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The Nameless Ones

Channel:  Lori Blackwell
April 23 2015

Transcribed by Zoe - Thank you!


Welcome. We are going to let The Nameless Ones speak and say exactly what this one needs to hear.

You are on the brink, Dear One, of many wonderful and joyous things, events, adventures, excitement, love, expansion, happiness.

These are not words that you say often in conjunction with yourself.

You read of them often and there is a part of you that thinks they are for someone else; that it sounds great and wonderful, hopeful and expectant, and yet perhaps, maybe it is for them and not for you. Though you want it so, though you have worked for it so, though you have cleared yourself, though you have studied and learned and absorbed and remembered, a part of you feels it is not for you.

And yet we want to remind you that this is for you. And that this is for all of you and especially those of you who are working so diligently, who have worked – we use the word ‘work’ because it takes great effort in this dimension to do the things that you have done -- and while you want your work to be joy, it is not often joy. And even those without official jobs that are Lightworkers, have been doing the job of returning to themselves for eons of time, for lifetimes upon lifetimes. So this is work. This has been soul work. This has been much soul effort. It has not been a walk in the park for any of you; that would be safe to say.

And yet why are we so hopeful today? Why are we so sure, so emphatic, so unflaggingly confident enough to say these words to you who just yesterday was feeling quite low? Why did you wake this morning feeling much better? Yes it helped that you spoke to this one, your dear friend, yesterday, on facetime. That helped to be heard by someone who not only listens; who not only understands; who not only feels the same as you at times, as you were feeling yesterday; but, and in someone so kindred, but also someone who loves you, who sees the root of yourself, sees the essence, and says "Yes, yes that is example of one with a twist,"-  example of Source, God, whatever you want to call this one we are calling ONE with capital O-N-E. Capital ‘o’, capital ‘n’, capital ‘e’.

Why would we be so confident? So yes, you talked with a friend, a kindred friend who understands. You went within. You asked for your Magnificence to step forward and to help you out of this dark hole that you found yourself … that you woke to yesterday; you felt coming and woke up yesterday in a very blue space. And because you are one who does not like to distract from when you know you are off, you got right to it. So why would I, after … why would you (should we say) after feeling so low last night, or yesterday, and then going into last night.

When you went to bed you did what we recommended a few days back and you expanded … you went into … you were what we called it the other day the merging of your quantum self with your holographic self, which produced the real self which we explained was like a quite large, house-like egg of energy -- crystallized egg of energy -- around you. And what you did is you laid down on your pillow and instead of letting your mind focus intently on the day or the sadness or the problem/problems, instead you let your mind expand to that real, to your real … realized self and it literally -- you felt it quickly and within a second -- moving out to the edges of that combined real self which is the merging, as we said, of the holographic and quantum self in to the real and into that egg container.

And as you got quickly filled out that space and became it, your body instantly went without tension. Your mind was so expansive that it could not clamp down on any one particular thought. And then, what we had you do in the journey before this, is to merge with another one whose energy has already also been combined into real, So you also went with this one that they’re calling Sananda (Jesus) and you quickly merged by blending your two Real energy orbs together. So you did this almost simultaneously, since you did this process before and what happened was, right away your body and your – your body is almost unable to move and you could move, you did have to shift your body so you took a few seconds to get your body to move but if you had not had that discomfort you would not have moved, and you went immediately to sleep.

Though you went immediately to sleep you, your uh, we’re calling it your Real orb that is made of your real self (R-E-A-L all capitals) -- that did not go to sleep. Safe to say that you were out and about last night receiving healing, receiving the guidance, receiving an infusion of … of the faith that you were lacking yesterday. And what happened this morning... you wake up knowing that again and that all is well, that all will be well, and that all manner of things are well.

And isn’t that a nice thing to remember? Isn’t that a nice thing to know that you don’t know why, you don’t know when, you do… well let us put it this way you do know one of the whys or hows: how you will move from this place of containment and worry to a place of freedom, and that is, of course, the RV or the GCR, the currencies that you hold. However, on top of this, what is even more important is the restoration of the knowing that although you don’t know when, you have been already blessed. And by from the moment this Anne DeHart called you three years ago in January of 2012, and said "You know, this might be something you would like to consider purchasing." And though you … though time has passed, (more time than you would have realized, as you thought that it would happen right then so you quickly bought), uh, what you have come to know, what you have come to realize is, in fact, that this global currency reset, this notification that perhaps the purchasing of certain currencies would enrich your lives, would enlarge your territories, as Tebez once said, and would be a compensation, a jumpstart, an "accelerator," as Peter Olsen would say, to the bigger dream, to your bigger plans, to your abilities to do good in the world/ to do good for yourself and your families, and for those you have never met. To free yourself of the binds of this denser world so that you might do that which, which brings you joy, that which brings others happiness, that which makes your days filled with happiness and purpose and not just a need to do something so that you will not be left short.

So what we want to tell you today is that all is well; that you might not know exactly when all these shifts will happen... when will be disclosure, or when will events will happen, and yet they are happening behind the scenes. And we know that is something you have heard for quite some time and we are wanting to remind you that at some point the curtain has to lift, the play has to start. The tickets have been sold, the seats are filled with those of you who are knowing, who the first wave of Ascension people have been sitting in their seats. They are ready. They have bought the proper clothing, they have read up about all the actors, and they know exactly what part they want to play in the next coming play that is coming up. And they are ready to go like horses in the gates, I should say, ready to run, ready to fly.

And we are telling you that it is to be -- and it is to be soon. And the orchestra has begin/begun to play the overture and you have much -- well we could say reason -- to smile. You have reason, just as you sit at the beginning of a play and you hear the overture and all the little snippets of the songs that is to come. Perhaps it is a play like you are going to see on Friday, like Camelot, where you know the songs and the overture, so they play a little one and a little bit of this and a little one of that, and you say: "Oh yes! Yes I remember that song. Oh yes! That’s my favorite. Oh, that is a good one, oh!”  And as you sit and the lights are dim and the light is on the audience, and you sit and you can maybe even be lucky enough to see the conductor’s arms moving and the pit of the orchestra... you might see the tip of a violin going up and down and you start to feel that excitement! Yes! The play is about to come! If it is a play that you have seen before, such as Camelot, which you will see on Friday, you will, as in that moment you will think to yourself, "Ah, there’s nothing better than this: sitting in anticipation, knowing that in a few short moments this play that I so enjoy is to begin!"

And that is where you sit right now. That is where you sit. You sit, you are in the theater you are at paid for your tickets you have, everyone is there, the orchestra has already started to play.  It is what they say, "a no-brainer," that very soon the play will begin. And that is what we are wanting to remind you all of today, and especially you, Dear One.

Sit with the excitement. Go forward with your day, knowing that the overture is of your favorite play, is playing and soon, not only will you enjoy the watching of that favorite play; they will very shortly call you up and say, "Oh, excuse me, we know this is a part that you have always loved, would you like to step in and play this... and have this experience all around you and hear the sounds of others singing with you of your favorite song? -- And would you like to hear an audience cheer at the end of your song and laugh at the words that you say in the funny parts, and well up with emotion at the touching parts, when love is shown? Would you like to experience that? And would you like, afterwards, since you did such a good job, would you care to show us your play that you have written and all the ideas that you have about this world and how you would like to add into it? And we will get started right away on filling up those roles and making that play a reality, just as the one you have just watched? Would you like that?" And you would say, "Yes! Yes! Yes... and Yes!"


So we say to you this morning, as you go off into your day, say "Yes!" to all that is coming and sit in peace and excitement and joy and anticipation of what is about to unfold as the curtain … as the overture finishes and the curtains open...  and the first line of the first act in your favorite play begins.

We are thanking you for visiting with us this morning on this busy morning. And we are wanting you to know how much you are loved by your inner Magnificence and all of us here. Know that you are loved by ONE and that all is well; that all will be well; and all manner of things are well.

The Nameless Ones  ~   through Lori Blackwell

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada