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Watching It Happen


Banks release funds - Why they were held 
St Germain Trust - Humanity's Wealth

June 30, 2015

Please be advised that Landa is now facilitating the remittance of all boxes in the Philippines. The Trust in charge of the compensations for all remitted boxes with appropriate provenance, is active and functional.

Submissions that pass compliance will be addressed directly by the designated Trust person, and the holder of the assets will be instructed on the times for authentication and meeting with the Trust person.

Closings have begun now, and we repeat that the critical element of a submission is the provenance of the assets. Old and established provenance dating many decades is given priority.

The LanTrack system is still being refined, and we anticipate full functionality online in early July. Project submissions shall be delegated to the Humanus Project Funding divisions, and Project intake accepted by both the following emails, shall be directed to the HPF divisions for funding consideration and approvals.

PRIMARY:  projects@humanus.ca

SECONDARY:  projects@landachinaglobal.com

Thank You

June 30 2015

The Silent $21Trillion Jubilee
That No One Even Noticed

~ The Ambassador To Red Dragon Family ~


The Following is Directly from the Website of The Kev Baker Show

Ambassador To The Red Dragon Family Says The Paradigm Shift Has Begun


There has been no guest to the Kev Baker Show that ever caused the kind of storm that the Ambassador to the Red Dragon Family started after his previous visits to the show at the start of 2015. In this broadcast the great man is back, and he is back to inform us that the global jubilee he spoke of previously, and that so many scoffed at, is actually about to begin.

In previous visits to the show, we learned how The Ambassador is a representative for the Red Dragon Family in China. The “Dragons” lineage can be traced back through the ages and is rumoured to be direct bloodline descendants from the Announaki themselves.

You may go to this url to see more at: http://kevbakershow.com/the-silent-21trillion-jubilee-that-no-one-noticed-the-ambassador/#sthash.TfdxlljH.dpuf

June 30 2015

Wake up Call
Channel:  Nancy Tate

June 30, 2015


It is time to let you all know of an important step that has been made in our progress toward freedom not only in the United States, but all around the world. It is a step that will release not only the funds that you have been waiting for, but all of the treasures of life that brings to you what you desire for a life of freedom and well-being.


It is I, St. Germain speaking through this one again, and it is a continuance of what was begun several years ago. Then there was an abundance of reasons why there was the program called NESARA created and presented to the world. It began in the interest of the American people, and before it arose so many other features of what would become the move to regain not only the freedom of the people, but would also empower them. It would also remind them of how they can create the world that they intend, through the Love that they emit and live in the walk forward in the power they have forgotten that they have.


It is time now to look around and see what has been accomplished since this all began. It is a broad spectrum of what can be brought to the floor of justice and allowed to flow throughout the world. Giving the energy of freedom to all aspects of life can be the most powerful energy that emits forth the completeness of being in the delight and peace of living in the original idea of the Creator.


We are all an equal part of The Creator, and as we fill those shoes we do so with the liveliness of the turtle who slides forth in it's journey. In the steady pace of enjoying life and observing what is around us and how we are a part of it, can be the most important part of bringing ourselves the freedom in which we create the best life that we can imagine. As we see others doing what it is that they choose to do, we see how our lives can reflect out to all of the world. We also see how we can be part of the change that takes place in every second.


Give yourselves the energy to live your power and to bring forth that which you are seeing is in the works. The more you give to that ideal of living the life that represents freedom and Love, the more you will feel the openness come forth as well as see it being lived around the globe. Bit by bit you will realize the power there is in stepping back for a moment and then moving forward in the power you have to create anew. Stepping back allows you the clarity of seeing what your forward movements can create and how it can affect not only your life, but also the lives of others.


I will close this message today with the news that many people around the globe are being shown what it takes to bring back the freedom and the honesty that moves people forward in the openness that does not allow the dishonesty to cloud the lives of people. It is now coming to an end that people are being lied to, and that games have been being played that take their toll on being free. Those who have played their roles of hiding what they've been doing, are standing forth and allowing themselves to change their roles and take the road to the release of that which they've agreed on a soul level to hang onto. They are now in the process of changing their course of life either by being open to the truth of what they have been doing, or by leaving the world and going back to the next step in their evolvement.


It is all in motion, and as we sit back and see what you are expressing in your power we also see the abilities that you are awakening to in order to complete this sojourn of duality that you have agreed to fulfill. It is now in the works to bring it all forward and to return to the truth of who we all are and how we are beginning the next step in our journey of expression. Forward we go in peace, joy and Love into the world of total freedom.

Thank you dear, Loving St. Germain,

With Much Love, Nancy Tate

June 29 2015

True Vision of Peace

Click Here

The Ambassador and other peace advocates express their
intention and needs to the Dragon Family.
This was part of the effort to secure the $21 Trillion just released.

