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by Anne DeHart
Written about 2010....

Here, Mom was 84 and I was 58

She had cancer twice in her 50's
Had a breast removed
Lived to be 94

Hi Everyone,

I recently passed on some information to you about a book recommended on one of the calls:

The Acid Alkaline Food Guide
Dr. Susan E. Brown and Larry Trivieri, Jr.

I ordered this $7.95 book from Amazon and just received it.  Yes, it has educational text chapters, and then ... a very extensive table of Acid and Alkaline-producing foods, showing which are Low, Medium, or High.

In reviewing these, it made me think about a family experience that started back in the 50's.  

In the early 50's, my mother found that she had breast cancer, and one breast was removed.  Then, about 1958, she was diagnosed with a black melanoma ... they had done a biopsy  on a large scaly blemish on her left upper arm, found it was cancerous, and planned on a radical surgery throughout the extensive left lymph nodes.  She was promptly scheduled for surgery the coming Monday.

About this time, I was just beginning my alternative education.  I read the book by Harry Hoxsey, You Don't Have to Die.  (See Google: Harry Hoxsey).  My mother also read it ... canceled her hospital date, and went to Bountiful, Utah to Dr. Hoxsey's clinic.  There, she became acquainted with numerous "terminal" patients, returning for their semi-annual visits.   She typed up many stories and brought them home.  I still remember some.

As to her melanoma; the earlier incision for the biopsy was opened and an herbal salve applied, then bandaged.  She was given a concentration of herbal tonic which, when diluted, would last six months.  And, she was placed on a very restricted diet.

Without going into a lot of detail ... in three days, her arm started "crawling" -- itching all the way down to her forearm.  She was told this was the melanoma's long spidery tentacles starting to die.  She was then free to go home and continue the salve, tonic, and diet.  

When Mom arrived home, she removed the bandage, and I, personally, saw a tacky, gooey, dark mustard-colored circle, about the size of a nickel.  Also, I could see a definite break between this gooey mass and clean healthy surrounding skin. 

Once a week, I saw Mom ... and saw this mass begin to lift up, develop a hard dark crust ...  and in the eighth week, Mom called me and told me it had just fallen out.  It left a deep conical indentation.  She kept it covered, as people would ask, and when she said it was a cancer that had just fallen out, they made such a negative to-do about it ... she didn't need the conversation.  So, she kept it covered.

Mom lived to be 94.  She died in 2001 of no apparent cause except old age.

Now ... getting back to the acid/alkaline book.  It is all coming into perspective now.  The herbal tonic was alkaline.  The herbal salve ... can't say, but it must have been alkaline.  And the diet? 

NO SUGAR  (Acidic)
Mom read every label ... even a can of peas, and if it had sugar, she didn't eat it.
VINEGAR, only apple cider

I think I may have missed one or two more.  In those days, no one talked about acid/alkaline.  The only one of the above that was labeled "acidic" was tomatoes.  There was nothing wrong with tomatoes, except that they were acidic and would counteract the alkaline tonic (that's how I knew the tonic was alkaline).  And, according to this new book, tomatoes are not as bad as some things.
All of this to say, that with today's knowledge ... I have become very aware of why the Hoxsey method was so successful.  And ... we can easily duplicate this proven diet.  AND ... AND, AND, AND .... WE NOW HAVE OUR OWN "ALKALINE TONIC!"   (Alkaline water can be purchased at any water store now).

We all know that ONLY THE BODY CAN HEAL THE BODY.   We certainly make no claims of any form of healing.  Yet, we can provide a healthy diet and lifestyle to take the toxic acidic burden off the body, and just let it do its thing!

I would recommend the above book as a quick and enlightening guide for food choices.  And I won't say any more!    Oh yes, except that the Hoxsey Clinic was chased to Dallas, and finally Tijuana ... where it is today, known as the BioMedical Clinic.  I have personally gone there just for checkups, and met people from all over the world ... getting healthy.

Love to all of you, and those you know,  Anne

BioMedical Clinic - Tijuana, Mexico


Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada