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May 30 2015






Telephone After-call Recording: 
857-957-1119 + 439724#  Ref No: 114#

(Call starts in 5 minutes)

Total Length: [2:47:49]

Music Ends [0:02:09]

Anne:     Good morning. Saturday! Beautiful Saturday in the early parts of summer, the late parts of Spring.
This is Anne DeHart in southern Arizona welcoming you to a very special call that was announced just last Saturday at the end of Saturday's call with Zorra from Hollow Earth who announced that we were going to talk only about giving ourselves in shape for Ascension. Getting healthy.
And with that in mind we've got an excellent, very special call coming up. It’ll be just two hours and we're going to hear from Pope McElvy in regard to the Well Med's products, particularly the StemFit, and we will be hearing from Lorraine Eldridge from Zero Point Global in regard to their frequency products. Lorraine will be joining us in about an hour. Pope will be up front just as soon as we get this basic welcoming taken care of.
Okay let's get the date line in. Today is Saturday, May the 30th, the year 2015 and we’re certainly looking forward to a new world coming … very quickly.
Before we introduce the rest of our group I'm going to do the Invocation which I usually forget about and we have to get me back on track so we’re going to all quiet ourselves for just a minute and get ourselves in the proper receiving mode for the wonderful information that has been recommended to our group.
INVOCATIONS -----------------------------------
And so let's do the Violet Flame by St Germain. I like to stand with my feet flat on the floor. The hands down the sides with the palms facing Mother Earth. And this is a very special invocation to clear ourselves of any lingering remembrances that get in our way. Somebody says a word that brings back an old memory with hurtful emotions attached, we don't have to deal with that, it’s behind us now. And this is a very special dispensation from the higher realms to help us through these times. So let's just stand and say:
I am the mighty Violet Consuming Flame consuming and transmuting all past and present mistakes, their cause, core, effect, and Akashic record.
When I do my meditations I like to do that four times just to set it in. And it's nice because even though we think we are clear, there could be something that's there in the background and the Violet Consuming Flame will take care of that.
Now we’re going to go to our White Pillar of Protection as given to us by Lord Ashtar of the Ashtar Command. All of this can be found on our home page HollowEarthNetwork.com. And you'll find Ashtar's affirmations on the homepage. You'll find a special page for St. Germain quotes listed.
And now we’re going to call, and again I like to stand with my hands above my head because we’re calling on the White Pillar of Protection. And who are we going to? Our own Higher Self. We’re not calling outside of ourselves and no one can just put a Pillar of Protection over us. This is an inside job between us and our highest energy, our Higher Self. And so we stand feet on the floor, hands above her head pointing with everything fingertips to our Higher Self and we say:
Beloved I Am Presence, my beloved Higher Self, intensify your protective pillar of pure positive white light cosmic substance in through and around me (a radius if about nine feet) in, through and around me. Charge it with your invincible protection, all-powerful and impenetrable that keeps me insulated from all that is not the Light. And keep it sustained. Make and keep me ever sensitive to you and your direction and immune to all imperfect vibratory rates. So be it.
As above so below. And it is done.
And with that we’re going to introduce the rest of our team which is Quazar and Zaraya. And Zorra may want to say hello because even though we have two major speakers on the call, Zorra is going to be here with this because this was Zorra’s idea in the first place, wasn’t it Billie and Jane. Let me just go ahead and open your line.
Quazar and Zaraya I'm turning it over to you to introduce Zorra and then I have Pope McElvy standing by and I'm ready to do his introduction when you're finished. So, come on Quazar and Zaraya.
Quazar:  Hi Lady Nada, Anne, and hello beloved family. Here we are again and so glad that all of you are here with us today to talk about health and healing. And of course we all know that Zorra is going to be here. Zaraya has already left and Zorra will be here to say hello to all of you in a couple of seconds.
Zorra:     Indeed beloved masters. Well let us get this the show on the road as you term it.
Anne:     Good morning Zorra. (Zorra: Good morning.) This was such a good idea. You sprung this on us at the end of last week's call but we're good to go. We’ve got a beautiful call planned. We’ve got all of our people in place. I'm going to put Zorra on standby right now. Quazar, Zorra do you want me to leave your line open and you can mute yourselves so in case you want to interject something you …
Zorra:     Beloved master, what I would like to do before all everything starts is to give forth a Healing Pulse. A quick Healing Pulse. That way people can just sit, people can experience it, and people can be healed. Now let us do that straightway.

HEALING PULSE -----------------------------------

If you have glasses take them off. If you have hearing aids turn them down or remove them. If you have what is called contacts put them back in their little cases.
Now, what you want to do is we're going to count from five to one. When I get to one I am going to say receive and then also we are going to do the Healing Pulse me myself and also my beloved – goodbye Jane -- and we will do a Healing Pulse and after that the speakers may speak.
Is that going to be all right with Pope?
Anne:     Yes Pope is standing by. He will be our first speaker and he said that we will have time to do our initial little rituals of our own first and then we'll bring him right on.

Indeed. Five, four, three, two, and one. Receive.
Everyone should be feeling what is termed either a coolness or a warmth entering into their heart mind which is located in your chest. Your heart, which you term the organ that is pumping blood through your system, is also a mind. Understand this. And the organ that is located between your ears is basically what is termed as a vault of knowledge. That is where it is all stored. So, we won't go into that, anyway.
The energy is now spreading upward up to the crown chakra and is starting to come back to down again. It is now behind the optical nerves working on what is termed as macular degeneration. And what is termed as glaucoma, and cataracts and all manner of illnesses in the eyes. That is all being rectified as we speak.
And outward show of this would be to go in your laboratory, wash out your eyes, and if you see any what is termed flakes in the bottom of the sink, that is an outward show that your glaucoma or your cataracts are being done away with.
Anyway, so, let us now continue. I am going to give the Healing Pulse from the head down to the solar plexus. And from there below will be given by my beloved. So we won’t go into detail there.
Now the energy is now spreading outward to the inner ear and it is working on those who have hearing issues. I'm speaking of those that have what is called either born deaf or what is termed been in an accident or something of that nature. And now we are rectifying the issue of the problem that resulted from the accidents. And also of those that were born with no hearing, that is, we are addressing that as well. It could be a case of the eardrums did not develop properly or something is blocking the hearing ability. That is being removed right now. So be it. It is done.
Now the energy is now dropping downward into what is termed as behind the sinuses, the nostrils, and it is opening up the passageways of those that are having difficulty in breathing. And that is also being rectified and completely healed. So be it. It is done.
Now the energy is now dropping downward into the mouth area, into the gums, into the teeth, and what is termed the upper palate, the lower palate all being healed and rectified. And what needs to be rejuvenated, what needs to be restored now is being done. So be it. It is done.
Now the energy is now dropping downward into the throat, into the thyroid area, into what is termed your adam’s apple and things of that nature. People having difficulty in speech, that is also being rectified and so you can now begin to speak better. Go ahead and if you are having difficult, were having difficulty you will find the difficulty has passed and there's no more blockage there.
Alright the energy is now dropping down into what is termed as the outward over the shoulders to the rotator cuff area; that is also being rectified. Those who have this issue, I want to right now lift both arms up above your head. Don't just sit there saying ‘oh yes, right.’ Do it! You in Cincinnati, raise your arms. You in Chicago raise up your arms. Alice you were a Dallas Cowboy and you had both rotator cuffs that have issues. Raise your arms now! Surprised you didn't it? So that is done.
Now issues with what is termed as the, going down the arms into what is termed the elbows … rheumatoid arthritis or arthritic pain that is in the joints of the arms in the joints of the elbows, the entire body of course. Rheumatoid arthritis I'm addressing you directly. That inflammation or that illness or that suffering is now gone. The pain is gone out of the joints of the fingers, out of the joints of the elbows, your knees, whether it be your ankles, your toes, all that arthritic pain is gone. So be it. It is done.
Now it is what is termed as dropping down into what is termed the heart area. Now we are renewing the heart as a whole. So those who have, have had what is termed bypass surgery, what is termed as upper regions of the heart area. All that is being rectified and the bypass is now done away with and you’re back to normal. And that is going to surprise many. Anyway that is done. So be it.
Now, according to your faith be it unto because it does also depend upon your belief system as well. So, those that believe they are done, that they are finished, that they are healed, proclaim it to your loved ones.
So now the energy is not dropping down into what is termed the solar plexus and over to what is termed the gastric area, the stomach, all that is being rectified and cured. Anything with the kidneys, the liver and all of this is all being rectified.
Now I will turn this over to my beloved and she will continue. I have such a big mouth.
Anne:     Saryya, I would like to welcome you and let people know that Quazar has left and just traded body’s with Zorra's other half who is Saryya. This is not Quazar now. Quazar left. We heard Zorra say goodbye Jane and at that time Quazar and Zaraya have traded bodies and so now we have Zorra and Saryya here with us. Welcome Saryya.
Saryya:  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you beloved Lady Nada.
And so we shall continue with this very healing moment for all of you. So just to reiterate the upper torso of your body from the head now all the way down to your stomach area, all of that, all the illnesses and all of the suffering is from your brain and anything having to do with disorders or illnesses or tumors, etc., everything is now healed. Again, believe that you are healed. And we work in synchronicity with each other so that you are healed.
So now as we go below the stomach area into your intestinal area, so many people have troubles with their colon. People have colon cancer, all kinds of different illnesses can occur as well as with the spleen and with the reproductive areas as well. So all of those that are suffering from any illnesses in those areas are now healed. You are completely healed of all the various, as I said, tumors, any disorders that are going on in all of the colon areas, cholecystitis; if you had to have any cancers in those areas, reproductive areas, women that have had to undergo surgery or chemotherapy, all of those areas; the spleen especially. We could talk also about the bone marrows, blood [inaudible] as you say all of those elements, blood problems, all of those are all now healed.
Yes. Thank you. And beloved Zorra, my beloved Zorra has also mentioned cancer too.
So as we move into the back, the spine. Many people suffer the older ones have suffered spinal stenosis as you call that or problems with your curvature. Aches and pains are due to from different jobs people have had. It has caused them great aches and pains and then also down into the knees. The knee areas where people have had all kinds of inflammatory problems there; unable to bend, unable to walk, all the inflammation that undergo with that, all the inflammations in your entire body.
Focus: I want you to feel the problems, see the problems, and now see it’s been healed. Completely healed.
As we move down into your lower legs, the thighs and your calves, anyone that are having any – oh the skin problems as well as, again, any aches or pains. People that are having restless legs, people that are having all kinds of leg problems due to insufficient circulation, problems with swelling, problems with numbness, problems with inability to walk; all those problems with your legs they are now healed. Even if you have any sciatic problems those are also healed. Anyone who had to undergo hip surgery or knee surgeries, even with your ankles if you had accidents and were unable to walk, any bruises, any aches, those are now healed.
All of this is healed! You are the healers. And together we can heal you with you as being at the helm of your healing.
And I shall give this now to Zorra.
Zorra:     Indeed. And speaking of what is termed as the … who has humming or ringing in the ears. That has also been rectified. The rest we will do in the question and answer section. And you may bring on Pope. I'm going to let Zaraya return and Quazar and we will talk again later.
Anne:     Thank you Zorra and thank you Saryya. That's beautiful. So glad to have you here Saryya and I understand that we’re going to now turn it over to Pope. I'm going to close Zaraya’s and Quazar’s line since they are returning now as Zorra and Saryya withdraw while we listen to Pope.

Introducing Pope McElfy of WellMed

You guys are in for a real treat. So here we go. I just opened your line Pope and I'd like to welcome you. Pope McElfy who is our guest today, Pope lives in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina. I've heard so much about that town. I have good friend that lives there and it's quite unique as I understand.
Pope has been in the natural products industry for more than 40 years and he's worked with some of the most advanced products that have become available. His primary interest has been in these new technologies that activate the body's own healing power which we just addressed with Zorra. So that's where Pope is coming from. His interest in the new technologies that actually activate the body's own healing power through something that is now being called renewal science; whole new phrase: renewal science.
So anyway about a year ago Pope started working with advanced Growth Factor products. We've heard that phrase before – Growth Factor – and he started about a year ago working with these products that turn on the body’s regenerative capabilities. We can regenerate just as Zorra and Saryya were addressing. So Pope started working with advanced Growth Factor products in regard to regenerative capabilities to heal and repair damaged tissue.
So that's what we’re going to be talking about with Pope today. So it's very exciting. We want to welcome Pope exuberantly to our program and you're in for a real treat. Pope will be speaking for about 30 minutes and we’ll take a little hello, our second speaker -- I have found you Lorraine. I have you identified  -- and our second speaker will follow. So hope I'm turning it over to you now. Welcome.


Pope McElvy:  Well thank you Anne, I appreciate that welcome and thank you Zorra and Saryya for the beautiful healing that you gave us today. I feel just so warm and happy inside after that experience. I find it interesting and I'm so excited to be a part of this call today because you are touching on the two areas that I personally feel are what is taking us to our next level of transformation as humans into higher frequencies or higher vibration. And that is of course the frequencies that you’ll be talking about later and also what I'm going to be talking about really is touching right into the most elemental area of physicalness on this planet and that is our cells and in particular our stem cells.
Excuse me for clearing my throat. We’re here in Asheville by the way and Spring is still very much under way and we have a lot of pollen in the air, so it seems like I'm constantly clearing my throat. But it's a beautiful, beautiful Spring here. Anne, thank you for the opportunity to share here today with your audience about what I believe has been given to us by Prime Creator and it's what's creating a huge paradigm shift in the way that we look at healing for the physical body.
I'm going to be talking about all of the products and really there's not that many there were only five products that we have in our product line.

StemFit Active

The first one I want to talk about is StemFit Active and this product has been on the market for just under a year. I knew that it was coming and I got very excited about it because I had been aware and had worked in the past with Growth Factor technology products that I knew what these things do. I know what Growth Factors do, I know what signaling molecules do in terms of activating our product’s own or body's own healing. And, as you said in the introduction this really is the most exciting area of science and products that I've ever been associated with in over 40 years working with dozens of breakthrough health products.
StemFit active has a primary ingredient called Young Tissue Extract which was originally discovered in Canada in 1929 and then was rediscovered by a Norwegian scientist in the late 1990s. And young tissue is an extract from fertilized, incubated eggs. And some of you may be familiar with Young Tissue Extract what I'll call YTE from now on in this conversation, and the story of the Canadian medical doctor who first discovered it and used it on his terminally ill patients and he did this for a long time with excellent results until his death in the mid-40s.
The authentic Norwegian YTE was used in another product of many of your listeners may be familiar with before that company switched to a US egg extract using fertilized but non-incubated eggs in early 2012. This completely change the effectiveness of that product and the benefits people were getting.
So there's a really important distinction between an incubated egg and a non-incubated egg. The fertilized part is of course is important because you can’t incubate an egg if it's not fertilized so the key difference is in the incubation. Eggs contain everything in it – and we’re talking about hen eggs or chicken eggs – they contain everything in it to create a healthy live chicken in 21 days from fertilization. Now during the first 9 to 10 days of incubation the fibroblast growth actor or FGF in the eggs are busy signaling stem cells that are neutral or undifferentiated to become eyes, beak, organs, feathers, etc. so in 21 days you have a healthy, complete chicken that is born.
Now it is precisely on the 9th or 10th day of incubation when the FGF is at its peak and when the Young Tissue Extract is taken from the egg, it’s freeze-dried and combined with other synergistic ingredients. Without the incubation of the fertilized egg you have nothing more than powdered egg, which is good protein but it contains very little of the Fibroblast Growth Factor which is so important in order for this product to do what it is designed to do.
So why is FGF and the peptides that are contained in the YTE so important? What do they do? The FGF or Growth Factors are the signaling molecules that activate and direct our adult stem cells to heal and repair damaged tissue and organs. That is the power of Young Tissue Extract to reboot our stem cells and direct them to areas of the body that need repair. And as we age we lose the signaling molecules, in other words those switches turn off in the body that are needed to activate our stem cells so that they – you know they become lazy and inactive. And as we age they become more and more inactive.
If we’re dealing with a lot of stress they become less inactive. If we’re having health problems the more serious the health problems less active, the less effective those stem cells are. I kind of would like to use the analogy of the computer and rebooting a computer. You know the computer has programs in it that do certain things when the computer is turned on and operating correctly. When the computer is turned off those programs are not going to do anything. Well the stem cells in our bodies are like those programs but unfortunately they've lost that communication to turn them on. When we turn on the computer when we provide it power and let it reboot, then those programs become active and they do what they're designed to do in the computer. And our stem cells are very much the same way.
So just as in the egg where the Fibroblast Growth Factor or the signaling molecules, and use those terms interchangeably, when turn on the stems cells to create all parts of the chicken. That's what's happening in that egg. They do the same thing with our adult stem cells.
By their nature stem cells are neutral. Another term for that might be undifferentiated. In other words they can become any kind of tissue, thus all the exciting medical research that we see now around stem cells. In fact stem cell research is one of the most exciting areas of medicine research, medical research that’s taking place around the entire world because scientists understand what stem cells are.
Stem cells are just cells that can become anything. And what they are designed to do in the human body is they're designed to go to those places in the body where they're needed for healing and repair. Unfortunately because of the fact that we’ve lost the communication to the cells we’re not turning on those switches within the stem cells that say, the stem cell goes to where it's needed to be in order to do the healing. That's what we're doing with the Young Tissue Extract. And that's the reason that it is so important and critical that the egg be incubated for the full 9 to 10 days, when those Growth Factors are at their absolute peak and that's when they’re taken from the egg and that's when they become part of this product called StemFit Active.
Now some people asked the question well that sounds like it’s great for chicken but what about a human being, you know we’re not chickens. So maybe our stem cells don't need the same thing that a chicken’s Growth Factors will do.
The reality is that when we are inutero, in our mother’s womb. Fibroblast Growth Factor is essentially the same exact Growth Factor that is in the egg that forms, that activates the stem cells that form tissue and organs and so forth, that same exact Growth Factor is in our mothers’ womb and that is what is so important for us in terms of our development into a normal human being. And those Growth Factors are there early on in our development and we’re able to get them from mother's milk, from the colostrums in our mother’s milk -- another reason by the way why it's so important for mothers to nurse their babies so that they get those very, very critical Growth Factors at a very young age for their own development.
So they're not foreign to our body. They are totally natural for us to have in our body and we are able to add them back in in the form of StemFit Active.
But what is very interesting here is that StemFit goes even further than that, Anne. The additional ingredients in StemFit Active synergistically enhance the YTE’s therapeutic value.  So all the ingredients are wild-crafted or organic. There are no fillers or excipients where as on some products you’re going to see things like magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide. These are very, very common ingredients that you find in nutritional formulas that are in capsules. None of that is in our product. This is a very, very pure product.
Let's talk about a little bit more about the ingredients in the StemFit Active and just mention one other thing about the YTE. And I refer your listeners to pubmed.org if they'd like to go and look at the research on, not on Young Tissue Extract per se although there is considerable amount of research on Young Tissue Extract that was done mainly in Norway and some of it in Colorado going back a number of years. Studies on stress for example, on muscle tone on building muscle etc. But the clinical studies on Fibroblast Growth Factor that you’ll find on pubmed.org is very impressive. There are thousands and thousands. The last time I looked I think there was something like 10,000 studies that have been done on the Fibroblast Growth Factor.
What we know is that these Growth Factors assist with the reduction of cortisol levels. They actually they cause a significant decrease, dramatic decrease in cortisol levels. Now we know that cortisol is something that is a hormone that we absolutely need. We need it for our health but the problem is that in our culture today in this country and in the world really, we are so confronted constantly with high levels of stress that our cortisol hormone or hormones are out of control and way beyond normal levels. We are really you don't have to look too far to see the incredible amount of stress that we are confronted with every day whether it's just in the media, environmental stress, the kind of foods that we’re getting, the GMOs and so forth that people are consuming in their bodies if they haven't woken up to the need to avoid that.
These are stresses that the body deals with by creating high levels of cortisol. We can see this for example in people who have large extended abdomens. This is very frequently caused by high levels of cortisol. So if we can reduce cortisol levels we see that in many cases that belly starts to disappear. We see this with StemFit Active. It's not uncommon at all for people to start losing that fat around the belly because the cortisol levels are coming down dramatically.
The other side of that that’s really interesting is that while it’s reducing that stress homone it’s increasing a hormone called serotonin which we call the happy neurotransmitter – actually sometimes people call StemFit Active the happy pill because it actually raises our level of emotional energy. In most cases we feel better, we feel more joy, we feel lighter, and it results in a much calmer way of being. We sleep better, we have better dispositions, we see that things like depression start decreasing and very often go away completely with people.
We see all the things that are associated with normal levels of serotonin returning for people because again in our culture serotonin levels are down. We are not producing enough serotonin and therefore we are seeing the high levels of depression, mental illness, poor sleep habits for people that result in a cascading effect of many, many health-related conditions, poor health conditions.
Now StemFit Active contains five ingredients. I mentioned Young Tissue Extract is the key ingredient. But the second one I want to talk about is glycol nutrients and I really like talking about glycol nutrient because for me, this is almost as important as the Young Tissue Extract in this product. Glycol nutrient is, it comes to us, it gives optimal cellular function and healing properties. It has a bioactive profile nearly identical to that of natural aloe vera inner leaf gel and that's where the glycol nutrient comes from. It comes from the aloe vera inner leaf. There's absolutely no other glycol nutrient product on the market today that can match the polysaccharides and acemanon content that is contained in the glycol nutrient that we use. It is more efficacious than even 4 to 10 times the amount of the commercially available aloe vera. And some of the products that are on the market and have been for a long time that are glycol nutrient-based, our technology and our scientists have really gone way beyond anything that we’ve seen before in any of these products.
So with this added to the StemFit Active we’re seeing that our, it helps to enhance our immune system, and by the way, for the people who are dealing with autoimmune conditions where their immune system is out of control and for those people whose immune systems are weak and need a boost, the glyco nutrient in StemFit Active combined with the Young Tissue Extract to turn on the stem cells really help to control the immune system and it balances it out whether it’s under active or overactive.
These glyco nutrients also help to balance out blood sugar and cholesterol levels and bring them into the normal range. We see very often people who are dealing with blood sugar issues see their blood sugars normalize, even very severe blood sugar issues. Their blood sugars frequently normalize or become more normal. Many of these people who are on medication are able to reduce the amount that they use or eliminate it altogether which is of course is a very, very good thing.
The glycol nutrients also have a very powerful antioxidant function and are excellent for wound and burn repair so this is helping from the inside out when we take the StemFit Active. Another important element of the glycol nutrient in this product is it is also a signaling molecule.  So that it works synergistically with the signaling molecule that is Young Tissue Extract to again turn on our body’s stem cells so that they are able to do what they are there to do.
The next ingredient is marine protein. Now we get our marine protein from shark cartilage. And I just want to, Anne I want to deal with something right up front here relative to shark cartilage because we do hear from people because of all of the information in the media that we've seen in recent years about what's happening to sharks and the ecological disaster that's been created by the overfishing of sharks and killing of sharks simply for their fins. And this is a crime in my opinion and in the opinion of many other people that this is happening to sharks. But the reality is that we are very careful about the acquisition of the cartilage of the shark the whole shark is used. In the case of where they're fishing for sharks for their fins, they take their fins and throw the rest of the shark away and so it is not ecologically sustainable and it is as I said it is truly a crime.
You know just as with any natural product, anything can be abused and in this case that is happening with shark. But it does not take away from the very powerful nutritional benefit that the shark cartilage has and really there is no other replacement. There isn't anything else that will do the same thing. The marine protein or shark cartilage that we use has been studied as a treatment for cancer and join conditions for more than 30 years. We know based on the studies that have shown that it will provide cellular protection and have anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity that reduces pain and inflammation of arthritis. You know there is nothing else out there that will do what this will do so we approach this from a very conscious, very ecologically protective way, and hopefully all of the stuff that's in the media now about the abuses of shark for their fins will drive governments to stop this practice completely. But that should not have anything to do with the legitimate, ecological, ethical use of this tremendous resource.
The next ingredient is marine mineral complex. This comes from algae and our marine mineral complex is a plant-sources calcium. It has an astounding 97% absorption rate. It has 70+ trace minerals, vitamin K2 and C that ensure that calcium goes into the bones and not your kidneys or towards clogging your arteries. So this is a very, very important ingredient in this product.
The last ingredient in there is a phyto nutrient from green tea called EGCG. It is a super antioxidant and is the main contributor to the many, many health benefits that come from making sure we get plenty of antioxidants in our system.
Anne, you know I feel like I'm out of breath. Is there anything you would like to ask me?  I feel like I should shut up.
Anne:     And I’ve got writer’s cramp! I’m thinking this man knows his stuff so well I can hardly keep up and I’m a good note taker.
Pope:     Well it’s being recorded so you don’t have to worry too much about the note-taking I guess.
Anne:     This is just astounding. This is what we have needed, Pope. We really have needed because we’re aware and we’ve heard so much about this beautiful product StemFit Active, but personally my dedication is to Hollow Earth Network and the well-being of its members. I'm not in the business so to speak although I have been, not 40 years but close to 30 years so I've seen the transition and the need and I've seen people's lives change when they are provided with proper nutrients. They don't have the time either to sort out. And I have, we have made StemFit Active available but very lightly touched on it because I can't do what you do.
Well fortunately you have it recorded and there's a lot of information available on websites and I know that you have a website. You know one of the things I'd love to touch on, Anne, if I have just a few more minutes is I’d like to talk about the Growth Factor technology that has been developed into topical products for topical use. Is that okay?
Anne:     Yes you do have other products and I heard that they’re very well received and I haven't even looked at them and yet I know that they’re addressing areas were all interested in. Yeah, go ahead Pope.
Pope:     Well just a few moments on this because it's really easy to explain what these other products are. It’s what we call Growth Factor technology. And the source of the Growth Factors are a little bit different, this goes back many years into the 1990s when the original research was done using neonatal stem cells to develop Growth Factors that could be used for various functions. Originally most of it was being researched for things like damage caused from surgery, burns, wounds, accidents, etc. And originally our work and our lead scientist on this who is a PhD by the name of Dr. Ahmed Al-Qahatani -- we call him Dr. AQ -- a brilliant man and a man who is a leader in the field of Growth Factor technology in terms of development of cutting-edge products from the research he's done and he is part of our company.
Dr. AQ has developed three topical products that are Growth Factor oriented. And a very interesting thing about this is through their work and years of research about this is they’ve been able to create the Growth Factors or utilize the Growth Factors available that are matched to specific tissue types. So these particular Growth Factors do exactly the same thing that the StemFit Active does internally in that they are signal molecules that activate the stem cells in the tissue.
In the case of the topical applications, we have a product called Daily Concentrate, it is a skin serum that was originally designed for wound healing and for burn patients. In fact, at their website that you can give to people, they are able to go to the product section and look at the science of GFT science as we call it, and they’ll see pictures of a young boy who was severely burned, third and fourth degree burns on his arms, (the pictures are pretty grotesque,) right after the burn. But then it shows 7 days,14 days and 21 days after applying this Daily Concentrate product onto the skin. Even after skin grafting in 21 days there's almost no visible evidence of a burn of any kind.
So we know that this product is working with the stem cells in the skin to activate those stem cells and to start what I call ‘youthing’ or causing the skin tissue to return to a more youthful state and in this case healing burns, but it also works for tightening the skin. A lot of women and I suppose men too use this product on their face especially in our aging population a lot of women are using it for what they call turkey neck, which I guess is that wrinkly neck that a lot of people get -- not just women, men too but I think women are more concerned about it than men may be --and they use it on their neck and face. It tightens up the face and neck and in many cases the turkey neck completely disappears. And in all cases it looks a whole lot better than it did before. So it's great for the skin. A lot of people are using this in lieu of any other skin products. They’ll cleanse their face, they’ll apply the Daily Concentrate to it. They don't really even need to use a moisturizer because the skin will create its own moisture when it's young skin again.
And if we think about a child, if you've got an eight or a nine-year-old child or younger you don't put moisturizer or they don't use moisturizer on their face, their faces are naturally moisture because the skin is young producing its own moisture. That's what happens with this product. So most people stop using all the other lotions and potions on her face and just use this product.
The other product and quickly I’ll go through the other one which is called HRS which is for Hair Rejuvenation System and again this particular Growth Factor is designed to activate stem cells in hair follicles to stop hair loss and actually regrow hair.
Then we have a product called the VRS which is short for Vaginal Rejuvenation System. This product addresses an issue that is called, has been called the silent condition because a lot of women don't talk about it. But it's very prevalent and it's especially prevalent now as we have an aging population. This particular product relieves vaginal dryness and soothes irritation, it improves elasticity, tightens and firms the vaginal walls. It enhances female sexual arousal. It rejuvenates the vaginal function utilizing again the Growth Factor technology that is matched specifically to vaginal tissue.
One of the other things that we've heard from a lot of women although we don't advertise it this way but we keep hearing this is women that have had problems with urinary tract infections for years reoccurring, that those infections stopped reoccurring, they disappeared, they don’t come back. We’ve been hearing from women as well who have had problems with bladder and incontinence somewhat being incontinent that this helps a lot with that condition. So this is a product that we feel is very, very important because it's something that deals with a very, very serious problem with a lot of women.
So that covers all of our products Anne.
Anne:     Wow. I'm so glad you did that. I see all of these but to be honest I work about 20 hours a day and I don't have excess time to research and learn to ever have the capacity that you have. And yet I recognize that you’ve got something pretty special here and that's why we brought it to our people but we didn't know how to deliver it. And you just did Pope, you just did. That was wonderful.
Pope:     I'm happy to have been able to do it. I love sharing this information with people.
Anne:     Well we have Lorraine standing by who is scheduled for the second hour, but we took part of your hour for our own Healing Pulse.     

Q & A re StemFit Products

970:       This is Colorado. Well I have several that you address, and what I love is the serotonin improvements, the cortisol effecting everything. The autoimmune because I have people close to me that have Crohn’s and psoriasis and celiac disease and all that. So you're saying that this really helps to balance and improve that.  (Pope: Absolutely.)
One other question. Immunizations: I have a little grandson, people are so programmed to believe this is what they need to do to their little babies. Does this help to clear out the toxicity that’s going on at all?     
Pope:     Do you mean in terms of the mercury and so forth that they may be getting? Well what it’s going to do is it’s going to normalize tissue. It's going to normalize cells at the cellular level. Yes, so anything that’s interfering with the health of anyone will improve from the activation of stem cells that are there to do exactly that. So you know I've never spoken directly to the directly to the question of immunization so I'm reluctant to make a hard and fast statement about that but just as a general thing I will say that if you can get your stem cells active in doing what they're there to do, and any abuse to the body, any toxicity in the body, any poison in the body is going to have a negative effect on the function of our stem cells. If you can get them functioning properly than that that's going to help.
970:       Would you use the topical product Daily Concentrate in addition to StemFit for eczema or psoriasis where the skin is trying to clear these things?
Pope:     Yes you can use it with it but I will tell you that I had psoriasis before I started using this product and it’s gone. Virtually gone. I have almost no breakout of any kind ever any more. Occasionally I might feel a little itch here and there but it never develops in to anything. I never did use the Daily Concentrate on any of the areas where I would have breakouts. I just never did it.
I use the StemFit Active and I used a pretty good bit of it for couple of months after I started – when I say a good bit I mean four capsules a day because I had a couple of things I wanted to deal with. One was I was getting arthritis in my hands, my fingers. First of all just give you an idea I'm 72 years old so I was dealing with a number of issues that a lot of 72-year-old man do.
One of them was arthritis in my hands and that was especially troubling for me because I'm a musician and I was beginning to have difficulty playing my guitar. So that completely went away after you know a month or so I started noticing the stiffness was improving and now I have no pain whatsoever in my hands. I also have a skin condition which is which had been ongoing for a long time. I’d gone to dermatologists, they were giving me all kinds of lotions and potions and medications and nothing was working and after a couple of months on the StemFit Active pretty much all of the skin irritation went away and now I have no sign of it.
I was also dealing with cramping my legs which is not unusual for people as they get older. I haven't had a cramp in months probably six or eight months. So you know these things improved tremendously just by me taking the StemFit Active consistently.
Anne:     Okay well Pope we have covered a lot. People can just listen to this, I don't know where they’re going to get anything any more comprehensive. We enroll everyone under Zaraya and Quazar and there's two different options: there is a preferred customer and distributor. What would be the best for our people and what's the difference because they're always asking me and I don't know how to explain that.
Pope:     Basically a preferred customer is someone who pays a one-time $15 membership fee and then they’re is to buy the product at the wholesale price, the same price that I pay for it. And there's no requirement to be on auto ship, there's no requirement to buy a certain amount of product. There are definitely some additional benefits to being a preferred customer in that if you do decide to be on auto ship you are able to earn points on your own purchases and you earn points on anyone you refer as a preferred customer. So as a preferred customer you would get your own website with your own back-office where you place office and have all the information available relative to our products, and you would be able to provide people with your referral link and they could become preferred customers and you would earn points anything that those people purchase so that you can use those points toward free product. Now as a preferred customer you don't earn any money but you can get free product.
The other option is to be an independent distributor and to do that you just go to the website and select that option and then select the package. Some of the basic starter packages two bottles of the StemFit Active or there are other packages with combinations of some of the other products I mentioned. And you can get started with one of those packages. There is a $29 distributor fee. With that comes your entire back-office with all of the websites in training and the ability to start enrolling other people as preferred customers and or as independent distributors.
We're a network marketing company so we’re structured like any other network marketing company in that people who join us as distributors are able to generate an income. And you know what, Anne, I love network marketing. I want to throw that in there real quick because I really feel like it is the most conscious businesses model or system that exists in our world today. And I say that because it is a business system that is not about competition, it is about a person being able to use their own ingenuity, creativity, persistence, imagination, visualization, to create whatever they want. And it's just a structure, a tool that is in or around which one can create whatever they want in terms of right livelihood. So I don't know of any other business system that exists that offers that.
Our company, WellMed Global is owned and managed by highly conscious people that are here to do the right thing for the right reasons and I'm very proud to be associated with it. So we of course would welcome any of your folks who would like to be distributors and for them to know that you are part of my organization and as such they would have me available for support as well as others who are a part of this leadership group.
Anne:     That's great. I'm glad you addressed that because there's been a lot of abuse of this industry. I was fortunate to come in almost 30 years ago and I just fell in love with it because it was changing people's lives and I didn't know why people were … but I didn't realize people were being abused by other companies. I got off to a good start in the first place and to this day those relationships have continued. We bonded like family. And you know the good Lord put us on this planet, here we are, and said ‘now it's up to you.’ You're going to have to do something to maintain yourselves. You're going to need a roof over your head, you’re going to need food, and you're going to have to be able to do something that is of value to generate in your medium of exchange which is money at this time or somebody else is going to have to provide it for you. So try to do the thing that can do the most good for the most people. That has always been my criteria: The greatest good for the greatest number. And what could be any greater good than letting them know about this. Everyone wants to be healthy no one wants to suffer from all these things we just discussed and yet people, they’re almost programmed to not tell anybody. They'll get mad at me. It's such a backward programming you know.
Pope:     Well you know Anne if you let me interject right there because there's something I want to say about that. That was one of the reasons that we created, and I say we because I'm part of the advisory council to the company. I worked with several other of the independent distributors and the company to implement this preferred customer program and that is exactly why we did it. Because people have a tendency to be reluctant to share something where they think that people are going to see them as trying to get something from them; trying to get money from them; or make money off of your friends and make money off of your family. So the preferred customer program is really about people using our product which is so impactful that when they do so they’re going to naturally want to tell the people they care about that this product can help them too. And they will be more inclined to do that if they don't if they feel comfortable that the folks they’re sharing with don’t think just trying to make some money off of them. Okay? And that's what preferred customer is. They're not making money off of friends and family. And if at some point a preferred customer decides that they want to upgrade and become an independent distributor that option is available too. And any preferred customer that they referred during their time as a preferred customer goes right along with them and they keep those people and start generating an income.
Anne:     Wonderful. And it's also ethically correct. I hate to rush but we have 45 minutes left and Lorraine is standing by. She's scheduled for the hour but of course you got a late start on your turn so at this point I'm just going to give my heartfelt thanks to you for moving so quickly to arrange your very tight schedule to accommodate our call today. So thank you. Thank you Pope, we’ll talk later and we know that we have you available for consultation. Again, Pope McElvy. Thank you very much. We appreciate you.
I’m going to turn this over now to Zaraya and Quazar because they're going to introduce Lorraine Eldridge our second speaker. We can go over. We don't have to stop at the end of two hours, the recording will continue. So Lorraine won't be heard by those listening online but she will have the freedom to complete the presentation and questions as well. With that, Zaraya and Quazar it's all yours.
Quazar: Thank you. Thank you Anne. That was really a great presentation by Pope so thank you for being on our call today.

