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Pray For Daniel!
On Friday, October 16, 2015 9:28 PM, Genesis II Church wrote:

Update from Daniel Smith in jail! He needs ALL of us to earnestly pray for him.

I just received this letter from Daniel. He is asking every one of us around the world to pray for his upcoming sentencing on the 27th of October. We all need to not only have “sympathy” for what he is going through but more importantly, “empathy”. Empathy is more than just “feeling” for him and his situation but feeling like you are going through it yourself. Every one of us has been had experiences where we have felt helpless, forgotten and pleading to God for help and mercy. That is the attitude we need to have when we are praying for Daniel. May all of us uplift Daniel and this upcoming sentencing to the Creator of the Universe! 

Thank you all!
Archbishop Mark S. Grenon

Daniel’s letter follows:

Beloved friends in health freedom everywhere,

I am Daniel Smith. This letter finds its way to you – most likely by way of your computer screen – having first been written upon a piece of paper with a dull two inch pencil from a dimly lit concrete jail cell here in America – a place often sung about in national anthem as “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” I must apologize, to those of you who have been on this journey with me for some time, for not having written updates more often. Please forgive me.

I have been incarcerated for five months now, and I'm about to enter the deep. On October 27, 2015, I will be sentenced to anywhere from 0-34 years in federal prison. I say “zero”, because I remain a believer in miracles, mainly, that there is something Higher that dwells within each one of us and holds the Power through Love, prayer and forgiveness to sway even the hearts of kings – in this case, even a federal judge or a prosecutor.

It matters little, at this point, how I got here, except at least that I can tell my children I did so by standing for what I believe to be good, right, and true, and that I will continue to do so until there is no more breath in me. As a friend once told me...many have come to this place before, but given up or walked away for fear of losing too much. I miss that person. They were instrumental in this journey as they sat with me in the Dominican Republic five years ago at a GII conference and encouraged me to always remember who I am.

I want to share a miracle with you. A few days ago a man named Juventino, who spoke only Spanish, came to my jail. He explained to another Spanish speaking inmate that a Voice told him in a dream, two nights before, that he would be going to jail, but he did not know why. The next day he found himself in jail, having been pulled over in his car and said to have an unpaid traffic ticket. That night in jail, he said, the Voice told him, in another dream, he was here to pray for a “Louis”. The next morning he walked through the jail pod asking in Spanish who in here was “Louis”.

He then told my Spanish speaking friend that if God told him there was a “Louis” in here to pray for, he was going to do it, because God is never wrong, and he asked my friend to join him in a prayer for this “Louis”. Shortly after that, Juventino was released (apparently they had the wrong guy). As my friend later related the story to me in English, I slowly slid across the table an envelope bearing my full name...Louis Daniel Smith. Until that moment he had only known me as Daniel. It was a miracle moment for both of us. The next day, my Spanish speaking friend was moved to another facility.

What a blessing that Juventino heard a Voice in his heart and faithfully followed its instructions so that, even despite a language barrier, God could reach me here and remind me that I am not forgotten, I am not alone, and miracles still abound. But the miracle does not end there.

There is no order of difficulty in miracles. They are the inheritance of each and every one of us, despite what we believe about anything, including ourselves or others. What a thing that I could share this miracle with you now, and its effects can be felt in the hearts of thousands all around the world. What a miracle, I tell you. What a miracle, indeed.

Miracles are truly amazing. They undo the past...in the present...and in so doing, release the future. They save time. They are expressions of love and total forgiveness, and holding love and forgiveness – about all of this – is where I continue struggle.

I recently received an overnight letter from a producer at ABC News in New York. They want to fly to Washington State to interview me regarding this case before my sentencing. I declined the interview, explaining to the producer, Cindi Galli, that the real story here is not my story, but the story of people like you whose lives have been positively impacted by the use of natural health products like MMS. I told her to keep an eye on her email for your story and encouraged her to make an effort to report the truth and not simply the government's line. If ABC is truly interested in “consumer safety”, surely they ought to consult consumers like you.

If you are so inclined, please feel free to write an email to ABC producer Cindi Galli [cynthia.k.galli@abc.com], and share your success story regarding MMS, or your interest, as a consumer, in truthful, balanced reporting. This is an opportunity in which someone in the media is listening, and we need simply and lovingly give them something real to report. Cindi Galli's email is: cynthia.k.galli@abc.com. She is waiting to hear from you.

Also, I ask for your prayers – that on October 27, 2015, the judge's heart be moved to leniency in my sentencing. In the end, my conviction is being appealed and an acquittal or new trial is very likely, they say, but in the meanwhile I must focus on sentencing.

I miss my family and my friends – many of whom you can see in the video at StandByDaniel.com. I miss the feel of sunshine on my face, the sound of my childrens' laughter, the sight of Autum leaves falling from trees, the warmth of a fire and a nice cup of tea. I relish the day that I can come home again, and I hope it will be soon. Thank you, again, for all your support – for your letters, donations, and most importantly, your prayers, which give wings to these amazing miracles.

Love and Blessings always,

Daniel Smith

Sign the new petition for Daniel Smith: https://www.change.org/p/chief-judge-rosanna-malouf-peterson-emergency-petition-for-sentencing-leniency 

Genesis II Church Sacramental Guidance

Here below you will find what we are including: 

1. 30 minute video consultation daily for 3-4 weeks.
2. The necessary Sacraments to do the protocols.
3. Genesis II Church membership (1 year)
4. Home Video Course
5. Genesis II Church Health Minister certification (Upon completion of HVC Exam)

Requirements: A minimum donation of $50 USD per day and a written or video testimony upon Health Restoration. 

This way, people may receive personal guidance from us and not have to travel, saving them money. Below, I did a quick video in regard to this new offer. There are some people that still want to “get away” and be in a place to concentrate 100% on recovering their health. This option is still available to those who might be interested.

Please contact Archbishop Mark S. Grenon at: mark@genesis2church.is for more information on the Health Restoration center in Vilcabamba, Ecuador.

Contact Bishop Jonathan at: jonathan@genesis2church.is or Bishop Joseph at: joseph@genesis2church.is for information about “sacramental guidance” at home. Our goal is to train other Genesis II Church Bishops worldwide to do the same in their prospective countries.

Here is the short video we did about our new offer, “Sacramental Guidance made easy”! Looking forward to hearing from many people worldwide in need of restoring health!!!


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There are quite a few reasons for us to offer free 10 minute consultations. We understand that when one discovers MMS, it might sound too good to be true. You might ask yourself, how can these tiny little drops do so much? Malaria gone in hours, no more diabetes, “HIV” not detected, all types of cancers, gone, and many more unbelievable testimonies. I personally understand your doubts, I had many myself. But with due diligence my questions and doubts are long gone. We would like to make things easier for others than it was for us. Allow us to answer your questions. We believe that in 10 minutes we will be able to answer any questions you might have concerning MMS, Genesis II Sacraments, Seminars, Home Video Courses, Sacramental Guidance, or any other doubts you might have. There is so much more to MMS than you might think. Come discover your MMS journey!!!

Below are the days and hours we will be receiving calls.
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
10 am – 5 pm Eastern Standard Time
Phone #: 941-479-2505 
Contact emails:
Bishop Jonathan: jonathan@genesis2church.is
Bishop Jordan: jordan@genesis2church.is

Note: Due to the amount of interested people, we will only allow one free 10 minute consultation per person.

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80% of the students that attended our recent seminar in Guayas, Ecuador had never taken even a drop of MMS. I really applaud people that do their due diligence to learn more about our Church and the sacramental we have developed to restore health. There are many people selling MMS worldwide and have no experience in how to make and dose the sacraments correctly. If you have any questions about the Genesis II Church sacraments, please contact us and we will be glad to help you!

Upcoming Genesis II Church Seminars

We are planning a Genesis II Church Seminar, December 11th - 13th - Netherlands, Please contact joseph@genesis2church.is for more information. We are inviting all from Europe to come and be with us for our 50th Genesis II Church Seminar!

NOTE: We will have a detailed newsletter coming out this weekend about location and donation required.

We are also wanting to do a 10 nation Genesis II Church Safari to “Kill the Man-Eating Lion” – Malaria next February – April in Southern Africa

You can see more testimonies at our YouTube channel, “MMSTestimonials” in English or “TestimoniosdeMMS” in Spanish. Or our testimonial website: http://mmstestimonials.is

If you are need of Sacramental Guidance please contact us at: jonathan@genesis2church.is or joseph@genesis2church.is

For more information about our Sacramental Guidance in Vilcabamba, Ecuador contact Archbishop Mark Grenon at: mark@genesis2church.is 

Our Newest Genesis II Church Restoration Center

The Genesis II Church Vanguard Seminar Team is now in Vilcabamba, Ecuador setting up our newest Health Restoration Center at: http://www.madretierra.com.ec/. The owner, Peter, is helping us offer an all inclusive Health restoration package for one month for all that want to come and focus on “restoring health”. See my interview with Peter. His mom was “restored to health” from breast cancer with MMS - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2sYV3_385Gk

This “Health Restoration” package will include:

1. Lodging in a Superior room with a beautiful view of Vilcabamba valley.
2. All food in included, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Note: Natural organic fruits and vegetables as well as raw milk, cheese and eggs are always available and organic ice cream!
3. There will be a “spa” session every day. Massage, different types of baths i.e. clay and detox, sauna.
4. The Full Genesis II Church Sacramental Protocols to deal with whatever health issue such as, All types of Cancer, Diabetes, MRSA, Hepatitis, Herpes, HIV, Lyme Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Autism, Candida, All Allergies, Digestive problems, high blood pressure, obesity, parasites, tumors and cysts, problems with Prostate i.e. high PSA, skin problems, eye problems, chronic sinus infections, erectile dysfunction etc. In fact 95% of the world’s diseases! See some of the testimonies on our YouTube Channel, “MMSTestimonials”.
5. Every participant will receive ALL the protocols on video as well as our Genesis II Church Sacramental workbook, now 160 pages!
6. Every participant will have the opportunity to become a member of the Genesis II Church if they so choose with an I.D. card included.
7. Interaction with other participants and members that have been through the protocols for encouragement.
8. A trained Health Minister or Bishop is available 24/7.
9. Every participant will leave with the knowledge of how to “restore health” from most diseases and be able to guide others as well.
10. Enjoy the fresh air, water and food at one of the most beautiful places in the world, Vilcabamba, Ecuador, the valley of Longevity. What a beautiful place to restore one’s health!

This is a great opportunity for anyone with any health issue to come and be “restored to health”! Please contact me at: mark@genesis2church.is

Our first participant: Jonathan cured of 20 years of allergies - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YY3n8u6jw_E

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We are changing the world by the 1000’s
Archbishop Mark S. Grenon
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Undeniable proof that the Red Cross cured 154 Malaria cases with MMS, in their water purification study in Uganda, 2012: This video got leaked and released 1st of July 2013 and makes it impossible for the Red Cross to keep claiming that the study never took place, as was their response to the 2nd of may video.
Red Cross cures 154 Malaria cases in Uganda with MMS:
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