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Peg's Page

Peg Thompson


Mountain Time


I learned about Peg almost two years ago when she and her professional partner, Jeffrey, did an extensive clearing for Kathryn. "The best clearing ever." - Kathryn.

Since then, I have referred others in need of clearing/healing to Peg and been impressed with the results.

And it was Peg to whom I turned to get clarity and establish clear communication with Sananda.  Not only did Peg give me the May 27th channeling from Sananda, but she also cleared three chakras.

It was at the "Angels' Retreat" in Kathryn's Canadian cabin in June, 2013, that Peg was identified by the group (not Kathryn) as Mary... Mother to the one we knew as Jesus 2,000 years ago.

I am pleased to introduce and recommend Peg Thompson.

For Messages through Peg, please click below.

APRIL 14 2015 - SANANDA - PEG'S LESSON FOR TODAYThis is Sananda's message to Aurial (Peg Thompson) who was also his Earth Mother, Mary, during the Jesus incarnation - which explains his addressing her as "Little Mother." Aurial's email (below Sananda's message) explains her need - and the prompting for Sananda's Message.
JAN 2 2015 SANANDA - YOUR ARE NOT BEING DESERTEDI am here to tell you, you are NOT being deserted! You are being given your WINGS TO FLY! .. you have been given all of the tools and all of the information that you need to complete your Ascension. You do not need to look any further than within to know what it is to do, or how to do it. And so it is…
OCT 10 2014 SANANDA - DARK NIGHT OF THE SOULTonight we will be discussing something referred to as “The Dark Night of the Soul.” This is something that most of you have at least heard about, but there are few words or explanations about what this truly is and how it affects each individual.
SEPT 20 2014 SANANDA - SPIRITUAL LONELINESSI want to talk to you about this thing called loneliness; something that many of the Spiritual Community are experiencing at this point in time.  I am referring to this very magical time, where people are growing spiritually by leaps and bounds,  who find themselves “alone” with no one to share all of the feelings and emotions, or the questions and answers.
JULY 27 2014 SANANDA - PEACE AND JOYAllow yourself to move beyond “I think there might be a heaven, or a Heavenly Father” to the knowing, with all of your heart, that this is one thing you need never doubt. And in that knowing, will come the peace and the joy you need to complete this incredible journey
JUNE 12 2014 SANANDA - DISCERNMENTThe past weeks have created concern and some alarm in many who are working diligently on their spiritual path. I would like to take a little bit of time to try and help to allay some of these concerns.
JUNE 10 2014 HELLO FROM PEGMy son is sitting on my shoulder, giving me gentle nudges to get off the fence and say yes to you (smiles...) - he and I will work together to pass on any messages that he feels will be of benefit to those that long to hear from him
MAY 27 2014 SANANDA FOR ANNEPlease dear one, do not despair, things really are moving forward and the very thing that you came to this world to do is indeed being completed.  You will see the dawn of a bright and new time, you will be part of the reason it is happening and has happened. 

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