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If you are new to our website, you may not relate to some of our words, phrases, or names. My thanks to our reader who suggested that we develop a glossary. And with that in mind, we will start.  Today is May 7 2015. We are entering our 5th year as Hollow Earth Network (HEN) which means we will probably have a long list!  So, I will begin!  And if you have any special requests that you would like included, please let me know.

Thank you for visiting our website.

Anne DeHart - Webmaster

High Priest of Telos, the 7-story city of Lemurians lying beneath Mt Shasta, California.  Adama and the Agartans will soon be walking amongst us, bringing us information of our true Earth history.

AGARTANS (Agarthans)
This is the name given to the Lemurian race now living in Telos, the city lying within the huge crystal caverns beneath Mt Shasta, California. The Agartans will soon walk amongst   us as we begin learning our true history

Lord Ashtar is Supreme Commander of the Ashtar Command which includes 20 million crew and is part of the Galactic Federation of Light. Lord Ashtar also commands the New Jerusalem, mothership of the Galactic Federation and headquarters for the Federation.
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Ashtar speaks of the creation of the Ashtar Command on our recent message through Michael Ellegion of January 25 2015.  The Ashtar Command is fully committed to maintaining the security and safety of Mother Earth as she makes her Ascension into full 5th Dimension. It is Galactic Law that a planet in transition shall not be interfered with; and that is Ashtar Command's commitment and assurance. At the time of this writing, Earth's planetary space is fully secure from any intruders and this is being maintained by the Ashtar Command.  Click Here

"That vault of knowledge stored between the ears." ~ Zorra
Information collected from the 3D senses is stored in the brain.  Filing system connects similar subjects / memories. Thus, when one subject is recalled, re-membered, it triggers other similar subjects / experiences. The brain stores and recalls. The brain does not evaluate or make decisions. - See: HeartMind.

The quality of knowing how to know. We find our ability to discern lies in the HeartMind and its response / reaction to a proposal.  "Does this make me feel good?" If so, the proposal should be embraced. If a new proposal brings uneasiness, doubt, worry... even fear... any unsettling emotion - our wise choice is to "turn the other cheek" - look in another direction and withdraw our attention from that which caused lowered vibrations and frequencies.

The individuality we assume with unique distinctions between us. We are all unique. We are all equal. Ego can limit us when we choose to evaluate our own ego against that of another; competitiveness.

Ashtar speaks of the creation of The Galactic Federation of Light and The Ashtar Command on our recent message through Michael Ellegion of Januaary 25 2015. 
This refers to the outbreak of the Galactic wars and the Federation's commitment to establishing peace.  Click Here


Generally, those beings within our Milky Way Galaxy. Would also cover those from other Galaxies.

6-1/2 million years ago, dear Terra (Mother Earth) let out her Clarion Call - to all parts of the Universe. She had been invaded by dark forces never before encountered.  Many millions of Beings responded - sorted down to the original 144,000 determined to have the best chances of survival. Today, those 144,000 have expanded into 45% of Earth's current surface population... all here to see our dear Mother Earth successfully transition into high 5th Dimension.

Hollow Earth is the open interior of Planet Earth.  Hollow Earth begins beneath the 800-mile  crust of the Earth.

The human organic heart and its corresponding chakra is the human's decision-making unit. Both Sananda and Zorra have reminded us to use our HeartMind - to see how we feel - when needing discernment and making decisions. -  Today's Earth science has very recently authenticated the enormous power residing within the human heart and its energy center.

The Higher Realms. The Higher Dimensions.

The pure, individual spark of Divine Consciousness that is not ego. We communicate with our own I AM Presence, our Higher Self, for Divine Guidance.  When we "became" - we became:  "I Am."  Reading reference:  I AM Discourses / St Germain. 
WEB PAGE:  HollowEarthNetwork.com/St Germain Quotes  


Inner Earth is a network of various civilizations found within the Earth's 800-mile crust. These are crystalline caverns of great size, beautifully illuminated, with connecting tunnels and high speed transit to one another and to Hollow Earth.

Communication, by listening. "Be still and know that I Am God."  Being Love; awaiting Inspiration. Being the receiver - not the sender.

Love is found in the Heart. We FEEL it. It brings All together in harmony and unity.  All spiritual teachings have Love as their foundation. It has been said that Love is "the answer" to every problem ... that which holds All That Is in harmonious attunment throughout all the Universes.

"That which is like unto itself is drawn." ~ Abraham-Hicks.com
This Universal Law was first defined more than 20 years ago by Abraham-Hicks.com  Their website is highly recommended. Zorra has told us that Abraham is... Prime Creator.


Michael Ellegion is part of the Ground Crew whose Mission it is to provide a "cosmic telephone line" between those of us here on the surface of Planet Earth and the Cosmic Masters. Michael has been channeling the Masters for more than 35 years. To learn more, click here.

National Economic Security and Reformations Act - Click Here
This has a long history. It is said to be in effect, but not implemented ... but WILL be in place to protect our new government and new financial system. 

The beginning One that has become the Many, and still, the One. Our collective Oneness. A good place to be.

Communicating by "sending."  Supplication. Words. Entreaty. Asking for a response.

Also known as "Creator" and addressed, by Jesus, as "Father." - Prime Creator is the creator and cause of the material universe.  In our recent recorded Q & A with Prime Creator, January 25 2015, He tells us that he resides within each one of us and enjoys communicating.

Lord Sananda is Commander in Chief of the Galactic Federation of Light. He has incarnated on Earth under many names which include Jesus Christ and Yeshua.   Click Here

Click Here to read Ashtar's in-depth description of The New Jerusalem - 2,000-mile-long  mothership and headquarters of The Galactic Federation of Light - home of Ashtar and Sananda.


Our galaxy, the Milky Way Galaxy, is considered our universe.

Zorra is the Hollow Earth father of Zaraya, his child who agreed to be placed up here on the surface as a messenger and a direct channel to Zorra. We first knew Zaraya as Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, USAF Retired.

RECOMMENDATION:  We recommend you listen to this featured Blog Talk Radio show in which Zaraya tells a full and complete story of how and why he arrived up here on the surface. This includes his direct memories of Admiral Byrd's visit to Hollow Earth in 1947. CLICK HERE

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