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Please see those needing help - below...
As Hollow Earth Network enters its fifth year, we enter a new phase - we see and act as a Collective.  We focus on the integrity of the Whole.  We know we are One.

Many of us have developed close friendships through our various group endeavors and are enjoying interaction with like-minded others.

As a Collective, we have done what none of us could have done  individually. We have found our God Power. And we are Mighty.

Yet, we still find gaps. A lack. A need. And we know that within the Collective, that which is needed can be found. We just need to move it over to the area of lack, fill the need, and bring balance.

What is needed may not always be monetary - one may need advice, an item, a ride, a prayer, or just to know we are not alone.

In our last Historic Call - Ashtar, Sananda, Father/Mother God and Prime Creator often refer to creating solidarity.

And we, in strengthening an area of lack, not only lift up the area in need, but empower the solidarity of our collective. And in this strength is our mighty power of Good.

How does this work?

Each written request shall be posted for two weeks. Personal contact information will be included. All will be handled direct between parties.

When a request has been fulfilled, we ask that HEN be notified, so that we may acknowledged the balance achieved. Personal names of donors will be respected. And of course, friendships are allowed!


The little black doggie



Account:  aadehart@aol.com

"For Mei Ling"

I feel I must work on writing asking for help for Mei Ling. I know no where else to turn except to you my beloved HEN family. Anne, you have been like a mom, a sister and the best friend I have ever had. I love you   I am very concerned and upset about Mei Ling. Her life is on the line. The vet told me last Friday if the infection she has with the struvite stone in her bladder goes into her kidneys, very likely she won't have a chance and it will  kill her.

It is causing her to be incontinent and you can tell she is embarrassed and does not understand. She is on two antibiotics. One is from getting diahrrea from me trying the last two months to dissolve the stone with Apple cider vinegar naturally.

Instead of paying all my rent, I used half of it and I took Mei Ling to the vet last Friday and he saw from an xray the stone has become much larger with smaller ones now. He gave her an injection to help her spasms and diahrrea. He also gave her an antibiotic for it, too, plus another for the staph infection she has from the stone. When we got back home Mei Ling had rest for the next 24 hours from the injection and I know it was  a great relief from the spasms she gets.

Mei Ling is the sweetest, most loving and sensitive little dog anyone could ever have. She was always happy, friendly, wagging her little tail. We live in southwest Florida.  We have a big crane that visits the yard and Mei Ling and the bird just look at each other, no fear, it is like they know each other and are friends. She is like that with cats, etc. They always seem to sense her loving nature and never feel she is a threat. I have never seen one that didn't like her.

I got Mei Ling  11 years ago when I took my mom to get a Yorkie. They handed her (Mei Ling) to me and when she held on to me, laid her head on my shoulder and looked at me, I knew she was mine. Later on, she went through me having cancer, going through chemo and radiation while I was trying and taking care of my sick mom. Mama would just see mei Ling and her face would go from a frown to a happy smile. She even told me she wished Mei Ling was hers, instead of the Yorkie she got and loved. Lol

My heart is breaking now. You know if you have a dog, usually when you look at them up close they won't look at you in the eyes. This mornng, Mei Ling came over to me looking me straight in the eyes. I felt like she was telling me how much she  loves me, how hard she is trying and wants to get well and "Why, don' t you help me get well?" She is in pain, trusts me completely, and can't understand why she is in pain, fighting to live and not getting well yet. I always pet and love her and try to explain. It takes money for the surgery and the Dr. won't do it without getting paid. The vet's office told me the surgery will cost somewhere around $900 or a little more with the special food she will need more of.

A woman said, "it is just a dog!" Yes, it is, and dogs are sentient beings with feeling, just like we do. I don't know what to say except I need urgently your help very soon so Mei Ling can get this surgery before it is to late. Every day I am praying for help she has needed before now. She is holding on as best she can, trusting me to get her well. I got so upset tonight I was in tears, I could not help it. It is weighing down on my heart that I am failing her and it is all about money.

I am sick and have to leave her tomorrow with no choice I have an inflamed bone,  tendons, etc. In my right hand and a bad tooth I am running a fever from. If I don't t go to to get well then I can't take care of her. At the same time I need to be here with her and can't.

I really need help for her very fast, for the money for the surgery to save her life with time not on our side. RV is happening very soon we all know. I would be glad to double or whatever is necessary to pay back the money to save her life.  Whatever you can do to help me quickly to save Mei Ling' s life would be so gratfully appreciated. This has been breaking my heart trying to help unsuccessfully this little precious dog get rid of the struvite kidney stone. She lovingly looks up at me trusting me to help her get well. From my heart I ask for your help and I will gladly pay you back double or more if you like. It would be nice going to exchange knowing Mei Ling had the surgery she so badly has needed and I wouldn't be so worried about her. Life is about love and caring for each other and things like this precious little dog. I beg of you to hear my plea for help for Mei Ling to save her life now. I thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart and I also ask for your prayers. Remember the power of two! Could you please do that for Mei Ling where two of you are gathered as Jesus/Sananda taught us.

Love and many thanks from Mei Ling and me. I know all of you who have pets can understand .

Susan Reeves

Just received:

I have to try and get some sleep before getting up at 5 am.

Mei Ling , her stool is not cleared up good yet from the diahrrea. I mix rice in her food every meal to be soothing too.
So that and the incontinence scares me about her losing electrolytes. I will give her some Pedialyte  tonight and in the morning.
I am stressed out. I hope to feel better soon and I know if I can get Mei Ling' s surgery before it is too late, I will feel better.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for trying and anything you can try to do to help save Mei Ling's life!

I love and thank you more than any words could ever say. I will be so thankful if this little precious one's life can be saved.

I went into my higher self and asked with my pendulum (tachyon necklace). I asked for the truth of it was time for Mei Ling' s contract to be up and for her to go on. It tells me no every time. It tells me she wants to live.

Time will tell.

I thank and love you Anne!

Susan and Mei Ling


Today - Wednesday
September 7 2016

Account:  aadehart@aol.com
Please note:  "For Robb"

11:45 AM Pacific

First, from Anne:
You are all responding so amazingly to our email campaign "Touch and Agree," that when I woke up and saw an email from Robb - I shuddered -  and then read the first one I saw... out of context.  So I was a bit hard on Robb.
So, Dear Hearts... here is my morning correspondence with Robb, in the order that it happened. Yes, I was a bit hard on him... I had truly hoped it was finished.  Yet, the "criminal justice system" seems to be just that. Robb has prevailed and settlement is underway - but, once again, they are surrounding this dear man with time barriers through which he is desperately trying to survive.
I had also expected that our RV would be here by this time and and, if necessary,  I could easily manage any of Robb's further needs myself. However, today presses on in desperation...
For those who can comfortably help, I know you will send your love gifts.  For those not able, we understand and please do not put yourself in hardship.
So here is what we are dealing with. Again, the first message i read out of context and came back a bit hard on dear Robb:

I  woke up to this email - had not read the original
From: AADeHart@aol.com
To: robbmassey@gmail.com
Sent: 9/7/2016 7:00:38 A.M. US Mountain Standard Time
Subj: Re: One last thing

I must somehow have $1200 by tonight. I know Anne, I am so sorry!! I should have asked sooner but I did not want to ask for help again. This tears me to pieces inside! I really thought going with the loan shark would be OK but they want too much and I'm not talking about just money. They want to know all about my business and this and that. I refuse to allow anyone to steal from me again just like 2010. I'm smarter than that! Please call me. Love ya, Robb
Robb, I can't even pay for my phone and Internet. I was waiting for you to finally help me.
I have believed EVERY ONE of your deadlines - all of which have passed.
I do not want to talk.
Write out your plea your self.
You are forcing me to ask these beloved Ones once again.
They deserve to hear it from you - not me.
Love, Anne
From: AADeHart@aol.com
To: robbmassey@gmail.com
Sent: 9/7/2016 7:05:43 A.M. US Mountain Standard Time
Subj: Re: Hello

