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 Ten (10) Out Plan 

The Topic On OMU Saturday & Sunday!


1). Pray God Is always CEO and Plan your security and safe options for yourself and your family all the time.

2). Call 800# make your Appointment (2 Min.) as soon as humanly      possible.

3). Prepare for and Make your Appointment - 

     Be on time (20 Min.) BEHAVE And Be Professional - 

     Take Care of your Reserves or Layaways as soon as possible - Rates will Fall Fast.

4). Place All Currency in Three (3)  Separate Accounts - Wealth Manger Appointment, 10% God, 50% Taxes,20% Investment and 20% operational funds of Total Deposits.

5)  Plan to take a Wealth Management and Asset Protection Class Like        RayRen98@aol.com 

6). Select your Wealth Team ie.) Accountant, Lawyer, Banker, ETC.

7). Diversify your Assets

8). List in Budget form or Log Your Old and New Expenditures for Cashier Checks or Money Orders.

9). Select your Asset Protection and Generational Financial Growth Structure, ie.) Annuities, Foundations, Trusts. LL C's, ETC..

10). Continue Good Stewardship and Managementof God's Blessing at all Times.

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