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Blog Talk Radio

Wednesday, January 7, 2015




Web page: blogtalkradio.com/hollowearthnetwork
Total Broadcast Minutes: 2:52:53

Intro Music
Beginning dialogue

35+ minutes are lost due to interference and attempts to clear lines

Anne introduces show, speaks of special guests to speak at 7 pm

Invocations performed.

Serious technical interruptions.

BlogTalkRadio is brought on to assess problem

Reset and restart entire program. Time afforded to bring guests and listeners back up.


Anne:     Okay folks. Here we go. And by the way, when this is over with I will edit out all that. This will be the formal beginning of the recorded call. I will get a hold of it and edit out all the scramble of activity that brought us to this point so welcome everybody.

This is our farewell call to our beloved Zorra. Zorra from Hollow Earth who’s been with us since the 16th day of April. … [talking in background]

I’m going to close Quazar’s line. That scared me. I thought we had cross talk again. Okay, Zaraya and Quazar are closed for the moment.

This is Anne DeHart in southern Arizona welcoming you to our farewell and goodbye call with Zorra from Hollow Earth who has a special message for us.

We have Christine on standby who is getting flooded already with orders for headbands – ‘Zorra Approved.’ Christine sent in a sample headband and I personally talked with Zorra about it and he’s very pleased with her work. And we'll hear from Christine very soon.

So with that I'm not going to do a lot of preliminaries. We refer those of you that are not familiar with our calls to go to BlogTalkRadio.com/Hollow Earth Network. You'll see an episode that is featured. It's there all the time. And it was recorded by Zaraya just a few months ago giving the entire story of how he was asked by the Council in Hollow Earth to be willing to be placed up here in a toddler's body to grow up here on the surface as one of us. And later make connection with his Hollow Earth father who is Zorra, and between the two of them they trade bodies. Their energy intermixes and Zorra occupies Zaraya’s surface body. Zaraya occupies Zorra’s Hollow Earth body wherever it might be: in his aeroship, in the ocean swimming with the Merfamily or in Hollow Earth itself. It's all there recorded in our calls.

And because this is the last call don't feel like you've been left out. We have recorded every single call starting with our introduction to Billie Faye Woodard. On the second day of April 2011 there was six of us on the call and we were so entranced with that call, which is recorded, that Billie said I'll bring my father. Well, two weeks later we had our first call with Zorra from Hollow Earth, Billie Faye Woodard’s Hollow Earth father and of course we all fell in love with Zorra. And the calls have been ongoing since then, all recorded, you haven’t missed out on a thing.

Even those that have followed in real time have gone back and retraced their pathway because there’s so much vital information there. You'll find it on HollowEarthNetwork.com/recorded calls. That’ll take you from April 2, 2011, all the way through to July 13th of 2013, I believe it is; after which time he moved to BlogTalkRadio and all those calls have been archived. So you haven't missed out on anything and even those that were there in real-time have gone back. I know one man that spent 10 hours a day, every day of the week, and he took in all the first years’ calls. So it's worthwhile education and entertainment. It's fun.

With that, I'm going to turn us over to Quazar and Zaraya. Quazar is Zaraya’s other half and Zaraya is the son of Zorra in Hollow Earth.

And I think you’ve heard enough from me. The dateline is January 7th, the year 2015. It's Wednesday night and in Mountain Time USA it's just a couple of minutes after 8 PM. And with that let's go and open Quazar and Zaraya's line. They're going to be managing this call. We have wonderful guests with so much information that will be available to you. So here we go.

Quazar:    Okay! All right. Here we go. And thank you everyone for being so patient with all of this. (Zaraya: Finally!) Thank you very much Lady Nada. You’re just awesome, very fantastic!

Before we get started I just wanted to ask you. One of our speakers and many of you already know him, his name is Taansen, he would like a few minutes to speak with all of you regarding any updates. And Anne, if you see his number do you think you might be available now so we can get started with him?

Anne:    I don't see him. It starts with 253, I’ve got it in front of me. Taansen, if you are on the line, please touch number one that will give me a lesser amount of numbers to scan through but I don't see him at this point. There's no 253 in the queue. And if you're not in the queue, Taansen, touch number one and that’ll connect us.

Quaser:    Well, all right, given that, that’s okay. We’ll just keep on. So before Zaraya and I and Zorra and Saryya come to speak as well. We’d like to have our special guests bring forth their great news. So at this point let’s go ahead and start with Christine. Christine are you there?

Christine: Yes ma’am, I am.

Artist Now Taking Orders For Zorra-Approved
Lemurian Crystal Headbands
Quazar:    So for all of you, you know that we, Zaraya and I – Zaraya had started making the headbands, the special headbands that many of you already have. We made them and then after a time we commissioned someone else to take the commission on, and now we have Amie. And Amie has started to make headbands now for our [HEN] family and they are absolutely gorgeous. So to start with, Amie do you want to just say a little bit about who you are and tell us a little bit more about your re-creating and making the headbands for all of us?

Amie:    This started with a passion from listening to Zorra explain how they were made and I wrote it all down, and I put it away. And it started building in my spirit to where it just consumed me one day, and I knew that it was my mission to re-create these. I had never worked with copper before. I'm fascinated with crystals, I love them – the energy. So crystals and sunlight just became so, so big inside me that it just made perfect sense that this was the ultimate way to help everyone. And it became a reality now and I am so, so happy to be able to help.

Quazar:    Thank you, so much. So what Amie did, in order for her to begin this project – her mission for all of us, is that she went and made a sample headband which she sent to Zaraya and myself. And then your dad, Zaraya, looked at it and so did you and what did you think about what she’d made?

Zaraya:    Excellent. Excellent. Excellent work and you will be happy with them. On that note I also want to add, anyone who wants to have the gold disk instead of the silver must supply the gold round for her – the pure ounce of pure gold having the higher frequency. And also include shipping along with your order because it is a little pricey there to send out of country and stuff.

Quazar:    So perhaps, Amie, if you could tell all of us how people can order from you; what they need to do and the instructions and how to energize the headbands him. Can you just let us know what’s included with the headband and what you will be sending out to people? And then go over the cost as well.

Anne:     Anne has done a brilliant job in creating the My Ascension Toolbox and there’s also the 4th link down on the Hollow Earth Network website is a tab that says Headbands. She has put the same thing on there that I believe you returned to me with a wonderful headband that I'm actually wearing right now that Zorra infused for me. I tend to wear it also when I create each and every headband because it has this amazing energy; it vibrates through my, I love it.

The Headband page has the information on how to use it which I also have in my hand which you can actually read online right now. And the button to order it is at the bottom and there is an option for ordering one to or three of them in case mom, dad and their child would like one.

Be sure to identify each user when you order
I just need everyone's actual name who will be wearing them so I can energetically select the appropriate crystal for that person. They will be labeled when they are mailed that this headband is for this person. And you also receive the instructions on the use and how to energize your headband will come with your headband. And it's also online right now too on the Headband page.

Quazar:        Okay, beautiful. And how long does it normally take to create these gorgeous beautiful headbands?

Amie:      I'm asking for 7 to 10 business days just to get started because I am just getting this up and running. I aim to have it made in possibly a week, pretty soon. It's going to be shipped out priority mail. At the moment global shipping is included in the price. I just kind of wanted to offer shipping as a gift from me to everyone. So right now they're going to be shipped out to the Netherlands, New Mexico, Colorado. I have some amazing, amazing, it's so wonderful to be able to be in touch with everyone all over the globe.

Quazar:  Beautiful. I'm going to ask Zaraya: could you tell all of our family again what does the headband do? What is the purpose of the headband and what can people expect?

What to expect
Zaraya: Well first thing you can expect is it's going to open your third eye. It'll begin to do that and as long as you're wearing it will keep the third eye open. So it has a high vibration frequency and consciousness. It will raise your consciousness, it will raise your frequency and your vibration. It'll help you focus better. It will help you see ships that are cloaked in the sky: like if you look at those lenticular clouds a lot, you will know that there is something in them but you can't really see them because you're not really tuned into that frequency. These headbands will help you do that.

Quazar: So when you first begin to wear them, how long to people need to wear them and what can they expect of maybe a little side effect or symptom that they may be…

Zaraya: A slight headache may be, a little dizziness, but it will acclimate with your body and your system within hours or maybe a day or two. And then wear it 15 minutes at a time until you get used to it, and then you can leave it on all day if you want.

Quazar: You know one of the things that I really realized when I first put on my headband is that I felt a tremendous amount of calmness and peace. So many of you will be feeling the same thing. It will energize you, and those that have any kind of physical problems, that will help also in your healing because it's all about vibrations. It's about frequency and of course it's about consciousness. So this particular great beautiful tool is beautiful to have. Don't put it on your desk, really do use it.

Activate vs. Energize
Zaraya:    Absolutely. And you don't have to have my father to energize it. All you have to do is once you receive them, put them on your head and put your back up against a tree, and your feet on the ground, facing the sun, and it will energize the crystal and also energize the band itself. When you put the three components together, the crystal, the silver and the copper, it is instantly activated. So once it's together before it's even sent out it is already activated. But to energize it all that you have to do is just ask Zorra, or the Lord God of your being, to come and give the energy to it and he'll be more than happy to do it. So you will have that avenue right there.

Quazar: Amie is there anything else that you want to tell people? Your e-mail address or do you want them just go ahead and go to the Hollow Earth website?

Amie:     The website order button will allow you to see my e-mail but my e-mail, if you need any assistance or questions answered is helping2rise@gmail.com.

Quazar:    Thank you Christine. The other thing to let all of you know as well has also to do with, not so much the shipping, but in terms of how you pay. It's easiest to use PayPal, right Amie?

Amie:    Yes ma'am. There's a button on the Hollow Earth page that is already set up. All you have to do is click the button and it will ask you if you want one, two, or three, and what your name is for who is going to be wearing it. It's very simple. You don't have to have a PayPal account. You can use any form of plastic.

Quazar: Okay very good because sometimes people say do you take credit cards? If they go to PayPal they can actually go ahead and get it that way. You do not have to login. You can just act like you don't have an account if you want to.

Zaraya:    Okay cool.

Quazar:    Okay. Thank you so much. We really appreciate it. And Anne, we have Taansen who is just calling us right now.
[Quazar, Zaraya, Anne discussing between themselves how to patch next guest in.]


Quazar:    And so the next guest we have is Taansen. Taansen is someone who is also on his mission to assist everyone and it has to do with…

Zaraya:    The Laberett [???] System … or he renamed it Liberty something. [Liberty Debt Elimination System] The Laberett System will totally eliminate your debt and also about trusts but the Laberett System you can use that system to totally get debt free. And it does work.

[Quazar, Zaraya, Anne discussing how to patch next guest in. Settle on three-way conferencing.]

Anne:    And listen, you've announced all the people that are going to speak, but everybody is here to hear from you know who. So don't let people think it's going to be announcements galore and our beloved Zorra won't be here.

[silence again]

Anne:    Okay I think they just flipped over to three-way to get Taansen in and then they'll be back. Boy, we have certainly been challenged, we've never had a call so chaotic and hectic.

Zaraya:    Okay, it’s your show for 15 minutes.

Anne:    Taansen, we can hear you very clearly. You're coming in fine.

Taansen: Hi Anne. Finally we connect. Wonderful. My gosh you have a full show.

Anne:     Oh well, this is a biggie. And we won't even tell you what we've been through so go ahead and take it away Taansen.

Common Law Debt Cancellation & Trust Creation
Taansen:  Well it's wonderful, wonderful, wonderful to speak to the group again and blessings. I send my love and brotherhood.

To make it short, we are ending the dark age and we're helping people get freed of one of the greatest burdens of mankind has been debts; and one of the other greatest burdens has been taxes. And we're helping people be free of those and one of the main ways we do that is by legally canceling the unsecured debt -- that means Discover, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, student loans, any unsecured loan in the United States or from a US institution.

And with taxes we work worldwide for anyone in any country who can move their commercial affairs into exactly the right kind of properly written pure common law sovereign irrevocable trust.

And so these trusts are some of the best in the world and we’re helping people move into those, protect their assets, be prepared for the global currency reset and set up the most awesome and most wonderful asset protection and estate planning as well as freedom from having not only pay income tax but from even to file. No filing requirements on these trusts.

So we're ending the dark age, were building the Golden Age. I'm so honored and happy to be associated with these wonderful friends, Zorra, Zaraya, Quazar, this whole wonderful group because we’re like-minded. We're helping to bring healing. We're helping to bring greater freedom. We’re preparing for greater prosperity and wealth to roll out as you know across the planet.

In short, you can get more information on the debt cancellation on my website which is debt-elimination.net. And then the trust information is at house-of-freedom-trust.com.

And the benefits of each of these has been wonderful. We've been having 100% success rate over 12 years with the debt cancellation. 100%success rate with the trusts over the last 20 years. None of them have ever been penetrated. None of them have lost any assets due to the structure of the trust or the operation thereof. Same with the debt cancellation.

You just send two pages of a letter, and then one page affidavit to the pretender-lender -- we call them pretender-lenders because they haven't really loaned anything -- and we ask them some polite questions and they go away. After a few months we send these letters – oh for once a month for about 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 months depending on which institution it is and how often they write back. But we've had all of them go away sooner or later.

And we've had some victory letters lately. Some from friends who did the process and one of them got a letter from Trans Union, the credit reporting agency showing the debt was deleted. Another from Capital One, showing that they were going to cease collection efforts based on the correspondence they received. They're not going to go further and say well you’re right there was nothing loaned and we really created fraud and you're correct and there really was no loan. They're not going to go that far in writing because that would collapse their house of cards is a whole lot faster than it already is. But they will sometimes put in writing that they will cease collection efforts or that the debt was deleted. So that's nice.

The rest of the people still have the benefit of the debt going away and the collections stopping but it's not always put in writing.

All right. So that's basically it. That's a summary of it. The debt cancellation process costs $450 one time. The trust costs $2500 one time.

And one of the things you should know about the trust is that it is one of the best written in the world because it is simple. It is not complicated; it’s not hundreds of pages; it's not requiring further fees and expenses to hire professionals to interpret the complicated language.

Many, many, many trusts are written in such complicated language that you have to hire attorneys and lawyers and paralegals and other experts and professionals to write documents and interpret. These are very, very simple and yet they are bullet proof, invincible, and strong. So they don't require any further expenses or fees for any further expenditures for professionals.

So actually in the long run they're very inexpensive. They have no further dues or fees or anything like that. The savings on taxes, the savings on other problems that come up with LLC's or with corporations or 5013C foundations or nonprofit organizations, the red tape, the amount of bureaucracy and paperwork and fees and expenses that those entities entail; you have none of that with these. These trusts are not subject to any of the statutory laws. They’re only subject to common law and that's why they can work in all countries worldwide.

I am very, very grateful that we are rolling out a Golden Age. We are bringing to an end an old regime, an old system.

Those who are in the bridge between the two are using programs like this to bring debts to an end, to be out of the sphere where taxes are owed. So that one doesn't have to fight the tax agency, one doesn't have to get in trouble or put oneself at risk. One simply moves one’s commercial affairs out of the venue where taxes are even owed. One can put one's family affairs in a holding company, business, humanitarian projects, scientific institute, religious organization, spiritual activity, humanitarian projects, philanthropy. One can make a foundation out of this kind of trust.

It’s infinitely flexible. As long as one is doing something that is noble, of ethical and moral value to humankind, not harming any one with it, just about anything can be done with it.

It can be written to pay the expenses of the trust officers. You can be trustee or you can be beneficiary. You can hold different types of positions depending on your wishes and your approach, you have full control of it and full protection and have your own personal expenses paid by the trust and so you don't need a salary written into your personal name.

All the payments from your business and your investments can go to the trust. The trust can then pay your mortgage, your rent your car payment. You can have an ATM cash, food, groceries, gas whatever your personal expenses are can be covered by the trust so you don't need any income in your personal name. That way if you still file income tax you can show your tax agency you're not having any income; very little to none because this other entity is taking care of you.

So there are many, many good things that these entities can do and all that information with the questions and answers are on the website. We've been enjoying a lot of the Hollow Earth Network people helping them in 2014 and we’re moving into 2015 now with the promise of a global currency reset.

We don't think there's going to be any capital gains tax charged on the RV. There is a controversy about that some saying yes there's going to be, and others saying no there is not. These trusts can absolutely make sure that there is none because the currency can be exchanged into the trust prior to the RV thus making the currency exchange exempt. So the trust entity is exempt from filing, exempt from paying, and if it owns the currency prior to the RV, which we confirm by notary stamp on the exchange document then that proves that the currency was owned by an exempt entity prior to the revaluation.

And there are many other benefits. I would like to answer questions if there are any unless you'd like to proceed on to some other callers and topics, I'll leave it up to you now what you would like to do.

Quazar:    okay thank you Taansen. I think that people can, if they have any questions, can go ahead and e-mail you or check out your website. Actually we're short on time today, so if that's okay with you. Thank you so much for being on our call today it was great to connect with you again.

Anne, I think were ready for our next guest.

[Lost Information]



Quazar:     Well that's okay, indeed. Given that we are ready for Zorra. But Zorra has a surprise however because this conference call that we’ve had this evening has had lots of turns and interruptions, etc., so tell us what you're planning on doing Zorra.

Zorra:    Indeed beloved Masters. Understand because all of the mishaps and rough start and all of this, we are going to have another call tomorrow at 5 PM Pacific time. It will be two and a half hours. That will be sufficient. So Anne, go ahead and schedule that one for tomorrow and we will continue where we left off this evening. That's 5 PM tomorrow Pacific time and we will answer all the questions that we can. Indeed. (Indeeds all around!)

So because the call now has ended – it has ended, yes?

Anne:    No, we have an hour left.

Mark:    No, go for it. But now you said you’d commit for tomorrow so now you’ll have to go through the rest of today and tomorrow.

 Zorra:     All right. Let's work on this evening as well. If we have another hour we will do another hour. Okay so it will be three hours tomorrow night then. It will be two hours tomorrow night. But we will answer questions, as many as we can tomorrow night.


Three Products We Must Take

What I need to say now is re-institute what I have said before about taking off the training wheels. You have all the tools that you need. You have the two products that were beneficial for your health and well-being. I should say three products: you have Laminine, you have the Soul, and you have Core. All three of those are very beneficial a very significant to have for your health, and I endorse it greatly. So go ahead and continue taking that if you are taking it. And if you have not taken it, I suggest that you do because it is going to cleanse your body – that will be the core – it will cleanse your body, your liver, kidneys, and all other bodily functions of your body – and cleanse them out, and replenish them, and rejuvenate them.

And then of course the Soul will address all other issues such as pain, inflammation of the body, in the body. And that is another wonderful product as well.

And also the Laminine which I endorsed first off and it is also been what is termed as the forefront and also understand the imitator – the one that uses another company that is trying to imitate what is termed Laminine, they are going against what is termed the laws because it is a patented formula with Laminine. So that is a false formula, it is not what they're saying it is.

Anne:    Zorra? Of course I've been on Laminine for three years (Zorra: Indeed) and I just took my last one. I let myself run short and I am waiting for a delivery, and I just took my very last one. It was like a treasure. I looked at it and I thought, ‘this is it. I've got to survive until the new shipment comes.’ And I've been there before. It's not a good feeling. (Zorra: Indeed)

And as you say compared to people being enticed to bigger and better so to speak and they’ve added growth hormones that a lot of health people frown on, to me the very fact that our (of course I'm partial to the Galactics, you know) that the Galactics have had a hand in this. (Zorra: Indeed they have.) On the label it says that there is egg and marine content so it doesn’t fit into a vegan lifestyle. But the Galactic's, once it's been manufactured, have adjusted the vibratory rates of Laminine to actually present itself to our bodies as two different types of Japanese seaweed.

Well, I like that because I know our Galactic's have had a hand in it and they wouldn't release it until they got it just the way they want it for us. It's sort of like a Galactic product to me now. (Zorra: Indeed.) I just feel all the better about that. It's very special because they've had a hand in it. They've got it tweaked to just where they want it for us.

Zorra:    Indeed. That is so. Anyway now that that's been said…

Quazar:    Why are you ending the call Zorra.



Zorra:    I'm ending the call because I am taking off what is termed the training wheels so to speak. Many peoples are what is termed, I have noticed they are what is termed relying on my call every other week or every week on the Wednesdays. And then I noticed that they were waiting until the following Wednesday to hear more instead of doing what they are supposed to do, which is to focus on their Ascension. So, I am taking that bridge way to allow them to use their knowingness; to use your abilities that you were born with, and  to help you to realize just how powerful you are.

Quazar: If I can ask Zorra, and this is for everyone, I do recall you said that you were going to be around until Disclosure.

Zorra:     I am around. I am around of course. Because when you call upon me I come to you. I come to you in your dream state; I come to you in your daydream state if you will; and I come, you will feel my presence whenever you call upon me. So I’m here. Yes, I am here until what is termed as Disclosure.

However, So I'm go
it is time for me to step aside to observe and see how you use the tools that you have been given.  I am going to step aside and I’m going to observe. I may pop in what is termed and possibly every other month to see how you are doing. And we may have a call then.


However, I want you to use your gifts. I want you to use your abilities. I want you to use your knowingness and knowing that you are gods and goddesses. And the more that I'm here to tell you this the less you're going to use your abilities. So I am stepping aside to allow you to do that.

So it's not like I'm abandoning you, I'm not. But I am going to observe, just like Prime Creator’s going to observe.

And so the Wednesday calls are at an end. What is termed as the every other Saturday calls are at an end for the time being.


So I want you to use the gifts that you have. I want you to use the knowledge that you’ve been given these last four years.


I also want you to know that the Healing Pulses that we’ve been given for the last four years are just as potent as they were when I spoke them. So every time you go on what is termed the archives you listen to the Healing Pulse; they still have the power to heal. So, listen to them continually if you need to and just feel that each time you listen to it – and my beloved as well – each time we give the Healing Pulse it is not just for that call. It is for calls in the past, for calls in the future. It is for you. It is our gift to you: a continuing Healing Pulse if you will. And it works.

And here is my beloved to say hello.


Quazar:     I think this is Quazar first, Zorra.  Anyway, since this is your farewell call – actually tomorrow and today – you must see something that you feel was in all of us that maybe we have passed a certain stage. Have we reached a certain point where we have already graduated in some ways? What have you seen for us?  



Zorra:     I have seen and observed globally many peoples have what is termed listened to our calls. And many peoples, I will not say where because it is irrelevant, many have already Ascended. Many have taken their bodies with them and Ascended. And much of their families are very perplexed because in one instance, I will say in one instance on the Christmas Eve they were all around the tree. The family was all around the tree, and two members of their family suddenly vanished, literally.

So they were ready and they Ascended all from the calls that they had been listening to. Yes, all these calls that we are giving you are giving you the keys of Ascension. And each time you listen to it, it edifies you; it uplifts you; it energizes you toward your Ascension.

Those who have not yet Ascended are not ready to Ascend. They have other things they must do.

But many have. And in some cases even what is termed ones in hospitals have literally vanished off of their beds, perplexing, terrifying the nurses.

Quazar:     So it sounds like vibrationally and consciously we have also…


Zorra:     You are right in the door. All you have to do is step through. So all you have to do is know – get your knowingness of who you are and what you are and you can take that step to Ascend. So now you know. You're there. It's up to you.

Quazar:     So what do you foresee people doing while you are observing. What are you wanting to see?


Zorra:     I’m wanting to see more Ascend. I'm wanting to see more take back the power that they possess. I want to see more healings. I want to see people go out and heal others. I want to see this. That will let me know that you got the message; that you got the what is termed, you got the instructions you got the tools and you got the knowingness and the enlightenment. So I know you have it. Use it!

That is my message for tonight and we will continue tomorrow night and then we will answer questions also tomorrow night too. Also, it is time for my beloved come through and I sense her tapping me on the shoulder so I'm going to allow her to speak. You can speak anytime you desire.


Saryya:    I am ready.

Zorra:    I know you are. Here you are.


Saryya:    Beloved grown-up children. (Zorra in background: Graduated) Yes, you have graduated and of course we also know some of you don't feel like you have. Some of you feel as though you have some more learning to do, and more growing to do, and that is all right as well. However, as my beloved has already stated we will now let go and watch you fly. It is your turn to fly because you are now no longer little birds. You are adult birds and can fly and be free to be who you truly are.

All of you will be as we have said before. All of you have missions, you have projects. You already know that the RV is already done and now it is really directly upon you. You have heard from beloved Hunter, and you have heard as well from both master Mark and beloved master Missy, and beloved master Amie, and of course we have beloved master Tartus. You have heard from many already and have given you all the tools that you really need. But you know, what shall I do if I cannot listen to Hollow Earth Network … if Zorra is not there? Well.

Not only are the archives and the tools available but you have yourself, the God that you are to guide you. The gods and goddesses that you are have all your answers. They know that to respect each other as gods and goddesses is important. To respect nature as being one with yourself is also very important. It knows that you are one.

It is time for you to become one; to really realize that within your being that is to know, to know that. When you truly know that you have fully awakened. This is your mission primarily at this time is to awaken fully to that; to the one that you are. That you are not separated from us. That you are part and parcel of us just as we are part and parcel and aspects of Divine Prime Creator and the cosmos. We are all one in this wide infinite universes that we have. So this is what we are watching.

As each one of you goes on your different path and we watch you and guide you and send you our love, we send love that is infinite. Know that that is what you are.



Abuse Her, We Abuse Ourselves

Zorra:     Indeed. Again what is termed when you are speaking of Mother Nature, understand Mother Nature has been crying out to you trying to talk to you, yet you have not listened. I am speaking to those that are cutting trees down to make lumber. I am speaking to those that do what is termed as to all manner of evil against the earth such as forest fires and things of this nature. Some of them are planned, but some of them are not. Ones that are planned are ones that are doing what is termed as clearing the areas of emergence for what is termed the Inner Earth beings. They are going to come to the surface yet they want what is termed the openings to be cleared. So, that is the purpose of some of these fires however, they are not meant to take lives, they are only meant for clearing.


So ones that do take lives are ones that are caused by people who like to see things burn. However, that is not a planned, Divine planned event. However I will tell you this also: keep yourself grounded to the earth. If you live in the city go out away from the city, go out into nature and plant yourself, meaning your back against a tree and your feet up on the ground. And ground yourself. If you're on beach put your feet in the water and what is termed your backside on the sand and ground yourself.

When you ground yourself you instantly feel the energy coming up and welling up through your feet into your being. And that is the gift from Gaia or Terra. That is her gift to you of being grounded. That is greatly of importance to do that.

Grounding Fights Disease

If you wish to eliminate what is termed as disease and illness and sickness and things of this nature, ground yourself. That is another message for this evening. Be sure and ground yourself because when you do all those aches and pains and anything that is associated with the leaves. It goes away because you are grounding to Source. You are grounding to your roots, which is Mother Nature.

Also understand this, when you hurt Mother Nature you are hurting yourself because you are one with Mother Nature. You are one with the trees, you are one with the forest, you are one with the rocks even. Believe it or not rocks have a consciousness. I bet you find that remarkable don't you? It is so.

The elementals -- these headbands that you are going to be getting and many of you have been ordering them already. (Earlier today she had five orders and now before th



Saryya:    I should like to say something. Many are still feeling that our beloved Terra is still in pain. (Zorra: Indeed)

Many still feel the chemtrails are still around. Many still feel that there is turbulence in the weather. Many still feel that there are still wars that are abounding in the world. Many still know and feel that there is much poverty.

There are many things yet in your reality that is very painful, and that you feel their pain and you feel their suffering. And you ask yourself, why is this? And you ask yourself, I have prayed. I have asked that this be eliminated; that we should have perfection upon our beloved Terra.

Know that you gods and goddesses are the ones to heal the pain. You are the healers of Terra. (Zorra: Indeed.) You know that pain and suffering, those are just illusions. They are not truth.

“Truth is the perfection of knowing …”

Truth is the perfection of knowing or the knowledge and the knowing that you are indeed perfect. Prime Creator would not have created us if we were not so. So why is it you think you are imperfect? Why is it that you think you are unworthy? Why is it that you feel anger? Why is it that you still feel you have all these aches and pains?

That is because do not feel that you are a god or goddess. You feel that you need someone else to help or to heal and cure yourself or the world. [to Zorra] You have something to say.


“You feel the limitations …”

Zorra:     You feel the limitations. Understand beloved Masters when you feel you have limitations it is because you believe it. And that is what we have been what is termed pounding upon pounding upon pounding upon; repeating and repeating and repeating that you're gods and goddesses.

That is why we want you to realize that is exactly what you are. And the more you allow the powers that want to be to control you, the more you are going to feel that way. (Saryya: Indeed)


So what you need to do is grasp yourself; take yourself up a bit, and just say I am a god or I am a goddess. It is time I act like it. Indeed. (Saryya: And you can heal the world.) And you can heal the world. You can heal Terra; Terra meaning the earth, or you can call it Gaia if you desire. But the real name for earth is Terra!

Chemtrails have been neutralized. Whenever you see is not harmful to you. When you continually in a group agree upon saying that the chemtrails are harming people, and we see this mist floating around it is because you are creating that mist. You are creating the reality of the chemtrails in lieu of harming. Know in your mind – know in your heart-mind -- and in your knowingness as gods and goddesses that you can eliminate that illusion. Just do it. And when you do and walk out the next day, you will see there is no more mist; there is no more chemtrails.


You can – as they are formed in the sky – you can un form them. Literally. The technique that we have taught you how to heal; the technique that we have taught you how to purify your water is the same technique that can eliminate chemtrails. By taking your hand and creating the vortex with your index finger pointing, try it next time you see a chemtrail forming. And go from what is termed the back end of the aircraft that is performing this event with your finger, and erase it. If you have the faith you can do it.

(Saryya: The faith of …) A god or goddess. (Saryya: You could move mountains.)) You can move mountains, of course. You can do what ever you think, because thinking is the creator!  As thinking always is -- is the creator. As thought always is.

Saryya:    The only existence of … Remember as well. We're just going to recap something then we will continue to do this tomorrow. (Zorra: Indeed) 


So we are all consciousness, right? (Zorra: Indeed) And are you not borrowing this vessel that you are moving around from place to place, and you are utilizing its’ thoughts, and dressing its body? That is not you. You think it’s you but it’s not. It is a gift. Terra is a blessed gift. Life, your breath, these are all gifts. How many times in the day do you say thank you for all the simple things … (Zorra: Seldom.)

Zorra:     In my observation of humanity I have watched peoples. And I have seen how many are thankful, how many are in gratitude. And what is termed the percentage is very few. It may seem harsh but it is factful.


I have observed how many peoples have wonderful homes, wonderful vehicles if you will, have wonderful joys – you turn them as jobs – but how many of those are grateful for what they have? Do they say they are grateful for their joy? No they complain. Or they want a better joy. Or they want more of what they have. They're not satisfied with what they have, they want more of it.

And this I am speaking to those that are what is called squandering, being greedy with the RV. Those of you out there that have bought or double dipped as you term it, the RV I have words for you too: beware. For what you have been given will be taken away. As long as your thoughts are that of being greedy and keeping it out of the hands of those less fortunate. What has been given to you shall be taken away if you insist on being the way you are now. And you know who I'm speaking of, those in Washington, DC. Ooh, shook them to their core.

Saryya:     How are we doing on time?    

Zorra:      Time? It matters not it’s an illusion!

Saryya:    That may be so but we have to do the Pulse.

Zorra:     Well, how long do we have left Anne?

Anne:    We have 40 minutes and 20 seconds.

Zorra:     We have plenty of time.

Saryya:    Well then maybe we should take a couple of questions today.

Zorra:     In a moment. I want it sunk into these people's heads who they are. Everyone out there that believe they are gods and goddesses, I want to hear from you. And I do not mean by kneeling down and praying. I speaking of this communication device.

Some of you who have your hands up, I want to know how many of you know you are gods and goddesses. That is my question to you.

How many of you realize and know without any doubt that you are gods and goddesses? I want to hear from you. That will give you something to think about for tomorrow night. By tomorrow night I want those who know, truly feel within their being that they are gods and goddesses, and why do you feel that. And how do you feel that?

LISTENER QUESTIONS   ----------------------------

Zorra:    Now I will take a question or two.

Anne:     Well what happens if all the hands suddenly wilt and fall down? [Laughter]

Zorra:    So be it. I want to know how they know what I've been saying for the last four years is real. How do they know that they are gods and goddesses? It’s a graduation question.

Anne:    Okay folks. That's your lead-in. You start your dissertation of five minutes with Zorra and you begin by saying how you know, just what Zorra told you.

And with that were going to 218. We ask for your first name and your location and a very clear, short, concise question. And then willingly close your conversation and step aside for the one that’s looking over your shoulder waiting for their turn.

[2:18:06]   [Interesting: Opening question comes from 218 at 2:18]


218:        Thank you Anne. This is [caller] from Superior, WI.

I went through experiences back in the 70s; someone had showed me and taken me into a couple of classes and seminars. And in this one seminar I happened to run into a nun that taught me in the sixth grade. And in this class they were into using that high energy, and introducing that different dimension of the aspects of what we are. She had on record the quickest anybody ever got rid of their Coke bottle thick glasses was one week.

There were constant, constant healings going on; energy circles going on. I was opened up to that way-back then and still am. And you know through life you get away from it, and get busy with family and joy [chuckling] the job, and what have you. But I know, I know! I saw it!

The whole trick is, I think, you just have to know how to live love above all else. It is love. That is the whole thing. And when you learn that and when everybody understands it is about love – unconditional love – you have the responsibility of participating in unconditional forgiveness as well. And that's really important.

And when we get all into that one point in time where those realizations hit us, and tears are just streaming down our faces, and you're feeling it, and you're in that zone you know! You just Know! The trick here on planet Earth is putting it into practice in a much greater amount of time, that's the whole trick.

And I can see all of us as a whole, as a planet, understanding the joy and the oneness that we are all. I know that we can make this planet shine one million times brighter than the sun. From five universes away something might see that. We can do this. I know we can do this.

And bless your heart Anne, I know you've been working for four years. And thank you so much Zorra for coming. But that's my comments and my two cents for what it's worth for tonight. Thank you very much.

Zorra:     Indeed!

Saryya:    Beautiful. Thank you.

Zorra:    Wonderfully put.

Anne:    Well that was a great lead-off. Yes.

Zorra:    Wonderful leadoff and put very eloquently.

Anne:     That was a good graduation speech. That was a good graduation speech, wasn't it.

Zorra:     Indeed. So there's one beloved master who knows who and what he is. Now, let's hear from others.

Anne:     Okay thank you [caller]. You were a good first speaker. You set the pace.
I’m opening 917 right now to follow you and to hear what you have to share.


Caller Shown Future Meteor Strike

917:        Hello. From West Palm Beach. I would like to ask Zorra a question because 5 years ago I have a very visit out of the body experience. (Zorra: Indeed)

I was taken to the center of the world. I was completely sure that I was going into the center of the Mother Earth.

As soon as I got there, I saw a group of very tall men standing and they don’t say anything to me. But the faces were very serious. But mentally or telepathically they told me that look up to the sky. And when I saw to the sky I saw a big asteroid coming to the earth. And my question, since I have this experience and this dream is, is any sign that something is going to happen to the earth?

Zorra:    Beloved master, understand this: no asteroid, no what is termed large meteor, or anything is going to impact the earth. That was proven a few months back. [Zorra announced the placement of a protective shied around Terra.] What was termed as an asteroid, entering into the earth’s vicinity was on a collision course with what is termed as Russia. And what is come, one of our ships, (actually my ship,) went through the tail of it, entered into the asteroid; went directly through it and obliterated it.

[See YouTube clips capturing Zorra’s ship destroying meteor over Russia      http://youtu.be/n6vPWUEfhLE   ]

We, of the Galactic Federation of Planets, as which earth is part of one, have a force field around your planet to ward off any near-earth objects that may intersect your planet.

What good would it be to ascend a planet only to have it destroyed? No, that is not going to occur.

Also, do not fear any possibility of nuclear holocaust. That will not happen either. All nuclear weapons have been neutralized contrary to what people tell peoples. Even the missiles in the silos are harmless. If they were to be fired they would cause no damage. They would fall down to the earth and would not cause an explosion of a nuclear extent. All the isotopes in what is termed that are in Terra, have been neutralized as far as nuclear. So even if man was to unearth the uranium and things of this nature to produce such a weapon, they would find they are inert.

That was your gift from Terra, or Gaia. Her blessing to you. No more harm shall come on the face of this planet as far as nuclear weaponry.

Now, as far as asteroids and things of this nature, that is what is termed in what as you term it as a dream: do not put any stock in it because it will not occur.

917:        Thank you so much. Thank you so much Zorra. Could you list the other two remedies please? I only could write down Laminine.

Thank you so much Zorra. I’m going to miss you.


Look for New HollowEarthNetwork.com Page:  MY ASCENSION TOOLBOX

Anne:     That’s Soul and Core. The information about the products is listed on the page Health Programs on HollowEarthNetwork.net. And I’m building a brand new page for everybody with all these tools that Zorra and Saryya have reminded us they’ve already given us. They’re all being gathered onto one page, right at the top under Home. Under the Home page, it’s the next page down. When I’m not on the phone and getting prepared for calls and writing them up, I’m building that for all of us so you’ll have your whole tool box – everything we have been given will be right there where you can make your own program, customized. And it’ll include these products as well.

Zorra:    Indeed beloved master. Also before you call upon another, I have a little more to add to what is termed the Soul and the Core. Many peoples are holding back for what is termed the RV to occur before they start partaking of the Soul and the Core. Do not do this. You need to get on it as quickly as possible because your body needs it. Your body needs to be healed. Understand, peoples who are hurting cannot focus on the Ascension. If they are hurting, if they are in ill health. So you need to get on it immediately so you can heal your body so you can concentrate more on your Ascension. Indeed? So be it. Next question.

Anne: Thank you.

661:        Hi this is [caller]. And I want to say that I
[call drops unexpectedly.]

Anne:    Oh I hope we don’t have any problems like yesterday [referring to Peter Olson call]. The call just totally went dead on us yesterday. [more attempts to reconnect]  Let's move on for right now and maybe she'll show up again. We'll keep an eye out.


Caller Visits Hollow Earth, Receives Clearing Technique

413:        This is [caller] from Massachusetts. I have three things. I want to thank you and Zorra for being here for us at this time, and for being a lifeline: That's how you feel towards me.

I have a testimony, not for a product but to a process. You told us that we could call on you if we wanted to visit Hollow Earth, (Zorra: Indeed.) which I did before going to sleep and I also said I wanted to be able to remember it. And when I awoke I was in such a state of blissful peace and well-being [Zorra chuckling in background] it was truly amazing.

At that point, an energetic technique of clearing a body presented itself to me. (Zorra: Indeed) All I’d have to do was just energetically brush my hand over someone to clear them. And I pictured doing it to my projected self and later I realized that what I was doing, it was like a do-it-yourself RV where I cleared all of my debts, my energetic debts. (Zorra: Indeed)

So that later on that day I was looking at a picture that had butterflies in it and then all of a sudden the memory of this huge butterfly – maybe about close to a foot tall on a bloom equally as large -- came to me. And I thought that has to be from Hollow Earth [Zorra chuckling in background] because everything is so much larger there. So then later on that day I saw a very long slender, ephemeral wings. I didn't see the whole thing but, I don't know, Sylph came to mind. Whether that's what it was or not, I didn't know.

So even though I didn't remember everything at that moment, I really feel that memories are starting to trickle in from that visit plus I will ask for more visits in the future.

Zorra:     Indeed. You might also do what is termed as stand in front of a mirror and use your technique for clearing in the mirror. [413: Oh that's a great idea.] Indeed. Now your question.

So what ever came of this big earth experiment?

413:     My question is, I've always been curious about what is this big experiment that’s been on earth and why we are quarantined and everything. And you did mention on one show previous is that whether or not we could live on the surface. But I wasn't clear if it was a success or failure and I thought I heard you say it would not be repeated, which could infer that maybe it was a failure. But yet, I think I heard you say that we were going to have choice as to whether we want to stay here or go elsewhere. So I just want some clarification on that. And how does emotion, duality, and free will fit into that experiment?

