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From Peg Thompson - Friday Night, October 10 2014

I wanted you to know that a few days ago we had something happen in our 3-d life that left me scared, devastated, totally lost, and sent me into a depression that I didn't know I was capable of. To say it affected my faith in myself and my gifts is an understatement - truly the "Dark Night of the Soul" that has been mentioned time and again in different messages from above...

Last night Sananda would not be ignored, he was bound and determined to speak to me and at the end of the message I found my center and the peace that I thought I'd lost. To be honest, I am not sure why the words were so powerful to me personally but they were (as any of his messages should be) and he asked me to share the message with those readers that might also be facing some troubling times in their lives right now as well...
His message is as follows...


October 9, 2014 ~ Thursday


Hello Little Mother,

Tonight we will be discussing something referred to as “The Dark Night of the Soul.”

This is something that most of you have at least heard about, but there are few words or explanations about what this truly is and how it affects each individual.

I would start by explaining that this “experience,” if you will, is as different and varied as each and every individual on this planet. However, there is one commonality that gives meaning to the title that would be: when each person finds within him or herself emotions that are so enormous as to be overwhelming. Leaving you in a place where you wonder if you were to place even one small toe into this pool of emotion, of this darkness, that it would be too much to absorb and leave you in a place from which you might not return.

In some respects this is the accumulation of all of the lifetimes that you have experienced since splitting as a spark from creation. All of the learning, the emotions, the feelings that have been experienced, good and bad, have been stored in every single cell of your body waiting for this moment when you will have to face them all. But face them you will, and you might even find yourself amazed how you acknowledge each and every instance, thank it for the lesson it is and send it on its way. And I would have you remember, at this time in your life, each and every angel, Master, and guide will be at your side, encouraging you and helping you each step of the way. You are NEVER alone!

As frightening as this might seem, I would have you know that once you have passed through this “night” you will come through to the other side totally cleansed of all things that have held you back from becoming all that you are meant to be. All of the things from the past that no longer serve you will be gone, you will have a clean slate to start this glorious new life that is so close that you can almost touch it as you reach out your arm trying to understand this feeling that **something** is indeed right there, ready to happen.

This is not something that any person can “will” to happen (in order to "get it out of the way"). It is the same as any lesson that you learn in this lifetime, there will be an experience or some kind of trigger that sends you spiraling down into the deep emotional abyss that will fill you with just about every negative emotion available, and have you doubting yourself and your bond with God. Thankfully this is something that lasts a small bit of time; the lesson is not to punish, but rather to raise you up to the marvelous Gods and Goddesses that you all are!

I do not tell you about this to scare you, but rather to offer what I know to be true. This too will pass, you will have faced all of your deepest and darkest feelings that you have been afraid to acknowledge for eons! You will be like a new born babe, clear and pure in every sense, and you will be filled with such joy that you have, even now, no true concept of how wonderful it can be!

I wish you love, light and joy!

This is Sananda

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada