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Saturday June 13, 2015
Replay: 1-857-957-1119 + 439724#  Ref No: 115  
Thank you again, Zoe, for this beautiful transcript. 

I have not edited it; I am trusting our transcriber...

With my love,




Anne:  And we are so glad that it’s almost here! [Reference to lyric: A new day’s coming.] In fact it’s beginning – almost here. This is Anne in southern Arizona. Anne DeHart in our 5th year interacting with Zorra in Hollow Earth. If you want to understand more of how we accomplish this just go to our Blog Talk Radio site, BlogTalkRadio.com/HollowEarthNetwork.
There’s a featured session there where Colonel Billie Faye Woodard also known as Zaraya tells his story of how he was asked by his father to be relocated up on the surface and eventually get the message out to all of us that we need to communicate with this highly advanced civilization living within our planet. That happened back in 1951 and it only took about 60 years to finally make the right connection … and that’s us folks! We’re the ones that listened. We’re the ones that got it up there and now thousands – and Zorra tells us millions – are aware of this information.
So we want to thank Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, we want to thank Zaraya – that’s his Hollow Earth name – for the years he put in away from his family up here until he made the right connections.
My name is Anne DeHart. I will be facilitating the call and handling the audio questions. I’m going to be turning this over to Zaraya and his beloved Quazar who are both standing by. I have you guys here. And before I make the mistake of turning it over to them and they send it back and say you haven’t done the invocation, let’s just do it.

INVOCCATIONS -----------------------------------

First we’re going to do the Violet Flame given to us as a special dispensation by St Germain.
The Violet Flame is a state of grace that we’re allowed to call upon to erase and transmute all past and present mistakes. It’s a wonderful -- the picture of the Violet Flame once you see it helps you envision it as we say this. A picture is posted there on our website, HollowEarthNetwork.com on our Home page. You’ll also see it on our Tool Box, our Ascension Tool Box.
It’s one of the tools we can use to raise out vibrations and free ourselves of inhibiting vibrations from old mistakes that seem to just stay stuck on us. We can get rid of those. We don’t have to suffer like that. We don’t have to be fearful that a subject will come up and it’ll ‘turn it on’ for us. That can be done away with and we can be released from that threat of that energy.
And we’re going to do it right now. I already had a short meditation and I said it four times. So let’s just do the Violet Flame. We stand with our feet flat on the ground, hopefully grounded. We have the palms of our hands facing our beloved Mother Earth, and we call on the Violet Flame by these words, it’s very simple, and envision this soothing Violet Flame coming up through the soles of our feet and through the palms of our hands, and just doing this blessed dispensation of release. So here we go.
I AM the mighty Violet consuming Flame that now and forever consumes and transmutes all past and present mistakes, their cause, their core, their effect and their Akashic record.
That’s it! That’s it. It’s easy to memorize. Our friend Peter Olson advises us that when we say a short affirmation like this four times is good, so it doesn’t take long.
Our second invocation is between us and our own beloved I AM Presence. We’re going to call on the White Pillar of Protection which was given to us by our beloved Ashtar. So much instruction he gave us back in the summer of 2013. You’ll find it on our sister website EarthAscends.com.
Back around July he started dictating through his own twin flame very carefully and this was one of those dictations. We’re going to call on that White Pillar of Protection and again we call to our own Higher Self, our own I AM Presence.
This is not something someone can place over us; it’s nothing extraneous that’s applied to us; it’s between us and our own beloved I Am Presence which is just above us. I like to put my hands above my head, palms together, fingers pointing to my beloved I AM and then I like to just draw this pillar down soothingly around me and snuggle into this cocoon of pure white light. So here we go.
Beloved I AM Presence intensify your protective Pillar of Pure White Cosmic Light Substance in through and around me.
Charge it with your invincible protection, all powerful and impenetrable that keeps me insulated from all that is not of the Light, and keep it sustained.
Make and keep me ever sensitive to you and your direction, and immune to all imperfect vibratory rates.
And so it is.
And there we are, all within our pillar of pure white cosmic light substance that extends out in about a nine-foot radius.
How We Speak With Zorra and Saryya
And we’re all set to begin. Quazar will be our moderator until she and Zorra’s other half, which is Saryya, trades bodies with Quazar. We may have a chance to say hello to Zaraya before he and Zorra trade bodies.
So we’re going to start out with Zaraya and Quazar and then soon, before we know it, Zaraya will have traded bodies with Zorra and we’ll be talking with Zorra from Hollow Earth. And shortly thereafter, after Quazar can present some of the questions that have been submitted by email, Quazar and Saryya will trade and we’ll be talking with Zorra and his beloved other half, Saryya while Zaraya and Quazar enjoy being wherever they find their alternate bodies. Hopefully they’re together so they can have some fun. And with that, I’m going to turn this over and open the line to Quazar and Zaraya. Come on guys.
Quazar:  Well hello there beloved Anne/Lady Nada. And here it is this wonderful, glorious, and loving Saturday around … well, not ‘around’ the part. Part of the world is already a day ahead of us. It's great to always be here to be able to talk with you all of you because we always need upliftment in any way we can get it. We do very much enjoy having our beloved Zorra here with us. And so with that, without further ado we have a tight schedule for today and we want to make sure we get everything in. Thank you so much beloved Lady Nada/Anne for taking care of all of us and doing everything that you do. So here is…


There Is No Death, Only Ascension

Zorra:     Indeed beloved masters. Well, we're going to do something a little different this time. Instead of having Zaraya speak, this is my show. Indeed now.
I have been observing peoples around over the United States and the other listeners that are out there in other parts of the world. And my observation is one of concern mainly because many of the people seem to be doing what is termed as not going forward but going backward. And that is not what they should be doing. You should be concentrating on Ascension.
The first thing I'm going to bring to your knowingness is this: there is no death as you term it. Period. When a person passes -- passes as you term it -- they are ascending. Get that through your heads. That is ascension. That is not death. Death is an illusion. It was a word that was brought to the surface by religions, by so-called higher education, and things of this nature.
But death is not real. When you decide, when you and your Over Soul decides that your contract is fulfilled, then you ascend. You do not die. Your loved ones that have ascended are still with you; believe it or not they are. If you have one that recently passed all you need do is call upon them to give you comfort and you will feel their touch. They are still here but they are in another phase of existence that you cannot see but they are still here.
So do not think that when you go to a graveyard and talk to them that you are speaking to just a corpse in the ground. They hear every word you say and they know you and they are here with you. So if you have had someone pass, call upon them. Call upon their name and speak to them as you would speak to someone who is sitting next to you, because they are, or they are standing behind you.
So, now that that is out of the way and you have the understanding that death is an illusion and is not real and that it is ascension. They have decided to not take their bodies with them. They have just decided to move on. And they have. But they are still within your voice range. Understand? Indeed.

Main Stream Media Is Still Hijacked By Minions

Now, another thing that I have been observing is how peoples are doing again what is termed as here again listening to the media – so-called media -- and the news that is coming about specifically one called Sterling in what is called Atlanta, Georgia. And everyone is concerned that ones that have invested with them have what is termed been duped, have been swindled, whatever you term it, and none of that is true. They have not swindled you. You have your dinar -- do you not? -- safe in your keeping or in reserves with them. Understand you are still eligible to get your reserves. So do not be worried about this. You will be able to get your reserves when need be, so do not worry about that.

RV = Still In Play

There has been talk that revaluation is a hoax. It is not. Understand this, people have said what is termed the RV is what is termed as a ploy; what is termed as a sting operation by the Galactics supposedly. And their understanding is that was brought about to bring out the minions, to bring out the Cabal out of their hiding places. I can assure you, there is no hiding place on the earth that we cannot find. And we need no ploy or no sting operation to accomplish it. I can assure you we know exactly where they are, where everyone is that needs to be collected. So do not think that this is a sting operation or this is a ploy or this is an excuse, it is not.

NESARA Will Come

NESARA is not a fable, it is real. That is NESARA has to do with St. Germain’s Trust and the distribution of it so, that will be coming forth as well. So there are different concerns that I have been observing.

No Vaccines – No More Discussion

Another that I have been observing is the powers that-want-to-be in your governments are wanting or trying to convince the people of what is termed as mandatory inoculation is a must. Why is it a must? Think about that. Why does your government want you to take inoculations supposedly to prevent certain diseases? Why? Because they are afraid. Plain and simple.

Why Our Children Went Missing …

Remember back in what is in your past times when you had what was termed as …(what was the term?) milk carton kids. Milk cartons with missing children's pictures on them and that was very prevalent in the past and wondering where they were and where they went. No, they were not abducted by sadistic peoples, they were abducted by what is termed your government, (I guess you could call them sadistic,) but anyway. They took them for the purpose of experimentation; to discover the hidden powers that they possessed. They wanted to understand these powers that every child on the earth is born with, and you were born with as well.
… Because They And We Have The Power
Understand, inoculations are to dumb down your abilities, to render you what is termed as manageable if you will, because they realized from the testing that they had done on these children that there was an inherent ability of hidden power within you. And that made them afraid because they realized that if the people the children grew up to become came to these powers, then the government would have no power.
That is the purpose of the mandatory inoculations, to dumb down your abilities, to dumb down your knowledge or your hearts and minds to develop superhuman, if you will, abilities such as telekinesis, psychokinesis, clairvoyance, things of this nature, that people have deemed all of this satanic or witchcraft or whatever they wish to term it.
But understand these gifts are not a curse and they are not what is termed as satanic. They are natural and everyone has them to a certain do agree. So it's just knowing that you have these powers and then you begin to what is termed to know them and to teach others to know that they have them. This is what should be the norm. Do not be afraid of your inbred powers. Use them. Because they will better your life, it will better your situation.

You Are What You Think

People are in lack. Why? Because they think they are in lack. But they are not.
People choose what is termed in different walks of life, also what is termed so-called higher education; and also what is called indoctrination of the churches, religion, and things of this nature, to tell the peoples that they are powerless, and they have to have a mediator or they have to have this or they have to have that.
I am here to tell you that you have to need none of it. You do not need a mediator between you and the Creator. You are the mediator so why have another?
Now. You need to do what is termed, and it is only a suggestion because you have your own mind, stop listening to propaganda from the internet. All that
 does is draw down your energies, draw down your joy. It takes away your joy and then you listen to it and start contemplating about ‘oh well they should know this, and they should know that, and now they're telling us this, and they're telling us that, and we should believe it.’ Why? Because it is called the power of suggestion which is very strong. I am not suggesting you do not do something, I'm telling you
what you should do and that is this:
Listen to your inner knowingness. Your inner knowingness, not someone else's inner knowingness. They only know what they know. But I can assure you your inner knowingness knows much more than they ever thought about. Your subconscious minds are very extreme powerful minds. And once you learn to tap into them you will be surprised just how much power you do have.
I want all of you to write down the following. A simple prayer to the Lord God of your own Being you simply say:
I am speaking to the Lord God of my Being. I want to make contact with my subconscious mind.
I'm speaking to all of you. And if you are earnest about it and concentrate on it you will make contact with your subconscious mind. And once you have done this you will have tapped into unlimited power.
So, if you wish to, go ahead and listen to these warmongers that are on the Internet or you wish to listen to these ones that are going to give you false understanding/ false hope and try and convince you that what you have done is a mistake, then think about the result. They are doing this because they aren't happy. That is why they are bringing forth this so called false propaganda knowledge, because they are angry with themselves. Not with you, they are angry with themselves and they want to vent his anger onto the Internet so they can bring others down and take away their joy.

We Are Loved

And this is something that will not be tolerated. Prime Creator –and this message I'm giving you is coming from Prime Creator not myself. So he is speaking through me right now and he wants you to know that you are loved greatly and have always been loved greatly.
But Prime Creator gave you the free will to run your own lives. Yes? And you are doing what is termed as what was expected you would do. But that is also going to be altered to a degree. And this is going to help you, all of you, to come to the knowingness of who you are and what you are because we have been telling you this all along that you are gods and you are goddesses. And when you come to the realization of this, ones that really know it, you're going to do great things. And what I mean by great things is empowering.

We Are Healers

You're going to lay hands on others that are not well and you're going to heal them just by touching them. It talked in the Bible about Jesus healing. Was he the only one who is able to do so? No. He was not. He taught his disciples that they were gods and goddesses and then he sent them out two by two and he let them heal others that were less fortunate.

We Are Goods and Goddesses

He gave others the power but not just the power but the understanding of who they are. He reminded them that they were gods and goddesses and then he sent them out so they could prove to their own selves that they were gods and goddesses. And they proved it. Many were healed in Samaria and throughout the known world at that time.
So is it just for back in that time? No it is not. It is for now. Right now every one of you listening to this call is a healer. Don't think you are not because you are. Whether you want to admit it or not you are healers. All of you are. We gave you that power when we created you. Understand?
Get it through your heads that you are not limited Beings. You are unlimited Beings. And this is what your government is afraid of because they know you have the power.

Just Say No to Inoculations

That is why the mandatory inoculations are trying to be put into place. You still have the right to say no. I will not have my child inoculated. And then they put steps in your way. Well if you do not have your child inoculated you cannot send them to school. See that is another ploy that they use.
Well it's simple, the answer is simple. Home school them. They need not go to a public school anyway they get all indoctrinated when they do. Teach them at home. And if you do not know how to teach them hire somebody who can. You need not be subjugated in facilities of learning if they do not want to teach your children. Teach them yourself. That's the answer. If they tell you you must have your children inoculated to teach them, then teach them yourself or hire tutors to do it for you. And believe me there are many unemployed teachers out there that would jump at the chance to teach your children. Find them. They're out there unemployed teachers that would be more than willing to teach your children with out inoculating them.
Mothers that have just had children or that are pregnant know this: your child when he is born or she is born is fully inoculated against all disease when they are born. There is no inoculation that can help them. They do not need the help. I child that has not been inoculated is far ahead of others. Your child, even when they were in your womb, were communicating with you and you know that. And you were communicating with them. Mind-to-mind communications, telepathy. Yes indeed you communicate with your child in your womb and vice versa.
When that child is born and you allow them to be inoculated then they become to the point where they cannot learn. That's why it takes children so long before they talk. It is because they have been dumbed down by chemicals.
People in Hollow Earth would they give birth to a child that child speaks one week after birth. Sound incredible? It is factual. Your children not being inoculated will be able to speak far sooner than you ever expect. Because they are not dumbed down, they still retain their inbred powers that they have. This is the observations that I have been observing.
So I wanted to give you a reality check. Do not allow your children to be inoculated. And do not take what is termed what is called the flu vaccine. Let me tell you what is in the flu vaccine. Mercury. You know what Mercury does to the body. The inoculation is the same; vaccinations the same; traces – more than traces of mercury – they have quantities of mercury in them and the purpose for it is to dumb down your abilities to be your selves.
The power that you were born with and your governments are afraid of that because they know the power that exists there. Many of those children that were taken are in think tanks as you would term them in underground facilities. They are using them to what is termed come up with different forms of weaponry and things of this nature, mind weaponry. So that is not a good thing. But when you have children and you allow them to be themselves and to be all they can be so to speak. And many, many children that are what you term wiz kids have not been inoculated.
What you term as advanced students ones that excel in their curricula and they are far advanced; 12 years old in college. It happens quite a lot. Why? Because they were not inoculated when they were young. They came from areas such as the back woods of Kentucky or what is termed as the where inoculations are nothing are not even heard of there.
They were born, they were able to grow, and understand themselves, and use their inbred powers. And when they send them to school they were far ahead of their class because they had and retained their power.

HEALING PULSE ---------------------------

Quazar:  How about a quick Healing Pulse
Zorra:     Yes let us do that. Let us have a Healing Pulse. A quick one.
I'm going to have my beloved help me. Goodbye Jane. I will begin.
Those who have glasses take them off. Those who have hearing aids take them out. Those who have any form of tool to help them to breathe you know what to do. Anyway.
Five, four, three, two, and one. Receive. The healing power of the Arcturians who are here now, also Prime Creator: present. St. Germain: present. Ashtar: present. Sananda: present. Me: present.
You are feeling a warm sensation entering through your heart mind which is located in your chest.
I am going to address a condition many are suffering from called dementia. Now doctors have given you many, many of what you call explanations of what dementia is. I'm going to give you the simple answer what it is. It is a misalignment of brain cells. That is what it is. Plain and simple. And the cure is simple as well.

Heal dementia

All of you out there who have dementia or you have loved ones who have dementia, I want to go to them. I want you to rub your hands together and then I want you to place your right hand over the heart mind and your other hand on the back of the individual directly opposite the hand in front. That is going to do what is termed as send the Healing Pulse into the heart mind rebalancing the brain cells.
Then I want you to move from there and then rub your hands together again and put your right hand over the forehead of the individual and on the back of the head of the individual.
The heart mind is in direct contact with the vault of knowledge as many term as the brain. When you do that then you are fortifying the impulse that has left the heart mind into the vault of knowledge where it is put into storage and you realign those cells as well. And you will see a significant change in that individual that has dementia. If you do this straightaway you will heal your loved one of dementia. Same with Alzheimer's as Alzheimer's is part of dementia. Now, now that that has been said let us continue.
The energy is going outward up to the crown chakra, spreading out around the head, spreading outward to the inner ear and behind the optical nerves. It is doing what is termed spreading into the eardrum area. People who have difficulty hearing, you are hearing pops in your ears right now, in your inner ear. That is what is termed as a rejuvenation of the hearing your eardrums is so termed, the inner ear. It is being replaced with a new one. Those who were born without any the blessing of an eardrum you are also feeling something there, a reestablishment, a recreation of the eardrum. So, those who are having or had difficulty hearing you need not worry because you are not being left out as well.
Ones with hearing aids, turn them down because they're going to begin to squeal because when they do this you will understand what I am saying. They are telling you they do not need to be there any longer. So take them out and hear. Have someone around you to talk to you. You will hear them have them whisper to you. You will hear them. This is our promise to you you are healed of your hearing disability.
Those who have also have because they could not hear properly could not speak properly. Those who are in that situation I want you to swallow three times. Once you swallow three times and speak out, your voice will be crystal clear. You will not be sounding like a person who cannot hear. You are going to shock those around you. You are going to surprise yourself and your teachers. Many what is termed facilities they teach the hearing impaired, those are going to be, become less and less. Why? Because they are being healed.
Now I am addressing those who cannot see, blind. Blind from birth. Blind due to an accident. Blind due to macular degeneration. I'm speaking to that disability now: Be gone from those who you have afflicted! Be gone. Macular degeneration you have no power in a God or Goddess, leave! What is termed blindness, those that are blind that are hearing my voice, I want you to go to your lavatory, wash out your eyes. Wash out all that blockage that is there. Go wash it out. Simple yes?
Those that do are going to be surprised. You are going to after you have washed your eyes and you open them, you are going to see a film, a white film. And that will be your first time seeing light. Wash your eyes again, and again it will become even a little clearer. Do it a third time and after the third time when you open your eyes you may be in for a surprise if your faith is there.
If your faith is there and understanding my words then you will receive your sight by stepping out on faith and doing it. Now those who have glaucoma, same procedure. Go and wash out your eyes. Wash out all of the cataracts that have been, all the glaucoma as well, wash it away. It may take three times for you too but do it and you will be surprised and shocked as a result.
These are words from Prime Creator also. If you do not believe me believe Prime Creator because he has said it. And it is done.
Now the energy is now dropping down to into what is termed behind the sinuses and into what is termed to the mouth and gums. People with gum disease all of this is being rectified and cleaned out. And your bad breath that you had from the disease that you had is gone, vanished, completely. Ask someone around you to smell your breath. It will smell very sweet.
The energy is now dropping down into what is termed the into the throat area, and into what is termed the thyroid area, down the neck, out through the shoulders, the rotator cuffs; all of this is being rectified at the same time.
The Arcturians are here and they are assisting. They're working on the rotator cuff areas on both shoulders. Those that have that issue, do the following: raise your arms directly straight above your head. Do it! Do not sit on that sofa not doing it just listening. Lift up your arms straight up. Go ahead do it. You there in Dallas. Ah, I surprised you didn’t I? Well, I can see you on your sofa. You in Fort Worth. Yes I am speaking to you. You in Wichita Falls, Texas on Yale Street. See I know. Now you are surprising yourself  aren't you. Rotate that arm. No pain. Now the energy is going down the arm to the elbows getting rid of any arthritic pain. Arthritis as you term it. Gone! No pain.
Down the arms, to the carpal tunnel area. Those who have braces on take them off. You have no need for them. Take them off. The instant you obey what I have just stated, the minute you take off that brace you shall be healed. Simple, isn’t it? Yes you, Mr. Hendrix, San Antonio, Texas. He is crying because it doesn't hurt anymore. Anyway down the fingers into the joints no arthritic pain. Gone. So be it.
Now it is dropping down into the chest area and also down the spine at the same time. Those with curvature of the spine stand up. No, I do not mean stand and slump over. Stand straight up. You can do it. You have the power. Stand up straight. Surprise yourself, stand up straight. I'm speaking to all you grandmothers, all those that have walkers. Take the walkers and fold them up and put them away and walk. You have no need for them.
Those that are what is termed 40 years old that look 70, get away from your crutches. Get away from your walkers. Walk. Not bent over. You are not weaklings, you are very powerful Beings. None of you are weaklings. Do not use it as an excuse to get benefits because many of you are doing that. And I am telling you this: those that are on benefits and do not need benefits will lose what they have. So, get smart and as I am telling you who are healed accept it! Know it! And then proclaim it!
The moment you proclaim healing, it is done and you are healed.
I am also doing what is termed as renewing all the hearts out there that need replacing. You are feeling – take three deep breaths. On your third breath you are going to be totally and completely restored in your chest area.
Those who have breast cancer same with you. Massage your breasts, both of them, and as you do so the third time around that lump shall vanish. Do it. Do not think about it. Do it. You there in Reno. Do it! You know who I’m speaking of.
Anyway I am turning it over to my beloved and she will continue.
Saryya:  Thank you beloved. It is wonderful to have all of us present here to bring forth the love to all of you So let us continue.
And all of you now are feeling your new hearts, feeling the great love that you have for yourself and all those on your planet, all of humanity, all of nature. Everything, everyone, they are also being healed as you are being healed also. Bring this beautiful energy of love that is healing all of you from all of us, bring it down into your stomach area, down the esophagus. Many of you are experiencing, have been experiencing much stomach turbulence, reflux, acids in the stomach causing some pains, like ulcers creating ulcers already. They are gone. Be gone. As you see them being repaired, as you see the cells are regenerating. As you are nourish them with your love that is all that is needed.
Bring forth the healing now into your lungs. Those of you that have lung cancer, those of you that are having difficulty breathing, breathe -- take out [the tubing from your nose] be free of the oxygen that you need. You no longer need that. Your lungs are regrowing, being repaired They are young again as before. Down your lungs.
And now down into your stomach area, into the intestines, the small and large intestines. Many also are suffering from cancer for example, in the colon area. All the way down to your rectum.
Many are also having cancers in that area. All kinds of diseases and illnesses that affect those areas. See those areas being healed. See the intestines and the walls are being healed. You are now regrowing all the wonderful youthfulness of your intestines and all of those particular areas.
We are now going to focus in now on your spleen, on your pancreas, on your kidneys. Those are beautiful organs that have been created for you to be able to survive and thrive on this planet of yours. See those being healed. So you can be more healthy; so that the kidneys no longer need to be on dialysis for example. That you, your pancreas is functioning normally, that you no longer need insulin or other medications so that you can be healed. And that is also those things of the pancreas that affect the body is not just the pancreas but it also is manifested in numbness and loss of circulation in your body’s your lower extremities, in your legs, in your toes, in your feet. Lack of circulation. You can see all of those now being eradicated and now you can feel your limbs being healed.
You can feel your toes, you can feel your legs, you can feel the circulation moving and if you get up and you walk you can feel the tingling in your feet and you can feel that they are being healed. Your pancreas is now healing on its’ own. What a miracle all of you are feeling that! Go and feel that even more so.

The Only Truth Is Fearlessness

Now all of you that are feeling or have cancers as well in your ovaries or cancer in all of the reproductive areas whether it's male or female, know that those are now gone out of your consciousness. Out, out of your conscious thinking and believing that those are real for they are not real! All of this that you are feeling is only part of the illusion that you have believed to be the truth. These are not truths. All of these fears that you feel are not the truth! The only truth is fearlessness. That you are strong! Your bodies are strong! Bring forth and rebirth them into your knowingness that you are fully perfect, in perfect health throughout your body.
All of you that are feeling the aches and pains of arthritis and all of the aches and pains that are in your knees, know that those are not there any longer. Feel that you can move your knees, move your ankles, move your legs. You no longer need the wheelchairs. You no longer need these walkers. You can feel the strength and mobility and flexibility in your arms in your muscles and in your bones. Your body is healed!
For each and every one of you that are hearing our voices, you have the symphony of all of us at your feet helping you!  Now beyond that, we are healing all of your emotions that are so caught up in all of what is happening around you that are in turmoil, in chaos, and knowing that these are merely illusions that you are coming into again; that you are being pulled into. Let go of all of those illusions that have beset you. Let go!
And also in the emotional area and in your mental area, you know who you really truly are. You know who to listen to. Go always within. Go within and out into nature. When you can connect with just a tree or with the beauteous flowers or the grasses that are surrounding you now and the sky, you can feel who you really are.
You are more than this body.
You are more than your emotions.
You are gods and goddesses of the Light.
You are gods and goddesses of Love that we are, that you all are.
Know that within yourself. Know it every moment, every second of your day and you will be healed always. And know that what you feel is not the truth. The truth is that you are all healers, you are all gods and goddesses. There is no room for illness. So be it.
Zorra:     Indeed.
Saryya:  I shall leave.
Zorra:     Alright, you can and have Quazar return. And let me continue a little more for the issues that we have not mentioned, they are also healed.
So without further adieu, I guess we should begin doing what is termed some questions. And when people respond on the call asking questions, if you have been healed let us know as well.



QUESTIONS & ANSWERS ---------------------

Quazar:  We have one of our H.E.N. people whose father had died of Lou Gehrig's disease and was a carpenter. And we wanted to let Don know that your dad has now ascended and is in full health.
Zorra:     And he is not dead as you term it. People have the audacity to tell people that when they have passed away that they are dead. They are in a grave and they're going nowhere. Well I have news for you. They have already gone and come back again.

Diet Makes The Difference

Quazar:  The individual is asking what caused the Lou Gehrig's disease, this neurological disease that affects the nerves.
Zorra:     Many of what causes those type of diseases has to do with their diet. And the cure as well is also your diet. Food.
Quazar: So let's get on with the questions and we will also ask Lady Nada if we can listen to some of the testimonials after we get done with the next portion of our call.

RV or No?

This is from someone who says: Don't know if you have seen this which is from Dave Schmidt of the Sedona Connection who is in contact with the Red Dragon family. I have listened to Tony's rants on and off for years but he has really nothing to say. Dave gives him a pretty good run. This questioner wants to know if what Schmidt said is true about the oil. He wants Zorra to give us an update because he is the one who admonished us to not to get rid of our dinar and dong. So any reports with regards to Tony and what is going on with him, and with Dave Schmidt?
Zorra:     As I have told you before when you do what is termed as listen to peoples, go into your inner knowingness and determine if what they say brings joy to your being. If it does not why listen to it?
Quazar:  Well I think. Zorra, that way back a couple of years or so ago in regards to Tony you said that he was a master who’s come here to help with the revaluation to come forth. So perhaps maybe he is continuing to be positive. I mean we're all doing what we can; we’re not all perfect but we all have to take care in terms of the issues and concerns that arrive in our lives. Are you still supporting what Dave and Tony are saying?
Zorra:     I am supporting in what is called Tony is saying when it comes to the revaluation. He has not strayed off of the path to misinformation so I would say go ahead and listen to him. But as I said always go into yourself. Go into your inner knowingness and trust your inner knowingness because your inner knowingness has the answers. It is part of your subconscious mind.
Quazar:  Well sometimes I think, Zorra, it’s a test. Everything that's been happening in the past, even in the past few weeks, it seems like people are getting so enmeshed in all of the hoopla, all of the chaos that is out there. You just don't know who to believe anymore.
And it’s the same thing with this Sterling issue. Now that the feds have been after them do we continue working with them? And we know that you’ve already answered that part but  …

It’ll Be Over Soon

Zorra:     Understand this, if it was not a what is called, the reason Sterling was invaded as you term it or raided is because the end is coming very soon. The end of this wait, the end of what is termed, and what is termed the powers that-want-to-be know that so they are trying to put the scare in you by doing what they’re doing. Because it is becoming closer and closer to the end.
Quazar: So could you tell us again Zorra for the nth time in regards to the dinar and the dong and the Zimbabwe that people have, there is credibility to all of this, right?
Zorra:     Yes, indeed, of course. The GCR, global GCR is a real event that is occurring. They have just not determined what the final tally will be. But rest assured your blessing has not been taken from you. And the many peoples who say that it has, that is their reality; not yours and not mine. When I tell you they're going to give you a forest that is exactly what you are going to get … is a forest. Not a sapling, not a twig. You are getting the forest.
So do not do what is termed as to sell your dinar or your dong or whatever the currency be, back to where you got it for a fraction of what you would have paid for it. So why do that? Why subject yourself to less when you are going to have more?
Quazar: Well I know how people are feeling because that is what we're hearing in terms of rumors that the dinar is going to be basically only worth the dollar that we purchased it for. So everybody: now we know everything is still on. We’re still going to get our forest so not to worry. So that’s been said now. So that's it now for the dong and the dinar and the RV.
So now we have another question Zorra.
Entering Hollow Earth in Harmony
We know that you’ve answered this before but maybe real quickly answer this again. We have an individual who wants to know something about the pole entrances: if this person can go there; if there’s a snow desert if they’re not ready to go in …
Zorra:     Understand beloved master when she speaks of a snow desert she is speaking of, when she goes up there and she's not ready, she will not find the entrance. This snow desert would be what is called just a sheet of ice with no entrance. Well I can assure you there is a hole there. Your government knows it, Everyone knows it. So if you go there, are able to go there, you would be allowed in if your heart and your mind are at peace and in harmony. And when I speak of in harmony, I am speaking of a pure harmony, meaning you have come to the conclusion that all that you have heard from me, Prime Creator and other Blessed Beings is reality and not just a fairytale.
M1 Funding
Quazar:  Another question I wanted to ask if it's true that the distribution of funds by M1 will occur on or around August 17, 2015.
Anne:     [explains M1] M1 is the culmination of blood line that has been integrated and deliberately bred by the 128 families that held all this real assets of gold, jewels and so on. They wanted to consolidate so they didn't interact between themselves bickering and they developed a bloodline that culminated in this one individual who is now known as M1 meaning Money One. And he has the final authority over all these 128 families and their wealth because they are all culminated in the bloodline that resulted in him. And so he has control of all those 128 families’ wealth.
There is a video out and it's on our website (you'll see the currency icon there). He says that on 17th of August that he will start releasing this.
There is a second follow-up that I didn't post because he says it will amount to $6 million per individual. But that doesn't mean individuals are going to get that 6 million, it means each country will get $138.99 million and it would result, it would distribute to say to 6 million per individual. But they’re not going to distribute it that way.  It's going to raise the level of the country that equivalency. So that is who M1 is.
So the man is asking is this going to happen in two months Zorra.
Zorra:     Indeed. Wait and see.
The reevaluation, RV as you term it, is coming. It's in the works even now as we speak.  Next question.
Caller Admonishes All to Do The Work
Unkn:     Hello Anne, it’s California.
I don't have a question but this has been brewing with me for quite some time. I want to talk to the people that are listening. I want to tell them that I know that they have been sitting down because my channelings have been telling me that everyone seems to be sitting down just waiting for a hand-out. Zorra has told us for years to get busy doing work on ourselves. And it's not coming any closer, the RV, nothing is coming any closer unless we work on ourselves. You can't just sit down and expect the welfare to give you the money. Heaven does not have welfare. Everybody works.
Any work on yourselves! And if you're not working on yourself you're only fooling yourself because you can call me and tell me oh I've been meditating for a while or I’ve been working on this. It doesn't matter to me because you know you're not doing the work. And it's time to get off your lazy chairs and do the work.
Zorra says 15 minutes a day. You can take 15 minutes a day and do the work. It's time now. You want the RV, you do the work. You don’t want the RV then you sit on your lazy chair. And there is no middle of the road here people. There’s no middle of the road. If you're not working for the Light you are allowing the dark to use your energy for what they want.
There is no middle of the road. So if you're not working for the Light right now you are allowing the dark to use your energy for what they want. And I for one do not allow them to use my energy. And if you don't want them to use your energy this is what you can do, you can take your energy back. And to do that  say: ‘I take my energy and my power back from this timeline and any timeline known and unknown. I rescind any and all contracts either knowingly or unknowingly where my energy and power were taken from me. I take that power back now.’
And when you see on the news or when you read something on the Internet or if you stub your toe or anything there is a tool to use your power. You say, I refuse to participate in that possible reality and I send it unconditional love and Violet Fire. And after saying that you can say I see peace, love, joy, and harmony for all beings on this beautiful planet. And I will send unconditional love to that so that it manifests. And then you send it unconditional love.
Enough is enough people! It's time for you to do your work.
Anne:     B, what is the ‘work’ in a summation? What would you call the work?
Unkn:     Meditating. Connecting with your Higher Self. Go into your heart. Love yourself. As you're walking down the street or you're standing in line for something say to yourself, I love you, I love you, I love you. And you're talking to yourself. You have to love yourself. And ask the Higher Beings to help you with your work; to connect with them; to connect with your Higher Being; to connect with the collective. It works. I do it every day. Every day I do it.
Anne:     I haven't forgotten what you offered but my days have been chopped off and I haven't been able to get to it. I'm going to open a new page called Collective Inspiration where we will be offering such as what you and others have sent to me; where we’ll hear what is working for them and the tools they are using.  So thank you.
Lorraine Eldrige Presents KaratBars International.
Zorra:     What is termed as to be Gold KaratBars is what is going to be mentioned now. I say invest in it because it’s very good for you, to allow you to do what is termed as to build wealth. Well, I recommend it because gold is going to become extremely valuable very soon. Its’ frequency is very high. The frequency of gold is much higher than silver and it allows your mental faculties to do what is termed as increase in frequency.
It has a higher frequency than silver and when you use gold for what is termed, well in the case of the headbands, the gold has an extremely high frequency -- high healing, of course – and it is more desirable than silver. And you are going to be able to do what is termed as invest in the gold and not break yourself.
Quazar:  [Laughing] I think we know where you’re going with that. Gold is desirable and we all would like to have it if we were able to purchase it.
So Lorraine, thank you for being here. We’re going to let you take over the show now.
Lorraine: Thank you. Thank you so much Anne, Jane, Billie, and all of the Hollow Earth Network and of course, Zorra and all the other beautiful beings for allowing us to share this important golden opportunity with you.
I just want to tell you a little bit about myself and my involvement with KaratBars International. From my very early childhood I was soul traveling, exploring the universe and learning about frequency and vibration. And much later when I was ill I discovered energy medicine and natural remedy. And because of my sensitivity to frequency I was able to determine the very best products and therapies for me and I was able to heal myself. And this is why I like the products that Zorra suggests. I know they are the best. And I know you know that too or you wouldn't be here. So I just want to acknowledge the excellent advice that you seek wellness.
It's not easy to navigate all of the information and the hundreds of thousands of remedies being offered to you. And having a Being like Zorra point you in the right direction to only the best is just awesome. And now you're about to receive information for a different kind of wellness and this has already changed my life. This is financial wellness through gold. Through Karat Bars International.
This is about gold and gold does have a special frequency. Gold strengthens our immune system and aids in the expansion of consciousness. And gold is the only real money.
Knowing this and implementing this information has allowed me to obtain all the healthy products I want and to have money at the end of the month. And most importantly, I have a gold savings account now. But this part of today's call is about financial wellness for you, your family, friends and the planet.
Now I want to introduce my very good friend Russ Fields.
Russ is a gold director at KaratBars International meaning he’s established a large successful team and he knows about gold. He knows how this works and he knows how to help us acquire it.
Russ is no novice to network marketing. Even though this is not a network marketing company it is not an MLM. Russ is very skilled in those areas. He's been on both sides. He's been a successful distributor building teams of 20,000 or more, more than once. And he's worked with the company side helping them develop compensation plans and marketing strategies.
Gold is important to us and Russ can tell us about gold, the history of gold, and how we can acquire it and share it.
[Please reference call of June 20, 2015 with Lorraine Eldrige for further information regarding Gold KaratBars International]
Lorraine: Thank you very, very much. Now you see how you can also exchange your declining paper money for real gold money and how you can also earn from this system gold and cash without taking money out of your own pocket. And you can share this with family and friends for their financial wellness and make a substantial weekly income for doing that.
Do you want a free gold savings account? That's the place to start. And if this information resonates with you there's no reason not to take advantage of this and get your own free gold savings account today. There’s no obligation but there are many benefits.
Billie and Jane’s link is www.karatbars.com/?s=zzqabundance Click on the registration button and then Affiliates and you can set up your own gold savings account.
You will then get your own website. There's no obligation that that will get you our position here now today for your own free gold savings account to get started.
Thank you so much. We really like working with you and we look forward to the Hollow Earth Network to be able to bring some gold into everybody's lives.
Quazar: That was absolutely fabulous. Thank you so much. I think the call is almost over so we will bring Anne, our lovely Lady Nada and Zorra are still here.
Zorra:     Indeed beloved masters. Now we have been contemplating and we have come to the conclusion that… Well I guess I should ask Lady Nada first. Are you ready to tackle this one Anne? Are you ready to take on every other Saturday again?
Anne:     Oh how nice. Yes of course. So we're back to Zorra calls again now right?
Zorra      Indeed. Every other Saturday because I feel it is now prudent that I'd be here more frequently because of the wandering of the HEN network going to other sources. So we do not need other sources. We just need my source. And we need Prime Creator's and Ashtar’s and Sananda’s.
Anne:     Yes, yes we do. We need all that energy. That's where we are.
Zorra, I'm worrying about our people who came to the Zorra call and have been waiting patiently holding. I'm hoping they could still get a question in.
She Reaches Out For Help and Finds Her Twin Flame
970:       Thank you Anne, this is Colorado. Hello beloved Zorra.
Well, my theme is the most divine blessing of experiencing pure love in the last two months for myself and for another beloved other. So I just wanted to share that with you quickly and then Zorra get your input on that.
In summary, two months ago, I emailed Hollow Earth because I was at a place that I had never been before where I had I felt my life was going out. I was just suffering and I was in lots of pain and so I reached out and asked for help. And loving response from our Hollow Earth network. Most specifically I got a call from a guy named Charlie in Pennsylvania and since then Zorra we have been speaking hours every day for two months now.
And the blessing of this divine gift is because we did not meet specifically in the 3-D it prevented us from carrying the baggage of our 3-D into our communication. So therefore it enhanced all our other senses and has allowed for just our heart mind, our soul, and all of that to be enhanced and connected with each other. And when these steps are coming in we both realized we’re not there to help each other with that. We need to go get help elsewhere. but to hold the space of pure love Zorra. It has opened me to love myself, it has opened me to therefore love others, with him. And I just wanted to say to you could you comment on this divine blessing and this experience and maybe if it is a message to others that are trying to experience the same. I would love your input.
Zorra:     It is natural for twin flames to feel that way.
970:       Are we twin flames?
Zorra:     You are indeed.
970:       So this experience of meeting not physically yet because I'm not in a rush. I want to just soak in the pure love and by tuning out the physical meeting yet it allows for that. Can you speak more about maybe that some others can experience?
Zorra:     If people desire to have that experience they should seek it. And yes, that is how you were brought together. Because it was the magnetism between you in a higher level. And so by all means continue to speak to one another and do not speak of him as being your twin flame yet. Learn more of him first.
970:       Yes, we’re in the now, Zorra, and when I ever go to the future should we meet, we don't want to go into past and bring that into it. If we stay in the now of just feeling the most immense love, but it emanates from filling up myself and he for himself that then connects with each other. (Zorra: Indeed) I have no need to define this, all I know is this is a soul deep love connection. That's all I know.
Zorra:     Indeed. And it is natural.
970:       Okay well I feel my highest self and the Masters and Charlie and my soul and we’re all in orchestration to do this divine thing so if anyone else can glean something that it is possible, absolutely. But you first have to allow it to love yourself first.
Zorra:     Indeed. And that you must do.
970:       Well thank you. Yes, I thank you, I just wanted to share that because this to me is divine. And my light, my inner divine light and life force, oh Zorra, it is so ignited now. (Zorra: Indeed) And I fully want to be here for the first time ever, I want to be here in my body and be the Light and Love that I AM.
Zorra:     So be it!

HEN in Divine Design

Anne:     Thank you honey. And there’s another connection that has occurred as a result of Zorra having Hollow Earth Network for all of us to meet one another.
There’s so many wonderful connections that have occurred, not by accident, it all was designed, it all came in to place. Maybe we’ll hear some more that you might have inspired others to share in the uniqueness of their connections and how we’re not just a big collective – which of course we work as a collective now. We’re very in tune as a collective -- but there is wonderful unique connections that have occurred over these five years now. So thank you.
954:       [Doesn’t pick up]
Anne:     Well maybe they just gave up after waiting so long, bless their hearts. But they will be happy to know that we’ll be back in two weeks. This is exciting Zorra, the family’s coming back together.
Zorra:     And Wednesday after next we will have a testimony call. It will be all the testimonies that have transpired between now and 24 June. Indeed.
Also want to mention one of the products that we have not mentioned in a while and that is Soul. We need to not forget Soul or Rain International because they have some wonderful products that are very good for your health and for your well-being and for your sanity.
Anne:     Well I had two of them just before the call and I'm still here.
Zorra:     indeed. Now soul products are or should I say Rain products the Soul and the Core, they help the body in ways immeasurable. Such as they address all ills or ailments you have.
And they -- I can say -- the Rain International does not want its representatives to say that it can cure, but I can. So I am doing this. It will and can cure any ills you would have. That is an assured fact. Now, they may get on my beloved Zaraya and Quazar (or Billie and Jane) about bringing forth actual statements as to such but they are not saying it, I am.
It is not for everyone to take that because some people cannot take it. However the StemFit is another that is very, very powerful.
I will say this for many of you out there that have Laminine in quantity, in excess, I am going to energize it that you have now indeed I am going to give it the same potency as what is termed the StemFit has. So those who have storage or excess of Laminine still laying around it is now energized to the same potency as StemFit. So do not throw it away if you have it. Take it.
Anne:     Thank you. Thank you.
Quazar:  Anne, I don't want to talk about products because we’ll have that in a couple of weeks but as far as Zero Point Global, I will tell you that the encoder works on children very, very well. I have a friend who has tried all the products but the green laser from Zero Point Global has worked really well for her. That's just an FYI. Everything works differently for everyone so it's about keeping healthy and restore your body back to its youthful maximum capabilities your it is all these products and that's what they're there for.
Zorra:     Also, all the tools we have given you are there for one purpose: to help you with your ascension. That is what they are there for. All of the products known as the Rain International the Zero Point Global the StemFit WellMed Global and the  gold, all of it, is for your ascension and to prepare you for it. All of these tools we have given you, the headbands. the healing rods, all of these are tools for you to better your lives for you to enhance your memory capabilities to bring back your knowingness of who and what you are. All of these tools are to allow you to do this. And by using all of these tools you have no excuse not to ascend. [Laughter]

Body: Take It Or Leave It

Anne:     Well let me take a step further because as you said anyone that dies ascends. But our work is to bring the body with us and that's why we're so intent on purifying and uplifting the body.
Zorra indeed and many of you will take your bodies with you. But there are some that have their Oversoul contract is up. So they are now going to do what is termed as ascend without their bodies.
Quazar:  Zorra, why is it that seems there is more and more that are leaving their bodies behind and ascending? What is going on with that?
Zorra:     Because they want the new bodies. [Laughter] They want the new bodies. And their soul contract is over.
Anne:     What new bodies? What are you talking about? You lost me there.
Zorra:     Fifth dimensional bodies.
Anne:     Oh, they just want to go straight to a 5D body, they don't want to bring this 3D with them. What is the advantage of ascending and taking this Earth body with us? Why are we going through all this?
Zorra:     Because that is their choice. However, ones who have transitioned before-hand, their soul goes right into a full fifth dimensional body. And ones that are taking the bodies with them, what they do not realize is these bodies that are going to be brought with them shall be cleansed, purified, and refurbished if you will. And they will also be taking on the fifth dimensional form. So they are not losing anything. And those that have recently passed as you term died are not dead. They are not decaying bodies in what is termed the grave. They are in full fifth dimensional form.
Anne:     And everybody is qualified to go directly to fifth dimension because we’re trying to bring 90 to 95%. We're trying to get them through this, that's our whole purpose right now. Instead of only a third that when in the old timeline this new timeline is going to bring 90 to 95%. That's what we're staying around for.
Zorra:     Indeed. And many that are out there that have listened to my words were healed today. There was a multitude that were healed today. And so we will hear from them the following Wednesday.
Quazar:  Excuse me! We’re having two calls in one week?!?!
Zorra:     Is something wrong with that?
Quazar: [Laughing] It’s your show and Anne’s show!
Zorra:     Indeed But we want to have testimonials this Wednesday. Not questions, testimonials only.

It’s Your Turn To Help the Rest of Us

Anne:     And the reason why we’re having a special call strictly for testimonials is this is where people can help and encourage other people and let them know that there is hope. They can because I’ve done it and you can do it too.
People want to hear from other people. They hear from us but that’s not the same. They like to hear that someone else actually did it. And this is what they did and this is what they took. Or if it was Zorra’s healing call what it was that had this wonderful healing. And I think it’s really a responsibility.
If you’ve been blessed with a healing and you put that light under a bushel and don’t let other people know it can happen; once you had your blessing and you’re healed, the next step is to let other people know and encourage them. They’re afraid to believe. They need to hear from one of their peers. And that’s what this call is for. You’re going to come in and help other people. Is that correct, Zorra?
If You Have Gender Identity Issues, Zorra Wants to Speak To You
Zorra:     That is correct. Also on the Wednesday call that we are going to have, I want to encourage what is termed ones that are in Hollow Earth Network that are transgender. I want them to come on the call too. I want to encourage them on their journey.
Anne:     And do you want to explain what transgender is? What is that?
Zorra:     These are people that believe they were born in the wrong bodies.
Quazar: That opens up a can of worms, Zorra. (Zorra: I know it does.) You’re going to have to explain why it happened to them.
Zorra:     Because they were born that way. (Quazar: Why?) Many of it has to do with past lives but it is a natural thing. It is not unnatural.
Anne:     Are you saying that somebody was born a woman and really they feel like a man inside? Or they were born a man and feel like they were a woman inside, is that what you’re talking?
Zorra:     Indeed. Because there are many out there that are in this situation and are afraid to come forth. They are afraid to tell who they really are -- what sexual orientation -- so I want to put their minds at ease. So ones that may be contemplating ending their lives as because of this situation. And it does happen, it does happen. Many peoples have come to that realization that they are in the wrong body and they do not wish to remain in that body. So that needs to be addressed too. And so I will address that straightaway.
Anne:     If those that are in this situation are listening to this call and you want to identify yourself – you don’t have to give your name when you call (Zorra: Absolutely not!) your privacy will be respected (Zorra: Absolutely) – it could allow you peace of mind in talking to Zorra about this.
Zorra:     I do not want to leave any genders out of it.
Anne:     Well, we’re all learning. In fact I remember way back when, I think you told us in Hollow Earth the bodies, they’re all different with two hearts and different blood type. The bodies in Hollow Earth are quite different even though they look pretty much like ours. (Zorra: Indeed.) But some of them are born with both genders and then they can decide -- It’s a normal thing there, pretty common – and then they decide which one they want to actually develop.
Zorra:     And also on the surface of the earth, especially now, toward the end of what is called this preparation for what is termed ascension, many children that are born with both male and female genitals on the child. And in many cases the doctors make a determination as to which one it will be depending on the desires of the parent. So there are many children being born now that have both.
Anne:     Oh, so they didn’t have a say in it. So if the doctor made the wrong decision and they didn’t have a say in it, so that’s how they ended up in this situation.
Zorra:     That is so. And many were born in the past that were the same way. They had both and many determined that they were going to be one but they made the wrong choice. [Quazar inaudible] Well they are having difficulty as well. And there are also some that are born in other star systems that have incarnated on the earth and they feel confused as well and I can address that as well.
Anne:     Well that’ll be an interesting call (Zorra: Indeed), very interesting. Your privacy will be respected but you’ll be able to open your heart and express what you’ve probably never been able to express before and get some answers.
Zorra:     You will not have to give your name, a nickname is fine, but that way we’ll be able to address the issue of transgenderism.
Anne:     And people on the call may know of others that aren’t really a part of the HEN family but they can invite them and it’ll help them understand … you know they’re blaming themselves and like you say, here on the surface they are born with both genders. The doctor made the decision, not them, and the doctor made the wrong decision not the one they would have chosen and now they are trapped in a body that they don’t feel comfortable in.
Zorra:     Indeed. That’s a small part of that … a very small part of that.
Anne:     Well it’ll be an interesting call.
Zorra:     And I sense a new world is coming.
Anne:     Oh I think I hear it coming right now Zorra. And we’ll see you a week from Wednesday.
Zorra:     Indeed.
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