I just found this.  Is there anything you want to add, or is this the story?
They were told two months ago, August 1 or 2.
Then, the end of the month.
Now, ANOTHER month.
Put it all in writing.
Ask your Dad and your Angels.
Love, Anne
From: robbmassey@gmail.com
To: aadehart@aol.com
Sent: 9/7/2016 5:52:51 A.M. US Mountain Standard Time
Subj: Hello

Hi Anne,
I hope you are doing well. Unfortunately, I'm not doing as well as I was. I fell hard on my nightstand which fractured two of my ribs so I'm in a lot of pain, it hurts to breathe. I didn't get my last round of spinal injections but I have no clue as to if that had have a anything to do with falling. I sent you a couple of emails just checking on you and to give you an update. I feel like this is insanity down here but now I have a new date as to when I will have a large deposit into my dad's estate. We're looking at the 23rd which is a Friday. My bank will verify the funds for me so I do not have to wait three to five days. I made every single dollar last Anne and now I must pay these folks at the motel and my doctors for refills. I also need these steroid injections so I can strengthen my core. I'm six foot three so when I fall, it's a long way to the ground and I'm not as agile as I used to be. I tried to get a loan shark deal yesterday but he would charge me double for every week for three weeks.  He wanted a key. I know these type of people because I had a lot of cash stolen in 2010. We're so close and I don't want to go down this road. Besides the attorneys, it's just me down here. There's no drama, no one knows my number and I can focus on doing whatever it takes to be healthy and have a good life being around people who like me for me. The SOUL supplements have really helped my digestive system and my ability to think clearly. I would rather have a tooth pulled than to be asking for help. The biggest reward is I get to pay it back, plus extra, to folks who really do care about me. Will you please call me? I never know when you are taking a nap or sleeping. But I do know you work extremely hard all hours of the day with the site and everything, so I do not wish to wake you up. I would not ask if I weren't a hundred percent positive I can pay it back and help others many times over for the rest of my life. Thank you Anne!

With love,

From: AADeHart@aol.com
To: robbmassey@gmail.com
Sent: 9/7/2016 7:18:27 A.M. US Mountain Standard Time
Subj: ANNE

I have to leave - be back in a couple of hours.
I am sorry to be so blunt, but I have been dragged into something I did not intend - and for me, it is easy - for my beloved HEN family - it hurts to have to do this.
It will be your letter that they respond to.
Love, Anne

From: robbmassey@gmail.com
To: AADeHart@aol.com
Sent: 9/7/2016 7:34:52 A.M. US Mountain Standard Time
Subj: Re: ANNE

Will you please doctor it up? I'm not as good with words as you are. I'm too tense and on edge.  I do not enjoy this one bit Anne. At least I know there's only one place to go when I get my funds and I will hopefully get a chance to thank everyone in person.

From: robbmassey@gmail.com
To: AADeHart@aol.com
Sent: 9/7/2016 7:41:16 A.M. US Mountain Standard Time
Subj: Re: One last thing

Please do not talk to me as if you're upset with me. I care about what you think. I am doing everything in my power to make things happen down here. This is not the life God intended for me to live and that's why I will be back on top and able to help others knowing the money goes to them and not some evangelist sitting on top of a mountain in his eleven bedroom mansion.
From: robbmassey@gmail.com
To: AADeHart@
Sent: 9/7/2016 8:37:37 A.M. US Mountain Standard Time
Subj: Re: Hello

I need about $2,000 so I can get the spinal injections. My back gave out last night while I was brushing my teeth getting ready for bed. Trust me, I've asked my dad and he has said "You owe these people your life, after getting everything settled."

He always talked about people with short memories. He loaned one of his friends about $175,000 for furniture and a crystal chandelier in the 80's at the Furniture Market. This wasn't a gift, by any means, and the other man knew it. Finally after a year had passed, it really bothered my dad, he didn't need the money, but it was the principle. So jokingly he asked, "So do you remember those leather couches and the chandelier I fronted money for?"  My dad said his eyes got big and he said, "Oh yeah, I forgot."  He  apologized and wrote my dad a check. My dad said "Son, he didn't forget!"  and laughed it off.

Anne, I was raised by two of the most loving parents who instilled the highest of morals. You haven't known me when I have money. I am very loyal and will do everything I said, but more importantly, I will always be there for the ones who helped.  I have a huge heart, Anne!  I know God is right here with me and the very first thing I'm doing when the funds arrive is making sure nobody is without. 
When the nurse suddenly took control of my dad and his estate... the only thing I wanted to happen was to see my dad and save him.  I knew the money would always be there, but every split second away from my dad was hell on earth. He had taught me all of life's lessons:  "Don't be greedy;  take care of the people who take care of you; treat every person the same way you would want to be treated and put yourself in their shoes."  I never cared if my friends had any money growing up; we were all the same. It wasn't until after what happened that I realized how lousy some people were, even though my dad had tried his best to watch for crooks and snakes. I saw the good in everybody period!

I've learned my lesson time and time again, later in life, but I do watch what I say. I will never talk about money after the dust settles. I was never arrogant or boastful.  Matter of fact, I was shy and embarrassed. I remember kids coming up to me when I was young and saying "I saw your dad on TV last night.  You're rich!" -  I said, "Umm, no I'm not, my parents are comfortable and I have two pairs of shoes." Kids would laugh!  I  despised the attention unless it was a solid jump on my motorcycle or I'd just scored three goals playing soccer.

I will never take anything for granted again. I've seen both sides. Dr. Gladney always says, "The chance of hiring a nurse like Jessica who had a plan and executed it to a tee... the chances were one in ten million." For some reason, God allowed it to happen, and I'll never know why because my faith was strong and I did not have any skeletons. My dad and I would take the shirts off our backs for people who really needed it.

Anyway, that just opened a doorway to a lot of memories... drains every ounce of energy out me though. I feel every emotion there is. If I would have just listened, it might have not happened.  I will begin writing a book in 2017 with the help of a ghost writer. If I wrote it, it would be three miles long.  lol.  I kept a journal of every single day... some are lost, but there are probably 30 spirals in my storage.  I'll put them together when this is all over.

My fingers are cramping, wrote you a novel. Sorry. Thanks for listening. No time for doom and gloom..

With love,
Account:  aadehart@aol.com


Today - Tuesday
August 16 2016

Account:  aadehart@aol.com

To share Robb's good news... Robb has prevailed and is awaiting distribution - return of his father's estate, as well as Robb's own bank account.  -  And from my simplistic point of view, I thought all that was necessary was, "Write the check!"

And as to the existing bank account filled with Robb's money - that will be in his hands before the end of the month.  -  Now, comes the negotiations regarding asset settlement - operating properties his father meticulously groomed - one of which his father purchased outright when he was 30!

Meanwhile, when  Robb called this morning and said - "I am empty. - I have no place else to turn," he was without daily survival funds.  -  And oh how I didn't want to hear this.  Yes... I exploded... really. I just did not want to have to do what I am doing now. But I am without personal means to help. He needs his medications - without his heart medication, he will die. He needs the safety of a roof over his head these last two weeks. His leg has swollen greatly, once again. I am sending him Soul, which Robb considers a miracle - easing and slowly helping his tongue.

My Dear Ones - this is not a huge "drive." Robb did not want that. He only needs about $1500 to purchase medications, eat, and have shelter.  So, I humbly must ask, once again, to those who can comfortably offer financial help. And as soon as we have reached that goal, I will let you know - so we do not overreach what is actually needed.

Robb is standing by. I promised I would have something, bank to bank, to him before today's banking day ends in 2-1/2 hours.  And yes, I had to take time to meditate after the call - do the Viiolet Flame to forgive my Self for my "explosion."  ;-) 

And so now, in Love, I ask that we act within the ONE and give this dear Heart safety, nurturing, and Love.

Your loving, and grateful

Mom (Anne)

Account:  aadehart@aol.com

Wednesday - July 27 2016


Account:  aadehart@aol.com

Dear Ones,

Oh my... having just written you a full explanation of this situation, as I changed the text color and hit "Enter" -  it DELETED the whole message! - Yes, it appears I am being "challenged." ;-)  I will try to quietly and patiently replace all that I had prepared.

Robb is coming to the last days. Final resolution and distribution comes after August 1.  

After our last drive for Robb May 4, Zorra said we should have no more drives. So, as emergencies arrived - I could do nothing else but help him myself... until I got depleted. I did ask the help of one individual and she graciously responded, which SHOULD have safely gotten Robb through until next week. Only days to go.

However, today, when I just got back from my appointment, after sending you today's newsletter, I found Robb's message below. - I don't know what to do... I was empty - expecting full refund from Robb next week myself - however, I did get my pension today - which is drastically needed to cover the extensive ground work outside to find and repair the broken water line I told you about. And in Arizona, outdoor watering is crucial. 

I ask you to look into your HeartMind, as I do mine. Of course, if you are not able to help - I will have to, regardless.  I do know that Robb has promised you in these last days 100% return on the repayment of your loaned money. That should be next week.  So gather up your records of payment and I will tell you when to send to me.  And if anything should happen to Robb - I will fulfill his promise from my currency exchange funds, which is so close at hand.

Here is Robb's letter that I just received:

Good morning Anne,

I have a terrible problem. When I woke up at 5 my tongue and the right side of mouth were on fire. When I leaned up I noticed a little blood on my pillow. In the middle of the night the ulcer on my tongue got caught on one of back molars that's jagged. The same one that has caused problems for months and affected my speech. 

Mark's dentist is not in her office anymore, we so went to a low cost franchised place. The dentist looked at my teeth and said I have a few other problems. I said I just need this fixed so my tongue will heal. She said my tongue looked miserable and inflected. She gave me options. I paid for the X-rays. One option is to save the tooth and have a complicated root canal for $2,300 or have it pulled with a bone graft so I can replace it with a titanium tooth four months after my bone grows to the bone graft that runs $6,800. She said it's bad so you need the tooth pulled with the bone graft for $770. My face is double the size on the right and my lymph nodes are swollen the size of golf balls. 

She also believes this abscess tooth has been causing a lot more problems than just destroying my tongue and the infections. I don't know Anne, s___! She said people go to the hospital for abscesses much less significant than mine. Then I told her the medications I'm on and she said no wonder you're not screaming in pain. You take a lot of pain meds for your broken back. I told her usually I can't even bend over the slightest without pain shooting up my spine and down my legs but my back feels better with all the pain in my mouth. 

I can't go on the hospital and just have liters of antibiotics going through my veins for two weeks. Next Monday and Tuesday are the biggest days of my life in years. She also said 2 teeth on the bottom need root canals and she was surprised I didn't have any pain when she placed her sharp tool and pressed down. I told her it didn't hurt but they are sore. I'll get those fixed when I can spend 30K on veneers and a titanium tooth. I know my timing is impeccable Anne, but this was something out of my control. The dentist said, just looking at the X-ray, I should have had a root canal on the bad one 3 years ago. Now I'm wiped out after paying for the consultation and X-rays. If I didn't know I'm about to have money, I would jump off a cliff! 

This has been an awful year being in the hospital five times and depending on someone else to get me through financially. She said she would keep two spots open for me tomorrow, one in the morning and one at 2. She said they're closed every last Friday at end of the month. Anne, my hands are shaking, I didn't want to ask you for help financially again. I have a very very important meeting tomorrow that I can move to the afternoon. Will you please ask _____________  if she can help? This is something I can't put off. 

The dentist gave me some rubber glue to place on the tooth tonight, but said it will fall off. Thank God the end is near so I can help others.

With love,


Account:  aadehart@aol.com

Robb Massey

May 4 2016

Account:  aadehart@aol.com

Hi Anne,

It was refreshing to hear your kind voice especially after another stay in the hospital. I sure do wish y'all weren't so far away. As you know i went to the ER last week and was admitted as a patient. The doctor wanted me to stay so they could flush my system with antibiotics through my I.V.for a few days. I opted to sign papers releasing myself against medical advice and asked the doctor to please continue the antibiotics once I discharged. Unfortunately,when you sign to leave against medical advice they stop treating you as a patient. After five hospitals since last October and being misdiagnosed and prescribed medications that contradicted the medications I have been taking for the last few years I seriously am flat out sick and tired of doctors who dot know exactly what they're doing. Earlier Saturday morning my chest began to hurt and fluid had built up around my chest and neck area to the point I wasn't getting oxygen so I did not discharge myself because I felt like I wasn't going to make it. Every thing happens for a reason Anne. A new cardiologist just happened to drop in on Monday and he listened to my plight. For once, it feels as if I have a doctor in my corner. After all the fluid build-up in my legs,arms, hands and chest started to ease up I asked the hospital doctor to please release me so I could take care of business. The new cardiologist is gathering all my medical records so he can get to the root of my illness so I'm not being discharged with only a band-aid and can be healthy once again. I appreciate all the help you and your followers have provided. Seriously,without y'all I wouldn't be alive, that's the truth! I need your help one last time and I will pay double so thank you for keeping all the names and amounts for me. We are going after the crooked attorneys with a vengeance Anne! My back injections are scheduled for Friday then I will go rent another vehicle so if Mark's schedule conflicts with the other attorneys I won't miss any appointments. I'm operating at around 50% but I will give it everything I have to end this. If my dad were alive he would say give it your all son, you're the only one who can make this happen. I'm counting on you!!  That's what I hear Anne and that's all I need to hear. I hope you get some good news today, y'all deserve it! Thank you.

