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September 19 2015

Webpage: BlogTalkRadio.com/HollowEarthNetwork
Telephone replay:  1  641-715-3589 + 771358#  Ref No: 1#
Total Call Length: 2:56:09




Music Ends [2:08]
Anne:     Oh yes, I’m here. I’m so honored to play that song.
Those of you that have been with us all these many years, going on five years now, it was just two or three years ago Zorra suggested we use this song for our theme song. And when I thanked him he said, ‘well it wasn't my suggestion, it was Prime Creator's.’ And you know I'm so touched by that. When I hear the call I kind of open my heart and thank Prime Creator for overshadowing our call like this so much to take a personal interest. So let us all take a moment to open our hearts and thank Prime Creator for his guidance today.  Oh I love that.
Okay, let's get the dateline in. Let’s see, I have to look. You know I wouldn't try to do it from my own knowingness. Okay, got the calendar up and it tells me that today is Saturday, September 19, 2015. Here we are, coming down the home stretch, holding hands together in oneness and love.
For those of you that may be new to our calls very briefly you will be hearing first Quazar and Zaraya. Zaraya is the son of Zorra. Zaraya has been up here on the surface for about 63 years to establish the connection between the surface and Hollow Earth so that Zorra would have a mouthpiece up here and make it be known of this high-technology, loving civilization that has been trying to support and help us up here on the surface.
We want to thank Zaraya for his 63 years of giving up paradise to be up here and enduring all that we are all enduring.
So you will hear Zaraya and his other half Quazar and before you know it Zaraya will have departed his surface body to allow Zorra to occupy it and talk to us on the phone. That's the way it happens. And Zaraya finds himself in Zorra's 15’-stature body wherever it might be in Hollow Earth, in his 2000’-diameter ship. Last time we heard he was over Washington. Maybe we'll find out more today.
And so we’ll be talking with Zorra and Quazar and then before you know it Zorra will be telling Quazar goodbye, “bye-bye” which means Quazar will then exit her surface body to allow Zorra's other half Saryya to come up and join him on the surface. Saryya using Quazar’s body.
And Quazar will have some fun with Zaraya wherever they find themselves as Quazar occupies Saryya’s probably about a 12’-stature Hollow Earth body.
That's the way it happens folks. And we've all adjusted to it; we're very comfortable with it; and if you're new you will love it. There's not another call like this.
Okay, I'm trying to get established I was trying to do a quick meditation before the call. Did you ever try to do a quick meditation?!?! And I still got caught away a when I looked at the clock I had about four minutes until call time. Okay I will get out of the way for everybody but first I’ve been asked to do an invocation for all of us as we join together in this sacred time with Zorra and Saryya.

INVOCATION ----------------------------------

Let's do our invocation as Zorra has asked us. First we will do the Violet Flame which was a special dispensation of grace through St. Germain which permits us to release the trauma and burden of past mistakes that haunt us and hold us back. We don't have to endure that. Human mistakes and frailties are already forgiven before they happen. They’re a method of us learning and once that's done we need release. We don't need to keep looking back and reprimanding ourselves and this allows us to release those energies. Okay it's what's in our heart that counts.
Okay so let's just use the Violet Flame I like to stand with my feet flat on the floor, with my arms down, palms facing Mother Earth and this is what we say:
I AM the mighty Violet consuming Flame
now and forever consuming and transmuting all past and present mistakes their cause, core, effect, and Akashic record.
Yes. That’s it. I say it four times. Peter has told us short affirmations are very effective when we repeat them four times.
And then we will go to the Pillar of Protection dictated for our use by our beloved Lord Ashtar through his beloved Pallas Athena, his twin, my friend who is very meticulous in taking Ashtar's dictations.
Let's stand again with our hands above our head, together, fingers pointing to our Higher Presence because this Pillar of Protection is an internal job so to speak. Nobody is able to protect us by placing a pillar over our head; it's internal. It's between us and our Higher Self.
So we stand with our hands above our heads, hands together, fingers pointing to our beloved I AM Presence and this is what we say, and as I said I like to just bring my arms down and pull that wonderful pillar down around me. So let's all say the following:
Beloved I AM Presence,
Intensify your protective pillar of pure positive cosmic white light substance in through and around me. Charge it with your invincible protection, all-powerful and impenetrable, that keeps me insulated from all that is not of the Light and keep it sustained.
Make and keep me ever sensitive to you and your protection, your direction, and immune to all imperfect vibratory rates.
And so it is.
The Pillar Of Protection affirmation ends “and keep it sustained.” Long ago I added to it another affirmation which is “Make and keep me ever sensitive to you and your direction and immune to all imperfect vibratory rates.” That stands alone and it's a wonderful affirmation, a short one that you can do four times in a row if you choose.
And with that, so be it. It is done.
As above so below.
I AM that I AM
I AM that I AM
I AM that I AM
I AM that I AM
And now let me find our dear Quazar. Come on guys. There's Quazar and Zaraya and off we go. Hi guys.
Quazar: Hi Lady Nada how are you this morning?
Anne:     Doing a fast meditation is kind of tricky.
Quazar:  It's always a beautiful meditation that you give and you present to all of us so thanks a lot for that.


Anyway I just wanted to let you and our family know that yesterday was Zaraya's fake birthday, as we like to say. Because he does, he has a fake birth certificate so again another indication, and even though he's adopted, Zaraya really is from Hollow Earth, and many of you know that in your own hearts already.
However I begin to feel it even probably more so since I'm here with Zaraya. So we're really all very blessed that he/she has decided to remain here on the surface for 64 trips around the sun. We call it trips because we/they don't have birthdays per se because it only ages you. To say trips is like going on a trip around the sun because there is no time in Hollow Earth.
Of course anything that's in fifth dimension and above there is no time or space that's related to how they live their lives, their thousands of years and more than thousands of lives as well, including Zorra.
So anyway with that Zorra has already gone through Zaraya and said that he would like for me to go ahead and maybe also prepare the tone for this call by reading to you an excerpt from Diane Robbins’ newest book. It's called Messages From The Crystal Kingdom. There's all kinds of really beautiful poems in here. The one I'd like to read to you this morning is about the merpeople. It's been a while since we've spoken about them. So here we go.


We are the mermaids from oceans’ depths.
We've been hiding so long there’s few of us left.
We left underground so we could not be found
our mermen remain to protect our domain.
Our lives are merry and filled with mirth and during those times we did give birth.
Our offspring were awesome and immortal as well, until the time humanity fell from grace and destroyed our race.
Now that it's over and we've been given the sign that humanity’s consciousness is now on the climb.
This means we can show ourselves, we few that remain, and appear in the oceans and reclaim our domain.
Our species is important and part of all life and you will see us when there is no strife.
We’ll sit on the shorelines and bask in the sun.
As you approach us we will not run.
We’ll sit and smile as you approach and beckon you to swim with us.
We will be your host and show you the wonders of life in the deep and how much you've missed during your long sleep.
For the oceans hold wonders your eyes have yet to see and if you come with us you will be so pleased. We'll show you our caverns that still exist and you’ll feel the foam as it touches your skin with a gentle kiss.
Our caverns are like castles modeled in foam with crystals and gemstones comprising our homes.
We’ll hold your hand and we’ll leave the shore and take you with us so you can explore the ocean's depth without holding your breath.
For the secrets of immortality will be revealed to you as you swim with us and we guide you through the ocean lanes into our domain where you'll witness another species’ time frame.
Our lifestyles will amaze you as you witness our lives and enter our homes for our communities are covered with starlit domes of different sizes shapes and materials that will appear to you ethereal but in reality are as hard as rock and support the structures through any shock.
Pure diamonds and emeralds comprise our walls and our rooms are very tall for the ocean is vast and we have much space to spread out our homes thru God's pure grace.
Our communities are small since the time of the fall what we heard Peter and Wendy's call to leave the oceans for middle earth until the time of humanity's rebirth into the Light and Love New Age when we mermaids could again engage with you and begin to return and repopulate our community with no concern or fear knowing that the Seventh Golden Age is here.
So we are here.
We are starting to return because of the lessons you have learned: never to war or bring strife to the earth so that all life-forms can evolve in joy and mirth.
We thank you for hearing us and picking up your pen. We look forward to speaking with you again.
Quazar: So much to take in. What a beautiful poem. I'm going to have Zaraya speak with you for a short while because I feel a tapping. I think Saryya would like to come.
Zaraya:  Okay guys my beloved companion here Quazar is going bye-bye already. And so I have a hunch my mother is going to be speaking first before my father does. So that's pretty cool.
I feel the energies, the energies that are coming on the earth, the Wave. It's really, really intensifying and I can feel it. It's got a pull to it you know for people that are awakened and ready for it. Each day, each morning it gets stronger and stronger and stronger.

It's interesting because my father is telling me that many, many people have already ascended. He didn't give me a number but he said in the United States alone well over 100,000 have. So that's a lot of people.
But from different states and different hospitals what is called mental wards and psychiatric hospitals and things of this nature, all of these people that are ascending is really freaking out the staff of the mental institutions/old folk homes/hospitals because there's nothing they can do about it. And when it happens it's just like the room lights up and the person is gone.
So that's how it's happening so it's really, really becoming very exciting times.
My father is going to speak to you today about the Photon Belt. He's going to reiterate once more that there is not going to be any type of pole shift or flip of the axis because that's totally ridiculous thinking. I haven't got too much more to say because I'm going to go bye-bye so I'm going to turn this over to my mother who is here. So enjoy.


