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Don't Let New York Kill My Deer!


Twelve years ago I became a wildlife rehabilitator to care for animals that needed help. Now I have two precious deer that won't be able to survive on their own. They are well cared for on my 12-acre horse farm, but the New York Department of Environmental Conservation is demanding they be euthanized by Tuesday! Would you sign my Care2 petition, asking New York to grant me the license I need to keep Lily and Deirdre?

I've been licensed to rehabilitate wildlife since 2007. Since then, I've cared for animals that I have joyfully re-released to the wild, as well as animals that I sadly couldn't save, or had to be euthanized. These two, however, are different. Dierdre came to me when her mother was hit by a car, and she was just a few days old. The intense level of care required to save her meant that she 'imprinted' on me, and sees me as her caregiver. Lily is younger, and came to me because she is blind and unable to survive on her own in the wild.
Both does are happy, healthy, and live a comfortable life on my horse farm. I am trained as an educator, and use both animals to teach people about wildlife and their needs. Deirdre has been helping me educate the public for 5 years now.

I obtained my license to help save wildlife, not kill them! This hard-hearted decision by the Department of Conservation is putting policy before the humane care of wildlife. Please sign my petition urging NYDEC to allow me to continue caring for Deirdre and Lily.

New York has only given me until Tuesday to comply with their horrible decision - please take action now!
Thanks for make a more caring world for wildlife,

Cindy M.
Chittenango, New York
Wildlife rehabilitator and Care2 Member

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada