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JULY 25 2015

Once again we thank Zoe
for her extensive time and dedication
in providing these well-formatted transcripts.

[2:43]     [Time stamps based on downloaded replay]

Music Ends 

Anne:     Here we go folks. We know the drill, don’t we? Oh I love that song.
And for those of you that are new, this song is very special if you listen to every word. And when Zorra told us to choose that as our theme and we thanked him he said it wasn't his choice. Prime Creator told him that we should use this. Isn't that beautiful? It's so perfect.
Well good morning everybody. This is Anne DeHart in southern Arizona in our fifth year meeting like this on the telephone with Zorra and of late his other half, Saryya, also joins us now. Both from Hollow Earth.
And how this is accomplished is simply a body swap. It's very easy for people who haven't grown up on the surface of planet Earth. Everybody else knows how to do these things.
And at a point our beloved Zaraya, who is Zorra’s son who came up here in 1951 in a tiny little toddler body seeking to establish a communication link between the surface and the interior because the government didn't want us to know about this highly-technical civilization that has been there all of these eons inside of our Hollow Earth.
And when Admiral Byrd came and flew in in ‘47 he couldn't wait to come out and spread the good news: free energy folks, and no more sickness, and well that didn't happen. He was prevented from delivering his message and four years later Zorra, the Father, in a desperate attempt to establish this communication link asked his twins who were only 1800 revolutions around the sun if they'd be willing to come up here and become one of us and yet be able to communicate.
So the whole story as there it’s in Zaraya's words. He was actually there. He tells of serving Adm. Byrd speaking before the Council. So you’ll love the call. It's set up as our feature call so it's always there on the front of our BlogTalkRadio.com/HollowEarth Network home page.
And you can just listen to it and it goes into more detail. When Zaraya did this last year I heard things I’ve never heard in the previous three or four years. So yes, we do talk to Zorra over the phone as he occupies Zaraya’s surface body and Zaraya finds himself in Zorra’s 15-foot statue body wherever it might be within Hollow Earth or in one of his aeroships up above. He interacts with the Galactic fleets as well.
We're just one big happy family and we’ve grown together over these going into five years now.
So with that let me get the dateline in. Let's see today is Saturday, July 25, 2015.
I've been told I should do an invocation before turning this over to Zaraya and Quazar his other half, so let me go ahead and begin.

INVOCATIONS -----------------------------------

First we like to do the Violet Flame which was a special dispensation of grace given to those of us here on the surface who are going through these experiences unlike almost anything else in the universe.
As we have experienced some traumatic happenings in our lives that have left scars and hurts and pain,  we don't like to have to relive those when the subject comes up. We can now release those energies and be free. It was a mistake and as Ashtar has told us in many of these sessions, we learn by these mistakes but we don't need to suffer by them. So here's what we do  -- and you'll also find it on our website HollowEarthNetwork.com. You'll see on the Toolbox For Ascension and also on the Home page St. Germain's special page where he gives us these instructions about the Violet Flame.
So we stand with our feet flat on the floor with the palms of our hands facing Mother Earth and this is what we say:
I Am the mighty Violet Consuming Flame
now and forever consuming and transmuting
all past and present mistakes,
their cause or effect and Akashic record.
It is done.
Our beloved Peter Olson reminds us on these short affirmations saying them four times really sets them in.
Visualize that beautiful soothing Violet Flame -- you'll see pictures of it on the website -- visualize it all about purifying and consuming. And it won't happen on the first time but continue to do it each time you do your meditations and one day the subject will come up and you'll just say, ho hum, yeah, okay, no problems. It’s erased. It's consumed and transmuted so we are free to continue with our ascension. We can’t afford to get stuck in silly mistakes that anybody else would've made as well.
We're going to also do our White Pillar of Protection. This was given to us by our beloved Ashtar. It was dictated from him to his beloved twin flame Pallas Athena, my good friend, who is very meticulous in every single word she receives.
So we're going to stand with our feet flat on the floor our hands above our head with the fingers pointing upward toward our own, ever present I Am Presence. Our own beloved I Am. And this Pillar of Protection is an internal thing. It is generated within our beingness from our beloved I Am Presence above us as it protects and enwraps our physical presence here.
No one can put a pillar of protection over you; this is between us and our own I Am Presence. So with that in mind, with our hands over our head, I like to just bring my arms down and feel that pillar encircling about three feet out all the way around us.
And here we go.
Beloved I Am Presence, intensify your protective Pillar of Pure Positive White Light Substance in through and around me.
Charge it with your invincible protection, all-powerful and impenetrable, that keeps me insulated from all that is not of the Light and keep it sustained.
Make and keep me ever sensitive to you and your direction and immune to all imperfect vibratory rates.
And so it is. As above so below.
And now we're ready to move forward; looking forward to first Zaraya and Quazar saying hello. We have a two-hour call so we try to get to Zorra and Saryya as soon as possible.
First you will hear Zaraya say goodbye or maybe Zorra is already there in his body ready to speak.  At some point you’ll hear Zorra say ‘bye-bye.’ That's when he tells Quazar she's on her way to his other half’s body, Saryya’s body and Zorra’s other half enters Quazar's body. So then we’re talking with Zorra and Saryya.
With that in mind let me go ahead and open the line with Zaraya and Quazar. Here we go folks. Come on guys.
Quazar:  Hello everyone and welcome again to our beautiful, wonderful Saturday call. Thank you again beloved Lady Nada for helping put all of this together for all of us.
We have a lot of questions and a lot of concerns we would like to address today. I think we’ll start with Zaraya who would like to share with you again the technique for energy healing.
The reason why we're bringing this up at this time is because we've had numerous calls and e-mails from some of you who have purchased the Encoder and are not being able to feel the energies emitting from it. I'd like for you to try to remember that just because you don't feel anything doesn't mean it's not happening or it's not working. So Zaraya is going to again go over it with you.
Remember the products and energy devices are tools that Zorra endorses are for all of us to help us as we move through these particular stages.
And we’re also going to talk a little bit later with Zorra about the new wave. Thank you Lady Nada for bringing that up … and here we do. Here’s Zaraya.

