birth of Christ. Christmas is a tradition, a tradition of St. Nicholas and giving. Christ was born in the mid weeks of April. That was when Christ was born yet you do not celebrate that. You have set that aside for December the 25th. And that has been acted upon by all of the Christians and accepted as the birth of Christ. But it was not. It was in mid April when Christ walked the earth, was brought to the earth.
Anyway. Let us now bring forth Zaraya and I will leave and Zaraya will give you an accounting of what is happening at St. Nicholas’s residence and goings on there. So I bid you farewell and you will be soon speaking with my beloved child heretofore.
Quazar:  Thank you so much Zorra. That was really enlightening (Zorra: Indeed) and very loving. ‘Tis the season for all of that and hopefully we take that with us throughout the rest of the year. (Zorra: Of course.) All right well we’ll …
Zorra: One more thing before I go. Also many of you out there have or had what is termed received a gift under your tree that had no owner or had no origin. Yes? Many of you would have had this and wondered from whence it came. But it came from that which is termed St. Nicholas; just a reminder that he is there and real. So anyway I bid you farewell again.
Quazar:  Okay Zorra. All right of course we all know that when either Zorra or Zaraya leave they are trading souls and both occupy Zaraya's body. And here we are Zaraya is back from St. Nicholas Land or as children say Santa’s Village. Hi Zaraya. So okay you have to give us all the scoop and the news.
Zaraya:  Well okay I just left to St. Nicholas’s headquarters, I think is the best way of putting it, and I've seen the amino acid computers. I can tell you it is quite extensive and quite high-tech. I was watching children and some of their shenanigans [laughing]. So yeah, you are being monitored, you are being watched by the amino acid commuter monitors of St. Nicholas Land.
They’re preparing for the annual trip. But the trip of course now because it's so high-tech is because St. Nicholas is going to be using a ship. [Laughing] It’s going to give the reindeer basically arrest. He is going to be using the ship. (Quazar: Is the ship in red?) It's multicolored.
But yeah it's, understand the ships that like St. Nicholas has and like my father has, they’re sentient beings. They are not just mechanical. They are part mechanical and part organic or alive, so it's interesting to note that that’s how St. Nicholas gets around the earth so fast: he uses hyperspeed. And of course he's been given that gift of hyperspeed by Prime Creator who also spends time as well. (Quazar: What does that mean?) For the trip. For St. Nicholas’s run.
But anyway back to the workshop or the toy factory if you call it that. I noticed there was a lot of handmade toys. (Quazar: Who made them?) The assistants. We call them the assistants and you also term them elves, little people, and they are there. And they're also an actual race from Norway also, the little people. So there is more to the residents or the population of that area. And there also people from Hollow Earth go there as well to help and assist with St. Nicholas.
Quazar:  Well here's a question Zaraya. How big is the workshop for the toy factory and how many assistants or elves or little people are there that help St. Nicholas out?
Zaraya:  Quite extensive; several hundred people. It's not just a small group. And of course the factory is a very large structure it's not a just a little house, it's a pretty large structure. It's like an assembly line-type set up. And the toys that are made are made as my father had said, they are made with love, joy, compassion, and harmony. And the toys that are given out to the people to the children of other countries such as Norway and things of this nature they’re not high-tech as you see in stores. They are made with tender loving care, hand painted and so it's a whole different understanding than what people have been taught to believe or to think about. Most of the toys that are given out that St. Nicholas delivers are hand-made out of wood like before. And he won't make guns. He won't make toy guns and he won't make any violent-themed toys, period. So don't ask for them. It's all about commercialism.
So Christmas – I know this may ruin it for a lot of kids – but understand St. Nicholas is a harmonious being and he will not, and I repeat will not, grant you to receive toys that have to do with destruction or are hurtful, things of this nature. It is not him! So don't try asking for it because you won't get it.
But also there is a big bakery up there as well and baking all kinds of goodies up there. Those big ovens that make the gingerbread and all this and Christmas cookies and things of this nature. So there's more to it than you think about when you see movies like The Santa Claus and things like this, that that is all fantasy. But in reality there is a factory up there and it's quite extensive and it's more advanced than you think. It began simple but it grew into something much larger because there's more children in the world that believe in Santa Claus, Santa Klaus, St. Nicholas. And those that have been programmed to believe that St. Nicholas or Santa Claus is a myth I have a rude awakening for you: he is real and he's definitely going to make a visitation on the pointed time.
Do you have any questions Anne?
Anne: I was so busy taking notes and writing down questions I was up at the North Pole. I wasn't here. When they are working do they have music in the background and if they do what kind?
Zaraya:  It’s pleasant music not just the holiday music. It's not just the traditional carols and stuff like that or talking about Santa Claus. It's all about love and compassion. So there's more music going on in the background. A few still hold to some of the traditionals.
Anne:  Well they can't play it year round. We get tired of it after three weeks!
Zaraya:  Yeah absolutely. But other kind of music like harp music.
Anne:  What about waltzes. I bet they would play the Strauss waltzes that have such a good, easy healthy rhythm.
Zaraya: Oh yeah, well St. Nicholas and Mrs. St. Nicholas do the waltz around their house there alot but of course St. Nicholas or Santa Claus’s house is very large. But the factory is separate from that it is down a ways. But he has an entire island basically to himself.
Anne:  You know this question came to my mind each time Zorra made the comment, that the land he calls St. Nicholas Land is half way around the North Polar Opening. Now does that mean of 360° it’s using up 180° about? Or does it mean halfway down, as in halfway into [the opening].
Zaraya: As you go around the curvature of the earth of the opening you get to around say 400 miles in, is where you're going to find his island.
Anne: Oh okay, because Zorra said “around” and that made me think does it extend around. But actually it’s down near the center of gravity at the 400-mile mark. Okay.
Zaraya: Yeah, at the 400 mile mark. You see the Earth's crust is…
Anne:  And there is really no snow there; all green hills and …
Zaraya:  Yeah, all green-growing hills on the island that he’s taken up residence on. And of course the aircraft from outside will never be able to find it because it's obscured by clouds or a hologram if you will. A hologram of clouds protecting it from any aerial visual.
Anne:  Sort of like the Sun does with their hologram of flares.
Before we start taking questions you are one of those children that found a toy under the tree for you and no one in the family acknowledged giving it to you. Can you tell us about that?
Zaraya:  Oh yeah, it was a back a long time ago when I was young. I was about 9 or 10, something like that. But it was interesting because all the gifts had been given out and there was one behind the tree that no one noticed and then I noticed it and I pulled it out. And it was something that I had asked for that had been sold out. It was gone there was no way I was going to get it. All of the stores were out and so I resigned myself I wasn't going to get it. But what happened was I open this thing up and it was what I had asked for, but nobody acknowledged giving it to me. They said, no we didn't buy that for you.
And so in my finite mind I'm going to check something out and I went up on the roof and I came back down and I said guys you’re gonna have to come up and see this. So we went up on the roof and there were skid marks on the top of the house, the house had a flat roof, and the roof had skid marks and foot prints on the roof of the house. So that kind of got my adoptive parents to go ‘whoa, what's this?!?’ (Anne: This kid’s got connections!)  And they went around the neighborhood to see if there with the same results. They called around the neighborhood where we lived and all the houses in that vicinity had flat roofs and they all went up and checked and they all had the same marks. So there was definitely something going on there that nobody could explain.
Anne:  I’ll be darned. Well I bet they all remember that. That is great thank you. That's a good story to share. Oh and my other question was about these amino acid computers. What kind of computers just generally?
Zaraya:  Instead of having electronics and all this stuff in them they’re holographic and they are very extensive and very advanced technology. You know because the people of Hollow Earth are thousands of years ahead of you guys.
Anne:  Does our government have any computers like that?
Zaraya:  Well yeah they do but they're not given to the public. It might be a while before that would happen. Well as disclosure happens the amino acid computers will be distributed.
Anne:  So amino acids are proteins of course so they would be living sentient beings.
Zaraya:  Information centers.
Anne:  That's so interesting. Well we've got children waiting and that handles questions that came to my mind and I thought most likely came to others.
All right I've got Nancy Tate on and Nancy is in southern Arizona as I am. She is about 100 miles south of me right next-door to Mexico. Nancy hi and welcome to you and Bob. I'll just turn it over to you and Zaraya.
Nancy:  Well hello Anne and hello everyone. I am so glad to be here. And it's going to be a most interesting little bit of information that we receive from St. Nicholas. And I say ‘a little bit’ only because that's what it may seem at first but as you envelop what he is going to share with you, you will realize it's an expensive bit of information that we've been able to remove the limits from. And so this should be a most interesting little visit with St. Nicholas. I've already been feeling his presence as Zaraya and Quazar and so forth have been sharing with us. And first of all I would like to bring in my dearly beloved Bob here and so here he is.
Bob:  Yes I just want to wish everybody on this call a very happy holiday in all ways and forms. I think it might be a Christmas that we have been blessed with for the first time with things and events that are going on that we are all aware of. So anyway, happy holidays to one and all. And we have rain here … [Nancy: Merry Christmas] and she says Merry Christmas to one and all.
Nancy:  And our beautiful dog is here too and she is wagging her tail in a loving way. Very happy to be here. Blessings to you as well. Her soul has been with me for many, many years thru various doggies and she is very much awake. You can tell: the way she looks, the way she acts, sometimes she just sees right through us. And we know that's the way it is with the animal kingdom right now especially more than has been and that’s because they're recognizing that we’re beginning to recognize them on a soul level and the oneness that we share with them.
And so now before I say too much I am going to allow St. Nicholas and invite St. Nicholas to come and share with you and so I will just pause for a minute or two.  [Toning]
St Nicholas:  I'm here. I am St. Nicholas [chuckling] and I am so delighted to be a part of this gathering this sharing of all of the beauty of the coming day. And I will share with you a secret that has not as yet been told and it is that I am the aptitude of givingness in love and plentiful energy not only on this planet but throughout the entire universe and beyond.
I am bringing you, and have been bringing all of you the energies of sharing, of love, of creativity that you are all capable of and are beginning to awaken to in its entirety. And when I say entirety that word is expansive. That word has more meaning to it than you have experienced on this planet so far. The entirety is expansive it is representative of how you can all create in an unlimited manner.
You are so, so incredibly beautiful. I am so wonderfully connected with all of you in a way that you will remember at some point. I will not tell you too much at this point for to do so would be to take away from your opening beauty and expansiveness to the truth of who you are and how you are related to me and I to you and all of you to everyone each other.
The idea came from the knowledge of the moment. Each moment holds all of existence within it and it is expansive beyond what you could believe in this point of your existence of your expression of what you are doing. However you will begin to realize your capability, your expansiveness, your unlimitedness more and more. For that is what it is. It is exponential, it is a wave you are seeing life now more and more in the creativity that you think of. Not necessarily what you do even though that's comes from it but what you even think of gives you the ability and the creativity that you have already established through thinking of it. If you had not already established it you would not think of it, for when you are thinking of it you are remembering that which you have created already and you will be bringing it into your knowingness, into your world, into the world outside and around you as well as within new.
And this is part of what Christmas is about. I have seen so many visions emitting forth from all of you and I see that you are expressing so much right now in the way things are evolving from the middle of your beingness as they are from the middle of the third dimensional planet that you have been living on to clear out all of the debris that has been accumulated over these millennia. You are opening up to the truth of this planet which is in coordination with the truth of yourselves the beauty from within is being cleansed and opened up. And Christmas is all about that. It is the gifting of that which you love and that which you are.
And as you see this more and more you will realize that the timing of this particular expression of rejoicing and giving and sharing and loving is based on the, let's call it the center or the North Pole of the year which you have created. Look at the year it created it is created in the beginning from January. And there is the circle that goes through and you come around to just before that beginning and that is when you see, you are standing in my village, my home, my area on the 25th and you are able to see down into the North Pole and see the Light of Love emanating forth and you are doing this on a spiritual soul level. And that is why I began this joyful celebration at this time of your year. That's what you are creating what you are seeing and the mannerisms in which you bring yourselves in the circle of beingness.
It's a gift that you give to yourself first of all and then out to all the rest of creation. It is the example you are giving yourselves on this planet in the circle that you call a year of time and how it brings itself back around in the completeness of what you intend and desire and create for yourselves and each other in the circle of time that you are expressing in.
And you will then at some point realize that the time that we speak of is your circuit of creation. And it is unlimited for there is nothing to stop you at any point once you realize, once you know that the idea of stopping [inaudible] has been implanted in you from this intention to learn from the experiences that expresses on this planet.
And as you are now letting go of it in the process you are realizing the expansiveness in which you are able to create and be your own essence of St. Nicholas. At any point of non-time and with those words and those ideas and those knowing aspects of your beingness, I spread forth the openness with which I can welcome any questions the beautiful children who have no age, the young minds of creation, non-age. Ageless people who have questions for St. Nicholas I am here to be open to.
Anne:  Oh that's wonderful. We have allowed those that had questions to be of any age so the grown-up children could be speaking as well as the little ones.
India:  We want to say we love Santa and have two kids here who would like to talk to Santa.
StN: I am Santa and I am here. I am beside you.
India/Child: Hello. I love you Santa!
StN:  I love you too and what is your question? May I have a gift?
StN:  Yes what would you like.
India/Child:  I would like to have a sitar.
StN:  It is interesting that you know that. We see it in your knowingness and that is why you know you want it. Enjoy it.
India/Father: Hello Santa my other child would like to talk too.
StN:  And what is your question?
India/Child: I would like to know about your place. How is your house?
St N: You ask the question because you have been there. You came halfway around what you call time-spand [???] You came and visited and you learned something about my home that you had been wondering and now you are remembering. That’s why you have that question.
And what I will give you now it is the gift that you created for yourself when you were there. It is a gift of knowingness and that is that you have spent many lifetimes on this planet on another level helping me to create many of the gifts that you then took out and shared with those that you agreed to be the sharer of.
Thank you so much my sweet.
India/Child:  Thank you Santa. We love you Santa.
Thank you. It is such a pleasure and a joy to hear all of your voices.
India/Father:  And it’s a pleasure to talk to you, Anne.
London/Father:  I'm calling from London with my two children Theo and Timara. They would like to speak with Santa.
London/Child: Hello I'm Theo I'm speaking first and then my sister’s coming next, I’ve got two questions for Santa and I want to ask him for a gift as well. I’ll start with the two questions. My first question for Santa is do you still get the presents through the chimney?
StN: [asks for clarification] I'm not hearing. I will tell you this. As I approach the chimney …
London/Child: Here's my question. Do you get the presents through the chimney?
StN:  There is a chimney that is in the essence of the day of Christmas. And whether or not there is a physical chimney I bring that chimney essence with me. And as the gift, as I hold the gift and come through that essence of chimney, it is put in the let's say proper place and it is filled with the essence that that chimney holds. So yes, there is a chimney in every house for I bring it to that house.
London/Child:  Okay. My second question is what are all the reindeer's names.
StN:  [Laughing] All the names of the reindeer, all right. One is Ishnama [all phonetic] another is Hokashnach and another is Ikkanickanick and another is Hanniekohl and one more is Ihihhichnah and one more is Punnalamah. Sometimes there are more than that and so there are two more weight in the background if needed and they are Manapolsch and Kanakolsch. They are twins.
London/Child:  Okay thank you. And my gift for Christmas is a 20 inch boy’s bike please.
StN:  Oh my. You will experience the perfect way to receive that bike and you will understand how you have been able to manifest it when you have it in front of you. [inaudible. Child/StN speaking at same time] my dear one. You are so in love.
London/Child:  Thank you. I’ll give it to my sister.
StN:  As I say you are so in love.
London/Child:  Hello Santa! (StN: Hello!) And my question to you is what is your favorite food?
StN:  My favorite food is chocolate cake. Oh you know I speak of my Christmas Day food. That doesn't mean it's the best for me but when you love it the most it is wonderful for you. Anything you give love to completely is good for you. However that does not exclude all the other foods that are from this beautiful planet that give you all of the nutrition that keeps you in harmony with everything on and within this planet.
London/Child:  Wow, that looks like a very interesting cake.
StN:   [Laughing] Yes yes yes.
London/Child:  And for my present, I'd quite like to have the Lego Friends please.
StN: [Melodically] I am speaking the language that you know, that you on some level already have it. That the timing will be perfect for you when you see it.
Maine/Child:  Hello my name is Peyton. My question for Santa is does he really wear a red suit when he goes around the world?
StN:  Hello Peyton from Maine. This one I'm speaking through is also from Maine and she would be very delighted. Now the answer to your question. Well I will tell you this much. The suit that I wear as I go around the world is multicolored. (Child: Really?!) With those who are in the area of the world that I am in at the time of my arrival. I see that you expect me to be in red and that is what I am in now. My suit is red and has a fringe of green on it. Same as the back of my collar.
Maine/Child:  Okay. And for Christmas I would like PS4/ a PlayStation 4.
StN:  Well I will tell you this much. When you know fully what this is going to do in your life, how it will affect your life, then it will be right there in front of you or something in its place that you will like better will be there. Does that make sense? (Child:Yeah!) That's good! We have already [inaudible] station.
Maine/Child:  Well okay you have a nice day. Bye-bye.
StN:  You too my dear one. Bye-bye.
Me./Child:  Hello. My name is Al and I'm from Maine and I have two questions and one present that I would like. What do the elves look like?
StN:  Well the elves change at certain let's say times of the year. They accommodate the, let's say the fall, winter, spring, summer energies. And so the elves, for instance in the cooler climate time of year, they grow fur all over their bodies of certain length depending on the part of the world that they visit in the winter. That's an example. They change as the climate changes. And sometimes they'll grow antlers depending on what they need to get through either forest or desert or whatever the location is. That's an example. Everything changes according to where they are and what they're doing and the time of year.
Me./Child:  And what is St. Nicholas's favorite drink?
StN:  Favorite drink. My favorite drink that is the milk that comes from the deer, the goats, all of the wild animals that share with me the milk that …
Me./Child:  Even cow milk?
StN:  Oh yes even cow, especially. And they each the milk tastes they all have a unique taste from each of the female animals who share it with me.
Me./Child:  And my family would like a computer if you can get one. But if you can't it's okay.
StN:  A computer? I will say the computer for your family is on the way. The time in which you receive it, and the kind of, let's say instrument that it is when you receive it, will depend on what you will manifest through your mind as to how it will come to you. You will tune in and allow the journey of it to be complete and then it will be in perfection for what you are wanting.
Me./Child:  Okay. Well that's all I have to talk about.
Anne:  Well you did a good job. Thank you.
Me./Child:  And we want to call back for my little sister.
Anne:  Or you have a little sister that wants to talk? Well we don't want you to call back. We'll go ahead and talk with your sister now. How old is she? (Child: Three)
StN:  I am already hearing her question and I will allow her to say it forth but for us.
Me./Child:  Well it was a pleasure to meet you.
StN:  It is a pleasure to meet you as well.
Me./Child:  There is been a lot of stress in my life.
StN:  I encourage you to look at what you call stress and see what it is trying to tell you. For there is a message that is coming through for you that will clear all of that stress away.
Me./Child:  Well my sister is crying. I guess she doesn't want to talk to you. I'm sorry.
Anne:  That's all right. We’ll all send her love from all over the world. All the people on this call are sending love to your little sister. Okay? Bye honey. Thank you. You did a good job.
California/Child: So I have two questions for Santa. For my first one is that does Santa still travel in sleighs all around the world and give the gifts that kids want?
StN:  Oh yes. There is an increase in the way that I do this. And that is, shall I say it is a combination of you all inviting me and opening the doors for me that is in harmony with me desiring to still be with you and give you the gifts every year. For it is now let's say twofold where every time I bring a gift to you I receive a gift. And more and more everyone is realizing how that it is not that they just are receiving, they are giving as well. And it is so beautiful.
California/Child:  Okay thanks Santa. At my last question is is your favorite food to eat is candy canes?
StN:  I make candy canes in many different ways and I tell you this because you may want to do the same thing. If you open up the idea of what candy canes are you can have so much fun creating them making them. Just think of how they look and think of how you can make them something different every time you desire to. I have had so many different kinds of candy canes that I have made and others have made for me to gift me with, and it is so much fun to be so creative. You’ll see what I mean.
California/Child:  Thanks Santa and the gift that I want for Christmas is an electric scooter.
StN:  Electric scooter. Okay. I'll tell you what, there is something that is already in the works for you that is very close to that and you may see that you, well let's say you may enjoy what is coming to you even more than you would scooter. Does that make any sense? (Child: Yes) You are beautiful.
California/Child:  And my brother wants to talk to you Santa. (StN: All righty)
Calif/Child: Hello? Hello Santa. Merry Christmas. My name is [???] and I want a tow truck. [Child whispering]
StN:  What are you going to do tow around the friends you have in your neighborhood?
Calif/Child: I like to play at this.
StN:  Well you know what? Open up your idea of what that means and you will have exactly what you want. (Calif/Child: Okay) Okay.
California/Child: My brother is shy so and thank you Santa and thank you Anne.
Anne:  Yes. You and your brother did very good. And we’re all thinking about you having a wonderful Christmas and as Santa said, it's going to be exactly what you really want.
[1:40: 20]
Pennsylvania/Child:  My name is Will and I'm from West Philadelphia. I was born and raised there. My question is I would like some new basketball shoes because I play basketball. And Santa do you like chocolate chip cookies or oatmeal raisin cookies?
StN:  Oh there is nothing like that that I don't love.
Pennsylvania/Child: How about sugar cookies?
StN:  Woo hoo woo hoo woo hoo! You know we get to the point where we can eat whatever we love by loving it completely, completely. And think about what that means. That means by knowing completely that it is good for you and that there is nothing that you bring it to yourself that is not totally good for you. You have to know that completely and entirely and you will see how that will affect you.
Pennsylvania/Child:  I have just one more question. Do you think that you're going to Heaven?
StN:  I think I'm already in Heaven, don't you?
Pennsylvania/Child:  That didn't answer my question. Do you think you're going to Heaven?
StN:  I am already there sweetheart. Aren’t you? Where do you think Heaven is?
Pennsylvania/Child: In the sky. 
StN:  I want to share something with you. Heaven is within you. As long as you recognize it, feel it and live it Heaven is where ever you are. Unless you fully, fully know that and live it, it is always somewhere outside of you.
Pennsylvania/Child:  Well are you saved?
StN:  Are you saved? Are you here? Are you feeling good about yourself?
Pennsylvania/Child: But are you saved?
StN:  Yes I am.
Pennsylvania/Child:  Are you saved in did you accept the Lord Jesus Christ into your heart?
StN:  Jesus Christ, Jesus Sananda walks with me as he does with you. He is within you in his soul. He visits you, he is part of you as we are all part of each other …
Pennsylvania/Child: [Interrupting] But are you a Christian?
StN:  I am a spiritual being such as you are. We all have different names for who we  …  [Child continues to talk over and argue]
Pennsylvania/Child:  So you are not a Christian.
StN:  That is a matter of what you feel a Christian is or what anyone feels it is.
Pennsylvania/Child: What you think of Christian is?
StN:  It is a beautiful being. It is a beautiful person part of the Divinity of God.
Pennsylvania/Child: Do you want to be a Christian?
StN:  I want to be anything that I am.
Pennsylvania/Child: I want to tell Santa what I want for Christmas. (StN: What do want?) I want you to become a Christian.
Anne:  Alright well and we can understand how much you want that and you're going to learn even more about that.
India : Hello this is India. It is very exciting to learn that Santa is a spiritual being and I'm very happy to know of all the things that I learned today. I have just a small request is Santa to shower everything, everything that is Love. Anyone that is in want, please shower all your blessings on them this hectic season. That's the only request I would want Santa to go ahead with. My greetings, my regards to everyone. Thank you. (Quazar: Oh that’s lovely.) (Zorra: Indeed)
StN:  You are [???] Thank you.
Quazar:  Okay Anne. If we’re done …
Anne:  Thank you India for joining us. I got one more that just popped up. We will take this last question that just arrived and then we cannot accept any more.
Penn./Child’s brother:  Hey. I'm Andrew and I live in West Philadelphia with my little brother Will who just called in to the show and you hung up on him so I just like to say you very sorry for what did. He is a very strong Christian just like me and we want everybody to be saved.
Anne:  Well we understand that.
Penn./Child’s brother: Well I'm not trying to offend you or he’s not trying to offend anybody but I just apologize for that. I do know that you are a spiritual thing which I do not agree with but you agree with.
Anne:  Well we honor everyone’s belief and of course there's many on the call that would like to express their particular spiritual vision of what is best for them but we can't entertain that many different perspectives. And we had already closed the line but I wanted to squeeze you in and we thank you. We thank you for coming back and explaining that for Will and Andrew I will have to close your line because Zorra is…
Penn./Child’s brother:  One more thing one more thing one more thing. I'm just praying for you guys.
Anne:  Well that's good. We're praying for everyone.
Penn./Child’s brother:  Well you're not praying to anybody. You’re not praying to anybody.
Anne:  Honey we cannot um, … this is a general call and everyone has many different beliefs here. To entertain, almost force beliefs there's not necessary right now …
Penn./Child’s brother:  You're just saying the same thing over and over it right now.
Anne:  We have Zorra standing by so your line has been closed and that’s it, we've got everybody covered here. We’ve got all the questions done. Thank you.
Zorra: Hello beloved masters. Indeed. Pertaining to what is termed as Christianity I am going to enlighten the being, the child who was speaking. Understand in your Bibles, go to your Old Testament, in your Old Testament where it speaks of the creation of man God said, “Let us make man in our image in our likeness and with our powers and abilities.” In essence beloved master you are gods and you are goddesses. Never doubt that. Your Bible even states it.
So in your New Testament in Matthew where it speaks of Jesus speaking with his disciples he says, “Marvel not what I do for greater shall you do if you only believe that you can.” And I can tell you beloved masters you can. You are gods and you are goddesses and there is no doubt of that. That means everyone. Not just Christians but everyone. All are one. You are one with the Creator and the Creator is one with you and that is all, for that part. Anyway.
StN:  And I wish to in close my talk my sharing with a comment. (Zorra: Indeed. Go ahead.) I completely agree with you. I know that our beautiful planet, the people on this planet are all going through what they term as … some people term it Armageddon, some people term as chaos. I see it as the moment of storm before at the moment of peace on earth and everywhere in existence.  (Zorra: Indeed!)
So all of these beautiful people all of these beautiful children/ people/ adults all the same are working through whatever it is that they have brought to themselves to experience and we are all being gifted by each other. (Zorra: Indeed) And I now ask if there is anything else, if anyone wants me to share. (Zorra: Indeed)
Anne:  I will take a look at the computer. I had to step outside with my little doggie. (Zorra: Indeed) I've got a lot of screens going and I’ve got a little doggie outside in the driveway. No, because we have closed the questions of our two hours is closing and we like to save a little special time for St. Nicholas and Zorra to complete our call for us.
Zorra:  Go ahead and have St. Nicholas speak his final words and then I shall continue.
StN:  I thank you so much it has been such a pleasure for me to be here with you all again. It is indeed a time of change and [eruption/irruption ???] of all that is to be enjoyed, expressed in beauty. This is a time bringing forth that which they have been keeping in safekeeping within them to be able to express in the way they have been and now the chimney is open and ready for all of the big beautiful grandiose energy of love and creativity to spring forth in the power of love, peace and joy for all of you. (Zorra: Indeed!) And now, now I withdraw. I sit back and I enjoy the word of [inaudible] of this beautiful call.
Zorra:  Indeed beloved St. Nicholas. And also have your beloved spouse to do what is termed as to prepare the gingerbread for Lady Nada. [Laughing]
Anne:  I got two cupcakes I got gingerbread cupcakes this year. I got my gingerbread again. (Zorra: Indeed) I did! With wonderful icing and candied ginger on top.
Zorra:  And they were at your door?
Anne:  They were delivered to my door. And it came from up north that's all I can say. Indeed. So… (Quazar: Your Christmas messages.) Mine? May harmony, peace, joy laughter healing and all be with all of you out there and also we are going to do a Pulse.
Quazar:  Uh Zorra … Excuse me everyone. [Zorra chuckling in knowing] Before you end I know that you would like to speak with the adults. Because it is that time of the year and people, the adults themselves, have lots of wishes that they would like to have happen for them and perhaps maybe you could speak to all of our family about things that will be coming shortly and beyond.
Zorra:  Speaking to those that are termed adults, those that are engaged in what is termed the upcoming events. The first are seconds away, the RV. And what is termed as Disclosure will be following. So, that is all that needs to be said.
Keep raising your vibration your frequencies and consciousness and continue to raise your consciousness. Go out and embrace what is termed 5th dimensional reality, 5th dimensional thinking, and put aside 3rd dimensional and 4th dimensional. They are past. You are now in the 5th so you need to act accordingly.
And go into and speak to the Lord God of your beings and bring forth the joy and the happiness and the peace that passes all understanding. And be in joy, be in harmony this wonderful holiday season. And also for you children that were speaking today, give to your parents the love the understanding the harmony that you deserve that they deserve and do not be a hindrance and do not be what is termed disagreeable and do not rebel. Be at peace. Be calm.

Healing Pulse ---------------------------------

Now we shall do a Pulse. A general one. Five, four, three, two, one. All of you who need a healing as I have said before you are gods and you are goddesses, there is no reason for any of you to be ill and to be sick.
So say “five, four, three, two, one. From the Lord God of my Being” -- all of you say to yourselves, say it out loud if you wish, “From the Lord God of my Being I am completely and absolutely healed.”
And understand beloveds out there that we’re speaking about Christianity. Understand also Jesus when he walked the Earth, when he healed the sick he reminded them of who and what they are and that is how they were healed. They realized they were gods and they were goddesses and he reminded them of it and they were straightaway healed. So I say to you all, Christians and all around the world, no matter what religion you are, no matter what belief you have as long as you know that you are gods and goddesses that is all you need.
So be it. It is finished.
Cue Music   [2:01:45]
Anne:  Merry Christmas everybody. Bye bye.


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