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DECEMBER 27 2014

Web page: blogtalkradio.com/hollowearthnetwork
Telephone replay:  1 –209-255 1099 + 439724#  Ref 99#
Total Broadcast Minutes: 3:10:15

Intro Music
Beginning dialogue

Anne:    Here we go folks. Here we go.

Don’t you just love that song? I think I ought to publish the lyrics so we can all sing together. If you like that idea let me know, I just might do that.

Welcome. This is our every other Saturday call linked with Zorra from Hollow Earth. We’re in our fourth year now.


How do we talk to Hollow Earth... if you’re new and just joining us?
It's a simple process but not so simple to those of us that have been living on the surface all this time

Zorra sent his child Zaraya to the surface as a young toddler over 60 years ago. And Zaraya took just about those 60 years before he found the right group that would receive Zorra’s message uniting our two civilizations and alerting us as to what's going on up here. We had our first call on April the 2nd of 2011 with Zaraya and two weeks later he introduced us to Zorra, there was a hundred on that call – the first call there was just six – and of course now there’re thousands listening globally.

So welcome to all of you. We’ll soon be hearing from Zorra. If you want to hear the whole story in Zaraya’s words, just go to BlogTalkRadio.com/HollowEarthNetwork and our featured episode is there and you can hear the whole story in Zaraya’s own words. It’s fascinating; he went into more detail than I had heard in the previous four years so it’s a very interesting show.

My name is Anne DeHart. I am the facilitator of the call here. I handle the calls and I see we have a number of people with their hands up. We have a two hour call this morning at Zorra’s request. And we have a very special guest who we will bring on right after our invocation. And I’ll be doing that in just a second, then I’ll be bringing on Nancy Tate who we all know and love.

Nancy isn’t quite sure who will be speaking to us thru her but it will be a very informative message so stand by and for now, as requested by Zorra, we will be doing our invocation.

Things are quite tumultuous up here on the surface right now, rockin’ and rolling and people are going thru many challenges. I think we’re going thru our last lessons, so to speak, that we came here to learn and so let’s welcome them but let’s also see that we are in the right state to receive them. And with that in mind we’re first going to do the St. Germain Violet Flame invocation.


INVOCATIONS -----------------

This is taken directly from St. Germain's series of books. I am discourses which, if you go to the page on our website which is HollowEarthNetwork.com, you'll see one of the top listings St. Germain quotes. Where you can order. You would love the first two books. They're just fascinating. And it changed my life. Pages 11 to 13 I did that morning meditation and St. Germain says if you do this for 30 days won't need proof, you will be your proof. And that came true for me, my life changed. Pages 11 through 13 of Unveiled Mysteries. So it tells you how to order the book books and this invocation to the Violet Flame originated. The author was Godfrey Ray King coordinated and worked with St. Germain in bringing this information to us.

So let's clear ourselves now and free ourselves of any mistakes we may have made a long time ago or just a few minutes ago – and we wish to goodness we have done it, but it's done. It's done. Are we stuck with it the rest of our lives? No. So we don't want that to tangle us up in self reprimands and take our attention off of what our real work is, which is raising our vibrations higher and higher every day. Higher than the day before. And so we don't want any distractions of worrisome feelings and were going to clear that with the Violet Flame. Here we go.

I recommend that you stand with your feet flat on the floor, connecting as much as you can to mother Earth. Your hands down at your sides with the palms facing down. You'll see an illustration of that; you'll see somebody standing in the Violet Flame on our home page of HollowEarthNetwork.com. So envision this beautiful, soothing, Violet Flame just consuming and transmuting and leaving us clear as a babe. So let's do it now. And here we go.


I AM the mighty Violet Consuming Flame, now and forever, consuming and transmuting all past and present mistakes, their cause, core, effect and Akashic record.

So be it. It is done.

I just did that four times in my own morning meditation before the call today. We just want to keep ourselves clean, keep ourselves clean and pure. So Peter recommends on brief affirmations like this to do it in a quadrant of four, it's more effective. So, you will find that on our website.

And now we're going to call to our own Beloved I AM Presence to protect us with our protective pillar of pure white -- and with today's information I like to add the word cosmic -- cosmic light substance that is flooding our universe and especially our planet. So that's why we're feeling this rocking and rolling and dizziness and whatever. We are transitioning. Sheldon Nidle just told us our bodies are 40% different now than they were when we came.

Okay, so, let's do our protective pillar. And remember, this is an internal situation. We can't have somebody put a protective pillar over us. It doesn't work that way. This is between us and our own beloved I AM Presence. Always with us. If we ever need direction call on your own I AM Presence. No one knows us better. And you can talk … you've heard me talk to my own I AM Presence on some of the previous recorded calls with Michael Ellegion that I shared with you because when you listen, you benefit by being encodings helping your remembrance just as I do.

Okay so here we go were going to call on our I AM Presence. Again stand with your feet flat. This time with your hands above your head, palms together, fingers pointing connecting to your own I AM Presence. And here we go. And remember, this is a pillar not a tube. It’s not a bell. It is a solid pillar of this precious cosmic light substance. So we are going to call – this is between us and our own I AM Presence. So here we go.


Beloved I AM Presence,
Intensify your protective pillar of pure white cosmic light substance in, through, and around me.

Charge it with your invincible protection, all-powerful and impenetrable that keeps me insulated from all that is not of the Light and keep it sustained.

Make and keep me ever sensitive to you and your direction, and immune to all imperfect vibratory rates.

So be it.

And I'm going to give you one short little one that's at the top of that, I believe, page 13, that I always did in my 30 days creating my own miracle.

I AM a child of the Light.
I love the Light. I serve the Light.
I live in the Light.
I AM protected, illumined, supplied and sustained by the Light.
And I bless the Light.
So be it.


We are all set. Were going to have a wonderful show.

SPECIAL GUESTS: Nancy Tate Presents Horus from Porthologos Library in Hollow & Inner Earth
And were going to greet our dear Nancy Tate, who, Zorra asked her if you heard the Santa show if she would be so kind as to join us and bring us messages from her contacts so that we get a good broad perspective of what is going on right now and our part in all of that.

Nancy doesn't live very far from me, she is here in southern Arizona, about an hour away to the south of me. In a beautiful town called Patagonia. And with that, I'd like to welcome Nancy.

Nancy:     Hello Anne, how are you doing today?

Anne:     Well, just beautifully. Thank you. We are very appreciative of your taking time to join our group and bring this message today. Do you have any idea who we might be hearing from?

Nancy:     Well it's very possible that Horus will be speaking through me. That is who Zorra suggested to me it may be. I feel that it could very well be. For those of you who do not realize who Horus is, he is a direct descendent or in the lineage of Enki and he lives in Inner Earth. And he is the assistant to Mikos of the Porthologos Library. And I have been channeling messages from him since I lived in Tucson … since Bob and I lived in Tucson and that was probably about four years ago.

And in that time-span, he let me know that I was his daughter when he was embodied on earth. So with that connection, I feel a connection with him and I realize that’s why he’s been speaking through me from time to time.

Anne:     Aww. That’s beautiful. That’s beautiful. Well, thank you for giving us a little insight about Horus. He works there in the Porthologos Library? Actually it’s in Hollow Earth, am I correct?

Nancy:    Yes. He goes back and forth between Inner and Hollow Earth. And he … I had a dream one morning when we were in Tucson and I woke up from that dream where he had told me … I was seeing the southern entry into earth and he said that’s where he, that’s where I have access to him, you might say, energetically, at the south pole. I think it’s Agartha where the library is.

Anne:     Oh yes. They say it’s just beautiful, it sprawls over acres and acres of land. A magical place where holographic history is stored and people can revisit it in person. We’re in for some real treats when we really connect with our Agarthan and Hollow Earth people.

Well, with that, were really looking forward to it, and whoever comes I'm sure we'll also introduce themselves and hopefully it will be your dear Horus but if not whoever we hear from will be telling us more about themselves and bringing us the message that Zorra asked you to bring today. So with that, Nancy, I’m going to turn it over to you.


Nancy:    Okay thanks Anne and I'll just take a few moments to get in that space where Horus or whomever it may be but it may be more than Horus actually. That is why when I feel this way it may be an indication that it may be Horus but not only him so we'll see who comes.

Anne: Well we're all standing by, the world is waiting. [Laugh] so just get yourself comfortable Nancy. We're all comfortable. We're really looking forward to this special treat today so we'll just wait until our new guest arrives and introduces themselves. So meanwhile we're just standing by.


Horus:     I am here and I too am very comfortable and I am Horus and I do have a special guest for you later as the message goes on.

First of all I'd like to let you all know what is taking place within not only Inner and Hollow Earth, but within the library since you have spoken of it. There has been additions to the library that have been created by all of you on this planet in the future. In these few segments of the future are set in place for an eternity for they are part of the destined placement of all of you on this beautiful planet. And these I cannot speak of right now, but I can tell you that they are there and they shall remain as they are. There are some other parts of your future that change some on a continual basis. Because of the energy and interception that all of you give through your everyday choices – your every moment choices. And this is part of the evolutionary process that you all are involved with.

And as this takes place, there are various mutants of various beings that come into a different being for a time and then they return to their original beingness. And this is in order for it all to come into place. And to serve all of you in the way that is eternal, as well as in the moment. This is all according to the decisions, the choices that you make and the actions that you take in creating these choices as you realize you are not the only person on this beautiful planet.

It IS and will remain IS
Even though you were part of the whole you are part of the oneness. Each one of you is an aspect of the oneness and therefore you are in such power of creativity that it can change what is being created in the moment. If there are certain numbers of you who make the same choices. in effect, and create them, that is what is. And that is what stays is. And if there are certain choices that are made that completely change what has been created then it's because the majority of you have come to that choice and come to that creativity.

As a little bit of background information, I will also keep you up-to-date or tell you -- bring you up to date on what we in Inner and Hollow Earth have been doing and seeing as planning in the coming, let's say movements in creation/in creativity of what you are bringing into being. One of those things is, that yes, indeed, we will be coming to the surface to work with you, to reunion with you, and to bring into your lives what you have been being told for how long has it been here that you will be in cahoots, you might say, [chuckling] with us. Working with us, creating with us, playing with us. Enjoying it. To bring about this beautiful Earth's surface home that you have chosen to live on for the time being. You will be bringing it all into ecstasy here on the surface for as long as you desire it to be before you go into Hollow and Inner Earth to live and continue your creativity mode within you.

You will have some places, some aspects of your life on the surface that will continue to be there. And that is because of the wholeness of this planet. And Gaia is in agreement with some of the choices and ideas that you have relayed through your energetic communications. That there will be places on the surface that will be in harmony with what is within -- not only within the earth but within yourselves as well. This is part of the oneness that we speak of. And so they will be these, let's say creations, that you will be bringing about to change the surface world that will be in harmony with the rest of this beautiful planet. And there will be ins and outs between the Inner and Hollow Earth and being on the surface that will be all in harmony and not at all as you see the surface now.

The surface now represents this involvement with duality that you have been, let's say, experimenting with. And when and as you continue to habitate the surface it will be a process of bringing it back into harmony with the rest of this body of Gaia.

And so, my dear ones, speaking of Gaia, before I leave this message I wish to invite Gaia to come and speak with you for a few minutes. For she has something that she wants to relate to you that can bring a new idea and a new aspect of your thinking with her, you're feeling with her, and your evolving and creating with her. What it is that is being evolved even in this moment. And so I sit back and I invite Gaia to come and speak through this one, my daughter.


Gaia:    [Toning] [Gaia sings the following message] I'm here and I'll speak to you in this measure of my soul. I speak to you in the wonder of my heart. There is something I wish to tell you and it is that I'm in love with you, all of you. And I know that you love me so we shall continue in this pleasure journey in this wondrous land and  (????)  [0:29:26]. I thank you for what you are doing those of you who feel your connection with me. For you are me and I am you.

[Speaking melodically]  (????)  So she, so we, so he all speak in the same tones, in the same rhyme, in the same love  (????) . And this is my message to you on this day and forever more as we alight in our new harmonic journey into forever. I love you. I thank you. And I join you in your song forever. Namaste.

Anne:    Namaste. Thank you Gaia. Our love comes to you in waves from all over your precious surface. It is coming to you from all of our hearts into yours and we join you. Thank you.

Nancy:    Oh, wow. I am back. It's Nancy. I'm so glad that Gaia spoke through and Horus. It was quite an experience, and I'm really grateful to be here with you all.

Anne:     It's a precious experience for every one of us, Nancy. Very special. Very special. Did you get to hear the message as he came through?

Nancy:     Well yes, I’ve been told that what I do at times like this is. I stay within my body as the other also comes within my body. And so, yes, I heard.

Anne:     Wasn't it beautiful? So beautiful. What a message of love.

Nancy:     I’ve still got a tremble. But it's wonderful. It's not like tremble-y in a bad way. It's trembling in a beautiful, energetic way.

Anne:      Well you still, I'm sure, residuals of Gaia’s energy is just rippling through you right now. And you know, it's reassuring to us to know that we’re all in this together. Gaia is linked -- she said, “I am you and you are me.” Isn't that beautiful?

Nancy:     Yes. Yes it is. Thank you Anne for asking me to come and be a part of this.

Anne:    Well thank you. Thank you Nancy. We’ll let you just settle back in that beautiful home you sent me pictures of – so snuggly and warm and nurturing. I can just feel the energy in it. So thank you for joining Hollow Earth Network Saturday call.

Thank you again, Nancy.Thank you sweetheart. So grateful to you.

And with that I'm going to open Quazar and Zaraya’s line and were probably going to hear next from Quazar.

Quazar:         Hello there Lady Nada/Anne. Hi. Well isn't that fabulous? Nancy, thank you so much for bringing Horus in. It was a beautiful call from you as well as beautiful singing from Gaia. Thank you.

We Don’t Have An RV
And so with that … You know, today many of us have felt a little bit of a let down because you were expecting or anticipating some great news on Christmas day. And I know that Zorra will be speaking about that today with all of us.

Also, we hope that everyone had a lovely Christmas day. For those that celebrate Christmas, but it's also for those of you that celebrate the celebration of giving. Celebrating the love that is in high vibrations for this time. So I would like to have Zaraya speak with you also because he has a message to you.


Zaraya:        Okay guys, I'm in the same boat as you as you are. I'm kind of disappointed too with what's happening. And of course the way my father put it was that somebody threw a monkey wrench into the works and that's why it didn't go through. I mean it's gone through it just hasn't been announced in our country, yet.

However, there's so much going on behind the scenes that we don't know about, and that's what's in play right now. The announcement for us is still slated before the end of the year, so we're not giving up our stand there. And the more that we hold steadfast to our faith that it has happened and we will receive our blessing, the stronger that conviction will be. And the stronger that conviction becomes reality the more that the Galactics can step in and assist in that process.

Don’t Lose Your Cool
So, I can't help but reiterate: don't lose faith. And don't lose hope. And don't lose your cool. Because I know a lot of people have done that. I mean several people out there I'm quite sure have pulled their hair out and jumped up and down and screamed and yelled and everything else under the sun … and my father might address that as well. But we just have to keep our patience with this and when it does happen, it’s all gonna be more of a joy to experience. So that’s what I have to say.

I'm going to call my father and let him come forth and also my mother is going to speak as well, so I'm going to go ahead and go bye-bye. I’ll talk to you guys later. And I'll let you know that I'm going swimming. [Laughter]

Quazar:     I think he loves to go swimming with the Merpeople, right Anne?

Anne:    I had myself muted. Yes. And so does Zaraya and Quazar. They all have friends in the Merfamily.

Quazar:     That's true. So all of you, we'll just wait a couple of seconds here and Zorra, our beloved Zorra will be with us very shortly. And I will concur, since Zaraya and I were talking about where we are at this time, and that we are still waiting even though we know that it is here. So with that I shall have to speak with Zorra now. And we do have a ton of questions as well, so let's see what we can do.

Hello Zorra. Welcome!

Zorra:     Indeed

Why We Don’t Have An RV
Well, as my beloved child has said, “patience.” Of course many people have heard this over and over and over to have patience. And it is difficult to do so in this time of existence. And I can understand your frustration.

Having the Patience of a Saint
We understand also that we of the higher – higher being – such as (I would not say higher. We are all the same … uh, well perhaps Prime Creator is definitely higher!) But so when it comes to patience, Prime Creator and the others, Archangel Michael and the what is termed as The Federation and things of this nature, have all the patience, what is the term, the patience of Job, if you will, with this planet. And you have to also understand we need – we are exercising patience with your planet as well.

Normally, what would be termed as when things that are transpiring take so long then there have been instances that we have what is termed as stepped in and brought down the hammer, so to speak. And that was the end of that. So, but of course, we are doing what is termed as allowing the beings on the planet to continue to have their free will, and of course free will is an extremely strong course.

So we do not wish to interfere with the freedom of choice. However it is coming to the what is termed turning point or tipping point if you will that we have continued to do what is termed as tell your governance what they should do and how they should do it. And of course they start passing … what is the term they use on the planet, “passing the buck” back and forth between countries.

And you've even been told through Tony's calls that it was the United States holding it up or it wasn't Iraq holding it up or it was China holding it up or it was whom ever holding it up. Well, in actuality it's all of you holding it up!

Nobody’s Pointing Any Fingers … But …
So I'm not going to point a finger at any specific country because it's all of you as a whole. And you continue to do what is termed as bring about what is termed as the proverbial wrench into the works. And of course that has to do with what is termed as knowing that it's done!

And even though we say it to you and we show you that it's done by little what is termed little events that are taking place throughout all the world – there are exchanges taking place with what is termed select peoples and things of this nature – it is happening but it's also causing what is called dissension amongst the people involved. So therefore it continues to build a frustration, what is termed a let down as you term it or what is termed as … what is this other term being called? The frustration yes that is a good one and out and out anger in some cases. Many peoples when this did not occur on Christmas, they went back to the banks that they have purchased them and turned them in.

This was a mistake on their part because we understand the frustration, and we are observing the frustration throughout the world because of it.


The Iraqi’s do have been told had their cards, their Q cards as they are termed, and they have been loaded, and they have been loaded with what is termed as the market rate or international rate. And the international rate is for the dinar is 358.5. But still it could be higher.

The VNN is up to what is termed as the $2 mark in international rate . And if you equate that to millions it would be what is termed as $2 million to a million VNN, which is still not all that bad. Anyway. And the rupiah is up to 105. And there again that is not all that bad. That is half of the forest anyway.

But so when we say you were going to receive the forest understand millions upon millions is not necessary, but enough to allow you to have a … to be able to make a change in your lifestyle. in others lifestyles, that is a forest. That is a great step to the positive. A great step to ending poverty. So even the international rates presently are nothing to turn away from.

But, then you have the contract rate. The contract rates are much higher, however, and as Tony has spoken, only a few, meaning a few hundred thousand, are going to receive those contract rates. So if you are waiting for the contract rates that is wonderful that is fine but do not shun away from what is termed the market rate as well because that is a great sum as well.

Do Not Be Greedy
And the term is to not be greedy. And that's what many people have done, they have become quite greedy. And the rich have become even richer. However, they are also in very extreme danger of losing what they have received because of their greed; because of them wanting to horde or wanting to put in their vaults – swell the levels of their vaults. And they do not realize what they are doing. In a sense they are doing what is termed as eliminating their joy. And by keeping it within their walls and in their coffers, and in their purses and things of this nature, they are miserable. Literally. It brings in more fear of it being taken from them. Or it brings in more fear of people robbing them and things of this nature.

Understand the blessing is for all. It is for everyone. And not for just a few.


So, we've seen what is termed as exchanges taking place in America, in Europe, in what is termed South America, and they’re ongoing. And the only thing that is more so frustrating to you is the fact that it has not been announced to the shores of America.

But it has because the banks known as Wells Fargo is the lead bank in this process and it has exchanged many peoples. Many peoples in the city of New York. Many people in the cities of Chicago, Miami, Denver Reno. These places have had exchanges. I will assure you of that. And there has been called even what is termed double dipping. And those that have done that are surely going to have their assets frozen. And that will be an assured thing.

So and I am speaking to them now if they are hearing me they should be on what is called alert that they are in danger of losing their what is called exchange they have just done because of the greediness of it. And what is called being stingy and things of that nature. So beware.

Everybody’s Frustrated
Now those that have been waiting patiently and continue to wait, I understand your frustrations. But also understand our frustration with you as a whole. Our frustration is that we have given you all the tools you need. We have given you countless what is termed levels of information and yet you still question and you still bicker and you still go to other what is called websites and gurus as you term them and you listen to what they are saying. And then that puts the question in your minds and then you come back here and you complain like little children, which you are. But you are also gods and goddesses.

Use your brains. Understand you have the ability to bring this forth. So stop doing what is termed as bickering amongst yourselves. Stop complaining and do something about it!


Now you ask us why it has not come to your coffers and not come to your accounts and not come to what is termed your purses. It is because you are not ready for it. And you need to get there!  And when I say this, I say this in earnest: keep your faith. Do not turn what is called your currency back in to where you purchased them. This is being foolish. And many are going to lose their blessing because of it. Because you have lost your faith because you are listening to these other peoples that are telling you things that they know nothing about. They are telling you what they have been told and not what it is..

We Are Our Own Worst Enemy
It may seem like I am scolding you. In a sense I am. But in another sense, I'm doing it in love. Understand you have the ability to bring this forth. You are gods and goddesses. Why would you need someone from another what is termed another site, and other guru or whatever you term them to tell you that you must wait until next year or the middle of next year. And all that does is bring you down further and takes away your joy. It brings in fear. It brings in doubt and it brings in foolishness. And I mean foolishness in those that are taking their dinar their dong and their rupiah and their Zimbabwe and turning it back in for pennies. Less than what you paid for it. Who does that make sense to?!, as Tony puts it.  

So, use your heart-minds peoples, beloved children use your heart minds. Open them. Receive your blessings in faith. We see that blessing in faith. There is a saying in your Bible that if you have the faith of a mustard seed you can move a mountain. You are gods and goddesses, you can move the entire planet!

Wake up to your god-selves and understand the answers that you are asking or the questions that you're asking. You know the answers already! Why do you need confirmation of what you already know? No, I will tell you also and we have been contemplating this, you have the tools. We have given you the headbands. We have given you what is termed healing rods. We have given you two specific tools that help you to raise your consciousness, to increase your health. We have given you two products they gave you your health back. And still you complain.

And the meditation  as well. So we have given you all the tools you need to better your world, to better your life. To better your family. You have the tools within your grasp. When we tell you, you are gods and goddesses that is a fact.

I will relate back to what is termed your Christian Bible. Many of you have not heard this many of you have, but listen. In your what is termed your original Scriptures that were found in caves in Israel; the Dead Sea Scrolls as you term them, they have a message in them. And it was simply this: “God said, let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and with our powers and abilities.”. If you doubt what I'm saying look it up. It is there.

In your New Testament, Sananda said to his disciples, “Marvel not what I do, for greater shall you do if you only believe that you can." And you can! You have that ability in you. You do not need a minister to tell you that you’re God. You already know that. You do not need a minister to be a mediator between you and The Creator. You are the mediator, yourself.

Talk about frustration!!! Humph! And you wonder why, what is termed you have not. Because you asked not! It says, seek and you shall find. And where are you seeking? In the wrong places! From other beings that are only telling you what they have been told. Hearsay, rumors, things of this nature.

And what does it do? It robs you of your blessings. It robs you of your ability to create, to manifest. If you continually hold steadfast to your own abilities you will bring forth your blessing.

Now, what we have been contemplating, Prime Creator, myself, and a few others, is bringing what is called the conference calls to a close. You knew that was coming. And we are contemplating this. And what will be the, what is called the final factor will be determined by the questions that will be asked today. So think hard when you are going to ask. Many of your questions have already been answered by what I just said so there should be many hands going down.

You have the ability to heal yourselves. When we give forth the Healing Pulse that is just another tool. They are words to encourage you to use your own God powers. You are gods! Act like it! You are goddesses, act like it! Take back your Majesty! Take back your god selves! Awaken your god selves within you!

People complain, oh Zorra told me this and Zorra said that and it did not happen. Poppycock! It's already happened. Hold fast to your faith within you; your ability of manifestation. Understand, this world would not be the way was if you had not manifested. Think about that! All of you as a whole have manifested the world in which you live in. You have created your poverty. You have created your want and your lack. You have done that by the law of attraction. Think about that.

We, as the galactic beings, or what you term Federation of Planets or the Federation of Light, we are sitting back and we are scratching our heads wondering when you are going to get it! And what I mean by ‘get it’ is to realize who and what you are. You are nothing less than God, and nothing more than God. You are equal with him. You are equal with Creator, you just do not understand it that you are.

Prime Creator said Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and with our powers and abilities. That was the message that was brought forth from Sananda to the Jews, to the Jewish people, to the Gentiles. It is the same message then, it is the same message now. You are gods and goddesses. Stop thinking you are less. You are unlimited beings.

I have probably stepped on many toes but I do not apologize for that because you need to hear it. You need to know it, and you need to act as what you are and who you are. You say you want this and you want that: create it. Thought is the creator as thought always is.

So, how many hands went down that time, Lady Nada?

Anne:    Well, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. We started with close to a dozen and I think we’ve gained. I’m sorry Zorra.

Zorra:    Oh I’m sure we have gained because they are not grasping what is being said.

Anne:    Well it’s creating more questions. They want to grasp it.

Zorra:    I understand. Well, okay. How many have we gained?

Anne:    Well let me see. There’s eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen. Well we started with ten or eleven and we’re up to thirteen now. And we have 1 hour left if we’re going to do a 2-hour call.

Zorra:    You may go into overtime. Go ahead and get them started.

Anne:     Okay, who's going to be the brave one and bare their chest to Zorra? I'm opening 661. Let's try to keep each call to at least 5 minutes or shorter. Once the answer has been heard, let's don't extend it into a conversation. Let's honor those that are standing behind.

What Am I Missing?
661:     Hello beloved masters. This is [caller] in Washington. Thank you Zorra for the confirmation affirmation after of course the little bit of Christmas disappointment. But I hold firm that you said – Prime Creator said – by the end of the year. So I hold that for everyone.

My question is, if I have been on – I'm sure I'm not alone – if you've been on many, many calls and had the Healing Pulse -- and the last one was so powerful, you know if you touch yourself and you claim it and you rinse your eyes out and you do all the details and it still doesn't happen, what does that say about me that I'm not getting?

I say I'm a goddess, but am I not getting’ it? I mean I'm still using my glasses you know.

Zorra:    Indeed. You still need to do what is termed as to increase your frequency and your vibration. And by doing this, understand this, your affliction as you term it as the eyes being corrected by corrective lenses, you become so used to it that it is natural for you. It is unnatural when someone tells you, or someone sends a Healing Pulse to you, deep down in your subconscious you are saying that I've been this way for so long. And it is an inner doubt that you have within you.

But it has occurred. You must change the programming of your subconscious mind and affirm on a daily basis my eyes are getting better. And use the exercise of rubbing your hands together, placing one on side of your head next to the eye and the other on the other side of your head next to the eye and do this on a daily basis at a certain time. Do it consistently and continually. When you do this by stating what you're stating, I am healed, or I do not have my affliction, you are reinforcing the new programming. So continue to do so.  

Doubt Is Our Downfall
Each time we give a Healing Pulse it even fortifies it even more. But do not doubt because doubt is the destructor. Doubt is the robber of your healing. So use your God power within you to bring forth the healing that you desire. Understand when we give the Pulse, when we give it out, it is extremely powerful. When you listen to it over and over, that also increases the validity of it. Do not think when we give the Pulse out it is just for that day, it is continuous. It is a pulse that is given out to reinforce the one prior to it. So, the same as you would do when you go into your archives and you listen to the Healing Pulses, they are not just words, they are actions. And they are even just as powerful as they were when they were given in the beginning.

So the words that we speak, the Healing Pulse – if my beloved were giving the Healing Pulse or myself were giving the Healing Pulse, it is a refortification and a confirmation of the healing. So, I say to you continue to listen to the Healing Pulses. That will go directly into your subconscious mind, reprogramming your subconscious, bringing in the reality of healing to you. Did that help?

661:     Yes, thank you, Zorra.

Anne:     That helped a lot of people. Thank you. And thank you Zorra that really rang true.

970:        Morning. This is [caller] in Colorado. I don't have a question; I have a heartfelt request. I want to state to you what it means for me and hopefully I'm speaking for many, many, many others.

When you mentioned to end the conference calls, I want to make a statement to you of what it's meant to me so that I'm pleading to Prime Creator and to you, just to let you know how important these have been. I e-mailed Anne and told her of my gratitude over the Christmas season. I just felt such gratitude for what you have given us and what it has meant in my life. It literally saved me. It saved my life here. It allowed me to remember and you affirm the truth of who I am. And I cannot tell you how much that has meant to allow me to get out of fear here. To have faith to embrace love, to everything, Zorra. And please do not end these communications with us. It's not a hand out, it's a hand up. It is a lifeline to hear and feel and remember that we are oneness. And all of us being together, do you know what it means that you have given this to us? Please do not end these calls now.

Zorra:    I understand and appreciate what you have said. And I also know that many peoples feel the same way. I'm going to let my beloved speak for now, Saryya, and let her give her aspect of what is being done. But I know she has many words of wisdom as well. So, upon that, here she is.


Saryya:    Hello, [caller] in Colorado and hello everyone. We hope that you had a Merry Christmas filled with love filled with joy and filled with harmony.

In spite of what you were still facing many of you have already learned this truth that you are beyond this dimension of duality. That is why it has come upon us to say that you do not need us. Not in that you don't need us to be around, because we are always around. You know that as well. You will realize that we are with you when you go into your Sacred Heart. You will have that knowing. You are, as we have always said, the gods and goddesses that you have always been since eternity, since the beginning of creation.

You have now reached the point in your vibration, which we call Christ Consciousness level. You only need to listen. You are the I AM Presence. You have been transformed fully in your heart, in your being.

How do you learn to live it now? That is for you to learn and to know the fact that you know this in you. That is why, as you and many of you have been parents or grandparents. As you have watched your children grow and develop and become the man or woman that many of you are now, and many of you now have children and grandchildren, that you have passed on your wisdom to.

You, as our Galactic humans can now pass on this knowledge of your Christ Consciousness on that level of vibration and consciousness that you are. It is time for you now to do this for each other. You are the collective gods and goddesses that we know you are. This is how you will bring your blessings toward you more fully, is to live it.

Now with all of the great vibration and consciousness – higher consciousness that have come forth from the solstice and has been continuing to flow through and in greater and greater degree, the more you will know it.

You now, just as you have - many of you have experienced loved ones that have moved on and transitioned into the fifth dimension, you know that they are alive and well. But they are there in spirit. All of you also have known, and thanks to our beloved  Tartus (Peter) has shown you the way of being fully the quantum beings that you are. Fully that you are.

This third or fourth or low fifth dimension that you continue to live in is purely an illusion. You know this to be true. Your blessings are at hand. They are complete. Have been complete. As you fully moved into your full Christ Consciousness Being you will know this to be true, that it is here, and then it will arrive into this vibration.

So your lessons are still to let go of all of the blockages that are still within. They are there because many of you still believe that you cannot heal yourself. It is only an illusion that you cannot. It is time for you to connect more and more with your Christ self. How? We have told you. Go out into nature. Be one with your beloved trees, be one with all the beautiful rocks, and crystals, the heavens and the skies that are around you that are alive and are one with you. So that is how you can do that.

Also, many of you know how to meditate, and many of you do not. Those of you who do not, learn to do so. Having time to be in silence because that is when you can connect most with your, as you say, your higher self. The more you do this, the more you can connect within, to who you truly are, the more you will realize who you are.

So, when you do all of that, you are aligned truly with our universal oneness. You are gods and goddesses just as we are. Just as Prime Creator has created all of you to be. Align with that now! The powers of the heavens are upon you. Empower yourselves with that.

And, therefore, you know that we are one and no longer need our guidance. We don't have to repeat ourselves over and over a thousand times over. You have that all within you. You are our teachers. You are the teachers that have come here on this beloved Terra. It is time now for you to do likewise for all those that are yet at sea.

That is the time. Take the torch now, for it is your turn now. That is my message. We love you, always will love you.

Zorra: Indeed!

Caller Eloquently Pleads Our Case
970:        Zorra, Saryya, Okay, I just still don’t know the purpose, the positive purpose, because you’re not a crutch; at least I can speak for me, you’re not! I have to know myself, but even my children whom I have to let go of and they have to learn on their own, I tell them I love them every day. I hug them whenever I see them. There is something about us just hearing from you, even though you may say the same thing, it is being immersed in that energy that has been so foreign to us here and it has helped us to be all that you want us to be. I just don’t see the positive purpose for you to disconnect from us now.

Zorra:    Understand beloved master, what is transpiring when we say we are contemplating the ending of the conference calls is because Disclosure is just around the corner. (970: Okay) So that is why we have stated what we are stating. You have the tools that will enable you to raise your conscious levels and your vibration and that is the time for you to bring forth your abilities; bring forth your own, what is called continue on your path of ascension and by us stepping off to the side and watching to see how you are going to do so. And also when the what is called Disclosure is announced, trust me you will be far too busy to listen to Zorra.

970:        Okay thank you. And I love you all and appreciate you so much. Thank you for letting me know this.

Zorra:     Indeed.

Anne:    Aww, thank you. We’re growing up and we have to recognize that fact and one thing I was thinking about when [caller] was pleading so eloquently, each time we go into meditation we can invite Zorra and Saryya in with us and we can feel that energy you enjoy so much anytime we want it, not just on conference calls. (Zorra: Indeed.) When we’re in meditation we can invite Zorra and Saryya and Prime Creator and get to know them better on a daily basis not every two weeks.

Zorra: Indeed. Next question.

The Truth About Cats and Dogs
865:        Yes, this is [caller] from Knoxville, TN. Can cats and dogs on the surface of this planet be vegetarian? [In Hollow Earth or on the planet with just cats or the planet with just dogs,] Do those animals kill each other to eat each other? Are they vegetarian? I mean here on this planet if you don't give a cat meat it goes blind ‘cause it needs taurine. So how does that work for you guys with your animals?

Zorra:     Animals on what is termed the feline planet and the canine planets, they all live in harmony and peace. There are no fights between them. They are one just as you are one. Understand beloveds everyone can be vegetarian. Even dinosaurs were vegetarian.

865:     So why do our cats on this planet go blind if there don't get the mineral taurine?

Zorra:     Understand beloved master, now you are speaking of protein correct? Are there not the vegetables and fruit that have protein?

Of course they do. Understand all plants and vegetables; vegetables and what is termed fruits have everything that is essential to life and that includes for the cats and dogs and things of this nature. It has a lot to do with the programming.