Proper Encoder Use

Zaraya:  Good morning. What I'd like to talk to you about first off is the Encoder. There's a lot of controversy about that.
You don't feel the energy by holding it in your hand. It doesn't work that way. It needs to be on your wrist. First put it on with the disc pointing outward/upward. But then after you get it on, not tight but loosely, then you invert it. You flip it over where the disc is against the inside portion of your wrist. And you'll feel the energy coming from that. Some people may not because some people are sensitive to energy and some are not. But still it is working. It works on balance and it works for healing.

Recognize and Develop Your Own Healing Power

Quazar:  So Zaraya is going to explain how for all of you that are having difficulty feeling energy coming from you, what the process is. And we start by rubbing your hands together.
Zaraya:  Yes. Rub your hands together. That activates the chi of your body. And then you take your hands apart about 18 inches directly opposite each other. Do that right now everyone who is listening. Rub your hands together then separate them about 15 to 18 inches. Then bring them back together very slowly and as you do you'll feel like you're pushing up against a balloon with pressure. Keep coming together and you feel that getting more intense. As it does you will start to feel warmth between your hands. When you get to that point stop. And that's the healing power you possess.
For some it may be a couple inches. For some it may be four or five inches. For some it may be as soon as you put your hands out directly opposite each other, you’re going to feel that heat. I do.
And it takes practice. Practice, practice, practice. Do this on a daily basis when you get up in the morning first thing you do is stand up and say, ‘What a wondrous, glorious, loving day it is!’ and that will put you on the right path of the day. And then rub your hands together and take them apart and start bringing them together real slow, not real fast, real slow. And as you do you’ll begin to feel that energy that you possess.
Every one of you on this planet are healers. Your government doesn't want you to know that so they don't teach you that. You won’t be taught in school that you have this power because they don't want you to realize that.
Quazar:  And further the Encoder is a zero point technology. That technology dates all the way back to the days of Tesla and Atlantis and Lemuria.
What we want to tell you is once you move into the zero point energy, your body will be able to heal itself and you will also feel more balanced. And we need balance right now in energy because there's so much chaos that's going on, there's so many ups and downs. We have the high energies that are infiltrating through the cosmos right now for all of us and we really need as much balancing as possible at this time.
So. I think with that since we don't have a whole lot of time today ... did you want to say anything else?
Zorra:     Indeed!
Quazar: [laughing at the sudden transfer] Zorra knew we were on a tight timeline here. Zorra’s right here. Thank you Zorra.

Why are you often tired? Carbon to crystalline

Zorra:     Indeed beloved masters. First I’m going to address is the tiredness of many of you.

Many of you are experiencing what is termed being very tired and wanting to sleep. By all means sleep. But understand the reason for it is because your bodies are changing. Your bodies are changing from a carbon-based unit into what is termed as a crystalline-based unit. So your metabolism is what is termed configuring itself to that frame of existence. That is why you are experiencing this tiredness as you term it.


And you also have coming into your vicinity of the Earth a wave of what would be termed as a extremely high what is termed uplifting cosmic waves if you will.
And when it hits the Earth it is going to raise consciousness as never before. And peoples that are asleep are going to be jolted. People will be awakened. New talents will be realized. New realities will be a norm. Many of your what is termed newborns will exhibit powers beyond your comprehension. But this is nothing to be feared of.

Words designed to enslave

And there again that word fear. I don't know why you have in your vocabulary it should not be there. Neither should death. The word death is what is called a no thing. It is not a reality in any what is termed existence. It is what is termed a term that is used to control, used to bring fear into your existence. It is nothing to fear. Death is what is termed as, if you turn it around to what it truly is, it is the beginning of your ascension … of ascension.

You Can Take It With You

There are two forms of ascension. One, you take your body with you (which is preferable). But there are those that do not take their body with them and decide to leave this body that has been wracked with pain and wracked with disease and whatever, they don't want it. They want the new body. So they pass away as you term it and they take on the new body, the new fifth dimensional form.
But you can take your body with you as many have been doing all across the world. I give you a for instance in New York City, in what is termed as a hospital up there there was a being that was -- the priest was there to give the last rites -- and in the midst of giving the last rites the body began to glow. And as it glowed it suddenly vanished off the bed. That person had the upper soul/ the oversoul had the contract to take the body with it. So it did.
So people are ascending. And you are not hearing of it because it would cause fear again. And that's why it is not publicized. Something of this nature happens and they don't say anything about it because they don't want to bring fear to people. But that is what is happening in your world now.

Encoders Balance

The Encoders are mainly what is termed, many people have imbalance in their bodies. Imbalance bring such things such as dizziness or when you start to walk you begin to stagger. The balance is off. The purpose of the Encoder is to bring balance to the body. And when it brings balance to the body then of course you can walk straighter and you are not dizzy anymore.
The Encoder is a zero point technology brought about by Tesla in the past. But he didn't call it zero point he called it something else however.

RV is Progressing

Now, so much is happening in your world and it is all for the good. It is all for your good. And I will also tell you there have been what is termed as private groups, a few, have already exchanged or are in the process of. They have agreements with the banks and they are exchanging. So it is happening to some and you will not hear of it because they have signed an NDA can not talk about it. So that is why you're not hearing of it but you can from me because I don't sign NDA's.
So I will tell you there are groups that are exchanging and have done so and will be receiving their funds shortly.

Who has all the pieces of the RV intel puzzle?

Quazar:  Well Zorra since we’re on the topic of the RV and GCR and the NESARA funds. Let's go back a little bit to Tony. Tony was an individual that you had suggested that we listen to. Every week, every day it seems that it's already done, that it'll be next Tuesday, I'll be this weekend, and that has never come about so people are very much in despair. Could you address that? And should we be listening to Tony? Does he have all of the information? There are others as well. Who knows the truth about what is really going on?
Zorra:     Me and Prime Creator know what's going on. [Laughter]
You want to know if Tony on the Internet has all the
answers. No he does not. He has a portion. And then someone else has another portion; someone else has another portion. However none of them have the entire picture. But what they are what they are telling you is factual. It is fact as they know it or as they've been told by their sources. Even their sources are not able to give or disclose everything. It would cause much chaos if that was to occur; much more bickering what is termed more arguments and things of this nature. So you don't need to have arguments when you are trying to bring about a major change in the economic monetary system of your world.

Funny money or new Treasury notes?

Anne:     Zorra, I'm glad we're on this subject because I have a question. We recently read that the Federal Reserve has alerted eight of their major banks to increase their capital reserves. Now, as I understand it, the Federal Reserve number one, is no longer what it originated as, it’s now owned by the Chinese. And two, does that mean that when we exchange our asset-backed dinars that we will exchange them for fiat paper or will we be able to exchange them for U.S. Treasury gold-backed notes?
Zorra:     It will begin with the fiat money but all of the other monies will be converted over to the gold backed currencies so you needn't fear that you're going to be what is called not gifted full value. So you are going to have your monies be turned over.
And this can happen within 24 hours; it is that simple. All that would be done is that they would go across what is termed the airways and say that the currencies are now gold backed currencies. And then you must turn in all your Federal Reserve bills and exchange for new ones. And that can happen in 24 hours. So it is not a long drawn out process.
Anne:     Okay and do we have full value notes? I understand the notes are actually stored in most of the local banks vaults. They can just open the door and go back and put them into play. Is that correct?
Zorra:     That is correct.
Anne:     Good, good. Well that's reassuring. We don't want any of that fiat money…

Is there any gold in Fort Knox? Now there is!

Zorra:     And all of the gold that was confiscated by the government in the past has now been returned back in your what is termed your Fort Knox as you term it. All that gold that was beneath the Twin Towers, all of that has been returned back to its original location.
Anne:     Oh my goodness! They got that gold that was under the Twin Towers. That is great!
Zorra:     Indeed. All of that. There was gold there; the gold that was in the Fort Knox, the confiscated gold by the Bush’s. All of this!
Quazar:  An emailed
question has come up asking: Will we be exchanging the currency, the dinar, dong, and zim in August?
Zorra:     Well they are shooting for what is termed before the end of this month. However if it goes into the following month it should not be any longer than the middle of the following month.
Quazar:  There's been a lot of rumors about the different rates. Maybe you could just give us a little feedback on this Zorra: the international as well as the contract rate.
Zorra:     What is termed the dong the international rate $.67. That is what it is now but it is fluctuating. So they have not decided as to what it will be. The ones that will decide the rate for the dong will be the Chinese.
Quazar:  That obviously is the international rate, right?
Zorra:     Yes that will be the international rate. There is a contract rate that would be much higher.
Quazar:  At $2 or $5 or more?
Zorra:     A forest! Whatever that number be. And the dinar is fluctuating between $3 and $4 international. And the contract rate, that is much higher.
Quazar:  Remember a few months back, Zorra, you were pretty firm on some numbers you know, like in the 20s for the dinar.
Zorra:     I will not go to that again. That brings up too many what is termed: ‘Why not has it done? Why hasn't it gone?’ And it brings up more and more controversy and I will not go into it.
Quazar:  Okay so people should continue listening to Tony or Mark as we have?
Zorra:     Of course because they all have part of the picture.
Quazar:  And people should be open-minded about the rate.
Zorra:     Indeed but do not go to these sites that say it is not going to happen. That is disinformation. So if you want to continue listening to such things and you want to go turn your currency back in, I can assure you you will not get the value that you got them for if you do.
But I will say this. All of you, it’ll give you a hint. If you have not made your appointments with your wealth managers do so now.
Quazar:  That's a big hint. Thank you Zorra. (Zorra: Indeed)
How soon for the GCR and NESARA?
Is the GCR going to be in October? And then what about the NESARA announcement?
Zorra:     The global world currencies are beginning to occur now. They're not going to be strung out to the end of the year. That's all I need to say on that.
Quazar:  Okay so it could be before October. (Zorra: Indeed)  What about NESARA?
Zorra:     NESARA is St. Germain’s territory so I would have you address him.
Quazar:  Just generally speaking, aren’t all of these going to be coming one right after the other?
Zorra:     Yes they are.
Quazar:  I think that'll suffice to say that that is also coming. From what we knew from the recent past is that the NESARA is going to come almost immediately after the RV and the GCR. Correct?
Zorra:     Yes because they must put a dent in poverty as you term it.
Quazar:  Since we’re talking about poverty. There's lots of talk and lots of information now in regard to the Swiss Indo funds and M1 releasing the funds around August 17th. For those of you that are not familiar with Swiss Indo, that has much to do with the Indonesia and JFK after he ascended, there was an organization, a fund that was supposed to help all the entire world with funds to help property, those that are in need. So this is coming forth again and so they're asking if that's going to be released by August 17?
Oh YEA! Ding Dong The IRS Will Be Dead!
(And in this case he doesn’t mean ascending!)
Zorra:     That is the plan. And what will come forth from this is the abolishment of the IRS. What is termed the end of your debts as you term them such as school loans, such as mortgages, such as loans for your vehicles, and things of that nature. All of these are all included in this debt forgiveness.
Mr Sino, M1, the Ambassador, and Dragon Families
Quazar:  And is the individual they call Mr. Sino, I think is supposedly the name for M1. Is he the one in charge of all this?
Zorra:     I would say what is termed as the Ambassador is.
Quazar:  Is that M1?
Zorra:     He has been given many names.
Quazar:  Is Mr. Sino St. Germain? (Zorra: No.)
Does he really control all of the gold assets? (Zorra: No.)
Are the Dragon families good or bad?
Zorra:     They are all being brought together as one family united. They are good.
Anne:     I have a quick question I’d like to ask.
Quazar:  We knew you were going to chime in!
Zorra:     It is like Lay potato chips: you cannot eat one. [Laughter]
Governments will fall
Anne:     My question is: Things are very chaotic. Governments are swinging back and forth and ready to topple inside out and this is a good thing. We’re waiting for all of them to do their appropriate crashes so that we can welcome in the waiting new governance and be on our way. Am I correct?
Zorra:     Correct.
Anne:     So let them crash folks, let them crash! The new governments are waiting and then we have absolute security for our families upstairs to come down and join us. So let's let those governments crash.
Zorra:     And that is another thing I'm going to bring up too, what is termed as Disclosure. How it's going to occur.
Your governments are no longer involved. Prime Creator has made the decision they have been given ample time to bring forth the announcement and they have failed to do so.
Announcements will be made worldwide
So the Galactic Federation of Planets will be doing it themselves, meaning they shall come across the airwaves at the appointed time -- and I will not give you the time because that would cause much chaos. Anyway, but, they will come across at the appointed time given. And when it is done, all of you who are on your computers, all of you who are watching the Super Bowl or whatever, are going to be in for a surprise. You're going to have the Galactic Federation of Planets, Ashtar, Sananda, myself, Archangel Michael, St. Germain, we'll all be giving over world media, the announcement. It will come across your iPads, it will come across your iPhones, it will come across your androids or whatever you term them, it will come across your televisions all precisely at the same time globally.
Quazar:  So the question begs since we're talking about Disclosure and as far as the RV. The RV really is complete so it’s just any day now when all of this is occurring for all of us.
As you speak about the announcements and Disclosure, these high cosmic energies that are flowing onto the planet, Dr. Atkins is saying that by the end of September there's going to be … this is part of The Shift already now in the levels of consciousness, the higher level of consciousness where we become fully conscious. So he is predicting this is going to occur by the end of September this whole shift in consciousness level. So it is also interesting that there are couple of events that are also occurring at that same time whereas Pope Francis is going to be having a discussion or a meeting with Obama. So my question is when we talk about Disclosure, is this in alignment, is it moving toward the same time of when Disclosure is going to be occurring also?
Zorra:     I will say what is termed as a good possibility. And Pope will be doing what is termed as giving what is termed a document to Obama and it will be dating back of the Vatican many, many decades. (Quazar: About?) The secrets that have been held. Extraterrestrial beings on earth, in Italy, in Rome.
Quazar:  And do you think at that time Obama will be free to make some announcements even though the Galactics will be doing that or will he still be controlled by what we call the dark or the cabal?
Zorra:     The cabal has stated to Obama to remain silent or else.
Quazar:  So September what happens then?
Zorra:     So there will be much freedom that will be given at that time to many oppressed peoples, including Obama.
The Cabal knows that their time is limited and their time is coming to an end. And their control over the peoples is being abolished. So these things that are occurring now on your planet are bringing about the reunion that we have been celebrating or preparing celebrations for. In fact what is termed Zaraya is upon my ship with his Hollow Earth family.
70 Year Old Prophesy
Quazar:  We received an email – and we thank all of you beloved masters for sending us emails that are pertinent for everyone here -- and this one is in regards to a being, or an individual called Beinsa Douno who died in 1944. He is an East Indian individual who prophesied many of the things that you speak of. He speaks about Kali yuga which is what we have just gone through and we are now passing over into the golden age of prosperity, of a pristine planet, of people that live in fraternity and in harmony and peace. Could you tell us a little bit about this prophecy?
Zorra:     The same prophecy was also given by Ramtha. He was what was termed in his time was also a vessel being used by Ramtha. (Quazar: Oh how beautiful.) So his message was that you are gods and of course gods and goddesses. So it is a continuation or an extension of Ramtha’s teachings.
Quazar:  Beloved Anne, if you have an opportunity please post this prophecy. It's beautiful.
Anne:     Oh it's posted. (Quazar: Thank you!) In fact it’s posted in coordination with Sananda's last Sunday message telling us the same thing. So I have both, a portion of Sananda's – which was posted under Ancient Awakenings -- but then I put the two of them on one page. You can go to Breaking News and it’ll take you to it or to our other website EarthAscends.com and messages.
Quazar:  Thank you.
Anne:     I'm glad you brought that up because I felt the truth of that and I did post it and I'm so grateful that Zorra has endorsed it and told us that it is valid. You know that's just perfect.
Zorra:     Indeed.  Goodbye.
Anne:     [Laughing] Oh, there she goes! Oh my, goodbye Quazar, hello Saryya. I told people to expect that.
Zorra:     Zaraya warned her ahead of time that Saryya would be coming.
Anne:     Yes, well we always look forward to Saryya. She is so full of love. You can just feel it. (Zorra: Indeed)
Saryya folks, Quazar just left to enter Saryya's body which is probably up there with family on your aeroship. Is that where they all are? (Zorra: Indeed)
Is it the new aeroship that’s 2000 feet long or is it the regular…
Zorra:     2000 feet in diameter.
Anne:     Is that the one they’re on? (Zorra: Indeed) And that was just recently gifted to you by the Federation and the Pleiadians.
Zorra:     Indeed.  We did what is termed as we allowed the prior vessel, the one that had been in service, has now been released to go back to it’s family and so we have a new one.
Anne:     Oh okay, and that was 400 feet in diameter and this is 2000 feet. Home sweet home. You just live on there.
Zorra:     Indeed. Well it is a home away from home.
Anne:     Yes. Where is it located right now? Where do you have your ship?
Zorra:     Our ship is now what is termed directly over the capital of your country.
Anne:     Washington, DC? (Zorra: Indeed) You told us at one time that you would be there to relay the purity of any announcements; that they would not be intercepted and confused.
Zorra:     Indeed. Well that has now been pulled back and now it is going to be the Galactic Federation of Planets that are in charge of the Disclosure that will not be interrupted I can assure you of that.
Anne:     Amen. Oh I can't wait! That's going to make everything we've gone through okay. Just experience that amazing announcement with all of you there together. And Zorra, when you say Galactic Federation of Planets and yet you speak of Ashtar and Sananda as Galactic Federation of Light, is that one and the same in regard to the organization? (Zorra: It is.) Okay. Just so people don't have any Confusion.
Zorra:     No, there should be no confusion ever.
Anne:     Well they’re just used to hearing Galactic Federation of Light and we know there are other organizations and we just want to make sure your reference to the Federation of Planets is one and the same.
Zorra:     Indeed.
Special Healing Call Coming Up
And tomorrow I'm going to do another call and it is going to be a healing call again. So get your peoples together, the ones who wish to be healed instantly and believe that it can be done, I want them on the call. I want them to bring their afflicted to me to be on the call to witness and experience the loving healing power that will be transmitted.
And also ones that will be present will be Sananda, the Arcturians, St. Germain and Prime Creator of course. Archangel Michael will be there and a surprise guest.
Anne: I think I know!
[Discussion arranging length of call]
Also people should listen to your last healing call because we had some remarkable occurrences and they will have an idea what tomorrow’s call is going to be like. So you can go back to the last healing call posted on blogtalkradio.com/HollowEarthNetwork and just look back it was on Wednesday.
I've been one of those that gets so exhausted Zorra I just have to drop into a chair.
Zorra:     We are going to do what is termed we want to address those that are afflicted with what is termed the cancers and what is termed as the muscular sclerosis and also autisms, whatever. People who have their entire body butter in a wheelchair; rheumatoid arthritis and things of this nature; so everything will be addressed. So we want you to have your lists available to the afflictions you have or what you think you have and we shall address them in groups of whatever ailment it is. But we're going to have mass healings tomorrow. (Anne: Wonderful)
Saryya:  Many of these ails and illnesses, disorders that you speak of ... And welcome beloved masters. This is a wondrous, glorious and loving day on your planet, by the way. We see your beautiful blue globe with much light surrounding it as well as your solar system. In fact your entire galaxy is glowing with this wonderful white golden light of love of purity of abundance and peace and joy
It is coming forth to all of you. However you still have to move forth from 3D, 4D, low 5D to the highest you can be which is your next evolution. Know dear ones that as you still are going through much suffering of sometimes from the energies sometimes from pollution sometimes those things that you have been vaccinated with have caused much suffering undue illness that has been part of the work of the dark, as you call them, but there are also your brothers and sisters would like to remind you of that. [Zorra inaudible]
Exactly, but you only knew that because of your duality. It is the time as you now sometimes fall into great fatigue as well as even Zaraya and Quazar have been feeling, and sometimes they do must take a short break whether a short nap or just to be able to rest and be one with nature. All of you must do so. You have to do this at this time so that your body can really fulfill going back to what it used to be: the higher dimensional frequencies of Light that you are. And so with that of course your higher consciousness levels.
It is time you are moving rapidly into full consciousness and to the highest frequencies available. With that you must do more meditating as well and being out with nature. That is who you are. Bask in lovely glorious peaceful loving atmosphere. Bring it forth unto this Earth of yours. Indeed.
Before I went into this discussion, all of you know that my beloved Zorra and Zaraya have been talking about vaccinations. Now besides the chemtrails, besides all of the toxicities from those things that you eat, from those things that you breathe in, those dense animals/creatures that you have imbibed, have eaten of. Those are of lower dimensional vibrations.
You can heal yourself because within each of you you have that power to reverse all the illnesses that are upon you. And we know that you can do so. That is why we continue to do the Healing Pulses and to remind you of who you truly are. You have it in your blueprints that you can and will be again the ascended masters that you all are, that you are of the highest frequencies in this galaxy and you are moving closer and closer to that frequency.
And so with this we shall begin our Healing Pulse. (Zorra: Indeed)
HEALING PULSE ----------------------------------
Zaraya has started with you understanding how to feel energy. So you will do so again. We will start by you beginning to relax. So sit quietly without disturbance in a room and sit either on the floor and if you can move into what you call a lotus position that is fine if not that this also fine. We just want you to be able to be in a comfortable chair or floor and be able to completely relax.
Zorra:     The lotus position is not always a comfortable position.
Saryya: For many indeed. For many of you who are accustomed to it, it is. So relax and take a few deep breaths. As you inhale in begin to visualize this beautiful white light. This light of purity, this light of oneness, this light that comes from Prime Creator. Infuse that into your crown chakra and then down through your head down your throat down your arms down your torso down your legs and then let it leave your body and let it move into Terra so that she can also be healed at the same time.
Breathe in again doing the same thing and as breathe you see his white light flow through your body and into all of your cells you are also releasing all of the cells all of those ales all of those illnesses disorders let those all flow out through your body and it will transform by Terra into again this golden white light from her.
One more time. Breathe in beautiful light, beautiful white light. The I AM that you are flow it through into every cell. All your cells are being healed as we do this. All the way down and as it then leaves your body into Mother Earth it is also healing Terra. As all of you now move into a higher vibration a higher consciousness level. And now, my beloved.
Zorra:     Indeed. And if you are wearing glasses take them off. If you are wearing hearing aides take them out. If you are on oxygen you know what to do. Anyway, let us commence with the healing pulse entering into the heart mind. My beloved is eating a strawberry. Anyway.
The energy is entering through and going upward into what is termed into the vault of knowledge and loosing any what is termed tumor that may be lodged in that area. And it is now being loosened and being taken down through the body and shall be taken out with waste. And that is done.
And now behind the eyes you have macular degeneration you have cataracts you have glaucoma. All of this is being healed now. And if you have what is termed an inner ear an infection or what is termed you are having difficulty in hearing, that is being dealt with as we speak. Now that is also eardrums that did not form at birth are now being formed. They are now being formed. You are feeling a tingling sensation where the missing eardrum at one time was. And you are feeling a tingling in that area and it is increasing becoming more of a throb. And now it is done.
Have someone next to you say something to you
in that ear. Not loudly but whisper and you will hear it.
Now when we say that we are healers, what are we saying?  We’re saying that we’re healers and you are. You are gods and you are goddesses. Gods and goddesses are not deaf. Gods and goddesses create and heal and you are healers.
Never doubt what I say. You are healers! Own it;  accept it and know it and proclaim it that you are healers and then go out and heal others that need healing.
And understand this: Do not fear what will occur because many are hesitant. “But I don't know peoples. I am afraid to approach them.” If you see someone that is afflicted with an illness or with a disease or with blindness or with deafness heal them. Do it straightway. Do not think about it. Do it. Because you can. Even in your Scriptures Sananda sent out disciples in twos into the world to heal and to help the afflicted and they did so without hesitation. They did so because they knew they had the power to do it. It is termed the Holy Spirit. That was what was given to them at the day of Pentecost. And that was the knowledge of knowing that they were healers; that they could do it.
In the Old Testament we said God said let us make man in our image in our likeness and with our powers and abilities. That is not in your Scriptures but it is there. It should be there. It should be in your Bible in your Old Testament. It should state that. But it does not. But in the original Dead Sea Scrolls it does state that actual fact. And in the New Testament when Sananda was being asked by his disciples and he said to them, “Marvel not what I do for greater shall you do if you only believe that you can.”
I hear Christians out there saying hold on, it doesn’t say that. It says ‘marvel not what I do for greater shall you do if you only believe in my name.’ The ‘in my name’ was an addition that was added to the Scripture by King James. And the important part was left out.
“If you only believe that you can.” And you can! I tell you this right now. You can! Again, and again, you can. Forget about ‘in my name’ because you are gods and goddesses. Are you not more powerful? Of course you are. If you believe in yourself that you can accomplish a healing then you can do it. If you doubt it, or if you sit down and say oh I don't know if I can do that, then you'll be doing that the rest of your life. Understand you are gods and you are goddesses and when you say someone is healed they’re healed. You can be assured of that.
Now, if you are afflicted with what is termed any numerological issue within your being say to the Lord God of my Being, “Be gone!”  And suddenly you're back in your right mind.
My beloved Zaraya in the past, very far in the past, visited what was termed as a hospital a mental hospital. And when he walked out of that mental hospital there was much chaos because much of the peoples there were back in their own minds. Just by walking the halls of the mental hospital they were brought back to sanity as you term it, brought back into their own knowingness.
So can you heal? Yes you can. Are you healed? Yes you are.
So, now, the energy is now dropping down into the chest cavity. We are addressing what is termed as breast cancer. At one time you may have had a bump, a nodule. Well feel where it was because it is not there anymore. Understand when we say and speak the words of something and we say it gone, be assured it is gone. And know it and own it and then proclaim it and it becomes reality. Permanent reality.
Now those who have issues with the heart such as fibrillations such as what is termed hardening of the arteries such as heart disease as you term it, an imbalance if you will, is now being put back into balance in all of you. Those who needed a new heart, you've got it. And you didn't have to pay for it. It was free.
Now those who had a sick heart it is renewed. Claim it and know it. As I speak these words you are healed. Then know that and own it within yourself and then proclaim it to your loved ones. Let them laugh. It will not sway you either way because you know you are healed.
‘Marvel not what I do,’ as Sananda said and I say the same: “Marvel not what I do for greater shall you do if you only believe that you can.” And I will say again there are some out there that what is the term want to worship me. I do not need worship. You do. You need worship yourself. Because you are gods and you are goddesses and you need not worship any other.
Because you are same as Sananda. You are same as Prime Creator. You are same as I. Same as me.
Many have what is termed the understanding when someone says I, I, I, I, they are thinking of a demonic thing or they are saying in the authority of. Well that is a fallacy.
When you say I am a God or I am a goddess that is exactly the truth that you are. Take back your authority. Take back your heritage, which is Terra. And treat Terra as you would treat others or want to be treated. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. And that doing so, do it in love do it in compassion and do it in harmony and watch your world change.
You say you want change, then change it. It is occurring. It is indeed. Think of what … I will put it this way, in the Bible in the Scripture it says if you have the faith of a mustard seed -- a very, very small seed -- but I can rephrase it. If you have the faith of yourself, the faith of the god within you, you can move mountains; meaning the mountains we are speaking of is the world. Your world!
If you have the faith knowing that you’re gods and you’re goddesses, that is your mustard seed. So, do you have the faith, knowing that you are gods and you are goddesses? We do. We know it and we know that you are.
So if you are sitting in a wheelchair presently and you've been sitting there for who knows how long, why are you sitting there? Because someone told you you had to? Poppycock.
Say to the Lord God of your Being I Am healed, and stand up. Feel in your legs feel the energy going down from the heart chakra down into your limbs into your legs. You are feeling the muscle actually grow in these frail legs that have not been used for eons. Or do you wish to remain in the wheelchair and collect benefits? Which is better, walking or benefits? The choice is yours. If you wish to continue using your affliction as an excuse, continue to do so. If you wish to be healed and walk around with your loved ones so you can walk out to the beach with them and go into the ocean then do it.
Say to the Lord God of my Being I Am being healed and heal. Rub your hands together, put one on one thigh and one of the other thigh and just very slowly push downward down your legs and you will feel the muscles begin to grow. You will feel the strength returning to your legs. Whether you were in a car accident or whether you were in that chair since birth you will walk.
Run your hands downward to your knees and pause there for a moment and then down to the calves and then push the energy down all the way to your toes. And then stand up. Those that do will be instantly restored. So do it. Don't think about it, don't contemplate it, don't analyze it, do it.
So we have taken care of the cancer of the breast, cancer of what is termed any other part of the body, ovaries and uterus, whatever, what is termed the kidneys the liver, all of it. Indeed. All been restored and know it in your body. From the Lord God of my being I Am healed! Say it all of you.
This is what I will be saying tomorrow. Every time I speak to you I will be reminding you of who you are. That is how Jesus healed. He reminded them who they were.
The blind man … he reminded them: ‘you are a god or a goddess why are you blind?’ And they realized it and straightway they were able to see because they realized who they were. That is how Jesus healed. He reminded them who they were and the power they possessed. It wasn't that he laid hands upon them and they were healed. Sure he laid hands upon them but at the same time he reminded them: according to your faith be it unto you.
Yes that's in your Bible but it did not explain it did not go into detail as to how he did it. And here I will explain to you how you may lay hands upon people and be healed, they will be healed. You rub your hands together, you take them apart 18 inches or more and bring your hands back together slowly. You will begin to feel a pressure. Do it! Don't think about it, don't roll your eyes at me. Do it. Bring your hands together slowly and continue coming together. It will become harder for you to do so. Keep coming together and you will begin to feel heat between your hands. That is the healing power you possess. Do this on a daily basis and it will get stronger and stronger and stronger.
And if it helps you go out in nature and do it.
The trees need a hug and a healing. Terra needs a healing. Go out. Go out from your hovels go out from your concrete jungles because concrete jungles are keeping you separated from Mother Nature. Your concrete jungles, your cities. Go out away. Get in  your car and go out into nature. If you have to drive for miles then do so. You in New York go to the beach … that's easy. Go to Central Park -- there is no concrete there -- and hug a tree lean up against it put your feet on the ground walk in the grass. Oh you're worried you might cut your feet … Do not worry about cutting your feet. You are God. Your feet will not be cut.
Now I will have my beloved continue going down into what is termed the female organs.
Saryya:  Thank you beloved. (Zorra: Indeed) For all of you now concentrate on the lower organs. My beloved has already touched on the kidneys and the liver, However we shall continue there. All of the toxins in your body are filtered through these two organs, the kidneys as well as your liver. And that is why what you eat is of utmost importance. (Zorra: Regions) Well why don’t you continue?
Zorra: I will bring this forth and then I will turn it back to my beloved.
If you are in New York then eat food on the eastern seaboard. If you are in central then eat food in the central region. If you are in mountains then likewise eat the food in your region. If you're in the West Coast then eat the food in your region. If you are in Hawaii I need not say more, eat Hawaiian food.
And the reason is that your body is culminated in that region. Understand? Aligned with your body. If you go out of your region to eat food, then you are bringing the attitudes and what is termed the energies coming from another region and is not in alignment with your body.
If your body is in alignment with the food you eat and your food is in alignment with your body, you will not be ill. You are mixing the regions.
If you are in New York and you're eating something from California but you do not know how it was packaged. You do not know what frame of mind the packagers were in so you are taking into your being part of that packager. And you are bringing attitude from that person into your being and that makes you ill.
Saryya:  Perhaps another way of saying this is that we all know you know that everything is energy. (Zorra: Of course) So all of the foods that you're eating within your region is of the same vibration as you are. (Zorra: Indeed) So that is why it is better for you. (Zorra: Prudent)
Now, if you wish again to be able to bring your foods into a higher frequency and for it to be healed then you again should use the technique that we have informed you of which is a purification technique. We shall go through this again tomorrow.  (Zorra: Indeed)
In the meantime it is prudent action on your part to be eating foods that are from your locality and your region. It is in most alignment of your body. In terms of this transformation that your body is going through it is important that you do this.
Also important to make sure that you are moving more from so-called meats or fish, those with eyes. Begin to really refrain. If you must, be sure that you use again your purification technique on those items but otherwise most of you now are refraining and let us say detecting eating of denser foods such as these or dead foods.
Your body is requiring more light foods that of the Light. Fruits and vegetables those and if you can eat them raw those are living foods for your bodies. And it is best for you to be able to transform in that manner.
Now, as we were saying as you are moving forth from healing, bringing forth this energy, this cosmic energy now that you are within. Bring this energy forth and begin to send it down from the lower intestines and large intestine and small intestine into the different organs, your reproductive organs. Feel those energies of healing into every single cell so that those of you afflicted with the pancreas is no longer functioning properly, those that are having problems with the function of the kidneys. those that are having problems with the liver not filtering as it should, those that are having problems with prostate or with the female organs. Now know that those are being filled with this high energy of healing. They are now healed because you are gods, you are goddesses, and you know it.
Bring forth now this energy down both of your legs into your knees and hips where many of you are feeling pain feeling aches, feeling inflammation that they are maybe swollen, that they are very painful and you are not able to move. Fill those areas those with this vibrant energy, God energy that you are, and now they are healed. No more arthritis, no more pain, and no more inflammation. So be it. You are healed.
And now before we go down further know as well that your spine is very much an integral part of the healing process all of the nerve endings become through from your from the head or the top of the sternum that goes through all of the nerve endings. So let us now heal  the entire spinal column of nerves:
Five, four, three, two, one. Receive. All those nerve endings now. All the nerves are now vibrating with energy to heal all of those things it is being reached out to. All of the nerve endings that are going down your legs and into your arms and into the rest of your body and into your brain as well. They are healed.
Those that have as we say scoliosis or curvature of the spine. All of you that have stenosis or discs that are compressed they are now being healed. You can see those discs becoming regenerated. They are becoming more normal. You could feel any one that had pains or sciatica those are being relived as well. Now down again from your knees, down to your calves, into your shins … um, I forgot. Those that have afflictions of the skin whether they are shingles or psoriasis or any disorders of any sort of the skin, they are healed. Bring forth that healing to the surface. Heal your skin immediately. So be it.
And down into your ankles. No more neuropathy as you call it any numbness and pain sometimes due to diabetes, it is healed. And then down into your feet your heels, those of you that are suffering from pains on your soles your heels some of you have what they call Planters fasciitis those that have problems with flat feet those that have problems with any arthritis again and high arches or low arches. Anyway those are now healed. Feel these energies come forth to heal those afflictions. And so be it. You are healed.
[to Zorra] Go ahead. Continue.
Zorra:     Powerful woman! Indeed. Now that we have done this how about questions and testimonials.
Anne:     We do have some questions. So anyone that has experienced a positive benefit during this Healing Pulse we would like to hear what you just experienced. And in the meantime we have about five people that have been waiting to ask a question. So we want to slip you in.
LISTENER Q & A --------------------------------
Why Giza Doesn’t Have An Insect Problem
865:       This is Knoxville. I don't know if it's posted on the website anywhere I want to know how to build a pyramid over your house to keep insects out.
Zorra:     Indeed beloved master. Here's the technique you want to do. You want to go on the roof of your home in the center of it and mount a crystal in a copper plate. Yes? And then you go down on the ground and you go on the North, South, East, and West of your house away from the eaves to form what would be termed as a square and you do the same. You put a copper plate or just what is termed a crystal into the ground buried beneath the earth about an inch or two inches with the points up creating a pyramid above your home. Now when this occurs open your doors because the creatures that are in there going to vacate and leave them open for a time if permissible. Or if you see some creatures in there just put them in a cup, scoop them up and take them outside. Or you can leave the doors open and they will vacate spiders and things of this nature because their nervous system cannot withstand the energy of a pyramid. You understand?
865:       Yes I do thank you.
Zorra:     Indeed. And you could do the same with your gardens as well, protect your gardens from little critters too.
Anne:     Is there anything we can do to protect ourselves from these no-seeums? They’re tiny little gnats that have a terrible bite that itches. They can't be caught because they're too small, they’re hard to seen but we’re all just really suffering from their bites. I'm scratching right now. Is there anything we can do about our own energy system to repel them?
Zorra:     Well, in your case beloved master I am going to use my beloved as a vessel and I am going to heal them right now.
You will feel my energy on your left arm going down the arm and the itching is now gone. The same with the other arm going down to the fingertips and the itching has stopped.
Anne:     That's the arm that's been bothering me right now just while I was sitting here I got bitten.
Zorra:     And how does it feel now?
Anne:     It’s diminishing (Zorra: Indeed) it's quieting down.
Zorra:     Indeed Do you have your Encoder on? (Anne: I do) Is it inverted? (Anne: Yes) Is it touching the inside of your wrist? (Anne: Yes)  Five, four, three, two, one. I just sent an energy pulse into it. Do you feel it?
Anne:     Things are settling down, yes. Thank you.
Zorra:     Good. That is how it works. Yes.
Citrus Matrix from Zero Point rub on your bites.
Anne:     Oh the Citrus, I never thought of that I've been putting Mint Matrix on. I use it all the time yes. Great. I love that it smells so good.
Zorra, as we go through this condensation of time into the now I'm having a hard time remembering how to do things I've done all my life. Now all of a sudden I have to think about it. It's because time is condensing into the now I don't know past and present don't seem to exist so much we’re just in the now and our brains are working differently … or not working.
Zorra:     Five, four, three, two, one. Receive. Clarity and focus for every one. That is for everyone.
Anne:     That's perfect because we're adjusting to this change in the time and we're adjusting to a lot.
310:       Torrance CA.
Zorra:     And how be you beloved master?
310:       I am in very good spirits thank you very much Zorra. I’m an intense researcher to do with something I came across and I want to get from your perspective. And what I basically found out is that there are almost 5 different space programs on this planet; secret space programs. I understand that there's a corporate consortium with the illuminati has one, the Europeans have one, and then there is just a hodgepodge of another set of; basically they have free energy, they have stable wormhole technology, they have replicator technology, and all of this was given to us by some beings that they communicated with way back in around the Roswell time. There was one survivor that gave them through the connection to this planet Serpio which is about 39 light-years away and they asked for the technology and they just gave it to them. And the United States I understand has all of this technology. And I was wondering are you aware of that sort can you validate that this is in fact the truth and whenever NESARA is announced we’ll have access to all this technology?
Zorra:     Indeed. (310: So it's all true) Indeed.
708:       Good morning everyone this is Chicago. Zorra, tomorrow for the healing call I have a friend that is in a nursing home and she has muscular dystrophy. Can I get permission from her for her to be healed tomorrow even though she won't be able to be on the call?
Zorra:     Of course.
Two Suns
Okay thank you. I read somewhere this week that sometime the end of August or September we’re going to see two suns in the sky. One is our regular sun and the other one is going to have a blue mist but it's going to be so distinctive, they’ll both be sitting right next to each. Is that going to be also a time for everyone to know the changes will be upon us?
Zorra:     The other orb if it does occur will be Ellenin from Sirius.
708:       Oh okay. And that's going to look like a second sun.
Zorra:     Indeed. Presently the Ellenin is stationed directly in front of the sun.
Who decides if we take or leave our bodies
954:       This is Florida. Why is it preferable to take our bodies with us when we ascend and when will we get our individual replicators?
Zorra:     It is not essential that you take your body with you. It’s according to your Oversoul’s contract and whatever that happens to be. Many will take their bodies with them but many will not. It is a choice. [re replicators] That will be according to Sananda.
Magical Crystals
425:       Hello from Snohomish Washington. I have a question about some stones I've been using for the past couple of years that have been extremely helpful for me. The first stone I would like to ask about is a variety of quartz called azeztulite and I've heard it has some magical properties. Does Zorra has any insight on it.
Zorra:     All crystals are magical.
425:       Do you know anything specifically about it? It's just a very pure white color. It looks like quartz but it's so much more bright and white. It's just been a very helpful stone for me and I was wondering if it had some link to a group of beings called Azez and I was just wondering about their mission here on earth.
Zorra:     I will tell you they assist the Arcturians in healing. It is a healing Crystal.
He snuck a personal question in there.
Anne:     Yeah he did and I let him get away with it to a point.
Birthday Wishes For Lady Nada
619:       This is Sunshine from sunny California. I have a special message for our precious Anne: [sings Happy Birthday]
Anne:     [Laughing] Oh sweetie! I’m only 82 revolutions around the sun, that's all.
619:       And now you're going to eternity and infinity and that's pretty good. Thank you so much our beloved Anne for being here and hosting these wonderful calls for us and for all that you do for us. I noticed that you sent out the last notification for this call at 4:04AM. I hope you're getting rest our dear one.
Anne:     I've got some technical helpers that help me but many times I am up at four and I appreciate your awareness. Thank you. That's what makes it all worthwhile is to know that it’s effective.
619:       Indeed. And all the things that you've been posting have been incredible.
And Zorra and beloved Soraya it is just been a magnificent call. Thank you so much. So much love to all of you. Bye-bye.
Anne:     Oh thank you Sunshine that was a nice surprise. Thank you.
A Son Helps With Mother’s Healing
408:       Namaste this is India. I needed some help with regard to my mother healing. We have been listening to the radio talk but she is not healed even though she sits next to the website.
Zorra:     And what is her illness?
408:       Actually she recently developed swelling on her entire body and I think she has a problem with her knees, arthritis problem. Her stomach is stiff and swollen.
Zorra:     Can you come to the call tomorrow? Bring her with you. And we are going to use you to heal her. In the meantime we will send some healing energy to her to help her through the evening. Five, four, three, two, one. Receive. Indeed. And for you five, four, three, two, one, receive the gift of healing for her. And tomorrow we are going to use that power that you now possess to heal her.
Anne:     Okay looks like were all done with those that had questions and we're into overtime.
Zorra:     Indeed I hear a New World coming.
Anne:     A New World Coming, oh I love that. That is the theme song chosen for us by no one less than Prime Creator. Listen to the words folks. and we’ll see everybody tomorrow 5 PM Pacific for the healing call. 
Zorra:     Bring those that need help to the call.
Cue Music

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