You have no doubt heard about the 4-year drought in California. Not everyone, however, has been exposed to the many researchers (like Dane Wigington) who offer proof that purposeful geoengineering/weather modification has caused it. If you like, "weather wars".

A disturbing trend in the water sector is accelerating worldwide. The new “water barons” — the Wall Street banks and elitist multibillionaires — are buying up water all over the world at unprecedented pace.


The New “Water Barons”: Wall Street Mega-Banks are Buying up the World’s Water

If you are not up to speed on the drought, read more at Russia Today.

The conditions are so extreme now that mandatory water bans are in effect in many areas of the state.

Nestlé, for some reason, seems to be exempt from those bans, even though the company uses millions gallons of water to process and bottle water it sells for a profit.

And California isn't the only place they're getting away with this. Maine, Arkansas, Florida Canada... just do an Internet search to learn that they are raping the world for water while many average people don't have enough.

Although we have been coached to believe otherwise, water belongs to everyone, and no company has the right to take it, process it, and sell it back to us AT A PREMIUM.

They have no right, but "they" have led us to believe they do. We just never questioned it or took action to change the situation. The privatization of water? Next they'll be charging us to buy air.

If you object to this absurd special treatment of a greedy cabal corporation that says humans don't have a right to water, you can sign a petition and hopefully get the water ban applied equally to everyone and every business---no exceptions for cabal cronies.

If you would like to make more of an impact, you could boycott Arrowhead water---or ALL Nestlé products!

Meanwhile, here's some evidence that the drought is being purposely imposed on one of the nation's key food producing areas---shared on April 11 (today) by Alexandra Meadors at Galactic Connection.  ~ BP

There is a massive ongoing four year long drought in California. This video presents the evidence that it is being done on purpose, and the multiple reasons it would be done. Geoengineering is very real and you are seeing the massive implications of manipulating the weather right now in California. If you are not familiar with just how weather manipulation works, take the time to watch the video.

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