Always Were Vegetarians
Understand that cats in the original sense were never carnivorous. They were never carnivorous and man wasn't carnivorous. It came about in your history – way in your past history – what is termed to getting the meats to cats because they had claws. Therefore they believed they must be carnivorous. And of course that is a strange assumption but it is not true. Cats are vegetarian on their home world. And they are not blind either!


770:        This is [caller] in Georgia. I just want to say something first before I ask my question, Zorra. I enjoyed every one of them and enjoyed knowing that you're there.

I understand that there is a time you let go of a child in the same way that you teach your child to walk. You hold their hand completely, let them go a little bit, let them hold two fingers, then hold one finger, and then we don't let them hold any fingers and they can walk.

So my question is, I had mentioned a dream that I had where we were talking about our mentors coming, of which we have that to look forward to too so will have all our answers to our questions answered very shortly. But um that dream I believe could possibly be referring to – I know the Bible is discombobulated and verses moved around and taken out and whatnot but as in Revelations, is Jesus still slated to come to the earth to sit in well I don't know if New Jerusalem will be able to fit well the five
…. in connection and it’s pretty big, all of them. So the
scenario with Jesus is that true. Is that a true scenario him coming to sit.

You guys are leaving you said you and Saryya are leaving – thank you Saryya. Thank you for that speech sweetie thank you so much. But is Jesus going to come and supposedly sit on the earth in the New Jerusalem?

Zorra:    Understand beloved master you had a scenario what is termed as an idea that was given to you about an antichrist and what is termed the persecution of the Christians, and what is termed as the rapture, and what is termed as many things pertaining to the second coming of Christ. The Christ consciousness did come and you have it now. So there is not going to be what is termed as it a second coming, he is already here. It is your full Christ Consciousness is what you are speaking of, and it was not Him in physical form.

Understand, when you said that he would be sitting on the throne in new Jerusalem, he is doing that already. It is called New Jerusalem; it is a starship. It is a great. what is termed 2000 miles in diameter. I can assure you if it was to land it would cover the entire continent of the United States.

Though as to whether he is going to come and sit in Jerusalem, he is already there. If you are speaking of coming into Jerusalem in Israel, he may come for a visit but not with his throne.

770:        I have also heard messages say that he may appear so that the people who don't believe … that he may appear so that they may believe what is really happening. That it's really true.

Zorra:     He is going to make appearances, of course. He has made appearances, and he will continue to make appearances on the surface of the earth. After Disclosure, yes, he will make appearances, absolutely. And he will also pronounce himself as to whom he really is, Sananda. Not Jesus, Sananda. Coming for Lady Nada.

Indeed. Do not read what is termed Revelations as a prophecy of something that is going to occur in the manner in which it's described. Understand it is describing not the end times but the beginning.


765:     This is [caller] from Indiana. My question is, where I live the sky has been blocked from view by a thick haze for over three months now. We can’t see the sun or the stars except for a few brief hours in the span of three months. Does Zorra have any insight on what is going on?

Zorra:     Indeed. You can do what is termed as get a group of you together. ‘Group’ meaning of like-mindedness, and join your hands together and call upon Ramtha to clear your skies. [Saryya speaking in background]  And call to the Lord God of your beings as well. And that will clear your skies. Saryya speaking in background] you have to believe it. You have to know that it will occur. Do not doubt it. Do not doubt your ability. You are gods and goddesses, you can do this yourself.

765:     I do not do doubt often. Not my style.

Zorra:    Indeed. Well that's what I'm saying do not doubt who you are and what you are and you can clear the skies your self.

765:     I knew you were going to say that.

Zorra:     Indeed of course I was going to say that. [Laughter]

Anne:     Okay guys. Thank you [caller] we’ll be looking for your report back. It'll be good to hear.


Buddah’s Back as a Child in Japan
Int’l:        Hello this is [caller] from Singapore. Good morning Zorra, Saryya, Anne. Merry Christmas. My question is referred to the last call on the question I asked about the Buddha who is a child incarnate in Japan now. I would like to ask about this Buddha date of birth: date, month, year, and in which age would he be right now in Japan?

My question is what is this Buddha’s date of birth?
The Buddha which is incarnate in Japan now.

Zorra:     The one that is an incarnate of Buddha as a child is what is termed as… You wish to know the exact date of this?  And the purpose of the knowing?

Int’l:     Is to find out and get the protection done.

Zorra:     Yes indeed. I will tell you that he was born in also the same month as the Christ, in April.


Pulse : Whatever Blows Your Hair Back
and Soul for Stroke Victims
407:        Hi. This is [caller] in Florida. I have a testimony on the Healing Pulse the other night. When he said it was going to be a jolt it was! Like, in the V-8 commercial when you hit your the head with the palm of your hand and say, “I should have a V-8!” That's what it did to me. It threw my head back. It was that powerful of a jolt. It was like I should've had a V-8 type thing. It was very, very powerful. It was very strong and it changed my life.

I have one question. (Zorra: Indeed) I had talked to you about my brother. He had an MRI yesterday and it said that he's had two strokes. Will the Soul help him with the strokes?

Zorra:     Indeed it shall.

407:     Okay that's what I want to know. As soon as I get my blessing he's the first one I'm going to bless because I want him to be able to take care of his family and take care of himself.

Zorra:     Indeed. You should have him do what is termed as to order at least two boxes and to get on it immediately.


Birds Kick Their Chicks Out of the Nest
202:        Thank you very much for your help and blessings and the knowledge given to us. This is [caller] from the sunshine out here in Maryland south of Baltimore. Thank you for everything you have always done.

I relate to the information about letting go of our children just like the mother bird kicking the baby out of the nest. I did that to my son and daughter and they are alive and well.

Santa Answers Her Letter
I saw a program last weekend called Secret Santa about Lucas A Nast. Anybody heard of that? And I wrote a letter to Santa I needed to get a $911 bill paid today and I got a $900 blessing. And I wanted to share that because I put away all the negative information on TV and people and then I put it out there. I actually mailed a letter to Santa Claus and I asked for a blessing and I asked for a healing and I got it three days later unexpectedly. So I wanted to share that.

And my question is, is there a Lucas A Nast as the program has stated that’s bringing love and gifts to families having the Light? There was many Lights that come on Christmas Eve, more so on Christmas Eve than any other time of year. Or is that just somebody coming up with the phenomenal documentary that I believed in? Anne, I wrote a letter and I had a phenomenal week so my question is, is there a Lucas A Nast from the Myra, Greece the ancient city of Greece. That’s it thank you very much.

Secret Santa: The Mastermind Behind The Concept
Zorra:     There was at one time indeed a man with such a name. But also understand that the Secret Santa original was my son, Zaraya. Zaraya had the idea of Secret Santa. It was brought forth and it was spread across the nation and many people have taken up the, what is called taken up the torch and continued the tradition. So it has spread not just in America but also in Great Britain as well and other countries as well. But, though, the Secret Santa is anyone who decides to do the helping.

202:        Well that is so interesting thank you. I want to say that I stopped believing in Santa because I don't want my kids to start lying because I was lying and I said I was a single mom and I said I thought I work hard for these gifts, I'm the Santa. I'm your Santa. But like you said it's those who we can all manifest the love and giving and so that's very interesting.

Did anybody see the lights in Hawaii or anywhere in Christmas Eve like the aurora borealis?

Zorra:     Understand, whenever you have what is called a sightseeing of the Aurora it is because that is where Santa is.

202:     Okay I feel this is a magical time of year and I know a lot of people were expecting their gifts around Christmas but I feel it. I feel that is coming it's just a matter of us all collectively just feeling joy and to just keep that going. Thank you very much.

Zorra:     Understand beloved master that Santa did his final run this year -- Final -- will not be making another journey because of what is termed as the world is changing. The new year is going to bring forth Disclosure. And when Disclosure is announced there will be no more need for Santa.

202:     Are we going to experience things like the dolphins and happy fairies and things.

Zorra:     Well absolutely. Understand the Elementals are not going away. Santa is not going away, he is going on a long vacation as it is so termed. And he is going to do what is termed as be with his family. His family is in Hollow Earth.

202:     Thank you that's encouraging We’re all evolving to the next level to move on to build our own little universes and thank you very much.

Zorra: Indeed.


Zorra:    Anne, I’m going to bring forth an answer to one question that was asked of me concerning the headbands.

The headbands must be made with a one ounce silver, one ounce of pure silver not copper, 99.9 percent silver, or 999 gold. It cannot be a mixture of metals. It must be one ounce of pure either gold or silver.

Anne:     I know you gave us these schematics for it and it's somewhere back in my hand written notes in the tablets and tablets of notes, but people are still wanting to build it. I just have a sketch from Zaraya. I promise to write this up if you'll just quickly give us the schematics for the headband.

Zorra:    Understand the headband copper is about what is termed as one inch thick one inch wide. And that would be the two side bands. And the other portion that is drawn in is where you are going to bend the copper up around the crystal and round. The silver or the gold round. Now if you want to do what is termed as, it's going to be the length at least 12 inches long – it will not go completely around the head. You use what is termed as elastic to tie the two ends together on the back. Drill a hole through the end of the copper to allow the tie-offs of the elastic. You want to what is termed as on the inside you want to keep the copper from being in contact with the head. You want to use some form of backing that will separate the copper from the head so it does not create a green stain around the head. And then you want to have a quarter sized opening behind the copper where the round is located to create an opening will have direct access to what is termed the copper to the third eye. And that is how it is made to the head.

And you want the crystal to be one half inch wide to 1 to 1 1/2 inches tall. Preferably no taller than the coin, the round that is going to be used. So that would be the description of the crystal headband.

Anne:    I will write this up, I promise. I've even got pictures showing the backside with the lining on the back and the quarter-sized hole. You told us we had all the tools. My project between now and the first of the year is to expand the page called My Ascension. It will include this description of how to build the headband. It will include all, all of the tools you have given us Zorra. All on one page.

Zorra:    Well the description I have just given is also to be sent that to what is termed Rainbow of Light person who is also going to be making the headbands. Inform her of what has just been said also if she has not been listening. Also you must make sure that it is pure silver. Pure silver disc it does not need to be a coin but it needs to be a disk. And a clear crystal, as clear as possible. Not chipped and not fogged. It must be as clear as possible with the point at the top. Not chipped. In six sides and six facets.

Anne:     And how do they activate it?

Zorra:     Understand beloved master once the three components are put together, once the crystal is attached to the silver or gold, and gold is attached to the headband, it is actually activated. To energize it.


[Zorra’s phone connection drops]
Zorra:     And where was I before I dropped..

Indeed. It is important that people realize that they are gods and goddesses and they have their abilities within them and they just need to tap into them. And my beloved has a few words to say also.


Saryya:    I do?

Zorra:    Yes, you do.

Saryya:    About?

[everyone laughing]

Saryya:    How does one tap into your having more greater consciousness and vibration? Using these tools.

The process would be, and many of you know this already …now let us say that you have a headband. You shall go out with your headband out into nature and sit with your backs to a tree. Of course if it is winter in your area, perhaps maybe just be by the tree. Or sit in the chair. (Zorra: or sit in a tree) Sometimes that might be difficult especially if the tree and the branches are frozen.

But anyway, and after you do this, you will sit and you let the headband face the sun. And as you do this you will begin to feel a connection and you will feel the energy of the warmth. You will feel some tingling and vibration as well. And you shall do this for about 10 to 15 minutes. And that should be all for one day because if you – many have taken and used the headband and have had headaches and that is not what you wish.

So it takes time for the energy to become absorbed and integrated into your body. And so therefore 15 minutes a day for perhaps maybe three or four days should be sufficient. After that you can wear them longer. And of course many as well have worn them for hours and sometimes to sleep with. And also for days.

This is one part for how to tap into your higher level of vibration and consciousness. It is also a time when you have a headband to be able to meditate. We also have a technique for meditating. And I know that Lady Nada has that available as well. And it is the breathing, you have to be able to access and understand how to breathe and how to bring forth the energy that many have learned on your planet, either through Ramtha or in the East they know it by using the chakras and moving what they call the kundalini. In either case just move that energy up your spine and up into your third eye and then also into your crown.

And there are ways -- beloved ones, you know the ways, you know the path. It is for you to do this how it best is for you to learn to meditate. When you say you cannot meditate you are obviously manifesting that and therefore you won't. And so you need to embrace the power that all of you have already. And so meditate, take time to do that every day, to connect with your subconscious, to connect with your higher mind or your God self, with your Christ consciousness.

You can do this mostly when you are able to meditate first. Once you get into that level that higher-level of consciousness, you bring that down so that you can begin to live it and become aligned more and more with it on a daily basis. When we say to live it, that means that you become truly the love essence that you are. That is all you are, for we are all love. We are all love in the consciousness the higher consciousness and universal consciousness that we are all together.

When you can fully know it at every moment of your time here on this planet, you will be living fully your Christ Consciousness. Because you will understand as our Sananda/Jesus had known that that was who he was in his lifetime: the love and the light of the oneness of Prime Creator. That is how you will tap into it, gradually.

But many of you already have done so. And that is why it is very close for us to let go. For you indeed have graduated. We would not be saying this if we did not feel or know, because we know that you are ready for the next step which is for you to know and embrace your mission.

Zorra:    Indeed.

Saryya:    There are many other questions…

Anne:    They just keep growing. The more I prune the tree the more the tree grows.


Do You Love Me Less Because There Is Less of Me?:
On Having Had Tonsils Removed
843:        Yes, this is [caller] in South Carolina. I am so glad to be here today. I’ve often wondered what causes a person to be born with moles. This is in regards to the human body. What causes them? Are they good for anything? Another thing, I had an operation when I was 10 to have my adenoids and my tonsils were removed. Do they serve a purpose?

Zorra:    [Deep breath] A moment. [long pause] Indeed. Well, I will let what is termed as allow Quazar and her medical back knowledge to speak forth on your question. She will be better adept to answer that one.

Quazar:    What is … what was the question? I’m sorry, this is Quazar/Jane. What was the question?

Anne:    He was asking about people who have moles, if that indicates anything. Some people are born with a mole. And the other question was, he’s had his tonsils and adenoids removed and is that going to have any bad effects.

Quazar:    I suppose one can answer that question in a couple of different ways. Many people that have moles are benign. That means there’s no significance in terms of how it affects them physically. However, there are also moles that can be malignant. That means it can be detrimental to your body therefore they need to be removed. And so we do that in a traditional way by excising you know thru a little bit of surgery to remove it.

And in regards to your tonsils, it used to be thought of in the medical profession that you didn’t need your tonsils and to have a tonsillectomy/ removal of the tonsils because it’s causing all kinds of infections and things like that. And that’s no longer the truth. You know every part of your body has a purpose. And so therefore tonsils really do have a purpose. If you had yours removed, well, then, you know, what can you say. It’s done, over with and you do without. That doesn’t mean you can’t live and be healthy without them but it’s not going to hinder your ascension either. So, uh … [Zorra speaking in background] Yeah. Because when Disclosure comes, when we all reach full fifth dimension and we go into our chambers, your body will be fully renewed and into  whatever fifth dimensional body you wish to be in/wish to have. So I think that’s kind of a moot question. We don’t need to really dwell on that, right?

Anne:    I’ve had my tonsils and adenoids removed when I was 16 and I’m 81 now and going strong, so it’s not been any problem. I’m sorry it happened, but …   I’ve heard about them actually regrowing so nothing to worry about.


Soul and Core From Cancer to Common Strains
Energetic Healing: Even the kids learn from the calls
703:        Well hello there, Anne and my beloved Zorra. This is [caller] in Maryland. It’s a magnificent, glorious, loving day today. We have sun!

I have two testimonies. One is for Soul and one is for Core. My brother in Wisconsin gave the Soul to a family member who suffers from a type of cancer of the colon and he had her take six packs a day. Now she was suffering from swelling and stomach pains and immediately her family saw her pain go away. And so they all pooled their monies together and they called me and I was able to help her join as a distributor. Now she can purchase the Soul and address her cancer issue and she is very, very grateful. She had put it off for a year. She knew about the products before but she had never ordered it and finally she did, so we’re very excited.

Now my son who is a teenager who plays soccer, last Saturday suffered an injury while playing. He fell and twisted his ankle in a weird way and I happened to have had a pack of Core. And I’d never really used the Core like this before but I gave it to him and it was maybe five minutes and he’s like, “Mom, it’s gone! I’m ready to play again.” I’m like, “No, no, no.” And he’s like, “Yes!” And so the coach is saying, “Get back out there. He’s playing.” So he says “It’s a miracle.”

So the products do work and I just want to encourage everyone to try the products. They really do work.

And another testimony for healing. My teenage son has learned to rub his hands together. He knows how to … he knows there’s energy and I never really told him how to do it but I had done something weird with my thumb because I used to have carpal tunnel which I don’t have anymore and I don’t have the arthritis anymore. I don’t have any of those issues I had a year ago. So I’m so very grateful for the calls and for this information. But he was able to just help me with my thumb the other day because I twisted it in a weird way and the pain went away.

So we have learned so much from these calls, so much. And I’m very grateful. So thank you Zorra, Saryya, Jane, Billie and everyone; the whole family. And Anne, thank you so much.

Zorra:    Indeed.

Anne:    That was wonderful. Thank you [caller]. You’re very good at your expressions and your very concise and very clear in understanding. You’ve just helped so many people.

So anybody else, as you take your turn, not only for your own question but if you have had an opportunity of healing with either from the Pulses or the techniques or the products, please share it as [caller] just did and help the others so we have the confidence to know that it is working.

Zorra Discusses Product Endorsements
Zorra:    Lady Nada. Before we go and do that, I’m going to speak on what is termed the three products I had been endorsing these last four years and the significance of them.

We first what is termed as endorsed the Laminine. The Laminine is a product that has been rediscovered. It was used quite frequently in the olden days of Lemuria and Atlantis and also in other star systems as well. Now, the Laminine does what is termed as to open the mind. It opens the heart mind, it opens the vaults of knowledge and things of this nature and it causes a better focus and raising the vibration and raising the frequency and raising consciousness. (Have to get them altogether.) It does that.

It opens the third eye and it keeps it open and so it allows you to manifest. It allows you to focus much better and it allows you to see the Elementals. And people that are not of the young age, they are of the older age, they have become quite perplexed when they have been out in the wilderness and they have actually, upon been taking in the Laminine, they have discovered that they can now see fairies and gnomes and the little people and things of this nature. And it is very disturbing to them because they are not used to seeing these beings. And because of the Laminine they are able now to do that so they think there is something wrong with them. And there is nothing wrong with them; they are getting their childhood back so to speak.

And also the Laminine is very good for the pets. They love it. They lap it up like crazy. It gives them wonderful soft coats and it eliminates what is termed the shedding of the fur and revitalizes their systems. So that is the Laminine. We endorse it most greatly and it is one that you need to continue to have. If you do not have it, get it. It is well worth it.

It has been blessed by us and the higher ups, Galactics, Prime Creator. And of course the formula has also been altered once it leaves what is termed the warehouse/factory where it is being put together. We alter it by replacing the cartilage and the egg with what is called seaweed. So that's what we do with that.

Soul & Core
The other two products are put out by a company known as Rain International. They are based out of Salt Lake City, so they are American made for those who do not wish to buy from the other countries – it is American made/put together.

The Soul is a seed-based product, meaning it has no what is called chemicals, no what is termed additives and things of this nature; it is in a pure form. And you wish to take it in a pure form, do not add it to anything else. Take it straight from the package. Roll it up as you would a toothpaste tube, get it all out. And then open it up on at least three sides of it (or up like a butterfly) and take the residue and put it directly onto your skin in areas where there is pain and it will get rid of that.

The Core does what is termed as detoxification of the body such as detoxifying the liver and the kidneys and things of this nature. And it also helps by putting it on topically as well. So those three products are extremely important for your ascension because it heals your body in all manner.  What is termed as the Soul eliminates what is called inflammation which is your root cause for pain, and it is eliminated from the body on taking it. And what is termed the Core also does what is termed as clean out the colon, it cleans out the liver and kidneys and things of this nature. So those three together are quite a powerful combination. We implore you to do if you have not to partake of it.

[Saryya speaking in background] indeed. When the RV occurs and you then have your blessing by all means get a bunch of it, as it is so termed and share it with your people, share it with your loved ones, with your family, with those you come in contact with, and share the product with them as well for they needed just like you do. Anyway. So that is my what is called endorsement of the three products in question.

Continue with your questions.

Anne:    Okay folks were going to have to skinny this up because we’re down to 33 minutes to complete a 3-hour call. Let's see if we can get in and out, in and out.

Zorra: One question each.


Affirmations Work as does Laminine and Soul
910:        Hello this is [caller] from North Carolina. I would like to tell him affirmations work. I do my affirmations every day. If you got there and affirm it, it works.

I do not take any kind of medicine, anymore except for the Laminine and Soul that I get. I do not take heart medication, I do not take anything. I do my affirmations faithfully every day.

And Zorra, I talked to you several times and you've helped me every time and I really appreciate you for that. Everything you have told me has come to be. And I really admire you and I love to hear you say ‘indeed!’ But anyway I’ll go on.

5th Dimensional Births
Last time I talked to you, you prayed for a child that was born early and I had told you, in my meditation that it came to me that it was a fifth dimensional child and wouldn't take as long. That baby is born. It came out with its eyes wide open and crying. (Zorra: Indeed.) It only weighed a pound and 14 ounces and 13 1/2 inches long but it was just like you told me.

[Caller asks several personal questions]

Anne:    [Attempting to move on to the next caller] Okay, I’m going to have to break up this personal chitchat.

910:     [More questions and comments not pertinent to HEN family.] And remember when I first talked to you all I could see was colors and you told me I was waking up? (Zorra: Indeed.) Since then Zorra, I’ve been seeing people all the time, people around me in the room at night, or if I'm on the porch I even seen the earth shifting and moving. (Zorra: Indeed)
So I feel like I keep stepping up.

Zorra:    Of course you are.

[More personal comments and questions.]

910:        And I also seen an Agarthan come into my bedroom. It looked exactly like my husband but twice as big. (Zorra: Indeed) So that can happen also, right? (Zorra: Of course.) Gaad, I gotta quit double thinkin’. (Zorra: Of course.) That’s just great.

Thank you for answering all the questions and thank you for being there, Zorra. (Zorra: Indeed.) And like you said about the RV I told my husband that the other day it's all the negative people that's stopping everything. (Zorra: Indeed.) Right? I was right, huh? (Zorra: Indeed.)

Anne:     How old was that baby that was born early term?

910:     She got up to 26 weeks and that baby was born. So Anne, that's not the only thing. I got a neighbor right down here that's not very far along like 30 weeks and she's already dilated too.

Anne:    It may be a new trend. But we don't want her to take those shots to stop the labor either, so…

910:        Yeah and the other one already had it. And I begged her not to do it. I begged her just like Zorra told me. I went and asked her to make sure and not give her any more shots. And this child didn't need any oxygen or anything. It's already breast-feeding. And I did tell them that these babies are going to come early and they all looked at me like, yeah right.

Anne:     This is very important information for people to hear. So stand by your knowledge. Don't let doctors intimidate with yesterday's knowledge …

910:     Well you know Anne, my family’s given me a lot of problems ‘cause I won't go back to see a doctor. I got all the doctor I need. I have been told. I know what I can do. (Zorra: Indeed.)

Anne:     Okay I'm going to run on. You were wonderful. But we've got people waiting. This could be our last call so I’m going to try to give everybody their chance. So forgive me if I seem rude.

619:        Hi this is [caller] in San Diego. I just wanted to know if, I was wondering what my calling is in this lifetime.

Anne:     Oh no we can't start this. Everybody's going to think oh we could ask this and it’s a personal…
we'll see what Zorra says but we can’t encourage these personal questions.

619:        Oh I'm sorry. I didn’t realize.

Anne:    I know. And I'm sorry. I'm trying to give everybody a chance. Let’s see what Zorra says.

Zorra:    Hm. You are to be a teacher.

619:        Okay. Feel that.

Zorra:    And a healer.

619:        Yeah, that’s what I thought. I just wanted to make sure. Thank you so much. Thank you.

Anne:    Okay. I'm going to move on. You are lucky you got that in, even though you got scolded. Thank you [caller] I'm going to close your line.

This could be the last chance to talk to Zorra so we’re trying to give everybody their chance.

701:        This is [caller], I'm from North Dakota. Hello Zorra, Anne, and Quazar.

So I got involved with the Hollow Earth Network and following you guys and also Kathryn May about seven months ago. I feel like I awakened at that time, spiritually opened up. I started – the whole concept of a Hollow Earth/Inner Earth really kind of blew me away, but I was open to the idea at the time and I pursued the interest in the Hollow Earth somewhat and watched many videos and tried to absorb whatever I can. But as you know, we… well I was raised to think that the earth has a mantle, and inner and outer core and it’s solid. And I just want some way to … Perhaps you can help me visualize what it looks like down there from your perspective. I don't know if it's a dimensional difference, or what's going on.

Zorra:     Well understand beloved master you have what is termed – get a piece of paper and draw a circle and then draw another very, very small circle in the center. And you want to make what is termed… uh, let me see. Anne has a picture of it on the website.

Anne:     Oh we’ve got so much information on the website. You can read the book Smoky God and you can read the interviews. There’s wonderful information on Hollow Earth and what it's like inside direct from those who live in there.

Zorra:     Indeed. Your Earth's crust is 800 miles thick and the center of gravity is 400 miles into the Earth's crust. Your planet is what is termed as a hollow shell, if you will. And you have what is called a central sun which is 600 miles across. And then you have from the central sun into the inter-surface of the world, 2900 miles. So you have what is called a great opening there.

And you have what is called in the Earth's crust, you have seven different civilizations that live there and thrive there. You have what is called the Aurora Borealis as you term it. And what that is, is a reflection from the inner core or the central sun shining out through the polar openings reflecting off of ice crystals known as crystalline, and back to the earth as a halo of light. That is your northern lights. It is not magnetic. It is not electrical. It is not a reflection from your outer sun. It is a reflection from the inner sun, the central sun.

701:        Well I don’t want to take anyone else’s time. I understand.  I want to apologize if I've been redundant with this. It's all very fascinating and I do appreciate it. Have a wonderful day.

Zorra:    Indeed.

Anne:    Enjoy all the pages. There is so much information there that I don't think you'll find that quality and quantity of information on Hollow Earth anywhere else.

Zorra:    Go to your library and checked out a book known as The Hollow Earth by Raymond Bernard. It has a diagram of the earth and a cutaway portion of it. And it is a fascinating read and it is all true.


The Higher We Vibrate The More We Screw Up Electronics
864:     Blessed Yule to everyone! This is [caller] in South Carolina. How is everybody today?

I have just a comment and an observation. I've noticed Zaraya’s phone dropped out earlier. I've had the same thing more often than not. The higher we get, the closer we get to our true selves and harnessing and acknowledging and using our full power, the more we tend to disrupt electronic devices. I do this all the time. (Zorra: Indeed)

I also wish to thank and bless all of our Hollow Earth family members, those that are on the calls, those that have talked to me since I put my information out there, because I've had a family reunion, and it is wonderful! I am so blessed! That's all I have to say. Have a great day. A wondrous glorious loving blessed day. Blessed be all. I'm out.

Zorra:    Indeed.

Anne:     Great observations. Thank you for sharing. It's always good hearing from you.

Heart Doctor Can’t Believe EKG
916:        Hi. A couple months ago, maybe three months ago, I was there during the meditation and I had a really great healing of my heart. The EKG was just like, it can't be your heart, you know. And I pretty much told them I was here during a meditation on the Hollow Earth show. And they’re like you're just crazy.

But since then I've had a real traumatic experience. A dog attacked me and there's like 10 bites and one is still healing. But I am imagining -- or this is really happening-- like my arm is being worked on while I'm asleep. And for some reason maybe my arm needed to be redone for some reason? Because something going to be happening with my arm, or my hand that wasn't there before? So I'm trying to turn this really dark experience into a positive experience. So I'm wondering if you can say something or feel something.

I think the frequency of what I need is definitely coming through it, because I can't really afford extra medical care and all those you know the Laminine and all that, so I ask for the frequency of all that to come into me. Do you have any thoughts?

Zorra:     Indeed. Well, we will do a Healing Pulse before the end of the call, and we will address that.

916:        Okay. I'll listen.

Anne:     Okay. Thank you for sharing. That was a wonderful story about your heart doctor. And you’re learning through these. You’re learning and expanding and you'll learn more with your current challenge.

Please Explain What Is Meant By Disclosure
425:        This is [caller] from Seattle. My question to Zorra is -- and I'm hoping to use the Earth language because I don't always know that, but I want to understand your Disclosure to versus parallel worlds.  Are you saying when you say “disclosure,” is that the same thing as the parallel worlds where as when you come disclosure all the world's, other worlds like maybe some of the Scriptures people use might say “Heavens.” I don’t know. But are you saying that would be the same? And I know as of Monday, a lot of earth changes are coming about because of what you’re talking about? So … can you explain to me if, would you explain if parallel worlds and Disclosure are the same ‘cause I don’t know the language here always.

Zorra:    Understand beloved master that Disclosure is the disclosure of the participation of your governments/world governments in conjunction with what is termed as alien or inter-and extraterrestrial beings. That is the disclosure. Disclosure meaning [disclosing] their existence and their what is called their interaction with your Earth governments. That is Disclosure. Um, parallel worlds is another issue. But we are speaking of disclosure of the secrets that have been held from you by your governments. That is Disclosure. The realization that you are not alone, that you have your brothers and sisters in orbit around your planet, and it will soon be coming down to say hello. (your mentors)

EARTH CHANGES: When Terra Reclaims Her Own
425:        Okay would that be equated with bringing about earth changes?

Zorra:    Earth changes are going to happen in a timely manner. And when this occurs of course, when the major earth changes take place, there will not be anyone here to worry about them. They will be gathered up into ships and into other star systems, and into what is termed safe areas, so as not to be affected by the earth changes.

The meaning of earth changes are ones that are going to turn the deserts into Gardens of Eden; they are the ones that are going to turn the areas of what is called barren into jungles, and into what is termed as pristine rejuvenation of what is called vegetation upon the planet.

So, and of course, the areas that you have which is called concrete jungles, or cities as you term them, are going to be reclaimed by mother Earth.

425:        I like that. Thank you. Thank you so much.

Anne:     Okay. That was a quick review. And I can see that these are questions coming from those that are more new to our four year conversations with Zorra. We forget that there are those that need a little update just to learn the nomenclature. So I'm glad you asked your question.

More on the Cities Of Light
928:     My name is [caller] and I'm in Arizona. My question is about the 12 golden cities that have been on the I AM America map, especially like the city of Sedona Arizona. About whether or not the City of Light is going to become visible. Do we have to raise into the fifth dimension before we can see it or are we going to be able to see it in Arizona this year or something?

Zorra:     Understand beloved master that the Cities of Light have a designated period of existence in that they're going to do what is termed as materialize to where you will be able to see them, physically. And of course they will remain that way. So the Cities of Light that are coming upon the earth will be visible and they will be accessible by the populace. And also understand, by that time your mentors will be present and they will be teaching you who you are and what you are.

928:        Okay, thank you. Well then somebody had a question kind of like: are these Cities of Light actually spaceships that will de-cloak? Is that the whole ship is a city or is it something different?

Zorra:     It is each City of Light is a ship that will be landed what is termed as it will be landed on a semipermanent location.

928:     Okay thank you. That's all my questions.

Anne:     That was good. Good questions.

907:        Hello? Okay. I'm in Alaska. This is [caller] and I just want to share my awareness to the progression of everything that has been shared here.

At a very young age it was a meditation and of course I had a favorite tree that I would sit in. I thought about, okay this is earth; so there’s a bunch of dirt. A bunch of rocks that were in Mt Ranier. And I thought about how you know all the trees that had grown on it. And that must've did some type of communication to where I was given a dream and a bird just came out from under the ground. And that has always stayed with me.

And also where, this is another dream, I had the experience of a still birth. And the night when the baby died, I was given a dream where there was this pillar and I was attracted to the pillar light because everything else was dark in my dream except for that wonderful Pillar of Light. And then I intuitively knew that that was the Light for the baby I was carrying. [becoming emotional] And it wasn’t until Anne had … I had been doing the Pillar of Light for protection – and it wasn’t until Anne had said there is a sound to this Pillar of Light because that is the first dream that I had a sound in my dream. And I heard that sound within the Pillar of Light and it just confirmed everything that was flowing through my life, the things that I was doing and that I was in a safe place. And so I just wanted to share that.

And then when somebody said about seeing colors, um, and I wanted to share that as well that I was just enjoying everything. I was just taking things in like a sponge! And the room, it became pink! And I was soaking it in for a little bit and then I had to confirm if it was in the other room. And no, it wasn't, it was only in my room. And then my daughter, who was 18 at the time, she had absorbed this kind of stuff and she just kind of jokingly said, oh that's your Galactics tuning into you or something like that you know. [laughing] So she kind of knew before I did.

And I just thank you very much (Zorra: Indeed) for being the link of the crazy makers that are in this world to where we can find a sanctuary for our spiritual growth.

Zorra:     Beloved master, I would like for you to close your eyes – go ahead – close your eyes, and you are going to see a curly-haired what is termed brunette child. Her name is Jasmine. [pause] She was your child/is your child in 5th Dimension. She is waiting for you.

907:        On the full moon after that dream, a child came to say goodbye or thank you. I remember going to bed opening up my windows so that I could take in the full moon and went to sleep. And woke up and I could remember the contrast of the bright light coming in on one side of the room and the other corner of the ceiling was a dancing orb of light. And I knew that was the child to say thank you for the body. Thank you for the experience. Because you know it's the consolation  for when the doctor said, ‘this child wasn't going to live. You're in a good position to where this was a stillborn because if this child was born this child wouldn't have lived more than three or four months.’

And so it was a gift at that time. And so when she – when I do my meditation, if I think of that light and I think of how you provide a way for us to start to know this of our spiritual growth and I look forward to the New Day/the Golden Age that we can be in; the blessings that we are going to give to each other and grow. I look forward to that. Thank you.

Anne:     Beautiful experiences. Thank you very much. Thank you for sharing something so close to.

Zorra:     Lady Nada. We are doing the Pulse.


THE PULSE -----------------------------

Five   Four   Three   Two   and   One  RECEIVE!

Everyone who is wearing glasses remove them. Everyone who is wearing hearing aids remove those. Everyone who has what is called skin issues such as arms that have been bitten and things of this nature, begin to rub them because you are going to receive a healing on them. And so, that being said, the energy is now entering in through the heart mind of everyone listening to this call. It is spreading upward and outward and doing what is termed as visiting the area of the vaults of knowledge which is located between

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