Saryya:  Good day. Good evening. Hope that you are all having a wondrous and glorious and loving day.
We have observed, which we do all of the time, to see how all of you are doing. Sometimes our hearts lift with joy and sometimes we also feel your sadness.
As you are moving into these higher frequencies you will feel this transitional period of ups and downs. It is for us to share with you that you can change those gallons or sadness or frustrations into joy at the same time you feel a slight nudge or feeling that things are not going your way.
You are all of a higher frequency now. If you go into your hearts on a daily basis as you walk in Mother Nature you will truly feel your connection to the higher vibrations of which you are.
Be not misled by the reality that you still see or hear from your so-called internet, from your so-called mass media, etc. Your inner knowing, your heart, your higher intuition always knows the truth of what is.
Begin to trust that knowingness that you really do have. Distractions will always abide for the now however your Higher Self, your higher frequencies know what the truth really is now. Yes, the intensity of these Waves as you call them, will continue to be more intense which requires you to take, as say, you take your naps or sleep more.
These are the times when your body needs the rest in order to evolve into its light body. So do not think that you cannot take these rests because you do need them. And we do see your Light growing more in intensity as well.
Much is happening now and it will continue so be prepared for these glorious times that are coming to all of you.
Do not despair. Do not be dismayed when little things come in your way.
We have waited with you for eons and eons of time and we thank you once again for becoming the volunteers that we needed to come onto this planet to help all of you out and our beloved Terra, as well as all the other galaxies that are going to be feeling this transition as you move into your higher, higher dimensions.
It is with great joy that we are always with you. We are always with you even though when you are so caught up in your 3D thinking or the 3D realities we are there to support you at every second. To know and urge you to connect more and more with your godself that you truly are.
Many gifts are coming your way and we know this for sure and we hope that you will enjoy each and every second that you become immersed with all of the abundance that is forthwith.
And so with that we have many, I'm sure we have many questions as well as many bits of information that you are waiting for and my beloved Zorra is here now.




Zorra:     Indeed beloveds. [Speaking to Saryya: (This is another one we should read. We’ll let Quazar do it.)] So beloved masters, gods and goddesses that you are, we had a wondrous call on Wednesday a healing call and everyone that we spoke with was healed. Yes indeed. And more and more as we have observed this healing call what we did was, I feel and of course Prime Creator felt the same that's why it was done that way, to heal as soon as it was spoken. And that was what is the proper way to heal. So from now on when we have a healing call that's the way we shall do it. We’ll make sure the person is satisfied and healed before we part with them, or in many cases we’ll instruct them on how to heal themselves or each other.
So I am going to refresh that for you for those that were not on the call and because there were many that were not. But anyway, simply rub your hands together and this is just to prove to yourself that you have power. And what you do is you rub your hands together which stirs up the chi of the body. And then you separate your hands … first put them together like you are praying them pull them apart about 18 to 24 inches and then bring them back together very slowly. As you do you feel like you are pushing against you might call it a balloon, a pressure.
As the closer your hands come together you will begin to feel a heat between your hands. When you get to that point stop. That's the healing power or the healing ability that each of you possess.
Now you wish to make contact with this healing power whenever you want to heal someone or to heal yourselves. Now the way it is done, and it is the same way that Sananda, or you might term him as Jesus, healed when he was walking upon the face of the planet. He healed using this technique.
Now how he would do it, he would place one hand on one side of the afflicted area and the other hand opposite the other on the other side of the afflicted area and immediately, immediately, healing took place. Why? Because it completed a circuit between your hands, a complete circuit. And that creates a positive field.
Now when this happens anything that is of a negative nature can not stay, it cannot exist in a positive field. It will run from it. Which means it will leave the body.
So that is how Jesus healed in the olden times in your biblical times. They never explain that in the Bible. They just say he would lay hands upon the sick and they would recover. And what the same is true here. When you put hands on each other you can heal one another. Without any doubt it will occur.
Saryya:  If I may add, when you begin to do this you will move your self into a much higher vibration and frequency. This is why you are able to heal and the more that you do it the more you will feel what it feels like to be and to have your god power.
Zorra:     Indeed! And god power is what you want! Understand beloved masters, everyone listening to my words if you take it to heart it stirs up your faith within you, then it is awakening you. It is awakening your godself if you will. All of you have this power.
I have iterated and reiterated on this that everyone is gods and goddesses. We created you this way in the beginning and you have always been that way.
Never doubt that you are a god or a goddess sometimes both however, you must get your 3D thinking out of the way. You must think in a full fifth dimensional mindset. What I mean by that when you take on this ability that you have already and you have been instructed on how to do it, once you do it you jump from the 3D into 5thD at that point. So if you wish to be in five dimensional existence all the time that's how you do it. And don't think about it do it.
Saryya: Not only can you do this for each other you may also do this for your loving pet and for all of the plants and the trees and vegetation that is around you.
Zorra:     Mother Nature. You may heal Mother Nature. And also this goes doubly for those areas that are experiencing forest fires. Same thing. You send forth your energy to the areas or if you're in the area directly to the fire and it will quench the fire. Sounds impossible but all things are possible with God. And what are you? Gods and goddesses! So, need I say more? I don't think so.

How Will We Know when We Are in the Photon Belt?
Anyway but now getting over to what is termed the Photon Belt.
Presently many people are asking questions: ‘Are we in the Photon Belt?’ Believe me if you were in the Photon Belt you would know it because if you were fully engulfed in the Photon Belt … let me explain how this happens. When what is termed as a world enters into a Photon Belt it means light everywhere. Globally. Meaning there is no night, period. Anywhere. You have light engulfing the entire planet which means here, and over on the other side of the world which would normally be in darkness, would be in light just like you.
That is how you would know you're in the Photon Belt so I don't think we need to answer that question again.

What are these Pillars of Light?

Now, the beams of light or the columns of light that you are seeing appearing on the planet, some people have said, ‘oh, it is what is termed a portion of the Photon Belt.’ No!
As I have said once you are entered into the Photon Belt you will definitely know it. There will be no doubt whatsoever. It will not come in columns of light or beams of light. It will be engulfing the entire planet. Now, enough said on that. Anyway.
So the beams of light or the columns of light that are coming onto the earth. They are teleportation beams that are teleporting your mentors that are coming upon the earth to be mentors to you. Now many have come onto the earth already and there are going to be many more. So that is what is happening.



Now, another incident that happened was what is termed in Florida a rocket had lifted off and it was taking a nuclear payload to the International Space Station and it was deterred by one of our ships.
We are not going to allow you to arm a space station in space. That is ludicrous. Why would we want you to be able to do that; to bring war to different parts of your world? That is not going to happen.
As we have said before, we are neutralizing -- not all at once -- but we are neutralizing nuclear weaponry on your planet.
Now in the past you have what is termed you term it a science fiction film known as “The Day The Earth Stood Still.” A black-and-white film I believe it was. Anyway what took place there was the craft that was sitting in Washington, globally turned off all electrical power except in selected areas such as hospitals and things of this nature; they were not shut down. But transportation ceased. What was termed communication ceased. And so everything came to a standstill for a period of 45 minutes or so. Anyway, we have that same ability.
If need be we could completely, and entirely, globally, turn off your power. So don't think you can get one over on us. You cannot!


When and If We Should Still Be Concerned

And the chemtrails are also being neutralized. Understand a chemtrail is an off white color. It is not white, it is an off white color, sort of a cream color, and it consists of chemicals and things of this nature.
Now you do have contrails also which have been mistaken for chemtrails but they are not. They are just contrails and they spread out and they stay for a while. But anyway so if you see a white plume across the sky do not think it is a chemtrail it is not it is a contrail. Vapor, nothing more anyway harmless. Now…
Saryya: And the chemtrails, my dear, are they all neutralized?
Zorra:     They are neutralized. Every time an aircraft goes into the sky that was carrying these chemicals and they are spewing them out, as soon as they exit that craft they are neutralized. That is why they come out as a white plume instead of a cream-colored plume
Saryya:  Many people are still feeling the effects of them however.
Zorra:     No, that is in their mind. Understand that is a mindset. That is a belief that the vapor coming out of these jets is harming them. They have been programmed to believe this. But understand it is not harming you.
This is what is termed a mind trick if you will. So understand beloved masters when you see streaks across the sky that are solid white you need not worry they are not going to harm you. Though many people have been programmed through the years to believe that every time a jet goes across the sky and you see a streak behind it they are in danger. They are not.

No Pole Shift, No Axis Flip

You are being protected and you will continue to be protected by our ships. Understand there is what is termed there is a ship stationed is what is termed the northern quadrant above your planet; and one in the southern quadrant above your planet; and one on the East southern quadrant; and West southern quadrant around your planet and they are stabilizing the planet. Which means there shall not be what you term as a pole shift or a flip of the axis or whatever you wish to term it. That will not be allowed to happen.
Again why would we want to do what is termed as bless your planet with ascension and then destroy it? This is totally ludicrous thinking and not going to happen.