Introducing Lorraine Eldridge of


Our next wonderful speaker today, her name is Lorraine Eldridge. She also lives and is from North Carolina, coincidentally, but there are no accidents as we know. So just quickly about Lorraine.
Lorraine is just a wonderful lovely individual. She is an energy healing practitioner. She does a lot of workshops, is a keynote speaker, and she says an amateur research scientist. She has been working for over 35 years with non [inaudible] using what we call transformational energy formulas to help to balance the human bio field. So of course we understand much about energy and frequency so today Lorraine is going to speak about that and of course about the product. She began sharing what she learned to workshops in both the United States as well as in Canada.
Lorraine is with us today as a Field Communications Director for Zero Point Global. Zero Point Global is what we’re going to be discussing. She works with medical and natural health practitioners all over the place. She's a field trainer for Zero Point Wellnes. She knows very well – we’ve heard her speak on the Love lotion. She also contributes to the Zero Point product research and development which is really terrific because she really intuitively and her knowingness, because she’s a Lightworker, spiritual healer, she understands how energy works. She understands frequency. Lorraine is actually in her niche in terms of her mission. She’s really in a perfect setting.                 Lorraine has been actively sharing and training people about the benefits of Zero Point Energy Balancing products for the last several years.
Lorraine we are so happy and so delighted to have you here with us.
Lorraine :  Wow. Thank you for that introduction. It was absolutely lovely. Well it's absolutely a delight to be here and I feel very honored to be invited to be a guest speaker on this call today. And a special thank you to Pope for that wonderful information. It was truly enlightening and I’m delighted to find out we’re neighbors here in the Blue Ridge Mountains, a very special area of the planet.

Zero Point Global Overview

Today I want to give a basic overview of the Zero Point Global Technologies and the mission of the company and also to introduce you to a very special new product line called Cosmo Nutraceuticals, and its’ latest product called Zero Point Love.
First I think I'd like to explain a little bit about Zero Point Global technology and our blueprint frequency embedding that we do to our products.
Now sometimes Zero Point Global finds an amazing product that's already being produced that we want to bring into our line but we haven't yet found anything that doesn't benefit from the clearing ability and the embedding ability of a Zero Point Global blueprint frequency formula. So therefore even the products like our Serious Silver or our AUM Clay or the wonderful Zero Point Encoder, these products also come to us outstanding in their field already and then yet our proprietary information with blue print frequency is able to balance and enhance those products.
So all of the Zero Point Global products, and there are not very many, but they are all enhanced with blueprint frequencies. And what these are is as human beings, animals, minerals, plants, they all have our own sound. We all have our own resonance signature. And those who have spiritual hearing are able to differentiate between different beings. Because even though we have certain things that are in common we are individual.
So what Zero Point Global is doing is looking at the general population and our blueprint frequency. And what can enhance our ability to come into balance so that our body can do what it was designed to do by Source, by the Prime Creator. which is to heal itself. We are self healers. And the mission of Zero Point Global is to help us remember that.
And these are wonderful tools, just like the tools that Pope talked about, these are wonderful tools to help remind our body to nudge our body to remember that it is a self-healer. And these will move us in that direction.
And so many of us are focused on expanded consciousness and ascension at this time, tools help us in that because it helps move the body out of stress. And when our attention is focused on an ache or pain or an emotional trauma it’s very difficult for us to be able to find the stillness and peace that we can with meditation or just enjoying the beauty of life. And so by helping to bring the body out of stress so that it can heal itself is also wonderful accelerator for expanding our consciousness and indeed for helping us with our ascension -- which is really the goal now.
We are all throughout the universe moving toward a higher state of consciousness. And each of us strive to do that. So by finding the right tool like you find with fabulous companies like Pope was talking about, and there are others, very high consciousness companies that are coming forward with amazing products that can help us remind our body remind ourselves to get better connected to our innate wisdom which is our connection with Source so that we can relieve the ills, the problems, the traumas that we have taken in through so many centuries and be able to appreciate who we are and its wonderful connection that is ever present with Source with our Prime Creator.
So the blueprint frequencies of all the products whether it's a pendant that you are wearing or whether you're using one of the Zero Point lasers to embed healthy frequency into your food. Or whether you're using one of the frequency discs that you can set your plate on or your food on or even put it against your body to help bring an area that is experiencing an imbalance into greater balance.  All of these things help bring us into greater state of balance so our body can heal itself.
And these formulas are really gifts from Source. We work very closely with an amazing scientific team that understands the frequencies of the human body and Source energy. But the formulas themselves are gifts from Source. So there was no one in the back room going, ‘Well I think people here on this planet need something for their gallbladder.’ That is not happening because we all know that even though we experience a symptom in a certain area of the body the communication breakdown is the cause.
And so by restoring our blueprint frequencies which are in perfect coherence, meaning good communication between ourselves then our body is able to heal itself. And so I know many of you are already using the Zero Point products and maybe using one of the newest ones, the encoder. The encoder is pizio electric technology which the little pizio disc is actually crushed crystals. And crystal, just let Zero Point pendant which are made from semi precious stone, crystals are able to hold and transmit a great deal of information. People who work with crystals know that they will hold any information, they can be a little indiscriminate in that and this is why people will take them out and clear them in the moonlight or give them a saltwater bath. This is never necessary with any of the Zero Point Global technology.
Part of our proprietary process which I have not experienced anywhere else on the planet at this time is that once the technology is embedded with the blueprint Zero Point frequencies that are best for their matrix, in other words it's the best formula to be held in a green aventurine or it's the best formula to be held in the Serious Balance pendant which is the dumortierite. Once that is done it is sealed. We often hear the term hermetically sealed and that means that nothing can get in – well that term was actually coined according to a long, long time ago and Zero Point technology uses that.
I tell people when they ask this question, do I need to clean my stones and my crystals? I say only if you spill ketchup on them.
And so just to be just feel secure in that this technology cannot pick up anything else from anyone … even yourself. If you're in a bad mood and feeling grumpy none of this technology is going to pick up those frequencies. It is going to forever emanate the frequencies that match your blueprint to bring it into a greater state of balance.
Now I knew this intuitively when I got my hands on this technology about 7 1/2 or 8 years ago. And I was very excited to share it. I could see its purity, I could feel its purity, I knew it was a clear line to Source. But then later I became a practitioner with a GDV camera and that stands for gas discharge visualization. And as a technician using this camera which really is the latest diagnostic tool available in Western science – it’s a registered medical device in Russia and used to diagnose in hospitals and doctors offices and a few places in Europe. It produces images taken from our light body and shows the connection to our organs our endocrines and our structure and it breaks it down between the emotional field and the physical field.
 And world experts do agree that our imbalances come through our emotional field and that there is generally an emotional root cause to any imbalance in the physical body.
And so this is very interesting information. Well I have probably scanned in excess of 1000 people with before and then afters using the Zero Point technology -- and that's any of it, whether it be a pendant or whether it be one of the Wellness Solutions or perhaps it's one of our electromagnetic frequency products that protect us from the microwave and other electronic smog -- and without an exception the bio field, the organ, the glands, and the structure of the individual is enhanced and brought into a greater state of balance with the product.
So this is key because the mission of Zero Point Global is to produce natural products that are safe, effective and affordable. And it was wonderful even though I intuitively knew what and I could feel it and I could see the results and I talked to hundreds of people in my trainings and workshops. When I became a technician of this very advanced technology, the GDV camera, I was able to actually see and show people what happened to their bio fields, to their organs on an individual basis when they apply the technology. So this was very exciting for me. And of course I was also able to in my travels to test many other types of technology and supplements and thought. And people could see that when they thought about something as simple as money there field degraded. But when they thought about something as broad as wealth their field improved.
And so there are many wonderful things that we can do to improve the state of our bio fields which will help us come into balance so our body can heal, so that we have this stillness centering ability that we are designed for and Zero Point Global is really a forerunner in these products. And I have so much enjoyed the honor of being able to share this technology with so many people and I'm so delighted to be able to be here today.

Zero Point Frequency Products



So for just a little rundown on the products, there are pendants that one can wear. And you can wear these 24/7. Some people like to take them off when they sleep, some people like to take them off but have them in the bed because they just don't like the pendant around her neck. Other people just like to set them on their nightstand. But these bring the body into balance and really protect us from negative energies from others. So you're walking by the street and your somebody's having a lousy day and they're sending out really incoherent, negative frequencies your bio field isn't effected by that.
And it's also very helpful for our AUM clouds that we have because your bio field, your body is less effected by that when you are wearing the blue print frequency which really do act like a tuning fork. Because when you strike a C tuning fork, another C tuning fork will start singing. And that’s exactly what this does. The blue print frequencies that run our human body on a higher level of wellness when you come in contact with the technology whether it's you or someone that’s close to you when you're wearing it, the effect is the same, it comes into a greater state of coherence.
So people say which pendant is best for me? And I say the one that you're drawn to. Learn to trust our innate system learn to trust that very deep connection that we have to Source. And if you're drawn to it, that's the one for you for now.


And then we also have the lasers: the Red Natural Laser, the Green Natural Laser, and the Serious Balance Pointer. And these all do the same things too. They are embedded with blue print frequencies that match the body. And many of these frequencies are plant frequencies that match our DNA, (plants are part of our family,) mineral frequencies that match our DNA and crypto frequencies of course, and cosmic frequencies. We are part of everything. We are connected. It isn’t just human beings and the animals, it’s everything, all of the universe we are connected to. And so many of our products will contain different cosmic gifts as well.
And these lasers are used to impart healthy food and beverage or directly on our bodies. The Red Natural Laser is amazing to the healthcare of gums and teeth and to line up the spine. The Green Natural Laser is fabulous for our internal system and to boost the immune system. And there are more directions on the website of course about this.

Frequencies Discs

The Frequencies Discs are wonderful discs. They're like little coasters. One is about the size of a plate small plate and the other is a small size like you’d put a drink on. And they were designed originally just for that, food and drink. But, people being what they are they experimented and they found out if they placed these against their body where they felt an imbalance, whether it be a stomach ache, a headache, asthma, allergies whatever, that they would get relief. That's actually one of their very common uses now.


The EMF products are very important. Now it's the fact that our great technology that is allowing me to talk to you from all of the world today is actually emitting harmful frequencies that actually break our DNA. They cause our cells to release a protein depressor signal and so we do need protection from this. And when our body is in a very good healthy state there is a less effect that's true. But even the very healthy people can be affected by the harmful microwaves or other disruptive EMFs. So the EMF PET was which is Personal Environmental Transformer, it's a little three-sided pyramid black obsidian, is very good at transmuting EMF waves in your general environment; things that are coming in from smart meters, GPS, satellites, and so forth.
And the Sirius Earth Hearts are fabulous for actually transmuting harmful energy into beneficial energy. The testing that we have done in the stands showed that even though someone’s field’s degraded quite a bit with using a cell phone when this Sirius Earth Hearts were placed on the cell phone the bio fields, the organs, came into a greater state of balance and it was for they ever touched the phone. So it uses the power of that harmful EMF and transmutes it into a beneficial energy. At least you should look at these for your electronics, for your cell phones, for your computers.

Wellness Solution

And then last but definitely not least is our wellness solution. And the Wellness Solutions are natural essential oils and plant extracts like aloe vera. You've heard the benefits of aloe vera from Popes talk and it's so true this is a very, very powerful medicinal plant that we have been given. And the Wellness Solutions really have changed spending habits for my bathroom cabinet my medicine cabinet. You know instead of going to the store and getting allergy medicine or something for the headache or something for the back ache or something for the dry skin or all of these different things that we have, these Wellness Solutions really have replaced all of that.
There is Mint Matrix which is a wonderful blend of mint and aloe vera, jojoba oil, peppermint, spearmint, and argon oil. This is amazing for burns, cuts and very, very helpful at aligning the spine. There is a video that you will see on the website that was a link in your e-mail to invite you to this call, it’s called Zero Point for Wellness where I described the different ways these products can be used on a daily basis to keep your bio field healthy. Because really it is easier to keep one in a good state of health that it is to return one to a good state of health once there has been an imbalance. So doing certain things daily are very helpful. And the Mint Matrix is a very very popular product for that.
And then there is the Citrus Silk. These two products, Citrus Silk and Mint Matrix, I call them the twins and I cried when they were born. They really have brought a great deal of balance to the human body.
Applying them will help protect you from EMF however they need to be reapplied because it tends to soak in and change. The Citrus Silk will replace the sunscreen for you so that you can be protected from the sun. These are healthy products. These are culinary grade essential oils we can use them in our food. A lot of people like to put Citrus Silk on their salad dressing or use it on seafood if you're eating seafood they just really love that. My favorite food is a date with almonds inside and I spray a squirt of Citrus Silk in there, kind of an ancient old recipe that I used to enjoy so many times ago. And these products really can just replace a different phase. If you look at the information that's available on the website you will see that.


And then the most wonderful products came to us just a very few short months ago. We work with an amazing alchemist who developed these products. She's been in the natural organic faith for a good many years and I really do consider her an alchemist. She might call herself a chemist in public but she really understands that the ingredients that she's working with are alive. And she has a very true deep understanding about the plant world and the roles that the plants and essential oils especially play in our lives.
And this formula came to her, she's been working with us now for about five years. She was the manufacturer for our Citrus Silk and Mint Matrix. She took the formula that was impossible to do because it's hard to mix oil and water for our Citrus Silk and Mint Matrix and she made it work into a very successful and beloved product. And she started getting information divinely inspired information about a new product that needed to come to the planet. And this new product was about unconditional love.
Now at this time she didn't know who it was for because she actually is the manufacturer for many. She followed her divine guidance and she started bringing in the different ingredients that were called for. And it was quite a process. I had a wonderful time with her recently as she explained it to me.
Because essential oils have many different components and they have many different uses. Each one will have many different uses. There may be some particular things they are better for than another but they all have many different uses. They're very versatile. And they match our DNA very closely. We are very closely related to plants. We have a lot of plant DNA in our body.
So as she’s getting the different ingredients, lime oil, roman chamomile, bergamot, orange, there ended up being 12 that were supposed to be part of this special blend to induce unconditional love. Unconditional love within us.
And then there was the task blending them. Even a very inexperienced of cooks knows that how you put things together effects the outcome. And so she had to through trial and error find out which oils were going to serve which role. And geranium rose oil was the leader of this blend. And geranium rose oil here in Zero Point Love blend is playing the role of the emotional healer of love and trust.
Then next came rose flower oil. This came as a minister. And its role oil in this particular blend is acting an agent of divine love. The second minister was lavender. And the role of lavender was to play as rescuer from fear. And so you see this thing in here. These are emotions that we experience that can keep us from being able to accept divine unconditional love because divine love is unconditional.
And so a very special blend came into being using these 12 oils. And as she was completing it it became very clear to her that this was for her very beloved customer, we have a wonderful relationship, Zero Point Global. And so of course as soon as this was presented to our CEO Rick Bergan at Zero Point Global he knew immediately yes this is for us. And like all of our other products there was still little something with our blueprint frequencies that could enhance it further.
So even this amazing blend that had already been so well received in the testing became even a little more enhanced. And what we have found since this was tested with our scientific team and on a corporate level and then we move things into the field level; this is the path of all of the technologies of Zero Point Global. It is all tested in the lab by a scientific team, then it moves into the corporate level and then it moves into the field before it is ever introduced for sale. There were amazing results.
And one of the most interesting things to me has been it is brought forth memories to people. About 50% of the people who tried this product which is an all over lotion for the body a memory comes up for them. For one woman it was: ‘Oh this reminds me of playing in the mud puddles and making mud cakes with my siblings. That was such a wonderful time.’ This was a woman in her 70s. And another was: ‘Oh, this reminds me of my grandmother's kitchen.” That was me. But there are so many so many different things like that.
Essential oils have a direct path to our brain through the olfactory nerve. They act very quickly, perhaps more quickly than anything else. And their frequencies are very balancing to the human body and for animals. And so this really is a wonderful product and we knew that we needed to come up with a new name for this line because it is so unusual. And so we all put our heads together, our spiritual counsel, our scientific council, and corporate and the name we came up with was Cosmonutraceuticals. And so the Zero Point Global Citrus Silk and the Zero Point Global Mint Matrix and the wonderful Zero Point Global Love are part of a very special new package that is available to you and it was only introduced just two days ago. And it is available to bring these Cosmonutraceuticals to you.
Now the Zero Point Love and the Mint Matrix are made with structured water; important for us because structured water matches our DNA. And it is really through the moisture throughout the planet and the universe that sound can resonate so well. And the oceans here, the water within our bodies is a reflection of the great ocean of love and mercy right, as above so below. And so having a structured water was very important and Zero Point Global was able to find just the right structured water and be able to blend it into these products so that that benefit is there for all of us.

What’s In A Name?

And the nutraceutical part, well, in the 1980s when the nutraceuticals was first termed by a group who was working with cosmetics and supplements and they were basically containing more natural ingredients that had benefits to us a little bit more far reaching than cosmetics and a little bit healthier than what most supplements would be. So nutraceuticals became a term that has been used and you probably heard of it since the 80s. But that didn't really describe Zero Point Global products because there is another element that is so important. And there is no coincidence that this company is names Zero Point. The information in blueprint frequencies use formulas they are a gift from Zero Point from Source from the Prime Creator. And it was very important to us to acknowledge that.
And so rather than cosme- nutraceuticals these are Cosmo Nutraceuticals to pay honor to the cosmos to the universe to Source to Prime Creator who we know is gifting us with these amazing formulas.
And so in closing I just want this tell you that for you from Zero Point Global is in the invitation that you got to this call and you will see all the different things that I talked about but there also is a special new package that is a discounted retail package and it gives you about 41 percent off retail so is a nice thing to do. The package normally would be around $337 and with the discounted retail package is only $199 for you. So there's a wonderful benefit to getting a discounted retail package. You get membership so that you can buy wholesale for year. You can also set yourself up with what is called Smart Shop so that you save an additional 10% or so off full wholesale. But no obligation you can cancel it at any time. You don't have to have that. You don't have to ever buy anything again after your discounted retail package. But it's so nice to have that and be able to say. So do look at the packages as you look around the website at the other products.
And I guess I would like to see if Anne has any other questions or if Quazar has questions or Saryya or anyone. I'd be happy to answer them.
Anne:     That was beautiful. Oh you’re singing our song. You are. Quazar and Zaraya let me see what we’ve got in regard to – I have to go back to work. I was just enjoying this so much – we have three hands up but before we go to that let's see what Zaraya and Quazar want to add anything at this point.
Quazar: Anne, and Lorraine. Lorraine that was absolutely on target because most of us are very much into energy and frequencies and raising our vibration and consciousness that Zero Point Global seems to answer many of the questions. I think you did a beautiful job. I don't have any questions here. We don't have any questions over on our end. But perhaps maybe our people might, Anne?
Anne:     Yeah there's only three. Let me see what kind of response. Both of your lines will remain open yours and Lorraine’s.
B in Colorado:      I do want to say this is the most glorious amazing call today both of these gifts from Creator. And I just thank you so much. All of you.
Anne:     It’s true. It’s just a call made in heaven so to speak. It fit in so perfectly with HollowEarthNetwork. Thank you. Always good to hear from you.
You'd have to be at quite a level to question some of the information we’ve heard and thank goodness we recorded. We’ve got it -- oh I hear Zorra is back.

To Access The Recorded Call

So this has been recorded on Blog Talk Radio but also there is a telephone recording at 857-957-1119 access code 439724#, reference number for this will be 114#.
I'm going to turn it back to Quazar and Zaraya and it sounds like Zorra is back.
Zorra:     Indeed beloved master and how be you this day?
Anne:     Hi Zorra. Well you pointed us in the right direction when you said we will address health on the next call. And that's just what we did today and it couldn't have been better. We are so synchronized with those that are on our wavelength and speak our language. So we're all one.
Zorra:     Indeed we are. Now see if there are any testimonies to be given. Also I want to speak briefly on Soul and Rain International. They are all very good healing products. Indeed.


Anne:     Okay if anyone has experienced a healing process release of any body problems -- we had a Healing Pulse at the beginning of this call -- Zorra would like you to touch number one.
Quazar:  Anne, I think we would like to hear testimonials in regard to Zero Point products as well as StemFit or Soul or healing. Any of the above.
Zorra:     Indeed.
Anne:     I've got to tell you when Quazar and
Zaraya came back from the Zero Point Global conference, they were gracious enough to send me a bottle of Love. Zaraya told me to apply it to the navel area, the heart chakra, the third eye, the temples, and under the nose. Well I considered it there sitting at my desk but that didn't seem to suit me. I applied it before bed and I have never slept so deeply. I woke up like it was no time at all. I didn’t struggle through the night wondering if it would ever end.
I also applied it before my meditation and it just sets the stage. I just can't say enough about it. To me it's sacred. It isn't something I apply promiscuously. I revere it as I apply it. So that's my story about Love.
623:       Hi from Phoenix. I appreciate everything you've done for all of us Zorra and Soryya. I had a bicep tendon displaced a few years ago, my right rotator and I've had a lot of pain and it’s been difficult. They didn't want to do surgery on it because it was so complicated and pretty devastating. So I listen to your Healing Pulse and I want to tell you my pain is gone and I have full rotation there now. And I thank you tremendously.
Zorra:     Indeed. Wonderful.
623:       Thank you so much. I am most grateful.
Anne:     You are the good receiver. It's a two-way flow you know. Yes it is. We’re part of all this we can't escape that. Thank you.
Quazar:        Anne, I have a few questions here for Zorra.
One of our people says, ‘Zorra, though I believe Soul and Laminine are great products both of which I take daily and have for about three months. I have had no relief from a very challenging skin allergy of one year. Red itchy spots on the scalp and hand and occasionally on her face. I take one package of Soul daily and Laminine daily and I've tried rubbing Soul on the areas in question. No success. Could you please advise.
Zorra: Indeed. Beloved [questioner] in Texas. If you're listening prepare yourself.
Five, four, three, two, and one. Receive. Now, look at your hand. The rash is now diminishing and going away. The itching has stopped. The itching has stopped on your head as well. So be it. It is done. Now notice there's no itching. It has completely gone away.
As I remind you many, many times – speaking to all --  you are gods and goddesses. You should have none of these issues at all because you’re gods and goddesses and sometimes both. Depending upon how you were born. You have people that are born male, born female, and then you have those that are born both. You term them medically as hermaphrodites. But that is the way it is.
Quazar: So Zorra for preventative action what would you suggest she take?
Zorra:     There is no preventative action. It is done. She should have this issue no longer. Continue taking all that you are taking for what is termed maintenance of the body, if you will, and they are all very good to bring you back to perfect health. Any one of them. And of course my Healing Pulse that I just sent to. And any others that are experienced pain in the group. They are healed this well. But I directed directly to you because I know you were suffering for a year. Well the year is over and you will no longer have this situation in your body. So be it.
Quazar: Thank you Zorra. And I have another question here and this is what she says. She has three questions. She says I purchased a headband but my psychic teacher said it's very powerful. Only and use it once a month for 10 minutes or it would close my third eye altogether.
Zorra:     Poppycock. Use it all the time. Understand beloved master in Hollow Earth and also in what is termed Lemuria and Atlantis people wore them all day long or all night long. It is not going to close your third eye. It shall open it and keep it open. It helps to raise your vibration and your frequencies and gives you the ability to communicate inter galactically with your Galactic family and other parts of the galaxy.
Quazar: Okay and I think you might have addressed the second question also Zorra but I'll repeat this. She has had a virus for about five weeks and are gone now. Not sure if this was part of the astral detox or ascension symptoms but I have had humming in my left ear like the humming of an engine. And that ear was checked and found that nothing was wrong. So could you answer that.
Zorra:     Well what is happening with your humming, and of course it's nothing to be worried about, it is the following. The humming is the frequency or the signal that is being sent to your DNA to open up your DNA to activate the code in your DNA. Soon that humming shall stop and when it does you will notice a great change within your body.
Quazar: Thank you again Zorra. And the last question however is not related to health. Could you ask Zorra if he can talk about Ireland because our government has taken everything (and she is from Ireland) from the poor people and all the pensioners in Ireland [inaudible] is this a big shift for the base chakra? I feel these questions will be valuable for lots of people. I am one of your biggest fans and would love Zorra to talk about Ireland as I never hear it mentioned.
Zorra:     Ireland is what is termed as a blessed country. Meaning blessed because it is blessed with what you termed as the little peoples. What you term leprechauns. What you term it is elfin, what you term as fairies and things of this nature. And of course so Ireland is blessed in that area.  And what you need to do is you need to call upon the Elementals and this entails the leprechauns and the fairies and the elfins and things of this nature and have them to put pressure on your government. And what I mean by pressure when you call upon the Elementals to do, to speak to, or to influence your government, understand this: when they start your government will take notice. They will have no choice.
Because understand the Elementals have control over Mother Nature. When Mother Nature will what is termed as show them in no uncertain terms that they are not in charge. And I can assure you the Elementals when they are called upon will come to help you. I can assure you of this.
So, get your peoples that are what you term Lightworkers, friends of yours, to join in a circle in sacred areas that are known for fairies and leprechauns and Elementals and have yourself a campfire on the night of the full moon. And when you do this and you call upon the Elementals to come and help you in this area that you are speaking of it shall be done. They're just waiting for you to ask them. So be it.
Anne:     The fairy circle. Yes I got a book I ought to tell people about. It tells about the fairies and the fairy circles it's very interesting. Thank you Zorra.
Quazar: The last question says: I do use several of the products that Zorra recommends but not all. I have the Laminine, the HGH, and Zero Point Encoder, Mint Matrix, and Citrus Silk. I also use a product called Zija which the primary ingredient is Moringa Oleifera, a tree that grows 10 degrees of the equator that is known to be the most nutrient dense botanical in the world. Has 92 ingredients identified to date, 46 antioxidants, 36 anti inflammatories, amino acids, and minerals. I wonder if possible could you forward my question and ask Zorra about this question because I use this product. I’ve not ordered Soul product. Could you give her information about the product Zorra?
Zorra:     Order the Soul product for sure and eliminate from this list that you have just given, HGH you can refrain from for a while because StemFit will also address the same issues.
The Zija also has an element in that is not mention but it is what is termed as a makes you what is termed dependent upon it very, very strongly. Addicted to it. So you might wish to drop that one too and replace it with Soul because Soul will address all of those issues and it is much more powerful I can assure you.
It is all yours Lady Nada.
Anne:     Well we have one hand raised.
541:       Oregon. I had the same skin condition as [previous caller] and when Zorra did his Healing Pulse it was so powerful it went through the top of my head and through my whole body and the redness is gone and the itching is gone. I’ve had this for over a year and nothing else worked.
Zorra:     Indeed! Healing works.
541:       And the other thing I wanted to mention was about a month ago someone wanted healing and you asked them to get a glass of water. So I ran and got a glass of water too and when you did the Healing Pulse which I always feel, it’s tremendous, and when Saryya does it, that water was so charged that I felt like every cell in my body came alive. And I’m continuing to use it. I put some in a large glass container and then I refill it with purified water and it just goes on and on. It's so charged.
Zorra:     It is endless. It has no limitations.
541:       So that's something people might want to do.
Zorra:     Indeed. You also have what is termed Zero Point you have the drops you can put in the water and you can do what is termed is you can put 50 drops into what is termed a bath of water, bath water. The Entrainer. Into a bath and take a bath in it. And it shall energize your body beyond measure.
Quazar: That's interesting.
Zorra:     Indeed. You know you only need what is termed one drop of the Entrainer drops into a gallon of water and it will energize all the water. Of course many of you out there are doing what is termed spending of hundreds if not thousands of dollars on kagen water. I'm here to tell you you can purify water even kagen water will be improved and taste because the purification goes far beyond the kagen water. Do both.
Anne:     So how about you giving us a charge so we can all get our water right now.
Zorra:     So everybody get water.
Anne:     Give us a minute while everybody goes to get some water, myself included. I’m going to get my gallon that I already have programmed and I'll let you charge it. And I'll be right back. Okay.
Zorra:     I'm also going to be speaking before doing this I’m going to speak a little bit about Soul as well. Now Soul does what is termed as heal all manner of skin issues, all manner of what is termed neurological issues, and what is termed as auto immune system, and every element every situation with in your life can be affected by the Soul as well. So if you do have it, it would be wise to get it.
 And also the Core as well as because Core does what is termed as detoxification of the body. It cleans out your what is termed your liver and your kidneys and your colon and your digestive system so that is a detoxifier and that is also very good for you to have.

Zorra Charges Water For All

Now getting back to what we are doing. Now depending on what hemisphere you are located in, if you're in the southern hemisphere you do the following. You take your left hand and create what is termed karate chop on the table next to your class or your water container and you take your right hand and you join the last three fingers with your thumb and put that next to on the right side of your container index finger out and create a vortex underneath your thumb going through the container into the other account. This is for people will in what is termed the land down under and those below the equator.
Now those above the equator which is most of the people I’m speaking about, now do the opposite. You take your right hand and you like a karate chop and with your hand on the table facing your container and you take your left hand and you join the last three fingers with your thumb and bring that down on the other side. Make sure that your vortex goes directly through the container into the palm of your right hand.
Now if you do that correctly and do it for a minute, if you feel do it for two minutes or as long as you wish, it will energize and it will purify the water no matter what type of water it is or whatever kind of fluid you're thinking of.
For people to do what is termed as drink wine, drink beer, pop, whatever, you can do the same technique and it will do the following. In the case of carbonated drinks it will take the carbonation out of the drink. It will take the alcohol content out of the beer and out of wine but retain the flavor but it will also remove the intoxicant of alcohol and so you will not be able to get drunk and you will be able to drive home safely without weaving all over the road.
It enhances it changes the molecular structure of the liquid and it brings it to a pure state, more pure than filtering water.
So instead of spending the hundreds or thousands of dollars for devices that go underneath your cabinet to purify your water, do a simple and inexpensive method to purify water with your own hands. Your own energy. (The Zero Point drops is the next best thing. But do both and it intensifies even more.)
So be it. Now that you've done this drink your water and notice the difference in it.
Anne:     And if we keep this [as in replenish the water by adding to base stock], but as long as we drink from that, the programming and the energy, the purity will reproduce itself. Once you had a couple of glasses refill it again so that the reservoir will affect the new water and it will always continue with the same energies. Don't let get about halfway down.
Zorra:     That is so, indeed. And also understand the Healing Pulse that was given on the beginning of the call it is just as potent in the replays.
Anne:     I've got one more question Zorra.

Caller Gets a Headband And Gets Amazing Relief

321:       Peace and blessings my name is C in Florida. Zorra spoke to me a month ago is a two-part question. First of all I'm suffering from severe sciatica. I can barely walk on a daily basis. I was listening to a gentleman with the remedies but what does Zorra suggest for that? The second part, Zorra told me I am part of the Seven Sisters. I tried to contact but I never got a response. Can he elaborate? Thank you.
Zorra:     Indeed. Do you have what is termed as a headband?
321:       No I don't but I can get one.
Zorra:     Go ahead and get one. Order one from Amy. Go ahead and get yourself a headband and wear it. Do what is termed as when you receive it, walk out into the sun, raise your head up to the sun of course with your dark glasses of course you do not hurt your eyes from the light. And let the energies from the sun energize the crystal. And then wear it continually whenever possible. Of course you might look a little strange if you wear it going to work but that is up to you. And it is also up to what is termed your workplace if they will allow it. But whenever possible wear it because it opens your third eye and keeps it open.
And then you do what is termed as concentrate on a daily basis for about 10 to 15 minutes. Just sit quietly with your eyes closed and just soak in the energy that is coming forth from the crystal and the silver disc or the gold disc whichever you prefer to have. The gold has a higher frequency that is why we say gold but if you cannot afford gold just use the silver. It's just not quite as powerful but it still achieves the result. Anyway.
Continue to wear this and you will notice clarity coming into your self and also the communications between you and the Seven Sisters or what you term the star system – are you of what is termed, which persuasion are you such as race are you with? (321: African-American) Indeed. All right you wish to contact Mushaba. Speak forth the word Mushaba when you are in meditation and you will get answers. That I assure you. And you will make contact with your star brothers and sisters on Mushaba in the Seven Sisters star system. Do you understand? (321: Yes sir.)

She Walks With No Sciatica Pain

Now, concerning your walking. You are sitting now, yes? I want you to prepare yourself. Five, four, three, two, and one. Feel the energy going down your body, entering through your heart mind in your chest cavity and it is going down you can feel it going down through your body down into your thighs down into your legs. Do you feel that energy? (321: I felt a little tickle.) Indeed. Just sit there a little longer and it will get more intense.
When it gets to a point where it is you feel it very strongly in your feet, then I want you to stand and I want you to walk. Do you understand? (321: Yes sir, yes.) And you understand this also: healing is a three part process. First you receive the healing, then you own it. Know it within you. And then you proclaim it to whoever is around you and you step out on faith. And you will notice you will walk with no pain. How do you feel now? (321: I feel a tingle in my foot.) All right. Why don't you stand for a moment and see and …
321:       [Exclaiming] Oh My Gosh! Are you kidding me?! Oh my gosh! Wait a minute. Oh my gosh! Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. [coming to tears] Wait a minute. Oh I'm walking with no pain! Oh wow I got up with no pain! Oh my God. (Zorra: Indeed) Indeed! Oh I'm walking around the room and I don’t feel anything … no pain. Oh wow I got up with no pain. (Zorra: Indeed) Indeed. I'm walking and I don't feel anything out thank you. Oh my goodness.
Zorra:     Do not thank me. Thank the Lord God within you. (321: AMEN! Thank God!)  … the Lord God within you. The Lord God within you. (Yes!! Wow. Thank you!)
Understand I am not the one to be praised it is within you. You are the gods and goddesses. You are the healer. (321: I'm walking that I don't feel any pain.) [exclamations continue] And if you can also get yourself an Encoder from Zero Point and buy yourself an Encoder and wear it as well. Because it will help you with balance because I know you're having difficulty with balance.
Buy an Encoder and wear it all the time. Put it on your wrist and then turn it over where the white writing and the circle is flat against the inner part of your wrist. Understand? And you will feel wonderful after … well you feel wonderful now! But you will feel even more better of course because there is no more pain. (321: Glory be to God I feel good.)
Proclaim it. Proclaim it to everyone who is around you that you are healed. (321: I am healed! I'm saying it to my mother.) You are telling the universe you are healed. (321: I'm telling the universe I am healed. Wow. No limping.) Indeed.
Anne:     Congratulations. I acknowledge that healing and we’re all acknowledging it. (Zorra: Indeed) And we’re all very happy for you and we join in your celebration. (Zorra: Indeed)
321:       Indeed. Thank you so much!
Anne:     We've got another – we’re in overtime. We could get sliced off. I'm going to move on. And again we all celebrate with you and acknowledge this. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Healing Scoliosis of a Non-Believer

650:       Hi Zorra this is H from California. I just love that lady who just got healed. Love the story. I have a question in regards to my daughter who is 14 years old and she was diagnosed with severe scoliosis and now she's also gotten depressed from it. If there's something …
Zorra:     Is she present? (650: Yes) Have her come to the phone, sit next to you, and I'm going to instruct you on how to help her.
I want you to do what is termed as rub your hands together. I want you to place your hands upon the area of the scoliosis. Place your hands one on one side and one on the other side. And then I'm going to count from 5 to 1 and she is going to feel a warmth coming through your hands and through her body. This could be instantaneous but may be over time as well.
Five, four, three, two, one. Receive. She should be feeling a warmth sensation coming through your hands through her body. Does she feel it?
650:       No she doesn't she says. But then she doesn't believe in this kind of stuff. But I do so.
Zorra:     It matters not. Your faith is sufficient for what must be done. Just leave your hands there for a few moments and …
Indeed. (Quazar: What?) I am looking into her body. Indeed. Let us do something a little different here. Go ahead and have her stand and you stand too. Rub your hands together and put your hands on both sides of her head and then I want you to very slowly bring your hands down on both sides of the body Down the sides of the face, down over their shoulders, down the arms, continue coming down very slowly down past the hands, down the hips down the thighs, down the legs, to the floor. Now how did she feel? Does she feel anything at all?
650:       No she says she doesn't feel anything.
Zorra:     It is still working. I can assure you. The scoliosis is going away and it will probably take around a week, possibly a month, but it will go away. I can assure you of this.
Have her take StemFit and also get the Encoder and let her wear it as well. Children have a tendency to feel the energy from the Encoder much stronger than adults. So she will feel this. Have her put it on. Have her turn it over to where the white lettering and the circle is up against the inside of her wrist. And have her wear it continually. And do not worry about taking it off because she can shower with it’s waterproof. And just wear it all the time. And she will notice a difference. She will feel the energy. That I assure you.
And so also get the Soul if you do not have it. Give that to her three times a day, or twice a day. She will feel this energy I can assure you of that. It will not be able to deny it because it will be quite evident.
650:       Okay thank you Zorra. (Zorra: Indeed.)
Anne:     Thank you honey. That was wonderful.
We’re in overtime by at least 40 minutes but I think we’re still recording. We've got a beautiful call here for people. Zorra do you want to close the call?

Re Impending RV: Get A Wealth Manager

Zorra:     I am going to speak a little bit about the RV. What we're going to tell you is this. Those that are listening still understand, if you have not appointed a wealth manager for you, ones that are invested in the RV. I suggest you do it immediately.
Do what is termed as to contact your wealth managers or get one and make plans. If you do not have one get one. If you do have one contact them and make an appointment and talk to them about your dinar and talk to them about your dong. Let them know that you have it and they will be hearing about it very shortly. So they need to know this and they need to know you and you need to become acquainted with your wealth manager.
If you have what is termed the Zimbabwe do what is termed as to make contact with the wealth manager, with your banker, private banker. It would be wise for you to do that immediately. Because you do want to protect your monies, your assets and things of this nature. You are going to be in an entirely new tax bracket as you term it so you want to be prepared for it. And the gold what is termed the carat bars is a way of getting into investing in gold in grams and what you term you have different phases of different levels.
Quazar: Thank you dear Lady Nada. Zorra's going to close for us.
Zorra:  May harmony, peace, joy, laughter, healing, and much love, be with you and yours on this wondrous, glorious, loving day and we are waiting for the new world.
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