JUNE 27 2015



30 Minutes

Radagast explains how enough people stepped forward, creating projects, showing their good intent - to convince the Dragon Family the responsibility we have assumed to reclaim and rebuild our beautiful planet.

This is what brought this all about. 

Radagast gives insight into the Ambassador and his involvement.

Want to submit your own project?  New projects are still being accepted.
by Enda CurranJeff Kearns

June 25, 2015 — 3:00 PM MST

Few events will be as significant for the world in the next 15 years as China opening its capital borders, a shift that economists and regulators across the world are now starting to grapple with.

With China’s leadership aiming to scale back the role of investment in the domestic economy, the nation’s surfeit of savings -- deposits currently stand at $21 trillion -- will increasingly need to be deployed overseas. That’s also becoming easier, as Premier Li Keqiang relaxes capital-flow regulations.
The consequences ultimately could rival the transformation wrought by the Communist nation’s fusion with the global trading system, capped by its 2001 World Trade Organization entry. That stage saw goods made cheaper across the world, boosting the purchasing power of low-income families at the cost of hollowed-out industries.

Some changes are easy to envision: watch out for Mao Zedong’s visage on banknotes as the yuan makes its way into more corners of the globe. China’s giant banks will increasingly dot New York, London and Tokyo skylines, joining U.S., European and Japanese names. Property prices from California to Sydney to Southeast Asia already have seen the influence of Chinese buying.

Other shifts are tougher to gauge. International investors including pension funds, which have had limited entry to China to date, will pour in, clouding how big a net money exporter China will be. Deutsche Bank AG is among those foreseeing mass net outflows, which could go to fund large-scale infrastructure, or stoke asset prices by depressing long-term borrowing costs.

‘Historic Proportions’

“This era will be marked by China shifting from a large net importer of capital to one of the world’s largest exporters of capital,” Charles Li, chief executive officer of Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing Ltd., the city’s stock market, wrote in a blog this month. Eventually, there will be “fund outflows of historic proportions, driven by China’s needs to deploy and diversify its national wealth to the global markets,” he wrote.

The continuing opening of China’s capital account will also promote the trading of commodities in yuan, and boost China’s ability to influence their prices, according to an analysis by Bloomberg Intelligence.

As was the case with China’s WTO entry, where many of the hurdles had been cleared in the years leading up to 2001, policy makers in Beijing have been easing restrictions on the currency, the flow of money and interest rates for years. What’s making 2015 notable is the International Monetary Fund’s once-in-five-year review of its basket of reserve currencies. China wants in, and is accelerating reforms to get there.

Offshore Centers

Recent steps to promote its currency have included setting up five offshore yuan centers, a new link between the Shanghai and Hong Kong stock exchanges and letting the tightly controlled yuan trade against the dollar in a wider band. It has promised to remove a cap on interest paid to savers.

“The integration of China –- the world’s second-largest economy with the highest saving rate but still a low per capita income -– into the global capital markets is an unprecedented event,” China International Capital Corp. economists led by Beijing-based Liang Hong wrote in a note this month.

There are already signs of that potential. Chinese buyers topped Canadians to rank as the biggest foreign purchasers of U.S. homes by sales and dollar volume in the year through March, accounting for more than a quarter of all international spending.

Moving Abroad

Lenders are speeding up their ambitions: Bank of Communications Co., China’s fifth-largest lender, is making its first overseas acquisition by buying a lender in Brazil, while China Construction Bank Corp. plans to open branches in Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa.

The global community is watching. U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob L. Lew said after meetings this week between U.S. and Chinese officials that China is committed to pushing through necessary reforms to liberalize interest rates, open capital markets and open up more to foreign enterprises. The U.S. wants more access to the world’s second-biggest economy for its financial firms, something that’s been elusive since China’s WTO entry.

Few expect the yuan to soon threaten the dollar’s role as the global reserve currency, with a wave of domestic reforms needed first up to reassure international investors -- such as bolstering liquidity in the local bond market.
While U.S. policy makers are betting that a more open China will ease currency tensions between the two nations, any rapid depreciation in the yuan could trigger large-scale capital outflows, prompting intervention and new restrictions from China’s policy makers.

U.S. Friendly

“If they’re going to be gradually opening up to be like the U.S., then vast amounts of money are going to flow overseas,” said David Dollar, who served as U.S. Treasury attache in China and is now a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution in Washington. “I would speculate that it favors the U.S. over everything else.”
Other nations, from Argentina to South Korea, have suffered whiplash from volatile capital flows after they eased restrictions. While China is unlikely to tear down the barricades altogether, the opening of the nation’s capital borders will reverberate across the world.

“I don’t think you can find any significant economic system where deposits in the banking system are twice GDP,” said Nicholas Lardy, who has studied China for more than three decades and is a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics. “That’s the potential.”

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