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JANUARY 25 2015


Ashtar - Sananda - Father God

Prime Creator


...these Beloved Beings eager to give us the message of the significant Training Exercise we and Cosmic Others are daily involved in - while our bodies sleep!

This special call came about rather spontaneously. Anne was inspired to set up a call with Michael Ellegion, impromptu, with Ashtar, Sananda, Father God and Prime Creator. Michael, unexpectedly, had time this Sunday when she called, and these four Beloved Beings (and Mother God) did in fact have a Message.

The Message? The over-riding theme tells us where we have been while our bodies sleep at night. And why we are so groggy when we awaken. We learn we are participating in the most significant event in 6.5 million years - since we arrived... our troop of 144,000. 

This is a message of compassion and understanding - appreciation and awareness - and guidance by direct Q & A with Prime Creator. The sweetness of knowing how close we are to Prime Creator and His caring and compassion, always being there when we need Him, assures us that we are not alone and that we have personal, direct access to Divine Creation, always there, ready to help.

With each re-listen, we again benefit with the Galactics' unique encodings always delivered through Michael Ellegion.  


Begin Recording:
[Caller remaining on line from previous session. Anne dispatches.]
Anne: Okay. I see you’re here.
Michael: Yes. How are you doing?
Anne:     I’m good. It was pretty close. I had about eight minutes between calls but we have a new call. The other one cleared and the new one open and we’re on the air now. So everything is good to go.
This is -- let me get a dateline in here – this is Sunday, January the 25th, in the year 2015. We are connecting now privately with Michael Ellegion who is going to be bringing messages from as we understand it, Ashtar, Sananda, Father God, and Prime Creator.
My name is Anne Dehart. I’ll be hosting the call and I’m going to turn this over to Michael now. So Michael we have … oh, I wont be able to call you back … [Anne and Michael decide plan if tech drops call.]
Michael: Okay. So I’m going to do my little attunement process which is about a three or four minute thing here and then, Ashtar I guess as normal just likes to pop in. As I tell people: “Fasten your seatbelt. This is z ride in cosmic Disneyland.”
Anne:     All right. We’ve give you time to properly get your set up and protections in place.
Michael: Okay. Let me do my attunement here.
[Michael speaks his attunement, invocations, and prayers of protection.]
[8:24] Message Begins:


I AM That I AM Lord Ashtar of the Ashtar Command making comments today at this time as was brought forth and as you, and our Sister of Light felt the guidance to bring forth this opportunity and I. Is always wish to express and it's always a great honor and having the chance to come forth for all of the ground crew and for you, our Sister of Light and all to have the chance to connect and attune to this which I am going to be sharing. And a little bit later I’m going to get out of the way and let our Commander-in-Chief who as we like to refer to as Sananda or Lord Jesus Christ as he was known, Yeshua, many names given to him. But it is the fact that he, as all Beings of Light, bring forth great joy, and inspiration as I bring also in my own unique way.

Each of us have much to contribute just like you our Sister of Light and all that have a chance will be sharing, hearing this, and connecting with it, all of those of you I greet with great joy as a chance to impart … bring forth more insight and information and will not only in a sense give clarity to some of the things that perhaps many of you have been lately wondering what is your physical body experiencing? What are you going through? How does this relate to something else on another level?

Many of you have suspected or even perhaps have received a message similar to this in your own unique way because truth is being revealed and spread all over the place and Earth is being bombarded with wonderful beautiful cosmic frequency.

Many are receiving similar though unique messages. They’re very similar in some aspects and context to what is going on but it's also the understanding in the greater of you of how these recent energetic calibrations that have been taking place and what this channel earlier said to you referring to what is a ‘training mission’ of sorts that is in fact going on because others of this also are aware of but others also have been tuning in to this fact that there are some very unique and special training that a vast majority of those on Earth in fact are … at least a majority of the ground crew, as we can say in fact  every soul to some degree is in involved, directly or indirectly.

And so we refer to it as a training mission because it is perhaps as significant as this channel was kind of feeling and we said to him a little earlier, though I will go a little more in depth about this, is perhaps one of the most significant things – not to say that other things haven't been uniquely significant, and we don't want to say that one thing is more important than anything else, because it's all important, the all-encompassing sense of the divine plan and the divine flow – but some things do stand out as unto themself as uniquely significant because of what these kinds of experiences entail or allow.

And so it has been referred to as a training mission of sorts while your physical Earth avatar bodies are sleeping, you, our Sister of Light, all are involved together. Part of the fellowship. And as part of the ground crew you have often joined together in collective, how are we to say solidarity. Even though we do have moments in higher levels of very passionate agree to disagree, it doesn't cause fisticuffs or all the other kinds of extreme things that sometimes it seems in the past up to now has often occurred.

Because more and more humans, more and more Earthian humans are beginning to come together in great solidarity; are beginning to join together even though every one of them will always be unique as we always like to say. All of us are as you on Earth are all Individualized Godsparks of Divine Intelligence.

So because of our uniqueness, we all have much to share with one another and as you know, our Sister of Light and I’ve said to this to this channel a number of times and I remanded through others also about the fact that as we've said many times from those of us who hold levels of spiritual responsibility – no matter what the level, no matter what the responsibility is. Even our Commander in Chief himself, Sananda, would agree on that, that none of us are so “high and mighty” that we can't learn from those of you on Earth.

As a matter fact you are the Ground Crew as I said before many times, you teach us many important things and many lessons about how you handle yourself. And as we’ve said we don't judge any of you for “human mistakes or human frailties” as the saying goes because you learn hindsight and wisdom from that. What has ever been judged is the intent and motive, your dedication, your unbearable compassion. We see that and it's judged or is discerned with great joy and great understanding and how you’ve demonstrated this many, many times over the most difficult situations.

And it's always the desire within all of you to be able to demonstrate even more. To be able to bring forth even greater – to reach inside yourself and anchor … and anchor the Love and Light Energies in a more proficient more powerful way to enhance, to impact more souls, to free up and liberate more souls.

So the sense of this desire to enhance and improve is where many have gone on numerous training exercises and missions and to a greater or lesser degree this has been going on for eons of time.

We’re always updating, we’re always improving, we’re always enhancing, calibrating our efforts. Those of you when you are physically sleeping, many of you have known this and have heard this through channeled sources, you feel that you receive messages yourself about how when your physical body was sleeping how many of you were involved in Conclaves of Light, how you were up here with us aboard the ships and you’re participating and you’re sharing so much of that which you have experienced. And it's not that we aren't monitoring and observing, taking stock and to have to help you out, but as I’ve said many times through this channel and have used the expression: It’s a horse of a different color. It really is. I like human expressions.

It's one thing when we monitor and serve as we've said before it's quite another when you’ve come down, taken the plunge this final last time after many other times, some of you more than others, but all of you have been coming to a greater or lesser degree to give your insights; to give your efforts; to share; to contribute; and through that it adds to the collective momentum fuel of the planet. Okay?

And so in these final moments after millions of years of Earth, after many of you have been struggling, we all have, to liberate the planet... were coming into the final moments of the great victory that St. Germain himself said long ago – these final moments of building up the collective momentum field that all of our efforts have been adding to and is not one, as we also said many times, not one is better than another but every soul is precious to us. Every one of you is vitally important. It's just as I've also said, some of you are a little more energetically and shall we say directly connected, as through these channelings and linking up this kind of way.

It allows us to interface a little more in a direct way even though everyone else is still indirectly receiving the benefits of what one is directly receiving. Every one else is in the win-win user-friendly approach, as we often refer to and explain, on an individual basis, should the individual transformational channel readings this channel does do and in different ways to help enhance embrace his --  so many different channels are also doing, each in their own unique way, adding to the collective momentum field.

But today in that which we have to share, and I know I've been accused of being a motormouth sometimes of how fast and how much I want to share all at once because we’re very excited through the energies what this channel himself is grounding. And so as sometimes I may sound a little differently as how fast I go or the way in which I may express through different types of expressions through others, but still the essence is always there when I have a chance to come through. And when one can sense and one can feel and knowledge that fellowship that we have that so many and I have had the honor of crossing paths with in the councils up here, and of late times too especially during what I will refer to as the training exercises that are going on right now.

And as this channel recently became aware and others are starting to be aware of it too, it's a very intense, what I will call training exercises, are taking place that we call it as significant … or one of the most significant things that’s happened since the time that the original core group of volunteers, referred to as"The 144,000," became a part of a fellowship who came to this planet on a mission. A rescue mission. A liberation mission. To uplift mother Earth, to heal her, to free her up from imbalanced energies. To restore Earth to a greater, shall we say, sense of sovereignty, a sense of not being controlled or manipulated because duality that began to come to this planet, energies that began to infiltrate, that began to manipulate, they began to do a lot of things that had never been, had never taken place in the universe before.

And unfortunately in many other areas of the universe certain galactic wars broke out which is why we formed the Galactic Federation of Light, why I formed the Ashtar Command and many, even though many of these had aspects … had been around for a while, it was still how we recalibrated, how we kind of formed, how we kind of joined together in a certain formation that would make it more effective in restoring order to the universe, balance and alignment.

But perhaps Earth was one of the most challenging worlds, the most challenging sector, quadrant that we would have to deal with because of the nature of and the sense of duality as it has emerged forth, as it was as we say ‘created’ and as it was formed and has evolved and went forward in the sense of linear chronological time. And as everyone knows one of the greatest challenges for those of us who have been in the state of ‘now,’ in this higher state of awareness, being able to interpret on a human level of chronological linear time frame – now I've admitted many times that I don't relate well to chronological linear time as it has been referred to, as one likes to refer to it as a reference point in the three-dimensional sense as Earth has experienced up to now.

Now Earth is beginning to shift out of the third dimension through the fourth and into the fifth and coming back into a state of ‘now’ and a higher dimensional state of paradise and Golden Age which we are rapidly approaching. But there is a certain cleaning up, mopping up operation, a finishing up all of the struggle, all of the things that have happened up to now to get Earth back into the most, most perfect harmonious and elevated state possible without taking away the opportunity, even in these final moments after millions of years to learn last minute, as the saying goes, to the last minute lessons and insights.

We don't want to deprive any that are finishing up some of their final phases of what we have shared through this channel theme of surrogacy and their others receiving similar things while they may not be referred to by the term, this is a term we have used through this channel, the fact that many take on things to help others release whether they’re aware of it or not. And other channeled information is coming through other sources is also referred to this that a lot of things have been received individually, or one is facing their own stuff and then it reaches a point where one begins to focus on other more planetary scale to finish up, to help add to the collective momentum of the field.

Well the collective aspect of those that are part of these training operations and I also referred as references to a large mothership that was observed behind or near the planet Saturn, which is also where the Saturn Tribunal Council and Interplanetary Parliament that also would  refer to it, that is where the huge, gigantic mothership thousands of miles across was observed recently or information came out that was released by those who are in NASA and certain official levels who are wanting the information to come out.

This was verified by certain others who had tuned into this fact that certain large planetoid motherships that very special, shall we say unification force and a kind of shall we say here to help set in motion, finish up and help to break through some of the challenges that we have been involved in energetically.

Because we know that many are looking forward and have been … are very frustrated because of the fact that they have heard about changes whether it be the bringing about we can say the entire planetary financial system changing, the RV, the global currency reset, these things ending in Disclosure and finally us getting the cosmic green light to openly make our appearance over the planet where every eye will behold us.

We know that these things were long-ago promised that would be some degree this would occur, of course as we’ve also shared we are in fact in a new timeline compared to the old timeline.

So some things have shifted around and many are now waking up and tuning into other variances and realities that are now becoming possible that up to several years ago over time wouldn’t have been conceivable. So there are always changes, and unique transformations that the universe is indeed going through. And I will just mention as this channel knows that not only are we at the end of three major cycles that rarely ever happen in the universe, we are also at the end or at the beginning shall we say lining up of what we call a fourth cycle that has never happened in the universe before.

This is connected with these new cosmic frequencies that this channel referred to when he was invoking the Silver Ray and that we Elohim on a higher level have never experienced before. This is new also. This is also changing, you could say the nature of reality, even on the higher realms of Light and other dimensional realms. Everything is going through remarkable wonderful unique transformation. Everything is going through an accelerated process. So hence this training exercise. I keep referring to it and I just wanted to give a little background that leads up to this.

And then ultimately I will get out of the way and let our Commander-in-Chief Lord Sananda, and also Father God and Prime Creator also wish to get in on the act here -- all the better to have different but similar expressions.

We’re all into expressing in our own unique way as we have the chance to do this today and to try to compress as much as we can in a short little bit of 90 minutes of Earth time. Based on this channel's limitation of as much he can record at one given time and there might be a little glitch also in this channel's communication device that he may have to call back as he has trained himself to do while we are all coming through if necessary. Not a big deal. Just so you understand if there is a glitch toward the end there, that's just the nature of Earth technology. But this training exercise as I referred to it is the fact that I said it is as significant as the time the 144,000 Group was formed.

I would like to just say a little bit of background about that too. This channel has known that I have used the phraseologies which are really very rough crude phrases and words compared to what better words that we could use but since we’re communicating through this way so that those of you who hear us would understand, I'm using phraseologies that may be interpreted different by some of you, but this is something this channel is physiologically feeling attuned to also.
But phrases that would explain, like for example there are certain some in recent years very popular you could say TV shows like regarding talent and one's ability and different people are chosen. Now you know that on higher realms we have no competitive nature. We’re not involved whether it be competitive type sports events or one being better than another, we are involved in being in service to collective.

We enjoy helping one another, that's one of the greatest things to be and to exist is to help each other. To share, to grow. Now we do always strive to improve ourselves, this is something that is ongoing. It is higher to know, to grow, so that we have events that might seem, when someone first looks at them, that they’re competitive, but they're not. It’s only a matter of each person individually and collectively working to improve and to enhance and to expand.

And so there's always these little events you could call them games where we in a sense see how well we can do. They might be called a type of athletic thing but it's in the context of using one's consciousness and to interact with one another and be spontaneous and to demonstrate our unique abilities in different types of formats and different you could call them training exercises. This has been going on for a long time.

This is always something in our soul because we enjoy sharing culture with one another from some far-off intergalactic level, some other universe even, that’s we are interacting now, that's where this gigantic mothership I referred to that came in to park and orbit near Saturn and some other large motherships that represent other universes that are now coming together in this kind of "neck of the cosmic woods" so to speak around planet Earth, near planet Earth relatively compared to many light years beyond that where we’re, shall we say, focusing on some areas to enhance these final – one of the things we’re doing is helping the final phase of Earth shift a little faster, a little more effective, out of the old levels, are things that still seem to hold out, that still seem to have been  blocking some of the greater things that so much of humanity has been looking forward to.

Well without glossing over, and I discussed through this channel before, without glossing over, without ignoring some “last-minute things” and last moments after millions of years still need to be cleared up for accountability and final closure so we can get on with things. Where there's nothing that hasn’t been resolved and to be able to make breakthroughs a little faster. So hence divine creation … the Prime Creator also in a sense was of course the original as we say origin of this whole idea, and we’re going to let Prime Creator talk a little more about that too, later, but I just want to say from our vantage point, as being responsible, and the Galactic Federation of Light, what we're involved in to make sure that everything is going as smoothly as possible.

But many on Earth are feeling when they wake up in the morning for example kind of feeling groggy sometimes. Now some people I’ve always felt that to a greater or lesser degree but this is a little bit more intense if one really tunes in and notes how their physical body is operating, because even though the physical body is being able to accumulate more energy right now, because of the nature of these training exercises and because of the significance: after millions of years, because of so much coming together and so much being resolved and being released and let go of and transmuted, there's a little more energy being taken from the physical body and you are feeling the effects, the dramatic intense effects of what souls are experiencing in breakthroughs and transformations.

Because so many souls are coming together who are joining together to help one another in a more, as we say a greater sense of solidarity, that has occurred for millions of years because of the nature of these ends of cycles since the year 2012, approximately in the linear chronological sense of time when certain energy hit the planet and how there's even in the last two or three years as we continue into the year 2015 new year for those on Earth level, that there’s a continual buildup of the collective momentum field.

But when I say it has been at its most significant since the time of the 144,000, and I refer to talents and things like that, out of the millions and trod-gruple I could say quadrupled – how many zeros behind the one can I add to it to define how many Beings responded to what has been called the Great Clarion Call when Lord Sanat Kumara sent out the call asking for volunteers to come to Earth. That uh, and no one knew exactly because it'd never been achieved before or experienced, what would it would take to be prepared to go into duality of this nature that has been existing on this Earth.

There has never been a time like this in the nature of the density that was experienced here and what the imbalanced forces did to pull it down, no one had ever come together in a group in this kind of way and the number of souls that were wanting to participate – some thought it was a suicide mission of course.

And so there was kind of a training exercise at that time to find those souls – and it wasn't that one soul was better than another or less than, we don't relate to that even when one hears “Well you didn't pass the test” -- well that doesn't mean they failed. It just means that their essence isn't ready, or they’re not maybe the kind of soul that is suited to do that. It's "not better than or less than."

This is not the terminology or references we relate to. It just means some souls, something unique within their nature allowed them to adapt to a quadrupled number of souls and it was kind of like finding out going through those who had talent to find the ones who were more able to handle duality and survive. You can kind of think of – I'm using a rough analogy like Navy SEALs or Army Rangers who go through intense, swimming through swamps and all kinds of things to handle density, duality down here. Giving up, putting your immortal physical life body in storage, powers and abilities and being able to experience in human embodiment and third dimension that has existed for quite some time and still be somewhat successful.

Now we know there was also a lot of casualties initially as time went on, on other aspects of the wheel of karma, the karmic requirements being changed to make it a little easier. And what St. Germain did 25,000 years ago challenging the Karmic Board to say, “Hey, we’ve got to change the karmic requirements from 100% to at least 51%."  And in our defense, Prime Creator came through and said basically with Divine Will the karmic conditions would be changed, making it a little easier because it was really near impossible even with the most dedicated Beings through their I AM Presence desiring to uplift humanity, it was like karmic quicksand.

There was very few souls per capita who ever made their ascension. That’s why when the karmic requirements were changed, after St Germain challenged the Karmic Board, and this has been brought through this channel’s readings many times, of those who were there who experienced, participating, who were honorary members of the Karmic Board as old souls that have been all around the intergalactic block, participated and helped to bring momentum about so that St Germain, being able to officially announce a change in the karmic requirements.

So that was a major breakthrough. Probably one of the most significant things since that original 144,000 core group joined together after a huge amount of training exercises to kind of weed out or to discover those which came out to exactly 144,000: a tiny little teeny group compared to the greater number who did participate who tried to also directly get involved. And there's only a certain number of physical bodies to go around anyway. So the ones who didn't “pass the test” was no criticism, it was no representation of them being less than, it was merely that some souls had something unique within them that allowed them to survive. And that was all we were doing, was trying to find those who could adapt. As time went on, training exercises allowed more souls to, as the phraseology says, to ‘jump on the bandwagon’ --  be able to participate also. So the numbers began to increase, from the 144,000 to today... to almost 45% of the world’s population.

Many souls who had never incarnated on Earth before recently, many of the higher Beings in children's bodies, coming into Earth embodiment now to be leaders for the Golden Age.

But to finish up this long story and also step out of the way and let our Commander-in-Chief, Sananda, have a chance to express himself too, I would just say that this training exercise that many are sensing in different ways – some feel it. Some are feeling like "What is going on here? --  Something's happening while I'm sleeping."

Not that you haven't done anything similar to this, but this is the most extensive, most powerful most comprehensive dynamic series of training exercises, that's what we’re going to define it as, that has occurred ever since the greatest type most dramatic significant coming together of Beings all over the universe/universes to come together to find ways that can help the breakthrough on planet Earth right now in a more significant, unique way than – I’m willing to say – that’s ever happened since the time the 144,000 millions of years ago, over 6 ½ million years ago by some trying to interpret it linear -- but we really don’t like to define it but that’s how it's been defined -- of millions of years that have passed. It was an uphill battle and only recently have we seen as a dramatic shift in the energies of the universe, that has aligned greater numbers to now graduate off the wheel of karma.

And as we shared to this channel more than once, and unlike the old timeline where it was a emergency, worldwide evacuation and only a third of humanity survived... in this new timeline, as of last several years in linear sense of time, at least 90 to 95% are projected to make it through. And now is a more open first contact coming up.

Well, even as we saw and projected this, we didn't know exactly what the breakthroughs were going to be that would allow such a greater number, a majority of humanity to make it through. We knew something that would be dramatic would begin to happen, and that related to this training exercise, as certain, we could say masters of innovation like Lord Rowcan and others who are involved in helping to activate innovation within humanity. And there are specialists in that area that are Beings like Voltra, cosmic psychotherapist who are giving a lot of insights and breakthroughs of human physiological karmic conditions that are being released right now. And also members of the cabal, there are not too many of them, but a few that are realizing that if they don't come around to the Light, then they will be recycled to the Godhead to be as if they never existed, but many of them are now, we are giving them a chance that if they will embrace the Light and come around, then and showing how they truly are aligned with the Light, that in a probationary sense they, too, can become part of the fellowship once again.

As we've said many times, we can forgive these forces, we're just not going to let them run roughshod over humanity any longer. So there's been a huge shift in what we are now being able, with our Elohim consciousness technologies, to bring about and accomplish and manifest more quickly, more as our Elohim technology in the last several years of Earth time [33:00] made a major shift of a level that would be the only way, as this channel has described it before, as we gave him the description, it’s like in the traditional sense of Earth history: you had what is termed the discovery of fire -- even though that was of course related to dragons that existed at one time, mankind had a relationship -- breathing fire out of their mouth, that they helped create that. Now there's other traditional views of that.

And then we had later on what was called the Industrial Revolution and I'm using rough analogy and that if we were to describe it on an Elohim level, one moment we discovered fire and then the next moment the Industrial Revolution occurred; that's the kind of analogy on the Elohim level of the shift of our technology that took place a couple years ago of Earth time. And now there have been other events that have been an offshoot of that.

So this training exercise is of billions and trillions of souls joining together and as I said "in the most comprehensive way" and I don't want to sound redundant about it, but I wanted to emphasize this is why you, our Sister of Light, received the message that we could express the significance of this kind of joining together and the training exercises that are pushing many souls and challenging many souls in ways that they never experienced. And so at times there's a certain sense of "Oh, I … now I'm no longer aligned" or "Now I'm no longer able to participate."  Not that they don't participate, but it's like the sense of being qualified for the particular exercises that are being finished up right now and all of a sudden somebody might get the signal and a few moments later or a certain time later, to use the phrase, "They get the signal that they're back on track again." In other words it’s like … unlike, say in the 144,000 group of souls being chosen, this type of training exercise allows a greater number because we've improved, we’ve enhanced the ability for souls to adapt, coming in at the level and other planetary spheres that would've been more challenging. Well now, this has expanded potential capacities and abilities many many, many times over and so it kind of revolutionary new training..  new kinds of transformational processes that the divine creation has brought forth to challenge all of us, but to make more enjoyable. Because it is the nature of all of us to explore, to be curious, to expand, and to be in fellowship with one another. It enhances that ability and also enhances this unique planet Earth process that it's going through.

I want to bless all of you at this time without being too redundant or too wordy,  even though sometimes I'm accused of being that way, I'm going to step out of the way and let our Commander-in-Chief, himself, come forth and let him express from his perspective; also Mother-Father God and Prime Director … Prime Creator. So I want to bless you. I'm Lord Ashtar of the Ashtar Command and I stand aside now at this time.




Greetings! I AM That I AM. I am Lord Sananda and I greet you, My Beloved and all.

Of course that this is a great and wonderful time that Ashtar has expressed, that I also have a chance to connect with your energies, My Beloved, and also all of my daughters, sisters, and brothers of Light scattered throughout the planet that Ashtar himself has already expressed the significance of this which has been brought forth to so many on Earth, are in fact directly, while your physical body is sleeping, that many of you are so dedicated you have demonstrated this many times over the desire, a strong desire with the unbearable compassion that you demonstrated in numerous ways, that you could help, coming together with many other Beings, as Ashtar has said, in a comprehensive alignment.

One of the most important dramatic things that is happened since that time of the 144,000 … the coming of the 144,000 when the great Clarion Call was sent out across the universe. This was indeed extremely important to recognize to, as we say, to qualify the importance of that time. This is, in fact, and we hate to say, we do not like to say, well, this is more important than that event, that experience. It’s not in a sense compared to one is better; it's just that the certain things do stand out because of the way the universe, the way that Prime Creator, in very orderly but yet spontaneous and unique ways, allows things to operate.

And so there are sometimes, as we say "glitches" that occur at the ends and beginnings of cycles. And I'm going to use that phrase, "glitches" because as technology on Earth is sometimes primed to not operate, and it is true that technology does sometimes, the way it is designed on Earth, to break down and not function as clearly. And so it is the communication systems that have existed on Earth recently, compared to earlier forms, and of course telepathic and forms of channeling are much better or clearer sometimes, than the limitations that technology on Earth has been designed, and yet there is a technological potential to expand way beyond that.

And of course now at this time there is much that is coming forth that will liberate all of you and not only your abilities to communicate telepathically and directly through Prime Creation, if there is a greater connection with all of us and what we feel within our heart flame, what we feel and what we have connection with and fellowship, that more of souls throughout the planet -- this is referred to as surrogacy.

More of us are all – and those of you on Earth... are all connected and then all the so-called limitations that have kept us apart are being removed out of the way.
All of the old fictions that have existed on this planet for eons of time are being removed very quickly. And hence this "training exercise" as Ashtar has referred to was given to this channel in the recent last few days of Earth time and he saw very clearly and also others who are very attuned are receiving as well, and also the vision that this channel had regarding a very powerful change in the financial conditions because of the Dragon Elders and those whose many Beings who I am connected with by overshadowing this process.

There is a timing. But as we always say, the timing as some would call it, can change and alter. Ashtar had once said … use the phraseology "molding clay,  cosmic Play-Dough. That at any given moment, one has the ability and the capacity to alter and change and expand and adapt and to calibrate in some new revolutionary new ways. And especially in this new timeline that is playing out;  humanity has shown a very remarkable powerful ability to adapt in ways that even surprises us sometimes.

When you look at it from our perspective and from our vantage point, looking down over the Earth from the higher realms and the dimensional realms and the parallel and all the other levels around Earth, and we note and we observe and we just want to express our great joy and the great love that we have for so many beautiful dedicated souls. And yes every soul is precious on this planet. Every soul is valuable to the wholeness of divine creation.  I just … and again, like the jigsaw puzzle, it’s been said, "If one piece is missing, it's not complete." So that's why everyone and every Individualized Godspark of Divine Intelligence, as each and every one of us is, and all of you on Earth, and even as it has been said before in the sense of washing my disciples' feet is, as it has been expressed, that I expressed and demonstrated, "It is not that any soul is better than another; it is only that we act to inspire."

We act often in a leadership position, but it's not a lording over, it's not a "better than," it's not a sense of anything but trying to inspire and to invoke each person's greatness, each person's capacities and bring them out.

Since the training mission that is being experienced right now throughout the cosmic realms, but especially focused, the energies focused upon Earth and around Earth’s perimeter right now, is that these very training exercises that are taking place is up to nature and it's such a breakthrough of consciousness technologies and consciousness itself and its allowing, because of the recent, as we could say, Beings coming back into the fold at a more complete way, even though in the last two years there has been a great clearing that took place. And yes there were many forces that were very angry, and let's say very belligerent about it -  forces being forced to adhere to come back on track and yet they were given a huge amount of freedom on how they chose to do that. It was just that the Universe was requiring, after eons of time, coming back into the sense that there was not, as we say, conditions that would impede or would block or would make the challenges difficult. Because Prime Creation has a plan, a Divine Plan. And there has always been a plan. The plan has altered at times to enhance and to keep up with the uniqueness of what every soul is discovering.

And so I also am very aware and I can understand through the heart flame of all of you on Earth; I can feel your yearning and sometimes wondering, "Is it all really going to happen, and all of these things that have been promised and discussed?" It is absolutely going to happen! It's in the process of happening,  but in the linear sense of time, as you have thought it, up to now.

And the fact that many of you have chosen to play that surrogate role to help others, that you are taking on, and have taken on many of the conditions of other people, many souls throughout the Earth who have borne such a heavy burden and that all of you are willing to rise, to jump forward, and to carry the loads so to speak. Not to take away the soul's opportunity to learn, but to help to carry some of that load; make it a little easier when someone is facing particularly difficult challenges.

And I also overshadow and throw out the Love and Light of my Essence around Earth to elevate, to raise up humanity as it was in earlier times; to go through experiences, to be an inspiration; to help you discover your own strengths, your own capacities and abilities; to print the character of what you really are when others have tried to take away your sense of self-worth; to be an inspiration. Restore that sense of who you are in the greatest possible way and that you can feel the Fellowship of what we're all a part of, to inspire and to invoke that revelation in discovery that you in a sense have … are in the process of discovering. Things about your self and again to be as much as we could say in a sense as much of a source and as we say "a source and a force" that can help this process to build up as much as possible.

And it is that my energy as I bring it forward, and the energy of the entire celestial host, are again having many breakthroughs. And yet there has been an extension in the sense of what you refer to as linear time, there has been an extension to allow more to be accomplished in what of the old timeline would never have been allowed; would never have been capable, it never would have been possible.
And so this new timeline that has been expanding, we said this before and discussed this before, and on one hand it seems to be expanding and in outward things speeding up, and at the same time one is given more time to get rid of, to take care of the challenges or the things that have been blocking. That sounds like a dichotomy. There is an expansion, but there's also speeding up. It's because of the nature of what one refers to as linear time or the illusion of time itself. As you become more and more into the Now, you begin to see and understand as you understand it from an intergalactic Universal aspect of consciousness. And it goes beyond the way to use words to try to describe it. You are all in harmony with one another and we feel a great joy. So these recent training exercises are in fact a unique way of bringing souls together.

Again innovation is part of the process. Even among the most advanced levels of consciousness there’s a continued … we’d say even among itself, a unique breakthrough of revelations and understandings of what has been taking place on planet Earth from a new perspective. It's like a new cosmic revelation that again in regard that other 5 to 10% of humanity to even make an even greater aspect of the 100%.

We feel very strongly that there's less as we would say need to in a sense of cleansing the planet and given the sense of how intense that cleansing is going to be; yet before it's completed, there's very strong potential to show as more and more souls are joining together and breaking through the so-called walls of disfranchisement. That the imbalanced energies, the illuminati, the cabal tried to pit people against one another; those walls are quickly going away.

And this training exercises of many of you that have been involved in this that whose physical bodies have been sleeping on Earth, are experiencing simultaneous revelations and epiphanies of such a nature that we've never experienced before. I say ‘we’ meaning all of us that are joined together as both individual and collective, and it's a unique connecting and coming together in forms of fellowship and connecting with those on Earth and helping to elevate and speed many of these things along.

So it is with great joy that I wish to just give forth my blessings to these and to help many understand that the training exercise, as it has been referred to, as helping many souls that could never even in the new timeline, would never have been able without this type of extra effort being put forth in what's being experienced... in many references, even the giant planetoid mothership that's near Saturn which is one of many of the greater ships of Merkabah that are in parking orbit near Earth, or out... and yet are not being seen at this point, because we want to make sure humanity is prepared and ready, as every eye will behold these realities.

It has been spoken of before but it’s understanding that now from a greater cosmic perspective. We can only just say that some words can't really adequately explain it, of what is being experienced... the breakthroughs that are happening, but it definitely, as we say is of unique order and that some of you who are hearing my voice at this time that are aware of this will be experiencing unique … many of these will be subtle. Ashtar has also said that subtle can be very powerful. This is true.

And there are many synchronicities and serendipities, as it’s termed. Many that have happened in the past have been forgotten but now they're going to be even more; more miracles as they’re termed; miracles in the context of many other things but the nature of life is miraculous and beautiful and very, in a sense has great potential to expand in so many unique directions.

So I just wanted to bring forth through that which I can share, through that which I am expressing a great blessing and a great bestowing upon all of you a sense of the greater responsibilities that you are part of.

And so some of you as time goes on will begin to get glimpses, will begin to get little glimpses – little cosmic hors d'oeuvres as we like to call them – of what you totally in your physical body.

There's more of you experiencing than ever before. You've experienced different degrees of this in the past because you’ve been involved in other training missions, but this is more significant, more dramatic than ever before because of the number Beings  coming together and the breakthroughs and how much energy is being utilized we can say for these breakthroughs and revelations and insights and what comes out of that in the coming days, weeks and months that lie ahead of you. And more of you will be plugged into the realization of this.
So at this point I'm going to also and prepared now to let other aspects of consciousness come forth: Father-Mother God and also Prime Creator as they are … their energies always present and always [???] and part of the universal flow of divine creation. So I want to bless all of you. And say it is a great honor always when I have it chance as Ashtar himself has expressed: a great honor to bring forth energies that I may connect with your heart flame and the essence of who you are and help you be more in touch with as we call personality, personality integration of body- mind- spirit of all levels connecting so that your [???]. I bless all of you to the energetic healing frequencies and the higher lighting provenance that we are have been downloading through this session that we always update and this is of course, even though it's focused upon you, Sister of Light, My Beloved, it is also focused upon everyone who will have a chance to hear this and experience it.

Even those who don't directly hear it, they’re subconsciously picking up on it. This is the nature of surrogacy. Everybody is indirectly and directly benefited and blessed. Some receive it more directly and it's more concentrated in that form, but it goes out more powerfully every time this occurs.

More indirectly receive the blessings and the benefits and everyone is benefited by the training exercises because it is enhancing and increasing and enlarging upon other events that we have done in the past, but it has never been as significant as it is significant of the emotional psychological patterning that humanity is letting go of, freeing itself up and releasing the matrix on the conditions that has been in place for so long and the greater freedom that humanity will experience.

So I bless you at this time. As above so below. All levels of the universe are aligning to bless you.

I AM Lord Sananda. And let great energies of the universe come forth at this time with blessings to you all. 




I AM That I AM the Father God and also the Mother Energy. It is an aspect of Prime Creator, but it is the Father Energy and the Mother Energy together that brings forth the balancing of Divine Creation in this level.

We come forth to also say there are many changes because of that which is taking place that Lord Ashtar and Lord Sananda referred of training exercises, breakthroughs happening in an intergalactic universal sense which is bombarding the Earth right now which is liberating the planet.

I bring forth as the Father Energy and also the Mother Energy of the feminine, the divine feminine, and the divine masculine that we represent.  There is much shifts that are going to be happening on Earth. We could say "culturally" we are [???] regard these training exercises, these breakthroughs that are unique because it has never happened in the universe before as far as Earth is concerned. A major planetary cultural sociological changes that is influencing the, what we call the patriarchal, the aspect of the patriarchal as it has been displayed or expressed in some cultural areas of Earth where the feminine, the goddess has been repressed or has been repressed or suppressed for quite some time.

The feminine, the divine feminine, and the divine masculine we represent is anchoring in a new as we say revelation, a demonstration of consciousness and the energies are being brought forth because these things that the other Beings of Light, my Children of Light throughout the universal realms are joining together, the brothers and sisters, the sons and daughters of the Most High of the celestial host are coordinating, are experiencing, are experiencing transformational breakthroughs. That the energies from the Great Central Sun that I come forth at this time in the center part of this galaxy that we preside over, and Helios… and we could say Alpha and Omega, the aspect of it is part of us and also Helios and Vesta of the Solar Logos.

It’s the Logos energies that we also are overshadowing and transforming. Energies with as we say transforming and merging down into other levels as it comes down to Earth, level upon level is being transformed and anchoring its energy. And so there are going to be some breakthroughs.

I just want to tell you that we always attempt to allow through these transformations that it be as joyous and it be as productive and wonderful and miraculous as possible. And so something this channel is picking up – he was receiving in channeling this recently, but we're attempting to influence this – that there are many, and this is the Mother Energy, the feminine Mother Energy of Divine coming forth to say that there is much is going to be taking place on a cultural sense that allows the feminine, allows the Divine Feminine, the Goddess, the matriarchal in returning to Earth.

And we’re attempting to overshadow this and to neutralize any pain and any suffering, but we just say that some of the events that are taking place or will be taking place can be sometimes painful because some souls choose to incarnate and to experience a martyrdom kind of life. And what we're attempting to do is make it as smooth and as unpainful. But that may not be necessary, because again because one of the things that these breakthroughs on another level is occurring is making the transition much smoother, less violent, less loss of life. The weather aspects will not have to be as extreme.

But in some cultural senses where there has been a repression, again I want to emphasize this, some souls’ life condition has shown that they have chosen to play certain roles so that the awakening of compassion beyond a certain way that one interprets it, as far as religion or sociological things; because this spirituality conscious, conscious that we represent and embody that all of Individualized Godsparks of Divine Intelligence embody and represent, are here to buffer and help to take on as surrogates this kind of energy so that it's not as necessary to generate those kinds of extremes.

But at the same time, these things that have happened have less pain, less suffering, less impact in a destructive way, instead bring more compassion. And as more compassion is felt and more service to collective, and everyone joins together, then as molding clay, cosmic Play-dough as the saying that Ashtar expressed in times past also, that more of humanity comes together in solidarity.

So what we're focusing on through these changes, what the training exercises and the Galactic realms and the solar realms nearby are showing adaptability even on the Elohim level. And different Galactic Beings are learning to, in a
sense, come together in greater areas of solidarity, even though there is the nature of learning to agree-to-disagree and still be in loving harmony, still be able to say "Well you have a different slant, and that is okay."  And so when Divine Creation, whenwe came forth and Prime Creator itself specifically created an entire manifestation of all unique forms of life to be unique and to be able to demonstrate that uniqueness and still be in fellowship and to grow and evolve and to share these things and let the nature of duality on Earth, being unique unto itself.

How can we allow, how can we have breakthroughs and still allow the growth and the learning without having to be as termed “the school of hard knocks” and the pain and the suffering that has been experienced so often on Earth?  How can we make these breakthroughs occur without having to experience extreme forms of suffering and to allow the heart flame of all the I AM Presence to acknowledge  that the small still voice, we've said before, isn't so small and still, it is quite loud like somebody turning up the volume, like someone speaking through a bullhorn that every soul can hear! And even though they may have heard it differently and interpreted it differently which sometimes caused in a sense, reactionary, violent things, out bursts; now there's able to be more harmony of souls coming together.

And the significance of these recent events that is happening right now and it's interpreted in a linear sense of time, as you think of it on Earth, that these training exercises, just so you know, when there seems to be dramatic events happening around you and the nature of how as far as Earth biological family situations, you will start to note and observe -- this is already being noted -- that the things that have kept again many unable to communicate, you will find first it will be subtle and now it will be stronger as you can come together. As you can find again the common ground in such a way that has not been experienced for a long time on planet Earth. Because of the nature of the universal realms experiencing more harmony have always been able to come together, but it’s the unique form that this is taking and the breakthroughs and these training exercises as the term that was already used, by Beings generating a huge amount of focus of their love of their compassion of their dedication and focusing that upon Earth.

And why so many are there being conditions on Earth being disrupted a little bit because of the nature, the dramatic nature and what may even experience … already some have experienced astronomical or seen things in the sky which is again a byproduct. Many forms of breakthroughs happening on other levels as the sky itself can take on the image of a holographic projection from these other realms and what is experienced in levels that Earth could never have taken it before, will be generated at times.

It's a compassionate detachment to be able to see, to acknowledge, and to experience it without it being a disruptive force; instead it is a force that uplifts and helps one again to adapt and hopefully connect together with so many people of different cultures and bringing that together.

So we are overshadowing the feminine and masculine and activating it, bringing it forth with some new alchemical revelatory transformational breakthroughs. And we can only say again, it's subtle at first but it can become very powerful and overwhelming. And that's where the surrogacy of souls helping one another, helping to connect, helping to have the understanding of these things in ways that they never would have been possible.

One thing we said not long ago and we would kind of refer to it again, that those that termed the term laggerds, that were stuck on the wheel of karma, and this is referring to a large part of humanity, that it seemingly would never be able to make it through are showing themselves. Since they’ve been on Earth, even though they been immersed in much pain and suffering, right now there are significant unique physiological genetic breakthroughs. Without having to go through so much direct experience, the surrogacy sense works both ways. Those that take on the suffering of humanity... now humanity is starting to see it through their eyes and understand directly.  Ashtar, as we know, has said this before, "A  horse of a different color."  It's one thing to monitor and to look down from different levels of consciousness; it’s quite another thing up close and personal when one has been directly in human embodiment, seen through human eyes and hear through human ears.

Well, the significance of the way in which this is playing out will bring souls together and find more solidarity. It is also true of certain things that imbalanced energies have attempted to fool humanity; that's not working. Humanity, on a mass level, is waking up. Now they've had their role, from the time they began to misuse their power and capacities, that they have utilized as the ability to discern, to be able to acknowledge to be able to find closure, and also accountability; how one can improve and balance in loving awareness and loving unity. And also being able to forgive and to unite those energies and giving them Love and Light, welcoming them back or in a sense recycling things in such a way that all energies are reunited and come together in solidarity.

And so there are these very wonderful and dramatic changes that nevertheless will not be again the intensity, the sense of souls having at least physical bodies,  to be away from some of this because it's too intense. Some will choose to stay, at least for a little while, to experience in a human sense and that is a buffer effect that adds to the collective momentum field. This is such a unique thing, for so many billions of years that have passed, and other groups of Beings came together and are now joined. And eyes, all eyes watching Earth right now to see the uniqueness of this change.

But I want to bless all of you. The Father and the Mother Energy; that we bring forth this energy and just wish to overshadow you and bless all of you and to acknowledge the significant changes, and the many of you having visions and awareness of these changes and how that will also play out in the coming days,  weeks and months … the next few years of chronological Earth time as you’ve understood it up to now and as you merge into this state of Now and Oneness with all creation. Seeing through the consciousness and eyes of all Beings, I'm uniting in fellowship; and so we unite you. We bring you forth and we bless all of you and the great blessings that this Shift of the Ages, not only the three cycles that was referred to, but a fourth cycle that I and … well all of us in the energy aspect, that we are part of have acknowledged and observed and experienced.
So I bless you.
Again the Father-Mother Energy comes forth to bring the smooth changes and the unification of Divine Consciousness. So understand the difficulties sometimes in understanding human, what is taking place on the human level is taking place on other levels. That it becomes easier to understand and more of you getting the revelation, getting the same message or the significance about how you are working together on other levels to complete this unique transformational Shift of the Ages. But the uniqueness of things that have never been allowed or could never be conceived in other time levels or consciousness levels of Divine Creation, they would never have been possible that is now taking place.
And there's no real word or term to define it because any word you use is very limited and just you have to be there to experience it as you are. Every eye is beholding. Every level of consciousness is observing and we just see the unique nature of divine reality as it unfolds on planet Earth at this time.
I bless you. This is the Father-Mother Energy. And it is now, we step forward for Prime Creation itself to express in whatever way it wishes to as it flows through, through us and comes down to the Earth level. And all levels unite simultaneously on what experience this blesses.
So I bless you. We are one with you. And through the I AM Presence of your consciousness. So it is. So it will be and always will be. Blessings to you all.




I Love You. I love you all.

I have great compassion that I AM Divine Creator, of this channel having a little challenge because when I came forth through him in years past and he felt overwhelmed because the energy that was being released and brought forth and was being anchored, felt like his body was about to blow apart because of the intensity, as he would say. In years past because of bringing a new beam of energy through him to counteract something else that was taking place on Earth; someone else that was attempting to channel and other forces were trying to destroy this individual. So then, at other times when I have come forth, the essence of That I AM to all Creation, being One and Complete, he was overwhelmed and could hardly handle that energy. And now his physical body is able to handle it, through experiences he has had, that we just wish to unify and connect with all of you. How much love I have for all of you; all of my creations.

The Father-Mother Energy that I also have brought forth and created on all levels and all realms and all dimensions and all that is, was, and ever will be the shifts, the changes that is calibrating in this new transformational process and what is defined in the use of terms as a training exercise because of it never having been seen until this time, this moment  -- I'm using Earth terminology of how many Beings are now unifying themselves. And so I work to help release any pressures, any confusion, or any difficulties that your physical Earth body and all these other bodies, because all levels and realms are feeling and acknowledging this transformation of consciousness. But I just want to express my love for all of you, every one of the Individualized Godsparks of Divine Intelligence.

My beautiful creations, each and every one of you that is part of me, that is part of all that is, was, and ever will be, are experiencing together these discoveries and these breakthroughs of what all that is, was, and can be experienced. And of the aspect of molding clay... of molding it, changing it and altering it as we’re constantly transforming my essence of creation that’s constantly expanding along. All of you and all of us, together, experience and grow and elevate, and... acknowledging the greater joy of what we are all a part of; what we experienced, continually growing and expanding and renewing the connection of Fellowship that we have. And we just wish to shift things around.

Perhaps we understand as others have expressed, perhaps I have the honor as Prime Creation to bring forth, if there are some questions, our Sister of Light, that you might wish to ask and I might help clarify through this channel. And through using words and terms which are really limited and restrictive but using terms the best words the closest words that can be uttered through this channel's voice box and expressed to all. But it centers around the love that I have and the care that I have and the concern for all to be able to grow and to experience together and yet still be individual as well as collective in Fellowship. How to enhance it so your training exercise is part of this. So again the significance that was expressed by Ashtar and Sananda and Father-Mother Energy that is part of Me in its own levels that I can express the same universal sense of care and compassion that you, as part of Me, continue to grow and expand. And perhaps there are questions that I might be able to explain as you can understand it on a human level? Beyond it. Yes?

Anne:      Yes. Thank you. Thank you. I was hoping for an opportunity because we've heard many, many words and as you say, it's difficult to give pure concepts with words, but there is so much ongoing suffering, as you know,   [PC: Yes.]   ... and apparently we see no light at the end of the tunnel. We’re looking for relief that we thought would have come months ago and never dreamed we would be at the point -- the linear point that we are at today. And now we hear words of weeks, months and years.

So is there… I know this training exercise is encompassing probably all of the ground crew that's down here   [PC: Yes. Yes]    to make us more effective.   [PC: Yes.]   Can we anticipate soon – we’re tired of the word – but can we anticipate relief and a tolerance for life again because there is very little left for many people? I hear many stories … they come to me and I'm not in a position, so is relief coming soon? “Soon!”

Well. Yes. Relief has always been approaching, has been manifesting, but I understand also in the literal sense of the Earth level that you, as an Individualized Godspark of Divine Intelligence, all of the Earth's population, as Individualized Godsparks of Divine Intelligence, as Beings of Consciousnesses of Light individualized within my Divine Creation who yearns, who desires, who pleads, who prays, who Light Decrees to make it all happen “sooner” and the timeframe of waiting in that up to now. It is also understandable because my compassion for each and every soul on this planet and even my love -- even for the ones who in the creation that I brought forth who have chosen to, as some would judge, abuse or misuse or choose to express themselves as others would call destructive or counter anti-light ways -- I love them just as much because of the learning and the growth that souls choose through free will; the responsibility of free will.