Zorra: indeed. Well I will answer the part about what is termed the living on the surface. Understand all other planets, the population lives within, not on. Mainly because the interiors are tropical and they are such a wondrous place to live. They do not have the harsh winds and the rains and the things of this nature. They do not even have clouds in the interior. However, on the surface you have all of these things and many can be very harsh and very extreme. On some worlds the winds blow at 300 to 900 miles an hour. No structure can withstand that.


So when we say that it cannot be repeated – living on the surface – a place will be made in the interior of the world. It is already prepared for you. Those that are slated to go into Hollow Earth and Inner Earth they have a wondrous world awaiting them.

After the re-terraformation of the planet, meaning all deserts turned into Gardens of Eden, jungles and things of this nature. No more concrete jungles. They shall be reclaimed by the earth.

All of these – once all this is done and the Gathering takes place and then the reshaping of Mother Earth on the surface – you will have the opportunity, if you so desire, to come and live on the surface. It will be quite different from what you see it now. It will be pristine. It will be no harsh or extremely violent winds on the earth. However the surface will be pristine meaning people to come and to partake of what is termed like a park if you will. A getaway if you will. Not living on it, but enjoying it.

And then the interior, Hollow Earth, that will be where you will abide and live for what is termed. What is a getaway on a weekend? You go into the wilderness and you enjoy the beauty of it. It will be the same at this time. The earth on the surface will be pristine garden for you to enjoy, not to destroy or for you to re-create jungles or cities and things of this nature. It will be for you to enjoy and to be part of. However, your living will be inside not on the surface.

413:     Okay. So you did say that it will not be repeated, this experiment. And how did emotion …

Zorra:    This I will let my beloved answer that part. Here she is.

Saryya:    Well if you have not yet answered, is it going to be again, an experiment?

Zorra:    It will not be an experiment. It will be an experience.


413:        And how did emotions and duality and free will fit into that experiment? Because it seems like that was a part of it.

[The line Zorra and Saryya are on drops. Anne attempts to remedy the technical problem. Gets them back on the line.]

Zorra:     Now continue the question.

413:        I was asking how do emotions or how did emotions, duality, and free will fit in to that experiment? Were they part of it? Because it seems like we continuously hear that, that duality doesn’t exist on other planets and there was something about free will in there that nobody’s supposed to usurp our free will but the dark seem to have done a good job of it. And then there’s the emotional part of it.


Saryya Explains Emotion, Duality and Free Will As It Relates to the Earth Experiment

Saryya:    Your question has many facets to it. First of all it has to do with the population coming from the other star systems upon this tiny planet. And we have, and you all understand that we are creators and we have as well, many other gods that do create other planets and other star systems.

And it has to do with those that have been in power that were gods. Even as gods sometimes they do, will change direction as far as their free will or their consciousness.

There developed when the thought was to populate the earth, they wanted originally to be able to populate the surface and to see if it was viable for beings to be able to live upon it. And so that is how it started.

And so beings were sent forth from many star systems to populate the surface – to colonize. And in the process of it there were other beings of the dark who also saw this occurring. And they wanted to come down and confuse – I do not want to say play havoc – upon its inhabitants, but they all also wanted to participate.

So know, first of all everyone should know that there are beings of the light as well as there are beings of the dark. So when the beings of the dark came upon this earth and then took over the consciousness of those inhabitants, there came upon then a duality that came in force of the population, where they became controlled by the dark forces. I am trying to make this simple for you to understand.

When it became a reality for the inhabitants that they were being controlled under, however it was … they were not aware of what was happening. These inhabitants then when they were controlled, also were in a state where they then began to realize that they were confronted with what we call an experience of duality. The duality being, that from within themselves they realized that they were a higher level consciousness and dimension. However when the dark took over, that other part went into their consciousness or subconscious, and from there the inhabitants then felt that ‘oh, maybe I am not of a higher dimension; I am of a lower dimension,’ and then had only remnants and remembrances of who they truly were. Because at that time then, over a long period of time, they then forgot who they really were. I will ask beloved Zorra to expound further.


The Veil Descends

Zorra:    Indeed. And well I just received what was termed as an addition to this from Prime Creator. And he said this and this shall make much sense to all of you: What was termed as when this took place, and there was these different what is called the dark ones come upon the people of the Earth, a decision was made by Prime Creator.

And that decision was the veil. To be placed upon the inhabitants of the earth to fog their minds of the god powers that they had because the dark ones would have created genocide, literally. The planet would have been decimated. So the veil was placed upon mankind.

Now the veil is being lifted. For far too long it has remained on humanity. But this day, in your counting as Prime Creator says, it is finished. Meaning the veil is now gone.

“You Now Have No Excuse Not To Know Who And What You Are."

This night you have felt the lift. You have felt the lightness as it lifted from you. Many of you are feeling it even now. I see tears coming from the eyes of many of you because you now realize exactly your origin.

You are now fully awakened. You now have no excuse to not be the Galactic beings you were meant to be. Indeed? That veil has been lifted as of now. Do you feel the joy within you? Do you feel the emotion in you? Many of you now feel the endless love that we have had for you. You now have it fully.

We are going to have a wonderful call tomorrow.

Saryya:    I think this was the Pulse.


Zorra:     This was better than the Pulse.

None of you need any more healing. You now have it. You have the ultimate power of Prime Creator. Your realization of who and what you are is now sinking into all of you. Let the tears flow. Let the joy flow. And be the gods and goddesses you were meant to be. And so be it.

Saryya:    [prompting from background] I think I hear… I think I hear…

Zorra:     Oh, a new world coming.

Anne:    Well, let’s thank [caller] for offering triggering questions that unraveled this mystery for us. And thank you Zorra and Saryya. I hear a new world coming too and it said it’ll be back tomorrow. Watch Breaking News for the announcement.

Thank you all for your patience. And thank you dear Zorra and Saryya for your loving guidance. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Cue Music.

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada