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  Ascension Toolbox


Apache Junction, Arizona
February 15 2015


My name is Heather Willis, I have had so many in the past two week's its literally making my head spin. So I will pick just one.

A little less than two week's ago my sister, who I have talked to about what's really going on in the world, has never really quite believed me, but still listens and even likes to joke about alien's with me, but all in good fun.

She called me devastated because she found out by accident her boyfriend and father of a wonderful two year old girl, had seriously considered cheating on her and possibly leaving her. I knew he was a good man at heart so that night as I lay in bed I spent at least a half an hour doing Ho'oponopono.

Next time I talked to her she told me she spent that night crying her heart out, except for about a half an hour during which time she felt waves of calmnes washing over. So I told her what I did and she said that must have been why.

She also did it the next time she was feeling sad. Long story short, her boyfriend did almost a complete turnaround, they are both seeing counselors and have a wonderful Valentine's Day planned. She calls me guru Heather now as a joke. It truly was one of the most amazing things I've witnessed.


New York
February 6 2015

Blessings! I want to call the Ascension Toolbox my Survival Kit or Thrive Kit because I could not be without it, especially at this time of major shifts. I used to be the one who would call friends who are healers and pay them to help me get through mental/emotional or physical stuff that came up. I would also do barters with other healers as I am a trained energy cleanser myself. Well it hasn't been in the budget to pay for sessions like in the past and I lost my main barter friend so now what do I do...USE MY Ascension Toolbox. It helps me know we are never alone, that we are loved and adored and that we have an abundance of assistance to help us in all ways always...

My success story is not about one major miracle that has an endpoint. It is about how I am gradually living more and more in kindness and peace in the middle of New York City during these transformational times and less and less in overwhelm and anger. It's wonderful. I can actually see the lovely layers of protective armor that I put on me at one time gently coming off day by day in a comfortable way that I can manage. It feels like the Sun continuously shining makes it easy to remove my coat and be loving again. (I also do not watch the news...but I pray and meditate joining other light workers to send prayers all over the world).

With Beloved Zorra and Saryya repeatedly reminding us that we are Gods and Goddesses and that we can heal ourselves by calling upon the Lord God of our Being I felt this could be done. So I use the Ascension Toolbox daily. I recorded the Violet Flame and Pillar of Light Protection Prayers on my cell phone recorder and listen to them daily until I learn them myself.

I have been using the Violet Flame and Pillar of Light Protection Prayers for about six months and since Zorra has stopped doing the calls I have included longer meditations, healing meditations inspired by Zorra and others and have been helped by Blossom Goodchild's guided meditation and Zorra & Saryya's 20-minute global meditation. This has greatly helped me begin to communicate with my Twin Flame, Galactic Family, Mer Family and other Beloved Light Beings.

After saying the Protection Prayer, I sit in the Protective Pillar of Light and with every breath, I breathe in Healing Light and breathe out all 'negativity' repeatedly until I feel completely light. If I continue to feel 'bad' I physically or use my imagination to GIVE the 'heavy' thoughts/feelings/sickness/pain to the Light or a Light Being of my choice and ask them to take it away from me and fill the space with peace...so that even if I think about what made me feel heavy in the past, now I feel peace around that subject. I feel everything is alright again.

I dance with my Twin Flame almost daily and it is joy building! I am just beginning a telepathic relationship with my Twin Flame. I remember reading (I believe it was Sananda) that our Twin Flames desire us to communicate with them telepathically and wonder why we are not utilizing them more. That further inspired me to improve my conscious relationship with my Twin Flame.

I created a headband of my own, at the moment, that works wonderfully for me...

I read the BREAKING NEWS from various Light Beings which always helps to raise my vibration.

I have been vegan or at least vegetarian for a year now which has helped my body tremendously to move and function better, think more clearly and accept love.

I've been a nature lover all my life and especially a tree lover. I don't get out to sit with them much but I do talk with them often when I'm out and they inspire me with their never-ending support, love and magical ways.

Although I'm a former aerobics instructor who enjoys dance and exercise, I had stopped exercising regularly sometimes for months at a time until last July 2014 when I enlisted the help of a 'movement buddy' who exercises with me two to three times a week. He is a licensed personal trainer and I know I would not be as consistent with movement if he hadn't helped me.  I pay him a small amount of money, but, it is worth it for me. I still go out to my joy (job) almost daily.  The exercise has helped me to do my joy with more joy and ease.

I remind myself that I am a Galactic Human in the making and that I am loved and supported beyond measure. I know that mental, emotional and physical bodies in transition to be more and more light are going to feel weird sometimes.

I know I've been long-winded here...but I am just delighted about the tools and the tools are helping me greatly.

I haven't used all the tools in the toolbox yet, but, I plan to and I am excited that there is more to play with. I am also happy to see the toolbox get amendments. I know each of us will use the toolbox in our own way. This is my way for the moment. May it encourage someone who may need encouragement to find their way too!

Many thanks to you, Beloved Anne, our Beloved I Am Presences, Beloved Zorra and Saryya, Beloved Zaraya and Quazar, Beloved Prime Creator, Beloved Lord Ashtar,  Beloved Commander-In-Chief Sananda, Beloved Quan Yin, Beloved Archangel Michael,  Beloved Peter and Danita, Beloved Michael Ellegion and Peg, Beloved Sister Terra, our Beloved Hollow Earth and Galactic Families and all the many other Beloved Light Beings loving, assisting, supporting, guiding and healing us especially at this time.

Blessings to All!



 February 6 2015

Anne I am doing very well on the SOUL and Laminine. People are coming to me and saying I look so much younger, that my skin looks so soft and no wrinkles, that me eyes looks so bright and alert.  People I worked for in the building trade tells me I look 10 years younger.  
My overall health has improved dramatically. I am taking less medication for my Parkinson's which I have now for over 12 years. I was 48 years old when I got it. I have gone back to the gym, which I thought I never would again. I could go on and on.
I'm back living again, and it's wonderful!  It's all thanks to you Anne and Zorra and Hollow Earth Network.
What a Wonderful, Glorious, Loving day it is!
Love and Light from Patrick, from Ireland where all the leprechauns and little people are.
Thanks again, Anne.


  Janesville, Wisconsin

   February 6 2015
Hello Anne

I actually have an update! I am down to 238.5 pounds now. I have lost 42 pounds total since being on SOUL and becoming a vegetarian 8+ months ago. SOUL has completely changed my life in so many ways. I had many health issues. For quite some time I had Osteoarthritis, Lumbar Disc disease, Osteoporosis, Asthma, Barrett's Esophagus, GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), Non-Alcoholic Hepatic Stetosis (Fatty Liver disease), Classic Migraine and COPD. BUT! The only symptom that I have now is minimal back pain, Migraine (not nearly as often as in the past) and am still working on "as Lady Aphrodite" (Michael Ellegion session) suggested that I use the words "gaining slenderness"!
I also have much more energy and look and feel younger! SOUL has been a beautiful, Divine gift and I Am SO grateful that you, dear Anne, Zaraya and Quazar introduced me to this wonderful gift!
There have been some tough days here and there; but my guides/angels are right there with me as well as Prime Creator, the amazing healing power that SOUL has given me and gave me my life back, my galactic brothers and sisters as well as my fellow Terrans :) I have so much Love for ALL Beings on this wonderful Mother Terra/Planet Earth as well as those throughout the Cosmos/Galaxies/Multiverse!
I have enclosed a before and after photo of myself at my heaviest; 280 pounds and a recent photo of myself now at 238.5 pounds! Yay!! :)
Thank you Beloved Anne, Billie/Zaraya and Jane/Quazar and all in our wonderful Hollow Earth Network Family!! I send so much Love to all!!!
I almost forgot to add that I Am from Janesville, Wisconsin :) We have about a foot of snow here right now! Today was a lovely day with lots of beautiful sunshine and 40 degrees! Very grateful indeed!
What a wondrous, glorious, loving day this is!
LuAnn McMurry

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Houston, Texas

February 5 2015

1) We have a water purification system that has been long over due for a new membrane which costs about $300. So when the technician came by he checked our water quality and he said the water is so pure it's practically distilled. He said with water that pure there is no need to do anything at this time. Thank you MO1 for helping us to create conscious water.
2) I was proving to my unbelieving husband that Zorra's hand purification method would flatten his beer. It not only flattened the beer he had opened but all of the beer in the garage refrigerator!
3) I used to take thyroid medication, now I am off all medications thanks to healing pulses and Laminine! I am 54 trips around the sun.
4) I look younger than I did in 2010 thanks to the facial technique described on the Many of One web page.
5) I sent a healing pulse to my Father-in-law who lives in UT. I sent it from TX. The pulse was so powerful that it cracked my metal singing bowl (I asked my pendulum) that was in another room. My Father-in-law has been cured of cancer and is gaining weight and eating. He is 80.

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