With love,


Account:  aadehart@aol.com

Just Received from

 Robb Massey

Thursday, April 21 2016

10:00 AM Mtn

Account:  aadehart@aol.com

Hi Anne,

I hope the weather has been better there than down here. We've had rain and some flooding every single day. Mark refuses to drive in bad weather. It's clearing, next week looks good too. Please tell me we have reserves from the last drive. I had to breakdown and take a cab to an 24 Hour ER Clinic down here. I will not go the hospital and risk being a patient for another ten days. Everything good is finally coming to a head. My entire body swelled up like you wouldn't believe, my hands looked like two miniature basketballs. The swelling reached my head to the extent I  could hear "swishing' sounds. The ONLY thing that temporarily helped was trying to rest at a ninety degree angle with my back against the backboard. I knew it had to something with heart and the multiple pills that had been added to what I have been taken for years.! Excuse my language but I am mad! I think all these pills they have me take have only made matters worse and closer to killing me.. So I went to an ER Clinic because I was having a very difficult time catching my breath, lying flat down only made it harder to get air. The doctor couldn't believe the hospital put me on some of the heart medications. She said one thing, you have one that was developed in the 60's and there are so many out there now that are way better. .She was scratching her head Anne.. One of the drugs, Nifedipine,she said stop immediately. She said the other two (Lisinopril & Metoprolol Tartratute ) treat the same thing but using different methods. She said it doesn't make sense. She referred me to a cardiologist group who just happens to be same cardio group the hospital refereed me to. I can't afford to see a cardiologist and have several out patient tests and lab work until I get my money released and buy an insurance policy the same day. I have spoken with an agent to get the best one that fits my overall needs. After I made it back to my computer I did my own research on the three different meds the hospital put me on. I stopped taking two of the three and noticed a huge difference. My hands do not hurt near as awful as they did last night and they do not feel like they're trying to burst open because the skin is so tight.  My left leg is swollen again but so is my right. Mark will be here at ten to take me to see my pain specialist. I have just enough to see him. I see my other doctor to get my other medication tomorrow. I have to pay the motel tonight or first thing in the morning. I didn't want to call and try to tell you all about this over the phone. I think I told you about receiving a letter regarding two life insurance policies my dad had. Last week I got a letter stated after going through one of their employees files or something crazy like that.This was last Thursday because I gave the phone to Mark and he explained they should be payable to the estate in which my dad named me Independent Executor over all business and personal assets free of any court. The rep we spoke with on Thursday said his supervisor would call Mark or me. We are calling this afternoon. It's frustrating and it hurts to try to talk with this ulcer on my tongue that opened up again and is exposed to air. I will still happily pay 100% bonus back to anyone who can help. It's a mad dash to get to these funds so I can see a real doctor and fly up there to clear my head -  then come back to battle for the large amount of money. I will not have to ask for help as long as I shall live and I'll have the financial freedom I was accustomed to so I can help others. I will pay back 100% bonus because wherever it lands it is going to a great place, not some guy named Guido who enjoys turning folks into pretzels or even worse. The weather combined with my severe illnesses set us back a few days but I'm alive again after tossing two of three medications away for just one. I do not know where I would be without all your help and Peggy's.

With love,


Account:  aadehart@aol.com


TUESDAY - April 12 2016
 4:43:28 A.M.

Robb is a life-long friend of our healer, Peg Thompson.
Peg and I are both out of support money.

I just found this email that came very early today.
4:45 AM  Tuesday, April 12th

I have no doubt Robb will fulfill his promise:

I will still pay the donors twice the amount back
if there's any possible way to help me.

Account:  aadehart@aol.com

Hi Anne,

I sure hope you had a stress free weekend. I have been working day and night through pain to get my funds released.  I know you have been the only person I can lean on and I am so sorry. The only way I will ever be able to make it up to you is to come through with everything I've promised. I was able to get the manager off my back last week, but I have to pay once more until I have my funds released. I literally have nowhere to turn

I don't have Mark (attorney) tomorrow, but I do have him all day Wednesday through Friday afternoon.

Since the appeals court put the brakes on anybody touching the estate's funds, the other opposing counsel on the other deal asked us to make an offer so we can have that part released at the same time.

I will still pay the donors twice the amount back
 if there's any possible way to help me.

My leg is swollen and I still have the other medical issues, but I cannot see the three specialists until I get the funds out of the registry.  And I have absolutely no time to be on my back in the hospital. We're racing against time, but we will prevail!!

With love,


Account:  aadehart@aol.com

April 2 2016




Account:  aadehart@aol.com

Yes, Robert had to go back to the hospital - a 10-day stay this time, delaying the hearing, and adding to the expenses...

This is Robb Massey, writing to those of you who have been responsible for literally keeping me alive until I complete this court case for my family's estate... completing this week.

It has been a struggle with a 10-day hospital stay delaying the hearing, yet the rent went on, the pain prescriptions and medications were vital, doctor visits, and food.

I have verified that the funds are all intact - having arrived in this court from the higher court and the case will be closed this week.

Yet, I have been given notice at the motel to pay on the account, or leave - tomorrow. Of course, I have nowhere to go... it is the roof over my head.

When your donations ran out, Anne has been personally supportive - however, she, too, is now depleted. I only need to get through the weekend and the first few days of next week.

At this last date, with closure in sight, to those who can help me through these last few days, I will be in a position to repay them double what they can help me with now. Anne will have a record on her PayPal account.

I am eternally grateful - words are just not enough. I am so filled with gratitude to your wonderful group.

Please - so hard to ask - but please, if you can just get me through these last few days. Again, I expect to be able to repay you for these last donations - double what you send.

My future will be dedicated to paying it forward, just as you have. Bless each and every one of you.

With deepest gratitude,

Robb Massey

Account: aadehart@aol.com


Wednesday - March 2nd

If I do not pay the motel something today, then I am on the street.
The crooks win it all. I'm scared to death.

How can I give my dad's estate 100% if I'm chasing money to just to stay alive and breathing? This is my biggest fear coming true.

 I sure wish you would run one more campaign as I have nowhere to turn


Account:  aadehart@aol.com

I told Robb money was starting to come in and asked how much he needs now

From: robbmassey@gmail.com
To: AADeHart@aol.com
Sent: 3/3/2016 5:52:39 A.M. US Mountain Standard Time

Good morning Anne and thank you so very much! I'm going after my money and the settlements like there's no tomorrow. Mark said it's just waiting on me. Need to get the money sitting there released so I can buy the sleep apnea machine, the lung specialist said I stop breathing in my sleep. I have 3 prescriptions they discharged me with and I must see my regular doctor to get 1. I'd feel much better scanning and sending you copies of the hospitalization reports Oct./Nov., Dec. and the 10 day scary stay this time. There's nothing to hide and I want y'all to know where every penny has gone and is going until that cash is placed back in your truly magnificent foundation to help someone else. And I will make very significant donations as long as I live. Mark made the comment yesterday as sick I was I wouldn't have made it this far without the help of you, your members and Peg. I plan on giving everyone who has been in my corner a reason to cheer. We're going to be victorious, promise you that Anne!! My dad always preached, don't talk about, do it. I spent 30 minutes in the bathroom mirror last night watching myself speak again, pronouncing words I have been unable to get out of my mouth since last July. That was the first time the tongue sore was noticeable. I'm not 100% but I feel like a new man. You couldn't even understand me Anne and you have no clue how much that hurt me. Peggy was always saying "huh" Robb. I would put my finger over the sore and hold it down and try to talk. I would speak fast hoping words would get out, nothing worked. I'm not going on a rant about the leg infection and fluid taking over my body. So I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help including the treatment you sent. I will never take having my voice for granted. Now it's time for results and on that happy note I'll shut up. 

I need to pay these people here at the motel tomorrow without fail. They're very understanding because they know how sick I've been. I'll pay off my balance when the money is released. For now though I must pay I'd say $450. Prescriptions, one doctor, very little food, what I owe here, court copies I want today. Anne, I know what I need but I'm going to leave that in your hands. I hope you're getting plenty of rest and not overdoing it.

With love,



On Wed, Mar 2, 2016 at 11:25 AM, REM
 <robbmassey@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Anne,
Good to hear from you. I have been doing everything in my power to get my business resolved down here that will generate millions.

The same hospital sent me home after five days each in Oct./Nov., and again in December. This time they kept pushing the heaviest antibiotics through my I.V. around the clock because they worried I might lose my leg. Anne, it feels like they got it right this time, as all but one sore has completely healed and I can move my tongue and talk better than I have in 6 months. This is neglect on the hospital, they were very worried. I had double the amount of specialists see me opposed to both other times combined. The infection was working it's way through my body into my lungs as  I was beginning to experience 'gurgling' in my throat which was a strong indication of aspiration.

Anne, I don't have weeks to get money released or get back on track. I have to fight right now while I have all four legs and my speech is back. They released me late last night. When I returned to the motel the lady who is always at the front said, "Wow, I thought you were going to die. You looked awful and we were worried you might not make it." That's how sick I was Anne, but I didn't want to go to the hospital under any circumstances because I knew it would throw me off a few days. I need the money that belongs to me now and the settlements to settle. I refuse to live like this in a motel and not having a life.

Right now I have three prescriptions that I was released with, including antibiotics that they want me to take for two months. Also, the cardiologist put me on a new heart medication for the time being. I've come this far through so much adversity.

If I do not pay the motel something today, then I am on the street. The crooks win it all. I'm scared to death. I'm not going to slow down now that I can walk without horrific pain shooting up my left bone leg and now I can verbalize what I'm trying to say with the sores gone. The first night they began pumping antibiotics through, the sores in my mouth flared up as if they were fighting the treatment.

Anne, anyone who tells you I haven't been fighting tooth and nail out here doesn't know what they're talking about. I guarantee you the majority of people would not have been on their feet battling through the infection that consumed my body as I was. Guess the only thing left for me to do is try to find another loan shark. I have no money to get food, prescriptions filled from the hospital and a bed to sleep in at night. How can I give my dad's estate 100% if I'm chasing money to just to stay alive and breathing? This is my biggest fear coming true. I sure wish you would run one more campaign as I have nowhere to turn.

I could have had all the money released months ago if I only sign papers saying won't sue the attorneys. I've held my ground and gone through hell.

Note from Anne:  I asked for clarification of the above two  lines... see below.

In essence, it says that they would release to Robb his own account money, if he will not sue for the return of his Dad's estate!

11:58 AM Wednesday March 2 2016

The 6 figures in the registry of the court. All I had to do was sign papers releasing the law firm of any claims. The same claim we have now. They owe my dad's estate a lot of money Anne and they broke laws, not ethical rules, laws! They are  on the hook for mid-seven figures at the very least. They are responsible for all the pain and suffering. They won't allow this to go to a jury and be publicized. I could have accepted the cash that already belongs to me and they would sign off as long as I didn't pursue a large settlement against them. They are scared Anne. Like Mark (Robb's attorney) said, "The one thing they're hoping is I wind up in a ditch."  That's their only hope of not having to cut my dad's estate a huge check.

I was petrified my tongue and speech would never be the same, Anne. Can't tell you how many nights I practiced speaking, trying to hold my tongue down this way or over that way. I have voice now, people can understand what I'm saying. Before, it was "Look Robb, I know you have an infection and you can't verbalize what you're trying to say."  I literally would start sweating, because I was so mad and extremely embarrassed that I sounded like a babbling idiot. I'm not waiting for it to come back; I'm ready to go now! I'm not turning 45 and living in a motel being driven around by an attorney. Fighting through a broken back is nothing compared to the leg and tongue infection that's been healed for the time being. I pray forever! My tongue hasn't looked this good since last July. After three hospitalizations I have a leg, and more importantly to me, my speech back. I had two infection specialists come see me this time.  They worked on me around the clock the first week. This is a success story! I didn't allow these handicaps to  affect my drive to obtain these settlements. I never gave up! But now I don't have the means to pay for the meds and a roof over my head. I'll have to spend the next several days trying to locate a sleazy loan shark as someone she can rip off. I don't have any options. I want to give these settlements my full undivided attention and get the money released immediately.

My dad would be mortified if he knew what these attorneys have done to the estate that took him seventy-five years of sweat, blood and non-stop hard work to build up. He told me, before he got sick, the only person who would come after me was my oldest sister.. the same one who showed up at my grandmother's funeral and she and her attorney handed my dad papers suing him as he was putting his own mother in the ground. It took all of one day to get that resolved and the attorney lost his license. This was 1990. She was subsequently put in his will for $1 after that. Before he got sick he told me, "Robb I'm your best friend and you are mine. I can only trust you and you can only trust you. Unfortunately, I trusted the nurse who I was paying 2k a week to care for my dad. She only worked 6 hours a day and my dad didn't want anyone changing his diapers but me. He was a very strong great man. That's why I didn't let these crooks off the hook Anne and chose this path. And everybody who knows anything about what is going on commends me for taking the position I have. I can promise you I am going to fight every day, all day like it's my last day on this Earth until we get the settlements. I can promise you I will do everything in my power to get the money that's in the registry released within days. The judge is illegally holding it and he illegally dispersed some. I will make sure these crooks pay dearly now Anne. I have my voice back, I don't have to rely on Mark or anyone else speaking on behalf.


Account: aadehart@aol.com

How did this happen?  Scroll down - and be aware!

Robb is out of the hospital, and I just received this email:

5:00 AM Friday - January 15 2016

"... I have a receipt from the doctor yesterday for $140 and two new prescriptions I must have filled going into the weekend. This doctor increased the potency because he feels like my blood pressure problems is a direct cause of all the pain I am in when I'm awake. And he believes the reason I have the open wounds in my mouth is because I'm fighting to breathe when reaching REM sleep. I'll buy a mouthpiece when I can write a check again. I definitely want this back surgery done while we are still in the colder months. I can breathe much better when it's cool outside for some reason. (He was dropped on a stretcher and three vertebrae had the tips broken off. This was the beginning of this whole problem..)  I have the doctor's receipt and the prescriptions in front of me. They're going to kick me out of here tomorrow afternoon if I don't pay them at least $250 towards my balance. I don't want to be on the street Anne. That's exactly what these crooked attorneys want to happen so I'll settle for peanuts. I'm trying to sell a 1950's Coke machine that was in one of my dad's furniture stores back in the good old days. He was forty seven when he had me, Anne. He always said, "Robb, I wish I would have had you twenty years earlier so we could have been in business longer." I would say, "Dad, I'm just happy I had the time I had with the best father a son could wish for."  He sure wouldn't understand what in the world was going on now. (That put a lump in my throat.) This isn't right Anne! I should be taking care of the people who are close to me, not the other way around. God we're just so close!!! And I'll never have to ask for help again, at least not financially. (Case filed, coming to close).  I honestly believe if I can I get to next week after Monday's holiday I will have a good shot at finally getting the funds released. Can't do this anymore. Please let me know if you can help...                                                                                                                                                                                                          
With Love, Robb"

NOTE: Robb is executor of family estate. While he was on a trip, the nurse attending his Alzheimer's father, got father to sign a Durable Power of Attorney, saying Robb was gone and would not be back.  When Robb returned home, his name was off of all of the family accounts. His father lived four more years, but Robb never saw his father again. He has one case filed, with money held by State of Texas, that should clear and release funds, to him, as Executor, (as above). If not, the RV will let me help him. For now - no roof - no food - no medications.  - I cannot help any more - empty. And of course I do not want to see him on the street. His family owned the largest furniture stores in Dallas. And overnight - he had no funds.--  Here is a bit of family history:

January 6 2016 - Family History


I have an old 1950's Coke machine that belonged in one of my dad's furniture stores here in Dallas. Trying to find an antique place to look at it tomorrow and offer me a good price. I guess the nurse didn't think it had any value so she left it behind. She did take a bag of late 1800's and early 1900's $20 double eagle gold coins my grandmother gave me. Mimi was born in 1899 and saved an entire bag full of these along with a chest full of old silver dollars. My dad gave me her platinum/diamond jewelry to pass down to my kids if and when I had children. I had just managed to get the majority of the rings appraised before she stole my dad and emptied the entire house. I was so stupid for trusting her and her family, my dad warned me. I had all the family keepsakes in a chest of drawers in the computer room and I was the only one who had the key to the bolt lock. That didn't stop her. Back then I thought I was invincible and no one could steal from us. I'll tell you what Anne, 2004 to present has been the worst learning experience. I didn't know people were so evil. My mother saw the good in everyone and trusted them until they gave her a reason not to. My father preached to me since the age of five how this was a world full of thieves and folks with forked tongues. I've never had a real chance to talk to you with my tongue too sore to speak and when I try I slur my sentences. Even though my dad was tough he would give the shirt off his back for anyone who needed it. Before he fell ill to Alzheimer's he and I would spend Christmas mornings at battered women shelters with kids who didn't have any presents handing out stuff animals and wrapped toys. My dad would write a check to help the women. I gotta get back to being that man, not this man fighting tooth and nail daily to save his dad's estate against crooked attorneys. This is no way to live my friend. I can't thank you enough for all the help you have sent this way. I will persevere and work my way back up. I definitely want to be part of what y'all do helping people who really need it. My grandmother on my dad's side would send tens of thousands of dollars to Robert Tilton back in the 80's and early 90's. He was a evangelist who had a racket here in Dallas, my dad couldn't stand that man. We would go to Mimi's on Sundays and she would have these check stubs literally totaling in the thousands every month right there on the kitchen table. My dad never raised his voice at his mother but he would plead with her to stop sending that guy money. He would try to explain the people who really needed the help were not receiving. She said Bill, I'll do whatever want to do with my money. That was it though, he would shut up and not bring it up for another few weeks. Sure enough our local ABC local news caught him deceiving all these people into sending millions from across the globe. They showed the dumpster outside his office behind this lavish church. You could see the hundreds of cards which elderly folks such as my grandmother would use to write down names to pray for face down on the ground in the rainy weather. Of course, all the cash and checks had been removed. That was the end of Brother Tilton's charade here in Dallas. You know what though? My dad never told my grandmother, see I told you. He knew she was embarrassed so he comforted by saying he had everyone fooled which he did. Haven't thought about that story in a long time. Anyway, I would love to be part of your circle helping those who really need it after I get back on my feet. That would make me feel good and feel really alive again. I'm tired, going to bed. Thank you for the help and the prayers and know that you are in mine as well. Hopefully I will be catching a plane to visit Peggy and Victor in a couple of weeks. Once this is all over I'm definitely renting a cabin up in the Rockies to sit down with a ghost writer and write a best selling book. That will be my closure. Talk soon. God Bless- Robb

Folks, I have helped until I have run out.  And before I let him suffer out on the cold Dallas streets, I knew I had to ask you folks one more time...  Just a little, from a lot of people, won't put a hardship on any of us.

Yes.. just a little, from the many dear HEN members... will do SO MUCH!

Account: aadehart@aol.com

Praying for an answer. As I said, Robb is a family friend of our healer, Peg Thompson.

In gratitude.





JANUARY 21 2016

Everybody who sent me the E-mails are so wonderful and warm, especially in this cold world. Thank you, Anne. I feel that I, we are under you and Sananda's wing. I'm very glad to contact with you!   Dinky is OK, now.
~ Akiyo

Thank you Phyllis, for the update...

Hi Phyllis,

I talked with a couple yesterday. They had a dog but he passed away a couple years ago.  They still miss him. But they saw Dinky on HEN web, they wanted to help us.  So they welcome him into their home. Howard said Dinky is going to be well taken care of and with a lots of love.

It is a big relief and wonderful to connect with people in HEN. He can drive to Phoenix and pick Dinky up on Saturday. Talking with him also very encouraging.

I'm glad to ask Anne, to connect with HEN people. Thank you for your caring E-mail and love.


Hi Anne,

Yesterday I talked with Howard who is living in Tuscon, and he was at your home at that time of gathering of Peter last year.  He said, he did Reiki on your Ginger to calm her down. It well worked on her.

He and his partner can take in Dinky to their home, and he is going to pick Dinky up on Saturday.

He is very nice, since they lost their dog a couple years ago, still miss their dog. 
But he read about Dinky on HEN web, since HEN people he wants to help us out.

It is a big relief and good to connect with like minded people.  It is also a big encouragement.
He can let me know how he is doing.

Thank you for your big help.
I'll let people know who sent me warm E-mails for Dinky.

Thank you.


Please contact

Akiyo Settsu

My name is Akiyo. I'm always enjoying HEN's fast and new informations. You and Sananda, Zora's messages are giving and leading us to the right direction and feed my and our souls. Thank you very much.

I'm living in Phoenix, but now I'm out of country. Since "The House" was taken, I was trying to keep my dogs with help of my friends. As their place is not pet allowed, they can not keep them any longer. Older one was 16 years old and started to have back and other problems so that I needed to put him down.

The younger one is 9 years old and he is very gentle and good nature, he is now in pet care for a long time. But I can not come back right away and my friends they tried, now they can't help any more. So, only way is that I need to put him to "not kill shelter." I'm asking several people before I need to put him there.

If you know anybody who is able to take a small dog in, would be very grateful. But you don't have anybody, that's OK. I just to try before I do.

Since so many changed had happened in a short time, I was trying to find some ways to keep them. But now it's impossible.

Situations are not improving yet.

He is Japanese Chin, I feel so bad for him livinmg  in uncertain situation for a long time.

I guess I shouldn't ask this kind of problem. If you don't know anybody, please disregard this E-mail.

Thank you for the HEN web going, that is Oasis for us.


November 17 2015

Remember our Baby Shower last March?

And then, on March 9th, little

Joselyn was born.

Isn't she adorable???

Her sister, Laila,was 2 then...

And their Mom, Carmen, was desperately trying to save her car.

But she didn't.

It is eight months later, and biting cold in Dayton, Ohio.  I just got this message from Carmen:

Hello Anne,

I come to you in need of help yet again. As you know, I lost my vehicle some months back. The help that I did receive was used for rental cars and moving expenses. I am now well settled in my new place and at a new job. But it is beginning to be a struggle to get around. I've been trying to have faith that my situation will change soon, but so far to no avail. My fiance and I are having a lot of trouble getting to and from work, getting our kids to and from childcare, and getting to appointments and even the grocery. It's starting to get cold so I really don't want to have my little ones out on the bus if I don't have to.

If we had transportation, life would be so much simpler, we could get our kids to where they need to go, we'd have access to better job opportunities, we could simply go to the store without paying someone an arm and a leg. So I guess what I'm asking once again is for help getting a car.

I can afford a small car payment I just don't have enough for a down payment. Or if I am able to get enough, I'd buy a cheap car straight out, I just want something that runs. We are finally starting to get back on our feet. We just need to find a car, then we'll be back on the road to self sufficiency.

If anyone is able to help at all, I would be more than grateful. If not, it's ok too, I'll just keep praying. I'm swallowing every ounce of pride that I have to ask for help. I've contacted every agency that I can think of, but there's no help out there for people in my situation. I know there are people out there in worse situations than me. And once RV goes through, I will certainly give back in a big way. But in the meantime, I am just trying to do the best that I can for my family.

Carmen Lewis

Account:  clewis45458@aol.com

Dear Hearts, our HEN Collective is 'way out of Balance! Imagine these two sweet souls out in the biting cold weather waiting for a bus!  --  If there is any unused money, just sitting and not doing its job -- can we balance the scales and move it over to the other side... and again have COLLECTIVE BALANCE?

Thank you to all who can easily balance this situation.  ~  Anne 




Account:  normalita@web.de

Normalita Meier

   You Did It! 

On Nov 9, 2015 5:34 PM, "Normalita Meier" <normalita@web.de> wrote:
Dear Mom,
just a short email. I cannot sit so long in front of my computer.
Since Saturday, I always get fever at night which made me unable to write another email last Saturday to give you more update.
With today's last donation, I've got enough funds to pay my rent for November. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Thank you so much for all your help and effort.
Thank you HEN family for lending your hands once again. With all your help, it makes my life more endurable in this difficult time I am going through. And thank you for all the love and the best wishes you've sent me.
In deep gratitude

To update us - With a single generous donation, we almost have November's rent out of the way ... just need about 300 EU.  And this should be the last month - RV should take over from there.

Can we pull together and finish off about 300 EU?  I envision ten of us, out of 6,000 subscribers, sending 30 EU - here's how:

Click Here: 
Account:  normalita@web.de
Normalita Meier

Normalita is off of liquid food - starting to eat again. Taking Vitamin C infusion.  Medical personnel every day - all pulling for her!  :-)

We have been watching over Normalita for, probably four years... helping to keep her here on the surface until the Galactic Healing Ships arrive. Sadly, Normalita has an aggressive form of cancer and has won our admiration for her "staying power," motivated by her dream of some day returning to the Philippines to help and support her family.

We hope to offset this imbalance in our HEN Collective - with those having unused funds to slide some over to Normalita's side to help keep our HEN Collective in balance.

Click Here: 
Account:  normalita@web.de
Normalita Meier

I am very honored to serve our Beloved HEN Collective... keeping our balance. ~ Anne
HollowEarthNetwork.com/COLLECTIVE BALANCE

We have been watching over Normalita, in Germany, for about four years now. Individually, and collectively, we have seen to it that Normalita stays here until the Galactic Healing Ships arrive. And yes, Normalita is still with us - so intent upon recovering and helping her family back in the Philippines. And it has not been easy.  Once again, Normalita has found it necessary to ask... always hoping "This is the last time!"  And always, we have fulfilled the need.

To balance our HEN Collective, we are asking those with unused resources to move it to the other side of our Collective, to balance those needful of  resources.  We will then be back in balance.  We ask you to individually - personally - send what you know is your correct amount direct to Normalita at her PayPal account above. Keep in mind that it takes $1.14 USD for 1 Euro.

Here is Normalita's recent email to me - which I am running late in posting...

From Normalita:

Oct 27 2015

Regarding my rent, I have sent you an update email on October stating that I was able to pay my September rent completely with the donation I've got that day. 

For October rent, my monthly rent is 773 Euro. I was able to set aside 200 Euro for my October rent after paying all the bills for October. Larry will send me 100 Euro for his pledge. So I still need 473 Euro to completely pay my rent for October. So I am asking those of our our HEN family who are able to donate to help me. Thank you so much in advance HEN family for your support.


Account:  normalita@web.de
Normalita Meier

10/6/2015 11:23:50 A.M. US Mountain Standard Time
Subj: Fw: Dear HEN family - can you help me once again?
Mom Anne,
I cannot write a long email.
I sent this email to the few HEN family member yesterday who have helped me when you posted my help appeal in June for my rent Unfortunately, I forgot to include you.
Is it possible to post this appeal in our Collective Balance?
Much love

Normalita Meier
Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 27
82256 Fürstenfeldbruck * Germany
Tel. : 0049 (0) 8141 - 18314 
Mobil: 0049 (0)170 - 4728044
Gesendet: Montag, 05. Oktober 2015 um 21:23 Uhr
Von: "Normalita Meier"
An: "Normalita Meier"
Betreff: Dear HEN family - can you help me once again?
My dear HEN family
I am currently in a very weak condition accompanied with breathing problems which makes me imposible to write a long email.
I have been able to pay my rent the last 2 months. I thought I would not need to ask once again for your help.
Unfortunately, I was once again confined in the hospital from Sep. 7 until Sept. 21, which made me unable to pay my rent for September completely. I could only pay 200 Euro from my remaining money. I need 573 Euro to pay my rent for Sept. completely. for Oct. rent, I will need 650 Euro. If you are able to help, please help me.
Larry Frank has once told me, I should ask for a pledge for my monthly rent to be sure that my rent is paid when it is due.
Is it possible for you to send me a pledge for my rent until the RV is officially announced?. Only if this is possible for you.
You have had read ZAP's previous message that the Chinese President was about to announce the Global currency reset last week (which is also tied to RV) but did not happen.
When the RV has been officially announced, there will be no need for me to ask once again.
If you are able to help, here is my PayPal account: 

Account:  normalita@web.de
In deep gratitude in advance  for your help.

Normalita Meier
82256 Fürstenfeldbruck * Germany
Tel. : 0049 (0) 8141 - 18314 
Mobil: 0049 (0)170 - 4728044


"This is Ruth, in North Georgia"

Ruth is... 87 times around the sun!


October 10 2015

Here is Ruth's update... she is still trying to get the energy to write her personal thank-you notes:

My dear HEN Family

Your caring and unleashed generosity to me in my need has me awed.

The flood gates opened  and in poured emails, notes, money and the precious Stem Fit.  All too often I hear the phrase, "It will take a while."  In the meanwhile, a caregiver, 3x's a week, provided by my children, is preparing energy producing foods Zorra is pleased with, I'm sure. The food, Stem Fit, exercises, and your love will keep me covered until "a while" arrives. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you

I Love you all so much.

Be well,
Be Blessed

Ruth, in N. Georgia

Original Request
September 10 2015

Ruth Needs 6 Stem-Fit a Day
3 Months - Jaw - Urinary - e-Coli Infections

See emails below

To Help:

Call Well-Med Global:


Ship StemFit Active to:

Ruth Plympton
58 Fireside Ridge Drive
Dahlonega, Georgia   30533


On limited income,
she has only been able to order 1 bottle/month

Ruth has followed our HEN shows and Zorra's health guidance;
nevertheless, about three months ago, it happened.

I have posted excerpts from Ruth's email
She is too weak to explain this herself

*  Urinary tract infection that proved fatal to earlier family members

* In and out of hospital - antibiotics - e-coli

* Kinetic doctor tested:

 "Ruth needs 6 Stem Fit a day"

Ruth is so weak and exhausted, she is unable to explain this herself;
so I am compiling excerpts from several of her emails:

Mid June the bottom dropped out..

Infection ? in left jaw had antibiotics for a wk.
reaction depleated me so friends took me to the hospital.

Urinary tract info cleared in 36 hrs so sent me home, sick to an empty house. Exhaustion from self care, I was given visiting nurses . They checked my vitals but gave no assistance.

End of 2nd wk I was back in the hospital with e-coli.

July 26 

Urinary tract infection 1 wk ago. Very weak

August 2   

I has been over 2 mos. that the hidden infection has taken hold of my body..
Antibiotics, hospital stay, still so weak I can not take care of my self.

August 19

My trucker son arrived for the stay there then took me home until 8/14 when he had go get back on the road.  Hired a girl who eats like I do to cook for me.

Nurse care is out since I can walk and chew gum at the same time. I am very weak and am not to be left alone very many days at a time.

too many errors, too tired.

Be Blessed

August 24

My latest appointment with the kinetic doctor, showed me needing 6 Stem Fit daily. Already I feel stronger. Thank you for being there for all of us. A real burden of joy, I know.

Be Blessed

When I asked Ruth to send me information (as above) for COLLECTIVE BALANCE...

Thank you Anne. I do not k know if I can do it. My mind is pretty scrambled from the toxins and antibiotics over 2 3 mos.

Be Blessed

Ruth cannot place orders herself.  I have been placing them for her.

Those with Well Med accounts for Stem Fit could just call


and have Stem Fit shipped direct to

Ruth Plympton

58 Fireside Ridge Drive

Dahlonega, Georgia   30533


Bless us all!

Posted September 10 2015




and got it!!



Zoe Kenniston

August 19 2015

3 Days after Request

See Request below

My Dearest Anne,

Attached please find transcription of Aug 8th call. Sorry for the lengthy delay.

I'm traveling now to my next gig so won't spend too much time pointing anything out but you may want to glance at headings before committing this to posterity. (I was getting a little squirrelly toward the end there and really just wanted to get back on the road.)

Snagged the Sun and Wed call replay numbers so I plan to listen on my way across the state. Hope there weren't anymore miraculous healings as those always make me tear up. We probably should put warnings on the calls to not operate heavy machinery while listening.

BTW: All is well and I'm traveling without fear as there was an incredible!, overwhelming! response to my request for help. It was so overwhelming it made me cry. (And taught me the lesson that sometimes, all I need to do is ask. I'm am truly supported and never have to go it alone.)

But maybe you know the answer to this problem. I didn't realize I wouldn't have the donors' emails (via Paypal). How do I thank them individually and how do I arrange to pay them back?

Thank you Thank you Thank you for everything and everything!

Much love, as always, coming your way.


August 16 2015

Original Request

Dear Family,

We are all aware of the long tedious hours our dear Zoe has spent, meticulously transcribing Zorra's wonderful calls for us. Months ago, Zoe came to me, wanting to contribute in some way. And so she has.

Zoe recently confided in me her current homeless status:

Zoe has no home. She moves from client to client doing her wonderful online professionalism. While she is there, she has a roof over her head. To do our Zorra transcriptions, she must resort to a Starbucks or similar WiFi environment.

Today, I received her desperate call for help. - Please see below.

Dear Ones - it won't take a minute to click on the PayPal link up above, go to Send Money, and send Zoe some money NOW.

I do hope our hearts are once again open - our Collective (a very integral member of our Collective) is out of balance.

Through a number of us taking action NOW - our Balance can be restored.

And by the way - if you are in the southern California/Arizona area and need competent, professional online help - please contact Zoe.

With my love and continuing admiration to all of you,


And now, we hear from Zoe...

Dear family,
I heard three times the other day that one needs to overcome ones’ guilt, doubt and shame to be prepared for ascension.

I’m humbled having to ask you for help but such it is.
My circumstance is that I totally miscalculated and did not leave myself a contingency in my current situation. I had to deal with two unforeseen emergencies that ate up every last cent I had.
The short story is that I need roughly $100 immediately.  I’m hoping to be able to pay it back by September but I just received a call from the client asking me to work without pay as she has had a financial emergency herself.
So that leaves me stuck even longer. I just need something to tide me over until then. Any amount will be greatly appreciated and helpful. I cannot receive mail at my current post and the nearest branch of my bank is 49 miles away so I’m further hindered by location. If you can help, my Paypal account is zzz315@aol.com.
If you have any virtual work I can do for you in exchange, I am available to you. My skills in the virtual situation would be writing, editing, organization, bookkeeping, researching, data entry, etc. Please send an email to zzz315@aol.com.
Thank you so much for your kind consideration. You are all so wonderful, I hope we will all meet at some point soon.


Zoe Kenniston

Posted:  August 16 2015


Chula Vista Area



Original Request
See Below

July 15 2015

My name is Yvette & I AM in need of
 a loving living space as soon as possible.

August 21 2015

Dear Wondrous Glorious Loving Hen Family  In deed!!

I have found my new home!!

I have been wandering for 2 & 1/2 yrs, since I lost my family & home in 2012. I originally had a healing practice in the San Diego Mtns before I lost our family home. For at least 10 years I have wanted to live in these mountains & provide much love & healing to my self & others. This is an important aspect of manifesting this dream come true. I never waivered in that vision. My heart knew where it wanted me to live. As the past 2 yrs tore me apart with so much avarice, also known as FEAR, my heart stayed true...  I knew those Mountains would provide for me.

When the violence occurred last month, I finally said "That is it! No more will you harm me!" & I sent out my Plea to Creator that we were in this together & how could God be harmed & not be successful?!! I really confronted our relationship together & demanded that I be heard & supported.

Then Anne took the lead by suggesting that I reach out to my loving like- minded family & the post came up that I needed help. I received emails & calls & love from many of you & I AM soo gratefull for your love & support. I knew the energy field would be strong with all of you involved. So I kept going through the pain & the nonstop antagonism & resentment & fear tactics to desuade me from attaining my goal. I have 4 women who come after me every day to provoke domestic violence & I prevailed through every day, knowing "I will reach my goal. IT IS NOW!!!!!"

I realized I needed to become GOD through all these experiences & what does that mean what does it feel like? It feels like LOVE & STRENGTH & COMPASSION & JOY & RESILLIANCE!  I could go on & On with the loving conscious words of creation, but they were the catalyst for achieving my goal... it is said God Helps those who help themselves.. we cannot give up on ourselves no matter how hard others may try to drag us down.. well I kept going... searching ad after ad after ad... being rejected... but it was the fact that I kept going, knowing I was being guided & my intention would create the perfect Divine Timed place for me to be.

Last week I really was down... just exhausted from the weather & the non stop struggle & I got mad & I started crying then I got madder & I started chanting "I Have my own home! I have my own home!" Louder & louder I chanted in my car during rush hour traffic & felt the empowerment coming through the words & I saw people looking at me as I chanted & I used their energy & curiosity to empower the words even more. I started saying "I have my own Home right Now! --  Infusing the chant with the words "RIGHT NOW!" I was almost yelling it... Commanding that the Universe hear me & know me that my intentions would not waiver on this acknowledgement.

I had been communicating with a realtor in the area where I wanted to live I went to the library searching, seeking, communicating and absorbing so much needed AC in this humid weather. I had a few minutes left on the computer & decided to look on Craigs List & I looked at the very bottom of the page almost as If I was being guided, because I was tired & I didn't really think there was anything new. And buried at the bottom of the page was an ad for a cabin in the woods!!  I could afford it & all my beloved family treasures would fit in there. I called the realtor asap & said "OH my gosh, you found my home!! It's mine! Right! Let's talk in the am!

Next day I called her & she said I was 1st on the list!! I went up there 3 days later. She handed me the contract & said I AM sick of all these other people asking about the place... I AM renting it to you! Boom! 15 minutes later I had my own place! I didn't look inside; she didn't check my credit, but my integrity & desire spoke volumes ...she knew I was the one for it & GOD listened & provided!!

The Moral is: Do Not Give Up!!!!!  Keep your dreams alive & persevere! So many will knock you down because they can't do it themselves. They don't want to be alone as a failure, so they will do all they can to hold you back.   DONT LET THEM!!!!!! Fight it off with Love of your SELF... WHICH IS GOD!!

Believe I do the decrees the visualizations the prayers the ho'oponoponos all of it & I do it for my self!!!!! when it gets to horrific I just love my self & I forgive my self over & over & over. The tears come, the ahahs come, & the GFL, AM', AA'S, & Prime Creator, Mother-Father God, us, they all show up.

I just wanted to share with you all that we are there! It is happening! Push yourself a little bit further, harder, more loving, & the results will come!!

Much love!  Gratitude to you all!  WEAREONELOVERISING~~~~


JULY 15 2015 - Original Post

IAM a Licensed Massage therapist who Lives in San Diego, California. I have a wonderful job with a great income but I live in a very hostile environment and keep getting physically hurt.

I need to find people of like mind to live with and I would love the opportunity for a barter situation if possible. I love cooking and gardening and being loving and Joyous. I AM very capable and helpful. I have done senior care and home care for most of my life.

In 2012 I lost my family, home and business and have been struggling to survive since. The past year and a half I have been living in a very hostile home, barley able to find work and then I had my leg, foot & tooth broken on the property.. finally recovered, been working for four months and now a shoulder injury. The environment is not safe at all for me and I need a new place to live as soon as possible.

I AM reaching out through our community because Anne has suggested I try through our loving community to see if there is a resonance to my message from anyone. I really feel this opportunity has arisen because the time is right for me to connect with the right people.

Please respond to this email address or call me if you feel like this would be a great experience for you as well.


Thank you dear family.

I look forward to connecting with just the right ones very soon.

May you always have a wondrous glorious loving day indeed!


Posted July 15 2015

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