But getting back to this focus that you have asked sincerely. All the many souls that I hear sincerely asking, pleading, praying... to take away the suffering, to make it easier, and understanding with great compassion and mercy this, this heartfelt yearning and call for the answer – not just the answer, but the actual experience of it.

The way I understand too that this channel that I come through and his great struggle of seeing so many termed "dry runs" in the interpretation of time through channeled sources and what things that were expected or was planned in times past leading up to this moment. And as the saying of "No one knows the exact time of the day...," there is great truth only in regards to define, in the linear sense, the exact moment when.

As this channel knows and many have suspected and know also, that they’re to define in chronological linear time since the shifting of the timeline it is such it is varying the way in which My creation plays itself out on the human level. And the challenge of the end of cycles and the end of the ages of the planet reaching a certain end and then the momentum building up to define it and declare it in an accurate way is one of the most challenging things one can possibly do when reality as one refers to it is changing itself and coming into a new manifestation.

To interpret it and define it with Earth terminology is a near impossible thing. Almost to that degree, many have gotten close to it and have signed it and have since and as others have said in their own way other than the words "soon, shortly and imminent" have been well worn out many, many times over and yet that's the only way you can define it: that it's "imminent" and that the solidarity and the training exercise that's taking place is actually, as a new thing recently of linear time universally, galacticly, and all the universes coming together... I said this and even others -- who as Ashtar and Sananda themselves expressed -- as part of a wonderful creation that has existed in what I have brought forth, they are expressing it the best they can, but the profound nature... there's really no words to describe it.

But we understand what you have asked and wanting to get more of a sense of that which can give hope and clarification compared to anything one has received up to now. And it would be said that the love that I feel for you, because I care and not to give false hope or to give false interpretation, that it's brought through even in itself which can be somewhat limited, based on the consciousness of you that are still on Earth.

When you are in universal state... it's like you don't-know-why-you-know,-but-you-know kind of state... it’s beyond human description. It's just in that state and how to try to merge the higher levels of things that are already happening based on the timeline sense, with the Earth levels; it's a very… it's there are almost no words to describe it except that it's all still within the grand scheme of things. The energy can only be interpreted from your perspective... a matter of hours, days, or weeks, and possibly months... but again, even using those terminologies, we understand the feeling of, of the sense of it‘s such a yearning that this channel himself is sometimes in torment about that, because he wants to make sure that that which is brought through him, he is desiring and yearning to make as clear as possible - not to influence, not to take away, even when one has desire to want it to happen “yesterday,” -- that one must be with great honesty to themselves.

I do not want to influence to make it sound better or to sugarcoat it because... it's a spontaneous manifestation.

The decision was made basically, even as of 2012, if we try to define it, to extend it longer than some had foreseen it... as being kind of a focus of some events playing out in the physical. That if extending it a little longer “allowed more souls to make it through”
-- it's kind of balancing between the humanity’s desire for these breakthroughs of the RV and those things, versus taking a little longer to salvage more souls. There is a balancing effect.

There comes a point finally when both of those dynamics must come together and it does occur. But, because you can find a little more elasticity, like "How much can the balloon expand before it bursts?"  And "How the balloon can somehow adapt and expand even further than it was designed to stretch?"  And in your way of describing it, that if that stretching does allow some souls to make it through, that wouldn't have to go through hundreds of thousands of millions of years of cycles to start all over again; that if they can make it through "this time" -- using a phraseology you are willing in this training exercise -- is being able to allow that type of elastically of expansion so we can define it in kind of Earth terms that give half a dozen of the others. That's the balance you’re all deciding right now. You're creating it …

Anne:      Yeah. We’re running short on time and I know we're going to get cut off and I hope we can get reconnected again,  [PC: Yes] but to sum up, because the whole core of these messages -- I was told all of you wanted to speak and so I brought about this call today and it was correct: you did all want to speak. And the prime focus seems to be to make us aware of the training exercises that we, as ground crew participating in, is stronger than anything that has ever been offered since the 144,00 first arrived. So this is a monumental training exercise. And what is the intentioned result of that: to make us more capable? Tolerant? Able to withstand? Endure? What is the intention of this training exercise that we’re involved in?

All of that and more. All of that and more. And to also find that, we could say, access point of the dynamics of how far, how long do we extend it and how soon do we have it activate? As I just said, the longer we extend it in a sense, the more souls could make it through, but... there comes a cut off point. It’s like the elasticity of the balloon that, to find that apex point, that vortex centerpoint that may reach maximum graduation for as many souls as possible, and learn as much, while duality still temporarily existed. It starts to go away now. Define maximum growth... wisdom, experience that can never be experienced anywhere ever again, has occurred on this level of Earth, and the longer it is extended in one sense – know there comes a point when one has to cut it off – the more perfect, the more grounded, the more in place the wisdom of more souls for more souls has taken place. Allowing more souls to graduate.

Anne:      Let me ask you this. What is the best point of view that we can hold here to make it more easy and comfortable, to appreciate the value of what we're going through? What is the best point of view for us to hold?
The way I would describe that:  as being in an expectant now state. Expecting things to be as much as possible now. Understanding that perfection is a relative thing. It's like the old phrase “fake it until you make it” that has been coming through this channel a number of times. In other words, even if you're not sure, because it may vary with each of you in your own way, but it is the desire of the heart to be able to master and to anchor the perspective of "expectant now." That you're as grounded in the now as possible, going about everything you have to do from day to day, but being open to bringing in the new experiences, the change and transformation, bringing you closer to that apex point that I just referred to. That each soul, individually and collectively, can achieve an overlap, like many dynamics, like an eclipse. The more souls that come together in solidarity, while still finding their uniqueness, then that makes it more perfect and you will finally achieve that apex point and the breakthrough happens.

Anne:      The "apex point," -- the point of vibration that needs to be within the collective [PC: Yes] The level of consciousness of the collective is our target. Is that correct?
PC: Yeah, as much in harmony and as much in solidarity and as much of highest aspirations while still focusing on everyday responsibilities and being able to be more forgiving to oneself, even when one seems to be falling back on old behavior. It's not so much even the falling back; it's how you handle it. It's the yearning of the heart; as more souls are looking beyond differences and coming together. The more souls achieve and master that, the more quickly that apex, that focus point --  like a vortex, like an eclipse ... all comes together, and that is the moment when all of you, with essence of who I am, the I AM That I AM Essence of all Creation, activates the cosmic green light and even the precursors of the RV, and things leading up to final acknowledgment of you being part of an Intergalactic Community.

But the events leading up to it, those events will be clarified and will occur as aspects  that are achieved. Perfection is a relative thing, but we would be able to accept [???] understood. Humanity will instinctively see how right on everything is and it will also make sense why it couldn't happen until the time it does... for the moment it does. Even the moments before.

Anne:      Are we moving in the right direction? Have we slid back at all? Are we continuing to raise the collective vibration?
Yes. You are doing that. You are. Even if it seems at times you backslide, when you average it all out overall the planet is moving forward, accelerating in frequency. There’s fluctuation in the field, but overall it keeps building up. Even when it seems to go backwards, it's continuing to build upon itself. And the reason it couldn't have happened before now, these things that you're all doing with the training exercises... to help your physical self also have greater sense of holding in there. It helps you. It wears off on you, so to speak. You take on a greater sense of purpose and understanding of what we have shared today of the apex and vortex points of things lining up. The dynamics are lining up and becoming better all the time so when it does happen it can be said that the best possible alignment that could ever have been achieved will finally occur. And that's what these training exercises are helping.

Anne:      Again just to give us, to empower us, this is the reason I'm asking these questions. To empower us to live each day in such a way that we can do our part to move this forward. [PC:Yes] Our focus should always be on that which is better, not to focus on the things that have abused us in the past and relive those and reactivate energies that, uh, where we were abused. That will only pull us … to incite anger or anything of that nature would pull us backward. So our greatest work is to look forward to the joy ahead and see the goodness in each day. Is this where we can contribute to move this forward?

Yes. Absolutely. And it's not a matter of “ignoring” what we did find or refer to as negative or imbalanced; it's being able to transmute and release certain focus in the way that humanity has, up until now, given power to, or allowed, things to be in their life. It's the focusing on all the good things and wonderful things and uplifting and all the beautiful qualities and essences.

As the focus is placed on that, the other things fall away. One finds innovation, one finds capacities within themselves that have been buried. The more one releases and lets go of things, they are quickly replaced in a more powerful way. They can be subtly done. That's why it's important that humanity give itself the benefit of the doubt. As Ashtar has said before, that the only way you can really mess up on your mission is to really try to mess up on it.

Now that having been said, one will stand before Councils; will go back and return to levels where you’ve operated most of your existence off the planet, and you do want to look back with a feeling of “I really gave it my all.” There's no way for "woulda, coulda, shoulda" or any kind of regrets, as it’s been said. And so pat yourself on the back. Each and every one of you. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt; how wonderful, how incredibly awesome each and every one of you are. What awesome Beings of Light  you have demonstrated yourselves to be, many times over.

And as you rise to the occasion as you are, you are demonstrating day in and day out a magnificent ability to adapt. But it's just going to become more magnificent and more powerful and more awesome in a short period of time because the momentum – the quantum momentum field is continuing to build upon itself. So the more you could, as you stated, focus on these more important priorities, and less on the negative or imbalance, the more you can bring that into your consciousness the better. This has been talked about before; it’s just that it becomes more possible now, energetically, with the energies that I have brought forth from all of my essence surrounding the Earth and bombarding the Earth, with such love and such care and such concern that allows greater innovative productivity and manifestation than ever before in the universe, in the history of Earth itself. To be part of…

Anne:      I have one more question. As you know, Father-Mother God have withdrawn their regular meetings with us on a weekly or twice-monthly basis and people are feeling a loss. A loss of this support. And we've been trying to make them aware, or I've been trying to make them aware, that it's necessary to withdraw so we will turn within. Quit chasing trying to see what other, now that our source of information has withdrawn, to run and look for another source of information or two or three sources and compare them trying to come up with a median type of…  We’re looking outside when all the knowledge we really need can be found within, if people would only turn within and trust that they can have the right answer within themselves. Is this true? And if it is please comment.

Well yes. I am always present within all beings and all forms of life. I am always I AM That I AM always there.

Now it may be true sometimes those who have developed a certain ability to receive,  may on an individual basis in a unique kind of way, as certain people face challenges,  once in a while going to one who was specializing in that that can be helpful; but the sense of their overall life of going inside and developing more self sufficiency of worth of connections with me. I enjoy communicating and giving forth my love and my blessings to each and all. I will continue to come through channels and those who have developed the ability to communicate but it is …
[call drops] [1:30:44]

Anne:      Oh, there it went. We have to wait now and see if we can get the call restored. It cuts out. But we did have 90 minutes without interruption. I'm going to wait until Michael is able to call back in and still not lose his connection with Prime Creator. So that's what I'm waiting for right now, that he can maintain his state and still call back in to this active call. We've used up his usual 90 minutes. But here on BlogTalk we have more time. I'm looking for a restoration for him to call back in. And we’ll just have to wait and see if it shows up. Okay. And he said he has been able to… Here he is. He's back. Okay.

We wish to… We know the time here …  This channel’s communication device that has little glitches in it but it is not a big problem compared to other things that one faces.
It is just that as we finish up this opportunity of interacting in this way of communicating and expressing, I just wish to again express my love, my presence to all that are here. I am here within each and every one of you, of all beings on Earth that I am connected with. And I work to help each of you receive clearer guidance and to help each of you individually as well as collectively come together in greater peace and solidarity. Come together and work out the so-called differences and see all the things you have in common that you can unite on and embrace each other and to finding solutions, finding revelatory transformational processes that will bring all of you together. I will invoke those to Divine Creation I AM invoking those within each and every one of you. So it is a great honor. I use that expression to recognize each of you.

Anne:      Just to reassure people because they're so used to going outside and comparing that so-and-so's message to so-and-so's message. And they don't trust their own knowledge that can be accessed within themselves. And I believe that is the reason Zorra and Saryya have withdrawn... to allow us to make that turn within; to go within. Sananda has written two messages about going within. And is that not where we get pretty much our best information?
Well this is true. Self-sufficiency is very important. There's always opportunities... again it is not to disconnect from, if one feels guidance once in a while to have, like one goes to a counselor, so it is. Channeling can be used to help one clarify what they’re already feeling. It's not [???] but the dependency aspect. It's not that one gets to something week after week, month after month, year after year, and they kind of dump as much focus from their own inner development.

We want all souls to be self-sufficient. There are many, such as this channel, and others that will always provide on individual basis’s, when as far as connecting to somebody and those that are waking up that can be, get more insights they, these ones will make themselves available. And that's their mission; to be a cosmic telephone line. But they also realize, as there are in some situational groups that are coming out, one phase coming to an end and this gives, as you have said, certain members of that alignment and connection to develop a little more of a personal relationship with me, with Divine Creation in all beings and Ashtar and Sananda and Father- Mother Energy is always present to connect. And it is like a different kaleidoscope.

There may be at times what appears to be paradoxes. One aspect of that which I bring forth might seem to express something in one way and because the universe is going through its changes, it might express a little differently, but that doesn't invalidate. That’s not saying that it's not expressed exactly the same, if it was all cloned exactly the same, it’d be pretty boring. So aspects come forth that can be expressed, giving one a whole collage ...  a whole, as we say, interesting view of how different realities there is agree to disagree patterns that take place. That doesn't invalidate, it just gives you a whole interesting, as we say, sense of like a smorgasbord. A chance to try out, to experience while still going inside and developing. Like flexing your spiritual muscles  priming them developing becoming stronger becoming more in tune. And every now and then if you feel guidance to have a session and get insights the energy will always be there. But more and more it's a self-sufficiency too.

As we go along here as we gear up for these wonderful manifestations it was a great promise to give forth, a sacred promise, a cosmic done deal as we've said. It’s just again how it plays out; how it finally comes down to be revealed, to be observed... a go out and thump it on the street kind of reality.

We know that's what you all want as what is most important to so many of you but it's also being in the present now and again participatory now. Being as much in the now as possible, but still being open to what is about to unfold. It's a balance between those dynamics that allow you to forge ahead with great perspective in balancing your life. Heavy and light at the same time, so you can meet challenges more effectively without going to extremes so much. 

So I just love you all and bless you all. And so to the best of your ability I AM there to support you. I’m always present. Even when you feel that you're not connected with me, my presence is always there to guide and to overshadow and to inspire and to elevate. And you're given more free will than ever before, which of course for some it maybe a little scary, when more free will is given because one feels "Well, I have enough challenges already with the amount of free will that I do have." As you invoke "Not my will but Thy Will Be Done," that sense is that your free will be aligned with Divine Will.   And now Ashtar has said this before, "You’re actually given more free will because you show the greater responsibility of handling greater free will." 

What comes around goes around. It's been said before and it's true. So be open to more responsibility but don't think of it as a heavy burden. Think of this as, “Oh my! How wonderful this is that I'm given more chance to grow and experience!” Still knowing the great promise that all these wonderful things are yet going to happen.

Anne:      We’re very grateful. Thank you Prime Creator. We're very grateful that you honored us with your presence and introduced yourself so personally so that we don't hesitate to go within and talk individually with you, knowing that you are there and your response will be felt. Is that true?
No it is mutual! The honor is mine too. Because unlike the image of a being with a long robe a long beard on a throne going another mark against you.  There is no limit to my love, and my care.

And I want all my Individualized, Godsparks of divine creation to have all the wonderful experiences and then some that you could possibly imagine! And you will in fact experience all that in due time as things unfold. You can't have it all at once or there would be no challenge or growth. It's the newness of discovery as you meet it as you go along that expands your horizons and allows you to be more of who you are, developing your uniqueness, but still coming together in fellowship with ever more love and care and understanding. I bless you and I love you all.
Anne:      Thank you
That I AM and so it is, was and is and will ever will be.

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada