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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hollow Earth Network

Blog Talk Radio

Telephone replay: 1  605-562-3132 + 439724#  Ref:102# 

Total Broadcast Minutes: 3:16:54

Intro Music
Beginning dialogue
Anne:     Here we go. Oh, I’m going to miss that song. Darn. Hi everybody. This is Anne.
[Song begins replaying] Uh oh! [Anne laughing] Aw, this is so funny. Oh my, it won’t turn off. Someone was playing games with me!
Hi everybody. This is Anne DeHart in southern Arizona welcoming you to our Hollow Earth Network final call with our beloved Zorra from Hollow Earth.
Many of you had endured hours of travails yesterday. My hours of travails continued until about four o'clock in the morning but we got it sorted out. And we do have our telephone group connected. Although up until the last couple of minutes, didn't know if that was going to work because it wouldn't take the code. It kept improvising the numbers that were put in. I think sometimes that if you go through things like this, folks, remember they told us we are going through our initiations on the surface, not in the retreat where they are conjured up for us. We're living our initiations. And I think this was one of them.
Okay, for those of you that may just be catching up with us as we have our final call, let's get today's date line in. Today's date line is Thursday, January 8th, 2015. Our last call, we presume, with Zorra from Hollow Earth. He said he might drop in and say hello in a couple of months. And who knows what will be in our lives at that time.

Zaraya Introduced Zorra in 2011

We were first introduced to Zorra back in April of 2011. First call we met Col. Billie Faye Woodard, there were six of us on that call. Two weeks later, Col. Woodard said I'll bring my father and will have another call in two weeks. His father turned out to be Zorra of Hollow Earth. And on that call we had over 100. And of course today we have thousands globally. This has rung the bell for so many people, filling in a big empty void that they've felt shouldn't have been there. Something should have been in there and we found it.
Col. Woodard, Billie Faye Woodard, placed up here in 1951 in Wichita Falls Texas. The whole story is on BlogTalkRadio.com /Hollow Earth Network. It was recorded just a few months ago with more detail than I had even heard in the previous three or four years. It tells the whole story of the depth of concern that dear Zorra and his other half Saryya had for us here on the surface that he actually asked his two children if they would permit him to place them in human surface bodies up here on the surface and establish a communication link.
And they did. And Zaraya today is in his sixth decade, he spent 60 years just trying to find the right ears which he found in April of 2011. That's us guys. We all cognited on this. And this pretty much completes Zaraya's mission. He’ll get to go home now bringing his other half Quazar, who will be monitoring our call in just a minute. They're both going back to Hollow Earth, but that's another story. I'm not going to get into it.
You can listen to Zaraya's words – very interesting – it's our featured episode on BlogTalkRadio.com. So with that little bit of history there, we've got our date line in. We’re eager to hear from Zorra not me, but we want to also give a little understanding to those who may have just discovered us.
And with that, I'm just going to turn this over to Zaraya and Quazar and they'll be introducing guests and Zorra himself. So here we go: Zaraya and Quazar.
Zaraya:  [singsongy, reminding Anne] Invocation! 
Anne:     [laughing] Oh! And I can do it. It was terrible yesterday. It's a good thing I've got it so well memorized. Okay. All right. Going to close your line kiddies, just a minute.

INVOCATIONS ---------------------------------
Anne:     Yeah Zorra’s asked – because things are so turbulent, so turbulent these days that it's easy, especially if we’re not aware of how to do it, to leave ourselves susceptible to connection with energies that are not in our best interests. And sometimes things have happened and they’ve already connected and caused us to do things that we really didn't feel we would have done had we really had our thinking cap on but now were stuck with them. It happened. We did it. We said it. We thought it.
Because St Germain tells us to watch our thoughts, words, and actions. So our thoughts count, our words count, and our actions count, that's how we create. But now that it's done what do we do?
Do we have to just live knowing that such a thing occurred and those energies, every time something brings up a certain subject there is in our face again? No. We have been given divine grace; a state of grace.
The one that I'm using, the affirmation of the Violet Flame comes from the I AM Discourses series of books dictated to Godfre Ray King back in the ‘30s by St. Germain himself. We have a page on our HollowEarthNetwork.com, you'll see a page called St. Germain Quotes. It tells you how to even get the books.
The first two are just magical, truly magical. I would recommend UnVeiled Mysteries and, oh what's the other one? Anyway, the first two books. (It bothers me I can't remember that.) But that’s where this affirmation comes from along with many that I committed to memory decades ago and use still today. And we’re going to clear – we’re going to learn how to release ourselves from these latent energies just waiting for someone to trigger them. And then we have to deal with it all over again. Let's get rid of it.

And so we stand with your feet flat on the ground, our hands down at our sides with the palms facing beloved Terra, our beloved planet.
And we say, we envision this beautiful soothing Violet Flame, just all around us, encompassing all four of our earthly bodies (physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional bodies). Cleansing all those energies. There's a picture of it right there on the Home Page of our website. You can see someone – a figure with these soothing Violet Flames and this is what we say:
I AM the mighty Violet Consuming Flame, that now and forever, consumes and transmutes all past and present mistakes, their cause, core, effect and Akashic record.
I say that four times and did so today during my meditation. Apply that. And after you’ve said it four times, envision these beautiful soothing Violet Flames consuming and transmuting, neutralizing so that when the next time the subject comes up there’s no reaction. It’s gone. It’s gone even from the Akashic Record. We’re free.
So with that, I’m going to now do our Pillar of Protection which was dictated by Lord Ashtar himself to his own twin flame, Pallas Athena, a very close sister-friend of mine. Lord Ashtar and Pallas Athena and Sananda and I are sort of a “group” up there on the bridge of the New Jerusalem.
Anyway, I’m very close to both Ashtar and Pallas Athena. And when Athena takes a dictation from Ashtar, she is extremely careful, reading back word-for-word to make sure she’s accurate. And this is where we get our White Pillar of Protection, from Lord Ashtar thru his own twin Pallas Athena.
And so we’re going to stand with our feet flat on the floor. Our hands above our head, this time. Fingers pointing up to our own beloved I AM Presence.
That’s the wonderful part of this: that projected this incarnated being that we are to the surface. But we’re still connected, and our own I AM Presence is still watching over us. And we’re connected thru this wonderful Pillar of Pure White Light.
Nobody can do it for us. You can't say, “Hey, put a pillar on me. I'm going to go …” No, no, no. This is between us and our own I AM Presence. And so we say; and as I say it I like to take my hands down and just kind of draw this curtain down around me. Remember it's a pillar. It's not a tube, it's not a cylinder, it's not a bell. It's a solid pillar of protective White Light Substance. And so just take your hands up above your head, connect to your beloved I AM Presence, and then as we say this, draw that solid pillar of White Light down around you. Nice cozy cocoon of safety. Here we go.
Beloved I AM Presence,
Intensify your protective pillar of pure white light substance in, through, and around me.
Charge it with your invincible protection, all-powerful and impenetrable that keeps me insulated from all that is not of the Light and keep it sustained.
Make and keep me ever sensitive to you and your direction, and immune to all imperfect vibratory rates.
So be it.
It is done.
I AM that I AM. I AM that I AM.
I AM that I AM. I AM that I AM.
And with that, I'm turning it back over to Zaraya and Quazar who will soon trade places with Zorra and Saryya. So right now we're looking forward to hearing from Zaraya, son of Zorra. And Zaraya's other half, our beloved Quazar. Come on guys.

Quazar: Well hello there Lady Nada! Anne, you sound so beautiful now.
Anne:     [laughing] It is nice to be quiet again, isn't it?
Quazar: And how are you feeling today, after last night from that huge wonderful …
Anne:     Well it's a good thing I'm a spring chicken so I can handle these things. [laughing] Because I was thinking, Anne, don't lose it! You're on a deadline and you can't let anything go wrong this time. So you get very sensitive after going through the kind of experience we had yesterday. So all is well now.
Quazar: Well we want to thank you. You did beautifully. Thank you so much for … (Zaraya: Keeping your cool!)  Well, just getting this all straightened out. And here we are! So that's a thank you!
Okay, so we're going to start all over again, kind of. And many of you weren't able to get on the call last night and it was a tremendously powerful evening. You will feel that again tonight.

Quazar & Zaraya’s Plans For Near Future

Before we bring in our beloved Zorra, I think it's time for you to hear a little bit from us. As far as Zorra is saying farewell to all of you, our brothers and sisters, about what we are planning on doing as Zorra kind of let us go and do the things that we feel we still have to accomplish before the other ‘big event.’ This is after the RV. So I'm going to ask Zaraya to say a few words on that.

Zaraya:  You mean what we're going to be doing?
Quazar: Yes. What are we going to be doing, dear?

Zaraya: What are we going to be doing? Okay we're going to be doing… um, um … we’re going to be doing philanthropy work. We're going to set up a few organizations for different sects of the population. And uh, well?

Quazar: Maybe I could expound a little bit. So as we become incognito again -- and many of you understand that ‘cause we’ve done that at least a couple of times during these past four years -- we would like… we will now have an opportunity again to set into motion or to begin to set into motion the plans that we have post RV. So of course all of you know, and we know … we just know that this is going to be happening very, very shortly. Any minute. Any day. And so therefore, for all of you too, it's time. And you know it so many times we’ve been feeling let down that it didn’t happen. It didn't happen in November or December or a year ago or two years ago, etc. But we also know that it is happening now. And it has been divinely ordained that this is to be.

Anyway, going back to what Zaraya and I are going to be doing, we are going to set up our plans. We have already begun to do that. For all of you folks who haven’t even yet really started to become really serious about doing that, you know, start picking out your tax attorneys or your estate attorneys or setting up your trusts; getting at least those things straightened out so that you are prepared for when all of this does happen.

And the other things that Zaraya and I are planning on doing is rather, you know somewhat private, but we want to be able to do some things as well before it’s time for us to leave the surface for a while, that we will not divulge at this time.

So anyway, we hope that all of you are going to do things also where you can begin to move in to a state where you are becoming more and more awakened each moment, each day of this time, of this existence.

Zaraya, was there anything else?

Oh, wait, I’m sorry. We want to say we love you So, So, So much. And we thank you from the depths of our heart that you have been here with us, all along and that also, because we are so connected, we will always be there for each other. And we all know that. So even though we’re not in communication, we know that we’re together always in our thoughts, in spirit, because, as we know, we are all one.
Zaraya, do you have something else you would like to add?
Zaraya:  No, you pretty well covered it.
Quazar:  Oh, okay. [Both laugh]


Quazar:  Well, before we bring Zorra in, we would like to, we need to kind of back track a little bit from last night.



Last night we had a wonderful being, Christine, who is now in the process of making the headbands. And we had a call today already from one who does not have a computer and would like to be able to talk with her. So I would like to let people know, who don’t have access to email. I will give you her phone number which is strictly only for headbands and you don’t have a computer in which to send her an email. So that number is 706-996-5912.
And now, for the next part of our show, we also have Missy and Mark with us.

[Anne needing to find Mark in array of calls on her board chats with Missy re technical process to locate Mark in phone queue.]
[deleted text]
Anne:     I have a couple of questions when you guys are all done.
Quazar: Okay. Go ahead Anne.
Anne:     Well first of all I think people might like to know why we, why Missy told Jane and Billie about this. She and Mark were working and what was it that happened that Missy decided to bring you guys in on it and the rest of the Hollow Earth group. Can you tell us about that?
Mark:     Well that would be a funny thing to just demonstrate about how it works to live in the now and live in the flow, because everything to do even me meeting Kate, me meeting Missy and her finding this because I was looking for it. And that was really for me initially … and then Missy can tell you how it is related to you guys.
Zorra Sets Things in Motion To Join Group

Missy:    Well 11 days ago, after listening to one of Zorra’s calls, my intuition or higher self pressed upon me to call Billie and Jane and make sure that they are part of the group. I didn't have the phone number. So I thought, well, okay how do I do this? And what am I doing calling Jane and Billie, because to me, and I’ve told them this before, they are rock stars to me. And Zorra: it makes me kind of starstruck to talk to him. So I just kind of put it off, and put it off.
And then I went to make a local call with my cell phone, and in order to make any local call from my area I have to dial five. And I went to call my brother and I pressed five and Billie's phone number popped up in my phone. [Obvious omen] Okay, I guess I'm going to call him now, here's their phone number! And so I called him and explained myself that I wasn't selling anything, and I'm not trying to make anything off this, what have you. But the higher self impressed upon me to bring you guys in.
And I am so grateful for Hollow Earth Network. I happen to live in next to Mount Shasta. And I've just recently moved here. And when I moved here I started looking up Hollow Earth information, and low and behold… The Hollow Earth Network website I just have such an affinity for and so to be able to offer this to those of you who are also part of the Hollow Earth Network just makes my heart just sing. It absolutely fills my soul. [choking up] I’m sorry, I'm going to start crying.
Anne:     That's a beautiful story. After you told this to Jane, did you get any further word? I don't want to put words in your mouth but I know what Jane told me. How all this inspiration actually was presented to you. First of all from your higher self, next it appeared on your cell phone, who was behind all that?
Missy:    Oh, the Arcturians, The Galactic Federation. Is that what you were getting at?
Anne:     Jane told me… I don't want to put the words out…Jane …
Quazar: Well, Zorra was the one that put out the idea for you to call.
Missy:    Oh absolutely. Can you be more specific?  When I had the impression from the higher realms, my higher self, it definitely was the voice of Zorra. And I did respect that in fact.
Anne:     That's what I wanted to hear.
Missy:    Yeah, yeah you’re right! And then Mark and I had the opportunity in a conference call with Billie and Jane, Zorra came through and it was absolutely awesome. We can all thank Zorra.
Anne:     Also Zorra was the one that wanted us to know this. He’s the one that instigated you connecting with us.
Missy:    Yes. Yes. I will give him the credit. Absolutely.
Quazar: So with that, do you think it's time?
[people talking over one another]
Anne:     Oh he's probably bored with us already. He's probably out swimming somewhere.
Quazar:  Well I think everyone is pretty well set. I think that was really great Mark and Missy, all that information you gave us. So I think we can now go ahead and continue with our farewell Zorra call.
Anne:     Oh wait a minute I have one more question for Missy because your phone is cutting out.

Missy:    … and I don’t know why my phone’s clicking, it may be the one that was totally taken out last night. As I was talking on it, it totally went dead. You were absolutely right, Anne. It's not so much that we’re being tested – well maybe it was kind of a test with the call – is that they are actually training to interface with our technology. And it's going to be something that the Galactic's are going to do.
Fifteen years ago I had phenomenal experiences with my television, my radio, my phone, any communication I had they came through. It was very clear. And it started to kick in again. And I would have to say that if you wanted to blame somebody for that real interference last night, I'll take the credit or so to speak, because it was very familiar to me.
Anne:     Well we're going through some real – and I think everybody … I just have to take my hat off to them. I monitored the phone people that didn't realize they had been cut out. I won't even go into all the details. But then…

on the Hollow Earth Network Radio Show …
Quazar: Okay! Here we are!
Zorra:     Indeed beloved masters!
Mark:     Oh cool!
Anne:     Welcome!
Zorra:     I think I should continue, anyway.
[several people talking]
Quazar:  Thank you once again. Thank you Missy and Mark. And if you’d press one we will go ahead and continue.

Prime Creator Lifted the Veil

Zorra:     Indeed! Well, beloved masters, we left off last night talking about the gift from Prime Creator. And of course you know what that was. That was the lifting of the Veil off of mother Terra. Many of you weren't there on the call.

Also when we have what is termed to answer some questions we want to have what is termed as new calls. New peoples. So if you have been on before to ask a question, lower your hand if you are not new because we need for some others to have a chance to get in to ask a question.

You have asked many questions, many of you that are on the question line, and it is what is termed as, um, I term it a rehash of what is termed the same information has been given before. So I will ask that if you have spoken with me, asked a question of me, do the courtesy to press one and let others have, the new peoples have a chance to ask a question that hasn't been asked before.

I will continue. Now many of you that were on the call last night experienced a lift in your physical body when this statement was made that Prime Creator had removed the Veil that has been keeping you in darkness these many years, eons of time to be a fact, so we'd like to know what you felt when this happened. When the Veil was lifted what did you feel? Emotionally and also energetically in what is termed as enlightenment-wise. All of the above.


Can You Repeat That Please?

So, (Quazar: Before we do that …) before we do that … [to Quazar] What?
Quazar:  Well, how about the ones that weren't there. Is there a way to repeat that blast so other people could feel it?
Zorra:     The blast?!?!
Quazar:  From Prime Creator.
Zorra:     Well it was simple. It was … he made the statement that he was lifting the Veil from the earth that has kept everyone in darkness; that has kept everyone behind what is termed behind the knowledge: the knowledge being kept from them of who and what they are.

That has been lifted. It has been taken away from the earth. So your density has thinned by 75%. So that tells me that many out there who have awakened to in the world. And that is a truth.

Many of you are experiencing -- still experiencing from last night -- the emotion, the joy that came forth last night. That energy has not left. It is still here and you are still feeling it. You are still feeling the emotion and the love and compassion and the harmony and peace that you all deserve.

That is what was the gift from Prime Creator for you to let you know you are no longer in darkness. You are no longer asleep. Your inter- knowingness has awakened.

So, that being said. Everyone listening to this call tonight that are new, you're going to have your opportunity to ask a question. And we want you to keep it concise to one question not conversation, as many want to ask a question.

Have we lost any Anne?

Anne:     Hmm, I haven’t noticed a lot. I did see one movement but we've got about 25 hands up. People must be willing to receive the answer and in gratitude express their thanks for the answer and pass the talking stick to the next fellow. And not, as Zorra says, make it into a conversation.

Zorra:     Indeed. I am still seeing many what is termed peoples with their hands up that have talked before, many times. And yet they are being stubborn and do not want to put their hand down. I understand, but we still need some new peoples to ask questions as well.

Anne:     Yes we do. And new ones have wonderful questions. Okay let's get… I tell you what, if we recognize that you’re an old timer you're going to be embarrassed. [all laughing]

Zorra:     Indeed. They will be cut off. [more laughing]
Anne:     Okay well first of all there has been a lot of movement because Missy has moved to the top of the list. She did not touch number one. She may not have heard Quazar… oh she did now. So Missy is gone now. She was still there.
So let's get started and see who is willing to bare their chest and their question to Zorra.
[Two lines have been opened and no one responds as yet]
Anne:     Well, I hope we’re not having a technical problem again. I'm tired of technical problems. 

LISTENER QUESTIONS --------------------------

How to order Soul, Laminine, Core

646:        Good evening. I’m calling from New York City. I would like to ask a question to Zorra. I know he said, but I didn’t hear the program about the product, the three medicine that you can buy to open up your charkas and your glands. I really want to wake up my conscious.

Anne:     Oh about the products. I can answer that. You go to our website and there’s a list of pages. A long, long list. Look for the pages that have the stars in front of them, they’re all grouped together. They’re currently active. Click on Health Programs. You can watch a video of a pharmaceutical industry executive blowing the whistle on his own industry.

Below that you will see product and ordering for Soul and product and ordering for Laminine. You’ll get all the information on how to order and information on the products. You’ll see Billie’s name and account number which is who you will be enrolling under: White Cloud Holdings.
You can take care of it on your own. It’s real easy.
646:       Thank you so much. And my blessings for you and everything you’re doing for humanity.
Anne:     Well that’s just fine. And I’m glad you asked because I had somebody else ask the same question.
I’m waiting on my Laminine. As I said yesterday I had my last one and I’m mad at the mailman now.
[Anne opens several lines to no response from callers]
Anne:     Oh, I hope we’re not having problems again.



You Can Still Buy Dinar As Long As The Price Is Right

111:       Oh, hi! I’m from Canada. Hi, yeah, I’m just wondering if it’s too late to buy in to dinar?
Anne:     No. As long as it hasn’t happened yet you can still buy in.
And if anybody wants to do that, go to our website. Underneath the pages that have the stars in front of them, you’ll see Currency Exchange And Purchase. The purchase information is there that many people have used. It was written up by Chris Evans and he did a beautiful job because when Zorra first told us about this many months ago, we were flooded by people wanting to know how. It was all written up and they all used this and people had no problem at all. So just go to the page Currency Exchange and Purchase and that will tell you how to do it.


Zorra Explains To Talk With The Stone

519:       I’m calling from Canada. I’m definitely a first timer and I wasn’t on the call last night.
Everybody is going through changes: my sight’s opened up, my hearing is starting to open up, I’m going through some physical changes with the new energies since the full moon. I want it to work for everyone.
I’m working around stones and I want to know more about my calling and my feeling towards stones: the trueness and the value of stones for healing. Not just for now but for people in the future and to help other people with Ascension symptoms. If Zorra could comment on that.


Zorra:     Well you have what is termed stones. Stones have a voice as well. You can always ask the stones. Indeed. Just ask the stones that you’re using for healing how they should be used and they will tell you.
Or you may use a pendulum as well.
519:       I don’t work very well with pendulums, there’s something with the energy.
Zorra:     All right then, talk directly to the stones. They will instruct you on what needs to be done. [Quazar in background: Unless you could help her a little bit with it.]
Place the stones in north, south, east, and west. And place the person to be healed in the center. That way you are covering the north, the south, the head, the feet, and both sides. You’re covering all bases.
519:       And that would be including all charkas too?
Zorra:     Of course. And you can also place the stones on the person, directly.
Anne:     Okay. Are you good [caller]? That was interesting.
519:       Fabulous, thank you.
Anne:     Okay sweetheart. Thank you.
I’m moving on to 661. We’ve heard from you before but you got bumped off of last night’s call so let’s see if Zorra will let [caller] talk.

661:       [No response. Screechy, non-connecting noises in background. Anne makes a few attempts.]
Anne:     Well, [caller] I’m going to have to close your line. She started to talk yesterday and got bumped off of the call in the middle. Okay, I’m closing your line. Sorry.

Energies That Disrupted Wed Call Fries Computer

75% Density Removed From Earth

316:       Hello! This is [caller]. I called just once before a long time ago but I never got a chance to talk again. But I just wanted to let you guys know that last night with all the disturbance, my computer suddenly stopped working. I was trying to put my email today and I couldn’t because it didn’t work. I don’t know what the problem was. And the phone also, I mean it was completely a mess and I was thinking what’s going on? When all of that mess was happening on your phone, that happened on the computer, also.
Anne:     Well that’s what Missy said. She said it fried her phone so [316 talking over Anne]. Let’s see if Zorra has any comments about the energies we were dealing with yesterday. [silence] I hope Zorra is still here. Your line shows open Zorra.
Zorra:     Indeed. It was on mute. Anyway.
So there are many, many energies coming upon Terra and so that being said, much is happening with communication devices as well as electrical and computers going haywire because of the influx of energy. 
Understand, when the Veil was lifted from the planet, that opened the door to energy; opened the door to loving pure energy. Pure Loving Energy. And it is now bathing the entire planet. So there’s going to be many what is termed disruptions in communications, and what is termed computers and communication devices such as iPhones or your other phones that have databases in them.
So there is going to be much what is called interruptions going on for the next couple of days, anyway. Because when the Veil lifted, much was lifted with it. Much of the confusion. Much of what is termed the density upon the humans. 75% density was removed from the earth. So that is what is transpiring.
316:       Um, is there anybody I can call in case I cannot put my email … today I was trying to do it and I couldn’t do it at all. Is there somebody I can go to …
Anne:     [Caller] I know you because I worked with you just a day or two ago. You can call me. I’ll help you.
316:       Thank you. Thank you Anne.
Anne:     Okay. You’re welcome.
316:       And thank you so much. Bless you. I am very, very grateful for everything you do for us. Thank you very much.
Anne:     Aw, that’s nice. Thank you. It’s nice hearing from you [caller]. She just started her first Laminine the other day and I helped her get her order in. All righty. Now I’m going to 817.


[With tv on in background, call doesn’t hear Anne and doesn’t respond.]

Prime Creator Said It This Way…

734:       Hi! This is [caller] from Michigan. Hi.
This is my first time I’ve ever called in and I have a comment to make also to Zorra. When I was listening to the program last night, it got cut off at the end. You were in the middle of saying something, Zorra, and you hadn’t even gotten to the point where Prime Creator … you channeled Prime Creator and the Veil lifting and all of that. The program ended. I think because the program ran so long that the time limit went out. I tried several times to replay it to see if it was on my end and it kept, on BlogTalkRadio, it kept ending, so I didn’t get to hear that part.
And I just wondered if you could briefly, briefly state what it is that Prime Creator said about how the Veil was lifted or when it was lifted or any of that.


No More Fear

Zorra:     Well what is termed as when Prime Creator gave me the message or the announcement, it was simple, as follows. I, Prime Creator, have done what is termed as lifted the Veil off of the earth: the Veil that has kept you in darkness these many eons.
And now you are free. Free to express, free to ascend, free to use your god-given gifts, free to express your god selves, and free to receive the love and compassion and harmony and peace that comes with the lifting of the Veil. Not only that but also what is termed as taking away the fear that has kept you all this time.
734:       Well thank you. Thank you very much Zorra, thank you. And bless you.
Zorra:     Indeed. That is the message from Prime Creator.
Now you need to go out and express your god selves and claim your godhood or goddess-hood  if you will. For you are gods and goddesses and now the Veil has been lifted and you now know it.
734:        Proclaim it! Proclaim it!
Zorra:     Indeed! Proclaim it and it is done.
734:       I shall do that for sure. Thank you.


Telepathy, Healing, No Doubting Ever Again

Zorra:     And then you will discover you have gifts you never knew you had. You will be able to communicate without moving your lips. You will be able to heal another being and know it without any doubt. When you do what is termed as administer healing to someone, there shall be no doubt in your mind that it is done, it is finished, it is complete, and that is it.
734:       Wow, amazing!
Zorra:     regardless if they believe it or not
734:       Thank you Zorra.
Anne:     All righty. That was great, [caller] I wrote it all down. Thank you that was wonderful.


Go Within For Your Answers

208:       Hello? Thank you. I’m calling from Idaho. My question is something similar. I’m calling about the, “we can proclaim ourselves.” The last question helped me formulate my question more clearly. Can we [???] people who need our support in a better way, are they? Is that correct?  (Zorra: Indeed)
In like, say, I know that I am -- particularly feel that at that time in my life I acted out of fear, in a way that I know someone who is having difficulty does from those circumstances. And I want to clear and free those situations.
Zorra:     Indeed. And you have the ability to do that.
208:       And I would like to understand more clearly…
Zorra:     Just by doing it.
208:       By doing it, just by having it in my intent?
Zorra:     Indeed. When you do what is termed as administer healing to someone, you do what is termed as you say – first you ask them a question: Do you believe this can be done for you? And your answer should be, yes. Or if they are in doubt, I believe, then help them to believe by reminding them who they are. They are gods and goddesses and there's no reason for them to be ill at all.
208:       [???] but what if it's mainly just feeling it's life situation … (Zorra: Same with that as well) … [???] educational one.
Zorra:     Whatever the situation is, speak forth from the Lord God of your Being and the answer will come to you. You will have your answer. You will have your guidance. Go within.
208:       Thank you.
Anne:     Okay. (Zorra: Indeed) That was good. Thank you [caller] in Idaho. Okay I’m opening 612.

Zorra:     Anne, Quazar has three questions that were sent in. We will answer this one and then we will go with Quazar’s questions.


Testimony of Veil Lifting

612:       Hi there from Honolulu. I've never called him before, ever, ever, ever. I’ve listened for about a year and a half and I'm very excited.
I have an explanation of what happened to me this morning because of the thinning of the Veil. (Zorra: Indeed)


The Stars At Night - Are Big And Bright (And Winking At Her)

I am very excited about this thinning of the Veil because two things have occurred. Last night I went out to see the stars and it was a very clear night with the full moon. And all of the stars were just flashing, their various constellations, and blinking. Normally I see one like that but there were so many. And I just had to say ‘hi guys.’ It was just fantastic!


She Would Have Stopped To Smell The Flowers But There Weren’t Any

And this morning I went on a walk to try to see the whales and there’s a certain path you take way up high but there’s vegetation on both sides of the path. As I was walking I was smelling this wonderful smell, as though I was smelling flowers and there weren't any.
And I realized that my focus was on all of the plants on either side, and the rocks. And they were more real to me than the people I we meet on the path. And I thought I am so connected to Gaia I can feel her; I can see her; smell her through the senses that I have. It was so uplifting, it was such a connection. And I was walking with my eyes wide open! It was just the most wonderful experience I have ever had. It was beautiful and glorious.
Zorra:     You were smelling what is termed as the flowers that once adorned the continent of Lemuria.
612:       Ahhhhhh! It was fantastic!! Just fantastic. (Zorra: Indeed) Thank you so much. I just appreciate these calls so much and

 I have benefited from the energy Pulses.
A small lump in my left breast has totally gone away and I checked when you told me to check, Zorra. It has gone as well, Zorra. So I just really appreciate all of the calls and I thank you for your presence [presents???] and helping us. Thank you so much.

Zorra:     And when you go to your doctor to be checked out, he will find no trace of cancer.
612:       Yes. It is gone.
Zorra:     It is indeed.
612:       Thank you everyone. Thank you so much.

Anne:     Mmmm. Thank you for that beautiful … I could just be there right there with you, you explained it so well. Thank you. I love that kind of a smell. It’s like what the world smelled like when we were little. You can smell things more when we are little. And I’ve noticed lately …
Zorra:     You want to know what that is?
Anne:     Yeah! Are you talking to me?
Zorra:     I was speaking to Quazar. One of the questions that she has. It is regarding an email that was sent …


A Picture of Ascension

Quazar:  This was forwarded to us by four or five different people. And it was on a website called IAm5D. And the title is ‘Something Huge Just Happened.’ So I just showed Zorra a picture of the two pictures of uh, it looks like actually a space ship, (Zorra: A mobile transport.) and, this is the Pillar of Light? (Zorra: Uh huh) And then, of course, the other one, Zorra.
Zorra:     Well the other one is physical evidence of Ascension. (Quazar: Just describe …) Well the picture I’m looking at are showing beams of light that are going up into the air in several ports [parts???] of what is termed this photograph.
Quazar: That’s not going down?
Zorra:     They are not going down, they are going up. They are people that are Ascending. (Quazar: Wow!) And it shows them Ascending.
Quazar: Really?! They are not portals?
Zorra: No, they are Ascensions.
Quazar:  These are people?
Zorra:     Peoples. They got the message. Indeed.
Quazar:  Okay. So that’s the answer for everyone in regards to that Something Huge Just Happened. And of course I think this was … I don’t know when it was. It must have been in the last … that was dated January 6th. Okay.


So another question by someone … oh well this one was asking if Zorra could send the Pulse in the Lemurian language or maybe he could sing for us today. We shall see.
Another question had to do with NESARA. Maybe you could just address that in terms of NESARA, again. And once and for all NESARA, the prosperity funds, St. Germain fund.

Zorra:     What is termed as NESARA funds and the NESARA law will come into effect shortly after this event takes place with the Dragons.

(Quazar: And Disclosure?) And Disclosure will be coming forth when Prime Creator deems it to be, again. [Quazar questions] Of course it's this year. It's going to be this year. So anyway.
Quazar: Okay! And then the last question has to do with different levels of heaven. Can you just go ahead and tell everybody what that's about?

Zorra:     Understand this. Many peoples are asking the question (well not many just a certain few are asking the question), about heaven and different levels of heaven. Now I will tell you this, you have multiple what is called dimensions. And because you have multiple dimensions you have also multiple levels of heaven. So there are no set amount of levels in heaven. They are multiple.
Quazar: Well if I can just kind of quick try to analyze it a little bit. So for each dimension, Zorra, are there various levels or is it just you go to one dimension from here, and you go into another dimension after that, and you go to another heaven depending on your level of consciousness and frequency?
Zorra:     Yes according to your consciousness and your frequency of being, you would ascend to another level. So there are multiple levels of heaven which you term as heaven.
Quazar:  Well, Zorra, when you have described all of you know Hollow Earth, Hollow Earth already from what we know of it already feels like heaven. (Zorra: Indeed it does.) But it’s not.
Anne:     Oh my! Are you guys there or not? Well, let's see if they show up at the bottom of the queue. Sometimes they hand the phone back and forth and they hit the mute button or something. Let me see. Oh there they are, they're back in. Hang on. Hang on. Okay I found you, you’re back in.
Zorra:     Hello? This primitive device had the call fade again.  (Quazar: You know we didn’t even touch anything.) We did not touch it. It does it on its own.
Anne:     I thought you were tossing the phone back and forth. Okay.
Zorra:     No.


On Heaven and Ascension, cont’d

Quazar:  So let me just repeat the question. The question was: from what we have heard about Hollow Earth, that already seems like heaven to us, where there is perfect peace and harmony and joy and love that prevails. That does sound like heaven.
So what is heaven for Hollow Earth? Is it something beyond heaven for them or any other higher dimension?
Zorra:     No. Only for the human race on the surface.
Quazar: Well okay then, that brings another question up. If it's only for us humans, so when we ascend, then the heaven that we think is heaven, does that kind of disappear? (Zorra: No.) No. So, could you explain that then, if heaven is only for us.
Zorra:     Understand, Hollow Earth is already in a heavenly state. (Quazar: Correct.) So it needs no heaven.
Quazar: So it doesn't need any more perfection.
Zorra:     Indeed, not. (Quazar: Right.) But because of your surface and the duality, and the Veil and what is called multiple lifetimes, and things of this nature, the surface needs the heavens.
Quazar:  But that only pertains to here until we ascend?  (Zorra: Of course.) Because when we ascend we’ll already be moving into perfection. (Zorra: Indeed.) Of course we could always have perfection here when we are fully awakened, right?
Zorra:     Goodbye Quazar. [all laughing] My beloved is coming.
Anne:     I think he likes Saryya a little better than you, Quazar. [Quazar cracks them all up with something said in background] Oh, my.
Well we’ll find out as we go. Everybody’s at their own level and they're all going to move to their own next level. So it's not the same, it's all unique. Am I correct?
Zorra:     Indeed. And there's multiple levels, of course. But what is termed as the village [???] ends of mother Earth got it wrong.
Anne:     Yeah. You know while we’re on the word, heaven, you know that our friend Sheldon Nidle talks about heaven all the time. And when he mentions it, what is it that he is referring to?
Zorra:     It's a different level of what is called a higher existence and of course he is also relating to human kind and their Ascension or their passing on and ascending; ones that do not take their bodies with them. And of course many do take their bodies with them. Especially recently, in what is termed as the Ascension process, as I have said before, some peoples in different countries – and in Americas too – have ascended right from their hospital beds, or they have ascended right from their homes in front of their loved ones because they were ready.
And now that the Veil has been lifted, all of you now have that opportunity to ascend if you desire to do so. And to do that, you must go in and accept your god self, accept your godhood, accept that you are gods and goddesses and know it. Once that realization hits home or strikes a chord within you, you will ascend because many have already done it. Many have photographic evidence to prove it.
Anyway, my beloved is sitting here smiling at me so I’m going to put her on.

What is Heaven To You

Anne:     Awww. Hi Saryya. Welcome Saryya.
Saryya:  Thank you beloved Lady Nada. And so we speak of heaven. (Zorra: Your favorite subject!) [laughter]
All of you, all of you, when you go within and you truly connect with your godself, your higher self, you already move forth in your vibration to a higher level than when you are presently working or being on the surface.
As you continue to do the joy of moving into your heart mind or heart space and concentrate and manifest your connection with Prime Creator or Source as you call him as well, you will begin to feel the oneness. When you begin to feel this oneness, this one consciousness -- of which you are and you belong, and that you are part of, and that you are an aspect of -- you will begin to have that realization of a heaven.


Meditation, A Path To Heaven

Those of you who meditate, who go out into nature such as this person who has already mentioned her experience of being in Hawaii and walking the path and smelling the flowers there really are not there; you can also do the same. You need to do this all the time, somehow. And you can. You must take the time of silence, the time where you can connect. Because as you all know this is still density in which you live. However, thank you to Prime Creator for lifting this is Veil.
Many of you who probably wanted to get on to speak with Zorra is because you had such experience already of feeling of the lifting of the Veil. Of feeling lighter in your step, of feeling more joyous in your mood, in your emotion that nothing else mattered.


Heaven Is An Individual Experience

Heaven is very individual as Lady Nada and as well as Zorra has already mentioned. People that have near-death experiences as you call it, move in to what they determine to be heaven for that. And that is individual as well.


Elevate Yourself to Heaven (in 3D) or Go All The Way Full 5D

So all the heavens that you humans experience, there are different levels. However, when you fully ascend you will no longer have to go into those different levels. Because what levels you will be achieving is when you move into your full 5th dimension, that will be heaven, incredible heaven for you. Heaven is sometimes you call it Utopia sometimes Nirvana, however way you call it, it is a huge elevation from what you presently experience. And once you reach that level of full 5th, there is another level of full 6th dimension, which again is a higher level. All the different dimensions that you will go and come and become a part of, those are all different heavens that you can experience. Is that not so? (Zorra: Indeed.) Thank you.
Zorra:     And we shall continue with the questions.
Anne:     Oh I was so gone with, with that. Okay let me open the next line.

Where To Find Early Channeled Messages

Int’l:       I’m from London. Hello Zorra. (Zorra: Hello. How are you?) I very well. First of all I would like to thank you very much for all the learning and knowledge we have received from your calls. (Zorra: Indeed.) And secondly, I wanted to ask a question about all the messages that were posted in Kathryn May's website, the ones from Prime Creator and some of your earlier messages between the website which are not available now. Is there any way of having them on the HEN Network?
Anne:     Are you speaking of the ones that came through our former channel Kathryn? Is that what you're talking about?
Int’l:       Yes. There’s the Chapter 1 to Chapter 200 of the original messages that were on Kathryn May’s website and like Sananda’s information is back on the HEN Network …
Anne:     Yes. Zorra told me to post the new Scriptures again but we haven't posted the 200 messages. We haven't done that.
Int’l:       Yeah. Is there anyway we can get that the messages so other people can read because when I talk to other people I've asked other people to have a read but they're not available now.
Anne:     The 200 messages is that what you're speaking of?
Int’l        Yes the 200 messages, yes.
Anne:     Okay, we’ll let Zorra answer that.
Zorra:     Well, if Kathryn is not listed there, there's probably no way to get them.
Anne:     Well they’re probably on a website but they're not on ours and we don't interact. (Zorra: Indeed.) The websites don't interact, that's the thing.
Zorra:     No we do not. You will have to go to the Kathryn May site to get them.
Int’l:       Okay. I was just thinking if it was possible to have them. Like Sananda's messages were not brought over to the HEN Network…
Anne:     Is there something in particular? In other words right now Zorra is focusing us on going within and getting our own truth now that we've had so many tools given to us… (Zorra: Indeed) is it still necessary to go to other messages that came through other people?
Int’l:       I'm just looking at old messages the messages prior to June last year. But if it's not possible, I’ll let it rest anyway. I was just thinking of other people because I had an opportunity to read the earlier, much much earlier, like last year and the year before. But I thought it would be useful to other people having had the opportunity to read the messages and the Scriptures of Sananda. That's all I wanted to say.
Zorra:     The Scriptures of Sananda are on the Hollow Earth Network.
Int’l:       Yes I am aware that. But it's the 200 earlier messages that I think from Prime Creator that I was thinking about why didn't they transfer over to the website. Anyway, that's fine. I just wanted to know whether it was possible. I'm not thinking of other messages, I listened to the HEN network all the time.
Zorra:     Indeed. And having listened to the archives?
Int’l:       I've listened to a lot of the archives, yes. And I've been on the call for close to a year.
Zorra:     Indeed. Listen to the rest of them.
Int’l:       I will. I will. Thank you very much Zorra. And thank you for all that you've done for us. I especially feel touched and I am very grateful all the messages and all that I've learned, I’ve actually learned more from your calls than I’ve ever learned…
Zorra:     How has the energy and the lifting of the Veil affected you?
Int’l:       I'm getting clarity in a lot of things that I do. (Zorra: Indeed.) And I think I'll continue in that way. (Zorra: Good!) Thank you Zorra. Thank you Saryya, and thank you Anne, Quazar.
Anne:     Well we’re still moving on and what was good for us yesterday, there's new things always opening.
And remember to follow the new page that I'm building since these calls are all handled here at the end; My Ascension Toolbox. And we’re all putting together our own unique programs. I don't have it finished yet but there's enough to start with and implement into our everyday life, day after day. And that's when the real revelations transpire. So keep an eye on that, it's all there for all of us. And we use them. That's how we get our messages today.
Int’l:       Yes I will. Thank you very much.
Anne:     And thank you. It was nice hearing from you in London. Did you use that new international link to come in on this call?
Int’l        I called on the old number, the line, and pressed one.
Anne:     Oh okay, because there is an international link and I was wondering, because you're coming through very well. Okay I'm going to keep moving because the hands are waving. Bye bye now.

No Veil No Prejudice?

770:       Hi my name is [caller] I'm calling from Georgia.  [Dropped call makes it thru]
Anne:     Oh great! You’re back. We’ve got you!
770:       My question is for Zorra. Now that the Veil is lifted will we to see an end to the race war that has been waging for years and centuries?
Zorra:     You are speaking of prejudice? Yes, it will be coming to a close. That chapter is over.
770:       Thank you. Thank you Zorra for all you have done. I look forward to this next new phase in all of our lives.
Anne:     I didn't understand it. I was busy doing something else… The chapter is done? What was it she was asking, Zorra?
Zorra:     It was about the racial wars between the whites and blacks and the different races. Tied to prejudice and things of this nature of stemming from what is termed the slavery and all of this. All of that, that chapter is done.
Anne:     Oh that's wonderful. That's wonderful. Thank you [caller] for asking that question.

How To Connect And Stay In Heart-Mind

A Meditation Primer

914:       my name is Jerry I'm calling from New York. My question to Zorra is that he keeps referring to ‘look within’ and that we're all gods. I want to ask him how do I maintain to that state of mind and how do I connect to my heart?
[Zorra and Saryya speaking to one another: debating who will address caller first.]
Zorra:     You go ahead. I will finish.
Saryya:  Hello. This is Saryya. Do you know how to meditate?
914:       I think so, yes. Can you give me a practice?
Saryya:  Can I give you a practice.
Well, most of the time for those that have been meditating for many years, the beginning part of meditating is to be able to clear your mind. So you want to sit, or sit in the lotus position if you wish, where it is quiet, where it is calm, without any interruptions. And you will just sit. And no phones, and no computers, turn all of those off.
And you will close your eyes and you will begin to relax. You begin to relax every part of your body, from your head all the way down to your toes. You relax your mind, all of the different parts and functions of your body.
As you do so you only say ‘relax.’ So for example, I shall say “I relax my muscles … relax.” And when you repeat that your muscles begin to relax. If you said relax my shoulder, relax, then your shoulders will relax. You do that for every part of your body.
After you do that, then you say… and you are breathing. You are breathing in the energy that you call that Life Force. Concentrate on your breathing as you are doing so. And as you begin to just concentrate on your breath and relaxing all of your body, you will then begin to totally relax.
Last of all you will tell your mind to relax. When you have thoughts that come, you just see them and let them go. So that after a while you could just focus on your breathing only, without interruptions or notice of anything else except your breathing. This is the beginning of going into silence and into meditation.
So if you were outdoors and you did this it is very, very relaxing and very soothing to your body and your mind. As you do this daily, you will begin to move more and more into what we call your heart space or your heart-mind.
When you can, you then can begin -- we're talking about beginning in meditation – you can begin then by bringing in when you breathe in you can say “I breathe in this golden light.” Golden light is very healing. And golden white light you could say as well. And you do that and then you can visualize your body becoming more golden as well.
When you do that you are beginning to connect with your higher self. And then you no longer begin to feel your body. You begin to do this over and over, every single day. You do this for 15 to 20 minutes each day, and then you will begin to really focus on connecting with your higher self, your I AM Presence.
As you do this you can also begin to do the meditation of our beloved St Germain. So there are many (if you Google meditations), that are available. Do that and you will begin to connect with who you truly are. Because the answers are all within.
Begin to not just connect with your subconscious self, which is here in the here and now and only connecting with your five senses. From within you can connect with your higher self, your godself. So that is how you can begin.
Beloved? What else will you say?
914:       Wow. Thank you. I kind of see right thru. Your message is clear.

And Ground Yourself Thru Mother Nature

Zorra:     Indeed. And when you go out into Mother Nature and you sit amongst the trees and you ground yourselves, as you ground yourself, you go in to yourself. And the more you go into yourself, the more you ground yourself.
The more healing, of course healing, and the more understanding of the oneness between you – between the trees and between you and every fiber of your being.
And you will become one with the trees and one with the grass and one with the rocks and all the, everything that has to do with mother nature … the squirrels the birds and whatever. They will all come to you and they will sit upon you. Birds will come and land on you and squirrels will eat from your hand and you will actually become one with them. And when they chatter you will be able to chatter back with them and communicate with them. Then you know … then you know the god that you are. And they know it too.
When you see the animals come to you and sit upon you and lite on you, then you will know that you are truly a god. Because gods attract nature.
914:       Wow! Thank you. Beautiful.
Anne:     That was nice. That was a good question. That you [caller]. Thank you Saryya. Thank you Zorra. That was really good. I’m glad we’re getting these new people with their questions.
We’re down to 24 minutes. I’ve got three more at the bottom of the queue before we go and pick up ay that may have been missed or that we let Zorra and Saryya give a beautiful closing to our final call with them.

How To Help Her Disabled Daughter &
Chemtrails Now Inert. Stop Worrying Or We’ll Bring Them Back

786:       Yes, that's me. I'm from Florida. It's so wonderful to talk to you and I appreciate all your beautiful teachings. Thank you so much.
I have two important questions, I hope they’re important. One is the chemtrails that are coming back and I don't know why. They seem to be making crosses all over the sky. I didn't see them for a while and they're coming back and I wanted to know why.
And the second question is about healing. It's very easy for me to be healed by your healing pulse and whatever and other healings that I went to but my daughter, it's been very, very difficult. I even went and learned Reiki to heal her but I can't heal her. She has a mental problem and she beats herself. She has OCD and I really don't know what else to do. I give her the Laminine, I give her flax seed oil and it's not working. She's like getting older, she's 30 years old now and it's been very difficult for me. What can I do?
Zorra:     Have you given her Soul?
786:       I've given her something similar which is…
Zorra:     No not something similar. Have you given her Soul? Give her some Soul. Give her three a day; one in the morning before breakfast and one before her noon meal and one before her evening meal, if that is possible. And make sure she takes three a day and you will start to notice, and she will start to notice a change in herself.
786:       Okay thank you very much.
Zorra:     And as far as the chemtrails are concerned, as I have said before they are harmless. They are not chemtrails. They are contrails. They are not chemtrails any longer. A chemical trail is something that does harm and these no longer do that. They have been neutralized. If you do not like the appearance of them erase them.
786:        Okay thank you so much. I was getting so worried again about that.
Zorra:     Do not worry of this. When you bring in worry you lower your vibration. You lower your frequency and you lower your consciousness. Do not think on this. Think only of joy and gratitude.
786:       Thank you so much. May my daughter say hello to you?
Zorra:     Indeed she may.
786:       Yeah here she is. (Zorra: Indeed.) Say hello. Hello!!! (Zorra: Hello and how be you?) I want to thank you for the prescription. (Zorra: Prescription? No, not a prescription. It is a formula that is very good for…) I’m going to try it. I need to tell you something! (Zorra: Yes?) It is that I’m scared for everything, you know I’m scared when it comes to driving. I’m scared for everything. I need to stop being scared for everything.
Zorra:     The Soul product will help you to do this. (Saryya: And the Pulse.) And the Pulse which my beloved shall perform. (786: Thank you.) Indeed. And while she is performing the Pulse, I’m going to sing in Lemurian. (786: Thank you.)

THE PULSE ------------------------------

Saryya:  We shall now perform the Pulse for this beloved as well as for all of you who are listening. But we shall also do this for the world.
And now everyone sit comfortably in a chair, or on the floor, and put your feet on the ground to ground yourselves. And begin to relax. Just relax if you can. Or just listen. Listen to these words and listen to the tones of my beloved Zorra’s singing. These energies will come forth to each of you in great speed and in great high vibration and frequency. So here we go.
Five, Four, Three, Two, and One. RECEIVE!


[Zorra sings the Pulse in Lemurian]

Zorra:     There you are! That was the Healing Pulse.  It pertained to every part of your body and sung in Lemurian. And all that, all of you felt the surge within you. You felt the lifting, you felt the release, you felt the pain leave your bodies. Every part of your body is now pain free.
Continue with Listener Questions ----------
Saryya:  Beloved Anne.
Anne:     Yes? I’m so mellow after this.
Saryya:  What we shall do is continue with the other two calls and then we would like to have a testimonial. Just testimonials from yesterday’s …
Zorra:     Yes, yesterday’s, Prime Creator’s lifting of the Veil. We need to hear from people who experienced it and what they experienced.
And also, you peoples now have a mission. And your mission is this: Open your hearts to open your heart-minds and to express yourselves and to be in gratitude continually. And also, you have this mission for you is to begin the process of your programs and your businesses that you wish to start after the revaluation. Start going through the steps contacting your lawyers, wealth managers and things of this nature. Begin to make preparations for the coming blessing. So, go out and do what you must.
Now let us have the last two questions, yes?


Anne:     Well, there’s a lot more than two but I’m going to pick two. And [caller] I saw you here back and gone again. She’s the one who got dropped yesterday and dropped again today and she’s quite a delicate individual. I was hoping she could get her question in.
In Much Gratitude And Appreciation

310:       This is from Torrence, CA. Hello, how are you? Thank you so very, very much from the center of my heart for all you’ve shared over the last few years, thank you, thank you, thank you. (Zorra: You are welcome.) It has been an interesting ride. (Zorra: Indeed.) A most interesting ride.
The level of information and all of the things that you have shared the different techniques, processes and things that you have shared have really, really helped my life on a grand scale. And I’ve shared this with hundreds of other people as well, spreading this knowledge to the best of my ability as well, and I just can’t thank you enough for taking the time for sharing your love, your insight to that extent. Thank you. Thank you, thank you. (Zorra: Indeed)
My heart is sending you much love and respect for the rest of eternity so be receptive.
Zorra:     Indeed. And be the god and goddess that you are. I’m speaking of you and your beloved.
310:       Indeed. Thank you Anne for everything. I appreciate and love you very much.
Anne:     Thank you. Thank you. Always good to hear your voice [caller], thank you.

In Praise of the Dragon Families For Trusting Us

Anne:     Zorra, we’re coming right up to the wire. We’ve got ten minutes. Can you give us … I know there are different, since this RV and this special offering come to us; thank you because it was your inspiration that caused Missy to contact Jane and Billie and us. There are Red Dragons and Gold Dragons and families and so on, and they all seem to have their own separate agendas. What is the reason that this … do they have the resources to handle, they’re inviting hundreds or thousands of people…
Zorra:     They have unlimited funds. Trillions upon trillions of funds.
Anne:     And what is their reason for wanting to come to us instead of the banks or whatever?
Zorra:     Because they know that the people will be grateful and the banks would not be. They do not want companies they want the individual peoples.
Anne:     To empower the people.
Zorra:     Indeed! And also understand, all of the Dragon families will be coming together as one family. So there will not be a division between them. They are going to come to the realization that they are all one.
Anne:     So we are in good hands working directly with these families, I understand. We're in good hands.
Zorra:     Indeed.  Anyway, but, the communications will be coming from the Wells Fargo who is owned by the Dragon family so I'm sure that really opened some eyes with the employees. I will not go further with this.
Anyway, but let us have more comments and testimonials. We wish to know what peoples felt when the Veil lifted. That is what we wish to hear.  
Anne:     Okay. All right. Here we go. Oh, by the way, Mark has his hand up. I'm going to open Mark’s like.


Mark Works On His Telepathy Skills

Mark:     Hello Zorra. Greetings. I've been enjoying our conversation [???] yeah, really good. I would like to ask you a question. I'm working to show you the message that I got from Wiley. Can you see it?
Zorra:     Uh, we are not looking on the computer.
Mark:     Oh okay. No, no, I was just trying to show you in my mind. I'm trying to project it.
Zorra:     Oh! [laughing] That is fine.
Mark:     Does it work?
Zorra:     Does what work?

Zorra and Prime Creator Have Addressed Banksters

Mark:     Ah, okay. Never mind. I'm trying to send you more information. Zorra, from your position are you able to assist in the clearing of the issues that have been generated by amongst some players in the bank?
Zorra:     We have done what is termed as had audience with many banksters as you term them. And we have given them instructions on what to do. But they are persisting in resisting. However, this event that is coming about, blessing that is coming about, is a step in the right direction. Because when this goes they have no choice but to go.
Mark:     Well okay. But there are things that are happening right now and I don't know the details but maybe it's something to keep aware of and people who can task to that to keep an eye on it and maybe clear things would be good.

Zorra:     Indeed. And you can clear it yourself as well.
Mark:     Yeah, yeah. [sounding disappointed]
Zorra:     Do you work with pendulums?
Mark:     Not so much. I've used them a little bit. I mostly just get a feeling of knowing.
Zorra:     Indeed you can do that. Do you have a headband?
Mark’s Improvised Headband
Mark:     Well I'm wearing one right now but it's not visible.
Zorra:     [Laughing] I’m speaking of physical one.
Mark:     [Laughing] Well I can feel one. So it was quite strong. I was wondering if you were…
Zorra:     Very good very good.
Mark:     Yeah it's very heavy and I can feel it really heavily. But I don't actually have one on, though.
Zorra:     Indeed. It is all right to have one in the etheric as well. But many peoples require to have a physical one. But if you do not desire to have one and you feel you already have one,, that is wonderful.
Mark:     Oh no. I do desire to have one. But I don’t have … I only found out about it yesterday and I'm in Australia, and I would also need to come up with the money for that. And right now it is just … I need the money for other things and I was just open to be able to work with it.
Zorra:     Indeed. How do you feel about the energies being lifted?
Mark:     Oh, oh, really nice. And the, I was going to say the sort of physical effect has been just not needing to breathe much at all. Um, actually I’m not breathing much unless I need to talk.
Zorra:     [Laughing] Indeed. You may answer the question from the other individual that asked a question of you?
Mark:     Um, I’m reticent. I would like to let something play out and clear something while it plays out and maybe … I don’t think we’re going to be in a position to be able to put instructions on the website. So I think that the people who have…


Zorra:     Oh, if the members that were already members in the past, they want to know if they need to renew or not. We submit an e-mail. [no response]  …Hello?
Anne:     Oh my, let me look and see. Did we lose him? All of these new energies are playing games with us. Well Mark is gone, goodbye Mark. I don't see you. [Laughing in background]

Zorra:     The next comment?
Anne:     Okay let me see where I'm going with this.
He’s Being Directed By a Telosian

407:       Here I am. My name is [caller] from Florida.
I want to ask Lord Zorra, (thank you for everything,) who is communicating with me from Mount Shasta? Because right now I've been getting these signals, these visions from inside the mountain. So I am painting this huge painting of Mount Shasta with Telos with the whole crystal -- because it's not crystal, it’s like a, like I was there and touch it … I never went inside the Telos I just touch that big glass, clear lake[???] whatever it was. And the beautiful ... you see I am painting the seven towers with the same colors that I saw that they go up to the center of the mountain, going up to [???] I’m painting all that.
So, my instructions are, once the painting is done I have to take it to one of the portals because it’s for people inside of Telos. It’s not for people outside. I am painting for people inside of Telos…
Zorra:     When you finish the painting …
407:       Yeah, I have to go to Mt Shasta and drop it somewhere in the mountain.
Zorra:     Indeed. Well, before doing that, do what is termed as to take a photograph of your painting and send it to Anne.
407:       Okay. I got a few of the [???] how it start. [???] Facebook vary of truth. I am a messenger of love and peace. (Zorra: Indeed)  Federation of Light, (Zorra: Indeed) Sananda, Ashtar [???]and everybody else all Masters.
Zorra:     Indeed.
Comments/Suggestions Offered To Earlier Caller

407:       Another thing I want to say to the lady with the daughter that things are not working because there’s too much fear around everything. These people pour love into what she’s doing with her daughter, she’s gonna see that everything’s going to work beautiful. (Zorra: Indeed) But she needs to know what love is. Because love is not, ‘I love my daughter,’ love is super compassion for everybody, universally. If you don’t do that it isn’t gonna work. You understand? Because it’s [evil???] (Zorra: Of course …) between. That’s a message for that lady. (Zorra: Understand …) But I would like you to answer me that and I’ll leave the queue because I have to give opportunity to other people to talk too. [???]


Zorra:     Indeed. Understand that love is the answer to everything. (407: Exactly.) Love is the glue that holds everything together. And that is a truth of course.
407:       But some people don’t understand what love is. They confuse love with ‘I love you,’ and you need to love everything (Zorra: Everyone and everything…) and everyone. Like I talk to people when the earthquake, feel bad for those people but oh well no, you need to feel compassion because it’s kids that they love the parents at that time so when you send love of compassion it’s something good happening at that moment to those kids. Somebody pulled them out of the problems, somebody you know, because you send love. If you don’t have that type of compassion or that type of high vibration universal love, it’s isn’t gonna work.
Zorra:     Indeed. Very good. Very good. So go ahead and do your painting. Take a photograph of it and send it to Anne so she may post it for the Hollow Earth Network to view. And you can also do what is termed as put it in the gallery in Mt Shasta.
407:       But the thing is I can give it to no one, that is from the outside. I have to, once it’s finished, roll the painting …
Zorra:     Well I can assure you …
407:       … and travel to Mt Shasta …
Zorra:     … in one of
407:       … that is what’s telling me …
Zorra:     … galleries…
Anne:     [caller] let’s listen to Zorra just a minute please.
407:       Okay. All right. Sorry.
Zorra:     In one of the galleries, there’s an individual there that is from Telos. (407: Okay) I will not say who but when you go there you will know.
407:       To him I have to give my painting. Okay.
Zorra:     To her …
407:       If you don’t mind, if you can give a little describe of the beautiful Telos I would appreciate. Just a little one.
Zorra:     A description of Telos?
407:       A little bit. [???]     what I see with the crystals on top radiating like a love rays, seven love rays that's what I saw in my image.
Zorra:     Indeed. Do what is termed as to send your e-mail to Anne and she will in turn send the e-mail to Quazar and Zaraya and they will give a description and e-mail it back to you.
407:       Oh I have a Facebook. (Zorra: A what?) A Facebook page.
Anne:     Okay, we’re in overtime everybody. Yes, uh huh.
My email address is aadehart@aol.com. It’s posted there on the contacts on the website.
407:       Okay cool. It has been a [???] and I hope I hear from you again Lord Zorra.


Zorra:     Beloved master, Telos is a city of five levels. It has a hydroponic garden, it has a cultural center, a learning center, it has an educational center. It has what is termed as a commerce level, and a living level. And that entails the five I believe. And you have creatures there that are extinct on the surface as well. And many crystals as well.
407:       And that's what I saw like on top of tall buildings like commerce buildings. I didn't see people living but they are like power beings with the sacred flames each color. That's what I saw.
[Zorra: That …] Exactly the tower … [Zorra: Understand …] they like …
Anne:     [trying to reel caller in to allow Zorra to speak] hold …
Zorra:     The structure of Telos is a pyramid. And it has for lesser pyramids on the north, south, east, and west of the city inside the mountain. You also have the lesser city of Telos, too underneath the mountain known as Lassen, Mount Lassen in the lower part of Shasta County. That is another city beneath a mountain and that maybe the one that you are describing with the towers. But the city of Telos has no towers. It does have the main crystalline pyramid and then it has four adjoining north, south, east, and west of the city, smaller/lesser pyramids. And then it is all encased in a bubble, or a dome if you will. Indeed. And that is Telos. So, you can paint accordingly.
407:       Exactly, so it’s like a …
Anne:     Okay, I’m going to move on now. I’m going to move on...
407:       Have a great day and love and light.
Zorra:     Indeed. Indeed.
Anne:     Al righty. We’re in overtime. We could be cut off at any time. They may let us go on.
Zorra:     You’re not cut off yet.
Anne:     No. But if it happens it’s not because I did it it’s because they have to do it but right now they’re letting us run.
Zorra:     All right. How many do you have left?
Anne:     Left?!?! They keep growing!
Zorra:     Well, you must cut it off in two more.
Anne:     I have [counting] eleven. Okay, let me see what I’ve got here.

What You Will Read Of Earth In A Future Travel Brochure

Anne:     You know we enjoyed so much what you were sharing last night, Zorra. If we’re running out of time, when you were telling us about everyone going to Hollow Earth that will be going there. Others going to their destinations while Terra (Zorra: Indeed) teraforms her surface and it becomes a destination resort for the galaxy. Not where people will live in an economic environment but where people will come  to enjoy living, just enjoy a few days on the surface seeing stars and the galaxies which they don’t see in their interior worlds in different planets.
We enjoyed that so much. Is there anything more you can tell us because this is the end, Zorra …
Zorra:     I will let my beloved tell more of it.
Saryya:  Hmmm. Your new earth is not what you see presently. For many of you that are new, there will be no big cities as you see. All of those will be dissolved. They will go within the earth. What will replace all of the cities, all of the arid areas or deserts, they will all be pristine. You will see trees and flowers and many animals. It will be like paradise. That is why my beloved says it will be paradise on the surface, just as it is paradise within, where we live.
So just imagine that all of the trees are alive. Picture all of the plants alive and singing and dancing with you. All of what we have in Hollow Earth you will begin to realize that as well upon the surface, there will be no more third of fourth dimensional climates as you know it now. There will be no more abilities of fright for the different insects or animals like snakes or spiders. You will not have that anymore. When you come back to the surface it will be heaven on earth as you have always dreamt it to be. However, and many of you will have developed all of these technologies that are coming forth to bring forth and begin this transition of Terra. That is how it will all begin.
Your homes will not be as you see presently. They will also be transformed. (Zorra: And round.) [Zorra and Saryya laughing] I was going to say round. Just as it is, just like it is in Hollow Earth. Except in Hollow Earth we have no roofs. Obviously, because we have no rain. You, however on the surface will still have rain as you see, because you have clouds. You have an atmosphere that produces the rain. But, it will be heaven-like.  What else?
Zorra:     With no toxins at all.
Earth’s Wild and Crazy Ride

Anne:     Oh and tell us again about our movement within – we in our solar system are traveling now to a new destination in the universe. Can you tell us a little about that?
Zorra:     Indeed. Your solar system is moving in to the inner portion of the Milky Way Galaxy. It is spiraling into the center. And of course when it reaches close to the center, there shall be no darkness on the planet anymore.
Anne:     Are we talking about eons of time to make this long journey?
Zorra:     Sooner than you think.
Anne:     All right. You’re being secretive.
Saryya:  You must wait and see for yourself what will transpire for all of you. Many, many surprises. (Zorra: Are in store.) Indeed. (Zorra: Indeed.)

Saryya:  And so with that …
Zorra:     The new world is coming!!!
Anne:     All right, if you insist.
Saryya:  We love you all! Always.
Zorra:     We will miss you, but we will also be with you.
Anne:     Oh thank you. That’s wonderful.
Zorra:     Farwell and so be it.
Anne:     All righty. Here we go. The new world is coming and we’re going to apply everything we learned.
Cue Music.
Anne:     That was our farewell to Zorra and Zaraya and to Quazar and Saryya. And the rest of us are going to continue. Peter’s calls will continue. Watch Breaking News so that you’re right on top of the latest events that are transforming out lives and bringing about our new future. So we’ll always be there on BREAKING NEWS. The website will always be there. The archived wonderful calls are there for all of us.
Good night, everybody.

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