3D Fear-Thinking is doing us a disservice

We're not going to allow you to destroy yourselves and we're not going to allow you to do what is termed as fear thinking. You don't need to think of fear. Get rid of that word take away from your vocabulary. Every time you mention fear it lowers your vibration it lowers your frequency why would you do such a thing? Do not do this!
Anne:     Zorra, they’ve brought up the old word Fukushima again. (Zorra: I know) Really pushing it again instilling fear. Is there anything you can tell us about that?
Zorra:     Fukushima is a no thing. Understand when the Fukushima incident occurred…
Saryya:  This is the mass media ...
Zorra:     Of course. The mass media is controlled strictly what is termed the minions of the cabal are still affecting the media. And the media is what is bringing forth this fear of the Fukushima nuclear reactor.
Now understand we have a vessel that is stationed invisible over Fukushima. It is sitting there. It’s invisible. But every time anything that is supposed to be harmful coming from that area goes right into the ship. It is sucked in. So it's not going to be any poisoning of your oceans, we are purifying the oceans.
We are doing this constantly we want this to happen because we want the merpeople to regain their domain. And that is what is occurring.

Building nuclear power plants over fault lines?
We are monitoring all areas on your planet that would have, that could have a problem with zippers. Zippers are what is termed quaking of the earth. Now in certain areas you have nuclear power plants. These power plants unfortunately for some unknown reason have been all been established over fault lines. Now why would they do such a thing?
Anyway a fault line is the zipper [keys??]. Now so we have ships that are stationed above all of your nuclear power plants which are doing the same thing as what is termed the Fukushima. You are being protected. We’re not going to allow the atmosphere to become poisoned by radiation.
Because understand, if this were, if we were to allow this to occur eventually the atmosphere would become so poisoned that we would have difficulty in the interior of the planet. Which because we get much of our air from the openings of the north polar opening and the southern polar opening, allowing air to come through and circulate in the interior. Now the air that comes through the north polar openings if it became poisoned with what is termed radiation then we would have to combat that as well. And the water as well.
Yellowstone Disaster:  Not gonna happen!
So we must not allow this to occur. And Prime Creator has already directed us to do such a thing. Now we are we are monitoring the north polar openings and we are also monitoring your volcanic areas and things of this nature. We have a very large vessel that is stationed above what we would term as Yellowstone Park and if there was -- if --ever an explosion there it would be absorbed into the vessel. There would not be what is termed a pyroclastic cloud and decimate a good portion of your United States.
That would not be allowed to occur. We want you to ascend. Why would we want you to decimate your planet?
Saryya:  Beloveds remember that you of the fifth dimension, you can communicate with your Galactic brothers and sisters. And you can do so by, and well you know how to do this, mind to mind communication.
Even if you step out of your home and look up at the stars in the evening and you see so many stars but they are not stars. Indeed they are our ships. Communicate with them and they will flash for you to let you know that they are there. They are there to assist you as well as the Higher Companies of Heaven that you know of as the Archangels and the Angels and all of your different Guides that you have.
Know that these are not unreal for they are truly the reality that you are in now. So speak forth your wishes and your desires and that you do not want any of these catastrophes to occur and they will not.

Have you ever believed them when they said: I’m from the government. I’m here to help you.
Refrain again from all of your 3D/4D communication from your governments from your media. They are still trying desperately to be in control.
Know that you know better than they of the true truth.

The GALACTIC FEDERATION is in Firm Control
Zorra:     Indeed. Understand beloved masters that what is termed as the media is in the process of, they already know, the minions already know that their time is limited. They're being allowed to rant and rave but that is all. They are not going to be able to do what is termed as to control your planet any longer. This is now in the hands of the Galactic Federation.

Pope’s Visit Heralds Welcome Changes
I can tell you this you have a wondrous being the Pope, I think as he is so termed, coming to the United States. Many things are going to change after that visit. And this will be on the governmental levels. The United States is going to be put in their place and what is termed the United Nations are going to be put in their place.
Understand the governments -- all of them -- answer to the Vatican. Surprising yes?

About  US, INC and IRS (Newbies better sit down)
Would it also surprise you -- many of you already know this but some of you do not -- many peoples here on the Earth, in the United States especially, you have a time what is called tax time. Yes? Where you pay your income tax. Oh you think you're being very patriotic paying your income tax.
Understand this beloved masters you are paying the salaries of the Crown. Now does that surprise you? Should not. The United States has never gained independence from England. That is a fact. All of your what is termed tax dollars as you term them, are not going to reduce the deficit of the Corporation of the United States. (All of that is over.)
Understand now when you pay your taxes to the IRS it goes to the Federal Reserve and then from the Federal Reserve it goes to England. All of your tax dollars go to England. They do not go to your United States government Corporation. Now that is very surprising for many and you are understanding you are paying taxes out of ignorance. You do not owe anyone. Period. End of story.
What is termed as the European families, the British families and things of this nature: you’re paying their wages. You're paying their lifestyle while you were suffering.
Now what is happening to rectify that is a plan that is put into effect to eliminate debt. Debt forgiveness if you will. Many peoples are going to begin to receive communication stating that fact. So, watch your mailboxes and watch for announcements to be taking place over the air about this.
And of course when the Pope comes into the United States this is going to be brought to the surface. Likewise with the United Nations they answer to him. He is the head. He is the one who is been controlling or in control of the US Corporation and of the government as you term it and also the United Nations answer to him. And he is going to put them in their place. And they are going to step into place or they are going to be removed. Politically.
Anyway so enough of that. I do not like to be into politics and I will not be in politics. But anyway.

3D, 4D or 5D? Where are we?

Anne:     Zorra, recently a very popular channel just issued their well-read current channel but they also attached to it something from back in ‘11. The other channels are trying to prepare their people for ascension by going back to earlier times when we thought we were going to ascend 2012 and they’re resurrecting old information. (I'm going to I have a newsletter underway to alert them to the information that we have posted.) But what concerns me is attached to his current message is one from 2011 telling people how they are going to move from 3D into 4D and what their 4D bodies are going to look like. Now you're telling us we're moving from 3D into 5D. What's going on? Is there any 4D? Anything that we hear about 4D how should we respond?
Zorra:     Understand beloved master this is how things transpired. In what is termed January 2006 you shifted from 3D to 4D. The entire planet shifted into fourth dimension. Now then when you termed as 12/ 2012 you shifted from fourth to fifth. You are not shifting to fourth dimension your shifting to the fifth fully. Now, that is the answer for that. Indeed?
Anne:     So do we give any relevancy when people … they’re all stuck talking about moving from 3D to 4D. How do we just consider this the channel’s filtered believes that are being overlaid into the message?
Zorra:     Indeed.
Anne:     There really isn't much 4D left is there? What we've been told, in fact in one of Sananda’s messages told us 4D is collapsing into 3D and they’re both going to be gone pretty soon.

We’re no longer there and not looking back
Zorra:     Understand 3D and 4D are gone. In reality they are gone. You're in the much of the population is in the lower levels of the fifth dimension and many are even higher than that and you are one of them. Anyway. So, that's why you are so close to ascension Anne.
That's why we are saying get out of your 3D and 4D thinking. Get into your God Selves. Realize each and every one of you that you are gods and you are goddesses.
Now when I say that many people are going wait a minute what's he talking about? Alright I'm going to explain that to you.

Zorra’s Brief Bible Study
(This is all you need to know)
Those of you who have a Bible open it. Open it. Open your Bible. Don't sit there and contemplate. Don't sit there and roll your eyeballs just open your Bibles to your Old Testament. Go to the beginning. (They're doing it finally. Good.) Now, read the passage where it talks about creation of man. Go ahead.
Now that you've read that here’s what. I'm going to add to that: “…and with our powers and abilities.” Did that surprise many? Now read it again with that context.
Oooh look at the eyebrows rising.
Many peoples have done this. “God said let us make man in our image in our likeness and with our powers and abilities.” Does that not make more sense?
In the New Testament now turn to your Matthew where Jesus is talking to a disciple about healing. “Marvel not what I do for greater shall you do if you only believe …”  Not ‘in my name,’  “… if you only believe that you can.”
Again you have been reminded that you are gods and you are goddesses.
This is in your own Bibles. Add in that phrase I have just given you. Whenever you read a passage that says, “in my name,” exclude that and replace it with, “if you only believe that you can.”
Then the Scripture will make sense to you and that will change the way you think. That will change the way you live your lives. You will take back your godhood. You will take back your ability of godhood and you will become the gods that you are, or the goddesses that you are.
Now. Indeed. Peoples that are listening to my voice all of you Christians out there read your Bibles of course. It is what is termed a map, a way to live. Of course by all means do so. But do not exclude the phrase I have given you because that should have been put in your Bibles but was not. Because if it had been the world will not be in the shape it's in now.
Saryya:  Our beloved Sananda Jesus he was here to try and help all of you to remember who you truly are. That you are gods and goddesses, that you are only love. (Zorra: Indeed) So that was part of his role here on your divine planet.
I think I shall have Quazar return. I think she has some questions for you.
Zorra:     All right bring Quazar back. That's fine. But moving on. When we tell you that you’re gods and goddesses you can believe this and know it. And your inner knowingness will tell you that because your higher Oversoul as you term it knows that you are gods and goddesses. And you've been reminded of it many, many times.
There is no reason for you to have loved ones that are dieing, ones that are suffering from illnesses when you have within your hands, within your grasp the ability to alleviate their suffering. You are a god or you are a goddess and you are a healer. That is a fact. That is not a suggestion. That is not a hearsay. That is not a programming. It is a fact.
You are a healer -- every one of you that are listening to my voice. You are a healer. Know that. Repeat it to yourself on a daily basis. I am a healer! And do it! You see someone that is ill or someone or your loved ones that are in hospitals, go and heal them. Don't rely on medicines go and heal them with your God power.
Quazar: Hi Zorra, hi Lady Nada. You know I have a nice story to tell you. (Zorra: Go ahead)  Well Zaraya and I were out yesterday [at a restaurant] and Zaraya and I noticed our waiter was kind of hobbling around so we waved him over. Zaraya asked what's going on with your leg? The guy says I just tweaked it. I'm into a lot of sports and stuff and I can still feel a little dullness and a little ache in my leg. So I said, do you know about energy work. He said no, he didn’t. And I said this won't hurt you at all. And so Zaraya said well it's all about energy. We’re all made up of energy and I'd like to show you how you can heal yourself.
The guy said okay and sat down in a chair. Zaraya then said, “I'm just to rub my hands together. I'm going to place my hand on one side of your knee and then the other on the other side. And voila! Within a minute he stood up. When Zaraya told him to move his leg, the waiter said, “I can't believe this!” and he was really, really astonished.
So this is something that all of us can do. Right Zorra?
Zorra:     Indeed. When we tell you to go and heal, when Jesus sent out his disciples in twos and he said go and heal them, that's exactly what they did. Why? Because they realized who they were or what they were: They were gods and goddesses. And they were given the understanding of who they were.
When Jesus healed the blind man when he healed the leper when he healed all of the illnesses he told them who they were, that they were goddesses and gods, and when they became and realize this they were straightaway healed immediately. Same with you.
You have the same abilities as Jesus when he walked the planet. He - gave - the message - that you were gods and you were goddesses.
Now that was not put in the Bible of course because what would that do? That would give the power to the people. That would give the power back to the people where it belongs!
But those messages about Jesus when he said, ‘lay hands on the sick and they shall recover,’ it should have explained what he meant by that and how he did it. But if it would have been put in the Bible your world would be in a lot more peaceful manner right now if that were so. But it was not put there; they did not want you to realize who you were. And when you don't know who you are you can easily be led or programmed, if you will, which they are now.
We are giving you the key to deprogram your thinking. To deprogram yourselves and accept the reality that you are gods and you are goddesses and healers.
Quazar: You know everybody if we can all just begin to think it and do it and realize the truth of it, the more we can do that on a daily basis the more it moves into the subconscious. We already know that the subconscious contains all of the information 95% of the information that is in our brains. Five percent is this consciousness and that is only 5% of what we use.
Zorra:     Now tell the peoples when you went to the ribfest and healed them.
Quazar: Oh here’s another good story. I'll tell you my own story as a hospice nurse because I learned energy work even before I met Zaraya. We learned how to use energy work. (Of course we had to pay for those classes.) But I use them all the time when I would see my patients and I would also do the same thing with the people that were around them. People would have it pain in their hand, a pain in their back, I would do the same thing that Zorra is already saying. And then within five minutes that person would come back and say ‘wow, what did you do, that feels a whole lot better’.  And of course it didn't really realize then that I was accessing the god power. You know that's all what it is.
But anyway you know there's a big fest out here in Reno called the ribfest with a cookoff and a lot of vendors. Anyways we came upon a couple who needed – well we were just chit chatting with them and were talking about Soul and stuff. A couple of them had some aches and pains of course, and did the same thing again. They were so completely, completely surprised. Really, really amazed that this could happen.
So until you do it, until you try, you cannot know for sure whether or not it really works. But go ahead and give it a try.
So Zorra can I begin with some questions?
Zorra:     As you wish.
Quazar:  Well maybe before we go into the real questions I know that a lot of people are still thinking or wanting to know … you know what the word is. Can you tell us the updates on that? (Zorra: It's done!)
We are talking about the RV folks. Okay so I guess you don't want to say any more on that. (Zorra: No) So we'll just wait for it to happen then. That it's completely finished? (Zorra: It's completely finished.)
Well maybe give us an update then on Disclosure and Gathering.

Disclosure and the Gathering

Zorra:     When what is termed as when the Pope comes to visit the United States he is also going to mention extraterrestrial presence, extraterrestrial existence. He will bring that out also. And so the beginning of what is termed Disclosure will begin.
So and of course the energy that is coming upon the earth The Wave as you term it is intensifying. And it is awakening many peoples, opening their eyes. And what I mean by opening their eyes it is opening their third eye. Third eye meaning between the eyebrows.
Now, when it opens you will see what you don't see now. You will see the ships in the clouds you will see the clouds yes but you will also see outlines inside the clouds so you'll actually see the ships that are hidden in the clouds.
When your third eye opens and stays open which is what is happening with The Wave it is awakening peoples showing them what they cannot see presently. And that is an awakening. The Wave is called the Awakening Wave, not Wave X, it's an Awakening Wave ... That is the title Prime Creator had given it; Awakening Wave. And it's going to peak around the 28th the 29th of this month and then when I say peaking to its crescendo. It continues at that level. And that Wave will not just pass by the earth it will go into an orbit around the Earth to fully awaken mankind.
Quazar: And how long will it take to fully awaken the masses?
Zorra:     It will become rapid. The more that we are giving messages to you, messages of hope, messages of love, of upliftment of encouragement, and reminding you who you are, this wave is helping you to grasp that; helping you to absorb it into your being. Next question.


Quazar:  What's going on with the Dragon family and China and Obama?
Zorra:     China and the Dragon family? They have finally come to an agreement to combine all Dragon families into one. (Quazar: So that means ...) Good news.
Quazar:  [Laughing] The good news is …
Zorra:     [Cutting her off] Uh uh!


Quazar:  So tell us about, we haven't heard a lot about Obama and that whole bit as far as what's going on with the White House. Can you kind of give us an update on that?
Zorra:     Obama just recently was in the Oval Office as it is so termed when there appeared to him St. Germain, appeared to him Archangel Michael, appeared to him Prime Creator, appeared to him myself, all in a meeting, all appeared in physical form. He was set back quite much. He was what is termed astounded if you will. And we again encouraged him [to] speak forth his knowingness and reminded him of his mission from the Mushabans. That is where he is from.
Quazar:  And the mission is…
Zorra:     Disclosure. So he has been encouraged to speak the truth without any fear of reprisal. So we shall see what will occur. That was during the other ship over Washington.
Quazar:  Was that last week Zorra?
Zorra:     Indeed.



Now, more and more sightings are going to be taking place and this will not be at night. This is going to be in the daytime so keep your cameras ready. Keep your video cameras rolling.
You are going to see ships in lower altitudes where you will be able to if you will read the symbols on them. It means they will be very low and people are going to see them.
People on highways that are crossing the country in the daytime will see them. If you are taking the trip you will see a vessel. So keep your cameras ready, ready to take pictures. The more pictures that are taken and the films that are taken and are put out there, the more your government will not be able to refute it or to hide it or to disguise that as something else. The more that is showed, the more people that are shown, the more the people will cry out to the government to give out the truth.


Quazar:  Okay Zorra. Oh my goodness I can't believe the time already. I have a question here.
This is Margaret. She would like to ask for your comment on this. And this is talking about the 11th holistic doctor that was found dead. (And this was September 16, 2015.) So 11 holistic physicians have been found dead so far. Can you give us some explanation as to why this is so?
Zorra:     Some out of fear and some what is termed they came to realize what is happening in the world and they could not cope with it.
Quazar: Well I think part of it, Zorra, is that some of these are, many of these doctors are at the cutting edge of some therapies that would really benefit the earth the humanity and we are wondering if that was the cabal doing all of this?
Zorra:     The minions? Some of it is. But again, some of it is fear. What is termed they have been warned not to do certain things and if they continue then they were eliminated. However some was done out of fear. Literally they came to realize the truth of what is going on and could not deal with it and committed suicide. Some, not all. And then some were eliminated [by the cabal’s minions] because of their determination to bring forth these practices.
However, again, people are protected. Ones such as Zaraya and Quazar and ones giving out truth are all protected.
Quazar: How come they weren't protected Zorra? Why weren't they protected? I mean these were doctors and physicians that were really working for the benefit of all of humanity in their practices.
Zorra:     Indeed. As I said there were some that were came to the point that they could not cope with it; the realization, the knowledge that they realized that they were given. And it scared them so badly.
Quazar: Well that's rather interesting. (Zorra: It is indeed) 
Anne, I don't know whether you have anything else to add on that to ask Zorra?


Anne:     I have a question that was triggered in my own mind. Can you give any idea when we will have open media?
Zorra:     Yes I would say after what is termed the meeting that will be taking place with the Pope.
As I said, when the Pope comes to the United States the latter part of the this month, when he comes to the United States with the knowledge and given the United Nations the declaration and instruction, at that point the media will be freed up.
There is going to be media present telecasting what is termed the meetings that are going to be taking place. And there will be peoples also there from the Galactic Federation of Planets that will be guarding the Pope. Invisible but they will be watching the Pope and protecting him from harm. The most likely will be an attempt on his life, however it will not be allowed.


Anne:     Zorra, we received a recent declaration. I haven't had the time to fully read it all, I just have to get general ideas (so much comes across my desk,) but as I understand it it says that the Pope has stopped/closed/canceled all corporations; the corporations that are the legal identity of governments, agencies. They hide behind the corporate veil so they can do no wrong and not be held accountable.
Has the Pope canceled all corporations? And if so what effect does that have on the validity of all of these organizations that were known as corporations if they no longer are?
Zorra:     Well when I said when the Pope comes to the US, yes, he will be doing what is termed he is in the process, he has shut down many of them in Europe already. He has shut down many of them in the Orient as well. And also he has shut down many of them in Australia and New Zealand. He has shut down many of them in England. So yes, he is a very powerful being. And of course he is a messenger from Prime Creator.

Anne:     How does that relate -- I think this is triggering everyone's minds right along with mine -- to our US Corporation that we have presumed was a legal government for the last 150 years?
We understand that the entity that was a corporation filed in Puerto Rico: the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION we understand it has not renewed its charter so it is literally nonexistent now. So are we just floating with no legal government?
Zorra:     Pretty much yes.
Anne:     Until our Republic walks in.
Zorra:     Indeed and the Republic is ready to do so. And this will probably come about after the visitation.


Anne:     Oh it's gonna be so wonderful! I'm kind of glad I didn't ascend. It’s going to be kind of fun to be down here to watch it all, Zorra.
Zorra:     Indeed.
Anne:     That doesn't mean I'm not gonna go folks!
Zorra:     When your task is done and complete and your house is in order … (Anne: Yes, I know) you will suddenly become extremely light and you will begin to glow ... and so will your puppy!
Anne:     I was going to ask about Doggie. Doggie’s going too. I keep telling her she's going too. Thank you Zorra thank you.
I don't have my house in order. I have to make my list for my brother yet. He would never forgive me if I just left him with all the loose ends.
Zorra:     Indeed. So I will tell you to begin getting your house in order Lady Nada.
Anne:     I’m going to do that this weekend. I just want you to know that I am ready. And I don't have that feeling if I don't have my promise fulfilled to my brother that I would leave him all the information about accounts and that kind of thing. (Zorra: Indeed) Thank you Zorra.
Zorra:     Indeed

Quazar:  I have another question from Carmen which will relate to all of us.
Could you give us more of an idea of how the ascension process will take place? Will people just vanish for a while and then come back or will we go like in a dream state? Do you know of any preliminary signs as to when that person will be ascending. Could you share some of that information with us.
She says I'm a little apprehensive and maybe a little afraid. I don't know what will happen to my children and my fiancée. My fiancé is not aware of any of this and probably will not be receptive even if I tried to explain so I really don't have anyone to talk to.
Zorra:     Indeed beloved masters. Signs of the ascension are your body is becoming lit up such as glowing if you will. You will get to a point where your body will glow and then you will be gone.
Understand -- children – you need not worry about your children. For at the time that you begin to glow so shall they. The children are innocent before the year of accountability. All the children shall go with you. And they shall ascend the same time as you. You need not worry for your children. They will not be left behind.

Now different signs of ascension: complete knowingness of who you are and what you are and acting accordingly. Meaning, fully realizing your God power and using it. All of you out there I have told you this time and time again you are gods and you are goddesses, depending on your sexual orientation and sometimes you are both.

And also you are healers and you have been told this time and time again. But I am emphasizing this now, you are healers.
You need not ask for my healing. You have that same ability. Heal each other you can do it. Just set forth in your faith in your knowingness and do it.
Jesus said you could do it, so do it. I say you can do it, so do it. Come to realize that you are gods and goddesses and healers. I told you everyone on this planet are healers. Everyone.
Not one person on this planet is not a healer. That goes for someone incarcerated. That goes for peoples that are very young or very old. It matters not. All of you have the power to heal. Every one of you.
Your children your relatives your neighbors your countrymen globally everyone are healers. They just don't realize it. But now you realize it. You've been told now you need to act upon your knowingness and you will heal.
When you go to heal someone do not doubt it. Know it. Know that your ministering healing is going to be fruitful and it shall. Know without a doubt when you lay hands upon someone in the manner in which I have told you they will be healed and they will.
Quazar: Thank you Zorra I know that we will be doing another Pulse later on but Carmen is also asking for some healing for herself and her family.


Another question came up in regards to the lunar operations. Can you tell us more about that? The things that are going on on the moon that we are not aware of. And there is also an individual named Cory Goode who works with what they call the Blue Avians from a different planet. Can you give us a bit more information as we connect into a higher than where we are on this earth knowledge about that?  
Zorra:     On the far side of your moon is a base which you would term as a way station if you will, a stopping off point before coming to the Earth. It is peopled by the Galactic Federation of Planets. And there is much going on there. And of course it is a also a point of R&R for the Galactic Federation of Planets as well. Relaxation if you will from the fleet that is in orbit around your planet.

Quazar: What about these Blue Avians and Corey Goode? Can you tell us a little bit more about them?
Zorra:     What about them? Well they're just another race.
Quazar: Where are they from?
Zorra:     Alpha Centauri.
Quazar: So the information that we’re receiving from Corey Goode, is there more information that we need to know other than what he's talking about?
Zorra:     When the time is right you will know.
Quazar: Well all right. Anne do you have anything to ask Zorra regarding this and then I'm going to hand this over to you.
Anne:     No not really. As I stated in my last session with Michael Ellegion, my focus is getting this planet ascended.
I had deliberately avoided -- although more and more people are being attracted by Corey Goode and the publicity offered him by David Wilcock and now it's into a weekly series -- so there's no avoiding it. I didn't want people getting so distracted with a whole different scenario that they have no place in. It’s curiosity and entertainment and distraction from their ascension.

And to me this is it; your ascension is all that matters. And if you do your work with the ascension you'll know more answers than Corey Goode. What you have to say about that Zorra?
Zorra:     Understand beloved masters, when knowledge is given and you use your discernment for such a thing, if it brings joy to you and happiness and upliftment then go ahead and listen to it. If it brings anything other than that disregard it. Because only love is important; only upliftment is important.
If a message is given that disturbs you, causes you panic, causes you fear, disregard it. Block it from your mind because love -- which is what this Wave is of enlightenment, of knowingness -- is bringing forth pure love to your planet. And people are absorbing it and feeling it and knowing it.
I am noticing more and more people are smiling. Perfect strangers are smiling at one another. This is a wondrous thing to see.
The love is spreading globally throughout the planet and more and more peoples that are listening to me that are going out and using what they have learned; using their God powers; using their knowingness; using what is termed spreading the word, the messages that we are giving you. I am seeing more and more people awakened that way; word-of-mouth if you will.


And also you have also been given tools: headbands, healing rods. You have been given products that will help you to ascend to heal your bodies. These are very important for you.
We understand what is termed the prices of some of these products and some are expensive. This we understand. Also understand this: once your revaluation occurs and you have the funds, more than you will possibly be able to imagine, you can do what is termed as to purchase quantities of the product and give it away literally. Just give it away to peoples that are less fortunate so they can also heal. I'm speaking to people who have the means to make large purchases of this and give it away to help mankind to heal; to help your loved ones to heal; to help the people in your region to heal.
So those that are able and can afford it do so. It is not about money it is about healing. It is not about profit it is about healing. It is not about gaining or becoming multimillionaires it's about healing.
So I would tell you Quazar and Zaraya have given product away; given it away for people to experience the healing power of the product. Lady Nada is giving, is enabling, is helping peoples beyond her means to help peoples that cannot afford the product.
But there are those who have plenty and are sitting on it. There are those who have plenty and are not sharing it. Not sharing their means and they think that they must hang onto their means.
I will tell you this, those that give a portion of their means will get back 100-fold. Those that have the means to help and don't help, you won't receive.
So the essence is help if you can. If you have the ability and you have the abundance and you are what is termed a distributor, then purchase much and give it away you will get it all back in many ways 100-fold.
It is part of manifestation. Give and you shall receive. The law of attraction of course.
Next question Lady Nada.

QUESTIONS & ANSWERS ------------------

Anne:     Okay let me see how many I've got here. [Anne is counting Zorra is laughing as number grows] Oh we have 10. We can handle 10.


Zorra:        No personal questions!  The question must be for all. I'm not going to give someone where they're from. I'm not going to do what is termed how to improve their own lives. We must focus on the majority.
Anne: Now folks when you come on you give your first name, you tell your physical location on the globe and then you ask one good question. Not personal, something we all want to know.
And then please have the wisdom to end the conversation. No one should try to extend it into a personal conversation with Zorra. He’s here to answer one question from you.
[And if you have called to ask a question, stay near the phone or you might miss your turn. Note: the computer play is delayed by up to a minute.]


352:       Hi Anne this is Rod from Florida. Who is going to comprise the New Republic? Will it be the same people that we have in office now or how is that going work?
Zorra:     New peoples. New ideas. New creations. Not the old ones.


352:       Can I ask one more quick question? With all of the misery we see of the people displaced by ISIS, what's going to happen there?
Zorra:     The peoples that have been displaced by ISIS they will be cared for I can assure you of this.
352:       Will the consciousness of the people involved ever change or will they be barbarians for the rest of time?
Zorra:     No they shall be changing as well just as the world will be changing. If they do not change they will be left behind or put elsewhere.
352:       Okay thanks for your answers Zorra.

Realized Lightworkers Glow too

928:       Hello it's Kariel in Sedona and it might be a little personal I hope not but I did ask Zorra a couple of years ago. I visited a restaurant and someone said I was glowing and they would like me to come over and speak with them. Could you tell me if that's part of the ascension for me?
Zorra:     Well it would be that way for all. When someone sees you glowing that means that you are a Lightworker and you are a realized Lightworker. So when people see you glowing or say you are glowing say you appreciate it and thank them. And then have conversation with them and heal them if they need it.
Technical Difficulties
Note - This call had to be re-recorded and is available now. See page 1 - top.

518:       My name is Anton I'm part of the ground crew of the Ashtar Command. I am in upstate New York. My question is this is the second program that I've listened to on the listening lines and I found that they did not record. This one stopped recording just before one o'clock. I don't know how can we get this information to share with others?
Anne:     The recording will have the complete call. I've not had any other complaints. I think it's something unique with your connection with the system because ... [518: inaudible] because I've heard those comments from individuals but yet other people listen and never had a problem. So when it's recorded you'll be able to hear the entire thing.
Write to me and I'll follow through with the system and see what they have to say for us. And welcome, welcome to Hollow Earth Network.


530:       I'm Marianne from California. I just recently heard from a channeler that Gaia will become a star and everyone on this planet will be going to other dimensions. A lot of people will be going to the new DNA Earth that's created and I just wanted to check in and find out if that's what's going to happen, especially with that first Wave September 28th.
Zorra:     Understand beloved master the earth is not becoming a star. The Earth is a planet. Understand? It is that hollow planet meaning it has a population living within it. Why would we want to be a star? (530: I don't know.)
No we will not be a star. Now there would be peoples from the planet that are going to other star systems that is true. When the Gathering occurs all peoples on the planet shall be removed from the planet. They will either be going inside the planet or they will be going elsewhere.
The purpose of it is so Gaia can reform herself on the surface. There are going to be upheavals on the earth of 20 magnitudes. You would not want to be present when that occurs because that would level everything literally. All cities will be flattened.
You would not want to be there when that occurs. That is why the Gathering will be taking place and we will be removing all life forms from the planet [surface] so they will not be harmed.
Now, after the reterraformation of the planet is complete and Mother Earth has reclaimed her surface and returned the Earth's surface to what is termed a pristine state. Understand what I'm saying. Now look at what is termed a farmer's field. What happens before he puts down seed? He plows. And when he plows it overturns the soil does it not? That is what is going to occur on the surface of the planet. Literally the entire planet will be cultivated to a point where the surface of the earth will become a what is termed a cloud surface. And visualize that happening to New York.
Now, all of the concrete all of this steel all of the man-made materials will be overturned. The entire planet will be returned back to a Garden of Eden; to a pristine state of existence; a pristine planet.
Then afterwards those that wish to return to the earth will return to the earth. And they will return into a garden. And there will be no structures anywhere no cities no highways none of this. It will be a pristine planet to reestablish colonization if you will. But the colonization will be within the planet inside. The surface will remain pristine for all future generations to enjoy.
So life on the surface of the earth will no longer be life on the surface of the earth. You will be in the hollow of the earth. (530: Or another planet) Or another planet or your home planet or wherever you are from. (530: I wonder where I'm from)
Anne:     Now that's a personal question you can't ask.
Zorra:     Orion.
Anne:     You're telling her? I'll shut up.
Zorra:     She's Orion . (530: continues to question Zorra with more personal questions.)
530:       So is this just gonna happen, everybody's just instantaneously moved off at the same time when the big wave comes.


Zorra:     When the Gathering comes not the Wave. When the Gathering comes.
The Gathering meaning you have what is termed you have the Sun. Yes? If you look at the sun in the evening hours as it is dropping down out of the sky, if you look at the sun with dark glasses you will see a great orb in front of the sun. It is also causing the sun to become much brighter. Now that is a ship in front of the sun and it is called Ellenin. It is a Sirius-collecting vessel. (The star system Sirius.) It is here to collect the incarnates on the earth that are from Sirius.
Now, it is in front of your sun. When it separates from your sun, that will be a sign. When you see two suns in the sky, that will be your sign the Gathering is about to take place. When you see Ellenin separate from the sun and appear as two suns that will be your sign that the Gathering is about to take place.
530:       So I go outside and spend some time looking at the sun or if I get an intuition that this is the time and I’m gonna know what it is and I'm going to go out side and I'm going to be looking at the sun and that's when it's going to happen. (Zorra: Indeed) A lot of people are going to be doing the same thing at the same time.
Zorra:     Of course and when that occurs that will be everyone's sign that the Gathering is about to take place. And that's when vessels will appear in the sky in many shapes and many sizes and they will be here to collect their incarnations from the planet Earth.
530:       Do we bring our puppies?
Zorra:     You will take your companions with you yes.
530:       Thank you. Well that is reassuring. I appreciate all of this information it puts my mind at ease.
Zorra:     Indeed. And Ramtha is bringing forth rain to California. Many peoples were in drought stricken areas will soon be having a deluge of rain to put out the fires and bring forth back the green where it needs to come. And all the temperatures will be dropping as far as what is termed dropping to the point where fires cannot just suddenly burst into flame.


530:       I have another question about this shift where we’re going to be taken off the planet and we go somewhere else. How long will it take us to come back.
Zorra:     Understand beloved master. The reterraformation of planet Earth will take hours. Not days, hours.
530:       So I'm planning to stay around my house in my yard on the 28th.
Zorra:     No! Do not say on the 28th. Understand The Wave that is coming on the earth is a wave of love it is a wave of enlightenment it is a wave of what is called (Anne: Awakening) ...knowledge, of intelligence and that is not necessarily going to be what is termed the event that will cause the Gathering. The Gathering will/may even come after that or maybe even before. It matters not. Whenever Prime Creator says Gathering that is it. So do not expect it to occur on the 28th. Understand we are not going to give you a timeframe so you can start to prepare for it. You want to understand it will come when it is time for it to come. Period.

530:       Well I have one more question about the rod, I just received the rod and the headband and I put it on and the headband was fine but the rod was so powerful I was healing my dog you know and I live by myself and I got really overwhelmed by it. I got nauseous and I never get nauseous but anyway I didn't have it very long but I know it's a really valuable tool. (Zorra: Indeed) Very very powerful. So I haven't done it today so I know it's got huge crystals on each end.  This is for a goddess.
Zorra: You are a goddess.

530:       I know you told me. It took me into another time. (Zorra: Indeed) So it's like I had some flashbacks when I put on the headband to of doing healings in the Egyptian but I remember being a time in Atlantis when I healed with crystals. (Zorra: Indeed) I remember that, not remember how well it worked which I trusted so I always knew that I was the healer. (Zorra: Everyone is) but I didn't necessarily know I was. So I started doing your technique and oh my heavens it took immediate. It’s immediate. Awesome I love it. And I figured it out it was my I Am Presence that was coming through which is my God self doing it. (Zorra: Indeed it is.) I told a friend about it yesterday I said this is our I Am Presence and more powerful we’re taking our power back. (Zorra: That is correct.)

Anne:     You're going on with more questions now. (Zorra: Yes) You have developed this into a conversation which if you remember we were told ask one brief question. And because your questions were interesting I let you get away with it. But don't anybody else try it out. One quick question folks. No commentary no conversations about personal business. Okay? (Zorra: Indeed) Thank you for sharing with us. And don't forget to touch number one I need to clear your from this queue I don't dare get you back on again.

THE 2030 AGENDA???

941:       I'm from Florida. My name is Mary and my question is there was some stuff going around about the 2030 agenda and I was wondering it could be addressed. It’s been shown as being nefarious to the humans and I just want validation I guess that it's going to be a good thing. It's called the 2030 agenda. It's going to be brought out at the UN meeting on the 23rd and supposedly the UN and all the other countries are supposed to vote on it to become a universal law for all people or something like that.
Zorra:     What universal law?
Anne:     Oh it's something they're going to bring up at the UN meeting. It's a proposal, a 3D proposal I think.
Zorra:     3D proposal is not going to work.
941:       Yes but I just wondered if it was a true 3D proposal or in my mind I was thinking well maybe this is what the Galactics are trying to introduce to the people if it was more of a good thing. Then I got this feeling that it's not a good thing so I just wanted reassurance.
Zorra:     And who is bringing it up?
941:       The UN. I can't remember who the author is but is quite a few pages and posted on the internet. And I can send a link to you if you like and maybe you could take a lot look at it.
Anne:     I had seen it and disregarded it because it's with the UN which is not going to be here as such after this meeting.
941:       So this agenda probably won't even be brought up then.
Zorra:     Understand beloved master that when the Pope comes to speak all actions of the UN and all actions of the United States government come to a halt.
941:       Okay. Well I had a feeling it wasn't a good thing but I just wasn't sure if you know I mean.
Zorra:     Indeed
Anne:     Okay well that handles that. It's just where they think they are but they're going to find out where they are when they hear from the Pope. (Zorra: Indeed)  It's their ideas.
760:       Hi, good morning Anne and Zorra and everyone and Jane. This is Richard in California. I just got card in the mail. It has to do with ‘We Are Not Alone In The Universe, The 32nd Interplanetary Conclave Of Light’ on October 10th through 11th. And it's with the Unarius Education Foundation. I wanted to know what Zorra had to say about that, if you know anything about that or and they're having this event that relates to what you're talking about and they were also mentioning about the recent confirmation by NASA of the 12 planets that are similar to Earth. Aif that’s a confirmation from you Zorra as well as the other things that are going on. They’re going to talk about extraterrestrial science and dark matter and energy and a cosmic mystery school and some other things that relate to your awakening. And they also have a future landing site according to them in Ham Rule[???]  I want to check that out as well. It's pretty amazing from what I see on the card.
Anne:     [Based on the date of that function] the point is it's going to follow whatever happens when the Pope speaks to the UN and our whole world is going to change.
760:       I want to ask Zorra about what he thinks of that particular event.
Zorra:     The event may not take place once the Pope speaks. Much will be changing upon the planet.
760:       Hmm. So things that are ... I'm just wondering about logistics of things too. The way you're speaking it sounds like things are instantaneous which is certainly fifth dimensional but there is there any lag time at all going to happen.
Zorra:     Understand beloved master when things are put into motion it will be like dominoes.
760:       Yeah I understand that. That's 5D. But what about the people the consciousness of the masses that are still their minds are still in the 3rd D. Isn’t that going to create a buffer zone for other things or is it just going to be like a laser it's going to cut through all that crap?

Zorra:     Understand beloved master, the Wave that is coming upon the planet that is already here but is intensifying is going to do away with most of that kind of thinking. That ... (760: Uhhuh, I had a feeling about that. Yeah.) Indeed. There is ...
760:       ... it sounds mind-boggling to really get the truth that we truly are in the love our divine nature is fully conscious. (Zorra: Indeed) But this what you're saying this will go like a domino effect or like the Wave of whatever is just going to just go through everything that exists right now in physicality on America and probably everywhere else. (Zorra: Indeed)
How about the actual, okay if the governments are the Corporation is down is coming down in other words is dissolving then there's other the Republic or the constitutional law is coming into place immediately? (Zorra: Indeed)
Well this sounds so mind-boggling the mind can keep up with it but in my heart I feel it's true and that I'm really grateful that you're bringing this to the light and bringing this into feel a sense of strength and grounding this to what you are saying. I really appreciate that.
Zorra:     Indeed beloved master and also understand you need to also take forth your knowingness that you are God ... (760: Yes!) And you have the ability to heal. So go out and heal those that need it. (760: I am.) Indeed.
Anne:     Okay that brought it to a point for a lot of people. Thank you for your question.
Lightworkers Can Succumb To Pettiness
865:       Yes Zorra this is Christine from Knoxville Tennessee. I would just like from your point of view advice on how to handle a situation of Lightworkers shunning other Lightworkers and not coming together for a common goal. Is it like soul contract things when people do that? I have a big thing about not leaving anybody behind; and everybody's on the same boat; and everybody take everybody's hand and help each other. You know like Ashtar says "agree to respectfully disagree." Do you have a way for me to look at this in the positive way because it really bothers me.
Zorra:     Go within yourself beloved master and make contact with your Oversoul. Make contact with what is termed your subconscious mind. Make contact with that and that will bring forth the knowingness of what you seek. You are a goddess. Make no mistake. You are a goddess and a healer and so are they. So, act accordingly. That is all.
843:       Hi Anne, this is Henry in South Carolina. Zorra what I want to ask about, can you shed a little light on what's going on with the guy nicknamed Free Will on the NESARA Galactic website. I understand he was arrested and he’s in solitary confinement. I hope no harm has come to him. His name is Free Will he just places a lot of things on the NESARA website.
Zorra:     Zaraya will make contact with you after the call and discuss this.
Does The RV Work Globally?
505:       Hi my name is Peter I'm here from New Mexico. I have a quick question for Zorra regarding the currency revaluation. Is this the exchange only good for the US? What about people who live in the other countries such as Canada, England, Australia. Do they have the same gift as we do in the US?
Zorra:     Of course except not the contract rate. International only.
505:       What about the dong? Is this going to be making all of Vietnam become millionaires in US dollars or how does it work?
Zorra:     Everyone who is invested in the dong will become quite wealthy.
505:       So even for the people inside the country. (Zorra: Indeed) Oh I see, I thought that was only for the US.
Zorra:     International rate.
505:       And should we expect this to happen before Christmas this year, Zorra?
Zorra:     [Quazar, Zorra laughing as it was discussed in depth earlier in the call] Of course.
505:       Of course okay that's good so we've got some money to spend for Christmas correct?
Zorra:     And before.
505:       And before. Okay thank you Zorra.
Zorra:     They are already an exchangeable currency on the market already.
So what order will it happen in?
925:       Hi this is Jennifer calling from California. I understand NESARA is abolish the IRS, debt forgiveness, this new government, etc. Is St. Germain's fund a part of NESARA or is that a separate thing? We've been told many times recently that NESARA is before the RV and you stated watch your mail, watch over the air messages watch your bank account. Can you give us some order of how all of this is going to transpire? I understand there's no times or dates but just some order to it all?
Zorra:     Some order to it all?
925:       In like how, you know the Wave is coming so all of our energies are increasing. Is NESARA going to happen first and then St. Germain's fund and then the RV and then the new government ... you know, that type of thing.
Zorra:     NESARA and St. Germain are working in unison.
925:       Okay and is that going to happen first? So is it possible to give a little order to how all this is going to happen or would you rather not.
Anne:     Do you think it will be more clear after the Pope speaks?
Zorra:     Indeed.
925:       Okay so just wait. Be patient.
Anne:     It's only a week. It's only Wednesday.
Zorra:     Goodbye.
Anne:     Oh, Quazar's leaving?
Zorra:     Yes because Saryya is coming again.
Soul Testimony
505:       Hi this is Sue from New Mexico. I just wanted to give a little testimony for Soul and ask a question. (Zorra: Go ahead)
I've been on Soul since February 2014. I love it. I haven't been sick since I started on it and I have healed myself so thank you for telling us how to do that. I just healed myself of a sore throat and I have been working on healing a pine tree. But enough about me.
I wanted to ask Zorra. He touched on this a couple of calls back when you said the Lemurians are from Nibiru. I wonder if you could elaborate a little more on that because of the stigma of the Annunaki being from Nibiru.
Zorra:     Understand beloved master that Nibiru as you term it is Lemur. Lemur happens to be the home planet of the Lemurians.
505:       So where did the Nibiru come from?
Zorra:     Nibiru is a name given to Lemur from your government.
505:       Oh, to cause the fear.
Zorra:     Of course.
505:       Okay. Thank you so much for clearing that up for everybody on this call.
Anne:     You said it! I'm glad you brought that up. We're getting so many fear questions about Nibiru, Nibiru, Nibiru!
At least she gives it to you in small bites
505:       And Zorra and Saryya I want to let y'all know that we do listen to y'all. It does sink into our little dense brains [Zorra chuckling] and I'm witnessing as many people as I can. And I just got to talk to my son's friends wife last night. I talked to her for like two hours. This is like a three course meal you know like in the morning we're going to hear what our governments are doing to us. For lunch were going to go into what religion is not. And for dinner and dessert we're going to learn about our Galactic family. So just sit down because it's going to be a long day. [All laughing] (Zorra: Indeed) So adios from New Mexico folks.
Anne:     Great girl. Thank you.
Zorra:     And use your healing power.
Anne:     I'm sure she does. I'm sure Sue does.
Let's go to our last caller.
985:       My name is Reshia nice to meet you all. I'm calling from Alabama. I feel very connected to the spiritual aspect of the earth. I feel her change. I also want some information because I almost, but I do know that many of us that are here from other planets. We’re here. We’re advanced spiritual beings we know that we’re going to go back home. Since I've been a little girl I yearned to go home so and I know that's happening. And I know we’re also here to create balance to reduce what you just talked about earlier fear. To bring people into the light. So I want to know how many of us are actually going to be going home back home. Where … where do … there are a lot of us here. Where do we come from? Is there a whole group of us that came from a specific sector in the universe? I know you mentioned Orion in the sector were Orion is. But I believe there are several universes that we've come from many different places within this beautiful beautiful cosmos to be in this beautiful place called Earth the spirit school.
Anne:     Okay, okay.
Zorra:     Indeed beloved master you come from the Pleiadian Star System.
985:       Yes,  … and …??? That's a big star system I believe there are seven stars there they call it the seven sisters.
Zorra:     Indeed. That was your question?
985:       Yes. And I know that we're going to be going home. I've had encounters with other beings from other planets. I've actually had encounters since I've been a little girl.
Zorra:     Indeed. All the way from age 9.
985:       No even before then I've had some encounters. They took me they actually took me there. Amazing how it all happened.
Anne:     Let's don't get into personal now. Remember were not asking ...
985:       I'm not getting into personal.  I'm just pointing out that there are many of us that are here. (Zorra: Indeed ...) that have actually been back home and are going to return back home. (Zorra: Yes...) And we are here to do a lot of work spiritual work. It's been very challenging to say the least. That's all I've been trying to say here it's been very challenging year. Painful in the hearts and challenging.
Anne:     Okay, let's hear what Zorra wants to tell us about that.
Zorra:     Well beloved master I would say to you is as I said to the Lady Nada. Get your house in order.
985:       Oh I've been doing that. It is. It is very much in order (Zorra: Indeed) and I'm waiting I'm just waiting. I'm anxious I want to go home.
Zorra:     Indeed. That will be soon.
Anne:     Okay all right. You have lots of company Raisha. You are not alone and we're almost there.
Our queue is clear.
HEALING PULSE -------------------------------
Zorra:     Indeed. Five, four, three, two, one. Everyone who is wearing glasses remove them. Everyone who is wearing hearing aids take them out. If you're wearing anything that is assisting you either turn it down or take them off. We're going to do a Healing Pulse.
As I said before five, four, three, two, one. Receive. So everyone who is receiving this input in their Heart Mind spreading upward into their crown chakra. The energy the healing energy is now spreading out through the mind through the brain through the inner ear, behind the optical nerves taking care of glaucoma, taking care of the cataracts, taking care of macular degeneration, taking care of blindness, legally blind. Soon you will not have that affliction, you will not have that vice if you will. It is all being taking care of.
Now up into and spreading out through what is termed the vault of knowledge. Any tumors that may be attached there are being loosed and taken out being sent to what is termed the digestive system.
Issues with Alzheimer's with autism with epilepsy with what is termed as ADHD, MS, Parkinson's, and Lou Gehrig's disease.
Now spreading downward into what is termed the mouth, throat, thyroid area. Down the spine from the brain spreading downward through the spine all the way down thru the spine correcting curvature of the spine, hunchbackness. Spreading downward into what is termed down the arms out thru the rotator cuffs of the shoulders. Those who have this issue I want you to raise your arms above your head. Do it now.
Surprising you isn't it Topeka Kansas Dallas Texas Chicago New York Savannah Georgia Atlanta Georgia Corpus Christi Texas Mexico City Buenos Aires South America Los Angeles Denver Seattle Boston Washington DC Miami Jacksonville Ocala Florida Key West Florida Pensacola Florida Galveston Houston Phoenix Santa Fe San Antonio Laredo Texas Baja California Moscow England London Westminster. All these places I'm mentioning are people that have these afflictions are being healed now of them.
The energy is now dropping downward into what is termed into the lung area, renewing of the heart globally. Dropping down into what is termed as the solar plexus kidneys liver prostate. [to Saryya] You go from there.
Saryya:  Into the women's reproductive areas the ovaries and the uterus the bladder the intestines. Fill everything with this golden white light of love to heal every cell. Moving down your thighs ... Oh we did not the arms? Down the arms all the way down to your fingertips. No more aches no more pains. No more arthritis no more immune diseases. No more blood diseases as well as bone, bone cancer, lower bone densities etc.
It is now the going down into your knees no more inflammation in the body. No more aches in the knees or the muscles. Going down your calves and your shins and into the ankles filling every single part of your body with this golden white light of love and healing. And now down into your feet your instep your heels and down into your toes. Feel and see your body lighter and glowing. Move into full fifth dimension. The gods and goddesses that you are: know it. Be it. Share it.
Zorra:     Indeed. Now that is all for what is termed the Healing Pulse. Now we are also going to remind you of the tools we have given you to help in your ascension. The headbands if you have them wear them. Continue to wear them. Do not put them on the shelf, do not hang them on the wall. Put them on your head. Wear them as often as you can and if possible wear them out in public because it causes people to look at you. It causes them to ask questions and that is what you want so you can enlighten them.
And do also what is termed as to take with you your healing rods and things of this nature. If you have them use them. If you don't have them get them if you don't have a headband get one. If you do have a headband use it.
And you can also get an encoder with Zero Point and the energy for balancing and things of this nature. And also the products that they put forth, the clay and what is termed the brooches and things of this nature and the necklaces.
And also you have what is termed Soul. With Rain International you have the Soul you have the Core you have the Form. All of these are items that are good and excellent for your ascension; to put your body in alignment to put your body to make it healthy to make those that are obese to take your obesity away. That is what the Form does. And also you want the Soul. The Soul will heal. It will reduce inflammation which is the root cause of pain and it will remove all that from your body. It will give you extra energy. It will give you stamina. It will give you clarity and enlightenment.
And the StemFit also is also good for that. It is from WellMed.com.
And you also want to have the Core is for detoxification of the body such as the liver the kidneys your digestive system. And all of this is detoxifying the body; to remove the bad oil and put in good oil. So if you can afford the product then get it by all means.
Those of you who have plenty, get it and give it away.
By all means go out in nature and get yourself grounded with Mother Nature because that is where your roots come from. Understand, you and Mother Nature are one. All of you on this planet are one.
Why separate the races? Why separate the countries? You are all one and you are all goddesses and you are all gods, and both sometimes. And also you are all healers. I reiterate that: heal each other.
Now we are going to read another poem ...
[Call drops]
Anne:     Well, what happened? It looks like… I can still dial out. Let me call them back. Just a minute.
Zorra:     Hello.
Anne:     There you are. There you are right at the very end. And we didn't even have a chance to play our favorite song yet.
Zorra:     No we are going to read a poem for the peoples.
This is for the elves and Elementals.
You want to purchase it from her directly the book and it is www.DianeRobbins.com updated version of the “Messages from the Crystal Kingdom” with poems from the Elementals from Diane Robbins. And we are going to read about the fairies, elves and gnomes.
Quazar: Are you sure you don't want to do this for us Zorra? Okay thank you very much Zorra. All right everyone. This is from
The Elves, Fairies And Gnomes
We are the Elementals fast and free.
We live on the earth beneath your feet.
We come to be with you to dance and sing
for we are the fairies and we have wings.
Our lives are merry and our feet are swift
for life on the Earth can be a trip.
You know what we mean as you pace your days
for time on earth is just flying away.
It travels faster and faster and try as you may,
you can't stop to catch it. There is no way.
So our suggestion to you is to just stop and be still and call to be with us and you will have the thrill of our light that shines so bright it's out of sight.
So stay very still and you will hear the elves, fairies and gnomes are all here.
We play all around you holding out our hands
just try to grab them if you can.
We're playful beings who sing and dance
and you can dance with us and get up and prance. Stamp your foot, twirl about, touch your partner and let out a shout.
Agree to the world agree to be alive for it's time for all of humanity to thrive in this new world
That's what it's all about a whole new world where there is no doubt our existence.
You know we are here and it's about time you met us here, right here in this room where you sit here now.
Just stand up and cheer and we take a bow.
We are here at last and we welcome you in to our world where we look thin. To your eyes we stand quite slim compared to your girth. We are your kin.
If only you could see us if only you could feel,
you’d know with a certainty that we are real.
We touch your shoulders, we touch your hair,
twirl all around you as you sit in your chair.
We touch your skin, just look within and you will see us.
We beckon you in to our world a dimension above.
Take a few deep breaths and you will feel our love. It will astound you and make you high so hold onto your chairs or you will fly right out through the roof and into the sky above Mt. Shasta. We’ll fly with you we are always here we never leave. We lie ourselves down wherever we please, or just tuck ourselves in to your shirtsleeve.
We thank you for coming, for being here tonight.
Our dancing with you has been our great delight.
For wherever you are in our homes, we thank you for listening to our poem.
[to Zorra] I think that's enough for now. (Zorra: One more]
Zorra says I have to do one more. Wasn't that beautiful. Here we go.

Fairies in the Woodland

We are the fairies in the Woodland speaking to you. Know the Earth's ascension will take you through the other realms and kingdoms that have been waiting for you.
So listen closely and you will hear our voices calling to you loud and clear.
We connect to you through our hearts for in truth we are not apart.
We are closer than you think just a thought away.
Just envision us next to you and we can play.
We dance all around you as you sit here tonight.
We are your partners in the light.
We spread our good cheer just open your ear.
We are calling to you: We are here.
We are playing around you, weaving in and out.
Just reach out your hand. We are scurrying all about. Imagine us surrounding you as you sit here tonight.
We come to cheer you on and to bring you our hearts delight.
We welcome you to join us and hold you in our heart for the truth of this evening is that we are not apart. This new year will bring magic to the inhabitants of earth. The energies flowing in will be your rebirth into the light of who you are. And together, all Earth’s Kingdoms will travel to the stars.
It is hope and wisdom we bring to you, for we are
the Fairies in the Woodland speaking to you.
And we hear…
Zorra:     A New World coming.
Quazar: Thank you beloved Anne.
Anne:     Thank you guys it was beautiful I loved the poems. Thank you sweetie.
Cue Music
Poems from www.DianeRobbins.com

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada