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Mehran Tavakoli KESHE
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November 5 2015 - Keshe Plasma Energy Blueprints (MAGRAV) Availaable for Download
Repost - Maine Republic - David Robinson - Thank you

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October 26 2015 - Teaching Week begins - Part 2

October 16 2015 - 3rd Ambassador Meeting, Rome, Italy

About Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute, Bari, ITALY   

Magrav-Power Universal System
Orders being accepted now

Magrav-Power Car System
Orders being accepted now

Magrav Technology CD

Food Health Cup (FHC
s) System | Alekz System

Interview: Keshe with Patrick Timpone | The Morning Show March 12, 2012 
    MP3 Audio: 
http://www.keshefoundation.org/media-a-papers (Link in the Middle of the Page)

Keshe talks with me about the healing power of his technology, how it can present a force field to protect against psycho-tronic weapons and much more. It is an answer for MS, Cancer, Tumors, Parkinsons, ALS, and other Dis-eases based on moving the Plasma back to the original position in the Field. We inform the Body to move the Body & Cells back to their original position over time. People get their Function back. There are no side-affects. We understand how the Universe works around the Body. We use Water for transfer.  We use systems from the Environment around us where we live around the Body. Evolution comes from our Environment and the Food we eat.  Reverse-Evolution through water, air, systems, create the plasma, and the plasma of the Body. The Environment around the Field is changed by a System adjusted to what is needed for the specific Dis-ease. The information is put on a chip what is needed by the Body with no Medication. The System Application occurs while the person sits on chair and the system instructs the Body to reconstruct itself. The Body knows how to do this. The Nano-structure works with the Body.   
In Women, Magnetic Calcium gets deposited in the soft tissue in the Breasts. Infection is the first stage of Cancer. During Ovulation, a Woman produces excess production of Calcium in the Breasts which leads to Breast Cancer. The Body draws Calcium from their Hips. To offset this problem, Women can take Calcium to the Day before the Period, the 1st Day and the 2nd Day of one’s Period.to alleviate the problem and balance their Body.  We are like a Sun. We draw everything from our Environment. One Calcium Tablet:  Tooth-Brushing & the material of the Toothpaste is causing MS. Use plain Salt, Baking Soda, or cheddar cheese & a little onion helps the Teeth not to decay. The Tooth Brushing causes a Carbon v.s. a Diamond Structure.

Book:  “The unknown Truth about Homeopathy”

Pain Aid Pad


CO2 Capture Kit


Kf Omega Quantum
Star-Formation Plasma Reactor

Intro to Iranian Plasma Reactors and Spaceship Star Formation to be tested in our lab 

A video that will blow your mind - be ready!

“Black Holes are the Source of Energy for the Universe.” – Mehran Keshe

Keshe’s Weekly Schedule:  (Teaching Presentations)            

Book mentioned in Audio:  “The Creation of the Universe”, MT Keshe

Keshe Flying Cars  

Magrav Motor - - The Start of a green Future! Emission-free drive technology

Engineer Behind Iranian Saucer Technology Comes Forward
This technology sounds too good to be true. It is claimed to allow for both a gravitational and magnetic field to be produced around a craft. The gravitational and magnetic fields are used for propulsion. They work for or against the fields of other bodies in space such as planets, stars, or even galaxies. A device that weighs seven to ten kilograms is claimed to produce many tons of lift. The lifting force is created without the need for any conventional fuels. These devices are very cheap to build. A small reactor costs around one thousand dollars in components.

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