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For Anne

Channel:  Peg Thompson

May 27 2014 ~ Tuesday

Hello Little Mother!

It would seem that all that is happening at this time is stirring up emotions and bringing many questions that need answered.

We have spoken of Kathryn in times past, and I would remind you that it was in her contract to help people discover their spiritual paths and yes, to teach discernment as well. As you well know, sometimes in this 3d world an individual can sometimes be sidetracked from their original path and led away from their pure intentions. It is not your place, or the place of another to try and “right the wrong” as it were because it is up to each and every individual to discover that they have strayed and find their own way back.

I would gently remind you that it is a waste of your time and your strength to allow others into your “center space” where you are very much aware of all that is **right** with your world. I would ask you to “live and let live” because each and every person has their own path to follow, their own inner voice to hear and their own truth to find. All that you need to do is live in your heart and give love and joy to those around you – no matter what emotion or reaction you receive because it is your job to hold the light for those who have not been able to find it – not even to react when the light is ignored or rejected, you have done your part it is then their lesson to pick it up and run with it or to leave it because they are not quite ready. There is no judgment, especially from us, each soul is blessed and allowed to follow at their own pace and in their own time.

(to Anne)
I would also ask you to tell my beloved that she is in no way alone. She has incredibly strong instinct about the “right” or “wrong” of things and she needs only trust that her OWN inner voice will never lead her astray! She needs take each situation that is causing her concern and apply her own discernment to it and then respond according to what feels right for HER. Her ship is not sinking, though it will be taking some pretty strong hits in the days to come – this is because the Cabal is worried about all of the GOOD that she is doing and all of the light that she is holding. Even so, she will not be asked to do this alone, she listened tonight when she was urged to reach out, each time she feels alone, she needs to only reach out again…

(to Auri) I would like to use this parable that was given to you by your very dear friend. She was facing her second bout of breast cancer and it was right after the second mastectomy that she was feeling so very inadequate and alone. She had gone out into her yard that night feeling as though she was not fulfilling her role as light worker and that was why her breasts, (a symbol for her) for nurturing, not only her children but all of humanity had been removed.   It was then that she cried out to the Universe for help.

As she walked she remembered being very aware of the beautiful night sky and of the fire flies as they darted around her yard, there was one in particular that came close and as she held out her hand, it landed there in her palm and stayed with her for a bit.
I came to her later in a dream, and in that dream we stood back in her yard, the night was alive with fire flies and the midnight sky was alight with all of God’s stars! As she looked up at me with all of that sadness in her eyes, I bid her look in the palm of her hand where one small fire fly appeared, and I said to her “I want you to see this small light that you hold so gently in your hand, this is the light you have been working with”, and then I pointed to the magnificent sky filled with God’s stars and said to her, “while all of this is the light that I’ve given to you to succeed.” All that you need to do is look up and see all that is being given to you!

(to Anne) Just think dear one, how much you are doing with the light of that small fire fly! All YOU need to do it look up and see the light that is being given to you, and you will succeed beyond your wildest dreams!

The cabal as you know, does not know how to lay down the gauntlet and walk away, and they will fight to the finish, even knowing full well that there is nothing but defeat in the end. You need not fear for the safety of any of us here – we cannot be harmed by their darkness or primitive weaponry; and to be honest, the battles truly are almost complete. We are also well aware of who is still upon our beloved Gaia, where they hide and what weapons they think that they are hiding – they will never be allowed to harm the planet or her people again, though truth be told… there might be minor skirmishes for a time that could harm a very few but we are trying our best to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Please dear one, do not despair, things really are moving forward and the very thing that you came to this world to do is indeed being completed. You will see mankind move forward and you will see the memories and the love opening up each and every day and it will indeed be heaven on earth! I would remind you again, you will not finish out your life trudging along in this 3d world! You will see the dawn of a bright and new time, you will be part of the reason it is happening and has happened. When you finally fully awaken (and the time is much sooner than you might imaging) you will be magnificent! As will each and every person on this wonderful world that has chosen to move forward. Yes it is an individual journey and we would not dream of holding back even one person because there is another still slumbering! All will eventually complete their given task that they have taken on in this wondrous time! 

All we want for you now, is to be in love, to be in joy and to be in peace – it is a pretty easy request if one stops to think about it.

Your loving son,

And so it is dear Anne, his requests are few, to trust without question our own discernment, it does not matter how much you respect any person, or how famous or how many gifts they seem to have – in the end, it your own instinct, your own discernment that will never lead you astray!  To stay in love but don’t feel that you are “required” to give it away without thought, it is your own gift to give if the giving brings you peace and joy. To remember that we have ever so much more light than that one fire fly! It is his gift to us all and it gives him joy when we are able to use it! To remember that you are NEVER alone, and that in the end it is your light that will defuse any darkness that comes your way. You are a strong and incredible light in this world Anne, you have my respect and my love for who you are and all that you do!

Yours in love and light,



Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada